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A “Sick” Day…. July 31, 2009

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I was not sure what else to put as the title looking at the series of events happening so that’s the best I could come up with me, so bear with me on that. I have just got back from hospital , sitting in the emergency ward where my friend Manjit was admitted. He had some medicine which didn’t suit to his body and his breathing got almost stopped with swelling over the entire body. Immediately, his elder brother took him to the hospital where doctors admitted him in the emergency section. I got a call from his wife who herself got back today only from the very same hospital after a week, giving birth to her and Manjit’s second son. I couldn’t go and see her in the hospital for a reason which I would mention in a while. So I was saying that she called me being in tears and told that Manjit is in hospital and his condition is serious. I immediately rushed to the hospital. It took about 3 hours but thank  god, his condition got stabilized and now he is shifted to a private room where he would stay for next 2 days for further tests and checkup. It would be tough as his wife just gave birth to a son and he must be with her but there is nothing which can be done now, in any ways, these 2 days at least , he and his wife has to manage. Hope he would come back as soon as possible and be able to be with his family. I shall go and see him tomorrow morning again.
So why I couldn’t go and see Manjit’s son in the hospital? Well because I myself am having fever and don’t have any strength to move an inch even. If I hadn’t got a call from Jyoti(Manjit’s wife) and that too being soaked in tears, I would had been sitting at home, sleeping. I am having very strong medicines at the moment because I would be traveling in next 2 days and that means I have to be fine ( at least try to be, if not completely be fine). Hope I shall be able to do the rigorous travel that is coming ahead. Also, this evening my sister, when came back from her office , told that she is also having fever. Not sure how did she catch it but she is not well too at the moment. 3 days back, there was some infection which was reported in my mother and now we are waiting for her tests to be done after medication. This is troubling me the most at the moment! I can’t mention how much upset I am thinking about these tests and their results!
So I guess, “sick day” title really suits well and makes sense. Trust me when I say this, I hate hospitals and deceases. Only when you visit to hospital, it becomes apparent that how the whole world seems to be there and each and every person sitting there is having a feeling of fear over his face.  All have their nears and dears admitted over there and the very feeling of someone close to you being not well and admitted in the hospital ,is enough to make any one tremble. May god keep all in their best shapes of health so that they can be with their friends and families, enjoying happy times with them. Its really scary to be at hospital and that feeling becomes even more intense when you have some one your own inside that hospital :-(.

Debi, At His Best Once Again…. July 27, 2009

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Few days back, I posted blog post of a video of one of the best write up of Debi Makhsoospuri. I shall say here again what I said over there as well, there is no one who can match the quality and thinking of Debi and when you are talking about the people who hurt their loved ones and the pain they give to them, no one says it better than Debi.
The following is not a song( as like the last video) but just few lines of poetry, again penned by Debi only. The only difference is that this time, they were recited by Manmohan Waris at a festival which happened in Canada. Manmohan is one of the best singers that we have in Punjabi industry. He, along with his brother Kamal Heer, presents a show called Punjabi Virsa( Punjab’s Heritage), an awesome , live event where both Manmohan and Kamal, along with their third brother, Sangtar, presents some of the best songs of them. This poetry is written by Debi and hits very hard deep within the heart, especially if you are a person who has hurt his beloved. Debi has written very simple , yet very hard hitting words, enough to make the person cry who has hurt his beloved if he hears them. In one word, simply awesome! There is no official video that I could find of this show so the video that I am going to put, is actually a made up one. Manmohan Waris  says while singing the poetry that all those who have got their hearts returned after being crushed into pieces by their own love, they have got the words hit their heart instantly. Its so good that I couldn’t stop myself even from posting a comment over the video(search over the page with “aman” , you would see it). I am posting the video first. Here it is,
And here are the lines. This doesn’t include what Manmohan is saying to the audience but just the poetry. As usual, its in Punjabi and I shall explain the meaning of it in English in a while. Have a read,

Paa neevin kolon langh jana,
Main akh tere wall nai chakkni!

Jo apne vichale wahi tun,
Main bhull k leek nai tappni!

Yaari da lekha jokha tun ,
Jad marji kar layin ni balliye!

Gam rakh laye teri “Debi” ne,
Teri hor cheej koi nai rakhni!

Hath ucchian attarian nu paya naion jana,
Tun tan teesan wala ber, sathon laya naion jana!

Taithon rahe khade najar milayi naion jani,
Saathon agge ho ho k bulaya naion jana!

Taithon shohratan di uchi kandh tapp naion honi,
Saathon palla badnami ton chhudaya naion jana!

Ik nadi de kinare “Debi” kadon milde,
Ni tain jaan k nai aauna te saathon aya naion jana!
And here is the meaning of it in English,
I shall keep looking down and cross you,
But won’t raise my eyes and look at you!
The line of seperation that you have drawn between us,
I shall not pass over it even by mistake!
Whenever you feel like, come and do the audit of this love that who got what,
I have just kept all the pains given by you, nothing else of you I shall keep with me!
It would be impossible to touch the sky scrappers for me!
You are a fruit over the most tallest branch which is far from my reach!
You won’t be able to look into my eyes standing over the road,
I won’t step forward and call you!
You won’t be able to jump over the wall of fortune of yours,
And I won’t be able to get rid of the insult that I have faced!
You won’t come by wish,
And I won’t be able to come because of my helplessness!
As I said above, Debi has hit it very hard with this writing. Each word is just burning and it would effect you depending which side of the coin you are holding,whether you are someone who got the tears in result of your love or you are the one who gave tears to some one in result of his/her love! Whatever it may be, I loved these lines and I am sure you would like it as well.

How Would It Feel…. July 24, 2009

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Some times , some things just hurt you so much and leave never healing wounds over your heart and soul! All you wish is that some how , some way, the pain of those wounds get relaxed but it just never happens! Despite of your best efforts, the pains of these wounds don’t leave you even for a moment. You want to say but find no one besides who is ready to listen. You just feel all alone in this whole big crowded world. What would you do? How would it feel?
Assume there is some one whom you always tried to help and guide when ever he needed that. You always stood with him when no one else thought that its a good idea and he really deserves it. You helped him in his toughest times , not for seeking anything in return but just because that’s what a real friend would do for his friends all the time. Yet you see, one fine day, when he got all what he wanted, he leaves without even sharing that news with you. He meets all while leaving just leaving you aside. Even the news , that he is gone is given to you  by someone else who not only tells you this but also laughs at you on your face, knowing that you kept him closet to your heart? How would it feel?
Assume that there is someone who you thought as a friend for years. You shared with him almost all of your sad/happy moments. You trusted him the most and told him those things too which otherwise could only be told to family members ,  treated him just alike your family. You treated his brothers and sisters like yours, gave his parents the same respect that you would give to yours. Despite what anyone would say about him, you always trusted him and thought that he may be bad for others but he would never be bad for you because you are not bad for him. And one day,all you see is that he goes and talks bad about you to others and this isn’t for the first time, you come to know that he is doing it from rather a very long time. Not just this, he also talks bad about your family to others. He goes to others and makes fun of you.  He knows that you don’t believe in showing off like a “cool dude” and like simplicity but yet he makes fun about you in front of others. He tells others that you have been a fool all of your life, who doesn’t know/understand anything. He jokes around while sitting with others, telling them a story of your life with saying that you never knew how to keep a relation, you never knew how to love someone so what ever happened with you is just right and that’s all what you deserve to see. He keeps a dual face with you, says that you are his friend but on your back, tells all that you are nothing but a selfish guy, turning all opposite towards you. You helped him in all the times but just for one time, when you needed help, he says you in a simple and plain manner that he would only do it once you are going to pay him. What would you do when you see this happening from your eyes? How would it feel?
Assume you have a friend who is going to married very soon but he never shares the news with you. When you go and meet him, he is having a very smiling face for you. You do talk to him over the same topic for quite a time and he just says, its still going on but one fine day, from someone else  you come to know, he is going to married very soon and except you, all the world knows about it. You wonder and ask him and he just says without showing any remorse, he forgot to tell you this. What would you do seeing this that a news which someone shared with the whole world, only when it came your turn, he “forgot” it? How would it feel?
Assume that you shower all of your love and care over some one. You do whatever the best you can for that person in everything.  You give up all what you have for that person. You give away all your smiles to see that person smiling. You make sure that nothing wrong happens with that person , even when in doing so, you go through so many pains. You love that person from the deepest corners of your heart. You see  things happening which hurt you so much at times but you never say anything, thinking that its okay as only whom we love, can hurt us. Despite that all around you say that you would get hurt but you never listened and believed on them because you believe on that person that doesn’t matter what, that person won’t ever hurt you. But you see some “practical things” like study in abroad, a better career  win over you.  You just cry sitting in corners, trying to find an answer that what’s so wrong you did that you met a fate like this? You want to die but even god turns his face away from you, leaving you to be alive yet die with every single moment and breath.  It hurts so much to see yourself sitting all alone, longing for just one message from that person , just to see it never coming. You get an offer to do something, something which was like a dream  for you, which made you feel so much happy and proud over yourself and all you wanted to do is just rush and share the news with those few special ones. You think that they would be so much happy too and feel proud over you but only see that the news doesn’t qualify to be that much important news for them.  You get sick and wait all the time to hear back from that someone special to ask you how you are but despite knowing, he never asks. How would it feel?
There are these two lines which I guess sum up all above said completely. These are in Hindi, I shall explain their meaning in English in a while.
Har paon raund kar nikle mujhe,
Na jaane kaun c manzil ka raasta hun main?
And its meaning in English is,
Every foot seems to be stepped to just crush me underneath it,
God only knows to which destination I lead to as a road?

Pain Expressed In Few Lines…. July 24, 2009

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At times, you are asked to tell about someone and when you start talking, some times, smiles come over your face and some times, tears fill up your eyes. There can be millions of reasons for both but most of the time people who listen, don’t bother about both. These following lines explain the pain of that guy who is asked to talk about some thing and he starts talking about his beloved, doing which , his eyes gets filled with tears. Just a few who know the reason, understand the reason of those tears and keep quite but rest just applauds and leave. No one comes to you when you are crying, people are ready to share just your smiles , this is a sad but true fact and this applies to even those, whom you always thought would do share it! Have a read of these lines. These are in Punjabi. I shall explain their meaning in English in a while,
Mehfil laggi c yaaran di,
Ohna mainu v maan naal bulaya c!
Na janda tan v tan kiven,
Vasta tera jo paya c!
Jadon keha gaya kujh bolan layi,
Tan tera hi cheta aya c!
Fir jod jod k akhar main,
Is dil dal haal sunaya c!
Hanjhu teri yaad wale,
Na na karde v nikal gaye!
Kujh samajh gaye te khamosh rahe,
Te baaki wah-wah karde nikal gaye!
And here is the meaning of it in English,
It was a gathering of all of my friends,
They invited me as well to come there!
How could I refuse and would not had gone,
When they gave me swear of your name!
When asked to speak about something,
I just could recall you only!
Somehow, after joining some lines,
I tried to speak my heart out!
Tears of your memory, despite of my best efforts,
Did come out from these eyes on their own!
Few who did understand the reason of those tears, kept quite,
Rest left after just clapping!
Tears are the most unfaithful friend of ours. Friend, because they never leave us, neither in good nor in bad times. They are always there with us, making sure that we are never alone. Unfaithful, they never listen and come even when we tell them not to come! Isn’t it?

It Hurts…. July 23, 2009

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Its not all the time that we go and share our pains, joys, happiness, success, failures with all. Its just very few people who actually are there in anyone’s life who got access to those inner sides of the other person which remain unseen for the entire world always. Those few persons are always the most trusted and hand picked people who we always believe that they would stand beside us in all the times, all the conditions, doesn’t matter what happens! We give  them all the rights, share with them our most inner pains, joys and sorrows. When you are crying, there is nothing else that you need except a shoulder on which you can rest your head and cry to your heart full. It may be there that for the rest of the world, you have to keep a smiling face for some reasons but you are alone, you do want to cry like a child. You do want to rest your head in someone’s lap and sleep for some time, at least for some moments when you don’t feel any pain, any sadness. And I am sure, you would be agreed if I say this, its not possible to be done with all who are around you. Its just someone very special with whom you can do this. Its just someone very special from the rest of this world whose touch feels like the magic wand which when touches you, takes away all the pains, all the tears from you. There is nothing that can match with the strength that few words from that person give to you when you are feeling most low. There is nothing else which can make you feel that you can win over battle, every problem more than a tight hug from that some one special.
But there are always two sides of coin. If all mentioned above can make you the happiest man on this planet, there is nothing else which can hurt you the most to see that whom you have thought to be with you, have got no time for you. There can be nothing more painful to see that even when you are sick, upset, it matters nothing for the person and he is just busy in his own work, without bothering that you are longing to hear just few words from him. It hurts so much to see that for whom you never cared whether its day or night, they are just so much “busy” for you. Even when they know that you are upset, angry, it means nothing for them. It hurts , it just hurts so much to see it, much more than one can even imagine. How much busy one can be? How much busy one actually is? Hearing that someone met with an injury and still not able to find time to ask how he/she is, can someone be that much busy? How can you sit quietly when you know that someone is angry, upset over you, and not just anyone but that person who never rested for a minute even, never sat for a moment relaxed when he found you upset and/or angry over him? It hurts so much to see that even you are so much upset, yet people don’t bother and still do things which would just make you more upset. It hurts beyond limits to see that even when you say that you are upset, yet it doesn’t matter, not for the world but for that person who is world for you. Not sure that how one can do this? Not sure that how can be so much busy to not to see that someone got stitches and he never was asked even how is he? It hurts to see to see people so much busy that they don’t even remember whether they have replied back to you or not. It hurts, it really does!

Debi Nailed It Right On The Head…. July 23, 2009

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Debi Makhsoospuri is one of the most respected names in the Punjabi music industry. An extremely talented writer, lyricist and now, a very successful singer as well, Debi has done it all. It is said that he has made many who’s who of Punjabi music industry by giving them his songs to sing. One of the biggest traits of Debi is that when he writes, its always is in a very simple and easy to understand language yet its so powerful that it shakes you deep down up till your soul. He writes what you, me or any other common person feels and wants to say but can’t seem to find words for it. Debi gives words to those common man’s feelings through his words and each word in his poetry is like a burning fire.
Debi has released many albums so far and you can hear them all here on PZ10. Though all the albums and their songs are just awesome, yet Debi’s most favorite work is in his live shows , in which he sings those poetries which are not a part of any album. He has released three live show albums so far and all has been accepted very well by people around the world. I am listening out of these live show albums, one at the moment and within that too, precisely one particular poetry again and again. As I found it so nice so thought that would share with you all. If you want to hear it live from Debi, its in the following video, the last poetry.
Here is the poetry in Punjabi.
Kahnu neeveyan nu rakhde ne chete,
Jo uchheyan de yaar ho gaye!
Hun sanu naion chajj nal bulande,
Oh jadon de star ho gaye!
Asin khade pahad bann jina pichee,
Ret di deewar dasde!
Oh yaari khoon nalon sanghni c,
Aj jo mamuli jankar dasde!
Aap pittal ton sona ban baithe,
Fullan to asin khar ho gaye!
Hun sanu naion chajj nal bulande,
Oh jadon de star ho gaye!
Wadde ban gaye,
Kiraye utte bolde ne bull jehe ghutt ghutt k!
Asin baithe kinj nigah paiye ohna de,
Lokin milan uthh uthh k!
Hun ohna nu salam kehan wale saade jehe hajar ho gaye!
Hun sanu naion chajj nal bulande,
Oh jadon de star ho gaye!
Saade naal beete waqt nu bura keh k,
Dil ton visar chhaddeya!
Yani yaadan wali diary chon sade naam wala sauda paad chhaddeya!
Bhaide uchhian hawawan vich udd de ne,
Saadi haddon bahar ho gaye!
Hun sanu naion chajj nal bulande,
Oh jadon de star ho gaye!
Ohna waste bane c jehde paudian,
Ohna nu utte chad bhull gaye!
Asin aap patt ho k asin jehdi layi,
Oh apni hi jad bhull gaye!
Makhsoospuri saade nal lada k ,
Aap ohde yaar ho gaye!
Hun sanu naion chajj nal bulande,
Oh jadon de star ho gaye!
And here is the meaning of it in English,
Why they would remember us low profiled people now,
When they have made friendships with rich and mighty ones!
Now they don’t speak to us nicely,
Since that time that they have become famous!
For whom , I stood in support like a mountain,
They now call it was just a wall made of sand!
That love which was as thick as blood is,
They say it was nothing but ordinary!
They have become gold from copper,
And I have gone into ashes from being a rose!
Since they have become big,
They speak less and that too with attitude!
I am sitting on the floor in wait for them to even look at me,
And others are just going and meeting without any restrictions!
People like me who salute them are now in thousands!
They call time spent with me bad,
They have thrown out me from heart!
They are flying now in high skies,
And have become unreachable for me now!
Those who had become stairs for them,
They have forgotten those after climbing up on the top!
Those who have given everything for them,
They have forgotten those roots now!
“debi” after proving me bad,
Now others have become their friends!
I won’t be explaining the meaning of it. Today, its not because that I want you to understand it yourself but because I am just so much upset. So I leave it over you to grasp the true meanings of this poetry and if you do get it, let me know as well. Enjoy the poetry and the video!

A Long Day With A Tiring Travel….. July 22, 2009

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Yes I was out for the entire day today. I had to get a personal travel related work to get finished , which couldn’t be done without me being present in the office. I was supposed to go on this Monday for the same but as I am not feeling well,  I deferred it up till today. If you ever plan to visit any government office, at least here in my place, you must start as early as possible so that you can get the work finished. And also, if you are going to take help of someone for your work, make sure you don’t believe on the person’s capability just because he is been referred by some one known. And the fun part, I myself didn’t follow both of the advices that I just gave. I thought to leave early in the morning but I slept very late last night( at about 5am, yeah 5am ) so I woke up only at about 8am. Not a good thing to do when you planned to leave actually at 7am. Why I didn’t sleep? Well that’s a different story altogether , thanks to some thoughts, some worries and some tensions, I was just sitting and sleep was miles away. Anyways, so I woke up at 8am and within next 45 minutes, I got ready and left. It takes about 2hours from my place to reach Chandigarh. I was also supposed to meet a person there who was going to do my paper work. As I started late so it was obvious that I would reach there late as well. I was worried that I would actually make that person wait for me but even that fellow was late. If it would be a normal day, he would had already made me upset( you can mess up your meet with me very easily by just doing one thing, be late from the actual meeting time, that’s all) . But as I was late myself so I had no right to say anything to him. But he still made me upset very successfully when we actually started working. He had no clue what he was doing and how the heck it is supposed to be done as well. There was one another guy whom we came across just by chance and he only told this guy that whatever he is doing, is completely wrong. Well, I hate people who don’t know what they are doing when they are supposed to know it in the first place and top of that, they are paid for that work too. I took over the charge and than did the rest of the work myself which did mean that I had to stand in the long queue even for about an hour to submit the papers. But finally, everything got over fine( I guess) and I was much relieved. This fellow asked me to call him for any further assistance and said that he was missing from this place for some time and in his absence , lots of rules have got changed and he would take care of all the other things now very nicely. Yeah right!
As I was in Chandigarh, I thought to meet a friend too whom I couldn’t see from a very long time. He works in chandigarh only and he got married as well few months back. It doesn’t happen very often that I visit to chandigarh so I thought, I won’t leave without seeing him this time. So I called him and asked that where is he as if he is in the office than I would come and see him. He was indeed there in his office and asked me to come right away. It was just great to see him after such a long time. He is  a very nice and hard working guy. We did discuss all the things, about him, his wife, work and anything which could come to mind at that time. He knows almost everything about me. I was working in Chandigarh few years back and he knew that I used to sit long in my office, used to go home late in the nights after doing chat with someone, used to go and make calls. He asked me that do I remember sleeping without eating after going back to my room because there was no food left for me by the time I used to reach home and I said yes I do remember 🙂 . It did also happen once that after the talk over the web ,  I went back to my room and the gate was locked. I had to spend that entire over the bus stand. Very few people know about all these things as I never told these things to anyone. Well he did ask me one thing for which I didn’t give him any answer, he asked me what’s going on and I just gave a complete spin to his question. Anyways, let’s leave this topic I guess. It was indeed just great to see him after so long. I wish I could spend more time with him but he was very busy and even I had to come back home after finishing some other tasks so I just left with a promise that next time, one of us is surely going to visit other person’s home and I really want it to happen as soon as possible.
After that, I had to meet some people regarding a training requirement for me. I did go to 3 different places and to be honest, I just got more and more upset after visiting each one. I am not sure why the heck people don’t take their job seriously? Or is it just me asking for too much that they are not able to give? I am not sure what it is but I got a negative answer from all the places.
I am very active over OTN Forums and from there, there is a guy who is there in Chandigarh. I was chatting with him the other day and mentioned that I may visit Chandigarh. He asked me that I must meet him when I would come there. As I was free from all of my work, I thought to meet him. It was for the first time that I was meeting him though we are talking over the forum, chat and over the phone from a long time. He was just too much happy and really showed a lot of respect. According to him, I know a lot about Oracle and he considers me one of those guys who have very good understanding of Oracle database software. Please note that its just his opinion and I actually know nothing about Oracle except just few bits from here and there 😉 . But still, I am always thankful to all the kind words and so is the same for his as well. It was lunch time so we had lunch together and did have a chat over his future plans about his career. I hope he does well in his career and what he has planned for him, would happen for him. It was just great to meet him today and I hope that I didn’t say anything wrong/rude.
Finally, all the tasks/meetings were over and I headed back to home. By the time I started for home, it was already 4pm. So I got back home at about 6pm and was really tired. Though it was a long and tiring day but it did give some good moments to me to remember. Its time now to listen some music while waiting for sleep to come 🙂 .

True Love & Its Power…. July 20, 2009

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This surely sounds like a fairy tale but its real and just shows that when you love someone truly,  there is nothing in this world which can separate you from your beloved! All one needs is a wish, a strong will to be with his/her beloved, that’s all! If you have it than there is nothing , no power in this world would be able to separate you from your beloved, doesn’t matter how hard it may appear to look from actually happening! But alas, this is not some thing which all understand and feel. For some, getting their goals, achieving their dreams of getting education in abroad, achieving a better career is far more important than anything and anyone else! Still people like the couple in the news are the reason because of which this word  love, is still alive in this world. God bless this couple,

Two Heart Touching Quotes…. July 19, 2009

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Some times, in just 1-2 lines, a lot is said which shakes you till within. Be it a feeling of joy or pain, both can be explained in a very small space leaving an impression with the deep meaning underneath that short space. Such kind of thing happened today when my friend Manushee posted two quotes on her Twitter timeline, reading which made me get lost in so many thoughts. I am putting those quotes here but I won’t be explaining their meanings or I must say, their true meanings, over here. I leave it for you to understand it yourself because some things are better left unsaid as words can’t give justice to all the expressions. Have a read,
I dream of you as I fall asleep. I cry, I yearn for your one word, just one kind word but you never say it. I wait and I go to sleep in tears all over again!
And this is the other one,
I wish you had understood my silence as I understand yours!
As I said, I won’t be explaining what these quotes are trying to say but if you ask me, I can write in so much length explaining their meanings, they have got so much of meaning hidden beneath them. I leave it over you to have a read and try to understand what is that meaning and if you do get it, I would love to hear it back from you!
Thanks Manushee for such nice quotes!

Few Awesome Lines…. July 18, 2009

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I passed an exam today and I wanted to write about it so much. But before I could start it, my mood has been shattered, thanks to the “business” of the people. So would talk about that exam some other time. At the moment, I shall share few lines which my friend A sent to me and  which are just awesome! These depict the pain of that guy whose heart is wounded by his own love and he is trying to describe the pain in words somehow. I loved it in the very first read so thought would share. Its in Hindi and I shall explain the meaning in English in a while. Have a read,
Pathhron ko haal-e-dil sunane chale hain,
Ruthi hui kismat ko manane chale hain!
Nakaam hasrton ka janaza uthaye hue,
Hum unse wafa nibhane chale hain!
Wo bewafa the aur hum badnaseeb,
Ye baat jamane ko batane chale hain!
Sawan ki ghatao tum kal umadana,
Aaj to hum aansu bahane chale hain!
Jahan banaya tha humne kal aashiana,
Aaj usi shaakh ko jalane chale hain!
Meri shayari kisi ka dil na dukha de,
Isliye tanhaion ko apni ghazal sunane chale hain!
And here is their meaning in English,
I am going to tell my story to stones,
Giving a last try to make my luck favor me!
With carrying the coffin of my wasted emotions,
I am going to keep on loving her!
She was heartless and I was unfortunate,
Just going to tell this tale to this world!
Hey rain, please come some other time,
Because today my tears are going to take over!
The place where I made my shelter,
Going to burn that branch only today!
Hope my poetry won’t hurt anyone,
So going to recite it to the loneliness!
Isn’t that amazing?
Not sure that you would be able to see beyond the words or not but if you are able to see, I would love to hear about it.