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A Touching Song, Tune Mere Jaana Kabhi Nahin Jaana…. February 19, 2011

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I was going to write about my traveling which would start from tomorrow and couple of other things which did happen today but then, I got a call from a friend who asked me that whether I have heard the above mentioned song? Well, I didn’t apparently. He made me hear the song over his phone and told me a story behind this song. I liked the song so much that I immediately asked him to email me the song which he did and the next step for me was to find that how really well it’s out in the web world. To my amazement, it’s really is a popular song! About the story behind it, I have been reading different versions of it, even this that it’s fake but nevertheless, I would still mention it here. If it turns out to be a rumor, I shall put a note and will edit it in the future. But I do believe that what’s mentioned in the story, it might have happened in real as well. With all due respect to all the girls of this world, I still do believe that what is mentioned in the story, it really might have happened! So the story is this that a guy from Indian Institute of Technology(Guwahati) Rohan Rathore, who was suffering from Cancer, was madly in love with a girl(her name is there on the web but I won’t mention it here), refused to be with him because he was suffering from Cancer. After 15days of recording this song, Rohan died. Now, I have no means to check that it’s a true incident or not but I do believe that it’s possible that the gal might really have left the guy because he was going to die anyways. If you are a gal and you are feeling upset about me saying it, well, trust me, it’s possible that a gal really will do it! Anyways, I did like this song so much. It’s a mix of English and Hindi. I searched for the video of it on Youtube and I found couple of them. I have picked one which had lyrics of it( though I do think that a line or two are incorrectly mentioned and I shall write my understanding of lyrics here). The Hindi portion of the song, I shall translate here. It has a word Jaana which refers to the word Jaan meaning life so Jaana is someone who is dearest like life. I guess, that’s the best part of the song but that’s my humble opinion. Before I put the video, a disclaimer, it’s not made by me and I am not aware about any copyright violations whatsoever, if any, caused by the making of it. If you, the reader, thinks that the video (or even song) is a copyright violation, do let me know by putting it in the comments and I shall see what to do. But by no means, I am related to either in the recording of this song and/or in the making of this video. So with that note, here goes the video,


And here goes the lyrics,

Oh love of mine,
With a song and a whine,
You’re harsh and divine!
Like truths and a lie!

But the tale’s end is not here,
I’ve nothing to fear,
For my love is yell of giving and hold on.

In the bright emptiness,
In a room full of it,
Is the cruel mistress!

Oh ho ho….

I feel the sunrise,
That nests all hollowness,
For i have to let it go and not come!

And i feel so lonely yeah,
There’s a better place from this emptiness!

And i’m so lonely yeah
There’s a better place from this emptiness!
Yei yei yei!

Aaa aaa aaa(echo)

Toone mere jaana,
Kabhi nahin jaana,
Ishq mera, dard mera haaye!

Toone mere jaana,
Kabhi nahi jaana,
Ishq mera dard mera!

Aashiq tera,
Bheed mein khoya rehta hai!
Jaane jahaan,
Puchho to itna kehta hai,

And I feel so lonely yeah,
There’s a better place from this emptiness!

And I’m so lonely yeah,
There’s a better please from this emptiness!

Yei yei yei!

Aaa aaa aaa(echo)


I have made the portion which is in Hindi underlined  so here goes the translation of that portion alone in English,

You my beloved,

Never did understand my love, my pain!

You my beloved,

Never did understand my love, my pain!

Your lover,

Is all alone even in the crowd,

Oh beloved,

If someone asks, all just he says!


I think that irrespective of the story, the song is just so good, so touching and definitely so sad! And about the story, as I said, I am not sure that’s its true or not but I have seen myself, even when someone is on the bed, at times, people still call him wrong, tell him that he is not good, stubborn forgetting that the most important bit at that moment is to ask how the person is because one may not be able to see it but it’s still possible that the person who is on the bed and is sick, he may be in a lot of pain, definitely physically and may be equally, emotionally!

Hats off to the write, singer, music composer of this song , whoever they are! And if it’s true that the song is by the guy Rohan who is dead now, may god give his soul rest and peace and to that gal whom he loved so madly, a heart!



1. someone... - February 27, 2011

if its a real story than hatts of to Rohan Rathore & dat gal well n o comments….i would jst lik 2 say dt she misd sm1 reli specil..if she wuld hv gvn dt 15 dys of hr lif 2 him.he wuld hv died hpily….

Aman Sharma - March 11, 2011

I am not sure that she would miss because to miss, one has to realize what they have and its importance.


ajit - January 26, 2012

Thats true and guys behind evey emptiness of each and every guy the reason is not other then this ”girls”………

maac - August 3, 2011

true dear whatever u said

2. SALMAN KHAN - March 11, 2011


loken beravat - May 27, 2011

really u are actor salaman khan

Shabaz Khan - March 17, 2012

Wah wah wah, kya muslim ho aap, usne song likh diya to Jannath
/??? wat the hell is dis… Thnk b4 u type… Tuba Tuba, jaldi se aap bhi tauba karo

3. Ashish Mishra - March 14, 2011

really a very nice song

i heared it again and again

ilove this song

thanks for this lovly creation

4. Amit Singh - March 22, 2011

The song is really touching.It is believed to have been originated from IIT Guwahati, Assam, where we are unfortunate to know the melodies singer,Rohan Rathore, have died.May his soul rest in peace. And it would be cheap if anyone living claims that the song was originally sung and composed by any other person besides the singer,Rohan Rathore,himself.

5. Sid - March 25, 2011
Aman Sharma - March 27, 2011

I also did find the same stories Sidhu but despite that whoever sang the song it, it has come up nice.


6. atul marethiya - April 4, 2011

the best song i like in my life

7. atul marethiya - April 4, 2011

the song i like in my life most.
lovely and a true song.

8. atulmarethiya - April 4, 2011

Toone mere jaana,
Kabhi nahin jaana,
Ishq mera, dard mera haaye!

Toone mere jaana,
Kabhi nahi jaana,
Ishq mera dard mera!

Aashiq tera,
Bheed mein khoya rehta hai!
Jaane jahaan,
Puchho to itna kehta hai,

i like most in this all story .

Anand - April 10, 2011

Guys u know that the Gal was died after some days hearing this touchable song.Feelings expressions shown by him. she went on coma & died

9. krunal - May 27, 2011

this songs is verey touches and i am really very touch with this songs and salute this songs and salute that boy he was not died he is lives

10. loken beravat - May 27, 2011

i didnt known no the meaning of love before that i heard this songs after that i known the meaning of love so pls touch with this songs to grow your love

11. mihir solanki - May 27, 2011

i believe that the boy wright this songs tnat time that the god think about him why i didnot love like rohan

12. Jyoti - June 2, 2011

I like this song kyonki isme kuch khaas hai. so i love this song

13. Bhavi - June 23, 2011

This song izzz simpliee d bestttttt

14. Bhavi - June 23, 2011

Gone sick after listenin dizz song

Aman Sharma - June 24, 2011


Yep, its an amazingly good song.


15. puran samant - July 11, 2011

the song i like in my life most.
lovely and a true song… this song is my most fev. song.

16. Shiva babbar - July 16, 2011

I love this song from the soul of my heart bhagvan rohan rathore ko swarg mein panah de aur kash mein kbhi tumse mil pata rohan really

17. ajay - July 20, 2011

do u ve his ny pic??

18. maac - August 3, 2011

i like the song very much
and i dnt no y people dnt understand their close one feeling

actually the thing is like the people
in the 21 st century
are selfish

as ill like to tell one small story upon selfishness discussed between mom fish n baby fish

baby fish: mom y do v live in water
y cant v stay outside the water

mom fish : baby the water is made for fish
n outside the world is made for selfish

19. Raj patil - August 4, 2011

It is a very beautiful song by rohan the story of rohan rathore is that he loved one girl which ignore him beacuse he was having cancer he tel to his friend that if i will die than you lonched the song after 15 days he die

20. amit kumar - August 7, 2011

i think the girl must felt sorry after listing the song, and pray the god to give those days back, which she spent with him,…..and also to the last moment to edit, in which she left him alone…..

21. nehaaa - August 18, 2011

I dnt believe koi kisi se itna pyaar sakta hai.

Aman.... - August 18, 2011


Not believing doesn’t mean that its not possible.


manish dave - July 24, 2012

Neha apna phone number do fir pata chal jaye ga lol

22. vikram vishwakarma - August 23, 2011

really its very touchi sony i like it.

23. sumaiya - September 17, 2011

God bless him & also me.

24. sagar - September 17, 2011

its really heart touchable,& feel so lonely

25. Gaurav Shah - September 21, 2011

this song is veery beutiful & and hartly tuching a song plz jindgi me kabhi kisko payar ho to esa nahi ho

26. Soo sad song. meri gf k liye ye song mai roj sunta hu. usko bhi heart problem hai. alha kare uski bimari mujhe lag jaye. - September 23, 2011

Bahot he rone wala song hai.

27. Jayratma - September 29, 2011

This song is realy best mai bhagwan se dua krunga ki une swarg se agr achha kuch ho to unhe de

28. Manish arya almora - November 1, 2011

I aM lOvE tHiS sOnG rOhAn RaThOr EmPtInEEs TuNe MeRe JaNa KaBhI nAhI jAnA
JaB mAiNE Ye GaNNa SuNA To mAi RO pAdHA tHA.

SaYad Ye gaaNA meRE ziNdaGI ka Sabse SwEEt SoNg HaI.

I aM loVe ThIs Song.

29. Dhruti..yogi - November 7, 2011

Ye song jisne likha he… Pta nahi use kitna dard hua hoga…
Jesa aj muje ho rha he… Iski trh mere pas apna dard byan krne ke lie koe word nahi he…
I hv my love story.. Wich is so sadddd…
Nd i wnt share it to dis world.. Taki koe ldka ya ldki kisi ke pyar me apna sb kuch kho na de…
So pz cntc me

30. Akshay kumar - November 12, 2011

It is very beautiful song jab bhi meri gf ki yaad aati hai main yahi song sunta hun jab ki wo meri cls main hai “I Love This Song”

31. Khush patel - November 12, 2011

This is really nice and tuching song…. But i want to knw real story behind it… Plz if anyone knw it tell me…

32. Dr.sazida - November 16, 2011

I don’t think koi kisiko itna pyaar karta hoga i like this song so much

33. nilesh2163h? - November 19, 2011

i heard this song many many many times ilove this song very much

34. NILESH - November 19, 2011


35. guru - November 28, 2011

dude here is a link.. the reply frm the girl.. im nt too sure about its authenticity.. but it sure is awesome

36. bhumika love samir - November 29, 2011


37. shipra - December 7, 2011

It’s really heart touching song…..

38. Shubham - December 13, 2011

best song any one have ever heard….. This song is for those who loves girl like supriya….. I wish…. no one should fall in love with those who dont know the meaning of love….. Nd may rohan’s soul get heaven.

39. Dev - December 16, 2011

Rohan or superia ruh ban kar aashma mile honge a tragedy love love meri dil ki tamnna h ki rohan love superia agar dubara janm hota h to wo zindgi har pal ek sath hanste hue gujare i love u rohan superia

40. Riya Mohan - December 16, 2011

I luv dis song……don’t kno my luv will read dis song..or not but….it has all my feelings,….

41. Riya Mohan - December 16, 2011

I’ll pray 2 god that plz..god give him his luv in the next….life..plz..god..:).he has left us all awe struck….

42. vidhi - December 17, 2011

i luv this song very much

43. Sitanshu - December 24, 2011

Really a very very heart touching song. . . Ye ek sache aashik ke dil ka dard hai jo in shabdo me ubhar kar samne aaya

44. priya - December 26, 2011

i loved the song very much……….it directly touches the heart..

45. sabina - January 1, 2012

Its a vry touchng song… N hats of for rohan u is death nw my god bless him n give him a peaces this song made us cry wen we listn to ittt heary touchng song

46. sagar - January 7, 2012

ise sirf nice song bolna shi nhi hoga ,is gale me rohan ka o pyar jhlakta h jo sirf ohi feel kr skta h jisne apne life me kisi se sacha kiya ho,jara sochiye ye gana gate wqt rohan pe kya bita hoga o to mout aane se pahle hi mar gya hoga itna jyda feeling le ke koi jinda v nhi reh payegaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.badkismat h o ladki jo rohan ka pyar samay rahte nhi samjh pai

47. Anurag gupta - January 13, 2012

I am very upsad rohan rathore ko uska pyar nahe mela kash god hama mar ka undono ko mela data itna sacha pyar ab koe kese sa nahe karta.i salut rohon rathore nd i pary to god rohon nd galfrnd go to heaven.

48. aditi - January 13, 2012

Dude the story is not true..Publicity intelligent gimmick

rajni bansal - March 28, 2012

sure ho jo ap bol rhe ho

49. Shashie Kumar - January 14, 2012

Shashie Kumar
Oh!! i had this such a very nice and so sad songs lot’s of times but every time i did not want that i should stop it listening. whenever i listen it i just feel like meet rathor but……….

50. Vipin Mishra - January 17, 2012

1 of the bast song the i Have ever hurt in my life. I don’t know about the truth about this song but if the popular story is true than its the worse part.

51. Ankit kashyap - January 19, 2012

Aanand…… How do you know, what happened with the girl?

52. kamilsharief - January 23, 2012

my favourate song & heart touching song

53. Sham khetawat - January 23, 2012

I love this songs.isme premi ne lekha hai. Ki woh kitna pyar karta hai.

54. Akshay kumar - January 28, 2012

Realy this is touching heart song i love this song and or main daily is song ko sunta hun main god se prarthna karta hun ki wo RoHaN RAtHoR ko 1000 salon ki ummra dein kyonki ismein kuch hai ismein inhon ne dil ki baat sabhi ke saame pesh kiya hai jab bhi main is gaane ko dil se sunta hun to ro padta hun.

55. Sumanta jha - January 30, 2012

I hv no cmnts , which is perfect 4 dis song.

56. sagar shantaram gavhale - January 31, 2012


57. Stany Gyesar - January 31, 2012

really heart touching song

58. Rahil - February 16, 2012

i love this song

59. Seema Sharma - February 25, 2012

heart touching song……may god bless rohan

60. sachu - March 3, 2012

emptiness lonly rohan god apko……..

61. silent breath..... - March 19, 2012

i really love it this song haahhhhh:(……………………… heay sadiiiii i missing u alot stilll………..:( come back me w8ing stilllllllllll:(

62. AlizzEEeee - March 27, 2012

I reALly like n love the sonG ……………… It’s very emotional soNg ThaT TouchEs the heart ………………… i like to give my heartfelt good wishes to that type of love………………………………………….

Aman Sharma - March 31, 2012

Thanks for the kind words.

63. rajni bansal - March 28, 2012

yrrrrrrrrr sahi me heart tiuching song h wo ladki bhut buri h sach me

64. viraj patel - March 31, 2012

kya song he rhohan rathor hum khuda se dua karenge ki wo aap ko jannat me bheje ge i love you my first love ankita mishtri from raj sthan me bhi us ke liye song gana chahta hu

65. VIRAJ PATEL - March 31, 2012

muje ye song bahot pasand he mene bhi asa song gaya he ye sirf ANKITA ke liye hamne sirf tumko hi chaha tumhari yado me roya karate he ham tum ko itna pyar karate jan ki wo bate loveso kahi nahi ja sakati I LOVE YOU ANKITA

66. Anupam banik - April 4, 2012

rohan missed some one who nt luvd him truely..but dt grl misd sm1 who luvd hr truly… ma swt frnds remembr luv is nthng bt 2 die…

67. Shivam verma - April 7, 2012

Rohan rathore ka pyaar sachha h. I pray to god ki rohan rathore ko jannat m bheje

68. Sunil sharma - April 16, 2012

Hi guys my heart says that it is a true story rohan is a true lover the girl is selfish rohan loved him so much if girl reply yes then rohan could live for more days.

69. Aparna - April 17, 2012

“I did’nt what is meaning of love before that I heard this song after I known the meaning of love”

70. shaini - April 19, 2012

this song very touching in my heart because this song is remember to someone.

71. DIWAKAR NAUTIYAL - May 5, 2012

it’s such a goddes song, I wish to ROHAN RATHOR would have to after life in Edan.

72. vivek - May 30, 2012

i do not think that i have listen any song such like this. After all this was coming from any bodies hert.

73. Kaialsh - June 13, 2012

In this world true love never meet….!its truth

74. Asfaq - June 21, 2012

I wish i will get my love…. plz frndszz PRAY 4 me……

75. kavita mehra - June 26, 2012

I love this song ……………….

76. Mintu chakraborty - July 9, 2012

Really love is life,if u have lover then it will be a heart of life,i pray to god for true lovers who love from the bottom of tha heart,like ROHAN

77. Alisha Pandey... - August 14, 2012

its really tru…… ku ki may apne pyar ke liye bhut rote hu bhut jada aur jo rohan ke saath hua syd ab may bhi uske jagh agi hu…

78. Rahul kumar - August 20, 2012

Super hits song h. Tune mere jaana kabhi nahi jaana….. @My best song his life..)

Bhargav - September 2, 2012

I heard this song only few days ago and i was eager to know the story behind it & i found it here…Awesome song….It is the feelings of true love!!!

79. Prajakta - September 13, 2012

The wonderful song And heart touching song I like this songs it’s too good

80. Navdeep Rohilla - November 11, 2012

Wah Rohan Ji kya song h man gye khas tum jesa love sab kar pate
well verry nice song
mane bi apni jan (meenu) ke liye gya tha

81. Bablu Gupta - December 3, 2012

he bhagwan enhe swarg se v koe achchhi jagah ho to enhe dijye……

82. abishag - December 22, 2012

the song is very touching.. wish we knew the real story behind it.. 🙂

83. gopal mahale - February 8, 2013

very beutifull song

84. gopal mahale - February 8, 2013

very beutifull song i love this song

85. Dutta Bhau - November 18, 2013

very nice song

86. Tracey Roshenlall - November 27, 2013

A friend sent me dis song. He doesn’t say much abt wat happen wid his dear luv but listening to dis song, I cn only imagine. Being a woman it touches my heart n brings tears to my eyes. Cn any1 be dat cruel.

Well guys out der, I want to say nt all women r made dat way. Search n u too will find “perfect” luv. Ddnt give up hope, hang in der.

To Mr Rohan Rathore, if dis story is true, on behalf of woman who hv hearts, I’m truly sori, ur last days ended in such a way.

87. pinki sirvi - January 12, 2014

mooooooossssssssstttttt heart touching song I ever hard…………:)

88. Johng996 - May 27, 2014

As soon as I detected this site I went on reddit to share some of the love with them. dckbaaddfbfd

89. ankur - July 23, 2014

tune mere jana

90. lonelyvatsyan - January 15, 2015

ooo …
we all know gls aarrrre tooo ….bewfa
all…r sm
bt …realy rathoreee was so …lucky
evn he got death…
bt in my case nt abl to die…
totly lonely

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