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The Early Morning Post…. December 6, 2015

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.
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Well, yes, the title of the post is definitely “inspired” but it’s 4am at the moment and despite that I have had a coffee already, I still can’t think of any better title at the moment.

I am traveling and just as I expected, flight is delayed due to “operational reasons” for one hour. Now, that wouldn’t be much of an issue if I had reached at the airport just on time. But thanks to my cab driver who got into Michael Schumacher avatar and brought me at the airport in just 5 hours. Mind it that this duration includes his stop for 30 minutes for dinner as well. So I was at the airport nearly about 6 hours before the scheduled departure time of my flight. Not good, I know but it’s better to be early than to be late, isn’t it!

So after sitting for about an hour on the floor as there was no vacant seat, having a Toffee Nut Crunch coffee and spending some time doing some geeky-stuff reading, I still have 3 hours time to spend before I can expect my travel would actually start. May be, another cup of coffee would help.