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Few words April 30, 2006

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Past 2 days and coming few days are not so much good.I am nowhere near even to write a piece of art or anything like that.What I have penned down  just now,which you will read next, are just some random thoughts.They may sound so much idiotic but as I said before I am no “Shakespear”,so if this makes you smile,you are most welcome to smile.
 I loved someone from the bottom of this heart,
but my love left me saying that we have to get apart!
I am standing alone today,thinking what went wrong,
what I failed to give,what I couldnt do to make her love for me that strong!
May be thats the way of life that you have to let go of someone whom you love the most,
May be thats the way of love,you cant be with just that one whom you want to be with the most!
I looked my world through her eyes,heard the sweetest sounds from her whisper,
She was everything for me always,but may be today I am no-one for her!
Today I am left all alone in this big world, to cry,
There is so much pain in this heart,there is nothing left to try!
They say that this pain will go someday so will the tears,
But my heart knows,this pain will go once when these eyes will close and these tears will dry!

Music Review April 28, 2006

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This is one another blog of mine which is nowhere related(not even close to being one) to Oracle/Solaris.But I promised that this blog will have anything which will be interesting for me right?So :-p!If you dont know already,I am a die-hard music buff and after some time,I have heard some good,soulful,melodious music.So here it is…
  • One is from a new hindi movie named,’Fanaa’.I must say that its really my kind of music.Lyrics are superb and music is light,yet so much soothing and soulful.Well to be fare,I didnt like one song much but that is ok too.I shall give 2/5 to it.Overall 4/5(coz of that one song,it missed the record of 5/5) but I must recommend it to hear it once.
  • This one is from the singer Paula Deanda,”Am I doing too much”.Again very nice lyrics and similar sort of music to take it all over you.Not like “Nobody wants to be lonely” from Ricky Martin but still a nice song.

WIFE 1.0….A New Software April 25, 2006

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I just found this new “software” which I am not using at the moment.Those who are let’s see what they have to say about it.Check it out http://www.fortunecity.com/campus/books/845/wife10.htm
Another non-relevant rant but it made me smile:-).

A good news! April 21, 2006

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Yes I have a good news.One of my very good friend who will be un-named is going to get married very soon.It will be a love marriage.Things had been rough for a while but when everyone saw that the couple is so much desperate and committed,they gave their approval.My heartiest wishes to both of them.
Thinking about it,one anothing thing came to my mind.What is in us humans that makes us so much special?So much unique and different that being born as a human being is termed(and indeed it is) as a invaluable gift!Is it our faces,beuaty,intelligence?Well to a great extent,that’s true.But if we just see a little deeper in it,IMO there is one quality in us which makes us so special and that is this invisible force which ties the people together.Yes you got it right,I am talking about Love and Relations.Something so simple,yet most powerful that it can make/break one’s life.I have seen so many relations happening and breaking till this age of mine.One thing that I am yet to understand is that many times,after spending so much long time with someone,people leave them saying/giving their inability to continue.Yes there cant be any force to make someone stay but dont they think that they are hurting someone so much?A relation is a committment.When one cant give smiles to anyone,does it gives them the right to give pain instead?I dnt think so.But its a sad fact that this happens that people leave someone behind crying and for dying.Yes its not the story of each and everyone but those who do must think before doing anything like this that its you who has decided to leave the other person so you seem not to be bothered how he/she is feeling.Put your feet in his/her shoe and try to imagine for one moment,how it will feel if you have to go through the same phase.
I read a very confusing yet a very realistic quote somewhere.I am yet to find the answer of it.If you know,do share with me too.Here it goes,”Life is the name of looking someone with love in your eyes or it is the name of looking love in someone’s eyes for you?”.I guess it will take this life to find the answer of it.

Just being idle! April 19, 2006

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As in my last blog,I told you that I am not really well.Well I am a little better but still there is alot that still has to be in order for my health.There is alot that is pending for me to do.It just scares me when I think about it.But all I can do at the moment is to sit,read articles and blogs.Yes you can call that whatever you like but I really dont have more better choices.So just while stumbling upon some random sites,I found http://crazy.codetroop.com/randimg/?McDonalds.jpg. Needless to say,it really made me smile after quite a long time.
Ok back to reading!!

Yes I am alive! April 15, 2006

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Yes I am really alive.I wasnt(still dont) feeling well and was hospitalized for quite a time.I remember,I made a promise that I shall keep the blog updated but sometimes things really go out of your hands and the same thing happened this time with me.I am still not well.Feeling so much weak,on the medication still but you can be assure that I am alive and will be back with a BANG very soon.The list of my favourite sites/blogs will be updated very soon too so don’t forget to check it out too.
Have a great time/weekend.