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Travel Time Has Come…. May 10, 2007

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Yes its correct.I shall be leaving tomorrow for a long travel.This time once again , I shall be facing very toughest challenges both in the case of modules and also clients.I am not sure what will happen.But I just hope that everything would go fine.Pray for me guys!

It Will Bring Tears…. May 10, 2007

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I read a lot of blogs and a lot of love stories, watch not much but yes some good love movies too.  But I am not sure that I ever read some thing like this in my life before. If you have ever loved some one from the deep of the heart, you would love this letter written by Scarlett.I have no more better words to say this that Scarlett has written a life in these few paragraphs.  For any comments, please give them on the original post coz they are much deserved there only.  I am posting entire post here just to save too many page jumps.  Have a read:
Dear ,
I know I will never post this letter but I need to write this for, like they say, every relationship is complete only when it ends. It came as an email, the invitation to your wedding and I was besides myself to read about the girl who would be your wife. You didn’t send me the email of course, it was forwarded by a friend who had known us from the time when such a wedding invitation would have been an unspeakable thing.
Do you remember how we met on the first day of our new jobs, new to the city, the surroundings and to each other? And yet a month later, you said I had transformed you into being more like myself, you were familiar with my love for Shakespeare, autumn and Vivaldi’s four seasons. When you looked at my initials and declared that if we got married, I wouldn’t have to change them, I had stared at you and then broken into peals of laughter. I don’t remember how the friendship grew, in what was an age of newness, you became my oldest buddy.
When I went home for the Christmas break, you asked to come along. I had looked at you incredulously and reminded you that I wasn’t called the Colonel’s daughter for nothing. You had offered to stay in a motel and stand outside my house everyday. “Why would you do such a thing?”, I had asked even as visions of my father hauling you for trespassing floated before my yes. “Because I will miss you if you go away”, you had said simply and the familiar feeling of hurried heartbeats had left me confused. I was caught between being loyal to my baggage of memories and moving on with the echoes of my heart and a reply was not forthcoming.
When I came back, you asked to meet me and right there on the office lawn with its jasmine and begonias, you asked me to marry you. “You are the one for me”, you said even as you pushed a single red rose into my hand. I didn’t say yes and I didn’t say no. I knew this was coming but I was waiting for a homecoming from someone else across the seas. He would never come back but hope is always the last one to leave the room and it stays on with the lights turned on bright,even as everyone walks away.
Do you remember how you sang to me every time you asked me if I had made up my mind and I pleaded you to stop, because you couldn’t carry a tune? Do you remember how you stopped a bus midway and walked back 3 kms to check if I was okay because I had looked upset when we bid each other goodbye for the day? Do you remember how you had pointed to the sky and given me half the stars, saying you would keep the other half for yourself if I ever went away? And yet, I took my share of the stars and gave nothing away. I remained stuck in no-man’s land even as my photograph appeared in your wallet, even as you told me that I had to merely ask and the world would be mine.
Do you remember how you offered to cancel your trip to be with me because I was going through a bad phase at work? But I asked you to go and my last memory of you will be the two of us in the moonlight where you knelt down beside me and gave me the biggest cards you had found and asked me to marry you again. When I come back, we will never be apart again, you had said. And I had let you go, even as a dull ache settled around me. And I had realized that when you have your own journeys to make, a goodbye will not shatter you. So I mailed you one day to tell you that my answer was a no, and for the rest of my life, I will chide myself for not being gentle enough. You had called up then from a land of freezing winters, late at night and asked me why I couldn’t have told you this earlier, were you not my best friend ever? I didn’t want to think of you, alone, across the seas, dealing with the pain that was my doing. And yet, I was not brave enough to deal with it so I moved on and blocked it out because I couldn’t have handled the guilt and the pain both.
So I didn’t return your calls and pretended that I had never been loved madly, irrationally and completely like you had loved me. You resigned from your job and moved away and while my scars healed, as a reminder of a stubborn memory, a faint mark remained.
I can say this now, a part of me is proud of the fact that I did not go along and say yes to you because the person I am today is not the person you loved back then. I don’t know though, maybe we could have grown together and the future would have still been rosy. And here we are, exactly 7 years to the day you asked me to marry you, love has visited your step again and this time you are in it for the long haul. For loving me beyond belief, though I may never have said it then, I give you a big thank you. For allowing me to walk away and wishing me well for my journey, I give you all my gratitude. I am sorry for all the promises and the memories and the unsaid words. I want you to know that no one escapes their heartache and that I did fight my battles and lose people I loved. In the long run, I hope time has been kind to you as she has been to me.
I want you to know that a walk down memory lane is better because of you, that I consider myself lucky for your love and faith. Someday I would like to meet your wife and tell her what a special person you are. But for now I will think of you as I remember you from that moonlit night and hope that your share of stars always shines brightly. Someday when I am old, under a fading autumn sun, I will think of you and of a love that was brave enough to allow us to make journeys alone and I will smile to myself thinking of the red roses. I hope you do too.
The Girl You Once Loved
I don’t know what else I should add to it?I guess I wont coz you can’t make perfect the perfection.  Just will say this that try to understand the emotions and respect your love.  Remember,Its not every one who gets love and its not everyone who loves.

Movie Review, TaRaRumPum…. May 9, 2007

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I don’t watch movies much and neither do I watch tv for much time.  Yes I do listen music for hours.  But at times, I do watch movies too.  Its been years that I have stepped into a movie hall.  Why ?Well one reason is that I never got that much craze to see a movie that I would get up and go all the way to the hall to watch it.  Second ( and a bit unusual one) reason is some time back , I did wish to go for a movie in the hall but promised some one that I shall go with that person only when I shall start going to hall.  That didn’t happen either.  So in short, I see all of my movies on vcd/dvds only :-).So when yesterday, sis said that she wants to watch TaRaRumPum, I had to go and bring it for her.  She saw it in the night after her office but I didn’t as I wasn’t at home.  I just saw the movie TaraRumPum and here are my thoughts about the movie, music and an overall review.
TaRaRumPum starts with a little slow pace and in a little unorderly manner.Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukharji’s acting in the start was some thing which made me feel that its a complete waste of time of mine to watch this movie.  But after about initial 30 minutes, movies turns out to be really nice and emotional.  All the scenes after that time , will make you at least say ‘nice’ if not ‘wow’!Acting of both the kids is amazing , especially the little gal,’princess'( that’s her name in the movie) is really touching!Javed Jaafri has come after a long time in a movie as far as I remember but as always, his presence makes the entire moment so energetic and lively.Sidharth Anand, the director has really tried to hard to present some real life alike moments in the movie and he has succeeded to a great deal too.
Music is from Vishal-Shekhar.This duo has always given a good music score and this movie is no different.  All the songs have come up very nice and are depending upon the mood.  My favorite one is Oh Shona sung by Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan.A really nice romantic number, a must dedication for your love.Saaiaan is a Sufi number but its a true representation of humans and their feelings.  Bring it on is a party number, I am not sure that I would hear it more than twice but still it has come up good.  Title song Tararumpum is again very nice and is sung by Shreya Gaushal.I remember her so much clearly coz I bough a disk sung by her and gifted to some one long time back.  I never bought that disk for me coz always thought that the disk is already with that some one special and that’s most important.  The album was Pehla Pehla Pyar.I have stopped listening to this album since so long back but that’s a different story why?Shreya has a magical voice and that magic is always created when she sings any song.Nach le is another song but some how it has come up just as an average one only.  On the whole, I shall give the music a rating of 3.8/5.Not too impressive but still not a bad one either.
In the conclusion, I shall say this that this movie will appeal to you the most if you have seen the realities of life from your self coz that’s what the movie tries to present. If you have encountered them in your life, you will be able to feel the same pain that the characters felt in the movie.  This movie also brings one more message and that’s an important one.  No matter what times come and go, never leave whom you really love.  When the bad times are there, your loved ones need nothing but you and your few words of support and your presence.  Its very easy to leave your loved ones and let them suffer alone but its very hard to stick and face everything with them.  If you are in love or yet have to experience this, remember this that love is not to let go but to hold on.  Love is not to leave when the times are bad or the weather is hot, love is to stay and bear that heat with your loved ones.  That’s the same what Rani did for her love and out of the whole movie’s best parts, I liked this the most.  I cant say that you would watch this movie again and again but yes for one time, its worth watch!

Few Lines…. May 9, 2007

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Some times in very few lines or words, a lot is said, all the pain and/or joys are told in very few words.  I read these lines some where. I wont be explaining their meaning in any other way as those lines in themselves say a lot. Let me know what you thought about them.  Have a read:
You made me cry,
You tore me apart!
You left me in tears,
You have shattered my heart!
It wasn’t your fault,
I know it was just me!
I must knew, love isn’t forced,
And you never loved me!
Now that I know,
It still doesn’t help!
Because for some reasons,
My heart won’t let go!
I shall quietly leave some day,
Coz that’s the last that I would do!
But it wont be so easy as I just said,
Coz of bleeding wounds given by you!
I always dreamed to be in love,
Thought its a heaven full of joy!
But I lost all the smiles,
When you threw me away like a waste toy!
I made a mistake,
I longed for little love and some smiles!
Never knew, all that’s meant for me,
Are pain,tears and just cries!
That day this pain started,,
Dreams shattered and reality struck too!
When my love was slapped and you said,
I never loved you, have  nothing anymore to do with you!

A Short But Touching Story…. May 7, 2007

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Some times, some words are so short but their meanings are so much deep.  All depends upon how much one understands out of those things?I just read a short story whose message is something which most of us claim to know but actually we don’t wanted to share that story with everyone so I am posting it here, have a read and let me know your thoughts about it.  Have a read:
A little gal and her father were crossing a bridge.  The father was kind of scared so he said to his little daughter,”Sweetheart, please hold my hand so that you don’t fall into the river”.The little gal replied , ” No dad, you hold my hand.”The puzzled father asked the gal,”what’s the difference my dear?”
That little gal replied,”there is a big difference father.  If I hold your hand and some thing happens to me, chances are that I may let your hand go.  But if you hold my hand, I know for sure that no matter what happens, you will never let my hand go.”
And the story ends here.
In any relationship, the essence of its trust is not in its bind but in its bond.  So hold that person’s hand whom you love the most than expecting them to hold yours.
Isn’t it so true?It really is so hard to do but its so true.  Love is not to expect but to give, love is not to let go but to hold on.  Its not about how many years you were into the relation but its about how much love you created in those years?Its not about singing every day that I love you so much but its about standing with your loved ones when they need you the most.  Its not about giving up, leaving your loved ones in between saying that I never promised to be with you for forever so I owe nothing to you, its not about telling them that you have nothing to do with them anymore , its not about saying them coz they asked, cared , that means they were creating problems, tensions for you and they were bothering you.  Love is not to give pain and hurt but to give away every smile of yours even to make your loved ones happy.  Love is not to tell your loved ones that what ever they did, it was only meant to make them happy and they did all coz they were selfish for themselves, love is not to make your loved one realize that his/her entire gesture, his/her entire care, affection, love meant nothing else but a burden, a suffocation for you and an act of selfishness.  It takes a lot to bear the pain of a broken heart but as I said so many times, wounds may heal with time but their signs are never gone.  If you have loved some one or you are in love with some one, make it sure that you respect that person’s love, care.  Don’t make them feel that in their life that this is the biggest crime that they have done that they fell in love.  It takes a lot to be in love.  Remember , its not a bed full of roses, its a path full of thorns, its not a lake of full of lotus, its an ocean of fire and you have to swim through to pass it.  In love, every thing is not meant to be in the boundary of promises and swears, if that’s so than so many things wont happen coz we don’t promise each and every thing that we do, do we?Do we make a promise to make our loved one happy and make them smile?If we don’t than it means that we owe nothing to them if they are sad?No it doesn’t go in this way.  If every thing requires a promise to be made, an agreement to be signed, I seriously doubt that we may not be talking about a relation, we are talking about a deal.  But relations if made, are not made to be in the form of deals coz they are made from heart not from mind.  Hold that person’s hand whom you love( or you say that you do) so much coz may be he/she is the only one whom you were waiting up til now.  There are and there will be always thousand and millions others who will come and go but may be , once gone that person may never come back again to you.  Respect your love , give him/her so much love, care, affection and trust.  If you will do so only than you can expect or I must say that you are eligible to expect a fraction of that love, care come back to you.  If you will spread pain, tears, don’t expect smiles come in your way.  Think ten times before hurting your loved ones.  Remember, sorry is not the cure of every thing, sorry doesn’t alive dead and sorry doesn’t mend the broken hearts and souls.

Even After So Long…. May 6, 2007

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I never knew about ICQ 6 years ago until I was asked by someone to make an id over there coz for the chat it was must.  I still remember that I asked my friend Kapil to install it on his machine but he didn’t have it.  That time download speeds were just like snails and I waited almost about 8 hours for it to get install and than to make my login over it.  I still remember that day so clearly like it was yesterday.  You must be asking who that person was for whom I did all that?Well I wont be answering this question here or anywhere else too.  I am sorry for it.  Anyways I used ICQ not so much but still I used it whenever I had to chat.  Its among the most popular chat solutions available I guess globally.  Still I found it a little quirky but that is just my opinion.
Well you must be thinking that why I am so interested to put a review of ICQ?Actually no its not for the ICQ and its functions.  Actually its about a little sigh of relief that I had just now.  It was almost 2 years since I had done a login using my ICQ login details and when I was going to try it today, I was almost certain that it wont be there after so long.  But I am so much happy to see that even after so long, my details, my ICQ no is still alive.  That was so good to see.  And I discovered some thing new today for ICQ.I have my own page over there too.  Here is the link:
My ICQ Page
That was a little nice to see that I am still alive for ICQ.Good!Some times, some things are unexpected but when they happen, they bring a short smile on your face.  I guess that’s the same happened with me today too.  I am not sure that I shall use ICQ for chatting anymore as I don’t chat so often now.  But still its good to see your id available even after so long of inacitivity.Good work ICQ.I am happy!

Back…. May 5, 2007

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Yes I am back today.  Well the trip some how was okay.  Though I was at a place where I didn’t plan or think that I would go but some how, some way it did turn out to be an okay trip.  I left a smile on the faces of all so I guess I can say that it was an okay trip.
There were some things that happened on this trip which didn’t happen before.  One was that I fell sick and those 4 days they were really tough for me to take upon coz of my sickness.  Second in my class , there was a guy with a name and I already knew some one whose name was also the same and  all the time I was remembering out that guy only.  Some how this guy in the class  got involved in so much of the arguments with me.  It was becoming a little over the edge at the time too but it didn’t cross its limits ( thank god for that) and everything went well.  I had a chance to go to an other place which have some memories for me.  I liked the place?Well I would say that I reserve my rights for the comments.  Mind it I never said bad ( and I never said good either). And more over I was on that day at that place which is supposed to be a very special day for me.  But with all this , there are also some other memories coupled up with the place.  I some how didn’t feel too much nice over there.  My program got over with a good note, for me that’s the most important thing.  Rest everything else becomes secondary for me.
When I came back, I was still some what relieved but some thing just made me so much upset.Actualy couple of things made me so much upset.  I am not sure how anyone else would feel but yes I do feel so much bad when I hear blame for some thing which I haven’t done.  There were couple of things that I heard which really did make me so much upset.  I am just listening to the song Heeriye at the moment thinking about all these things.  Its time to sleep but I am not sure I do remember where I saw last my sleep, rest and smiles.  Anyways, I shall be here at home for about 5 days and there are couple of things that I need to finish up before leaving that.  But for today nothing as I am not in myself today.  Lets see what will happen tomorrow?Till then adios!!!!