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Travel Time…. April 30, 2007

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Yes I shall be leaving tomorrow early morning.  This time its a tough program and a long tour ahead.  This program is one of the toughest programs and the next 2 programs, I shall be taking up for the first time.  I already have faced a setback in this last tour so I am so much worried.  I just hope nothing like that will happen anymore now.  Pray for me guys.  I really need your wishes and prayers!

At Last…. April 30, 2007

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If you know me you must also know this that I love music and in that on the top of every thing, Punjabi Music.  There are so many songs in my favorite list.
But this post is not to tell you about my interest in music .This is about 2 videos ( Punjabi) videos which I have just found and have recently added in my list.  These are among those very few ones which are so much close to my heart, both by their lyrics and music.  Also their videos say so much.  So what exactly is so special about these videos you must be thinking?I mean they are just like any other song and video that is out there in the ocean of ever increasing songs/videos.Isnt it that’s what is in your mind at the moment?Well if yes than I would say no its not like that.  Want to know why they are different?Than keep on reading.
A few months back, I posted some thing with title Feeling Expressed Magically and Truely. This was about a song Heeriye sung by Shail. This song is one of my most favorite songs.But at that time, I just posted the link to download the audio version of the song.I couldnt find the video of it anywhere.I found the video today on YouTube. Its an excellent video.The lyrics and video have a little mismatch( check the previous post for the English translation for the lyrics) and also the video goes in a different manner where guy is not paying attention towards his gal’s love and in the end finally is left alone to cry.But the lyrics actually say some thing else.If we just leave that part, the video has been made excellently.I know some one who cried the same way as Shail acted in the video and just like he had a friend in the video, that guy also had 1 friend standing beside him when he was crying sitting on the road.Just like Shail, that guy also sat in the corners of his room and cried for so long hours trying to tell himself that its not a joke, its a reality that he got a slap from not anybody else but from his own love.It makes me remind of that guy who just like Shail sat on his knees and nearly begged for love but he just got to hear,”I have nothing to do with you anymore,I never intended to be with you for forever.Its all over between us.I am so much happy after leaving you.” I am not sure how people forget that its not easy to heal those wounds which are given by from those whom we loved so much.How people forget that even if wounds are healed, their signs will never go.I always say its very easy to make a relation and its much easier than that to even break it but what’s so much tough is to maintain it, stand with your loved one and face everything.But its not something which can be done by just saying it.It takes alot to do this and one needs not to think about his own profit/losses/happiness/sadness.He has to live for the smile and happiness of that other person.Than only some one can go till that limit of love.Something which is not so common in today’s time where people prefer to forget what they have done to someone and act as like nothing has ever happened.Love is not so much simple.Its an act of giving everything for the sake of some one else and still be happy to smile on that someone special’s face.Its an act of losing everything of yours and still feel to be complete with the love of your beloved.But it needs heart to understand all this and courage to step on this path of love which is full of thorns and promises to make you bleed more and more as you will walk over it.Shail sung this song and expressed the emotions of a broken heart so much truly.Video is very nice as I said before too.It depicts the emotions of that gal who sat and waited for her love to come so that she could celebrate his birthday but her heart was crushed.Again it reminds of me someone who went all the way across the sea to see someone whom he loved so much but he had to hear that it was just an act of selfishness of him and he was never asked by anyone to come all the way over there to see someone.It was his decision and no one wanted him to come there.I shall just say that its very easy to break someone’s heart and joy by saying some thing.One doesnt require any special skills to do except a heart which doesnt understand and respect someone’s true emotions and love.If you dont have that heart, its one of the easiest things for you to do.But remember, it takes a lot to do some thing for someone and it requires a lot of guts and dedication to do some thing for some one.If you cant appreciate some one gestures, some one’s love and emotions than you have no right to hurt that person too by saying this that it was his own selfishness and self taken decision to do some thing for someone.Respect that emotion, respect that love coz you may not realize but by saying that you have killed some one’s inner soul and made him believe that he got punished for a crime that he never did, he made a mistake for the smiles of his beloved but it wasnt good enough.This song and its video both are woth to watch and listen.Do hear it and see it.I can assure you that you wont regret.
The second video is Kaawan by Bikram Singh featuring Gunjan. Bikram Singh and Gunjan are among the best vocal artists in United Kingdom of Punjabi music.Gunjan is one of the most popular and talented female singers in UK who has given life to so many songs by her voice.This song is sung by both of them.It represents the emotions of a gal who is sad because of her love who has left her and went far away.The lyrics of the song are awesome.Its a traditional Punjabi song with emotions depicted so beautifully.A very nice song and video indeed.A must watch!!!!
I  am posting links on YouTube for both the songs once again.Do watch and hear them and let me know your views.And also don’t forget my lists of videos on Orkut and YouTube.Here are the links:
Heeriye on YouTube
Kaawan by Bikram Singh & Gunjan on Youtube

A New Beginning For Jasmit & Sheetal…. April 29, 2007

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I went to the wedding of J and S with my sister  .J and S are colleagues  and J is a good friend of me too.  It was a love marriage.  Initially there were a lot of problems that this couple had to face but as its always true than when some one wants some thing really from the heart than nothing is impossible.  Definitely there are many  who leave their loved ones in between leaving them crying and for dieing but there are always some few ones like J and S who stood with each other in all the tough times to make it through that they are going to walk on the path of life together.
All the arrangements were done by the staff of sis’s office as J is alone in his family and that too is not here.  His only family, his mother and younger sister, they are in Bombay.  But all the arrangement was very well done and everything went on really well.Sis and her friends really did make the whole program a blast with their enthuasism.We came back at about 1am.I was really looking forward to attend J’s wedding as I promised him and there are few ones who really touch me deep inside and knowing J and about his life, he earned my respect and friendship both.  I wish both J and S a very happy and prosperous married life.

What’s Goes Around Comes Around…. April 28, 2007

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Yes whether some one wants to believe it or not, but this is so much true.  You rip what you sow.  You can’t expect pleasures after distributing pains.  You can’t expect love after giving hate red and you can’t have a heart full of love if you have given some one a heartbreak, you cant and wont get smile after leaving with someone eyes filled with tears.  I have written on this so many times.  Here is one more post saying this in a very nice manner.  Very well written.  It did hit the nail right on the head.  I have used the same title and have reproduced the entire post here ( in italics) but the entire credit goes to Amrit for this post.  Have a read:

Now you people out there reading ma title must be wondering why have i given such a title…well i was just hearing a song of “Justin Timberlake” and loved the way he said that what you do comes back to you once in a life time either good or bad…here he’s talking about a relationship he had with a gal and she broke his heart for another guy but eventually it came back to her she broke him and now he broke her….so tit for tat you could say..here are the lyrics of the song I was telling you people about..”

“What Goes Around… / …Comes Around Interlude”

Hey girl, is he everything you wanted in a man?
You know I gave you the world
You had me in the palm of your hand
So why your love went away
I just can’t seem to understand
Thought it was me and you babe
Me and you until the end
But I guess I was wrong

Don’t want to think about it
Don’t want to talk about it
I’m just so sick about it
Can’t believe it’s ending this way
Just so confused about it
Feeling the blues about it
I just can’t do without ya
Tell me is this fair?

Is this the way it’s really going down?
Is this how we say goodbye?
Should’ve known better when you came around
That you were gonna make me cry
It’s breaking my heart to watch you run around
‘Cause I know that you’re living a lie
That’s okay baby ’cause in time you will find…

What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around
What goes around, goes around, goes around
Comes all the way back around

Now girl, I remember everything that you claimed
You said that you were moving on now
And maybe I should do the same
Funny thing about that is
I was ready to give you my name
Thought it was me and you, babe
And now, it’s all just a shame
And I guess I was wrong

Let me paint this picture for you, baby

You spend your nights alone
And he never comes home
And every time you call him
All you get’s a busy tone
I heard you found out
That he’s doing to you
What you did to me
Ain’t that the way it goes

When you cheated girl
My heart bleeded girl
So it goes without saying that you left me feeling hurt
Just a classic case
A scenarioTale as old as time
Girl you got what you deserved

And now you want somebody
To cure the lonely nights
You wish you had somebody
That could come and make it right
But girl I ain’t somebody with a lot of sympathy
You’ll see

(What goes around comes back around)
I thought I told ya,
hey(What goes around comes back around)
I thought I told ya,
hey(What goes around comes back around)
I thought I told ya,
hey(What goes around comes back around)
I thought I told ya

[laughs]See?You should’ve listened to me, babyYeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Because(What goes around comes back around)[laughs]

In the end i would conclude by saying that always think before makin a relationship whether in any way before ending it cause someone always told me that it doesnt matter that how your relationship is and how fast you bonded into it but what really matters is how long does it last and does it really last till the end….sometimes things dont turn out the way you want but its up to you to make them wrong to right rather then complaining and backing off cause that shows how weak you are from inside…and if you couldnt handle it then why go for such a relationship and always remember that a CLAP is never one sided and if it turns out to be its not a clap rather it could be said as a SLAP on the face…so before slappin the one you loved the most think thrice cause it hurts…it hurts alot!!!!
Think About It……..

So as the post said, think about it.Did you do the same thing with some one?

A Heart-Break…. April 28, 2007

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Just now when I tried to post my last post on Blogger from my favorite editor Qumana, I got a huge setback that I cant use it with Blogger any more now.  I switched my account on Blogger to my Goggle account, as it was asking me to do from so long but still I couldn’t quick search and a hard truth got revealed in front of me.  New Blogger has broken down Qumana.  I cant believe it.  Well as I came over this post, I downloaded Windows Writer which did post my blog on my blogger account which is the same replica of my WordPress account.  I need to have both of them so I had to do it but I really want Goggle to fix this issue up as soon as possible.  If that’s what is called up gradation than I really doubt its worth.

Back…. April 28, 2007

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Yes I came back today morning.  Tired?Yes I am so much tired as some how the whole trip was a little shaky one.  Some things happened which never happened up til now.  So how come my journey could be smoother.  Anyhow I am back for a short( very short ) time as I am leaving on 1st of May for 3 days.  I didn’t think that I would go over there but some how my fate is taking me there so can’t help it.
Anyways so as I said this whole trip started with some shocks and new things which didn’t happen in the last trips.  My manager asked me collect a laptop on my way to Bangalore from New Delhi office so even though my flight was late in the night,I had to leave early coz of this issue.  Another issue was that I had to push it in my luggage some how which was already packed.  Anyways some how I did that.  Than the cab driver, he over charged saying that it took him a long long way from coming to bus stand, going to the office and than to the airport.  Well I was told something else and that person was not available at that moment so I just gave him what he asked and made promise to myself that I wont call this guy again.  Ironically, after over charging me that driver said next time, do give me the call not the other guy whom you always call.  Well as those people who know me, I don’t get angry easily but its not that hard too for me to not to get upset at some moments and that was like one of those moments.  Anyways , flight was okay, it was on time.  So rest everything did go fine.  I landed up at Banglore at about 12am and took the cab to my guest house.  I didn’t know that place as I was going there for the 1st time and my intelligent driver some how didn’t know that place :-).So guess what could be the result?We lost :-).Yup.  After some wrong turns, some enquiry, some calls to the caretaker at the guest house, we finally made it at 1am in the night and I had a class at 9.30am in the morning for which I had to leave at 7am as the place was far and the traffic becomes really “great” when its office timings.  So after a glass of juice, I was on the bed thinking about the next schedule which was going to start from next morning.
Well the program started well.  There were mix participants.  Some from technical  computer back ground, some from novice side.  It always happens in the introduction class.  But it was nothing unusual except one incident which never happened ever before.  I wont tell it here but yes it did shake me from head to toe when I first heard about it.  My manager, whole team was so much surprised and me, I was not just surprised , some how was crushed when did hear about it.  I have tried my best to put things right always but some how, still I have got a black spot on my name.  I hope and will try my best that the same incident wont be repeated ever again.  The second program went without anything like this.  I guess it went well.  I am saying guess coz now I wont be ever able to say the same words that I used to say that it absolutely went well.  But everyone looked happy and smiling so I guess it must have gone okay.
Rest everything was just as usual.  I was alone and there was nothing to do, not even some one to talk to.  I met my friend Sally there with whom I went to market just for changing my environment for some time.  It was after a long time since we last met so it really was nice to see her after such a long time and also to see that she is doing very much fine with her both personal and professional lives.  The food for all these days except breakfast and lunch( which was in the office), it was so much hard for me to eat all that.  I didn’t like anything.  But some how had to bear it.
So finally yesterday I was supposed to come back.  Everything was fine but I had to collect again a laptop and its carry bag and had to deliver at the office.  Well I couldn’t go to the office at midnight so some how an alternate arrangement was made and some one was sent to pick it up from me after dropping me at the bus stand.  Well that is the next half of the story of coming back.  The terrible or I should say funny thing which happened in the starting only that I was overweight in my luggage coz of some books that I bought and thanks to that carry bag, I had to pay for the overweight.  Well that’s okay.  So I got my boarding pass and was in the plane, made my self sit on my seat,given by flight ground check in staff.  In the meantime, some one came and said excuse me, this is my seat.  WHAT?You know what, we both got the same seat numbers :-).Well luckily we were not alone who suffered from this but there were about  7 other passengers who had the same story to tell.  Well I was already sitting on my seat so I was there only (and till end, I was there only) but some other poor souls really did suffer so much when in-flight staff made them sit from one seat to another.  It was like we were sitting in a bus and everyone is fighting for a window seat.  I teased those air hostesses so much.  What else I could do?I didn’t want to shout at them so that was the only way, smile and make others smile too.  So I told one of them that if I not going to get seat, I am going in the cockpit and I shall sit with the pilot.  That poor girl really did think that I am going to do that and started explaining me that I cant go in there and its not allowed and all :-).Well it was fun.  Anyways, finally we started.  After some initial shocks and heart stopping jerks, we finally landed at Delhi in one piece,we I mean to say me and my aircraft :-).
Well cab came and I gave the laptop to the driver who was supposed to go and hand it over in the office( and he has done it,I got the message from my manager in the morning while coming back) and was in my bus.  Well I had to sit with a gentleman who was really knocked out by having a lot of wine.  I cant stand all this but some how I had no choice and place to go.  So I had to sit with him only and that made my life hell for those hours when I was in the bus with him.  Some how I managed and got back home.
Now I shall have some sleep for some time.  My mood is so much upset.  No not from that incident, its okay.  It happens some time and some times its important for these things to happen too.  They teach you some lessons which help you always.  I learnt a lesson too from all this.  But the reason of my mood is not fine is some thing else which I wont say here.  Hope I shall be fine by evening coz I have to attend a friend’s wedding in the evening.  Will tell you about it once I shall be back.  Till then, it sleeping time.  So I am signing off . Aadios!!!!

Travel Time…. April 14, 2007

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Yes I shall be leaving tomorrow.  This time there is a new challenge that is there ahead.  Lets see how things will go.  As I said before there is some another tension that is also there on the head.  Hope everything will be fine soon.  Don’t know why things some times become so much problematic when you all just wish for some smiles.  Hope everything will be fine and will alright soon.  Pray for me guys!Really need your wishes and prayers!

Reasons….. April 12, 2007

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Few days back, one of my old friends came from UK and met me.  He came to my home.  We were meeting after almost 3 years.  He did somethings for which I told him and myself that I wont forgive him ever.  This happened when he was leaving.  And I didn’t forgive him till now.  He came to home and tried to explain me all the things that why he did all that which hurt me that much that I was forced to take that rude step, what he was feeling at that time?In the end he asked me to forget everything and said to me that whatever he did had a reason behind it.  He wasn’t happy hurting me but he had no other choice.  So did I forgive him?I shall say the truth that I did.  Not coz I was convinced from his explanations or satisfied from his reasoning but coz he asked sorry from me and he actually wanted to be with me.  Its not so much important that how much one says sorry, its more important that how much one feels sorry inside him!
There are some feel sorry for their wrong acts.  Their explanations can be heard, they can be forgiven too no matter how much they have hurt you.  Their reasons don’t sound folly.  Their explanations doesn’t sound hollow.  For those people, reasons given by them really do mean something.  But there are some who don’t ever bother to say sorry.  Who don’t bother to accept that they were wrong ever.  All they say is just explanations.  All they give explanations, reasons for their acts and they just want that it should be accepted.  They say that we know that we did hurt you but there was a reason for it.  I don’t know why people forget that no matter how much important anything may be, how one can forget, how one can overlook that all the times its not so easy to do some thing than come back and say sorry.  Sorry is not the cure of everything.  Sorry is not the answer of every sin, every crime.  Sorry doesn’t alive dead.  Sorry joins broken glass and sorry can never ever heal broken hearts.  There may be ( and there always are) thousand reasons that can be given to justify that why one did hurt some one but which reason will make that hurt soul forget that pain?Which explanation will make that broken heart forget that hell in which he had to pass through?No reason , no explanation is good enough to prove that when you hurt some one who loved you from the bottom of your heart, it was right to do.  But some people , they don’t care about all this.  There are some in this world who even are ready ( and also in real some do this) to give their head for one tear dropped from the eye of their loved ones but there are some in this world too who themselves give tears to their loved ones.  There are some in this world who from their own feet crush that very heart who loved them from the deepest core of it.  There are some in this world who do all that and say that it was done on coz a reason.  May be there actually can be something which can be said for something like this.  May be there actually can be a reason which can be given for hurting some one this much that he forgets to smile after that.  May be there actually can be a real explanation that you kill someone alive and leave him for dieing with every passing breath of his.  May be there can be a justification to say someone who loved you so much that you have nothing to do with him anymore.  May be there can be a reason to tell some one who crossed miles , oceans , mountains for you that he was a foolish,selfish who did all that, no one asked him to do all that and it doesn’t matter too that he did all that.  I am not sure that how it can be explained. I know this that there cant be any explanation for tears given to someone for no fault of his.  These are the lines from a lover who is left with tears in his eyes.  He is trying to explain what these tears are expressing.  These lines are in Hindi, I shall explain the meaning of them in English in a while.  Have a read:
Aankhon se behte ashq nahin,
Khoon-e-jigar ki rawani hai!
Kuch teri bedard bewafai ki,
Kuch meri luti wafa ki kahani hai!
And their meaning in English is:
Tears which are flowing from my eyes,
That is the blood of my broken heart!
Its a story of your cruel betrayal,
And my lost love!
I shall conclude by saying this that some things are not explained from any reasons.  Some broken things are not healed by reasoning and sorries.If that would be the case, we would have never felt any need of finding out what is right and what is wrong coz every wrong thing could have been made and proved and justified right by saying sorry.  But no its not the case.  Some things can not be explained by reasons and no explanation is enough for some things.  Never do such a thing.  Never assume that after hurting someone and not just any other person but the one who loved you from the deep of his heart, when you will say sorry, it will heal every wound on the heart and soul.  No it wont do that all the times.  Remember, heart once broken are never  healed and tears dropped once never go back in the eyes again.

Feeling Expressed Truely…. April 10, 2007

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Ali Haider is among those very few selected and talented singers who have created waves with their music.  I did listen to his song Purani Jeans long back and than he came with, Maahi.All the songs sung by him are so much good that it will be really unfair to say that someone is better than the rest.  But this blog is not about Ali Haider.Its about a song , Tera Naam Liya To which I heard few years back.  Lyrics of this song are so much real to life,so much good that one can always identify her/himself with it.  To tell the truth I stopped listening to this song from some time in the past.  Today just now when I played this song, its lyrics presented an entirely different feeling for me.  I never thought in this way for this song but today I did.  Its a beautiful song and its presenting a feeling, a defeat in love of a lover so much nicely who is remembering his love after some time and thinking about some things done and said by her.  If you have loved someone ever and lost it unfortunately, you will be able to relate to this song somewhere and will understand the meaning much better.  Even if you never loved or never been loved , still the words would tell you a story of separation, loneliness very clearly.  Have a read:
Tera naam liya to , yaad ayi kahani,
Hum saath the dono,Jise bhul saka na!
Tum hi to ho, Tum hi to ho!
Oh dildaar sun lai,mere pyar sun lai!
Yeh pukaar sun lai, oh ik baar sun lai!
Dil ka irada tha, tera bhi wada tha!
Dhundege khushain gam bhi milenege,
Mil k rahenge sada,honge kabhi na juda!
Dono deewane the, sapne suhane the,
Sara jamana ho jaye dushman, honge kabhi na juda,
Mil k rahenge sada!
Gaya chain oo sajna.Roye nain sajna!
Sooni rain oo sajna, Kare wain oo sajna!
Woh bhi jamana tha.Yeh bhi jamana hai!
Shaam sawere rehte the jismein, who dil tod diya!
Tumne bhulya kyon,Ji kyon jalaya kyon!
Saath chale the fir kyon tumne raste mein chhod diya,
Woh dil tod diya!
Tujhe ja oh sajna, ,mile pyar oh sajna,
Mere jaisi na ho, teri haar oh sajna!
Tera naam liya to , yaad ayi kahani,
Hum saath the dono,Jise bhul saka na!
Tum hi to ho, Tum hi to ho!
Oh dildaar sun lai,mere pyar sun lai!
Yeh pukaar sun lai, oh ik baar sun lai!
And the meaning of these lines in English is as follows:
Today I remembered you and a story came in mind!
We were together, I couldn’t forget someone who is you!
Oh my love listen to my heart, listen my cries!
Listen for once, listen my cries!
It was heartful desire, it was your promise too!
We will find happiness together.We will face sadness together!
We will be together forever.  We will never separate!
Both of us loved each other so much.  Both of us saw dreams together!
Even if the whole world will stand against us, we wont separate!
Forever we will be together!
But the peace of the heart is gone now and eyes are crying!
My nights are lonely and empty now who cry with me!
There was one time then and there is this time now,
The very heart where you were in my days and nights,
You broke that very heart only!
Why did you forget me, why did you burn my heart and soul like this?
We started together  holding hands than why you left me in between?
Go my love go!May be you will not be as much unlucky as like me!
May be you wont get defeat like me in love!
Today I remembered you and a story came in mind!
We were together, I couldn’t forget someone who is you!
Oh my love listen to my heart, listen my cries!
Listen for once, listen my cries!
Love is something which many think they know, they understand.  But its one of the most complex human feelings to understand.  Love is not just meet-greet-kiss-part.  Love is not calling someone and telling them so many times that you love him/her.  Love is not giving and accepting precious gifts on Valentine’s Day.  Love is not sweet nick names.  Love is not something which most of us think it is.  Love is so much tough.  Love is not demanding but just giving.  Love is not smiles.  Love is smiles which come even when you have tears and just only tears in your eyes.  Love is not just being with someone on a good place.  Love is not watching movies together.  Love is being with each other at the most difficult times.  In love, there are no distances.  There is nothing called “far away” in love.  If someone is close to your heart, your soul how he/she can be far from you?Love is not blaming the person that he/she wasn’t there any time when he/she was needed.Dont forget if he/she wasn’t there, it goes for the same for you too.  It may be possible that the other person also longed for your shoulder and hug as much at his/her worst times as you longed.  But may be he/she never said that to you.  It may be possible that more than you even, he is willing to be with you but somehow he is not able to do that.Dont say to your love that he was not there when he was needed.  It may not be true!Love is not being with someone for some time and then tell him that he did a crime thinking that you are going to be with him forever, he did a crime weaving some dreams in his eyes for himself and you together.Dont say to your love ever that you never thought to be with him for the end of the life but for some time.  Love is not leaving.  Love is not leaving someone in between the road and get on your own way.  Love is being with each other becoming each other’s support.  Love is not a path full of roses,its an ocean of fire which has one has to swim to get to the other side.  These following lines reveal very nicely what love is.  They are in Hindi.  I shall explain the meaning of them in English in a while.  Have a read:
Maasum mohbbat ka bas itna sa fasana hai!
Kagaz ki haveli hai, baarish ka jamana hai!
Kya shart-e-mohabbat hai,kya shart-e-zamana hai!
Awaaz bhi jakhmi hai aur geet bhi gana hai!
Paar utarne ki umeed nahi hai bilkul!
Kashti bhi purani hai aur toofan ko bhi aana hai!
Samjhe na samjhe wo andaj-e-mohabbat,
ik shakhs ko aankhon se ik shaer sunana hai!
Bholi is ik ada,koi fir ishq ki zid par aya hai!
Fir aag ka dariya hai aur duub ke jana hai!
And their meaning in English is:
This much is the tale of something called Love!
A home is there made of paper and rain is about to come!
There is the irony in Love, voice is dead but still have to sing a song!
There is no hope to swim through, ship is about to sink and storm is knocking doors too!
It doesn’t matter she would understand or not,
But for the sake of love, someone is going to express his love from eyes!
Once again someone is doing the same mistake which others did!
There is this ocean of fire and he has just to swim to get to the other side!
Yes love is this only.Even when you have nothing but tears with you, even when you have nothing but pain in your heart and that too not given by someone else but by that person whom you have loved from your heart, you still love her.  Yes that is love that you never ask, never blame the other person but just love her for all what she has, for all what she is.  But still there is something which needs to be understood.  A glass broken cant be made again.  A star broken has to become ash only.  A rose plucked has to die only and in the same way, a heart which is broken cant be the same again.  Never hurt some one who has loved you.  Never hurt and made that person cry by mistake too who loves you coz may be for the same thing done by someone else, it wont hurt that much but if it will happen from you,it will hurt the most.  Never tell your love that he was a selfish fellow who loved you for his selfishness or for his benefit.  It is also possible that he is the only one who has not got anything except  just tears and a broken heart.  Every sin can be forgiven, every crime can be forgotten.  Any wound on the body can be healed.  But there are some wounds which once given on the heart, they never leave that person and just kill him day by day, breath by breath.Dont give some one those wounds which will hurt him like death every single day.  Love is not this.  Love is taking away all the pains of that person, doing what is called impossible by others for your love and still look for something which is yet to be done!If you have not done anything for your love, if you have not given him smiles, never let anything happen from your side which will give him pain too.
But just as there are some who have given their lives for one smile of their loved ones, there are some who have let their love killed in front of their eyes too.Mirza-Sahiban is a classic example of  this.Sahiban knew that her brothers will be killed by Mirza’s arrows so she broke his bow.  Among all the love stories happened in Punjab, its just only when gal purposely did that to save her own family despite knowing that it will make her love die.  But still she did that.  And as it was bound to happen, Mirza was left alone in front of her brothers who killed him.Mirza didn’t bring his brothers coz he trusted his love who only become the reason for his death.Though with the truth told to her by Mirza when he was dieing, Sahiban killed herself too but that didn’t change the truth,a bitter truth that just coz of her, Mirza got killed.  Sometimes,some things are not so much simple.  It is said, killing someone is not so much big crime coz the pain you will give,it will be for once only but breaking a heart is coz you make that person die every day.  Wounds of love are not meant to be healed by anything remember this.
But as they say, no one expects to be getting hurt.  No one expects the worst for him when he falls in love.  We all just trust our loved ones and on their love.  We just believe that they will take care of us and will value our love and our emotions.  Yes some do too.  There are so many who do so much for their loved ones.  I met so many who have done things which can be called examples too if one has to tell what is real love and what is real dedication.  But as like there is always another side of the coin.  Some are not so lucky.  These lines are from a lover who is telling his story and revealing what he thought and actually what he got.  Have a read:
Dil tutega is kadar mera,
Iss baat ki mujhe khabar na thi!
Jamane bhar mein pyar bhi usi se hua,
Jise pyar ki mere kadar na thi!
And their meaning in English is:
I never dreamed that I shall get hurt this much!
I never thought I shall get my heart broken!
Out of this whole world,I loved just that one,
Who never knew,understood the value of my love!
I shall conclude by saying this only that love is not a matter of profit and lose.  If you are looking for something to come as a benefit for you in love, if you are looking for some profit from love than may be you are not looking at the right thing.  Love is not getting benefits.  Love is not getting at all.  Love is losing something every day of yours for someone whom you love and yet to be happy coz this only will make you complete.  Love is not letting your love killed for the sake of your own people, love is getting yourself slotted before even a scratch would come to your love.  Love is not thinking what you will lose and what you will get.  These things are good for deals not for a relation called Love.  If by being with your love makes you feel embarrassed, if you think that standing beside your love would make you feel uncomfortable than its better you don’t think that you are in love.  Love demands pain to be born and smiles to be given not the vice-versa.

A Small Fear…. April 9, 2007

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I am not sure why this thing happens that when someone is expecting just a little happiness than only everything starts getting upset.  I am not sure why it does that when you just want to take a sigh of relief than only you get a setback or a fearfully situation to tackle.  That’s the same that is happening with me at the moment with my work.  Coz of someone’s else stupidity or over cleverness as he said so, I shall be having a tough time coming ahead for me.  I am not sure what will happen but yes this thing is for sure that I shall tell that person some time for sure that some times its not being wise and nice to try to be over smart and clever, especially not when its not about you but about somebody else who has to suffer for no reason.  I cant say the reason here.  Lets see what future has in store for me?Hope it will be good.