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Early Morning Travelogue…. January 18, 2015

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.
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I am sitting at Starbucks outlet right now, writing this at 3.37am. Yep, it’s too early and goes without saying, at this moment of time, if I am up and writing this post, it means that I am on the airport.

I came back from Singapore a week ago. I was supposed to write about it as soon as I was back but I got stuck in just too many of the things. So before mentioning about this tour, I shall mention about the last one.

It was going to be the 1st tour of mine in 2015 and I was going to handle the session for the delegates of the same client for whom I finished the session in December 2014. Since I knew the module, I wasn’t worried much about the module. So the travel started of on an easy note for me. I booked a cab to the airport and it reached at my home on time. The travel from my home to the airport was also did finish quite comfortably. On the airport, I did finish with the check-in and other things very quickly and now I had just too much time to kill before the boarding would start. I got a cup of coffee and started waiting for the boarding to start. Normally, I wouldn’t bother who is there with but when you do notice a guy wearing dark shade glasses and a gal with him, trying to mimic Lady Gaga, you can’t miss noticing them, can you? I really don’t like those people who wear sunglasses over the airports or anywhere indoors. No, it doesn’t look cool and neither do such people appear more classy in any ways. So when I did notice this couple, it was quite obvious, it was yet another couple trying to appear more classier than they actually were. Anyways, finally, boarding got started and guess what, the same couple was sitting with me only. The guy was from Punjab and the gal was from Canada and they were going to Singapore to have a vacation. It was for the first time for that guy to fly anywhere so he was quite scared but also excited. The gal was trying hard to portray that all of this travel doesn’t really bother to her and she is just fine but it clearly wasn’t the case as she was also looking just as confused as her guy was. Anyways, I did tell them whatever they needed to know about Singapore and also told that if they need any help, they can let me know as I was going to stay in a hotel quite close to them. They told me that they have their travel agent coming to pick them up  but he hadn’t reached yet. I offered that I could stay till thetime he won’t show up but they didn’t seem to be much keen for it. So I finally said goodbye to them, took the cab and headed towards my hotel. And I didn’t hear them afterwards.

In terms of work, the week was quite hectic. The module that I was delivering was a very hard one and we had a room full of very smart guys, who were doing a lot of discussions among themselves and with me about different topics of that module. So it was a lot of good discussion mixed with lots of light moments which made that tough module also quite light and without we knew, the week was finished. The delegates were very smart, as I said already but also they were very friendly and witty and when we closed the session, they all left with a smile on their face which is always a good sign and shows that things did go well and I was able to do my job successfully. A big thanks to all the delegates. I hope and wish we would meet again soon in some other module soon!

As I mentioned that the delegates were very friendly, a big example of that was presented by one delegate, V(who is now a friend) who very kindly offered me to join him to visit Gardens By The Way. He had a complimentary ticket of that garden and he asked me if I would like to join him to visit the same. I must mention that it’s a very costly ticket and it was very kind of him to offer me one for free. It was my first time to visit the garden and I must say, it’s worth every cent spent on its ticket. It is really really good and if you are visiting Singapore, I would very strongly recommend that you visit the place too. A big thanks to V for it! Not only this, he also helped me in understanding the local train and he also accompanied me till half way as this train travel was very new (and confusing) for me. A big thanks to you again mate and I hope and wish, we shall be friends for forever from now on.

Finally, the week was over and I was back at home. I was supposed to have  some rest but as I said, one thing followed after the other and the week turned out to be just so much hectic. Only a day I could spent being a little relaxed but the next day, I had to leave for work which brings us to today. Remember,  I am still sitting at Starbucks and had a Caramel-Macchiato. This week, I am traveling within India itself. But the module is going to be a tough one. And to make matters more interesting, I have a hotel booking for just 2 days at the moment. Trust me, not a good thing it is!

I shall go and get a big cup of Latte before proceeding to the boarding gate. Thank god it’s Sunday today which means I can take some rest before starting the work tomorrow. Anyways, time to go now!