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A Hearttouching Song-Sukh Tan Hai, Gippy Garewal…. April 1, 2020

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It’s 2AM right now when I have started writing this post. Unless you live on Mars or have been living under a rock from last few weeks, you must be knowing that we, the entire world-right now is suffering. Entire humanity is hurt, scared and worried, thanks to this new novel-coronavirus-2019. We, here in India are now in a lock down of 21 days(so far) and many other countries either has announced similar lock downs or they probably will do so soon. 

I didn’t imagine that I shall write a blog post being so gloomy, worried and if I speak truly, scared. I know we all are scared. Life as we knew of, few days ago is no longer there. Will we ever get that same life back? Right now, the answer is not there for this question. The quest right now is to stay safe and most importantly stay inside our homes. For how long? I am not sure. Probably no one does. Ironically that’s all what most of the world was always wishing for wasn’t it? Every one, at least whom I used to talk about, did crib upon less sleep, long working hours, too much time wastage for commuting to work and getting back, less time available to spend with family and friends, loved ones, learn something new, to watch Netflix. Isn’t it? And guess what! In a flash, now all of us are locked in our homes, forced to do most of these things. Probably that’s why it’s said that one must be careful what he wishes for because at times, wishes do come true and some time, not in the ways we expect. 

I did decide to write a day-by-day post. I still am contemplating whether I should do so or not. There is not much that’s happening so I am not sure if I shall do that. But I shall write more. And since I am in a gloomy mood and probably you too, let me make you hear a song which is depicting our current state perfectly. In fact, it’s written exactly for the situation in which the whole world is right now by Happy Raikoti who is a very renowned lyricist and also a singer himself. But this song is vocal-ed by Gippy Grewal who is among the most well known names in Punjabi music and movie industry. 

This song is a prayer from the humanity and by it’s all beings to the God that’s what’s going on? Why is this world so quiet all of a sudden? Is everything okay? It’s not a song that most will like or will even understand. But it depicts the pain, frustration and helplessness of all of us, humans, animals, birds, trees, plants because we all are suffering in one way or the other. And the song ends with a request to the almighty to end this ordeal for all of us. 

Song is in Punjabi. Though English subtitles are there in the video but I have still added my own(to some extent) too. Anyways,here is the song. 

Here are lyrics in Punjab,

Asin pashu te panchhi bol rahe,
Bhala sukh taan hai!
Kyon lok kunde nai khol rahe,
Bhala sukh taan hai!

Sunna sunna saaf saaf asmaan kyon hai,
Chup chupeeta bhaibheet insaan kyon hai!
Oh eh agg te pani nai dol rahe,
Bhala sukh taan hai!
Kyon lok kunde nai khol rahe,
Bhala sukh taan hai!

Koi kuttian da v marreya nai,
Sagon hor tateeriyan wadhian ne!
Kite saadi taan nai galti koi,
Sanu kosna aglian sadiyan ne!
Nai gaddian waale tol rahe,
Bhala sukh taan hai!
Asin pashu te panchhi bol rahe,
Bhala sukh taan hai!

Haan bhaavein asin azaad haan ajj,
Par kuch tan khali khali hai!
Koi phull mera kyon tutteya nai,
Puchh rahi har daali ee!
Ki phull ni mere sohal rahe,
Asin boote saare bol rahe,
Asin paudhe saare bol rahe,
Bhala sukh taan hai!

Saadi tan mandian di waari si,
Kyon kar saanu sunsaan gaye!
Koi khet v viral hi aaunda e,
Oye kidhar saare kisaan gaye!
Kyon hun nai saanu phol rahe,
Bhala sukh taan hai!
Asin khet Punjab de bol rahe!
Bhala sukh taan hai!

Sanu khabran nai rabba,
Ki dharti utte hoya e!
Par ehni chupchap jehi dekh k,
Saada te dil roya e!
Chahe galti lokan di te chahe galti saadi e,
Par hor sahi hun jaandi nai eh peed badi hi daadhi e!

Har dukh tuun karde saaf rabba,
Saadi bhull chukk karde maaf rabba!
Har jaan jaan de kol rahe!
Sab sukh hove!
Asin dharti waale bol rahe!
Sab sukh hove!

And here is the translation of the same in English.

We all birds and animals are speaking,
Is everything okay?
Why people are not opening their doors?
Is everything okay?

Why sky is so clear and is so barren?
Why mankind is so quiet and is appearing so scared?
Why humans are not wasting water and burning fires?
Is really everything is okay?
Why people are not opening their doors?
Is everything okay?

Why none of the stray dogs have died?
Why suddenly there are new puppy’s running around?
Is it something wrong that our breed has done?
We probably shall be cursed for centuries!
There are no municipality vehicles looking for us!
Is everything okay?
We animals and birds are asking,
Is everything okay?

Yes, we are all feeling free today,
But there is a some hidden emptiness everywhere!
Why no one has plucked its flowers?
Every branch is asking this!
Are my flowers not soft anymore?
We all plants are asking,
We all saplings are asking,
Is everything okay?

We were supposed to be in the grain markets,
Why we have been abandoned?
Seldom any one steps in the fields,
Where did all those farmers go?
Why aren’t harvesting us anymore?
Is everything okay?
We all farms of Punjab are asking,
Is everything okay?

We may not be aware God,
What actually have happened on earth!
But looking at this eerie silence,
Our hearts are wailing!
Whether it’s a mistake committed by us or by the mankind,
But we can’t bear this enormous pain anymore!

God, please take this grief away!
Forgive us for all our mistakes and sins!
Let everyone stay with their near and dear ones!
May bliss be bestowed on this world!

I shall end by saying this please be safe and stay inside. All of us globally are struggling to stay sane, stay positive and we are all waiting for this dark phase of humanity to pass. All we can do is to have hope. Remember that we are all in this sh**t together. We are all scared, for our families, friends. Heck, for our own lives. I did tell that I am and those who know me beyond this virtual/digital world, they are aware that I have seen a lot in life and I am not easily scared. But I have no hesitation in accepting that I am. I did get sick last month and I was so scared! Is it being insane? I don’t know. But I guess it’s better be scared than being reckless. Isn’t it? I know there is no good news coming from anywhere. Still, we can all hope and pray that someone , some day is going to bring us a good news. Not just for us but for the entire human race. Till then, we need to remain strong, remain positive and keep our loved ones safe. I know I am trying my best to do so. I am sure, all of you must be doing so too. Let’s just keep on doing our bit. Hopefully, it will add up for all of us in the form of a greater good. 

Once again, stay safe everyone. Be at home. Let’s try to live these hard moments with as much positivity as possible, for us, our family and friends and for the entire mankind.Remember that old phrase, Hope sustains life! I believe, it’s all what we need to keep reminding ourselves at this moment.