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Customer Care, Expect Anything But Care…. February 28, 2009

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As I travel quite often so its a little dangerous for me to carry a lots of cash. Generally I don’t carry much but that only which is suitable at the places where plastic money is not used , for example, bus ticket. Now, its not possible that your account has loads of cash all the time, at least its not possible for a poor guy like me, so at times, I do use my credit cards too. I am carrying cards for almost all the major banks but there are still some, whose cards I don’t yet have and HSBC is among those few. As I am at home so I thought why not use this opportunity to make one from it as well. And the story starts from here, a painful story if you may want to say so!
The first point of contact is to check that do you have  contact number of some marketing guy who can help you in this process. I checked that whether in some deep dark corners of my cupboards, I have one or not? Luckily(for some time)  I had one. So I called him only to find some lady over the other end. When asked that where is that guy, she simply said, that guy or any other as well, never carried this number. So how come I have it noted with me? Never mind. So now what? Next point of contact, as like an obvious choice, bank’s customer care, people who actually get paid to help customers or would be customers. So I did call on the customer and a sugar quoted voice welcomed me with a mile long welcome note. I asked that I want to apply for a new credit card so it would be just great if she can help me in the process. She just stopped me saying that this number is not the right number to enquire about all this. Hmmm so which number is the right one? She gave me another number and asked to call there. Upon asking that can she transfer my call to the other number, she said in a very innocent voice, this facility is not with them. No probs mamasita! Let’s call the other number , I said to myself.
When I called on the 2nd number, once again , there was a huge welcome for me with a mile long welcome note once again. I heard that already so I just came straight to business which was how to apply for a new card? And guess what I had to hear, this number is not the right number to contact for this service! Okay so now I am pist off! And I blasted on that lady like anything. But it seems , they are trained or habitual to hear all this on a daily basis so she just kept on saying a polite sorry and her inability to help me further. She asked me to call on the same number where I called just now before her as that is the right number to check about cards. Yeah thanks for telling! I called and you can very well imagine how would I had sounded? The lady( there was another one this time) mentioned apologies for so many times and said some fresher must have said it by mistake that this is not the right number. Anyways, back to business and the answer was that HSBC has stopped taking direct applications for cards here in my place. Ahan and why so, its company policy so she didn’t have any idea. So how do I go for one now? She asked me to check the co-branded card which HSBC offers with couple of shopping outlets. And how do I do that, for this they had no idea, not even had the contact details for any outlet in my city. Great , thanks for the big help.
So now I was searching for the outlet numbers in my city which do offer this co-branded card thingy. Somehow, after an hour long search, I did find a number of a mall called Westside which has an offering like this. I called them up and asked that how do I go for the card application for which I was told this doesn’t happen here and bank people do it. Give me a break now! I had to explain him the entire story which I heard since morning to clear the picture. After hearing, that guy told me that I can get my card applied if I shall become a member of their mall because, once one becomes a member of the mall, his status is sent to the bank and than bank people start following the person up. And how does one become a member of the mall, upon the shopping of  worth 2000INR. He came with an “exciting” offer also that I can become member by doing a shopping of 1000Rs at the moment but I have to make shopping of another 1000Rs in the same month. Great so to apply for a card (which I almost didn’t want to have now) , I have to spend 2000 bucks extra in addition to whatever bank will charge. Sorry its a too costly bargain for me , not interested. When I said this, the guy asked me that do I want membership just for the card , if yes than I can avail a paid membership for just 150Rs. Wow! Now that’s what I call a loophole. Just compare 2000 bucks with 150 bucks, that’s a real smart deal eh? Well he told me that I can come to the mall, pay 150 bucks and than I shall be eligible to apply for the card. Good , I said this and put the phone down. So am I going for it now? Well , the answer is no, I am not , at least not at the moment. Its a little too much hassle for me as the mall is much far away from my place and just for a card, I won’t be going that far. Besides this, I do have another cards so I am not that eager to get the card as well. The only thing which stood out from this is that customer care is the only place where you can expect anything, sweet talks, huge apologies, a VIP welcome but just not what you are actually there for, care, solutions for your issues!


Back…. February 26, 2009

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I got back today morning after a grueling program. I just hope that it went well. I am not sure though about it. The guys were smiling and were very happy so that’s a good sign if you ask me but still, I am much concerned about rating too this time.
There was not anything special that happened over my travel back. I am not sure why but I am just feeling drop dead tired. Now , I can’t say that its for no reason because I know , I am pushing my self for couple of things a little too much and this certainly can be a reason for this over tiredness. Yesterday, when I finished my session at about 4.30pm, I was struggling with my self to keep my eyes open. My cab was going to be late so I just decided to stay back in the office rather than going all the way back to guest house and when I was sitting there, my eyes were not getting open at all! The irony is that when I am so much tired like this and want to take a nap, some thing or the other happens because of which I never able to get one. The same happened yesterday too. I thought that I shall take a short nap while coming to the airport. But just when I was about to close my eyes, I got a call from one colleague of mine and she kept on talking about one thing or the other, leaving me once again, sleepless. I am never able to sleep in the flight so there was no other place where I could get a nap anymore, there goes my sweet sleep. I was already not able to open my eyes but when I got at check-in counter, I got to hear a news which made my sleep go completely vanished. I have a frequent flier card. Though I don’t use it much but still, I did use it couple of times. So when I gave the same yesterday and asked the lady over the counter to tell me about the miles that I have in it, she surprised me by the reply that I had no miles under this card. Hmm now I may not use the card very often but I did use it couple of times so zero miles is certainly possible. She checked really deep and it was indeed true that I had no miles associated with my card. Good, so what would I do now? Nothing, I just asked for another card which I could use from this year onwards. The lady did enter that card’s number and said, its active now. Hope this time, I would have some miles with me over this card and I promise, I shall use my card for sure now in a more regular fashion.
Regulars over here must be aware about this that I take a cab from airport to bus stand. I did the same yesterday too. There are a lot of changes happening over the New Delhi airport. Yesterday I saw that the place of prepaid counter for cab is changed. Hope these all changes would actually make the airport of nation capital a much better place to start/end travel. Anyways, so I just went to the bus stand, got my bus and started off for home. Driver just made the bus “fly”. I got the bus at 1am and I was at my place at 6am. Now that’s FAST!
So what’s next? To be honest, I don’t know. I have got a blank mind at the moment. I just want to spend some time with me and myself. It seems that its been a long time since the last I had done it and I am feeling, its really important at this point to do it. Besides this, I have got some projects to finish so I shall try to focus over them too. I have some thoughts in mind about which I shall try to write as well. All this and much more is in draft, let’s see how much will see the sunshine? At the moment, its time to sleep. So see you all later!

(Tired) Travel Update…. February 24, 2009

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At times, you do feel really so much tired and that’s the same is the case with me. I guess, I am getting weaker or these travels are making me more exhausted (and thus weaker) day by day. Well, whatever it may be, the end result is that I am dead tired at the moment and that’s the main reason that I didn’t write anything since I got here. I did want to sit on Sunday and wanted to write about the bits of my travel but I just couldn’t gather myself to do so.
About the travel, there wasn’t anything unusual at the time of the start. I did catch my bus and as like of the times, this was a Punjab Roadways. My dad came to drop me there and I am not sure, but I was feeling so sad while leaving. I don’t feel like that very often because the travel is an integral part of what I do so there is nothing to be sad about it. But still, I did get sad this time and I just wanted to get off from the bus and wanted to go back home with my dad. But this was not going to happen so I just had to sit there. The bus was from Punjab Roadways but this was a Patiala depot bus, another division of Punjab Roadways you can say!  Normally the PR buses are slow and take a long time to reach anywhere. But this was bus was an exception. The driver drove the bus like a rocket! No its really true. He just drove like he was driving a Ferrari or an F1 racing car. It takes normally about 7 hours to get to Delhi from my place and guess how much time it took me to get there this time, just 5 hours! Believe me , at times , he did scare all of us with the way he was driving. It appeared to me that he was not even scared of speed tickets which one gets immediately in Delhi for going over speed. He was driving on the same speed in the city also with which he drove on the highway too. Though I was bit uneasy about this much high speed but still I landed up in Delhi much earlier than I thought , leaving with me plenty of time to get to the airport so I was a relieved. I didn’t have anything so at least, now I could go to the airport and after all those check in formalities , I could sit and eat something! Why oh why I just make up pre-plans !
I have been traveling from a long time now and when you are doing some thing from a long time, its inevitable that your not known or seen by some people who hang out on the same place where you are moving around. I take an auto from the bus stand to the airport and the same is true since a long time. The condition is this now that some auto drivers do recognize my face now. Okay that can’t be called a fan following but still, its good that you are known to some locals as it always helps. So the same happened this time too when I met with a driver who do know that I come to airport quite a lot. So he without even me mentioning anything took me to the airport and on the same price which I normally pay. When I got to the airport, I came to know that the flight of which I had the booking in my hands, this got over-booked! WTH! How the heck a flight can be over booked, a flight! Well, the lady asked me that would I like to travel by another partner carrier of them who is flying one hour early too! I thought and said yes to it because this would had made me reach on a very reasonable timings to my guest house which I normally don’t get. So after some initial ooh-aah-ouch, the second carrier’s gal accepted my ticket and gave me the boarding pass. I do have a frequent flier card , though I don’t use it much but still I have one. I gave my card to the gal to add it and she was like , you never used it. Okay now may be I don’t use it very oftenly but that doesn’t mean that I NEVER used it. So I asked her to check again and she said, as your name on the card is Aman Sharma and on the ticket is Sharma Aman, computer is not accepting your card. What, give me a break , that’s the most stupid logic I have ever heard. That’s how the tickets are booked isn’t it, with family name first and than first name. Who coded that stupid piece of software I don’t know but I did ask my card back and just asked the lady to give me a seat. There wasn’t anything more unusual which did happen in the flight and I got at my guest house at about 8.30pm, just about the time of dinner, perfect timing which I never actually got before!
The program for which I am here, also did have issues in the starting. The first and the most important one was that there was a huge miscommunication that happened between my team and the client and this resulted into completely no setup with us, even on Monday morning. After having long calls with my team and a small meeting with the client, we are now shifted in a different location. I hope this wouldn’t effect much to the program. The guys are nice. I got a chance to have lunch with two of them and it went off really nice. Thanks a bunch guys for the nice lunch :-). We got the session over today due to some urgent meeting which audience had to attend. That’s what gave me a little “extra” time to make myself relaxed. As I said in the starting only, I am just feeling so much tired. May be a cup of coffee would help, let’s see!

Its Travel Time…. February 21, 2009

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Yes I am leaving tomorrow. I am not sure that what’s the outcome of the tour. If you are following than you must be aware about what happened in the last trip of mine. Thinking of that, I must say, I am a bit scared , both for my health and about the program. I am not sure what’s going to happen this time. Those who know me for real, they must be aware about this fact that I am not a sort of person who would let things go just like that and won’t give my best. I do it all the time(at least I try to do) so I shall do the same this time too. I just hope things would go fine and there won’t be any “shocks” for me after the program. Do pray for me guys, really need your wishes!
Before I leave,I just want to mention that I am happy today over something. Want to know what? Well, if you have read about my thoughts about Roadies and in that, a guy from the current season, Devrishi over here , you must be knowing that I didn’t like that guy at all. Besides that there are just too many reasons for me to not to like him at all, one is that he is just a loud mouth , over confident chap who think that he is the best thing happened to this mankind after mankind! Well, I mentioned in my last random rambling too, I know why is he like that and its not completely his fault. Anyways, he is not that important that I would waste my web space talking about him that much. I am happy because in today’s episode, he got “thrown out” of the show. Yes , you did hear me right, he wasn’t voted out but was thrown out like a dead fly out of the milk is thrown! And again, in all this, none else but he himself was responsible. His own stupidity or over-intelligence , whatever you may say, got him killed today. And I am just happy to see that he is out, I really am! After what he did to Nauman, the way he reacts, he was going to end up like this only what he faced today. It was just a matter of time and that time came today. Its never going to end up just in thin air when you are going to hurt some one! Sadly , people like Devrishi don’t realize this and even more sad is that they never would too! Some just know how to find 100’s of ways to justify their acts/mistakes , without knowing that justifications can’t be given for all the mistakes and sorry doesn’t make dead alive, doesn’t heal broken hearts and not all the mistakes are forgiven by a mere word sorry!

New Post From New Box…. February 21, 2009

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Well, this is just a test post to check that my blog editors are working fine or not? If you are reading this that means everything is working fine!

A Looong Day…. February 20, 2009

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Indeed it was! I am just feeling so much tired at the moment when writing this. I had to get up in the morning at 5.30am to drop my sis for work. When I came back , I thought I would sleep for just some time but I was asleep for complete 3 hours! I had some plans with me for today so I just had a quick breakfast and got ready. It was going to be a long day and I knew its going to be fun!
My first stop for the day was at the place where I go for my hair cut and a non-often face clean(or facial if my hair dresser and sis would insist). It was a long time since I had undergone a face clean so I thought,  I shall get one today. Initially , its always the hair cut and I only reveal at the end of it to my friend-cum-stylist that I need one face clean too. And when I mention it, its the most happiest day for him I believe because I always hear, wow today’s date must be noted :-). Anyhow, its always fun to relax for a while and I don’t mind getting couple of unknown creams/packs/whatever over me and have a feeling that something good is happening. Unknown because when all that is getting applied, my eyes are closed so I don’t have a slightest clue even what gets applied and what not! And the answer for just having a good feeling, despite of my best efforts (and of my stylist too to show me) , I never am able to find that “killer glow” over my face which except me, everyone else detects and acclaims. Nevertheless, its a good feeling as I said for me, so I go for it. Normally , it takes about an hour for all this to get complete excluding my hair cut time, which normally is about 20 minutes. If you know me and have seen my current hair cut, you would say that its a little too much but its true, my stylist does take that much time. So like all the other days, today also , I got into one of those massage rooms and was lying down with eyes closed , hoping that this would just finish in no time. The toughest part for me is that moment when after applying some mystic cream, my stylist start plucking my skin out of my nose , or in other words, start getting the “black heads” out. I never really did understand how the heck heads come over nose but never mind, its better not to speak when you don’t know about something/topic. So I was thinking about all this and was lying listening to some music. The process started as usual like the other days. I didn’t feel any difference for some time. Only when I started to count that I did finish about 5 big Qawallis , each of almost 30 minutes duration, I was like, “something is changed today”. It was indeed very long time that I was lying over that bed and all the time I was thinking, how the heck gals manage to lie down over so long time without having any issues because I was getting just so much restless and wanted to get up immediately. In between of all this, my stylist came and I asked him, how long it has been and he started laughing. He told me that today he wanted me to undergo the complete process and he didn’t just do face clean today but also some facial. Great! Well, nothing wrong about that guy, he is a good friend of mine and a very good technician in his work. He always does that thing which is good for me so its okay. Despite that I was so much restless,  I just listened to him and let him do whatever he had chosen for me. Finally after some 3 hours , everything got finished and I was allowed to get up. Again, as like always, I failed to see any “killer glow” over my face but all said, its just there. Nevertheless, its always fun to do all this so its okay. I just said bye to all of them there and left for my next stop, shopping for a new toy, a new box!
I have a desktop which I bought almost 7 years back. The configuration of it is some thing on which any new user of current timings would just laugh so I won’t mention it but at that time, that was the best configuration that one could get. But as like everything, change is essential, at least in some things and one of those things is the hardware of a computer. With the current time, where lots of new softwares are coming, with more power and thirst for bigger and powerful computing power, its not possible to keep your self away from upgrades. I did manage to do it for so long, up til today if have to be precise but there are certain things for which I feel handicapped when I don’t have my own box to play with. Despite of the fact that I wanted to get a new one from rather a much longer time, I was always like, “next time” when it was actually the time to buy it. Don’t ask me the reason for it. But today, my mom said that I must go and get one as its not a thing of fun for me, I need it and I know that I need it so its no point to put it on hold. So I decided to get one for me today. I know a friend who deals in all this so I just went to him. Again , as like all who are with me, his first statement was when he saw me , today’s date must be noted. He knew if I am there it means I am not going back without getting one! Well , it didn’t take him much time to get things which I wanted and the install process was started. By this time, when I was sitting there, there was a mother with her son too who came to buy a machine. That guy(kid) was studying in his graduation and somehow , he asked my friend(dealer of computers) about Oracle’s software disk. My friend said ask him(me) about it. So I told the guy to check Oracle’s technology site and download from there. His mom asked me what I do? To answer that I said , I teach people how to use oracle. In the meanwhile, that guy asked me, so as you must not be knowing database, do you know PL/SQL( a basic learning topic about oracle) ? I just stopped my smile somehow and just could manage to say, yes I think so. He was like, learn Java, it will be good. I said, thanks I shall try doing it. There was one another guy sitting there, I don’t know who he was, he asked about Window 7 to my friend. I told him that its of no use to go for it as its still in its Beta only. I said that its better to go for Linux, both for learning and for daily use. To that, both guys said, you know Linux, do you know UNIX as well? Oh my gosh, I just said, yes a little bit. That lady took my number and said , she would call me for her son. Not sure that for what but let’s see what she would say. By this time, my machine was ready so I left to get the cash for the payment.
Now, when I am writing this, my new box is loaded with 2 window platforms, XP Professional and Media Center. At the moment, Oracle’s , Oracle Enterprise Linux’s installation is going on. Some how, OEL is not picking up my mouse and I don’t know why! I yet have to install oracle db over both the platforms. I am not sure that I shall be doing it now or tomorrow as I am just so much tired. But before I sign off, I must admit, the machine is amazingly fast! I guess, I didn’t make a wrong decision to get one. Time now for some serious , oracle, Linux action!

Back , Filled With Disappointment…. February 19, 2009

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I just got back from a grueling tour. I am not sure that I can remember a tour which I felt so long and where I had such a huge urge to get back to home? I guess and hope, this was the only one and the number shouldn’t increase. There were series of jolts which did come all the time in this tour. I just woke up from a day long nap, again something which I don’t do very often when I get back. But this time, I just couldn’t hold myself to stay up.
 As I had mentioned in my last post, I didn’t get good rating in the first program of mine. Though the comments were good but the rating wasn’t and the irony is that the module is that one which I have taken almost 100 times. I was told that it doesn’t matter for me what is the rating but I guess, it does and it will as long as I shall be in this profession. Though the 2nd program did go well( so was the last one too) and the rating did get improve along with lots of good comments but still, it wasn’t very good according to my opinion. I don’t know the reason of it. I gave my best shot and I guess this time,  especially in the 2nd program, I did add a lots of stuff which I have learned with the passage of time. So I am not sure what I lacked and where? I am not feeling well and that thought is hitting me in the back of my mind so that can be one of the reason but again, I don’t think its good to justify your mistakes/failures. A failure is a failure and there isn’t any justification for it. Though, again for the 2nd program too, I was told that I shouldn’t be bothered as this actually went really well. We do check some thing called , feasibility of the program for the audience and the score was very high for that. This does mean that the audience did find the program helpful in their day to day work which in my opinion is the end result of any program. If that doesn’t happen that audience doesn’t find the program beneficial for what they do, the whole meaning/effort is wasted. So in that way, I am satisfied that I was able to speak something which they found useful for them. In addition to that, in both the programs, there were smiles over all the faces(except on mine to be honest) so I guess , things didn’t go too bad too! In short, I am not happy with my performance, I really am not!
So with a heavy heart filled with disappointment over my performance, I did start for airport yesterday. I didn’t have any cash with me as I gave all what I had the other night as a payment for my hotel. I wasn’t worried as I knew that there is an ATM outlet from where I can get it. I guess, I always assume that things would be fine a little too early which put me into trouble all the time. So the same happened this time too. My driver took me from another and shorter way , compared to the one from where I came last time. Now,despite that I tried to explain him so much where did I see last time the ATM outlet, he didn’t understand being a non-speaker of my language. When we got near to the airport, he asked me that where I was saying the counter would be, only to hear that we just chose a different way and the outlet is left somewhere far behind. With so much innocence, he asked me, should we go back sir? Well, it was just an hour and half which was left for my flight to take off so there was no chance of it. I had an idea(which was again wrong) that there is an outlet over the airport too from where I can get the money as I did remember getting the money once from that counter. Everything is correct about this idea except that I forgot that I did see and used that counter in an another city’s airport , not on this one! Wow, talk about a shock and I had one! So, here I was , with some pennies in my wallet and searching for an ATM to get the money because I would need it when I would get down to my place to catch a cab and bus! After asking couple of persons over the airport, I came to know that there is one outlet which is of some other bank on the lower ground floor. Imagine a guy with his baggage running from the top floor to the ground floor with an hour left for his flight to take off! At last, I did get the money from that outlet with an additional fee added as it was not my bank but still the bargain was not bad because now I had the cash with me.
Normally , the flight which I was about to take yesterday, gets delayed.  The same didn’t happen yesterday, one more reason that I was happy, not knowing that this happiness is just for a short while and when I shall get aboard, I shall experience the worst flying experience of my life. When I was aboard, the first thing that I noticed was that the seat was struck. Despite even beating the back rest, it refused to move an inch even! I asked the staff, they just said sorry with a pity face. Surely, I had no other choice but to just sit over that seat. This flight doesn’t offer complimentary meals, one needs to buy it in-flight. I didn’t have anything since afternoon but I wasn’t in a mood to eat anything. So I thought , I shall just get a cup of tea and some water. I asked for tea thinking that I would get “normal” tea but I got a cup of hot water with a packet of “premix tea”. Now I never had a premix tea before so I got no idea how it would taste like? I asked the air hostess who simply said in a recorded manner, this should be just fine sir! Yeah yeah, only if you would had tasted it yourself lady! So I added some of the premix powder to my cup ,did stir it and had first sip, suddenly, all of my sleep , tiredness was gone! Not because that the tea was very strong, but all of my senses , taste buds of my tongue were trying at their best to figure out that what the heck just I tasted? I asked the staff who asked me that did  I add the complete packet to the cup or just some part of it( I added just a spoon of it I guess) and I replied , do you really think that the whole packet would get fit into this small cup of water? I was told that’s how one should have this tea, complete addition of mix to the cup is mandatory. I tried that too, only to experience that the taste became more bad! In fact it was that much bad that I had to return that whole cup as like it was for letting it be a part of bin! End of my tea session and also of any desires to try something else too!
Finally when I got at the airport, after solving the puzzle that which belt has my luggage, I started for the bus stand.  The bus which I got was just “too good”. Thanks to it, I couldn’t sleep for a minute even when I was traveling in the night. Final blow would had come when I was about to get down from it. I got down and was going to get my bag out and in the meantime, the driver started moving the bus. I had to run and get into the bus again otherwise either I would had lost my bag or would had been run over by the bus. Neither doesn’t sound good right 😉 ! Anyways, I was able to get my bag out safely without being run over by the bus’s tyres. When I got back, I was feeling just so much tired, upset. So after bath, I just went to bed and fell asleep.
I got to travel after 2 days again. I just hope that this time, things would be a little better. I don’t mind rusty travels but my health and my program must remain fine. I hope it does happen this time that I shall be able to smile too with the others! Let’s see!

Happy Birthday…. February 15, 2009

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I started blogging or I should say, I registered my first blog just because that I had to post a comment on Tom Kyte’s blog. I had no intention to start a blog of my own at any point. Though i did register my first blog quite a long time back from the time when I actually started posting over it. The first one was over BlogSpot which later on , got acquired by Google. When the blogging was still picking up in the entire world, one more player came up and created a storm in this arena, WordPress. Jumping in to the bandwagon, I did register for ta free blog account too like many others worldwide. And this did happen today, 15th of February when I said hello to this world through it. Its been an amazing ride so far. I have got some very interesting comments over couple of my posts, got to hear some nice words from people. I thank to all who do come up and read my random musings. Thanks a bunch to you guys. I hope I shall be able to post something more meaningful too in the future posts. But as Tim Hall said once, writing should not be done with the urge to change this world through it, especially not in/through blogging. So certainly, I am not intended  to do so too. These are just my thoughts, feelings and expressions about what goes on around me. A look at this world from my eyes, that’s what my writing is all about! I shall try to improve but can’t promise :-). Thanks a bunch once again for the support, comments and even for just to visit here. Please do keep coming back as you and your comments, are always welcome!

Random Ramblings…. February 14, 2009

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Good Rating Is As Important As Good Comments
I always believe that its very important to give someone(anyone) a moral boost. In any job, its going to help the person to improve and strive for more better work. I know the importance of boost up because the kind of industry I am into, the entire performance of someone’s ability, good work is judged, NOT from what he has done but what others say about it? So its very important for me to achieve good ratings. Well, this did not happen this time. Though, I got some good comments but I didn’t get a good rating. I am not sure that what was the reason for it as for me, each session of mine is just like the very first one which I took years back and it matters to me in the same way as it did when I was starting. Some do say to me that I shouldn’t be bothered about it as I can’t control it and can just hope that others do a good job to give me good ratings. Some even say that I am above now from that point where ratings do matter for me or would make an impact to others that how good/bad I am? But I humbly disagree from all this. I am not sure that I do think that its true that I am really that good as much as others think that I am in my work, oracle database , if you don’t know about it. And it does matter for me (at least for me) that what others say about me. I still feel so much happy when I read good comment(s) mentioned about me in the summary of feedback and I still skip meals when I got a bad rating. Thankfully, I haven’t got any bad comments so far but this time , the rating has come down. Despite that the delegates were really good and gave me really good comments, somehow I didn’t manage to get a good rating from them and it did make me really upset. There are always some things which are beyond my control, be it content of the module, hardware infrastructure or anything else which doesn’t come up directly from me. And above all, I don’t know ALL about Oracle so there are always certain things , which I don’t know. But, what ever is there in the content, I try my best to express it in a good manner(at least in the best possible way according to my abilities) so that audience can get a benefit from the session. Though, I was told by my friends cum colleagues that its okay, I shouldn’t be bothered but truly speaking, I am bothered and somewhat , upset too. I am now really worried about my next session which is starting on this coming week. Let’s see what happens in it? I really hope that it should go fine , both in the delivery and in ratings.
Raodies, A Game Of Courage Or Cheating
MTV Roadies is back with its new season, Hell Down Under! I didn’t watch the last episode of the last season as it was going to be shooted from Malaysia and I guess, this time also , I won’t see the last of this show as it would be in Australia. Well, you may be wondering what’s the logic of me not watching the show because they were from some particular countries, for which I would refrain myself from answering. It would need couple of posts to explain the reason for this and I doubt that I shall mention the real reasons ever here. But, this time , this is not the topic that I want to discuss. Roadies, is a good show but somehow, it always come out in it that how much selfish people can be and to what extent they can go! I just saw two episodes of the current season and they were enough to make me believe that nothing has changed in Roadies, its the same show where people stab you in the back , despite of the fact that they do it while holding one hand of yours in theirs, calling you a friend. In the last episode,one roadie, Nauman, got voted out and in his vote out, besides others, there was one more vote and that was from a guy, Devrishi(  a stupid , self imposed genius, lady killer , next Bill Gates and god knows what else) whom Nauman trusted so much.  Dev just voted Nauman out because he was having a crush over the same gal for which Nauman had a soft heart too. In today’s episode, I heard Dev talking about himself and only god knows, who told him all the misconceptions that he has for himself. But, he proved one more thing which was told to me by lots of people in the past too that its not uncommon to see this kind of attitude from the people of that  place from where he is from. Surely enough, not all would be same but the majority would be and that’s enough to make a generalized statement. I have seen the same behavior already so I am not surprised to see this guy doing all this. Its highly common from the people of his place to think that they are the best, they can do anything and all are just inferior to them. If they cheat someone , its okay, if they hurt someone, it has a reason which others must agreed to. The way I saw Dev speaking today, I have seen the same attitude from others who belong to the same place to which he hails from.  Not sure that I would watch this show in the future or not but , I shall surely keep an eye for Dev’s vote out and if not anyone else, I shall be happy when he would be thrown out!
A Sleepy Valentine Day
Yes , I was asleep for the entire day. I don’t know why but I was feeling so tired and sleepy and since 11am, the time when I was off to bed, I was sleeping uptill 5pm. I don’t remember when it was last time that I slept for so long. As I had nothing else to do on this valentines day, so I guess it was good that I could take some sleep. Let’s see what would happen on next v-day?

Bad Aman Blog…. February 13, 2009

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Some people search for my blog by using ” Bad Aman Blog” as a search term. Good to see that I am called bad also by some people who themselves  don’t even have the slightest idea about being good. Its just so upsetting to see that you did so much for those who never understood its importance,  make you listen all of this world’s rubbish, justify their entire faults  but still dare to call you only, guess what , bad! Just great! But that’s what this world and its people are all about I guess, selfish, heartless and simply self centered and you just can’t do anything about it!