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Accidents Just Love Me…. March 4, 2009

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I meet with accidents all the time. And whether you believe or not, most of the times, its not my fault most of the time, just like today. I am not sure that why it does happen with me only? I am sure it must be happening to others as well, but I guess, accidents love me a little too much, hmm now that’s not so good right?
Okay so here I was, driving very nicely and it must be worth mentioning, very slowly. I learnt this lesson in a very hard way that one must not drive fast. I was once coming back to home late night after making a call to someone and I was driving REALLY fast! I normally have a good control but on that day, my bike got into a small hole over the road and there I was, flying nicely in the air. I haven’t told about this to anyone yet but it did teach me a lesson that drive slowly, at least it will ensure that you will reach to your destination rather than never! Anyways, so I was driving on a normal speed. I had to pay my hand phone bill and the customer care office was on the side of the road so I had to take a turn and go to the other side. Before attempting to cross it, I ensured that all the vehicles who were approaching me were quite far from me. I didn’t anticipate that some people tend to believe that  they are driving Street Hawk. And that’s where I missed it. One guy just came straight and gave a direct hit over the rear portion of my scooter. It was a BANG moment , after which both me and he and our bikes were lying flat over the road :-). I don’t get upset easily but I was just so pist off at him. He got up and started saying that hey you were driving slowly and all that. To that, I was like so you wanted me to drive like you is it? Anyways, I made him and his bike stand up and asked him to leave. You must have a look at my scooter that how badly its “hurt”. Yeah, I too got  ” a little” hurt. But I had to pay my bill so I just went to the customer care office, paid and came back home. I yet have to get my scooter sorted which I shall do some time tomorrow. One more date added to the list of “accident days”.



1. pujathakur - March 5, 2009

Hey, thats really bad re.. These people are just so much into themselves that they have absolutely no regards for others on the road..
Hope you are feeling fine now..
Take care

2. Aman Sharma - March 5, 2009

I don’t know what the heck that idiot was thinking while rushing his bike like that? I am okay, it will take time to get back into one piece , both for me and my poor bike 😦 .


3. Swaram - March 11, 2009

Oh! I can so get that feeling. Same thing has happen with my hubby 3 times in the last year. And, I know he is such a careful driver. Its so bad that we end up paying for the mistakes of others. Take care!

4. Aman Sharma - March 11, 2009


Thanks for the comment and visiting here. I am so sorry to hear that your hubby had met 3 times with the accidents because of others. I am not sure what people think when they drive over the road and because of them, we have to pay the price.


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