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Mission Accomplished, Successfully…. November 28, 2012

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I just finished my last session here at Singapore. It was a really hectic and tensed tour for me as I had to deliver 3 sessions and that too without any breaks in-between, including the weekend. And not just this, out of the 3, two of the sessions were going to be my first-teach sessions which means, I was going to deliver them for the very first time. And just to make things more difficult, I hadn’t gotten the time to prepare for those two modules before so I had to sit and prepare for them while I was delivering them. Not something so easy to do, let me tell you that!

Though my weekend class went off well and I got a very good score( actually got 100% rating), the session of Monday started with tons of issues, right in the beginning of it. First the environment that was required didn’t get done completely due to which, I couldn’t set up the microphone and the webcam which I needed for the session. Second, this was not just going to be the first time teach of the module but this time, I was also going to do a sessions that’s called “hub and spoke”, where its a mix of the delegates sitting both in the class and on the remote site. Its a REALLY tough thing to handle and I was very thoroughly briefed about it by my manager from here. But some things are just not in your hands and the incomplete installation is just one of such things. Its not a manual process and using the same process(automated) , it’s done numerous times before too but just when you are having a bad luck, everything goes wrong, that’s sort of what happened with me. Anyways, so because I couldn’t use the classroom desktop, I had to use my laptop over the wi-fi which is not an ideal thing as the connection would keep on dropping no matter what! So in short, a big chaos just happened right before I had to start the session and also continued till the lunch time. After that, slowly things started to get settled down. I got a newly build machine where everything was working fine, I got the session running and it was going on okay as well. A big thanks I must say to L***, Y*** to just keep on working to make things working fine for me and even a bigger thanks to my manager who was just so much supportive and came at the end of the session, told me that she tried her best that all should go fine but some things just don’t go planned! But her support and motivation kept me strong and I finished the 2nd day without any hassle as such. It was just very hectic because I had to study, both while being in the session and after going back to the hotel. But that was required as it was my first teach as well.

Finally, it was today, the last day. There wasn’t any issue today which did come and all went really fine. Finally it was the time for the evaluation and guess what, I again got 100% from one delegate :=). The other delegate did give 100% for me but for two points, which were not related to me, he wasn’t very happy about so he didn’t go very well for them. But still, I am contended as if I look at my own rating, its more than what I actually expected. Finally, mission accomplished of a very tough tour and on a good note too!

My manager over here was just so happy and she just came to give a small carry bag as a gift too. Thanks so much maa’m, it means so much to me! Also a big thanks to my delegates for their time, patience to hear me, to like what I shared and finally, for a good rating to let me go back home with a smile on my face!

All is good but something is still missing, just so much missing!

When my dad was alive, I would always call him and my mom to talk about such sessions and would also call them in-between to share my tension. Now he is not there with us and I can’t , I just can’t tell how so very much I want to hear his voice and tell him that I did well dad, I did it! Just can’t say that how much I am missing him right now and I am so sure my dad must be looking at me from heaven and must have prayed for me like he always used to do when I had such type of the sessions. Just wish that I could go back and get a hug from him, just so wish!

I am going to start getting ready to leave from the office to the airport now. Though the flight is late but to avoid traffic, its better to start of a little early. Hopefully, shall get some rest, even for 2-3 days it would be just fine!

Oh and yesterday night, after so much of recommendation, I along with my friend went to the Orchard Road to see the decoration that’s done for x-mas for this year. It was good and taken few pics and also made few short videos from my phone. I shall update this post with the links when I shall get back home. Time now to check the stuff, pack it in the backpack, pick the luggage and go to the airport. Its going to be a long and tiring journey but since it’s for going back home so whatever it may take, it’s all well worth it!

Working Weekend…. November 24, 2012

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<<Rant started>>

I just finished a session yesterday but this weekend, I am again in a session which would last for 2 days. This makes it 7 days of continuous talking but that’s not all. I have another session starting from this Monday as well. Life can be very hard at times, trust me, very very hard!

<<Rant ended>>