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Install Mania, Finally Over…. March 31, 2009

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I mentioned few days back here that I have bought a new box, a very heavy duty one, which I desperately needed for the stuff that I play around with. Everything was going fine, in fact , it was going great. But, as like always, when ever I get a bit happy about some thing,  issues start coming up into it. The same happened with the new box as well. All of a sudden, it started getting rebooted. I tried to do all what ever I could find out but all went in vain. I had got 3 window versions installed on the box with one linux version. Everything started getting crashed for no reasons. Even the attempts of mine to resin tall the o/s also got failed with not-so-nice-looking Blue Screen Of Death. Now, I am really very fussy when it comes to the things which I have got for myself as I don’t get many things for myself often. So I tried my best to find the cause of the issues that I was facing. I shall say that I was not very lucky and despite searching like mad, I got just a little bit of information and that was that there may be some issues with the RAM that I had over the box. In the meanwhile, I did call my vendor from whom I bought the box and according to him, there may be an issue with the power supply of the box, a highly illogical thing to say in my opinion but I couldn’t blame him as he is just a seller, not a tech support. So finally I got the system packed and went to the vendor to get it checked thoroughly from his engineers( if I can call them that). They didn’t do much and as I expected, just went and bought a new pair of the RAM slots. Now, I got no issues with that only if it wouldn’t had come with an extra payment that I had to make in order for the exchange as the new slots were supposed to be better than the last one!
I spent a lot of time at the vendor’s shop and played around with lots of installs, deinstalls , formatting of the disk and so on, just to give a good beating to my machine. I am glad that it did take it up nicely and I was finally back home smiling. When I got back, I again had to do all the installs of all those softwares once again which I installed last time. Not an issue , I said to myself, how so wrong I was! The windows that were installed on two partitions were of older versions, they were of service pack 2 but still their installers and some files internally, were old and that started giving me  A LOT of issues. Starting from the driver installation to the messenger and other softwares, everything got failed. So as like always, I tried to do a fresh install of the o/s again with my own media. Everything went great up till the time when my media asked me to supply a file which lies on another disk , not on the one which is initially used. I was so tired and confused that even though I had done the installs from the same media so many times, I forgot where the file actually resides. After searching on the (wrong) media for so long, I finally gave up and skipped the file , only to mess up with my installation. When it was over, I found out where the file was and thought to do the install one more time. My plan was to do a new install over the wrongly installed partition but some how, in the storm of confusions, I started the installation over that partition of the disk where I was having the install software dumped of MS Vista! It was just by chance that I didn’t choose to format the partition otherwise that dump also would had gone.  This time, I did take care about supplying the right file from the right path and finally, the install was succeeded. After that a long and painful task started to install all those small and big softwares one more time, including this writer from where I am writing this post. Once I was done with all this, I had to install Linux for my Oracle database installations. I have just finished installing Linux,still Oracle is pending to be installed. But other than that, all of the stuff is installed, leaving me tired like anything. I had to finish the setup part as soon as possible as there are many pending things which I have to finish as soon as possible. There is a feeling of fear inside me and I want certain things to be completed due to that fear. I am just having a small break from the installations at the moment and will get back to it in a short span of time. But I am just so much happy that the install mania’s major portion is over now! Piece of advice, if you get a new box, pretend that you know nothing about computers and get it installed from some one else so that you can just sit and do whatever you like to do rather than watching the install progress bars running like crazy!

A Stupid Spam…. March 29, 2009

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It is said so many time that if you are doing some scam, do it perfectly otherwise don’t attempt to do so at all. I just received an email from “my bank” that just being a customer of them is the best that ever happened to them and to honor me, they are giving me some “gifts” (read below what). Whosoever sent it, he/she/whoever doesn’t know what an official email look like and in this current slowdown of global economy , distributing apartment , “lots of cash prizes” will bring the bank on the verge to get shutdown only. But that’s what spam is I guess, if spammers really do think, they won’t send the spam mail in the first place isn’t it.
Here is the exact mail that I have received.  I have removed my bank’s name from it for the obvious reasons. Have a read,
This is to notify you that XYZ Bank is Currently running a promotion for account holders.

As an active account holder of XYZ Bank, you have the chances of winning great prizes like;

1. Fully Furnished Apartment

2. A 2009 Toyota Camry

3. An all expense paid trip to Dubai

4. Lots of Cash Prizes to be won


a) You have to be an active account holder with XYZ Bank.

b) You have to maintain a Minimum Account Balance of at least 20,000 INR.


a) You are required to reply this email with a letter of application, requesting XYZ Bank to enter your account for the Draw.

b) Application letter must contain;

Account Name:
Account Number:
Account Branch:


a) XYZ Bank has the right to disqualify any applicant who did not meet up with requirements (e.g. minimum account balance of 20,000INR)

b) For more chances of winning, you can enter several accounts held in the bank respectively.

c) Draw date will be on the 18th of April, 2009

d) All applications are expected to be received on or before 11th of April, 2009.

This Email and any files transmitted may contain confidential and/or privileged information and is intended solely for XYZ Bank Customers. If you are not a Customer of the above mentioned bank, you will be required to open and operate an account as stipulated to participate, Else please disregard this Email. Do not redistribute this email message, delete it immediately and keep no copies of it. All opinions and/or views expressed in this email are solely those of the XYZ Bank.
Now, anyone one with the most tiniest brains even would know that if my bank had sent this mail, why on the earth , they would ask my account name, number and so on? And with a customer who has just 20k in his account, is it really worth to give away him a Toyota, apartment in a foreign land? Thank god they didn’t mention that they have found a gal for my wedding.
This was what was sent to me. Now here comes the tech part. The mail was sent to me from some where in France and my bank has nothing to do with France. Also the reply destination of this mail is not my bank’s domain but on some another domain. There are couple of things like that which I did find out and made me delete the mail next minute after I read it. The only thing which was bad is that it was actually a spam mail which means I am not going to get anything from above mentioned ;-).

Officially 11g Certified Today…. March 24, 2009

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I had taken my OCP New Features exam some time back.  I am not sure but now I guess, Oracle certification delivery team sends a mail to confirm the address before sending the actual certificate. Probably its to avoid the hassles that happen when they send and people argue that  they never received it , anyhow its a good thing IMO. So I got my success kit delivered to me today. I must say, its always a  very sweet feeling when ever I see my certificate. Its the same feeling all the time when I had received it for the very first time :-) . So today, officially I am 11g certified database administrator! Sounds cool right ;-) !

Love , Some Folds Unfolded Part VI…. March 21, 2009

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Link To Part-V

Some times, you read some thing which just depicts that which you are thinking and when that happens, you never forget that piece of writing. This is a story which you all may have read some time or the other in those forwarded mails. I am putting it here thinking about some things. Every time I read it, it shakes me so deep down under and brings tears in my eyes. Have a read,
While a man was polishing his new car,his 4 yr. old son picked stone & scratched lines on the side of car. In anger,the man took the child’s hand & hit it many times, not realizing he was using a wrench. At the hospital, the child lost his fingers due to multiple fractures. When the child saw his father, with painful eyes he asked ”Dad when will my fingers grow back?”  Man was so hurt & speechless. He went back to car & kicked it many times,
devastated by his own actions. At the same time, when he was sitting in front of the car,  he looked at the scratches over the car, his son had written, ‘Love U Dad’.
Next day, that  man committed suicide!
Any thing in this world is achievable, sooner or later, one can have it if he really wants it. Be it career, be it money, fame, study in abroad , anything, if you are really serious about it, you will get it because success is never far from those who put sincere efforts to get it. But on what cost you are going to get all this? If you are just “throwing away” those who loved you from the bottom of their hearts, never gave a second thought for doing anything for you, saw their smiles in your smallest happy moments, the success, the name, fame, that study in abroad, does it all really worth giving it? I really don’t and I believe, I shall never be able to understand this how can people become so selfish, how do they become so blind to achieve that which they can get any time in their whole life but still to get all this, they just dump those only like dead flies, who might have been the happiest persons in the world to see their success, who would had prayed for their success whenever they had wished for anything, who gave up whatever could be so important for them, just for a promise that they made! That career, that study in abroad for which some become so selfish and blind that they don’t even mind to give tears in those eyes who would get open seeing their beloved’s face only every morning. Its not easy to get chances in this world, some say this, but there are some who would give away any chance that may be the best chance for them to fulfill a promise, just with a belief that for whom they are doing all this, he/she would at least appreciate it, but sadly what they get to hear from that person only that it was an act of embarrassment. It takes nothing to not do anything for someone but it takes a lot even to pick a rose from the garden, thorns are always beside that rose. It takes nothing to give tears to some one, give him cries, pains , a slow death for the entire life. It takes no effort to say for someone’s tears that you have no time to look at them, you have nothing to do with those tears and with that person but it takes a lot  and I mean it, A LOT to do even the smallest thing in this world which can bring smile on your beloved’s face, even for a moment it may be, but its worth the effort. Its not easy to have tears in your eyes yet to carry a fake smile all the time. When this world’s killing eyes laugh at you, make a joke of what ever you did for your love, it wounds not just the heart , doesn’t just break it only but it also makes the soul bleed too! All this happens for just and one just one reason, that person, for whom you did every thing, climbed that mountain of toughness, traveled far across oceans, he/she only never understood it, when for whom you are shedding your blood, she only treats it worse than water even, there is no point to ask anyone else to understand it. Yes, it hurts, it hurts beyond words can express and beyond tears can tell. All you do is just think and ask yourself  sitting in a corner of your room with tears in the eyes and silent cries that what was it which you missed to give, what was it which you failed to do that whom you treated as your life, thought that she/she is everything what you could ever ask for, ever prayed and wished for, some one who is everything , for that only , you were never anything, never meant more than a toy with whom one just plays but doesn’t love and when gets bore, breaks it without even giving a second look to those million of pieces from which each just asks one question, what was my mistake that I got this punishment, answer to which is not given by anyone anywhere!
Some one asked me over a post of mine that doesn’t matter how much love you give to someone, its always incomplete. Its not true. Its true that it takes  a lot to love some one but its equally true that its takes the similar amount of efforts to care, understand and give importance to that love. Most of the people in this world are just takers, they just want things for them, be it being loved, cared , pampered, success, smiles , anything! Its always easy to ask for , its just so much tough to give away. When we have some one who is doing things for us, we just take it for granted and give it the least importance. Its not easy to skip your food because your love didn’t have it, its not easy to stay awake because your beloved is not able to sleep. Its not easy to get up at 3am in the morning to wake your beloved up and do it for so long. Its not easy that to give your life in some one’s hands and believe that she would take care of it. It takes a lot to have a belief that your love would take care of those who mean more than anything to you. But it hurts so much when you see that person doesn’t even picks your call when you are in tears because someone so close to you is so sick and you are not sure what would happen the next moment! Yes it does hurt so so much to see that you are left alone right in the middle of the road. And this all happens because people don’t care about others but about themselves alone. For some, there is no thing which matters the most than their own benefits. Its just so easy to whine about things which some one has done for you, it not that easy to do some thing for that person. So its not your love that is inadequate but its the other person who is incompetent to understand it.
These are the lines which depict the emotions of someone who lost everything thanks to his love. Some think that that who doesn’t cry, have no pains but its not always true. There may be millions of pain behind a smiling face and these lines depict that only.  Its in Punjabi and I shall explain the meaning in English in a while, have a read
Saade Haase Te Gila Ne Yaar Karde,
Kehnde Tere Dil Ch Dise Na Dukh Koi.
Kehnde Oh Ki Jaane Paak Mahobbat Nu,
Jisdi Akh Na Kade Kise Layi Roi.
Fir Asi Keha Eh Ishke Diyan Chottan Buriyan Ne,
Eh Ishq Aap Sikhaduga.
Je Aitbar Nahi Ta Kade Mera Dil V,
Apne Zakhm Vikhaduga.
Haar Ke Is Pyaar Vich Asi,
Hasse Piche Gum Chuppai Baithe Haan.
Ik Hanju Da Tu Kare Gila,
Kise Di Judai Vich Ro-Ro Asi Sattan Janmaan De Hanju Mukai Baithe Haan
And its meaning in English is,
Over my smiles, my friends make fun of me!
They say, it seems that you have no pain in your heart!
They say, how that would understand the deepness of love,
Whose eyes never shed even a single tear for someone!
Than I said, pains of this love are so much intense,
This love will teach you by itself!
If you don’t trust me,
One day, I shall open this heart and will show you wounds over it!
I am the one who after getting lost in this love,
Is hiding his pains behind this smiles!
You are questioning about one tear that I haven’t shed,
But you don’t know, due to someone, all the tears of my eyes have become dry now!

I shall conclude by saying this only that love is not to mention “I love you” in a day 1000 times, its not giving some one load full of roses, bucket full of gifts on Valentine’s day.  Love is to get your head slayed for your love in the middle of the road , yet to feel no pain and have smile over the face. Love is to give up everything and anything that you love the most, for your own love and never regret doing it, love is to have a belief that with your love, nothing is impossible and there is nothing in this world which is far from your reach. Its to give away everything and yet feel complete, cry for your love’s pains and smile over her small moments of happiness. Love is to love your love more than yourself even, more than anything that you ever had and anything that you can ever have. Love is to feel that your the luckiest and the richest person in this world to have someone as your soulmate. That’s what love is all about, that’s what love really is! In the story which I mentioned above, that person loved his car more than the fingers of his little son, someone who might would have got him hundred cars when he would had grown up. But he cared more for the color of the car, worried more about the scratches over it than about his little son and his feelings, just like some who care more about their own benefits, gains, career, study in abroad much more than their loved ones. Someone said this to me and its worth mentioning here, we must never forget that things are to be used and people are to be loved. But  sadly, the problem in today’s world is that, people are used and things are loved! How so true it is, isn’t it ?

And It Happened Again…. March 20, 2009

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I thought that I shall blog about the new LCD screen that I did buy last night, an awesome  20 Inch , Samsung Mist 2033 , enough to take anyone’s breath away but there was some thing else about to happen and becoming a post. I just mentioned in this post  that accidents just love me so much! I am not sure that why it happens with me only that I meet with lots of accidents all of the time. And the irony is , most of  the time, its not my mistake. Believe it or not, this time too, it was completely not my fault.
My scooter is very old. and when I am saying old, I mean REALLY old! Its that old that those positions where the bolts of the tyre’s are there, they even have become outdated and been ripped off  completely. Due to this, a lot of time, all of a sudden , the tyre’s become loose and I need to go to someone to get them tightened. It has happened couple of times before so I didn’t really care about it much, a bad thing to do on my part. Today, when I dropped my sis to work and was coming back, just before I could cross a fly over, I got the rear tyre of the scooter being loose and due to this, it just came out. That happened so suddenly that I never even got a chance to anticipate that even. So what happens when you are driving calmly and your bike’s tyre is out of it? Yeah you fall down and if you were not paying attention, you fall down really hard. The same happened with me as well. Luckily, it was not the office time ( it was 10.30am when it happened) so there was not much rush over the road but still, it was enough to scare the heck out of me. I made myself get up and asked some people where to find a shop to fix my scooter. Fortunately, it wasn’t much far. The only thing which did trouble me a bit was that I got a cut from don’t know what over my lower leg and due to this, it was really painful to walk. Anyhow, some how I got my scooter fixed, while coming back home, I went to the hospital to get the dressing over the cut and an injection. After doing all this, now I am back home. Nothing much happened but I won’t forget what that mechanic said to me when he looked at my scooter, how are you riding over this scooter! Yeah that’s a secret buddy and I ain’t going to tell you!

My Tweets Are Now Visible Everywhere…. March 19, 2009

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I have just added a widget to show my tweets from Twitter over the left sidebar of my Blogger blog. The same is added to my AristaDBA website. I was not sure where to place the widget so after choosing a lot of different places, I finally settled over the one where it is at the moment at both the places. This is a Flash based widget so you need to refresh the page in order to see the latest tweet. The old ones can be seen with the up-down arrow buttons given over the widget itself. Do let me know your feedback, both about the widget and about its placement. If you think that the color, placement or the widget itself requires change(s) than leave your suggestion in the form of comment. If you are on Twitter than follow me by adding me and I shall do the same as well. Happy Tweeting!

Australia, Thailand, India, Cancelled Cancelled Cancelled…. March 19, 2009

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Its “the cancellation day” today! It doesn’t happen very often but this time, all that happened with my tours is that they are canceled. Some are canceled by me and some got canceled on their own. I was supposed to leave tomorrow for a program within India, for which I got the news that its canceled now. There were two international programs, one was in Melbourne and another in Bangkok. I had volunteered myself for the Melbourne program in last year June and put a lot of efforts to get it too. But I opted out from it  in this January so for that also, I got the confirmation today only that its unassigned from me now. Why I opted out ? I don’t like the weather of Melbourne that’s why 😉 ! The same program was supposed to be done in Bangkok and it was also assigned to me with the Australia program. As I am not going to Melbourne, so automatically, this got canceled too. That’s a lot of cancellations right 🙂 ? Good thing is that I shall get some time to stay at home. I am not feeling well so I hope my health would get recovered a bit in this time span.  The only issue is that I have to explain now to my friend Raman who is in Melbourne itself that why I am not coming because I had a LONG talk with him when I started working over it. Besides the fact that I was going to meet him after almost 3 years , he had asked me to bring lots of stuff from here for both, him and his wife and even I told him to do couple of  things for me over there.  Let’s see how I shall answer all of his queries, will be tough to do , I know.

Back Home…. March 18, 2009

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Its always good to come back home and I guess, this is becoming more and more a happening thing for me. I am not sure why so but yes, I am longing more than before to come back home after any session. Does this mean that I am no longer willing to travel away from home, well, yes I guess so. I believe when you start asking about some thing that is it the right thing or not to do that means the finale of that thing has come already and I believe, this is now happening with me for the kind of work that I do.
The session went well, that’s the most important thing for me. Entire audience was smiling when they left so I am hopeful that I said some thing which was worth of their time that they spent with me. As like always, the audience was great! In every session, its always that some one catches your attention, be it for a good reason or bad, but its bound to happen. Fortunately, for me, most of the time its for good things that someone catches my attention. The same held true this time too when there a guy, after the session was over, on the last day, asked me that how much good I think he is and whether the decision of his to be a DBA is a right one or not? I generally avoid to be a mentor as to be one, you need to be perfect( or nearly perfect) than only you can guide someone else. So I generally prefer not to say some thing in this regard. But , I believe, I did say a lot to motivate him. I did tell him what I was when I was starting, how much good/bad I was/am with this tech thing called Oracle and I tried to assure him ( and all who were present at that time) that if a person like me can do it than anyone can should be able to do so. A person like me, who doesn’t know even O of Oracle, if he can speak a word or two about it, I guess , rest all are much better than me and I tried to convey this message to him. I hope he will do great things in his newly chosen career track of DBA and once he does that, I shall be able to say that I was a little good to help some one be what he wanted to be. My best wishes for that guy and to all those who were there in the session!
As I have mentioned in my last posts, I did meet one old friend of mine and made one new friend. I am not sure why but some how all are just willing now to push me for just one thing, marriage! Not sure why people are not happy seeing my happy 😉 ? One friend of my mine mentioned that I am not going to get any gal after 3 years from now who would be ready to get married with me. Hmm interesting, I guess that would be more better because than I would be able to say that its girl’s bad luck LOL. Jokes apart, for those who are thinking that I should get married and for this,I should try finding a gal, well let me just clear the dust saying this that I don’t see it happening, not in near or even in any distant future. I guess, Oracle and linux are the best buddies to be with for me, at least, they wouldn’t come and say to me after spending some time with me that they have nothing to do with me, even after giving everything to them! This world is of people for whom just their own  benefits, dreams, careers, study in abroad and all sorts of things like this mean much more than anything and anyone else. Not relationships, not those stupids mean anything for the people of this world  who give away everything whatever big/small they ever had,  just to see their loved ones happy and smiling but to get blames, tears, abuses, cries and yes, how can I miss it, threats,  in the return. At least , Oracle & linux don’t do this to the people. So all of you who are desperate to dance in my wedding, take a chill pill, its a day dream which won’t see the sun shine ever!
While coming back, there is nothing that was unusual. I did finish my session a little too early( 3pm instead of 5.30pm) and came back to the hotel. After taking a little rest, I was in the cab , on my way to the airport. It takes about 1 hour  to get there so the drive was really long. I did have much cash with me so even though I was so hungry, I couldn’t buy anything for me. If I would had bought, I would be almost empty when I would had landed at Delhi and would have no money to pay for my cab and bus ticket. So I just bought 2 packets of Real’s guava juice, drank it and was sitting quietly. Fortunately, flight was on time and unfortunately, the aircraft and the staff, both were really bad. I am not sure how the heck some people get selected for the service industry when they don’t even know the first word about it. Besides the fact that I never can learn how to sleep in a flight, the seats were horribly uncomfortable. So with a really uncomfortable flight, I was back at Delhi and was on my way to the bus stand.
I always buy something to eat and drink when I buy the ticket for the bus. Its always that there is about 3/4 minute of time before the bus leaves and that much time is enough for me to get a packet of chips and a water bottle. I thought the same this time too and after putting my luggage in the bus, I left to buy a chips and water bottle. When I got back, what I see is that my bus not there! WTH! I just ran towards the main gate from where all the buses depart and fortunately, mine was standing there. I just got into, grabbed my seat and had a sigh of relief. This was the first time ( and hope last too) that I came this close to lose my luggage. The bus got the finest seating arrangement that I could ask for, even better than the flight which I just got disemarbakated from. But as it was so late, so now there was no sleep in the eyes. I spent the whole night looking at the front mirror of the bus and through that, lonely national highway. Finally, in the morning, I was there at home.
I am just so much tired and sleepy but still , I am not able to cloe my eyes and sleep. I am not sure why. I have got tons of work to finish and I have very less time to do it. But I guess, I won’t be doing anything today and will just complete time wastage. Now all I have to find is what to do with which I can waste the time? Hope I shall find more than one way to do so!

An Evening Spent In Shopping With A Newly Made Friend…. March 16, 2009

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The biggest issue with the kind of work that I do is that almost all of the time, I need to stay alone without anyone to talk to! And this is one thing which at times does pinch a lot. I hate this thing that I have to eat my meals alone, sitting on a table looking at the walls or the stupid tv. But I can’t help this fact most of the time that in my job, its nearly impossible that I shall get any company. So whenever I get a chance to talk to someone, I try not to miss it. And I guess, I am lucky enough that wherever I go, almost do think that I am worthy enough to be having a word with. So be it the manager/owner of my hotels/guest houses and even the staff too, all do talk with me. Some times, luck does smile at me and I get a chance to talk to some one who is working in the same profile of mine and I get a chance to share a word with him. It did happen the other day when I met a guy from Pune while having my dinner. We did have a lot of talk over the dinner table. It was good but as he was leaving yesterday so I didn’t have anyone again to sit once again. God bless my friend Rakesh, who did come yesterday night and we did have a great time together moving around.
Today, when I gave lunch break to my audience, I saw my friend and colleague Guru in the same office. It was a pleasant surprise to him. So after the initial greetings, when we were talking, there was another guy who came at the same place where we were standing. His name was A. Singh(name is shortened to secure privacy) and I did hear about him before. Guru got us introduced formally and we all three had a small chat for about 10 minutes. As we had to get back to our sessions, so with the promise to see each other in the evening, we dispersed. In the evening, after the sessions were over, Guru told us that he would drop us back to our guest house. So when we came back, we sat for a cup of tea(which after some time got changed to coffee thanks to me for this mess) and discussed almost about every topic, ranging from politics to make your own homemade projector. When Guru left, A. Singh asked me that whether I would like to have a small walk before dinner. I was not going to have dinner today so I said that yeah sure, I have lots of time with me, let’s go ahead. We met after ten minutes and came out. After doing some waste walk for some time,  I told him that I want to buy a watch for my sis. So we went towards our office building, on the second floor of which there was a watch showroom. After eating the sales guy’s head for 30plus some minutes, I decided to buy one. When we were coming back, A. Singh told me that he wants to get some t-shirts for him. We spotted a nice showroom of it and went inside. After seeing and rejecting almost 20 t-shirts, he finally selected two. He urged a lot that I should get some thing for me as well, but its been a LONG time since the last I bought some thing for me, so keeping the tradition alive, I said no.
When we got back after having juice( for which I made him walk so much), we sat for some time. In that time, he told me about himself, his family and some issues that he is facing about his married life. I won’t be mentioning those details here as they mean so much to him but I shall say this for sure that after listening to his story, I am reassured about one thing again, some people don’t really give or understand the importance of this that some one loves them more than his life and anything in this world. They never care of this gesture of that other guy, forget about understanding the importance of it and of that person. All they care about is just about themselves, their career, their own selfish gains, nothing else and nothing more is important for some, except for their own profits. I am not sure how the heck people can do that to someone? Or I guess, the fault is not in those people but in those who believe that they won’t do anything like this to them and have care and respect for their love, only realizing this sad fact after getting wounds over the soul. I just hope that all the problems of A.Singh must go away , given the fact how nice he is? I really hope that god must not punish him anymore because of other’s sins.
So it was a great time spent today. I am very happy over the watch that I have bought for my sis. Now the only wish is that she should like and wear it. I did want to buy some stuff for me, but I guess, I don’t deserve the right now to ask for some thing. Anyways, its quite late now and as I walked for so long today , I am feeling so much sleepy now. So if my plain lands safely than see you soon ;-). If you find some mistakes in the post, just assume that I was really so much sleepy while writing so its coz of that 🙂 .

A Small Break…. March 15, 2009

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I couldn’t, actually I should say, I didn’t write anything since I came here. There were two reasons for it, one and the foremost important one, I am getting too much exhausted when I am finishing my session. In the last 2 days, I just got back and went to bed immediately because there was enormous pain in my legs and sheer tiredness was there. All I did was, got back, change and slept. I am not sure that why I am feeling so much of tiredness? I guess, the after effects of too much traveling( and too frequent too) are becoming visible now. I am not sure that there is any other reason or not for this much exhaustiveness.
There is nothing much going on. We started with the program with little technical issues related to the setup. I am not sure why people who are responsible to do the setup, don’t take it seriously. Its almost every time that I have to come out and tell someone , hey I am getting interruptions, issues in the network and so on , please fix it. And as soon as I say this, an immediate ‘fire-fighting’ gets started, people start rushing to others, there are calls , seniors start coming and explaining things and so on. Things do get settle down but my question always remains the same, why all this when the show is actually live? Why not get everything settled down when you have time to do so? Anyways, even with those minor issues, we did start well ( I hope so). The audience is great ( as usual) , very attentive and alive. Its always a treat to have that kind of audience. I did learn a new thing from one delegate, Deepa , about which I shall be blogging soon over my oracle blog. We still have go 2 more days to go so I am hoping that there won’t be any further issues and things would go fine.
As I just mentioned above, I am getting( or feeling) too much tired so I didn’t go out at all. I usually don’t go too when I have a session going on. But I thought before I was coming here that I shall visit some people. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do so. Still, there is one friend of mine whom I try to see whenever I am here and keeping that tradition alive, I did call him yesterday. Rakesh, my friend, and me decided to have a meet today. Thanks to my sleepless nights, I was sleeping for almost the whole day today even. So I called Rakesh in the evening and we decided to meet. Its always great to see him, a very lively and friendly guy. He is going to get married in the end of this year with his beloved. I don’t drink so pubs and all are the places where I don’t go (obviously). But Rakesh always makes me visit a different bar/pub which is surely among the best in the city. The only thing is that  he never gets company from me as I settle down on a coke and as I don’t eat non-veg even, so he has to settle on some French fries, cheese or something like that with me :-). But he never complains about it and we never know when time passes. He was asking me when I am going to get married and do I have someone whom I want to get settled down with? When I say no as an answer for both the questions, his reaction is always, how it is possible man LOL? And I have to always tell him that I am more happy with Oracle ;-). This time too the same talk started and got finished with the same note. But I am so much happy for both of them. He is working so hard to get everything done for his marriage in the best way. And as I know, how much he and his gal put efforts for their marriage, it just makes me feel proud to see that still there are people who value their relations more than their career , study in abroad and other gains like this. I just hope that all goes well for both them. After about 2 hours , in the pub , we went to have some juice. Yeah, juice, it sounds weird but Rakesh was feeling hungry so the eating joint where we went, was having  juice. So he said that we will have some snack and juice with it. Not a usual combo , if you ask me but hey, who cares about combos anyway , right? So we had watermelon juice with ‘pao-bhaji’ and got back. As like always, it was just great to meet with him.
As I am writing this, I am feeling again so much of tiredness and sleep in the eyes. There are still two more days to go and after that, with a break of one day, I have another session to go for. I am a bit worried actually because I need some time to spend on some preparation. I am not getting that time. I have to work a lot harder from tomorrow onwards to keep everything under control. Let’s see what happens? Its time now to switch off the lights and eyes too. Tomorrow , there is session so I guess it would be better if I shall catch some sleep. There is another session coming up and I am sure, that’s going to be much harder. Let’s see what happens, signing off for the moment!