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Let’s Smile…. January 29, 2009

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I just got it in my email. I guess all of them is so true. Have a read, smile and do let me know how it was, 
I say no to gals,  they just don’t listen.
A friend in need is a pest indeed.
Marriage is one of the chief causes of divorce.
Work is fine if it doesn’t take too much of your time.
When everything comes in your way you’re in the wrong lane.
The light at the end of the tunnel may be an incoming train.
Born free, taxed to death.
Everyone has a photographic memory, some just don’t have film.
Life is unsure so always eat your dessert first.
Smile, it makes people wonder what you are thinking.
If you keep your feet firmly on the ground, you’ll have trouble putting on your pants.
It’s not hard to meet expenses, they are everywhere.
I love being a writer… what I can’t stand is the paperwork.
A printer consists of 3 main parts: the case, the jammed paper tray and the blinking red light.
The guy who invented the first wheel was an idiot. The guy who invented the other three, he was the genius.
The trouble with being punctual is that no one is there to appreciate it.
In a country of free speech, why are there phone bills?
If you cannot change your mind, are you sure you have one?
Beat the 5 O’clock rush, leave work at noon!
If you can’t convince them, confuse them.
It’s not the fall that kills you. It’s the sudden stop at the end.
I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I made your horn louder.
Hot glass looks same as cold glass. – Cunino’s Law of Burnt Fingers
The cigarette does the smoking you are just the sucker.
Someday is not a day of the week.

Just So True…. January 28, 2009

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Some times, in a very short line(s) , a lot is being said. It just happened with me again that I read some thing which shook me. Its just so true. May be for some , it won’t mean anything but for those who would be able to feel the sadness of this quote, they would surely understood it, the real meaning underneath it. I leave it on you to decide whether its really that good or not, but if you would ask me, yes it surely is! Have a read,
                Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.
So how’s it?

An Unusual Review, Mann Chandre…. January 25, 2009

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A R Rahman doesn’t need any introduction. He is one of those few musicians who like to break their own records and are ready to create something new. Though I don’t listen to his music much but I respect him as being among the most versatile music directors. One more reason for not listening his music much is that I listen most of the time, Punjabi music only and as Rahman doesn’t do much of it, so you do not find me playing him often.
As I just said, I listen in most of my time, punjabi music only so its rather impossible that if there is a  Punjabi song,I would miss it. If, by any reasons, I would miss it , I have got many resources who would tell me that there is a new song in the town which is creating waves. The same happened this time when S called me to tell that there is a new album of Rahman, Connections which is out now and I must check its 4th song. I was like, why so, its a Hindi album. But to my amazement, S told me that this song is sung by Sukhwinder Singh and its a Punjabi song. I immediately checked the album and started playing it. That was yesterday at about 10am and its been playing over my box since then without being stopped for a minute even. I haven’t listened to any other song of the album and chances are very dim that I would do it either. I am just hooked to this song, and the reason is part lyrics and part music. The song doesn’t have very rich lyrics though, just a few lines are there which are repeated all over in the entire song, still they are good enough to keep one sitting and listening to it non-stop. Music of the song is the biggest highlight in my opinion as through it only, the complete feel of the song, the sadness underneath it, has come out in full colors.  If music wouldn’t be there or it would be some other kind of music, this song would never had got that midas touch which its having now and it would had ended up in the bin, at least by me. Its far below on the meter of mine to be called a truly rich song in lyrics and I don’t call a song a song without good lyrics. But its music has given it a life. And may be, that’s the charisma of Rahman is! Whatever it may be, I did find the song worth sharing so I am posting it here. There is no official video( yet ) of it so don’t pay attention to the video and just listen to the song. Its in Punjabi and I shall translate the lyrics in a while. The song’s name is Mann Chandre, which means Crazy Heart. This song is depicting the emotions of a lover who is telling that he is not able to find any peace nor satisfaction after falling in love. If you have ever been in love and got hurt from it, you would like(atleast the music) this song. I have posted the link to the album in audio format some where above, you can listen the song from there too. Here is the song over YouTube in video format,
And here are the lyrics in Punjabi,
Mann chandre nu raas na aave, Na aave dharwaas!
Jigar da sauda kyon kar baitha, mukkadi jandi aas!
Je lutt janda te lutt janda dil, hauke kha k chhup janda!
Beparwah da ki kehna, Na aave dharwaas!
Jigar da sauda kyon kar baitha, mukkadi jandi aas!


Dard sataunda bedardan nu, bedardan da ki janda!
Dard sataunda bedardan nu, bedardan da ki janda!
Bedardan da ki janda!
Mann chandre (repeat)….
Mann chandre(repeat)….
Jigar da sauda kyon kar baitha, mukkadi jandi aas!
Je lutt janda te lutt janda dil, hauke kha k chhup janda!
Beparwah di ki kehna, Na aave dharwaas!
And here is the meaning of it in Punjabi,
Crazy heart neither gets satisfaction nor can afford!
Why it did the deal of heart, now even the hopes are dying!
Once heart is gone, its gone! It hides after crying!
What to say about heartless people, there is no relief!
Pain hurts and heartless have no regret about it!
Crazy heart neither gets satisfaction nor can afford!
Why it did the deal of heart, now even the hopes are dying!
Once heart is gone, its gone! It hides after crying!
What to say about heartless people, there is no relief!
Here are few lines , depicting the pain of someone who has been hurt by his love, someone who got tears as a punishment of loving someone truly and madly. Have a read,
Ki haal sunavan tainu dil da,
Dil te jakhm bathere ne!
Akhiyan vichon mukk gaian needran,
Hun hanjuan de nal savere ne!
Rooh de saathi de gaye dhokhe,
Saade hijran nal ho gaye fere ne!
Dil ikko gal puchhda ro ro,
Rabba bas dass de ki gunaah mere ne!
Ki dassan dard kahani baare,
Hanju ajj v vehnde rehnde ne!
Asin yaad rakheya te ohna bhula ditta,
Kehnde yaaran da ki e,
Yaar te yaara aande jaande rehnde ne!
And here is the meaning of these lines in Punjabi,
What should I tell you about pains of this heart,
There are countless wounds over it!
Sleep has fled from these eyes,
Now mornings are welcomed by tears inside them!
My loved ones only deceieved me,
Now I am engaged to just tears!
This heart cries and asks just one thing ,
Just tell me what was my fault God?
How should narrate my story of sadness,
Tears drop every now and then!
I still remember those who forgot me in a minute,
And said,
What about lovers, they would keep coming and going!
Though the song doesn’t have much rich lyrics, still, there is one thing which is true like death, some people surely enough , don’t understand the meaning of relations, people involved in them. It needs a big heart to take pains of others and it needs much more than words to take it from those whom we call as our loved ones. But some don’t understand and simply don’t bother. Love is not some thing which can be done as per the conveneince of ours. Some value their dreams, career, themselves much more than anything and anyone else, even more than their loved ones. Its good to choose career, dreams. But not sure, how far its good to choose them on the expense of your loved ones. Can it be justified to buy your happiness by giving tears
to those only who love you more than their life, more than themselves? People tend to act as like practical individuals and there is nothing wrong in being one too. One gets a single life to achieve her dreams/wishes and there is nothing wrong to go after them. But, are dreams more important than someone’s love, is career more meaningful than a human who loves you? The answer of this is something which would always remain a mystry, atleast for me! if you know the answer of this, do let me know too besides telling about the views about the song!



So I Am Back…. January 23, 2009

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I got back today morning only. But, since morning, I was busy in one thing or the other so couldn’t sit and write. I was feeling so tired and as I am not feeling well, this added more to it. After about an hour or so since I came back, I was on bed. It doesn’t normally happen but this time, I felt like that I am going to fall if I won’t sleep for some time. About the trip, yes it went well. I was so much worried about it but, all were smiling and that’s a good sign. Guys were great and I hope that they did enjoy the session and it was some what useful for them.
In case you were on Mars and missed my blog, it was my birthday yesterday. As I was out of my home, my friends threw a small party for me. It was so nice to see that they ordered a cake for me and brought pizzas for the lunch. What more, there was an official email which was sent to everyone to come and be a part of this party. This was the 2nd cake which I was supposed to cut as I already did cut one in the mid night which my manager brought for me. It was really nice to see all of them being so nice and making the day, a memorable one for me. Whatever call I got to wish me, out of that too, one call was really special. I have a friend who is married and has gone to states. She was not feeling well but still, she did manage to call me for 2 minutes to wish me. That was so touching. She especially took permission to call me over my birthday from her doctor and asked some one to get the calling card for her. That was something which I won’t ever forget. I didn’t get much calls. Though that some, whom I did expect would call for sure, they were no where to be even seen or heard, leave alone the talk of wishing me but which ever few who called, they really did make me feel special. My friend Sunil , was the first one to wish me yesterday. From the office, every single person came and wished me, including Shantnu sir, Pavan, Lakshmi, Sam, Lalitha, Vijay. They all made the entire afternoon so special for me. Lakshmi gave me a small picture of Lord Krishna with a prayer that he will take away all of the pains of mine. I hope Krishna do listen to this. Also there were Parmod and Prabhu sir, who were so happy and took snaps from Shantnu sir’s new camera. I hope to get the pics soon. As soon as I shall get them, I shall edit this post and will give the link. It certainly felt good to see that still for some, I am special and they really do care about me and about small things of mine. Just this thing hurt( as I wrote in my last post too) that few who were supposed to really make me feel special, some of them, didn’t even bother to wish me even or wished just for the sake of wishing. Don’t know what to say, I have got no words to put here except this that some times, words fail to express pain.
So after all of this, I got back home. My sister too did order cake for me which I did cut today morning. She bought a shirt for me from herself and that’s the most precious gift for me. She told me that she wants me to buy some more stuff so I did go in the evening today and bought 1 more. Mind it that these shirts are not the kind which you see me wearing all the time. They are totally casual( a little too much) and it may be a shock for many to see me like that. But, the secret is, that’s what I am in real ;-). Anyways, we had great time over the mall. She did buy a waist belt for herself which I really didn’t understand that what it was? I was told that what she bought is the current fashion so I better listen and not comment. Alright, so I did follow exactly as I was told :-).
So, now I am at home and I hope, my health will recover a bit. Though I am at home but I have got tons of work to do. There is one current task that I am having which is not letting me have any peace of mind. I just hope that it gets completed successfully. Let’s see what happens? But whatever work may be there, I have some plans for myself and  I shall see that I can execute all of them while I am at home.

28 Finally…. January 21, 2009

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Alright, so here I am, in my 29th year of life. Yup, its my birthday today. I am not at home and I want to be with my family so much at the moment. For me this is a very special day but there is some sadness also some where. I mentioned in my last post that at times, some people do hurt you beyond limits and I am feeling so much hurt at this time again. I won’t tell the reason for that but its true!
My manager just knocked over my door ( he is here with me) to wish me. He ordered a cake for me which I just did cut. I never knew about and I shall be honest, I really did like the gesture that he took all this trouble to make this day special for me. Just thinking, isn’t it funny enough that those who are not our nears and dears as such, they at times are much better than those, for whom we did so much, gave them all what we had! Anyways, let’s keep this all aside for today. Hope this year would bring at least few joys for me. Let’s see what happens! What they say, oh yes, happy birthday to me ;-)!

At Times…. January 20, 2009

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At times, why it does happen that tears even don’t help? Why it does happen that being nice becomes the worst mistake? Why it does happen that only those hurt whom we love the most? Why it does happen that only those leave whom we always thought would stand beside us? Why it does happen that only those don’t stand beside us for whom we always did? Why it does happen that at times, you want to cry so much but tears don’t come? Why it does happen that when some one calls you good, it appears he/she is making a fun of you? Why it does happen that that at times, all you want is just one hug, one shoulder , one lap to rest upon but you don’t find it anywhere? Really don’t have any idea why it does happen at times!

Tough Day, Great Evening…. January 19, 2009

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You may be thinking that this post title doesn’t make sense at all. Yes, it does sound a bit odd but that’s what happened today and by the end of the post , you will be agreed that the title indeed makes sense.
If you are following this blog than you must be knowing already that I am not feeling well. Its been since the last travel which I did that I am having couple of issues, both physically and mentally. But as I am again on the travel at the moment, which is for work, I can’t escape it. So despite that I was having no strength in the morning to get up, part because I did get over here very late in the night which lead to no dinner and almost no sleep too( well, that doesn’t happen otherwise also too much) and because of a “bit of” fever, I had to leave. Day didn’t go much bad as so far, the guys are good and being supportive. But its too early to say anything as we have just started today and there is a long path ahead. The program did start with lots of hiccups as in the morning, the setup over the machines was not done. So me and the all the guys had to wait for almost an hour for it. I tried to use my machine but it couldn’t get connected to the projector. The facilities team did change the projector but it was of no use either. Finally, some how we did get start after first tea break and from that point onwards, things went smoothly. I hope it remains the same for the subsequent days too. I am having a very tough time while speaking as my throat is sounding “very sweet”. So I am having every hour or half, a cup of semi-boiled water. I just hope that it doesn’t go more bad than this. I guess, my first half of the title should make more sense now, it was a very tough day for me.
Some times, some good things also happen and somehow on those times, when you are feeling really low. Some thing similar happened today with me as well. I am not in a good mood so may be to cheer me up, God made me meet with one of my instructors today, a guy who actually got me started with Oracle and was my first official trainer, mentor. He came to attend some other session and it was a very pleasant surprise for both of us. I met him after 6 years and this turned out as one of the best moments for me. As he is here, he said that he would come with me to the guest house and we  shall spend some time together. There is another common friend who is also staying in the same guest house of mine, so we became 3. Than,  we called one more guy and found that he is also here for some work. So finally he also got ready to come to us. So in the end, there were 4 of us. We had a great time! We talked about almost everything, life, job, love, children, families and much much more! As I was not having meals today, so rest of 3 had dinner while I sat and had fruits. Than we all went on a small drive also to the near by shop. I was not supposed to have anything today but still, being with all those people was much more rewarding for me. All made me smile so much and tried to cheer me up in the best possible manner. Its been a really long time since I laughed this much as I did today. Finally, at about 10pm, two guys left and two of us, came back to our rooms. I was really not feeling happy but this evening proved to be one of the best evenings that I had. We have made some more plans for the next 2 days also. Let’s see how things will shape up? But overall, we all had a blast!
So, I guess now you should be agreed that this was a tough day which ended up with a very good evening, right!

Going Tomorrow…. January 17, 2009

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Yes, its “that” time again. I am going tomorrow. I am not feeling well since I had come back from the last program, both emotionally and physically. But that’s not something which anyone would actually care about so I have to leave. I hope this won’t effect my program and it goes well. I shall be away from my family on my birthday too. Not sure, but I don’t have a good feeling. It seems something is going to happen, some thing really wrong and/or bad. I just hope that this remains as just a bad feeling and doesn’t come out as a reality. Pray for me guys.

Smile Smile…. January 17, 2009

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I just got this mail which made me smile so much. Software engineers really have a poor life and its a proof of that. Its few conversations between project managers(PM) and software engineers(SE). Have a read and smile,
SE  : Why don’t we have flexible office hours?
PM : Who says that? You can come anytime before 8.45am and leave anytime after 8pm. See, how flexible we are! Now carry on with your work!
SE:  I want leave for two days.
PM: (Thinking, He has 2+ years of experience. He didn’t get chance to go onsite. He lives in the area which is near to lots of other company offices. He must be going for an interview)
        Hmm, no there is lots of work pending and you need to come on weekend also.
SE:  I want leave, my sister is getting married.
PM(Thinking, Damn, his sister has to get married when we are approaching dead line). Okay, when is the marriage?
SE: On this 12th.
PM: Okay, you can go but make sure you don’t miss meeting with the client. Its on 13th.
PM: You need to travel onsite after 2 days.
SE: But, I am getting engaged tomorrow.
PM: So? How much time it takes to exchange two rings? Don’t miss the flight!
Gal 1: My father made me married an  lawyer. He doesn’t have time to take me for shopping.
Gal 2: My father made me married to a doctor. He doesn’t have time to ask our children,in which class they are?
Gal 3: I fought with my father and got engaged to my boy friend. From last 4 years, he doesn’t have time for getting married.
Gal 1,2: Is he a software engineer?
So how was it?

Party Or…. January 17, 2009

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A post, just to tell that how a party gets turned into a “puke fest”. I hate those who drink and I hate those much more who drink and create all this kind of mess! Anyways, enjoy the “party”!