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Feeling Relieved, Satisfied But…. July 29, 2011

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I have just finished my session here at Malaysia. I started writing this post when I was still sitting in the training room only but then I got busy talking to another, local instructor lady C who also attended my session as an observer. All the delegates of my session have gone out for a movie or site seeing but I am going to stay inside my room only because one) I have no one to go with me and two and important one) I don’t want to go at all. So I am just sitting now on my hotel room desk and writing it. As I mentioned already, it was a very tiring week for me and though, I was going to write about some things, like the questions that I was asked which I didn’t answer either completely or just dodged them with my skills but I couldn’t do it at all. Anyways, I am done with the session and I hope that I shall get some time to finish this post and write about almost everything that I can put here. But first thing first and for which I came here in the first place or I should say, I was sent to be precise, the module.

It was a tiring week as I said already. This module is one of the toughest modules that I guess what is around and I am not sure that there are too many people, at least in my circle who are completely well aware about the know-how of it. I am not a big expert myself but I must say,I have put a lot of effort in preparing for this module and I am still doing it. I have delivered so far many sessions of this module and its been a tiring but learning and pleasant experience so far. And I am happy to mention that this experience, despite all the mental storms within me, did go okay. I am still waiting for the final rating to come but when the delegates ask for your email, take pictures with you, ask and note down your email addresses, add you on Facebook and say statements like,”It was indeed a pleasure to meet you Aman”,”I never knew that you are just 30 and  are so young and is already such an expert!” and last, from a delegate whom I was meeting again, along with one of his colleagues (met both at Sri Lanka 2 years back), “it was so nice to meet you again Aman and we are really looking forward to meet you in an another program soon” , its more than comforting to tell you that you did an okay job!

When I landed up here, I was having an idea that there are going to be just 5 guys in the session but then the number grew up to 12, probably the highest that I have seen in any of my (and of someone else’s as well) overseas session and that too for this kind of advanced module. And to make thing more better, two delegates joined the session on second day because of some visa issues. Well, nothing comes easy when its about me I guess! But still, I tried my level best to pull things up in the correct order and after the kind statements that I have mentioned above, I believe, to some extent, I was successful too. The delegates were extremely good, friendly and were eager to learn the module. Its always a great pleasure and honor for me to share whatever little I know with the delegates. They were very kind to listen to me very patiently and also were very cooperative . Today, when we finished the session, one of the delegates asked to take picture of the entire group. Initially, it was just one delegate who did set up the camera but then two more did bring their cameras out and it was a photo session for about 5 minutes 🙂 . I can’t say enough thanks to the delegates for being so warm, friendly and above all, for their kind words. Thank you so much all for your time and patience and it was an indeed honor to be with you all and I sincerely hope and wish that I shall meet all of you soon in some another program. And it would be not fair if I wont mention that even the other instructor, who attended as an observer, said very kind words to me after the session got over, thanks a ton C, it was very nice to meet you and hope I shall attend some day some session of yours as well 🙂 .

I mentioned that I was asked some questions which either I didn’t answer or just skipped them. Well out of those, first one and the very obvious one, was that whether I have been here or not and how do I find the place, good , bad , whatever? Its not my first visit to this place but 5th one. Yes, I have been here already 4 times. I came here for the first time in 2004 and to be honest, first time when I came to any overseas country, heck first time in my life when I stepped out of my house, city even! I worked really hard to make that happen and just a handful of people truly know the pain, problems and efforts that I went through to make that happen. I won’t mention the reason for doing so. And just before I had to come at that time, I was in tears because I was told….leave it, its not important. Than the second time I came and because of me being stupid and careless(I was still completely naive, remember it), I spent one night on the airport itself, without eating, without sleeping. In my 3rd and 4th visit, I spent the time sitting in my hotel room all alone. And this is my 5th visit to this place, the first time when I have come here for official purpose. Though I didn’t move around myself much but I still was able to tell the delegates that they can go and eat at which places on the first day. So how did I know those places?  To be honest, I didn’t know many but I still do remember those places where I went when I came 1st and 2nd time(didn’t go out at all in 3rd and 4th time, was just in my hotel room). I remember clearly sitting on the front seat of the four wheel drive car and looking outside of the car window at the malls in front of me. I normally won’t say it but I was very happy, no , not by seeing the malls but by being here because I promised myself that no matter what, I shall come here and I did complete that promise of mine, and not just that time but the rest of the times as well. The other question was asked that what I did after the session and since few delegates came to know that I have already visited here, it was an obvious assumption that I must be knowing a lot of people and with them, I would be spending time with in the evening. Well, to answer the first question, no I didn’t do anything after the session except sitting in my room and studying for the next day or trying to spend time on oracle forums. And about knowing “many” people, that’s also not true. I know a handful only and thinking about it, there is one person whom I really would want to meet some day, someone whom I want to make sit nicely on a nice chair and then ask, that what’s your god damn problem that you could never say anything good about me, despite that you never even had met me! She was the one who mentioned when I had to come for the first time, that he is a fake, he wouldn’t  be coming and even afterwards too said just the same kind of things! I guess I better stop here because else I shall be just burning and it won’t be a good thing because already this headache is killing me. Another question that I was asked was about the food, that did I like it or not? Well, I didn’t have any lunch in all these days, reason, I didn’t step out from the building. And in dinner, all what the hotel could give me in pure vegetarian was just rice and that too with really badly cooked vege. And I didn’t have anything much in my first two visits and absolutely nothing in the 3rd and 4th. So if I am asked about the food, well I guess the answer is obvious! And last but certainly not the least was that when I am coming back and this was the question for which I used my “smile” and just said, “let’s see”. Go figure!

Now, its 1:02am local time and I am worried that I shall be able to catch the train to the airport or not which starts very early. I hope all goes well and also, the rating also would come okay. Fingers crossed!

Oh and just before I forgot, in the lift today, one local guy said Sat Sri Akaal and asked that am I a Punjabi? It felt so nice to hear SSA from him and I gladly replied, yes I am a true Punjabi guy 🙂 . Just one of those little things which bring smile on your face after a long day 🙂 . Signing off!

Yes, Its So True…. July 27, 2011

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I am sitting in my training room right now. Its been  very tiring last few days. That’s why I couldn’t write anything. I shall see if I shall get some time to write about some of the questions that I was asked in this session(non-technical ones). Its lunch time and I haven’t gone out(neither did yesterday and the other day) for it nor would be going for the next two days. I even haven’t gone out at all after my session from my hotel anywhere. All I would do, finish my session, lock myself in the room. Don’t ask why! Anyways, this post is a relatively quick one and is about a small poetic masterpiece that I have just read. I mentioned few days back that I shall be posting two posts, one about two videos that I had seen on YouTube which brought tears in my eyes and another about a poetic masterpiece from Debi Makhsoospuri which again brought tears to my eyes. I shall write about both because watching both did brought immense pain to the heart. The poetry that I read today, just now, is  on the same note of the another big poetry of Debi, which I shall be posting soon.

This poetry is written in the context of that person who has been hurt not from anyone else but from his own nears and dears. It hurts so much to get the gift of pains, tears and cries from your beloved and nears and dears than any one else from this world. There is a very true statement that at times, for whom you would be ready to take a bullet, she would be the person standing behind the trigger! And when you see that happening, it kills you in a very, very painful way! That’s what the below two lines are depicting. They are in Punjabi and I shall explain the meaning of them in English as well. First, in Punjabi,

Dostan ne hi nibhayi dosti kuch iss taraan,

Dushmanaa di dushmani da gilaa na reha!


And its meaning in English is,

My friends only gave that bad taste of friendship,

That I don’t regret having enemies now!


Isn’t it so true! If you ask me, I can attest that its really is!

Thanks So Much…. July 24, 2011

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Okay, so I have reached the place, the same place where I have travelled already 4 times and sitting in my hotel room. I am at The Gardens Hotel. Its a different hotel from the one where I stayed few years back. Well, this post is not about what I mentioned here. May be some time later tonight or tomorrow, I shall write about it. This post is unrelated to it but is about very kind words that one very close friend sent text to me after reading a very old post on my blog that it’s really good and reading it brought tears in the eyes. I am just so touched by hearing that someone did like it so much! Thanks you, thank you so very much, it means a lot to know that few people still exist in this world full of “practical” people, who understand the depth of that write-up and the true meaning behind it.

And in case you are wondering which post it is, well its a series of posts, linked to each other. If you are interested to read, here is the link to the first part which would link further to all the parts.

Love, Some Folds Unfolded….(Part-1)

I Have To I Guess…. July 22, 2011

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I shall be moving towards an overseas travel tomorrow. Well, what’s new in this you may ask and the answer is nothing actually! But what’s slightly different is that its one of those locations for which I have vowed not to step into. I won’t mention the reason and/or the details. Its official now and is decided so I can’t do anything about it now and moreover, I have faced enough insults, taunts in the past for first asking for certain assignments and then going ahead and saying that  I won’t be going for it and the irony is, no one, even those for whom I did do all those naive acts, didn’t give a damn and bother to understand that how tough it is to face people after doing such acts. Anyways, as I said many times, all what people of this world is bother about themselves, not about what others do, even when what is done is for none else but for them only! So, in a simple sentence, I have to  go and and in fact, I am going. It’s not a new place for me though, been here 4 times already. Will mention a little about it in an another post hopefully, after I shall see where I am going to get to stay this time. To make matters worse, the module is going to be really tough as well!

Am I sounding angry, well, you can bet on it that I am not just angry but VERY angry!

Super Happy…. July 22, 2011

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I have just finished my session of this week and I must say, I am really really happy the way it got concluded. Though its a very tough module to teach but with the delegates who are so friendly, co-operative and eager to learn the stuff, it makes so easy to just keep on saying about it without feeling even a little bit of tiredness 🙂 . That’s what I was doing in these last 5 days as well since the guys were so good that I never felt for once that I am tired(though in the end, I did feel like a dead bee of course). If you are a regular here, you must be aware of this statement of fine that if the delegates do ask you about your contact information, leave with a smile on their face, its a clear sign that you didn’t bore them with your talk and they were happy to be with you. And my delegates of this session, didn’t just leave with smile, they left after giving me a very warm shake-hand and also saying some very kind words as well, like, “this was the best training that I have attended in the last couple of years” and another one, “this was a really good session Aman and it was a pleasure to meet you” 🙂 . Need I say more that why I chose the title as super happy 🙂 ? Thanks so much to all those attended the session, it was a pleasure to be with all of you and I really would be looking forward to meet all of you in some another session in the near future. Thanks once again!

Its not very often that I do smile and am happy truly from heart, thanks to this world and the people of it who made sure that I get more pains and tears than my share of happiness, so such moments of happiness, even they are very short lived, mean so much to me, I mean it, they really do!

Nice Yet Sad, Sohniye Yaadan…. July 20, 2011

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I just stumbled on this forthcoming song from the movie, Love Mein Ghum which mean pains in love. I wouldn’t be translating this song because I don’t think its going to be worth it but still, its a good song and it just hurts to see that there are no more such kind of people in this world who do feel the pain of their loved ones and cry for it. The people of this world are more into to looking for their own happiness, worrying and bothering just for their own dreams of career, study in abroad etc etc. Anyways, I shall not be putting anything more here since I am in a real bad mood at the moment. Enjoy the song and if I shall get enough requests to translate it, I shall do it as well.


Let me know if you did like it, its in Punjabi but at least, those have got their hearts broken into pieces from those whom they thought would keep it safe, they would be able to at least understand and feel the pain depicted in the music.

Weekend Gone, Week(Days) Is Here…. July 19, 2011

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Well, I didn’t get to write about the weekend adventures of mine because there wasn’t any and I was down completely with the severe backache and headache. I went to my friends place for some time and it did help a little to get a little better with the pain. But its still there and I have just applied the gel. To make things more worse, just slipped on the damn floor thanks to the slippery wooden tiled floor. Did it hurt? Well, its a wrong question to ask if you ask me! Anyways, the weekend is finally over (already its two days) and the tough week is going on. So far, the session has started okay. As usual, the guys and gals are very nice, friendly and eager to learn the module. There has been a delegate in the session who told me while sitting after the session, that he used to read my replies when he was stationed overseas for couple of years and he is very happy to meet me finally in-person 🙂 . He mentioned that when I became an Oracle ACE, he was really happy to see my growth. Now, I don’t like people telling me good things about me but still, those few kind words meant a lot to me, I mean it!

The week has just started and I have been informed that I may have to go to overseas next week. Well, that’s normally not something that I would bother about but the place where I am told I need to go, that has put me in a big mental quest. Let’s see what happens. Its time to be on the bed, headache is killing me.

Weekend, So Far, Not So Good…. July 16, 2011

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Nothing sounding new I guess but what to do, that’s all what is there.

I have finished this week’s session yesterday and I have been told that I shall be having the next session here only. Which means that I need to stay here for this weekend. The session went well(I hope) . As I mentioned already, the delegates(those four who were present in the entire week), were really good and we had a great time talking about Oracle database and also about some other things like this place Banglore, world, food. It was a basic module but for me, its always a great fun to do it because here the delegates are not very experienced and its so good to discuss with them in a great detail and push them towards the path of learning oracle database. The delegates were very friendly, nice and co-operating. I am still a little disappointed from one delegate whom I mentioned about in the last post too. He didn’t show up in the last 3 days at all and I have no idea where the heck he was and what the heck he was doing wherever he was? I hope that he is aware of the fact that he has screwed up a very costly training session let alone the fact that how important it was! But I am not anyone’s guardian or a real school/college teacher. I am a professional and so are the delegates who come to my sessions. So I hope that he knew about the caveats about missing the session and he had already decided what to do about it. It did make me mad a lot because I don’t like to see someone wasting his money for nothing but some times, even if we don’t like, we can’t do anything about something and this is one of those cases. Anyways, for the rest of the delegates, thanks so much guys for listening to me and I hope the time spent was worth for you. Thanks so much for all the co-operation and warm response and I hope we shall meet soon in some another training program soon.

Now, the session has ended on a good note(hopefully because I am still waiting for the rating) but the stay and health of mine is being unstable.

I stay at the same hotel whenever I come to Banglore and this time also, I had stayed in the same hotel. I have mentioned couple of times that its not a very big or grand one but its still okay. People are nice and its close to my work location as well. But this time, there has been a huge number of troubles that I have seen and faced.

I normally don’t complain much but when I do, I make sure that I am certain in my complaints. It really makes me so upset when people tell me that I am getting worried about nothing. Well, I don’t get worried just like that. I don’t say it often but I pay very detail attention to things, matters, anything. Its tough, very tough that I shall miss something, even if its very small matter/thing/detail too. I may not say anything but I shall be constantly watching things very closely and its a mistake, a big time one, to try to act smart in front of me because though I don’t like to say it or like it when someone calls me smart or intelligent but I am, and just for the record, at times, to a very deep level. And that’s what happened this time too. If you are thinking while reading this that I am saying it a lilttle too much or praising me by myself, no, that’s not the case. I don’t say such things at all and those who really know me well, are well aware about this fact about me that I hate saying or hearing such things. But its important to mention some things at times and I did do the same this time. I smelled something burning in my room. It was a very minute smell but I did notice it. I told the same to the reception. They sent housekeeping staff who came and checked the room and told me that there is nothing. Well, it was a very dimnished smell so couldn’t say anything. After an hour or so, the same staff member came again with another guy and checked the room again. Then he told that he can smell it too. Well it was indeed something burning. He thought its something which is burning something on one floor below to mine. But unfortunately, it wasn’t true. The burning was happening in my room’s air conditioner compartment only. Immediately, they changed my room and gave me another room, this time a suite.I told them that I did mention that there is something burning but you guys didn’t bother. Well,”sorry” is the only damn word which people say at such moments and that’s what they said too. I got shifted to another room. BTW, this all happened on Thursday night.

When I came back from work on Friday, that means yesterday, I was sitting with the manager at the reception area. The talk moved towards the ghosts and all. While talking, the guy mentioned that there has been many accidents that has happened since October whose explanation is not there. And also, there has been some guests who has reported the same thing number of times and guess what, this all is reported for the same floor where I got the new room, the one which has the suite. Hmm interesting! He said that there has been many times when the customers have reported that someone is walking in the passage and also, some times, even this that someone is with them in the room. When I asked that why not some prayer or something like that has not been done, I got the answer that the director doesn’t believe on such things. Well, a common answer I must say. Anyways, I didn’t see or experience anything myself but there was a strange, pungent smell in my room and I was feeling very uneasy the last night. It could be due to bad headache and severe back pain that is there from some days but I am not really sure about it. So I asked the staff today to change my room today. I am not sure that it was due to some paranormal activity or just it was my own body pain making me feel uneasy but still, the smell was there and I couldn’t bear it. So changing the room was the best to do.

If you are thinking that what’s that pain that I am taking about, its in my back and I am not sure the reason for it still. If you are a regular here, you must be aware that I have mentioned it couple of times by now and its still the same. I have a gel given to me by a friend of mine and to be honest, I have forgot to apply it more number of times than I have applied it. And with this, the standard friend of mine, headache is also there,both enough to put me in a really good pain. Will it ever be possible that I shall be from pains, either from inner or outer ones, I guess not!

So here I am, its weekend and I am sitting in my hotel room. I had thought that I shall go and watch some movie, not sure which one but I want to go so much. But I am not sure that I shall be able to go because one, there is so much of pain and two, I am not sure where to go and since its raining , I don’t want to go very far and get struck up on road. I have no problem in being struck up on the road but because of pain, it would be unbearable to sit in an auto for long. The only recreation that I have done so far today is that I went to have a coffee at Barista. I have asked some friends of mine to take me along to some movie. So let’s see what would happen. So far, this has been not a so good start of weekend! Hope it doesn’t remain the same for tomorrow too.

Tired,Sleepy, Un-Well…. July 13, 2011

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I am extremely tired and sleepy at this moment when I am sitting and writing this post. I have just come back from the session and I am feeling hungry like anything, thanks to a really bad lunch that I had in the afternoon. But despite being tired, sleepy and hungry, there is so much of pain and also there is tons of work that I need to do which I am not sure when and how I am going to finish, I have to that I know but just not able to focus.

If you are a regular here, you must be aware that I was at home last week, not on vacation but working. Still, its just so good to be at home. On Sunday, I started the travel. It was going to be a short travel from home to Chandigarh because I was going to take a flight from there itself to Banglore( where I am right now) . The airport at Chandigarh is completely revamped now and I must say, it has become really good! But a good airport can’t bring the flight on time can it? So the flight of mine got delayed and one delay leads to another, my stopover at Delhi also got delayed. So instead of reaching at Banglore at 9:30pm of scheduled time, I reached at 11pm. Since it takes about 2 hours to reach from airport to my hotel place, I reached my hotel at about 12:30pm. Ask me that I was tired or not and the answer is that its a very small word to explain the state I was at the moment. I had a quick bite at that time since it was going to be my fast on the next day, Monday. With so much tiredness, I finally went to bed expecting a little sleep but that’s not something which does like me very much I guess, especially when pain is there.

Since the time I had been at Singapore, my back is hurting like hell. I am not sure about the reason at all. At first, I thought it might be due to some wrong type of chair and it would get fine on its own soon. But it hasn’t and it sometimes has almost killed me. I normally don’t mention to anyone, especially at home, that I am in pain but this time, I had to tell to mom and even had to ask her to apply something on my back. Got a gel from a friend who bought it for me the next day and applied that as well. Well, anything didn’t give much of the impact/benefit and the pain is there. I shall see for few more days(at least as long as I am traveling, which means next one week as well) otherwise I shall try to see some doctor. Hope it goes away by that time because I really don’t like going to doctor.

The module is going okay. There are 5 delegates but I shall count only 4 since one has not been present for more than 10 minutes in all these 3 days combined together even. I have it reported to the sales guys and they have told me that he is going to be like that because he is into drink, drugs and all the stuff like it. Hmm not good, that’s all I could say because there is a huge amount of money that he has spent and now, he is just wasting it, completely! I wish I could do something but I guess I can’t and that makes me even more mad. Anyways, the rest of the 4 delegates are really nice, friendly and are very eager to understand and learn things. 3 out 4 have not been to Banglore ever before and I have told those few places which I know here and are good to visit. Hope they will have a good time here and besides enjoying their session, they would enjoy their stay here as well!

I am feeling really hungry and sleepy now and since I had a really bad lunch, I am going to be really mad if I shall get a bad dinner now. I have a plan to go to Barista and have a cup of coffee there. Not feeling well, both mentally and physically. May be a cup of coffee and some fresh air would calm me a little, may be!

Hope It Will Go Fine…. July 10, 2011

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My week long stay at home is coming to end today. Though I wasn’t completely free while being at home because I was handling a web-conferencing program which used to get started quite early in the morning. It was a very tiring program but I am glad and very satisfied to see that the I have done well(in fact, very well) in that program. Thanks to both the delegates for their support in the entire program and I hope that the program would help them in their work and in the learning path of oracle database.

My sister is also visiting home in the same week when I am here. It was so good to be with her 🙂 . She would be leaving tomorrow I believe and I wont be at home to see her off. But its okay because I am sure she is going to be alright and that’s all what matters. I have also done many miscellaneous things like I have got for myself an anti-glare glasses. I was suggested by a delegate of mine to get it because most of my time, I am sitting in front of computer and its not really good for the eyes. I had one pair of glasses with me but they broke apart and after that, I didn’t bother to get a new one. Finally, I decided to get it before I would leave for my next travel and got it done yesterday. The glasses are super good but the cover for them is really cheesy , in fact I can call it completely bad. There wasn’t any other color option with that vendor so he gave me whatever was with him at that moment. Since I had to leave so I picked it up as well. But I am going to get it changed in the first place whenever I am going to get back. I also bought one casual shirt for me and I also did see a very stupid movie Delhi Belly . After MANY years, I stepped in the movie hall and expected that the movie would be somewhat good but it was a sheer wastage of time and money. My verdict about the movie, don’t watch the movie alone, with your friends, with your girlfriend or with your female friends too, its not worth it. In fact, you would keep on saying while watching it, “s*** happened”!

I believe I should be getting ready now because I need to get started just in a while. Its going to be a long and tiring day coming ahead and also the module is going to be very tough. Pray for me guys and wish me luck that all goes fine. Fingers crossed!