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All About Aquarius Man By Linda Goodman-Part 2…. December 14, 2008

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Link to Part-I
This is the second part of the series where Linda Goodman talks about Aquarians or in other words , about me :-). The last post, was about how to reckognise Aquarians! This one deals with the facts about an Aqua Man, surely enough that’s me! This is the last part. There are other parts like about an Aqua child, boss, woman and so on but I guess, its too much for me to put all here. These two , the one that you are going to read now and the last which I have posted already, these two are enough as far I am concerned. So I won’t be putting more about this (atleast not from the same writer) here. Unlikely the last  post, I won’t be doing an analysis of this one. There are some things which should remain hidden and mysterious. So I am leaving this part undisclosed here. If you know me, you would be able to pick up the right notes about me from here. If you don’t know me yet, well as its said some where in this page, you need to solve the puzzle yourself. Have a read,
All this time the Guard -was looking at her,
first through a telescope,
then through a microscope,
and then through an opera-glass.
At last he said, “You’re traveling the wrong way,”
and shut up the window
To wade bravely smack dab into the center of the problem, don’t expect an Aquarian male to behave the way people in love are supposed to behave. If you do, you’re in
for quite a jolt, maybe even a series of jolts. When it comes to friendship, he’s all you could ask for in a pal or a confidant. Love? Well, as an Aquarian I once knew said, “Anybody can have a girl. But love is something else again.” That was an astute observation. It’s “something else,” all right, with Aquarians.
It’s when he acts as though he doesn’t like you that he’s close to being hooked, and the reason is elementary- simple logic. The Aquarian water bearer likes everybody.
Everyone is his friend. He’ll even refer to his worst enemy as “my friend.” So it means something when he says he doesn’t like someone. Just what it means may take some study. The various nuances can be complicated.
 An Aquarian man doesn’t want to reveal his true feelings, in spite of his favorite pastime of penetrating the feelings of others. His own reactions and motives are complex, and he intends to keep them that way for the pure pleasure of fooling you. Many strange experiences will come to this man, through both love and friendship, and he’ll scrutinize each one avidly. Until you get him to the altar, you’re just another experience, another experiment, hard as that may be to take. Don’t sniffle. He can be tricked, for all his caution. But before you start tricking him, you’d better try to understand how to cope with his unique outlook about people.   He’s a group man, and teamwork comes naturally to him. Aquarius understands the fair play rules of sports as if he had invented them, and he carries these rules into his personal relationships. His interests are scattered all over the place. That’s because his love of people is so impersonal; he gives a certain value to everyone he meets, while the rest of us save such efforts for only the very special people in our lives. To an Aquarian, everyone is special. And I mean everyone. Even those he hasn’t met yet. Few Uranus men are either selfish or petty. When he does show those qualities, a gentle reminder that he’s being narrow-minded will bring him around. Aquarians just can’t stand to be called narrow-minded. 
 He responds to unusually high ideals, thanks to his rigid moral code (though you’d better understand that it’s his own code, which may not necessarily reflect or correspond to the one accepted by society in general). He’ll almost surely lead a life of change, controversy and unexpected events. Yet there will often be moments of perfect tranquility with him, impossible to find with any other Sun sign. Once he’s over the shock that he’s allowed himself to become interested in one woman above all of mankind, he can be an extremely considerate lover. The danger area is before he’s over the shock. Since he’s so accustomed to neglecting his own problems in the interest of the majority, hopefully some of this attitude will rub off on his love life.

Don’t count on it, though. The chances are just as good that he’ll suddenly realize he’s devoting his complete loyalty to you when there are all those other nameless faces out there who need him. Then he may lean over backwards to prove to himself that he hasn’t lost his love for his friends and the rest of humanity by being attached to just one person. Forever analyzing, the Aquarian man will frequently ask himself, “I wonder what she meant by that?” He won’t rest until he finds out either. A puzzle drives him simply wild and don’t be fooled by his nonchalance. When he senses something is hidden, he just won’t sleep at night until he’s unraveled the mystery and penetrated the veil. There’s always the possibility that he might be disappointed in what he finds, so make sure it’s worth discovering. If it isn’t, he’ll have no qualms about making it painfully evident-and off he’ll go to unravel a new veil. The girl who wants to land him eventually has first to intrigue him.
 An open book will never pique his curiosity. He’s attracted to closed pages, the more tightly closed, the better to arouse his detective instinct. When a female either ignores him or keeps her own counsel, in the beginning at least, his eyes will open” a little wider and hell get an alert expression, amazingly like that of a bloodhound on the scent of something missing.

Why is she so emotional? (You can be emotional, you see, as long as you don’t explain why.) Is she really so changeable or is it an act? Why does she wear all that perfume and make-up and such low-cut dresses, and then get insulted when those Leos and Sagittarians and Scorpios whistle at her in front of the drugstore? Does she want male advances or doesn’t she? Is she a puritan or promiscuous? What makes her tick? As he probes and questions and examines, the girl is at first flattered, naturally-but when she sees he’s just as intently curious about the waitress who just served them (not to mention the bus boy), she begins to cool somewhat. Feeling like an insect trapped under a scientist’s cold eye isn’t exactly calculated to cause the heart to flutter in any feminine bosom. So she finally drifts (or runs) away to a more fiery or earthy male, and the Aquarian sadly sighs for an instant or two before he begins his next romantic investigation. (If some new invention or unique idea hasn’t aroused his interest first. In which case the next female research project must wait.)

Aquarian men can be touchingly gentle and docile, but you’d better tie a bright blue electric string around your finger to remind you that his surface calmness is a mirage. So is his apparent pliability. He won’t tolerate an ounce of opportunism from a female. If he thinks he’s being exploited, that unpredictable Uranian charm can vanish so quickly you’ll think Cary Grant has turned into James Cagney, poised to throw a grapefruit-half in your face. The frightening thing is that an extremely upset Aquarian is perfectly capable of such shocking action. What’s even more frightening is that you may forgive him. Don’t. At least, not more than once. He admires a woman who holds her ground, if she’s not too masculine about it, and if she lets him fly hither and yon, unencumbered by mushy promises and tearful accusations. As for that grapefruit, it’s only fair to point out that Aquarians are
usually most gallant with the fair sex. But sometimes they can forget to distinguish between the sexes in the throes of excitement. Couple that with the Uranus unpredictability, and it does add up to a possible squirt of grapefruit juice in the eye.
There’s always an excellent possibility that an Aquarian will achieve some sort of prestige during his lifetime. If it’s only a trophy for stickball or a brass plaque for being the tallest man in Succatosh County he’s sure to be honored with some kind of recognition. It could be something as splendid as winning the Nobel Prize. Lots of Aquarians achieve such distinctions. (On the other hand, a large percentage of disturbed Aquarians are weekly visitors to a head shrinker. It may be kind of tricky to tell the difference. )
Some Uranus-ruled men have a fetish for cleanliness. You may bump into one who shrieks if anyone uses his towel or breathes on his oatmeal. Back of this is an almost neurotic fear of germs and illness. The Aquarian isn’t above letting his phobias trail over into his romantic life, when they can serve a purpose, though he may do so unconsciously. Don’t be surprised if he complains that he’s allergic to your eyeshadow and it makes him sneeze. Uranians have a way of developing allergies to things they’d rather avoid, and they can even fool the doctors, let alone innocent, unsuspecting girls.
He’s not the type to woo you with extravagant gestures. He’s as likely to pull up a dandelion and toss it at you as bring you an orchid. To be honest, more likely. He won’t present you with mink coats and diamonds. But life with him can still be glamorous, even without the mink. There’s the well-known story about Helen Hayes and her husband, Charles MacArthur. When they first met, he handed her a bowl of peanuts and said, “I wish they were emeralds.” Many years and many dollars later, he gave her a cluster of glittering emeralds with the remark, “I wish they were peanuts.” I don’t know if MacArthur was an Aquarian, but Uranus was certainly prominent in his natal chart. That’s exactly the kind of unexpected glory you’ll know with an Aquarian lover. Who needs mink?
Now let’s face the worst fact courageously. No flinching or wishful thinking. Here it is. Unlike Cancer, Capricorn, Leo and Libra, Aquarians don’t take to marriage like a baby takes to candy. To be truthful, most of them avoid it as long as it’s humanly possible. A rare Aquarian male will be enticed into a shower of shoes and rice at an early age, but it doesn’t happen often enough for the statistics to be encouraging. The way the impasse usually starts is that the Aquarian makes beautiful, wonderful, glorious friendship the basis of the love. (Easier to slide away from later, my dear.) They choose a girl who’s also a chum, and who can keep up with the Aquarian interests, including Mickey Mantle’s batting average, crossword puzzles, Arabian horses, fireflies on the Mississippi and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Why? That’s easy. With so much to talk about, there’s less time for lovemaking, which can get him
seriously involved and committed. His ideal is the female who is his friend, and who doesn’t make heavy emotional demands on him. Where do we go from here? Nowhere, usually.
Aquarian men find it difficult to relax in physical expressions of love. That first goodnight kiss may be a long time materializing. Admittedly, it’s often well worth waiting for, and the suspense makes it even more special. But he’ll cling to the illusion that he’s involved in a nice, safe platonic friendship long after such a palsy-walsy relationship has become impossible for you. Even after he’s mustered the courage to say “I love you,” he’ll avoid the issue of marriage with every excuse in the book. When those run out, he can think up some
pretty imaginative new ones. He’ll patiently explain that he can’t support you in the manner you deserve, his parents need him at home, or he’s not good enough for you. If that doesn’t work, he’ll claim that the future is too uncertain, what with the threats of nuclear destruction and all. What if his boss sends him to Alaska next year? You might die of pneumonia up there, and he would be grief-stricken the rest of his life. You think he can’t top that? One Aquarian man I know was engaged for twelve years to a girl he wouldn’t marry because “she would have to sacrifice a great career on Broadway.” The fact that the girl had never set foot on a stage in her life was beside the point. He thought she had talent. Someday, a producer might just discover her. Then how would she feel if he had held her back by marrying her? Worse yet, how would he feel? Guilty. Just plain selfish and guilty. It’s not
surprising that this poor female finally escaped to a more positive rival.
But all is not lost. Though it’s true that most Aquarians wed late, they do eventually wed-usually. It normally happens after the last bachelor friend has sailed away to a Bermuda honeymoon, and the Aquarian wakes up to realize that here is a mystery other people have solved that he hasn’t even investigated. Naturally, he- can’t stand that, so pop goes the proposal! Suddenly, of course.- Uranus, you know.
In the early stages, you may think he needs a lesson and decide to let him think he’s lost you to a more aggressive suitor. Let me warn you that you’re likely to stay lost. Your broken-hearted Uranian is not nearly as apt to come charging after you with the fire of possession in his eye as he is to shed a couple of quiet tears and say, “Well, I guess the best man won.” He’ll resign himself to a life without you with insulting ease. He’s even liable to ask the unbearable question, “Can’t we still be friends?” If you say no emphatically, he’ll probably just shrug dejectedly and slowly walk away. If you say yes-well, you’re right back where you started-friends.
Jealousy isn’t his cup of eggnog. He’ll trust you until you show him you can’t be trusted. Not because he’s trusting by nature, but because his analytical dissection has already satisfied him about your character. Unless there are marked afflictions in his natal chart, he’s not capable of unfounded suspicion and possessiveness. If he does have a rare stab of jealousy, you’ll never know it if he can help it. He will rarely, if ever, be physically unfaithful himself, mostly because the whole subject of sex, though it’s interesting, doesn’t consume him. An occasional Aquarian may spend a great deal of time intensely pondering sex, but if you know one of these, you can safely assume there’s a heavy Scorpio influence in his natal chart. (And chances are even this type won’t pursue it actively and openly.)
Once an Aquarian has chosen a mate, he figures he can concentrate on more important things. He can relax and investigate the boy-giri or man-woman relationship at his own leisure in his own private laboratory (which isn’t a bad possibility for its eventual chance of success when you stop to think about it). Uranian sex is part of a larger image or ideal. Should a temptation to engage in illicit romance arise (illicit in his eyes, that is), he’ll usually end the affair abruptly, though it may hurt him deeply, rather than continue what he considers to be a
dishonest relationship. The situation that made him feel -guilty could be almost anything, from the disapproval of your parents or conflicting religions to an old boy friend not completely discarded, a promise he made to himself at the age of eight, or something he once read in a book. But whatever it is, it will somehow have to be adjusted and resolved before he’ll ever renew the closeness, even if the love is as fated as that of Victoria and Albert. The Aquarian will always let his heart break silently, lest his friends hear and ask questions.
He’s capable of waiting undl he’s ninety to claim you, even if you feel that’s a bit long to wait for consummation. The worst of it is that hell never give a reason for the break. That’s for him to know and you to find out. He’ll perversely let you think it was just a fantasy from the beginning, and hold back the real truth that it was genuine for some hazy future day of forgiveness and reconciliation. It can be pretty cruel, but that’s the way he plays the game.
Your only comfort is the knowledge that he’s suffering in his own way, too. How will you know that? Read “How to Recognize Aquarius” again. He has his subtle ways of telegraphing his feelings, and they can be enormously frustrating-especially when his unique, private communication signals a green go light while he publicly keeps holding out a red stop light until he’s ready to switch. It can make for some nasty romantic traffic snarls. It’s hard on the pedestrian, but he’s in the driver’s seat, so there’s not a lot you can do-except perhaps think up another mystery to tempt him with, or maybe shake him a little with some smashing success to make him curious to talk with you again-like being the first woman to orbit Venus.
Not that such a feat will change his feelings. If he really loves you, he’ll love you even if you don’t orbit any farther than to the comer delicatessen, but it might interfere with his fixed strategy. You may gather from all this that a Uranus man can be pretty stubborn when it comes to love. You would be so right. His fixity in affectionate matters can drive you straight into the booby hatch or drive you to someone else in desperation. That’s a big fat waste of time. He’s not jealous, remember? Or he won’t show it if he is. Besides, with his darned Uranian intuition, he’ll know it’s all an act. Because he knows what makes you tick. Don’t forget, he studied you for a long time. About the only thing you can do is hope you’ll still be
attractive at ninety or else start practicing those Venus orbits.
Putting the shoe on the other foot, an Aquarian can arouse a heap of possessiveness in you when the tables are turned. Don’t let it throw you off balance. Thanks to the everlasting Uranus proclivity for friendship, whenever and wherever he finds it, there may be times when you won’t know where he is, even after you’re married and you should. Just tell yourself that, no matter how late he sits up with a friend, it’s only his normal curiosity at work, his never-ending interest in people. If the friend is a woman, pretend you didn’t notice. In all honesty, he most likely didn’t. You can expect the truth when you ask him a direct question. But if you doubt him and ask again, he’ll figure you don’t want the truth. To punish you, he’ll make up the wildest story he can dream up (and he can dream up some pretty wild ones). You may regret your suspicions when you spend a few hours in abject misery wondering if he really did tell that redhead she was gorgeous. (That’s after he told you he didn’t even remember talking to her and you said, “Ha! I just bet you don’t remember.”) He
honestly didn’t, but you asked for details, so he gladly obliged with some purely imaginary ones to teach you a lesson. You’ll learn fast.
Don’t be hurt when he’s in one of his solitary moods and prefers to be alone with his silent dreams. He’ll return to share them with you, all the more warm and tender for his spiritual retreat and anything that warms him up should definitely be encouraged. He may not be the best breadwinner around, but he’s capable of inventing something beneficial to the world or being the first man to land on Mars. He’ll feel right at home there, too. There’s always a surprise just around the comer with an Aquarian husband, even when the budget is shaky. Naturally, there are a few Uranian men who are wealthy, even millionaires, but a high income bracket is seldom a burning ambition. All the rich Aquarians you see probably stumbled on it. It’s certain they didn’t greedily grasp for it. If he has a fat bank book, the chances are it gained weight while he was attempting to improve some product or idea for the good of
humanity in general-or he’s saved it to support his eccentric old age. Who knows? He might want to take a trip in a time machine someday, and he wants to be sure to have the fare. Most of the time he’ll be reasonable about money, but save when you can, and don’t run up charge accounts. He’ll never recover from sheer extravagance on your part. Sometimes he can surprise you with a burst of generosity, but he won’t go overboard, unless he has an Aries, Leo, Sagittarius or Pisces ascendant. Even then, he won’t be a big butter and egg man.
The children will find him the greatest listener on the block. He’ll be fascinated at the perfect breath control of the wolf when he blew down the three little pigs’ pad- and curious about how the old witch pickled the poisoned apple that put the whammy on Snow White. A small boy’s trouble learning how to strike a home run and a little girl’s tears over a broken doll are simply the problems of a couple of pals in trouble to an Aquarian father. He’s a whiz at complicated arithmetic questions, too.
Don’t let your career make you neglect to feed him or sew on his buttons. Don’t encourage your girl friends to camp on his couch or tie up the telephone for hours, and don’t get engrossed in TV or a novel when he wants you to find his old soft ball in the attic or pull a splinter out of his finger. He married you for several reasons. Though romance may play its part, the most important reason was to have you around-so he would always have someone to mash his baked potato, cross-stitch his buttonholes, find his lost articles and operate on an occasional splinter. He won’t cotton to your letting television, reading or female chums interfere with those duties. His idea of a good wife and mother is quite simple: a woman who keeps at it almost constantly. Even the more liberal Aquarian husbands will frown on a glamorous gadabout. But you won’t mind it too much. He’s so full of interesting
surprises himself you won’t need soap operas, women’s magazines and tete-a-tetes with girl friends to keep your mind and emotions challenged. (He may be about all the challenge you can take.) You can always catch up on the female gossip and such when he’s engrossed in some new project and gets a little absent-minded about what you’re doing. But just be sure to be there when he has a sore finger, because he can be a real sorehead when he’s neglected.

Strangely, since he’s so realistic about most things,, the Aquarian will never forget his first love. (Not the first date, but the first girl who ever gave him a rainbow. There’s a difference.) Uranians frequently marry childhood sweethearts years later,or cling to a faded illusion. An Aquarian can usually describe his first love in detail, which can be annoying to a wife. The solution is to be that first love. You may have to wait a long time to wear orange blossoms, but at least you won’t be replaced by a ghost. Who else could turn peanuts into emeralds or vice versa, never mind a little grapefruit juice in the eye? Despite his general romantic clumsiness, he can come up with sudden phrases which could only have been invented by the angels. He can forget your wedding anniversary, but he’ll bring you violets in January. Christmas? Who says it has to be on December 25th? It can be any dme you want it to be. He
may go for days or weeks or months without a single word of romance or affection. Then some morning while you’re slicing his blueberry pie, he’ll look deep into your eyes and ask gently, “Do you know how beautiful you are?” There will be something about the way he says it that will make your knees weak.
Jingle bells on the seashore, birthdays at dawn. Valentine’s Day on Halloween, rainbows at midnight. Pin a red heart on an orange pumpkin, roll Easter eggs in the snow, light the candles on the cake on top of a ferris wheel- you’re in love with an Aquarian, didn’t you know? I wish you a Frank Merriwell ending. But be careful. You can get lost out there in Wonderland.
Do let me know how much you think is true and what’s not?
Link to Part-1


1. Jess - May 2, 2009

I’m a Gemini woman and I read this because of a thing I have for an Aquarian man. I’m curious to know his ways. He is strangely attracted to me. I’m inersted in him because he’s georgous. But he is a bit hard to read.
Sometimes it seems like he likes me a lot and other times he’s to him self.
Sometimes he is very touchy and affectionate and then not at all. I love Linda Goodman’s books and reading this gave some clarification to this Aquarian I klnow and want to know more about. Though I am quite a classic Gemini, I would like to not have to wait around for this man to say “lets go out or not interested check ya later.” With my traits, patience is not one of them. So, I may have to say se ya. But, darn it would have been fun!

Rick - May 15, 2009


I am an aquarian. If your aquarian man is acting strange for you then chances are he is close of being hooked. And if anyway he dares to say that he loves you, just believe it with close eyes. For he will not cheat you.

Aquarians just are honest when it comes to love. Only if you scare them they run and hide until they feel that their lover is ready to accept them again. But they will not cheat you.

BTW did he ever confess of loving you… If yes then thats it.

Rick. Junior

June - May 17, 2010

hi there, im really scared now. because an aquarian boy just said “i like you hahah” on msn after like more than two weeks of morning chats and msn chats (classtime/aftersch) . and he keeps on asking me to tell him who i like. and i was like ” :)” only smiley face….. and after he said “i like you hahaha” i just said ” 🙂 haahah”and then since my mum was helping me (lol) she told me to say bye to him and do my hw….so i did… and
would i lose htis cute boy ??? or is it good to let him ponder about my response and do more stuff…??

thank you SO MUCH ! i’ve been “on and off” “friends” with him for a long time and i really need help now…
THANK YOU SO MUCH, plz reply NOW im sorry for being rude but plz reply now 🙂

dillinger - January 27, 2011


In fact that’s the point. Aquarius men are proud of their honest nature and their belief on truth. When they love someone they think that this is beyond all the usual things in that earth. I mean the ordinary stuff, memorized attitudes or popular images. So that’s why they are regarded as “non-sense” most of the times. Because “love” is not an ordinary thing, but most people behave like it is a part of our daily procedures; such as going to movies or eating fast food. For your patience: let me say that it is a time period for having your expected results; and who said that your expectations can govern something called “love”. Moreover this does not cover “sharing”. That’s a respond you may get from an Aquarius.

Jessica - September 29, 2018

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2. Aman Sharma - May 2, 2009


Thanks for stopping by here. Well, I can just say that may god give you what’s best for you and surely your Aqua man too! Being from the same sign, I can just say this, it’s tough to be with us at times, and at times, there is nothing better than being with us 🙂 . Wish you luck and god bless you!


Romeo - September 20, 2014

Tell me. Do you guys remember kisses and touches. Dose it process into your,mind heart.
I mean do you think about it as being special, intimate, and do you desire to reconnect.
Or, do you need time to reflect and be alone immediately, after itimacy,weeks on end, or even months.
Please tell me cause I’ve heard that when y’all. Ignore us it’s, because, undeniably, your, in love with us. Is this of truth?

3. Pamela - May 3, 2009

Just started getting involved with an Aquarius man, I have always avoided them because I had heard they were a terrible match for Leos, which I am. But I am totally fascinated with this guy’s actions, that I can’t seem to kick him to the side. It is a good thing, because I have learned now how important a moon can be in your charts. Guess what? I have an Aquarius moon. So it is so neat to read about Aquarius people, because I feel like I am reading about myself. A part that I was not aware of. I can relate. I am really surprised! Thanks for the read.

pamela - April 1, 2016

hi pamela. i’m the same. my name’s pamela also. i met this aquarian guy , i find him so fascinating , and its like our bond is so strong , every time we meet for a chat or whatever its electric, and we’re so in sync but at times his actions drive me completely crazy, i feel i might need therapy, i almost gave up on him as I’m a leo and just found our friction unbearable at times, but then i decided to do a little research on my headcase aqua, and found out I’m a moon in aquarius , i thought wow that made perfect sense as to why i was so magnetically drawn to this crazy person whom i was completely in love with. so now i don’t know what to do, he seems bad for my health but i love him lol, I’m curious as to how things went between you and your aqua guy. are you still together etc.

Ann - April 1, 2017

If you haven’t already done so get rid of him. They are detrimental to your sanity, peace of mind and happiness. Block his number and maintain your distance. Do not answer his texts or take his occasional calls. What seems like magic when you’re with him is actually black magic. Most Aquarian men are horrible human beings with a direct line to the devil. Save yourself.

4. Aman Sharma - May 3, 2009


Thanks for stopping by here and for the comment. We Aquarians are surely terrible at times but not all the time( that’s most important). I wish you all the luck and best wishes, may god bless you and your relation flourishes!


5. Rick - May 15, 2009

By the way Jess, did he ever say that he loves you ?

Not so easy for a aquarian. Only aquarians can understand….


6. Aman Sharma - May 16, 2009


Second to all what you said by another Aquarian 🙂 .


7. Carmen - June 15, 2009

I am a Gemini Female and attracted to Aquarius male….what signs will the Aquarius man give that he is attracted to Gemini woman? Will he tell you or show you? Should I tell him first?

mohan - September 14, 2011

u tell him first

8. Rajashree - July 17, 2009

hey i’m an aquarian female… n i wanna read this book… can you tell me if u have any e-book or something? cause i feel its not really necessary 2 buy it!

Aman Sharma - July 17, 2009


I am sorry but I don’t have the pdf of this book. I put it all myself there. I would suggest to get the book as its going to be worth the money spent. But if you are took keen to get a soft copy, I guess some P2P site would be having it.


Rajashree - July 19, 2009

i wonder if u had so much patience your ascendant must be something strange.. 😛
and well u know linda hasn’t written about aquarians quite well… as in… kinda cold descriptions… i heard so… n thats cause she’s a double aries female….!!!

9. Arundhuti - July 19, 2009

Being involved with an aquarius man is not a joke. One day he is so remote that you feel that you are nobody to him and that the relation is over and the next day you will find him calling you up and talking and behaving that I am the one for him

10. Aman Sharma - July 19, 2009


Hmm life won’t be fun if its not a bit unpredictable isn’t it 😉 ?


11. Rajashree - July 19, 2009

lol… its not just your man Arundhuti… its AQUARIAN as a whole… we’re all the same.. yes “unpredictable” is the word.
you just have to live n let live… in the air commitments just screws em all up! that doesn’t mean we r promiscuous either!

12. Rajashree - July 19, 2009

n thanks aman..!!
i had to check my “ascendant” and you gotta know this.. as Jupiter entered ours, i mean Aquarius in 2009 somewhere around 5th jan till jan of 2010, we have chances of meeting our soul mate!! you might have met her already!
i found mine! its kinda easy to find out if you know how. check this out, http://www.cafeastrology.com/articles/soulmateastrology.html


13. sanjukta - August 23, 2009


Are you single? I found your blog when I searched for “an eccentric aquarian man” I am so desperately in love with the idea of falling in love with an aquarian man…who knows may be you are the one 😀

Tell me you are single 🙂

Aman.... - August 24, 2009

Thanks first of all for stopping by here. I had a glance at your blog, very impressive! I am going to read it completely 🙂 .
Tell me you are single
Ha ha, never got asked like this. Well, yes I am single 🙂 .


Rajashree - August 24, 2009

lol aman so atlast i was right….!!
Aquarians find their soulmate this year… who knows may be she’s the one.. 😛
n well yeah i got to read the book. “relationship signs” quite good about aquarians u knw!

14. Aman.... - August 24, 2009

Aquarians find their soulmate this year… who knows may be she’s the one
HAHA Well , what should I say now?

i got to read the book. “relationship signs” quite good about aquarians
What is this book? I can’t seem to find it with my dealer 😦


Rajashree - August 24, 2009

its another book by Linda Goodman.


It says about your ascendant too… (that means extreme truths about you) i hope this time you’d have known your ascendant too..!

Aman Sharma - August 24, 2009

Okay I shall get it then. Let’s see what it says 🙂 ?


15. sanjukta - August 24, 2009

Rajashree – Wow is that so? Year for us to meet our soulmates? we better hurry up then coz i am soon moving out of Bangalore..Aman hurry! Ask me out before the aquarian in me loses interest in you 😀

Ooh I like the excitement already… 😛

Aman.... - August 24, 2009

She is saying this to me from last quite some time 🙂 .

Where are you moving from Banglore? No place is far when you really want to catch hold of someone , I believe on this really very much 🙂 .

Ask me out before the aquarian in me loses interest in you
Ha ha ha don’t worry, the other side is an aquarian only so excitement is bound to stay. I love CCD so how about a cup of cappucino. Their tag line also matches, “anything can happen over coffee” 😀 .


16. sanjukta - August 24, 2009

And thank you for liking my blog 🙂

17. Aman.... - August 24, 2009

Yes I have only read one post. As I love to read(some times to write as well, you can find some of them here on my blog) good poetry, I loved that post. Will be reading the entire blog very soon.


18. Rajashree - August 24, 2009

Yes sanjukta, we are supposed to meet our soul mate this year.. but we’d meet em ‘personally’… Check out the link i had posted a few weeks back on the same blog.
lol… even i love the concept of falling in love with an aquarian… But thats too early for a teenager.
One thing makes me question you…. Aquarians are hardly despo for a relationship…and how come you are??

19. Aman Sharma - August 24, 2009

k k guys,I guess lets stop ithere.Let Linda say what she wants,lets not lose our sleeps for her sayings :-).
That’s a 100% correct fact what you said,atleast for me :-).


20. Rajashree - August 25, 2009

Well who is the one who is “losing sleep” for astrology…. you see its all just probability… a common character of all aquarians put together….
yes as you wish.. bring it on to a halt….Bottomline: Soulmate thing exists but dont fall head over toe to find who they are… cuz you never would fall in love if you are desperate to (this is not linda’s)!

Aman.... - August 26, 2009

Hmm I am sorry, I didn’t mean to make you upset. I just used the words “losing sleep” , didn’t mean to hurt. Apologies if I did.

Soulmate thing exists but dont fall head over toe to find who they are… cuz you never would fall in love if you are desperate to (this is not linda’s)!

I never said that I am a desperado to find one for me 🙂 . One can’t find love, it has to come to us, if it comes , we are lucky. If it doesn’t , may be we have got some thing else for us. I have “been there, done that” so I know, its just that “moment” , not a desperate search which is going to find the dream match for us. Soul mates do exist but I believe, to let souls only to find each other. As “The Alchemist” says, you are going to be told by nature when its happening.

Once again, sorry if I was rude in any ways.


21. sanjukta - August 26, 2009

Rajashree, am 32 and never had a relationship, never. I hope that proves the point “aquarians are never despo for a relationship 🙂 ”

My asking Aman was more out of excitement to find a man who reads Linda Goodman, takes proud in being an aquarian… I like excitement 😀

btw Aman I realized you stopped following me on twitter? I can’t DM you anymore, what happened? not friends? You didn’t accept my Gtalk request either.

Aisa bhi kya ho gaya yaar… kuch galat keh diya kya maine?

22. Rajashree - August 26, 2009

lol…. both of you guys are just makin me feel like,… i dunno…
i never get offended for such silly things… aman… you were not rude… its just that im used to… and love to flood on walls and so this Post.. 🙂 (i was not serious on any of the post… i just forgot the 😉 and 😛 )
i liked taking to you guys… n liked the excitement in finding the mail on my inbox that says.. “one new comment on aman’s blog”
its kinda like.. i dunno how to put that it words… its something good… Don’t u dare feel sorry.. 😛

And i never meant anything serious to you sanjuktha (nothing direct either)… it was just pure curiosity….!

thanks a lot guys… i did have great time.!

23. Aman Sharma - August 28, 2009


Thanks for saying that you are not angry. Today , I really had a tough time hearing things which were really hurting and upsetting and your reply came as a nice cool breeze. You are most welcome to come over here and post on the “walls” as much you want 🙂 . I really hope and wish that you would read and comment over other posts as well , do say that you would 🙂 .

No such thing that I removed you from Twitter. I was using my pda for accessing net and some how, while checking your profile it got removed. I never even realized that it is gone. Hehe if I had to remove you, I would had done from Facebook as well, so don’t think anything like that.

Both of you guys , do come over here as much as you can, you and your comments are most welcome!


24. Rajashree - August 31, 2009

i will but just that i dont like much of oracle or whatever the IT things are… lol…. if you have something else i’d surely love to read..!!

Aman Sharma - August 31, 2009

LOL No no , don’t worry! Over here, you won’t find Oracle or IT or anything like that. This is the place for my thoughts on my personal things. For Oracle, I do have another blog 🙂 .


25. Rajashree - August 31, 2009

i sure will…. but as a wise man… you should read mine n be a GOOD critique..!!

Aman Sharma - August 31, 2009

I infact do read it , loved that post of talks between lifts 😉 . But, still, yup DEAL! 🙂 . Will add it to my reader! If you don’t use it yet, try using Google Reader for the updates.


26. Rajashree - August 31, 2009

will try… if i cudn figure out how it works… then.. will ask u..!!

27. Pamela - September 21, 2009

So tell me, when an Aquarius man goes into his “I want to be alone phase”, how do you greet them when they come back? If they come back? Mad, silent treatment, accepting, forget the whole thing happened, I just want to be friends., lets be lovers again, conversation about the situation, forget the situations,… I at ends here. Aman, You are an Aquarius man. What is your suggestion? Pamela again…

28. Aman Sharma - September 22, 2009


Well, if someone is a true Aquarian, I am sure that he would come back with so much of excitement and energy that you won’t get a chance to say anything much! If everything is fine, you would be lovers only. I can say about me that I won’t go away from my beloved in a silent mode and than just appear out of no where. Yes I can be silent for some time but that too would not happen just like that, there would be some reason for sure for it. If the Aqu man comes back, just welcome him and try not to talk about what ever happened much. If all would be fine, you won’t even realize that he ever actually went.

Do let me know what happened, shoot me a mail if you don’t want to write here!


Pamela - September 22, 2009

Well, my Aquarius guy and I are having the emotion issues. I am a Leo and expressive, so difficult opposition. The ex-fiance called him a month ago. Now he is freaking out about commitment and marriage, which I never brought up… With me.. I believe… not communicating well.. ??? Or, he is thinking about getting back together with her??? Not saying, but will tell me that he loves me and needs a cooling off time. At first I fought it, thought we should work on it together, then realized that I was being dumb and he’s an Aquarius and needs his space. So told him that I was giving it to him. Now, I am nervous. Because, I tend to try to solve things immediately. Not quite sure what to do. Guess I can’t do anything. But, when he comes back, I am afraid my Leo temper will go off handle. And that I will be stupid!!!! and I love him. So, should I just walk away?? Oh, I am so confused and too old for this. Pamela

Gina - June 3, 2011

Hi Pamela, I see your post was in 2009 I am wondering how did it ever work out with you and your Aquarius guy? I will admit they are a real hard deal with like automatic heart breakers!

29. Ninan - October 12, 2009


I just stumbled upon this blog by accident. I am a Leo and just recently “bumped” into an Aquarius male. We had actually met in December 2008 online. We talked for a few months and then I stopped communicating with him (told him I was fed up with my search and if I was meant to be single so be it). Then in August 2009 he emailed me (6 months after we stopped communicating) and asked if I wanted to meet up because he was coming to my town. We met (had a blast)…he is absolutely hilarious (definitely an Aqua and can see through fickleness very quickly).

After he left for his hometown (I didn’t hear from him for 4 weeks). I figured he needed his space (Aqua’s are freedom lovers and I didn’t want him to feel I was tieing him down).

Today, we had a conversation online and it seems that I have had an effect on him (than I thought I did). He asked me to come see him so we can spend more time together (he jokingly said I was his special “rejai (blanket)” – I played along but slowly realized he actually thinks I might be the one who he has been looking for.

Pamela, just give Aqua man his freedom and cool down the Leo temper (I know it’s hard). Trust me just let him do his thing and you will surely see the results (just keep it light and fun).

Payal - November 3, 2009

I also met an aqua online and chatted , and he also asked me to meet him, it went well but mine is a strange story. He started to act very aloof . Is it possible to communicate with you via email? I am going crazy and really would appreciate some advice.
Thnk you

30. Pamela - October 19, 2009

Thanks Nina. He came back.

31. Payal - November 3, 2009

Hi Aman,
I was in a relationship with an aquarius guy myself, and 3 years later he disappeared – a very complicated story. I really don’t know what I should do now. I don’t want to discuss it publicly on a wall, is it possible to communicate via email or any other way please?

32. Dancer - November 30, 2009

I have problem communication with my BF.he is an aqua..I aint sure what is the problem between us, he jst silent himself. I kept quiet for a week, I am afraid that is this the way for him to say we breaking off or what…please help me and give some advice. I do love him a lot and wish to go to next level…

33. Lulu - April 11, 2010

Hi Aman, I am really confused. Have been involved with an Aquaman for 2 months, who has done all the running. Recently had a week’s holiday with him and everything was perfect. Got along great and not one problem. As soon as we returned home he tells me that he doesn’t want a relationship and wants to be “just friends” – I’m at a loss to get my head around this. Would be interested in your thoughts!


34. Nico - April 17, 2010

Aman, same thing happened to me as Lulu.

What is your advice?

35. pr - April 18, 2010

hi lulu,
similar thiing hppnd to me
he said lets be friends, i said im not ready yet…..and so he asked for a few days, we had an argument n he disappeared totally. been about 10 months now, he told me he wont disappear.

36. lulu - April 18, 2010

Hi PR, it’s difficult to be friends immediately when you get treated like that. My guy reassured ne it was absolutely nothing to do with me and just that he had gone from relationship to relationship and had not had a spell on his own and that he needed to do so to sort stuff out in his head. Agreed to meet me the other day and then sent me a msg saying that it wouldn’t fair on either of us to do so and hoped we move on without any awkwardness. I’m even more perplexed. Didn’t quite understand who told you he wouldn’t disappear – your man or Aman? Which somebody could put us out of our misery.


37. Anon - April 25, 2010

Hi, my last serious relationship was with an Aquarius man and I can tell you he was the most faithful man I have ever met. Yes he liked his space and I gave him that, as I too like my own space, having hobbies that take up my time etc. It’s true he wasn’t too bothered about sex – his grandmother and I oftened wondered if he was gay lol. But no, he just didn’t prioritise it. I’ve now been dating a new guy for a month and he too is an Aquarian. He chased me in the beginning and after initial contact, took him a week to contact me again to arrange our first date. He’s been on his own for a few years and whilst we get on really really well, one minute he’s chasing me, telling me sweet nothings, the next he’s really busy and I hardly hear from him. In the beginning I had to ask if he was having second thoughts. He wasn’t! The only thing is, this week his ex found out about us and tried to argue with me about it, but I stayed calm and came out the better person. They have kids together and whilst they were never really together, she has this strong hold over him that makes him go running to her every time, although he’s told me it makes him feel immensely trapped. We discussed it briefly, but he was pretty much a closed book. I made sure not to bring it up on our last date and was my normal happy self. I haven’t heard from him since though and I haven’t contacted him. If she’s giving him a hard time, the last thing he needs is me acting clingy, wanting to know we’re ok, so I’m giving him his space and enjoying my own. Hopefully he’ll be back in touch when he’s ready and he’ll see I’ve been getting on with things, having fun and that I don’t have a problem with him needing space.

38. Sonu - May 17, 2010

Hi friends i am an aquarius man. I like one of my collegue. She is also looking intrested in me. But problem is sometimes i felt too much attracted to her. And sometimes weeks passed by i did not even notice her. And if i am going to propose her i may continue behaving the same way and she will feel hurted. Even 3 months have been passed i am not able to propose her. What do you suggest should i propose her or not. cheers 🙂 Sonu

39. Marie K. - June 1, 2010

Hello, I have a situation with an Aquarius. About a year ago I went to Cleveland on a weekend trip. To be safe and save money I contacted (through Facebook) the son of my parents long time friends. He is about the same age as me and was house sitting for his parents while they were away.
I figured because he has a girlfriend and a life that we would spend limited time together, which was fine with me. The morning after I arrived I found a very nice note from him saying that he would gladly drive me to the museum and then we could have lunch after I was done there.
At lunch his behavior was really puzzling. He was friendly one moment and distant the next. At the time I felt he just didn’t like me or was uncomfortable for some reason. But later that day we were joking around and it seemed that we had broken through some barrier. He even hugged me when I left.
I kept the Facebook connection for several months, and then (and I still don’t know why I did this) I un-friended him. I feel awful, not because he and I were communicating, but because his mom has been going through cancer treatment at the same time as my mom (yes they both had breast cancer at the same time).
I feel like a terrible person. Because our parents are such good friends I would like to be on good terms with him. But I’ve made this fax pas and I don’t know how to make it right, or even if I can make it right.
If it were you, what would it take to forgive? Should I wait until the next time I see him to apologize? Or should I contact him and give him my regrets?
Many thanks!

Aman Sharma - June 2, 2010


I am sorry to hear about your mother’s health issues and I shall pray to god that she would get fine as soon as possible and will have a speedy recovery!

About what I would had felt or reacted, well, I would had asked you first that why you did un-friend me and if the reason would be what you have just told, I would had forgotten it like it never happened. So what I would suggest, contact him, explain to him what’s going inside your mind. I am sure all would go fine.


Marie K. - June 5, 2010

Thank you so much for your well wishes.
I will send him a message and apologize. If anything it will show him that I don’t dislike him.
Hopefully we can be friends 🙂

40. Atreyee - July 4, 2010

Aman wat do u do… a few yrs ago i met a guy in the train on my way back to my home after COMED-K ..i just remember his name..AMAN, n he was with his cousin.. GOLU BHAIYA.. also NEHA was wit us wit her DIDI.. r u d one ?

Aman Sharma - July 4, 2010

Hi Atreyee,

No, I don’t think so that we have ever met. The person you have met is someone else, not me!


41. erika - July 13, 2010


I’ve dated a aqua man for 6 months, things were going great and then he left me. Now he’s back and we’re friends with benefits (i want more) he says he doesen’t want a relationship rite now cuz he doesen’t even know what he wants out of life. If a aqua man says he doesen’t want a relationship does that mean he just doesen’t want you or should i keep being his “friend with benefits” hoping he will change his mind

42. rashmirekha - July 27, 2010

what did you write any way??? nothing actually..just quoted the whole text from Linda Goodman’s book!! Rubbish!! you create your blog and then, what do you do?? Select, Ctrl C, Ctrl V..n whoa…thats a Blog!!

Aman Sharma - July 28, 2010

And where the heck did I write/mention/declare that I have written this very post on my own? If you would have taken time to read it a little carefully, the text is quoted and is indeed credited to Linda Goodman as well! Heck, even the damn title says the same thing, isn’t it? Please look around before your next comment and tell me what and how should I write/manage my blog. These are only two posts out of 600+ other posts over here and if you would sit and read all of them, there is TONS of stuff which is all written by me only! In any case, this is my blog and I hold all the rights what to write here. You are most welcome to not consider it as a blog and I won’t mind at all! But before giving a comment, please make sure that its valid and relevant!


Confused Anon - August 12, 2010

Hi, I need serious help!!!!! I have been involved in an internet relationship with an Aqua man for the past year. We live worlds apart, but just have this connection that I can’t explain (I am Capricorn). We chatted almost every single day, laughed perfusely and he even contacted me via phone on the odd occasion. On numerous occasions, he has told me that he is in love with me (do I believe him) and I have told him exactly how I feel about him too. I am head over heels for the man and would literally do anything for him. He went through a patch a few months ago where he became very distant but I just left it at that and kept sending him positive thoughts and funny e-mails. I have asked too if I am in contact too much to which he replied “no, not at all – I love hearing from you”. Over the weeks I have heard from him less and less and last week he e-mailed to say he is going to be casting away for a couple of days (5 days) to be exact. It’s been one week and still no word. I e-mailed a funny mail to ask if he had fallen off the face of the earth and have had no reply – he has never ever done this before. Should I keep sending just random e-mails, or should I just totally shut off and see what happens?? HELP, I don’t know what to do.

43. Anon - August 15, 2010

Its been a couple of weeks that I have been friends with an Aquarian Man.. For all these years in college, he was the only guy I had not interacted with.. He approached me for the first time in our final yer and now we are such good friends.. Im a taurean.. We talk for hours.. i call him names, he calls me names.. he says that he misses me every time..that he feels so good looking at my pics and misses me more.. I tell him I miss him soo much.. I am confuse…does he just consider me as his friend ? He says he likes me, dreams about me, misses me.. a week back, when he took me out for a drive early in the morning..we drove..he slept on my lap..held my hands…said how good i smell..how high he feels when Im around.. and when it was time for me to leave..he asked me for a hug.. and we hugged…it was a passionate hug.. and then we looked at each other…he said i wont kiss you baby..even though i really want to… I smiled..and we part ways…(he knows i havent been in a relationship ever..that i havent kissed anyone) he then calls me..and says that he cant kiss me because im really innocent and he doesnt want to hurt me..now when im send him ‘miss you’ texts, he feels i’ve fallen for infatuation and tells me to control myself…he still behaves the same with me though.. im really confused.. what does he feel about me ? he says he wants to cuddle me…pull my hair…kiss me..stick his tongue down my throat..all of it..but he then says, ”no..i cant do that..u r innocent…why are you so inocent…why are you not evil…do something to your lips..they are sooo irresistable”… I really like him…and i dont wanna lose him… he feels that he keeps losing friends.. i dont wanna do that… whatever happens, i want to be there for him..as a friend or anybody else.. i care for him..please help me out..
P.S : Ive read that taurus and aquas dont go well with each other… it depresses me.. i cant imagine that happening 😦
I would be really grateful to you…for your reply 🙂

Aman Sharma - August 29, 2010

Hi Anon,

I must say that you indeed are very innocent. My advice to you would be that don’t think too much and flow with the flow. You would go well along with the guy or not, its something whose part would be decided by you two people, not your signs would have a major role in it! So just stay put, be yourself, believe in yourself! All is going to be fine, I am sure of it 🙂 .


44. Sheherazadeh - August 29, 2010

Dear Aman,
Just wanted to say I LOVE this blog…I am a Capricorn in Love/Like/Friends with an Aquarian and it’s fun to come to this blog & see how many others have the same issues with Aquarians. Oddly comforting & humorous in a way. You are very humanitarian to create this blog & answer the questions. Very Aquarius of you! LOL.

love & light,

Aman Sharma - August 29, 2010

Dear Sheherazadeh,

Thanks for the kind words. I am glad that you did like my random ramblings. We, Aquarians are a bit difficult to get along with or to put more diplomatically, we find it difficult to get along with many, that’s probably the reason of those “issues” mentioned by many over here 🙂 . But trust me, over all, we are very nice(at least I can vouch for one, no prize for guessing who ;))!

Wish you all the best and if possible, keep visiting here.


45. Seshadri - September 3, 2010

Hi Aman,
A fellow Aquarian here 🙂 I love the article and Linda is quite good on bringing out the eccentricities of an Aquarian. Some of my personal life requirements are bang on, based on the article you have posted here. I was with a direct opposite of mine, a emotional, over reacting, extremely volatile, touchy, heart ruled female and boy oh boy, it was Chaos from day 1. I remember asking her to glance @ Linda` articles or the Myer-Briggs personality types. My weakness was her strength (sensitivity, emotional aspects), her weakness was my strength (rational, intellectual, forward looking etc). I though its a perfect blend, she thought the exact opposite way and tried to confine me and force me and put me in a box with set of predetermined emotional expectations. I was even accused of being stone hearted venom spitting dark guy, simply because I was “normal” and did not exhibit any traits of a text book lover. A simple example, she told “I am busy with exams, I wont be able to talk” and I responded ” Good luck with your exams” and she immediately told me that I dont love her because I did not say certain blah blah blah mills and boon BS. Ours was a classic mind vs heart battle and there was no winner. After spending my mind/heart out she vanished out of thin air and keeps telling that I was merely doing this relationship thing for fun/time pass, quite an acquisition.

46. D - October 9, 2010

I have been with a aquarian man for 2 years, And now he as gone into his man cave again. He told me Friday that he needed space this weekend, and that he would be alone and dont worry.He said that he needed time to relax and time to think. And then he thanked me. And I have not heard from him again, sense then. We have had our problems and the first started of our relationship was so great, and I went into it as just friends nothing more, and then he told me 4 months into the relationship that he wanted to take it to the next level, I thought he meant spending the night together, and he meant us moving in together. I did not understand how can a man who just meet me wanted us to move in together. I told him I thought he meant for me to stay over that night, I had never spent the night, so you see being with anquaius man is so different, they dont always say that they mean. Then he got scared and the temtation was great, he say a lady who came in to his office and she was giving him the eye, and he said he took the bait. This went on for a year with this person, until I found her on face book and we became friends, and then we talked and then I found out he was seeing me and her at the same time. When I found out she confronted him and I did it same time and he did not know what to do, see men who have high positions in there jobs, think that they are invinsable and they can do anything that they want, so they cheat. I was so upset that I broke it off with him and she told him that she hated him that to forget her, so you see I thought that he was gone forever. Then he calls and wants to see me again, and I said why did you cheat on me and he said because he could. That is how the aquan men think, they think they can have any women and then they dump them when things get so serious. But then when you dont give them a second thought and you loved them and then you dont responed to them, they can not take it. They will hunt you down and keep trying and until they get you back just to do it again. So, I am still in love with him, but the trust is only 50%. And now we have been having problems again, and now he is in his man cave again, so I needed to mention that he is in a different city then me, and he thinks he can go anything and I wont find out, but I am one of the smart women who as family and friends who checks up on him. They hate it when you catch them and then they have to tell the truth, they will if you keep on, but I am not happy any more with the games that aquian men play. Just remember they are sweet talkers, and you will always love them for that. So, I wish that I can tell you that I will still be here when he gets back to his old self, but I have been beaten down to much and I want to love me again and I want to be loved back, so please tell me what to do. He has asked me to give him space this weekend, and here it is Saturday morning , and my heart his breaking and know word from him. We are best of friends and even better lovers. He for the first time in two years, told me he ” I Love You” and I know he does not use those words lightly. So. some one please help me to rebuild the trust and Love that I have had for this aquian man for two years. So, do I wait for him or do I give up. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

Reeba - January 17, 2011

Run as fast as you can..u deserve better..there are plenty of men out there that will treat you better..sounds like hes not the right match for you..be smart..move on..

47. shine - October 14, 2010

I have a close aqua friend and I found many true things about him in this page.
in general he is lovely,smart and loves to lead.
I highly respect his ambitions side and inventive brain.
Its always fun when we are together, he tend to try new or even weird things that I can suggest anything and find him in the process of making us in it, I really do enjoy it all.
other times we could just be lazy having endless conversations after a long studying days 🙂
we could be so different in many ways yet we get along so well and totaly know what the other aims to
Im so glad to have such a friendship
I dont have much aqua men around but as in this case i can say that they are great and i admire their own special way of thinking
virgo here :p

48. Tanya - October 24, 2010

I met an Aquarian male 13/07/09,for me it was love at 1st sight I’m a Gemini. We mainly spoke through text and email. He is 6 years my junior. I saw him only twice a month. This he said was owing to his young children visiting from abroad (holland) regularly. He would say he liked me then ignore me for 2 weeks at a time. On a number of occasions I broke it off as it felt as though he was playing me. He once said love ya via text!
Anyway after a date in November that went badly wrong I got very drunk and argumentative he told me that it couldn’t work. I begged and pleaded. I never saw him again until the January as I still wasn’t over him and we had stayed in contact via textvas friends. In the January we met and made love. I went away. At the end of Feb I met a cancer. I hoped this new romance would help me forget aqua man but it didn’t we stayed in contact he told me he had a new girl I had a new boy etc…
He began to show interest wanting to see me but I wouldn’t cheat despite being in love with him still… However I told him on the odd occasion.
Thing deteriorated with the cancer but I became pregnant, finding out after we had split. I ran to the aqua for comfort which he gave me. He even said he wished the baby was his and not the cancer.
So here I am pregnant and in love with the man who is not the father. To make matters worse the aqua has gone back to holland, however he says he misses me he always wants me and always has me. I asked him to visit me in uk he says he will. Then ignores me. So I said not to bother visit me… And he replies when is the babies scan do I know the sex yet have I thought of names.
My question is, is there a future for aqua and I? I love him so much but realise he is living his life. When I try to walk away he says something that captures my heart. Does he really miss me and want me.
Confused and pregnant 😦

49. Park - October 27, 2010

dear Aman

hi i m taurean girl goin out with aqua guy. Please understand my poor english, as english is not my first language. however, i wanted to say thank you for writing stories about your starsign and commentries in your blog. it was very helpful for me to read your honest commentaries about yourself and aquarian man.

Anyway…We’ve been goin out for 3months now, and i must admit that we are VERY differnt.
As i m Taurus, my nature is very calm, theoritical, individual, secretive, straight mind, caring and introverted, Whereas my bf is logical, active, live, outgoing, political, deligent with his own interest, bright eyed though bit unstable minded by his cretive nature.

However, the funny thing is that although we are very very different i can totally understand his actions. Of course he is unpredictable and no calls, but somehow i do not worry or fuss bout it ‘cos i think that’s not what completes relationship.

i think people should be free and individual. Do what they want to do, go where they want to be, live for their own happiness. i would love to recieve a call or message from his heart, but not from his habit or just b’cos he had to. i would prefer no txt.. i’ve got no expectation on that and i think that’s why we go ok until now. i can answer his call with bright voice as if i’ve got a call from my old friend 🙂

And guys.. i personally think my bf should have lots of friends. Especially if they try to do the business. For me, as long as my bf concentrates on me enough when he is with me, i really want him to take care of his friends when i am not with him. His friends know him better than me and i know that they can make him feel so good anytime.

i think Girlfriend cannot fulfil her boyfriend 100%, so i don’t worry about things i cannot do, i am happy if his close friends who can fulfil the rest. lol

One thing people easily forget is that the Love, Relationship is not a job or duty… it is given by god. Though our feelings may not last forever, i think i will take my chance just for now. who knows the future. nobody lol

BTW, on very first night he told me that it is a dishonest thing to continue the relationsip even if one’s feeling on his/her partner has gone and i totally agreed. so what i think now is that:

if he does not love me = he will tell me.

until then, i will just enjoy & be happy

i love my bf not b’cos he is aquarius,
but b’cos it is him. lol

Let the mind Fall in love
while accept each other as who they are~
life’s too short for fighting or arguing XD


50. Milly Molly - November 15, 2010

Wow, Park!! Totally agree with everything you said. I’m dating an Aquarius man and I’m cancer. They say it’s not a good match, but I’m here to tell you otherwise.

This is the best relationship I have EVER had. Yes, he has his silent moments, but never once did I feel he was leaving or cheating on me. When he came back it was like he never left and I’ve never questioned him about it.

We are both strong, independent and social individuals who enjoy space and privacy. Also, we both do not wish to marry, have children or live together.(I’m not your typical cancer).

He treats me like a Queen is sweet, loving, kind and very generous. All his friends and family adore him.

I thank GOD everyday for this AMAZING man!

51. jan - November 26, 2010

i am an aquarius woman and my best friend is an aquarius man. we’ve been best friends for four years and it feels like we’ve gone through everything. we tried the dating thing but i swaer no guy has ever driven me more crazy. not only were we both so jealous we always had heated debates about anything we could fight about anything. we never agree on anything so we do usually have great debates but they usually don’t end on a good note. we decided to have sex which was and still is amazing, idk thats one thing we never get sick of i mean it’s like were connected to eachother and we normally can’t be alone together or else we can’t control ourselfs. but we’ve gone back and forth on whether or not were going to be friends or date and i’m tired of it. although he tells me how beautiful i am he has not yet asked me out. and he says i drive him crazy and if he were to be in a relationship with me we both would go insane. i did although tell him i loved him and he only told me i should use the love word on him, and i should find someone better. i always tell him he is the best and i seriously believe this with everything i have i’ve never loved a guy before ha let alone even gotten this close to one, i’m usually not emotional at all but now i find myself crying over him and wanting to be with him all the time… idk i’m so confused and now hes barley speaking to me he says i need to move on i deserve better, and that he’s not doing anything for me but he is he makes me so happy. a little percent of me wants to leave but 90 percent of me is screaming stay and just wait for him to come around. any advice would help…

52. Sarah - January 2, 2011

Hi everyone,
thanks for this wonderful article. I have been dating an aquarius male for quiet a few months now, and it genuinely feels like he is the love of my life. However, just like I also read in previous posts he is really unpredictable with showing his feelings, and me being a virgo woman it makes me think and doubt at times. I love the way he is free spirited and during this whole time of dating him, I gave him the space he needs for any individual growth and so did he. We have a wonderful understanding and communication to each other.
From the time we met I knew that my aquarius was going through a very very hard time in his life, but I always supported him as much as I could. A few days ago he proposed to me that he is deeply confused and he thinks he cant be a proper boyfriend due to his circumstances and we should carry on being close friends. He doesnt know what the future holds, but he genuinely loves me and he wants to take care of me…

I am confused and I am not sure what to think after this. Do u guys have any experience with aquarius men in hard times and how to best deal with it?

I hope to hear from you soon…

haveachilledcoffee@yahoo.com - June 30, 2011

Well, i dont know if this will help you but i will try, I am an aquarius male and, i have gone through hard times as most men do, and i just really wanted support, but i didnt want anyone to expect to know how to help me, if that is understandable, what means more to me then someone trying to help me is someone just accepting that its a hard time and if im sad i want her to be sad with me, not be happy and try to make me happy……. good luck

53. Jay M. Jones - January 2, 2011

Hey Everybody,

I have to say that this is , by far, the most accurate portrayal of the Aquarian male I have ever come across. I am by all accounts the quintessential Aquarian guy and this explains me to a T in almost every way….so much so, it’s scary and I pray this info doesn’t fall into the hands of any woman who tries to date me! I do have something I’d like to put out there for anyone interested in this eccentric, yet grounded, creative, at times frustrating sing.

Ladies: Do not ever take the love of an Aquarius male for granted. EVER. There’s no turning back once that’s happened. If he’s in love with you, The key to our hearts lies in submission. Submit to the relationship..(not the man), because if he truly loves you…he’ll never try to subdue your soul. Just be there for him in the conventional sense. Be a good wife, and he’ll make you one…it’s all he’ll ever ask if he truly loves you.

single mom dating - March 3, 2011

I am a 34 yr old Gemini and my 35 yr old Aqua man sure confuses the heck out of me! We’ve been together only 3 months and just 3 weeks into the relationship he had already told me he loved me, mentioned getting married in about 6 months, asked me to move in, then had a freak out and distanced himself from me for about 4 days until I called him out and asked him why was he being hot and cold. He took about 2 days to think things out and then decided he wasn’t ready to give up on our relationship but that he felt we moved too quickly (that was all him by the way). I had turned down his offer to move in and I took about a week longer than he did to finally say I loved him.

Ever since then, things have been really good. he hasn’t had anymore freak outs or asked for time to himself but he does go through bouts of being really affectionate with me to just being slightly affectionate with me. He’s not very sexual, he would rather just cuddle up next to me and pass out while I would lay there wishing he would ravage me. And in fact I seem to initiate sex more often.

Anyhow, after his freak out (2 months ago) several nights later we were making love and he whispered in my ear “I love you so much”. I was completely shocked he said it. Since then he just says it all the time. However last weekend during another love making session he told me “I wanna spend the rest of my life with you.” Again i was completely shocked even though it was music to my ears.

He hasn’t mentioned marriage since the 2nd week we dated and I certainly don’t ask him about it. My question is, does my Aqua man really mean it when he says he wants to spend the rest of my life with me or is he just saying it to have me wrapped around his finger?

single mom dating - March 3, 2011


Well we just had a talk this afternoon. I couldn’t keep my big Gemini mouth bottled up anymore. I had not seen him in 4 days which is pretty unusual for us even though he has been texting me sporadically over the past few days. I even was really delayed in responding to his messages to appear not so eager. He even said “I haven’t heard from you all day and I miss you” and I just did a delayed response of “I miss you too”.

Anyhow, this morning he texts me “Are we still on to workout this morning?” I told him I thought he wasn’t going to be able to make it and he said “I am making time to be with you. I don’t have to.” Whatever that meant!

So we go to work out and I asked him if he wanted to have lunch together after wards and he said sure since he had no plans for the day. So on the way home from the gym he gets a text message that his brother’s wife will be induced tomorrow to have her baby. Anyhow, as I am making him his shake he makes a comment that got a rise out of me and I whipped my head around and with my tone of voice he knew I was upset. Then there was dead silence between us for like 5 minutes and I asked him about lunch and he casually says “Oh I can’t stay now. I am gonna go see my sister-in-law before she has the baby because she’s home right now.”

I slumped into the kitchen chair and said “I don’t know if I can do this”. He asked what I meant and I just laid it all out. I told him I can’t handle seeing him every 4-5 days and explained maybe he is fine with that but I can’t handle it. This led us into “the talk”, you know the it-looks-like-break-up talks. Only it was one sided…by me. He was completely silent. I told him to just say something and he said “My feelings for you have not changed, they still stand the same. So if you decide this isn’t for you then that is going to be all on you. Maybe you need a day or two to think about it and just let me know. (Typical Aqua man!)

We ended the conversation with him saying “I love you so much and I don’t like not seeing you as much as I would like to too. Sh@t happens but we’re both just gonna have to be patient right now.”

I apologized for having a “TOS” moment which is what we have now nicknamed his first freak out in which he needed time to think. He kissed me goodbye and took off to his sister-in-law’s. (Darn Aquarius’ with their family comes first mentality!) Just kidding! 🙂

I know for certain he loves me and I have his heart but this patience thing really blows.

single mom dating - April 11, 2011

I just wanted to update that he broke up with me only days after writing my update. I still care for him but he has not contacted me. It’s been 5 weeks. I have not contacted him until today. I just sent him a quick message on Facebook because I had deleted all of his info from my phone. He broke up with me because we had out first conflict. I didn’t trust him the night before we broke up. He had not heard from him all day and he went out with “friends” but ignored my call. I thought he was out with some girl. So I drove over to his house late at night, he was not there. The next day he ended things saying he can’t give me what I want. Have I totally blown it?

54. Palwasha - January 5, 2011

I am in love with an Aquarian,and I really enjoyed reading this.I am his first love he told me so,but the problem is,he has lost interst in me and is currently involved with a girl.He says he likes her but is in love with me.but he does not have time for me while he is talking to her all the time.Will he ever return to me????I am going mad……….

55. mysty09 - January 12, 2011

Hello all! First off, I would like to thank everyone for commenting on Amens blog and Amen for making it :). I am a 25yrs old scorpio female. I have been exclusive with my aqua man (27yrs old) for 3 weeks now. We dated for 5 and a half weeks before becoming exclusive. (Which was my idea for us to have the “exclusive talk”). Me being a scorp, I couldn’t stand not knowing where we were standing in our relationship. I almost always look at everything black and white. Therefore, I cant stand any middle stuff… Such as non-labled, meaningless relationships (by that I mean.. Me, not knowing where it is going.. Or if it is at all going anywhere in the first place). AND not to mention… We have made love more than once and I have slept over at his house a few times. So you can only imagine how much and long (3 weeks) it was eating at me to not know where we were going or where we were at, for that matter. I finally couldn’t take it and felt like I had a right to know “what we were”… Cont. below…

Aman Sharma - January 27, 2011

It’s Aman actually 🙂 .


56. Abhinay Kumar - January 16, 2011

it is really amazing that you said about acqauarious. everything is 100% true. so srtange how do you know that much about acquarious. i am also an aquarian. i need to tell you some more about aquarian. Please give me ur contact no if it can be possible

57. mangocherry - January 25, 2011

I’m a Virgo woman. I dated an Aquarius man 4 years ago and he was in a bad place with a lot of hassle and had to move away. He suddenly got in touch with me a few weeks ago. He’s engaged and in a terrible relationship. I told him I couldn’t see him while he was engaged as I still held a torch for him. He respected this and disappeared, or so I thought… until last week… he phoned me, said he’d left his partner and couldn’t stop thinking of me. He remembered our first date, a book I’d bought him, the first film we saw together and all the old feelings came flooding back. He said he wanted to be with me. He came over and we talked for hours. Then a few days later, I got scared and I told him that he needs to go away and think – make sure that he is over his ex and ready to move on with me. I’ve not heard from him and I’m worried I’ve wrecked everything. I don’t know if I should contact him or if he’s thinking about what I’ve said. He’d told me he’d moved his stuff out of the house he has with his ex and that he was prepared to leave her with everything. I love him to pieces but don’t want to hold onto a dream. Am I kidding myself? Is he coming back? Have I sent him away for good? He did tell me he loves me but I’ve been hurt before and I’m terrified that if I take him back, he’ll change his mind and go back to his ex. oh and I think I was his first love, he even had a tattoo of a quote from a book i bought him tattooed onto his back.

dillinger - January 27, 2011


I am an Aquarian. Let me start from the end. Honestly if an Aquarian man made a tattoo on his body with a quote from the book you bought, that can have two meanings. A little bit bizarre but (less possibility) first reason could be his account on this quote. Secondly he could make it for the importance of his love to you. First one is quite understandable because valuable quotes or remarks are very important for Aquarian men (more than Aquarian females). But if you ask my opinion, a typical Aquarian man would write it down onto a piece of paper rather than having a tatto, because he would think that quotes are endless. So he loves you much for my opinion. Why am I sticked on this tattoo stuff more than other things you wrote. As I said I am an Aquarian :)) Once upon a time a girl told me this: “you like to make girls your lovers and you are talented for this, but you also like to leave them just after that. it gives you a sense of pleasure”. In fact she could not even realize the things I thought about this relationship. For Aquarians one thing is very clear: Because they give their all for a love, they leave when they are misunderstood. If he is still sticked on you, just show that you love him for being himself but nothing else. and PS: do not expect any father figure and gently put down your suggestions like he puts them. it is a sharing. even if you need a father figure after a while you will realize that he has got a strong personality to fill in this. but he also wants to see a real person near him beyond all pressures. Is that wrong?

Aman Sharma - January 27, 2011


I do read all the comments on my blog but at times, I don’t reply myself and leave the task for others. Now, you have got a very good reply from Dillinger so it may sound an echo only. Being an Aquarian myself, I can assure you, we guys are not different from kids. A kid can have interest in many things in one time, eager to know it all and once bored/done with something, can leave that thing just like that. But at the same time, kids don’t know how to cheat, how to use some really cunning ways to hide their true expressions and say something else when they mean something else. That’s almost same the case with the Aquarian guys. It would take a lot from an Aqua guy to tell you that he loves you and mind it, to be on that position that he is falling for you , would take a lot so you must have something good in you that you made him do that. Second, like a said that kids say what they have in their heart, an Aqua guy would say (mostly) what he has in heart. About going back to Ex, I believe in the post,there is a line, an Aqua would never forget his first love and if you are not the one, find out ways how to deal with it or better, be his first love. I would say, don’t get terrified with the thoughts that he may go back but make him so attached to you that he won’t even think about it. It would take a lot to erase the things from his mind but if you would be able to do so( without being doubtful about it) , I can assure you, you would have him till eternity.

Good luck and I wish you all the best!


58. dillinger - January 27, 2011


For now I will act as a “traitor” 🙂 Some insider info. All “air” element signs are similar to each other in terms of life sense. But Libra is the closest sign to the other element groups, because they think that their inside and senses should be reflected on this earth, otherwise they feel deep sorrow. Gemini is different and most of the times regarded as arrogants for the rest. Because they seem to have a sense of humour for everything except themselves.

Aquarius could be seen as “the coolest” among them. Not because they are special (they do not even believe the word special indeed).

Every zodiac sign has got its inner sufferings. But Aquarius have an advantage: its inner sufferings are not arisen from the causes on this earth, something beyond it. So with that advantage they can find any reason for their inconsistencies and scary thing is: that’s true. Aquarius paradox is ultra ability to view, observe and understand life from a good perspective, and also to keep extreme humanism in particular for other people.

That means when they feel unable to reply demands: they escape. In fact funny thing is: most of the times their imagination for this “reply” is overrated. I mean they could easily satisfy it. But their thoughts are much above them. Especially for the things they give value.

Good luck

59. mangocherry - February 4, 2011

thanks so much for all of your responses. I spoke to him today (I left him with his thoughts for 2 weeks as advised on many sites). I asked him why he hadn’t contacted me and simply said “you told me to go away and sort out the drama with my ex, so that’s what I’ve been doing. I’ve moved all of my stuff out and its over”. He’s going fishing this weekend, its his birthday but he wants to be alone, so i’m respecting that and leaving him to it. But he said he wants to see me next week, so watch this space. Hopefully we can start something good again! Thanks again to all of you xxx

60. Daydreaming Gemini - March 8, 2011

Aman – thank you very much for posting this information, it is extremely helpful. I am a Gemini female with an Aquarius male friend. We have been talking over facebook and things seem to be going somewhere but there is the infamous hot/cold close/distant traits that show up on a regular basis that I can almost tell you to do the day when we will talk and when we won’t, however I am afraid I may have made him upset with me. He keeps putting up walls and then taking them down, but it does seem like everytime his wall goes up, it goes up a little higher and when it comes back down, he lets me in a little closer to him… the last time we spoke he put up a wall, and I decided I wasn’t having it and so that was the end of the conversation. I am pretty sure he is mad at me, he won’t talk to me and I know I sure “ignore him right back” but being a Gemini, that is very hard to do. Any advice you can share would be greatly appreciated, also there is a bit more but I am not comfortable sharing it publicly, I am not sure if you are willing to share advice privately or not but hopefully it doesn’t hurt to ask. I thank you very much for any input you can share with me. Thanks

dillinger - March 15, 2011

Well. I will make a reply again. Daydreaming Gemini you said that he puts walls sometimes, then he breaks them. I can clearly say that even this single information proves, he is a typical Aquarian. That means; first: it facilitates my analysis and second: you have to try a little bit, but your gift will be precious and more importantly, will be real, which is a rare thing nowadays.

At first you can think in this way: You are expecting to see the things you desire, but there can be more than this, and this “more things” could be achieved not just by from the other side, but with your participation too. An Aquarian would like to see a special “merged” product between you and him, a new and unique stuff hard to be found everywhere else (I mean menthally of course). This is the thing in the middle of a relation. At the same time, he would want to keep his inner identity at one of the edges of this relation, and this is also same for your identity at the other edge. Now make this 3-parted diagram (your identity-common unique product-his identity) curved and create a circle. That means your identities match at the end of this new shape, but still preserving their individual character. That’s the thing an Aquarian wants to see.

1) This unique merged outcome is very important, because he always like to see a real, but also special stuff. There is nothing wrong with going to movies or eating fast food together in the weekend, but if these things become the only main course, he could go away. There should more than this. This is not a selfish demand, I mean he would want this in equal basis and when he sees a path towards this uniqeness, he will surely follow by all means. So we talked about the middle part.

2) Definitely he would want to see a good friend too. For example, when he talks about his troubles in his daily life, and when he is “always” reacted by a compassionate and palliative lover attitude, he will not like this. People need friends, and an Aquarian always desires to merge this into a single person: a lover and also a friend. That’s the encounter of both individual sides by curving I mentioned above.

You may check this by counting the number of his friends. There can be lots of people around him and he could be communicationg with too many. But his “real” friends would be only small amount of numbers.

Now a practical hint. When you talk to him next time, say something like: “I thought that we could have something special, not described but usual things around but something new and unique, just for us. It is like we could share something and when we look back to them, we see something created more than our individual concerns ” He can reply like: “like what?” If you reply with an expression: “I can not put into the words easily in an internet chat conversation very quickly, but this has been my strong feeling since the beginning”. He will be on target and curious too, the latter is always one of the keys for an Aquarian.

Rest? Erm, if you can not follow the rest by yourself, sorry but there could not be anymore.

3 words: real, special and definitely equally shared.



61. Payton - March 13, 2011

You got it right on the dot with my aquarius. You helped me alot. I thought he was one of a kind and a little pain in the butt. Now I know there is other people out there like him. Thats just how he is. Thanks alot!

62. Eve - March 28, 2011

I would like some insight please into this Aaqurian man. I have known him, peripherally for about 10 years. We went on ONE date in 2002 and I moved away. I came back last year and ran into him and he asked me out again. So we started dating in June 2010. He was so charming in the beginning, complimentary and almost nervous to be around me. Several months into it he still seemed to be nervous w/ me. I attributed it to the fact that he said he always wanted to date me, often wondered wht happened to me, and thought I was back in his life for a reason. He seemed really excited to have me. Its hard to explain. I learned very quickly that he wasnt a big phone person and we only saw each other once a week, sometimes two weeks would go by. And during this time, he disappeared quite often. We would have a good time and then he wouldnt call for a week. Once or twice he even ignored my texts or voicemails for seemingly no apparent reason. Seemed like he always needed to exert control over the situation by disappearing to show me he wasnt THAT into me.

After a few months we had a conversation and I expressed that I would like to hear from him more. Though I NEVER pressured him, I missed him alot and felt more connected to him as time went by. But as mentioned, he would always disappear, acted hot and cold w/ me, so it was hard for me to get a handle on how he felt about me, as he never really told me. At one point we even agreed to just be friends, but when he saw me said he couldnt just be friend w/ me and told me he wanted to move forward. To me, MOVE FORWARD meant w/ a real relationship. But hte moment I expressed that I had no idea how he felt about me and that him treating me like he cared one day and then nothing more than an acquaintance the next was confusing, he got angry. Mind you I rarely called him first, rarely texted, since he seemed to require so much space, I let him have it. I have a busy life myself so I never bugged him AT ALL. An the one time I mention what I want, he gets upset? Not a good sign. Then he disappears for TWO WEEKS. I was at the end of my rope but I didnt give him a hard time about the latest disappearance. We had a 90 minute conversation, our longest ever, where we talked about somethings that were bothering us both. We ended the convo saying we would get together to work on a creative project that I needed his help with. In the interim, I invited him to my bday party and he said he would come, even texted me to ask if it was still okay to come on that day. And never showed up. He called (I didnt answer) but never left a message as to why he didnt show. He let FOUR days go by and called me and left a msg about getting together that week, but nothing about missing my birthday party. For me that was the last straw. He couldnt be bothered to come or offer an explanation as to why, and the arrogance to call me up like nothing happened.

So I ended things;sent him a msg. He wrote back basically blaming me, saying I dont get him, no one ever does blah blah blah..and didnt address one thing I had said! All about him. He told me i could call him to talk but I didnt and he never called me. That was a little over 3 weeks ago. I saw him for the first time in two months last week and when we saw each other we just locked eyes for what seemed like forever. He was looking at me all sad and regretful but we just said HI and thats it. When I was leaving he said YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL. I said thank you and left. I was hoping he would call but he hasnt. And oddly, our connection to each other felt as strong as ever. So my question is 1) because I ended things w/ him would that Aquarian pride keep him from calling me even if he really wanted to? and 2) why would he just not show up to something that meant a lot to me? Was that him trying to tell me he didnt want to be serious w/ me? Maybe he knew I would get that angry and end things. Maybe he wanted me to. Idk. That would have been the first time he hung out w/ any of my friends. All i know is he really hurt me. I miss him but I dont want to be w/ someone who cant show he cares, even if its not in the conventional way, he could have tried in HIS way. Or maybe thats just it. He didnt care. 8 months down the drain. Im just so so confused. Insight please!

63. Eve - March 28, 2011

I guess I should mention that when I ended things I explained to him, respectfully and without anger, that I felt he has tried to control the relationship by disappearing, that he gave mixed signals often, and was unreliable. I told him I admired his individuality and his ideas, but that he seemed to be a walking contradiction. I said finally that maybe one day we could be friends but not right now. So I guess I see why he wouldnt call me after that. But when he saw me he looked like he wanted me badly. But maybe that was just a typical man wanting what he finds he can no longer have.

64. Eve - March 28, 2011

Im a Pisces btw. I know its supposed to be tough for Pisces and Aquas but my instincts have never led me astray (until now) and I really felt something special was in store for us.

dillinger - April 3, 2011

Hi Eve

I personally do not know Aman, but his crazy blog made me addicted to follow people’s thoughts about Aquarians. I am an Aquarian male (typical one I can say; right in the middle) and it seems that I understand their traits at some extent.

First of all, your kind behaviour does not make him sick, he loves it. But this makes the things complicated for him, because although it seems the opponent, Aquarians are extremely humanistic. I guess your kindness made him troubled and he is feeling strong sorrow now, because he hurted you. According to your questions;

1) Pride? Yes. They are extremely pride people. However, I am pretty sure that he is aware of his attitude towards you, so he can not exert any pride upon. Aqs are idealistic, but also they keep realism so much. That means he can not hold something artificial; he knows that any pride for this relationship is meaningless as you did nothing wrong for it.

So what? Simple. Your friend is a typical Aquarian with inside troubles which should be settled down by himself. At the moment, menthally he is going out of this earth and coming back time by time. All Aquarian males suffer from lack of “peace” within their minds and souls (I am not making gender discrimination, but according to my observation Aq. females do not have this so much) if they think that they found even some little amount, it is hard to leave this feeling. You may say “am I against this feeling of peace?” answer is: certainly not. He should understand that peace brought by loneness and isolation is not the solution for his problem. And he escapes because he does not want to hurt you more.

2) You wrote his attitudes and I can clearly say that he loves you and want to be with you.


I knew an Aquarian teacher in my university. He was cool and loved another professor. But he did not say this for years, instead he walked through her department and sat down over a wooden chair outside, and watched her movements in silence. Most probably the reason was his fears (a real relationship could not be as good as his dreams). It is like “loving love more than lover”. This is the main potential sickness for Aq. males in love.

Well. Important part of it; how can he believe that a real relationship could be better as his extreme platonic feelings. If you really want to continue with him, you should reach and share his dreams. An Aquarian may search a song for years after hearing in a shopping mall when it touched his inside. Everyone can do the same, difference is: he does not like bands, singers, albums or any other things, but “that particular song”. He thinks that probably the other songs in the album are not so good as the song he loved; indeed most of the times his foresight becomes true. Then he wants to make this song special to him, only he understands its speciality and the song completes him.

Now make yourself a song he loved like this. The album is the usual behaviours of the other people. When he listens it he dreams dreams dreams, he adds something from his inside and creates a videoclip, containing a figure, “total blend of him and the the song”. But when he sees the other people loves the song, like eating a popcorn or a company while driving a car, he becomes upset. Is that due to the song itself, or due to the people. It does not matter. So, the song should keep to show him that it is special for him, it still fills his dreams and shares his visions of life. (I am not saying he saw you with other males, this is a methaphor. He does not need to see such a something. His fear is to stuck on shallow ordinary moods and loosing his inner side).

So, next step should be learning his inside more deeper. How? If you talk to him again, do not mention anything about your relationship; tell him that you want to feel the peace in your life with him, but also want to explore the life together, more than usual pictures. After sometime you could see lots of things, your vision of life can change, then you can behave more naturally. For example you can shout him when you feel something absurd, or you may hug him for nothing. Acting as you do in front of the mirror when you are alone at home, in short. I am not just talking about spiritual stuff. e.g. one day you may ask his vision for your walking style, your clothes or your meals. Is that scary a little bit? Probably he already dreamed about them more than 10 times !

By the way; Aquarians are not so much interested with special scheduled days and it is hard to understand the other’s thoughts for them. For example, I barely remember I called someone for his/her birthday and avoided to attend these parties most of the times. In fact I forgot my birthday twice in my life.

You ended your posts with a beautiful expression. “but my instincts have never led me astray”. I wish Aquarians could say this straightly as you did. Funny but also a tragic thing is; they got this feeling more than any other people, may be 100 times stronger, but totally handicapped to tell. That is their second largest sickness.

Good luck

65. Kaiti - March 29, 2011

Well,Aqua guys are really hard to read…I remember meeting him in Uni,in first semester.I wasn’t attracted to him at first place,but one day sth ”clicked” into me.So I tried to approach him(I didn’t know if he had a gf or not).He seemed like a shy guy…So I did the eye contact thing in one lecture,and yes he looked back! ^^ After this,he wouldn’t speak to me,he’d ignore me,talk to everyone else BUT me,he had ignored my friend req. 2 times in FB(and now he has blocked me,but that thing was about my ”friends” in general),sometimes when I was saying sth,I had caught him whispering sth when one of his friends was near,and then they both look at me,and I was asking if there’s a problem,and he always deny it…One day a friend told me that I had said abt him in a party that I don’t like him!GOSH I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! I had never said sth like that! Anyway,time had passed and I forgot him. the second semester,I started hanging out more with my ”friends”.He’d STILL don’t talk to me(or RARELY have a few words).That continued to the third semester as well(sometimes not talking;just nodding.I played his game as well).On January,one friend had birthday.We both went,and we had some kind of physical contact,like brushing against arms and legs,resting my leg on his ^^.He seemed ok with that).And after this,I started thinking about him again.But,we’d still not talk AT ALL sometimes.He seemed hesitant to talk to me, nervous,answering very fast and with a few words when I’d ask him sth.That made me feel nervous around him as well.In the past,I had caught me staring at me.^^
And now we’re at the fourth semester…Last week,we hung out for coffee.We had a really nice time,no nervousness at all,a nice convo in fact.So now I try to be the first to talk to him..I’d say that even though we’re in the same company,we NOW start to know each other..At times,he seems like he don’t want to talk me…:( But,fingers crossed that we’ll continue like this! ^^ So what’s your opinion? Should I be just his friend for the time being?Should I make a move after all this time(kidding,I bet that he’ll reject me immediately,right?)Maybe(though I highly doubt it 😦 ),he feels the same? Are all these Aqua traits? Somebody help!! 🙂

dillinger - April 3, 2011

Dear Kaiti

Yep these are typical Aquarian traits.

In fact my reply to Eve contains lots of things for your post. If I should add something more;

– It depends on what you expect. as Aqs are clever observers he could act as you wish, but you may still be far away from him like 1000 miles. This observation ability makes their humor good, so he can be a good company “only” for short distances if a real relationship was not established.

– Your post indicates that you became very attractive for him, otherwise he could not behave like this; the word “shy” is never a right description for an Aq. Surely he keeps himself because he likes you. But this concept could be different for Aqs. He may play the games you mentioned for ages and he can be still content for it. You may try to leave him, surely he will become upset, but then you may loose him forever with that move.

– Again the same thing; show him that you are not a regular girl (I am sure that you are not). First try to learn his life and find something different to reach him. As he already dreamed about you so many times, there should be something about his inside. The only problem is Aquarians are perfect discreets. They have only couple of real friends. So it is upon you!


Kaiti - April 4, 2011

Dear dilinger,

what you said is soooo true!!! Today I was eating in the cafeteria,alone.Later,I saw him and his friends(or I’d better say ”clique”?)entering the caf.They sat at the next table.The ”leader” waved at me,but she didn’t said ”Oh come and join us!”.Well,I’m not part of their clique,that two-faced girl kicked me out,but I don’t care for that anti-social b***h.I don’t know if he recognized me or not,but he didn’t talk at all.(I missed his games! :P) But,I have a question at that point;Aren’t Aquas supposed to follow their own way and be rebellious, free-spirited? Well,I haven’t seen that side of his…yet(?) I always see him with that clique.

66. dillinger - April 4, 2011

Hi Kaiti

Aquarians are free-spirited for their own stuff. It is like “when you are getting close to them, you are going far too”. Seems that he is popular among people. This is usual for Aquarians. But that makes the things complicated as it can create an illusion around him.

When he says “come and join us” that usually refers the fact: you became a regular person for him. He did not say this then it is OK.

For the clique; observe one thing: If he behaves and acts like others when you are close to him, it is harder for you. If he just stands and does not talk so much when you are around, this is a good sign. Strange but true, at first stage Aquarians escape from the people who are special for them. You have to show that it is much more beautiful to be together than his lonely dreams about you. Try to catch him alone somewhere. When you do this, then try to observe his eyes. Aquarian eyes can not lie easily.

PS: I do not know your zodiac sign, but if you are a Taurus or a Capricorn, it would be hard for both of you. I am not good to guess the people’s signs but you seem to be a zodiac sign from earth elemental group. Virgo is an exception, most of the times Virgos do not try so much for Aquarians as you do.


dillinger - April 4, 2011

One more thing to add to my previous post; I said:

“observe one thing: If he behaves and acts like others when you are close to him, it is harder for you. If he just stands and does not talk so much when you are around, this is a good sign.”

In fact when he sees you he can also start to talk and laugh more than usual, I mean “so much”. That’s another sign like standing and not talking. In short: if he does not behave in his usual traits, this is the point you have to notice.

This second type of sign also indicates that he is much more platonic than in the situation of his silence. More deeper of senses, but more platonic too.


Kaiti - April 4, 2011

Talk and laugh more?? Hmm I’d say(noticing and from previous times)that he just stands and talks a few words.I remember that one of my friends had his nominal day,and he treated us.The Aqua guy was talking a lil bit with the others,when suddenly he changed his seat and sat next to me,not talking.I asked him sth about the Exams,I said him that I failed in 3 subjects with the same mark,he said (kinda quickly I’d say) that he got a passing mark(whereas on another day I had learned from a friend that he had failed in the same subject as me.A little lie? ^^) Then I was talking with other friends,and he was just standing there,not talking,just seeing me talking with the others.
Also,last week,I had finished eating in the caf.,and I was waiting for the bus.I saw him coming in there too,alone.I asked him why he was alone,and he said that he was cleaning and he might not sit in the caf for a long time.I said:”I can keep you company”,and he said:”You don’t really have to,you’re gonna lose your bus.” I insisted and he insisted,but I won!^^ In the caf.you could catch the silence..So I did the most of the talking.He then left and greeted me saying ”Goodbye and I’ll CU”(shock!He’d NEVER greeted me like this! :P)
So I’d say that when I come around him,or his friends,he somehow freezes.Does it seem that I intimidate him?Really? :0 Oh c’mon we’re in our second year,I don’t bite! 😛 By the way,I’m a Sagittarius. 🙂

Sandy999 - August 6, 2015

Hi everyone!

I’m a Gemini whose been in a relationship with an Aquarius for the last 3 years.He told me he loves me after two weeks of being together. He is the most amazing boyfriend but like we all have concluded Aquarians have their good and bad days. We rarely fight but when we do fight it is usually a break for 14 days at which he kills me of his silent treatment and then also doesn’t call but somehow gets me to come back to him and makes it upto me. Recently we had a small argument after which i hung up his call and it’s been 11 days since we last spoke. I’m extremely upset because i tried reaching him and he won’t respond and i don’t know what to do. I’ve called him numerous times and he won’t respond and sent a million messages but he reads them and doesn’t reply. I don’t know what to do because it feels like someone has snatched my life away from me. I love him dearly. Please tell me what do i do and how mucb longer do i need to wait?

67. Eve - April 4, 2011

Dear Dilinger,

Thank you for all of your advice and kind words. It makes alot of sense to me! Sadly, I am pretty sure my relationship w/ this man is over. I have not talked to him in over one month now. I saw him, as i told you, 2 weeks ago and he looked like he missed me. That is what i saw in his eyes. And he told me I looked beautiful. But he did not call me. Then I saw him again this past Friday (I frequent a place where he works). Again, we said hello. But nothing more.

He seemed to be in good spirits overall, and not missing me at all. Though unlike last time, he knew I was coming there so maybe his behavior was just an act, I dont know. When I was leaving I noticed that he glanced up from what he was doing and watched me momentarily. But again, he has not called. I dont know what to think anymore and he has hurt me so. So I have no choice but to try and forget him. I know they say Aquas do not dwell on things for too long so maybe he has forgotten me in this month that has gone by. I thought to call him to talk, but for once I would like to see what he would be willing to do for ME. And so far that answer is NOTHING. 😦

dillinger - April 4, 2011

Hi Eve

Every Aquarian feels that there is a special solidarity between them. I mean to be honest, that’s a real solidarity. But that does not go beyond reality, so I understand you very well.

One thing I should tell about it. If you really ended it, do not let him back. Otherwise this “back” will hurt you so much and could have a potential to change your life gradually. You can not imagine how hey can be convincing when they really believe in something.

Again, if you left it over just do not turn back.

So again: Good luck !!


dillinger - April 4, 2011

pff. I did not want to say that for your future stuff. But if I do not say it I would be in conflict with the things I wrote before.

If he turns back to you, even after 10 years, he will still be honest. Because Aqs can not lie for a serious relationship. But it could be meaningless and hurts you. I meant do not let him hurt you.

You may know the movie “4 weddings 1 funeral”. That man can be a typical Aquarius.


68. Kaiti - April 4, 2011

After reading Eve’s post,I forgot to thank you as well for your advice! 🙂

dillinger - April 4, 2011

Hi Kaiti

Seems that he is not so much platonic as I thought. That’s good. As a Sagittarius you do not have a bad match, indeed a good one.

His freezing is not about your attitude, I mean your mood. It is a sign that he is interested on you. If he really said “c u” you had a great move I can say.

“intimidate” is not the right word for him. You may do everything you can, but he will not be intimidated if you are not right besides him. Because he respects you. Otherwise you could not keep that long. Now try to put him into the ground and start talking daily stuff. But keep your previous images while doing this. I mean do not loose your “holy” picture drawn by him when you do it.

Poor Aquarians. You got only two choices; one thing to go through outside of that world, the other is your perfect images. Which one is true?

No need to thank. I just want to see them on the ground, as they live in here like others.


69. Eve - April 5, 2011

What do you mean “it could be meaningless“?

i ended it, but I did not want to. I felt like he pushed me to do it with his ways. I tried so hard to have faith with him but he was too inconsistent. It was not good, though I saw many many possibilities. I am okay with my decision, although a small part of me was hoping he would see the error of his ways and ask for forgiveness. He didnt. So I guess he never cared. Thats what hurts the most. He will never know how much he hurt me. 😦

70. Kaiti - April 8, 2011

Dear dilinger,

Today I just got a second rejection!!! ^^ Guess who?? Of course from the Aqua guy! I met him in the Uni,waiting for the bus,he was listening to music from the one ear.I asked if I could listen and he gave me his MP3.I also asked him a few random questions,and I said him that he doesn’t seem so well,’cause he was touching his head…He said that he was afraid of raining. After a pause,I said him that I wanted to talk to him since a long time,but sth was stopping me…He wondered what thing and I said that I see him more than a friend.And he said that he sees me as a friend,and he thinks that it’s good to say these things(about how he sees someone).I said ok and we both mounted on the bus.Now I’m afraid if he’d tell sth about that to his clique,and maybe they’ll spread the rumour that I’m desperate(’cause the girls know that in the past I liked someone else from the clique,and I had told him that I see him more than a friend and he rejected me as well).Are my fears reasonable,or my imagination runs wild? And sth else that I wonder:If(as he said),only sees me as a friend,then why he doesn’t treat me as the others?I mean that if he sees me only as a friend,then he wouldn’t care for my reaction,right?And he wouldn’t be nervous or silent around me,and he could talk,joke etc.with me as well. Maybe is it ’cause he doesn’t knows me that well as his other friends? But when guys meet me,they don’t have any problem with me,I’m easy-going and social…In fact we always talk,laugh,tease and joke with each other.
Why is that thing with him?? :0

71. Sam - April 8, 2011

Been reading through this and see that I’m not alone in the ‘trist’ I have with my aqua. They are baffling, but I love and respect so many qualities within him. I’m a pisces and do have some of the typical piscean traits, but I’m also very hard headed and strong willed too. That is my biggest challenge with my aqua. Short story, we met a year and 1/2 ago. Slow to progress, but did progess. He romanced, pulled away, romanced again. I never spent more than one day a week with him when I did see him. Met his best buds. He travels, I’m busy, he has his friends and so do I. So, after one of his ‘trips’ I found out that he went with a girl ‘friend.’ He told a friend of mine that it was casual and did not mean anything, but while it was his doing, he went silent on me afterwards (out of guilt I guess?). I confronted him about two weeks of no talking and then we never saw each other for over four months. Prior to the break, we dated 6 months. He ran hot/cold for sure, but I was patient. NOW he is back. He contacted me over the holidays, we had a drink and I made the decision not to bring up the past topic. It was done/over with. Since that meeting we have seen each other, spending a trip together, celebrations, weekends, etc. It has been even better than before…for 3 months. I had not seen him after another trip (which we hardly ever speak during, not big on texting, etc.) and when we did see one another, all was good. Until I reached out to him four days later asking him if he wanted me to bring dinner and btw…I miss you. He said, “not tonight. tomorrow is crazy too. I have not been home and need to get stuff done here. Also have friend coming next week and need to go out of town on Monday and still need to pack.” I said, “I understand. :)” I have not heard from him now in two weeks or have we have not seen each other for over 19 days. I know he likes me. I’m a pisces and can totally sense this. I know he cares…again my sixth sense. But I really don’t know what do. I did finally start to open up to him again. Saying I miss you was huge for me and true to my piscean form, I’m affectionate (he is in return), but not in the smothering sort of way. As a fish I do have aquarius side to me and can easily step away when I’m feeling unsure about something, so I understand his nature, but I don’t know about this? Should I wait it out or should I reach out to him and just say something funny and keep it breezy…like, hey…stuck under a rock? 🙂 Would love some inputs. I think he has pulled away again, due to us getting so close and my opening up. He is silent around me a lot, I end up talking to his friends most the time when we are together. I’m baffled by that too. Also, I always feel that once we get close, that is when he goes MIA on me. Ugh!

72. dillinger - April 10, 2011


I said that because there is a potential that he may come to you again even after 10 years. e.g. you are in the middle of a relationship and he calls you and asks your life. They can be so convincing (because they are honest) and this can make you confused. I meant do no let this happen.

I am sorry about your pains. I know because I did the same to couple of my exs. It is hard to realize but Aq guys see the things in a “very” different perspective. They do not believe that they are special, they think that their character is given to them somehow, so it is not a trait or an owned character. This makes it harder for them.

And: you can be sure that he is suffering more than you now, if that can make you comfortable 🙂


Let me be focused; 1) you said that you were with one of the guys in “the clique”; so you got another challenge. You have to show that you are not one of the girls who date with the boys for fun. If he is special, you need to have powerful words or need to show it with your traits.

For example, what can you say as the next word after saying “I thought you were different”. If he says “like what” then? You can tell that why people should need more stuff, as we are all human and we all love to have fun; but that is usually not the case for Aq guys. They all know what is universal and what is unique. In fact usual dating stuff is not among these two, it is not “holy” as universal things and definitely it is not unique.

It is like; erm, let me explain with this: for most of the guys there are girls for going out, there are girls for chatting, there are girls for serious discussions and there are girls for sex. At one point or stage of their lives they think that they should have a serious relationship and at first they look at their phone book. If they can not find someone they look at the females around totally with this objective.

This is entirely out of scope for Aqs. First, they respect females and reject to categorize them. Second, they look for a total combination, not these individual categorical parts. The only problem is: they give higher value to females than males, because most of the times, as they are not close to females so much like the other zodiac signs, they see the deficits of males and think that females are more independent, genuine and in short, complicated.

Use this advantage and try to show that you are a genuine girl (I am sure you are) and behave bravely for the next. You may not have the reaction at the first time, but he will not forget it, believe me.


You deserve love and respect from this Aq I can clearly say.

“Love games” concept is a creation for Aq males. It is up to you to increase the affection stuff while decreasing painful moments. Do not misunderstand me, I am not telling you that you are the only responsible person who is for that in this relationship. But with that guy you got the wheel.

Let me tell you with my senses. For example; you go to his place with a bottle of wine and while you are talking about something you prepare two glasses. After drinking some you say “I wish we could drink that wine over the grasses in a picnic”. Definitely he would say “why. do you wanna go to abroad?”. He is challenging your idea, because he wants to know the true meaning of your plan. “No. I just imagined the total scene and I liked it.” That’s all. I gave this example to have a picture about his possible way of thinking.

“Going for a picnic” in the weekend could be a terrible idea for him, an easy way of spending time or a “cliche”, but with that words he could imagine a completely different stuff. Usually, as all the people, they need to go out and do something like this; but they need to be convinced that it will be unique. How? With your “this” imagination.

Some clues: when they are excited they are in a good mood. You may understand this with details. It is like; they can gaze at something ordinary but they can find something different with it, and usually they say this to the nearest person close to them. Bad thing is: they even personally do not know why this morning is different than the others.

Most probably: almost all Aqs have a vision for something (I saw this with lots of Aqs I met); a combination of a place, time and particular characters. If they are excited in a morning they should had a part of it in a magazine, by a talk or on the surfing internet.

Good thing is: You do not need to know the source of it. Just make him sure that you plan or you do something, not ordinary to him. If you have troubles with his ordinary picture, try to learn it a little bit more.

Cheers to all.

Kaiti - April 10, 2011

Thanks again for your advice! 🙂 I wonder why I’m into the ”friend zone”(although I had read that with Aquas it’s good to enter that zone,right?)for the second time.Was he annoyed of me from the start?Did I misread his signs(the distant,avoidance thing etc.)?? I’m…confused.Maybe is it ’cause we don’t know each other well? By the way,I have heard that he’ll go to Turkey with the Erasmus programme,and I’ll go in there as well.I guess that we’ll have a chance to know each other better,right? And one last question;Ok he rejected me…Is it possible to change his mind in the future? And IF he ever change his mind,will he show it?
Thanks again for your time! 🙂

Aman Sharma - April 12, 2011


One thing about Aqua’s would be that given the right kind of words, given that you haven’t stepped that fine line of insulting them, they would give you another chance. Mind it, they never forget anything and I mean, ANYTHING, be it was a good thing/word done/said to them or a bad thing/word. I can attest this for myself for sure. Even after years, I would not forget anything about which would have struck a chord with me. And second thing, as Dil mentioned, Aqua’s have a large “circle” but they are not close to that many people. If you are truly in that zone where only the nears and dears are allowed(see if he calls you to tell a specific thing, even it’s nothing, a very brief problem, for example, a bad food eaten by him, anything which may not be very great for others but still he comes and tells you about it), you are good to go. The next thing would be required to be done by you. You need to take the next step and be an active person of his life if he does all this. If you are going to listen and will be a quite person after it, without any inputs, most likely , you would be out of that “friend zone” soon aswell.

As suggested by Dil, be a little playful with him but do take caution that you wouldn’t be reflected like you are playing with him. The very idea of jealousy and all that is not really what an Aqua guy would be having but he would be very watchful of what’s going and given the nature of his, eyes would be looking for more what would meet the eyees. So be careful about it.

I think I should stop here since already Dil has given a very good advice to you. Good luck!


73. Sam - April 10, 2011

Dillinger…thank you so much for the insights! This has truly helped. I’ve been walking around completely stumped and, true to my nature, could not decide on my next actions…go silent or reach out to him. I feel he thinks I’m mad at him because he declined having dinner and seeing me before his trip. I think, he thinks, I’m going to get all weird on him. LORD help me on this one! 🙂

I do see what you mean and fully get your point about him seeing things VERY differently and saying it to the person next to him. It throws some people off, but that is one of his traits that I truly enjoy.

Lastly, when you say I’ve got the wheel, do you mean I have to lead for now in this relationship – show him I care, rather than tell him? And by ‘painful memories’ what do you mean? I don’t want to ‘chase’ him. That would not be my style and if I have to chase a guy, then it is not worth the effort. Also, he is an emotionally immature Aq and, I think, was hurt in a past relastionship…yay me! 😦

Cheers back to you and you have been a true help on this!

Aman Sharma - April 12, 2011


It’s just so easy that an Aqua guy would be hurt in a past relation of his because he would not easily settle down in a relation but when he would, he would give it everything of his and would want to see it getting to the completion. Emotionally immature, I don’t think so. Emotional , yes I can agree. I mentioned somewhere, guys(and especially Aquas) are like kids, can you say that they are emotionally immature?No,they are not, in fact they are true in their emotions. They either like or dislike something,period! There is not hidden layers of their emotions. The same is with the Aqua’s. If you think that he is hurt in his past relation, well, one thing would be sure, he won’t get over from it soon. He would but not easily, not in a day or two. And for you, this can be a challenge and the key to this would be “patience”. It’s not chase that you need to do, just walk “along” with him, make a space for yourself, show that what you are saying is true and is not just for the sake of saying. His eyes would be penetrating your eyes to know the reality behind your words and you have to bear that ensuring that you are true and not fake because if even for a moment, it would appear that you and/or your words are fake, you would be out and would be sent to that “rejected list”.

Hope the best happens for both of you. Good luck!


Sam - April 19, 2011

Hey Aman, I just saw this and appreciate your insights into my Aq. I see what you mean by him being childlike. Yes, he is emotional and brings all this on himself when he runs at the first sign of my showing signs of caring for him. He has done this to me twice already in the year and a half that we have known each other.

As for not being fake, I am always myself around him. I don’t care for fake either and can usually see past this too. I feel that if you are fake, than why be in the relationship?

I hope, in time, it happens too. For now, I’m mirroring him and have stepped back. I’ve been following advice from Dillinger too. It has been 4 weeks since I last saw my Aq. I’ve been so patient in the time that I have known him. For now, I just don’t want to loose all contact, and I know, that it is up to me right now to keep contact going. I’m getting tired and have had to check my feelings at the door on this one.

74. Sam - April 10, 2011

Dillinger…in my above post I said painful ‘memories’ and I meant ‘moments. It is early here…. 🙂

75. dillinger - April 11, 2011

Dear Kaiti

Yep it is good to be in his friend zone. Because they definitely look for a person who can also be a good friend of them. I do not think that he is annoyed from your contacts.

I guess you may try a different path now (but only for short period of time). In the above posts Aman wrote a very good expression: “we are like kids”. Play a small game. Be around him, but do not try to be so close. Key element is acting in full joy, but with the things and persons around, not directly him. If this increases his attention, that truely reflects his interest towards you.

For Aqs you can not have any chance and you would face a full rejection on these occasions: if you act dishonestly (it does not matter how much physically beautiful you are or how you are attractive. they never, never and ever forget this. one thing I am full certain), if you play with their honour or pride (same as previous one) and if you totally behave in a selfish mood. Otherwise you would always have another try.

Going abroad together? yep this can be a very brilliant idea. Aqs are in a good mood while they are traveling.

Dear Sam

Happy to hear your good news!

I said the wheel thing because you are the one who is going to fully understand him, I did not want to mean the full command (although some guys like it, that is not the case for Aqs).

For them, in a relationship the priority is “sharing”. They do not like females who always look for males’ eyes and wait for a decision. Like me: if I am the one who is recommending a place to go out all the time, I feel disturbed. If Aqs in a relationship want to do something, means that they want to do it together. And yes, doing the things rather than telling is important. (By the way, I am an Aq with Gemini as my ascendant sign. Perfect chaos. May be I am not a good example).

“Painful moments” are the times when you do not understand him. In fact it is painful for both of you. And one secret: almost all Aqs are immature emotionally, I mean with general definitions. And if he is above 25, there is a high probability that he was hurt in a relationship before. They are vulnerable because they behave honestly.

One more clue: sure he wants to be alone sometimes (more than other people) and he does something during these hours; reading, gaming, watching, dreaming, etc. If he starts to tell you how he spends those times more than half an hour, that’s a clear sign.


76. Eve - April 11, 2011

“And: you can be sure he is suffering more than you now..”.

Dilinger..I find this unbelievable since he was the one running from the relationship the whole time. I can’t see him suffering.

BUT I think he called me a few days ago. For some reason sometimes he would make his number ‘private’ so I wouldn’t know it was him. I don’t know why. But I think he did it again and when I answered he hung up! So strange!

77. Kaiti - April 12, 2011


Yesterday I met the teacher about the Erasmus programme.When I was walking on the hall of the secretary dep.,I met him and asked him what’s up.He said that he had heared from somewhere that maybe some Exam results would be out,that’s what he wanted to see.(Although I didn’t heard anything at all abt this).I left and I was waiting the bus along with a friend.Then I saw him again entering the building.
Today at the break of the lecture,I greeted him,but I didn’t hear saying anything back,maybe he just didn’t hear me.So he was outside with his friend,and I was also with some other friends,with a little distance amongst me and my friends.I was talking and laughing with my friends,and I noticed that they were kinda facing us,I’d say with a little doubt that his friend was looking at me.Even though I was listening to my friends talking,I heard his friend talking about the Erasmus progr.Then,when we finished the lecture,I talked to the teacher and said that due to the fact that things are a bit weird between us,maybe he asked her to NOT travel together abroad?.She said ”No,of course not,in fact I said to him to travel earlier to be together”.And I also asked her what was his answer,and she said that he’ll finally decide after the Easter holidays.(’cause he was thinking abt traveling the next year,he told me himself). Then,him with his friend,and me with my friend,went to grab a bite.They already had sat somewhere,we were passing by and suddenly saw them,my friend was talking about that we would make a good couple,and I said her:”I just hope that they didn’t hear what you just said and misunderstood!You didn’t see them sitting?!” They could say that we were talking about me and another guy! :0” And she said that she didn’t see them at all,and she was sorry..Pheww!!!


Unfortunately,I’m neither into his clique,nor into in this circle of nears and dears…For a longg time,I didn’t even had his number!And I had to do a trick to get it(The ”where-is my-phone-can-you-call-me?”thing).But he didn’t save my number.Two months before,a girl played a prank at me,mentioned his name.I called him and asked if he had a gf,maybe she was afraid that I was trying to steal him from her?,and he didn’t answer,but he immediately called me back saying:”Who’s this?” So he doesn’t even have my number!I’d say that he ALWAYS keeps his distance with me! 😦 Def.NOT this way with others!

Thanks for all guys!!! 🙂

78. Sam - April 12, 2011

Continuing to understand. I feel a bit enlightened. And, yes, he is actually over 35.

And I am beginning to understand his pulling away from me these last three weeks. He runs and hides. I’m letting him. But we texted yesterday and it was light discussions. Nothing about the relationship, or why he has stepped away. At some point I’ll need to address that with him, but not now. Just not sure how to approach this, or even when. I know I deserve respect from him, but I also will not go at him like some other women would, by yelling, crying, questioning if he cares, etc. I know he cares, that I’m sure of, I just need to let him know that his pulling away causes me to shut down too and that my silence is so that I don’t get hurt any further…Any suggestions on how to approach this subject or discuss it with him? Should I ask to see him (maybe meet for a drink) or continue to let him come to me and then, eventually, address his disappearing act?

79. dillinger - April 12, 2011

Aman made great comments, very valuable and directed to the objective. Most probably because he is still believing his life-long visions. In fact an Aq is half-dead if he left those visions and I am near to it (as I choose to kill them to be a regular man like others; but this is not reflected to my comments of course). Do not think that I am an arrogant guy, this concept can not be near to an Aq. In fact I could choose another character if someone asked me.


Usual Aq guy does not choose to insult people, no matter what he loves or likes. For that reason I am sure that people around him are watching this stuff and make those “pranks” as you mentioned.

For over the years I always wondered why people wanted to know details about my life, why they watched my moves or dealt with my relations. I could not find an answer. Seems that it is same with your Aq guy. My understanding tells me that he is comfortable with that illusion, so many persons close to him, spending good time etc. This Erasmus program could be a great opportunity in fact.

Aqs like traveling not just because of their addiction of learning new cultures of the world, but also for having clearer pictures in their lives. The illusion I mentioned could be lifted over there, then you may have an equal opportunity to challenge. You should definitely try it.


Be sure that he is suffering. I am sorry but I choose to be subjective for this moment and I make a comment: is it possible to understand the inner sufferings of the others with your pains? You may say that he did not tell you, so how can you realize it. Aqs believe that there are universal rules for everything and an emotional relation is not an exception for that. So they think that everyone knows those rules.

Let me make it clearer: This is an example so do not understand it for your case; I always choose extreme examples to have a picture. If you are behaving differently to the other people, let us say in a more rude or not proper manner according to him, but you are OK to the Aq guy; it will not work for him. Imagine that you are dealing with a guy who is thinking this universal stuff, why should it be absurd to expect more patience and more particular trait for him, if you are closer. That’s how Aqs are thinking. You may say that they seek for an impossible dream. So true love itself is.


You understood him very well. Yep I think you may invite him for an activity. Dinner is better than a drink, then you may still discuss the usual matters (relatively shallow matters but occasionally good for this interim moment). But do not directly tell him all the things in your mind. Key element is: during the dinner try to organize an activity he likes, probably out of the city (to be alone with him) and try to combine your thoughts with the small details you make there.

Aq guys are always same in a way for these details. For example, I like archaeology, history and music. A riverside is always same for most of the people. Same water, same trees, same fishes. But there is an enormous difference between a river in Scotland and Nile for me. Not just for touristic purposes, it is like feeling the place. e.g. I hate Kevin Costner, but within one of his movies there is a scene taken in Mayan landscape. When someone tells about him, I always remember that.


By the way; Aman: sub umbra floreo. please do not forget it.

Kaiti - April 13, 2011


Thank you soo much for all!!! I’ll try and follow your advice!!! You’re such a kind and cool guy!!! Do you have facebook? ^^ 😀

80. Sam - April 13, 2011

Thanks again. I’m trying to get tickets to a baseball game on Sunday. It will be something fun to do and we can chill. However, the longer time passes, the more I’m on the fence as to whether I even want to continue this, seeing he continues to distance himeself with little to no contact. But I’m going to give this one last try. I just hope I can not let emotions get the better of me and just ask why he goes hudini when we get close…(tactfully of course :). If he says he can’t, I’m going on no contact. Again, I don’t want to chase him.

81. Taurus Female - April 13, 2011

Met my Aq man over a year ago, he asked me to move after two months and I did. Our relationship was really good until his last EX began to interfer trying to break my trust for him saying he was contacting her. It caused him to be very detach and nervious, and caused us to argue. I finally asked her to forward what she thought she had. He had sent several emails to her telling her he loved her before I moved in but we were dating seriously and he was telling me he loved me. I was hurt but not mad about the emails, was mad because he lied to me for ten months and it caused a few arguments where he would tell me “get out my house” to later ask me to stay. Five weeks ago he wanted to get married and had been calling my mom hi “Mother In Law”. However, a few weeks later we got in a bad argument, he insisted that I move out or he would have me evicted. A was there a few weeks looking for an apartment he would talk to me hardly etc. I did move out as he asked and it has been about three and half weeks. I have met with him twice, first time I asked if I could have a hug since he hadn’t let me near him since the argument and he replied sure. He hugged me tighter than ever for a long time put his hand on my face and asked me to be good. The second time was okay too. Now he won’t call or answer his phone, tells me he doesn’t want to see me any more or talk to me and off of a sudden doesn’t love me anymore. He had previously told me I was his world and there would not be another woman for a long time and he got a puppy. HOwever, when I asked him if he was seeing someone, he hesitated and matter of fact I am happier than I have ever been, but sounded so down and miserable. I don’t now why this happended this way, how to feel or what to do…….Anyone have any advice that might help me.

dillinger - April 13, 2011

Taurus Female

Some details are important, but let me give you my first impression. Of course it is nothing about your personality; but these two signs, Aquarius and Taurus are among the most difficult matches within the zodiac world. In particular in your case, an Aquarius male and a Taurus female.

He would not understand your desires relating to this world, because they are very strong. You would not have a good picture of his character, because most of the times his moves are so enigmatic to you.

In most of the cases Aquarius male loves the strong feminity in Taurus, as they think it is very interesting and they love it. Taurus female loves Aquarius, because they look precious and hard to catch (this last one perfectly matches with the ideal masculinity figure for Taurus; “trying so hard to obtain”). This is your 10 months.

However, although it seems that this can be a perfect couple, it is apparent that they move in two opposite directions, because they act “without looking for the other’s priorities”. When they care, or have to care the other one, they would face the huge differences between them. This is your case at the moment.

Probably, at first both of you enjoyed your own personal findings. But when there is a trouble, you had to deal with your traits or personalities. Then *beep* a big accident happened.

This kind of big difference can only be tolerated with respect. He need to be settled to have respect for this relationship, but his past does not allow this. For me the only solution is time. After clearing his mind from his previous stuff, then forgetting your hard talks (I guess that your oral fights could really effect him, because I know those fights between air-earth elements, they could contain very abusive sentences) there is a chance that he may turn back to you.


Taurus Woman - April 13, 2011

Thanks dillinger, this is very helpful but I feel so helpless and I guess time is all I can do. I have the natural instinct to want to help. Want to hang in there, but not sure being he is seeing someone else (as he says he is) but he sounds so miserable. I think he really thinks out of sight out of mind, but I don’t think love works that way…Will keep you updated. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

82. dillinger - April 13, 2011

Dear Kaiti

Thank you very much for your comments about me. It may sound weird but I do not have any facebook or msn account. I am not an internet social networking guy in fact.

And good luck with that Aq. guy !! I am sure that you will catch him.

PS: you are a young person and with your permission I would like to give a final and general recommendation to you.

this is independent from the things we talked and it is totally apart from your character or your relation with that Aq guy (general as I said).

when you think that you like or love someone, it should be justified by every kind of situation you may face. for example; you like/love somebody because he is making good jokes. imagine that he is in a bad mood and does not make any of them. the difference comes from the fact: “need” someone is different from “need” something.

Have a great life.

Dear Sam

No need to thank, I do that for Aqs too. And you are right about your thoughts, sometimes a good choice is the best suitable solution derived with your senses. This is your life and it is too short. I hope both of you could manage it. Have a good time.


83. Kaiti - April 14, 2011

Dear dilinger,

Thank you,thank you for ALL!!!I understand what you mean…That love should be strong even through hardships. Fingers crossed!!! I’ll let you know the results when this will happen…:)

84. gemini gal - April 14, 2011


i need some advice on an aquarius guy desperately!

I met this guy when i started working at this place and we grew really close coz we share a similar work ethic and intelligence is very attractive to us both. As time went on there was an obvious chemistry and we both subtly hinted at it but nothing ever happened.

Then after he got transferred to another branch and it was devastating but we both never showed it. We phoned each other 50 times a day just to talk about nothing and ask advice that we both actually know the answer. I then found out that he had been talking about me to everyone and that he was so into me. The only complication is that he has a girlfriend that he has been engaged to for 4 years and i always used to ask how is she etc but he never wanted to talk about that part of his life. He is quite the gentlemen despite the fact that anyone wud call him an ass coz he has a girlfriend or me for that fact but after so many months of this game i am too curious to figure him out.

Then i hooked up with a guy and as the grape vine travelled my aquarius found out and yelled at me and i asked him what gives him the right to be mad he couldnt answer me. Because im stubborn i phoned him back saying that i know what he had felt and said about be all along and he denied it so i hung up and phoned the next day to say that i was sorry and that i liked him and i dnt know if he feels the same. He instantly replied saying that he likes me too and we began smsing all day for a while.

Until one day we kissed and he was so nervous but wanted to take it further but i didnt allow him to.
The day after he tested me to see if i told anyone especially coz his collegue is a friend of mine so we had a mini fight. The next day i smsed him to ask if we were still on to go out that night and he replied saying no and tht he has to pick up his girlfriend, so i asked when then and he said one day and i said thanks. From then he has not called me or smsed me however i have needed to phone him for work related things. I asked once why he is so quiet and he said that he was stressed. BUT there is a huge catch coz i have to leave to go back overseas and he is the last person to know and i wanted to tell him face to face but the opportunity never came so i told him over the phone and its like he was surprised but he didnt really care..

Now he is just quiet and i dnt understand where, why and what happened to make him like that, especially coz when we were smsing and were together that one time he told me how unbelievably happy he was and that he had waited for this for so long. Im not counting on anything nor do i want anything from him, i just want some clarity please help!!!

85. Taurus Female - April 14, 2011

Thanks dillinger, this is very helpful but I feel so helpless and I guess time is all I can do. I have the natural instinct to want to help. Want to hang in there, but not sure being he is seeing someone else (as he says he is) but he sounds so miserable. I think he really thinks out of sight out of mind, but I don’t think love works that way…Will keep you updated. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Wanted to add that my Aq man attached very fast, called me two or three times a day and once he met me at home if he had something else to do then went ahead. But, he does leave me with a few questions: does and Aq man just stop loving you in three weeks and replace you, does he actually hurt to and you just don’t see it, I know he loved me and hope he still does? He would tell me I was his whole world and we are going to get married, had been calling my mother “mother in law” for a awhile and would go with friends because he said he wanted to be where I was. Trying to figure it all out, should I hang on (he says he is seeing someone I really don’t know or now). It took him a month to call me back after our first date over a year ago, he said he was trying to decide what to do. Went from the second call to moving in. I just don’t understand, he almost seems Bipolar.

86. Sam - April 15, 2011

Okay Dillinger…I’m having a bit of a freak out. I just thought about some of the things I could have done to push my aq into hiding…I told him I missed him after his week-long trip, then I txt him during the week to say we should catch this band he likes a couple of weeks later (he responded to part of the txt, but not to that), then when I did not hear from him after his biz trip and he went into hiding for two weeks, I txt him saying I haven’t heard from him in a while and hope all was well. What was I thinking? This is not me! We txted this week after he responded to my txt about how he is and I have not heard from him since Tuesday. Now I’m thinking of asking him to join me and some friends for a game. I feel like I may have ruined this in three weeks! Not sure if I should ask him out to game anymore. Just really not sure what to do. Like I’ve said, we dated before, broke up over his mistake, did not see each other for 4 months, then he came back full on. I finally start to reciprocate and feel I pushed too much. UGH! Should I just chill and continue to wait it out? See if he gets past my ‘clingy’ phase or should I still see about his coming to the game? I do see my errors, but…

Taurus Female - April 15, 2011

I am dealing with the same thing, and have reacted in the same way. Feel your pain, will be interested to know what Dillinger says about this and my post #85. Wish you luck..

87. Sam - April 15, 2011

Thanks…I took some bad advice from a friend of mine on how I should act (it was completely against who I am, but I was so confused regarding how my Aq was acting). I should have listened to my gut and just chilled….We’ll see. 🙂 Wish you luck too, btw.

88. Sam - April 15, 2011

Also, Taurus Female, one thing I can say is that, as Dillinger said, time is the best remedy. Take time for yourself though, because you have been given the gift of working on and getting to know yourself outside of the relationship. I know, easier said than done, but it does work. If he comes back to you, then you are stronger and wiser. Also, hopefully, he is in a better place as well. Just my two cents, but this can relate to any relationship outside of even dealing with an Aq.

89. Taurus Female - April 15, 2011

Thanks Sam, you are right about getting to know yourself better. HOwever, can be bitter/sweet you learn alot about yourself, but still hurt alot. I wonder if he hurts too? He makes me feel like he just turned love off and went on see a lady to fill the gap. Although, I do realize he is a man he had previously told me there would not be another woman for a while. Trying to figure out whether to hang on or move on. SOOOO confused.

90. dillinger - April 15, 2011

Please let me give something to understand the Aqs more deeper. I will try to use an example from geography and music to make it clear (they are among 2 major passions for Aqs in fact); of course it can be any other subject too.

Vangelis is one most the best composers in that world, ever. His 1492 work is among his materpieces. An Aq could listen this album, and perhaps watch that Conquest of Paradise movie, then have a vision for those islands which once were conquered by the conquistadores. It is full of peace, tranquility, fresh smells and energy of nature.

Then let this Aq guy visit these islands, may be with a touristic tour. Sure he will be -at least- half disappointed, because his vision for the islands with “Monastery of La Rabida”, “City of Isabel”, “West Across the Ocean Sea”, and “Eternity” does not exist. Then he will be disappointed. He will feel alone, alienated and empty.

Despite the fact that these islands are still very beautiful, very peaceful and full of happiness, their pictures are totally out of scope from his mind.

After all those years if you ask me the reason for this, I can not tell a reasonable answer. The most explanatory reason could be: those visions have nothing about this mother earth; may be strong dreams. Ask Aq guys, at least 80 % of them like to gaze at stars, may be this is not coincidence and due to this lack of vision for the earth.

But what about our practical life? Aqs should re-define the meaning of peace and beauty. They should be landed on our earth, by themselves or by the others. They should understand that there is no land left virgin to be discovered and there is none who perfectly matches his visions. Actually as they are very scared of hurting someone, or even an animal or a plant, they should understand that if they give value for sharing (oh they give, that’s for sure) this sharing should also cover of being on side of the other one in that earth.

I should add one thing: If an Aq guy prefers his visions to this “landing”, I can not blame him. It is hard to describe but they are beautiful. But then he should accept the forever loneliness. In practice this reflects as independence of this zodiac sign. Actually they are not totally independent, this “distant view” power and ability makes them like this.

I suggest you to check whether your Aq guy is so close or not to that preference. It can help you.


gemini gal - April 15, 2011

hi dillinger!

just had a look at your message and its helpful as it totally describes an aq metaphorically.

i am new to this blog and i posted my experience and i havent yet had any advice specfically directed to me, am i doing the blogging thing wrong lol?

i really need some help coz if u read my post, time is running out!

gemini gal

91. Taurus Female - April 15, 2011

So, you are saying that although his vision are beautiful they are unrealistic and maybe that is why he keeps chasing other women to find the perfect match that doesn’t exist. Does he hurt n the way we do and does he try to figure out how to fix things or does he just walk away curious and lonely? I take it he says the outrageously things to hurt you so you go away for him to have space and think and probably doesn’t mean to hurt anyone?
Please go further in depth if you can Dillinger. You are very helpful.

92. dillinger - April 15, 2011

Dear gemini gal

As a pure Aq guy I am, you may understand my unbalanced mood for the blog 🙂 Of course nothing is personal. My apologises.

I will be more practical for this time (I feel that you are such a person)

I guess all those sms and other call stuff made him excited; but may not be in the matter you thought. I do not mean this is totally apart from your or his view, but a little bit different.

You may see these things as a usual path, such as a natural behavior when someone is addicted to a person. Yep, it seems that he is addicted to you too much. But if all the messages or conversations become procedures for him, he would be in trouble. You must be careful for that. I do not intend to say that they are procedural, I refer his thoughts. Because an Aq guy can have the same senses with auxiliary stuff as with the main effect. Or as a brief: when they started to have platonic feelings, danger arises.

I do not know you personally, but seems that you have ability to understand him well; and you got confidence on your side. You may think that geometrically (by the way that’s a hint for Aqs. When you can explain the things like this you will be more understandable for them; geometrical explanations, even for emotions? yep; even for emotions).

For Aqs, think about a curve, like a half circle or a crescent. Unless it is closed and creates a circle, it can go forever. If one point of the crescent gets stronger, the other one groves too, but the result is: two sides are getting more apart.

Point is: Try to have a full circle. Your strong personality and your value for him makes the one side bigger. But you have to catch the other side too, then he will be closer. I mentioned here about a movie: Four weddings and a funeral for Aq traits. I should add the movie “Closer” for your case (the one with Clive Owen).

In short, try different paths. While doing this try to realize the small pieces for the things he likes you. May be once he said that your fragrance is beautiful or he liked your special move.

Funny thing is: An Aq likes surprises so much, but generally they say they do not. Perhaps the reason for the latter contains usual birthday cakes. I am a traitor but I can clearly say that an Aq can not resist to see a close female, with full of effective small pieces together I mentioned. This at least gives you a total day or maybe more, then you may understand his intention about you.

With the things you wrote I say that he is closer to you than you imagine. Unless the things I wrote to Kaiti above (what makes an Aq really disappeared; if these awful things already happened you may see him totally lost already) just go further upon him. Again, I see that you got the senses for particular details. Use them.

Dear Taurus gal

I thought I wrote something about this (I mean just to scratch my memories for my consistency). Aqs think that they are realistic because they apply the same universal rules to love as they do for the other things in life. But apart these rules, love concept is very and very special to them. For that reason they look more stuff than in the daily life.

Of course, this is also the case for you. But with a different perspective. As they do not like ordinary life (from outside you may see the opposite. they can be a good friend of a cab driver within 10 mins after the first contact. they are fully talented for this) they think that love has a higher place.

This place is horizontal. I mean it is really horizontal, not occasional for a single second of your life. However, Aquarius is one of the less mobile signs in the zodiac world. There is a stress for them, as they are the representatives for change, this less mobility for their character makes them confused. For that reason love is one of the most complicated thing in their lives: it is a change, but also a challenge for mobility.

Hurt? I do not want to be arrogant but you can not compare his hurt to yours believe me 🙂 I think that I can not be arrogant because I do not believe in this hurt of Aqs anymore. I am not saying it is not real but my question for Aqs, is it necessary? After some years, no.

For your questions; unfortunately mostly they do not see the concepts you mentioned as you do. I told a blogger that a real love should be about persons, not the things; and this should be sufficient. I did that in purpose. Because for Aqs it is beyond that. For them it is like combination of their own visions with mutual surrender.

In practice; again use time for healing. The other thing you could do, more harder but: do not close to him, but from a distance if you can show him that his life is ordinary as he hates, you may shorthen this time period. There should be one or max. three persons close to him. Try to find and discuss with them. Although they look extremeley different, they have those close “gangs”.


gemini gal - April 15, 2011

hi dillinger,

thanks for the quick reply! my apologies for the hastiness 😉

your quite accurate! i am practical and i believe attention to detail is essential..but if you can understand and bare with me… when i put pieces of the puzzle together; i do not have to have all the pieces but i should have a basic understanding (even if its my own strange understanding) to lead me to my next piece;
thus i am curious about a few details of what you have said and about my aq. i hope you dont mind.

1.How do you mean that he would be in trouble if our conversations became procedure to him? like do you think he only sees me as a friend now?
2.I have seen the movie closer before, yet im not sure how it relates to me..
3.How do you get that he is closer that i imagine?

I totally agree and love what you mentioned “full effective small pieces”; but what worries me is that i might appear clingy or over crowding in his possible “alone time phase” and i am genuinely not like that. Another thing is that our chemistry or sexual tension or whatever made it very exciting and after all our smses which mainly involved joking and beating around the bush about being together physically that when it came down to the moment and i didnt let him go all the way, was he dissapointed and put off? i dnt think so coz when i asked if we were still on for another night he said one day..Or was it all a sexual mind game for him and coz we made out he has made his play and now is done?! thats the main thing that roles in my mind!

Coz i respect him and this complicated situation i dnt want to rush it BUT because im leaving in approx 3 weeks im not sure what the next productive step is!! How should i approach going further upon him my paths can be obvious to him now..

sorry if you get the impression im repeating myself i just am considering what specific, lucrative approach i need..your opinion is greatly appreciated!

93. Taurus Woman - April 15, 2011

Thanks Dillinger, makes sense to me. I hope you don’t mind all of the questions, just afraid I will mess everything up. I do respect him and love him much. Just don’t understand. He only has one person he is really close to (dad) and he would never talk with me without letting him aware. I will give some time and try to heal, if you have any other suggestions please let me know. I am beginning to understand a little more and maybe this will help me to deal with the difference if he does come back. Seems as some people that are supposed to be friends, that I haven’t met, want to set him up with this girl and that girl. He seems very confused and stressed. The only way I know to deal with it is give him space and let him do whatever he has to where he can think. Again, thanks this forum is very helpful for me.

94. dillinger - April 16, 2011

Dear gemini gal

You never annoyed with your posts. And, Aqs have 6th senses and even with that blog texts I can feel your strong energy. Anyway, this is not a wrong or a bad thing.

1) I am sure that he does not see you as a friend. I said about this “procedures” thing because there is a high potential that he may want to hide from you. This is like “unable to see end of it”, not a chaos. I am pretty sure that you may be a very great chaos on occasion 🙂 but this case is not a thing like that, you are managing it well.

Problem of the Aqs is the fear of loosing their domain with uncertainty. Yep you are natural, but probably you move too fast for him. All Aqs have a big potential for platonic affairs, and when he is confused he may choose it. Then your 3rd party connections (sms etc) could make his path easier, as he may be glad with them as much as he got you near.

2) I mentioned that movie for him, not you. When you close to Aqs you go far away from them too. I suggest you not to forget the priority for “peace” than “joy”. Peace is like the common ground, then you may have joy together. For the movie; at the end all characters acted with their instincts, not their loves. This is connected to the texts I wrote after number (3).

3) I know he is closer because of the things you told. Besides all clues, if an Aq wrote you 50 sms per day, it is apparent 🙂


If you want to have a concrete result, first you have to erase any lucrative approach from your mind. Unfortunately that is the case. Question is: do you want to be a lover, a friend and a life partner of him or do you just want to spend good time near to him.

For the first case you should act according to the question itself, as a lover, friend and a life partner. For the latter let me remind you that each time you have to present something more (or new unique stuff we can say) and it is almost impossible to compete with Aqs imagination for it.

For me it is apparent you want the first. Even for that case you got two choices. 1) You will trust your dominance and wait for him to come. I must admit that you got the opportunity to have its return within that situation. But; are you ready for this? I mean with that he may want to put his head over your legs and spend hours like this. You could have him but you will still not be with him really. 2) You will change and use your big potential to share. For this you have to arrange the balance. Probably he likes your strength very well, but also this prevents him to be close to you. With that change you will lower your power but you will increasingly understand him.

For me changing yourself is the only option for an healthy stuff. In this blog I repeated one thing so many times: try to act instead of speaking. But I will tell you the opposite 🙂 Try to speak more. I do not mean just for joyful moments, but you got a chance to enter his heart and soul. You have the wheel more than his control over you. So he will listen you for sure.

What to speak? Did you ever try to have the details of him, for example. You may ask what the details he finds about you, what’s his combination to love you. Asking to Aqs has one advantage: they would never say “still didn’t you understand it?” if you say “I just want to hear piece by piece from you”.

Dear Taurus Woman

Until this time I did not se any Aq guy who is very close to his parents as you mentioned including me. This could be due to one reason: he may communicate with his father.

I told about his gang, but I wanted to mean people who are close to him. I do not know whether you got a chance to have conversation with his father or not, but if you can have try that. They do not like to have recommendations for private affairs so much, but in your case it is not force his father top talk to him, it is to have feedback about him.

His nervous stuff is a clue for his need of time. I am sure he will change when he settle himself.


gemini gal - April 17, 2011

Hi dilliinger!

What you have said makes a lot of sense and im sure i can apply it but i have one thing that prevents me from just going for it again and its fear! fear of rejection, fear of dissapointment..i do not know! but thats natural i guess. Why does he want to hide from me? and do you think it could be just a sexual game for him that there is no real feelings?

Yesterday i phoned through to his work and he answered and was very friendly to him even tho he is still coldish towards me and i informed him that i had to exchange some stock and pick up something from his branch and he said it was cool. i could just pitch up there and surprise him but im not like that so hearing that it was okay made me think that perhaps he does just want to see me. Eventually by the time i got there he had gone home already 😦 lol. And my friend there had said that he had JUST left and that he could have gone hours ago but its like he was waiting for something the whole time. And in the past that is so what he would do to wait for me.

I was thinking today to just phone him and tell him that no pressure but im leaving really soon and does he want to play open cards with me with his “one day” or is he done?

Dillinger! does he not care that im leaving?

sigh..for all my intelligence i do not know what to do with this man..should i just go full force and confident and say take me for this moment or say bye forever?

95. Taurus Woman - April 16, 2011

Thanks Dillinger, I will try to hang in there. I did speak with his father (and the Aq man did happen to walk up on the conversation) he hadn’t told his Dad the whole truth and admitted to him that he hadn’t. I told his dad how much I loved him and his dad told me since I moved in the house that he had been faithful not seeing other women. The Aq man told me I should have just ignored his ex trying to cause trust issues, in fact he had lied about the last time he had spoken to her and would himself tell her to leave us along. However, I do not think he was cheating with her t the time. But hit it right on the head about an Aq doesn’t want to hurt you on purpose, he said that he didn’t want to argue anymore or hurt me that he had “demons in his head” from way back and doesn’t like that side of himself. Wanted to get married three weeks before the last argument and when his phone was lost and couldn’t be found (was replaced of course), he is a mechanic and said he lost money because the phone was lost and blamed me because I was holding his phone at one time. I don’t understand how a phone could be so important and how he could blame me 100%. He even told me if I would bring him this phone that no one knows where it is, he would be nice to me and try to work it out. Now, three weeks I have been gone we have gone from no phone I will not be nice. Hugged me asked me to be good, then turned around and said I don’t want to talk to you or ever see you again. Although I know he had work contacts in his phone he could have gotten off of his phone bill, I don’t understand such importance on it and how we went from getting married to I never want to see you again. I see the confusion, but he doesn’t act like he hurts at all or loves me. Not that I want him to hurt because I don’t, but I would like to figure out if he really loved me enough to marry me and if he still loves me, and if so whether he really is seeing another woman or not why would he. I am not real sure if this woman is just someone that shows up to group socials and someone to talk to or what, but he had originally told me there would not be another woman for a very long time and not another to live in that house. Matter of fact, four days after I left he was going to let the house be repoed and leave the state, 24 hours later he was not leaving had bought new living room furniture and going to make the best of it. I guess he is confused and sees love in a different way. Do you think he still loves me, or can he really turn love off that quick and move on, or is he just confused lonely empty and hurting to the point he doesn’t know what to do? Seems as he is worried that if anyone in his small town, including distant family, thinks he is talking to me that it makes him look like a bad person or something? If you don’t mind please let me know how you feel about these issues, sorry if I am to repetative. Thanks.

Taurus Woman - April 16, 2011

Dillinger, wanted to add one question please. From afar how do I make him see that his life is ordinary as he hates it?

96. dillinger - April 16, 2011

Hi Taurus Woman

It is complicated if you stay completely far. But it can be easy if you stay close with a distance then you got a chance to achieve this. Stay on his sight from a distance. Be sure that he sees you in a market or near to his workplace. Be careful you should not be near e.g. 5 times a week. Every two or three weeks could be fine. Act with coincidence, but do not show any gesture if you look at each other.

For the hate part; he already hates ordinary things, but issue is accepting it. As he is inside of his shell now, he may find lots of things to deal, you can not even imagine how he can live at a minimum level. As an Aq I observed that on myself and other Aqs, they can even spend 20 hours within their rooms by dealing with the things they like, such as reading, surfing on the net or making replica automobiles (An Aq I know spent 15 hours in front of a computer game after he broke up with his gf; he was 32 at that time). Aman does not need extra stuff, as he got his Oracle stuff 🙂 I am joking of course (am I?)

But with your image he will question himself. I must say that if this works the situation will be a little bit painful for him; but Aqs have always painful moments more than other zodiac signs anyway.

Good luck.

Aman Sharma - April 18, 2011

Did someone call my name 😉 ? Aman actually does a lot of stuff other than Oracle too but yes, Oracle is one of the most near and dear things to me, has given me a lot professionally, socially and yes was a savior for me at a phase where it wouldn’t be there,I would not had been there too 🙂 .

Just my 2 cents.


97. Taurus Woman - April 17, 2011

Thank you so much Dillinger, I am beginning to get the picture. I am about 20 miles from where he is now. I will try to follow your advice and put myself in the area at least twice a week (although will be difficult). Not sure how to get his attention though, will try. What do you make of him loving me still, and this other so called seeing another woman? I am very grounded love him and want to take care of him and make him very comfortable and feel very special. He is a very good mechanic does side work along with being with the volunteer fire department (although honorable) takes alot of out time and I really miss it. He is with his son this weekend, who is finishing boot camp with the Army and will graduate May 20. This may cause some emotion as well. As to his parents, he is very close to his father although shades some things to him because he wants his father to be proud of him, not so much with his mother. His family is very disfunctional, and mine very close and grounded. When we began to look at vacation picture etc. he became very quiet and distant for a short time. Not sure what he is feeling and would love to be with him to support him, but he will not let me.

98. dillinger - April 17, 2011

In fact you do not need to be around him once a week, once per 2 or even 3 weeks would be enough.

One more thing to add; If he is a January Aq he can be more easy going and less hard to communicate. But February Aqs are the opposite, more complicated to deal. In fact these two are like different stocks, the only common ground for them (Jan and Feb stuff) is their desire for independence (in terms of menthality) and their high capacity for social affairs (and Feb Aqs use only small portion of this, Jan ones like to have fashionable things and social networking so much. If you ask for me it is not easy to categorize Jan people as “typical” Aqs).


Kaiti - April 17, 2011

Dear dilinger,

I’d like to express my personal opinion about the Aquas born in January and the others in Feb: IF only you could see the one that I have mentioned before in my posts!He was born in 23 Jan.I’d say that he isn’t so easy to comunicate,lots of silences and nervousness in the air,and he does it ONLY WITH ME. Whereas another Aq(we have been penpals for 2 years approx.)is a really cool guy,(like you! :)),we send each other mails and he never forgets my birthday! 🙂 (He’s from China and born in 3 Feb).

Aman Sharma - April 18, 2011


Well, I guess it’s not an “in-general” thing then , coming from someone who is born on 22nd Jan. I am in a profession where I have to communicate (and do it otherwise too a lot) , that’s another story that at times, that communication is to cover up the silence. I haven’t forgot any time so far, to wish anyone on any occasions and a lot more stuff like this . So not really a reserved person(moody yes but reserved, no, I don’t think so) . Not a chance that I am nervous at any time, throw me anywhere and I guarantee you that I shall break the ice in few minutes 🙂 . So if your guy is doing the opposite with you, you must be more careful because its not always that if an Aq guy is not talking to you or ignoring you, it means that he doesn’t like you or want you around. Aq guys, most likely, don’t like to start something which they can’t finish and before they would start on something, they would like to be ensure that it’s worth the effort. So my suggestion, have a closer look and try to see beyond what’s there in front of you.


99. Sam - April 17, 2011

Hey Dilliger, I have an update…I asked my Aq to go to the game tomorrow and he responded saying that he got my msg and that he had plans to go to the game today, and going tomorrow too will be just too much game, but thanked me for asking. I responded by saying, Another time then… Seriously, I’m stumped. He responds to me. We are keeping it friendly. Is this good? But I’m the one doing all the asking. I feel now, the ball is in his court? Next moves? I’m not sure. At this stage, I’d normally say he is just not interested. Here is this guy who four weeks ago planned, purchased, and threw my bday party for me. Now, we don’t even see one another. He spends all his free time with his guy friends too. It seems that they are easier than me to be with? Goodness, I get him well, but really don’t know where to go from here. Any suggestions?

dillinger - April 17, 2011

Hi Sam

First of all if he responded, that means you both got a tune. Normally for an Aq probably it was hard to say it; I mean he is so close to you so responded like that. But you want to be more closer than a regular close one; that’s the challenge.

Within your situation I can only suggest one thing. Invite him into an activity abroad, I mean out of the city or his living space. While doing this do not give it as your plan for being together, but as a part of an activity; like there is a tour bus for going to the countryside and there are free seats to be taken, then invite him to join. Make this urgent, like only 2 days ago, so he would have to decide within a shorter period of time (if you shorten time period for these types of decisions, you could have more possibility to have “yes”).

Why this is important, to make him to explain his thougts about you. If he even does that for once, he will always remember what he said over there.

Yep unfortunately it’s easier to be with his guys than you. Because it is just like spending time with them, but with you he should overcome a stage. If an Aq gives you a value he escapes first. That’s the main reason. I told that he sees you as a close one; but an Aq can not see a female like he sees his gang brothers. If you ask me, probably he likes you to see you near, but he likes that distance too as he can keep his independency. In short: he is scared of being close to you, more than usual pals.

For a test about his interest. Did he ever accept one of your invitations for a pairing activity, I mean only you and him during last 6 months? If you say yes, he is not far from you.

Code of conduct? Imagine one guy is waking up in the morning and there is a heavy show out of the house. Next step for that guy is thinking about his car and the road. An Aq can look at the window and think that how the light is beautiful as it hits on the snow. Then he may think about his car and the road. You should be there to share his visions so that he can make his times longer for this light.


100. Taurus Woman - April 17, 2011

Hey Dillinger, he is Feb 4 Aq, very hard to communicate, gets frustrated and angry quickly then will say anything to you to hurt you to only later tell me that he was hurting so he said it to make me hurt. He only socializes with a small group which includes one cousin he has only know a short while (female and lives fairly close), his brother on occasion, men from the fire department, mostly men. Works alot and it seems his communication with the people he does work for is enough socializing. At home, not much energy. After our first date it took him four weeks to contact me again, he was seeing another girl about that time also and this is the girl that gave us such a hard time. However, he lived with her previously when she got into financial trouble (he didn’t help much) he left and went to another town but later when she was settle down started dating her again. I didn’t have that issue of bills, and the way a female looks seems to be important the them. However, he would tell me he doesn’t need a women and there would be another he could get sex anywhere even if he had to pay for it. That’s why I can understand him making sure I knew he was seeing someone three weeks after I left if he is or just a way to hurt me. His self esteem appears low, he would tell me that he has messed up all of his life and in his mind I am better than he is. I don’t feel that way, but he thinks he isn’t good enough. I reassured him often and he would settle down for a short while. Feel like it is a game to have space and not have to anwser to anyone, as he so calls it. Even after the argument, he would tell me on his own where he would be going. Confusing???

101. Taurus Woman - April 17, 2011

Hey Dillinger, update this morning. I spoke with his son and the female cousin. She didn’t know alot of information but we had tornados last night, I sent her an IM asking “is everyone okay over there”. She let me know that her house and the Aq house was okay. I wrote her back thanking her and saying I miss you all, she wrote me and said WE MISS YOU TOO, she said he doesn’t tell her much but she says he has been hurt alot and that it is hard for them, he told her “I guess the curse is back”. Not sure what she is talking about. I let her know that I loved him and was here but it appears he is pushing me away said he was seeing someone, and let her know that I don’t know if he is or not or just needing space. She didn’t act like he was doing anything, but when I told her he said he was seeing someone else she didn’t answer me back but she was talking with several on the computer too. What to make of it and next step. His some was on a leave military and the Aq was there. He did chat with me a little on the computer and said he would keep in touch. What do you make of all???? Did I do okay, does he just need time, does he still love me? Where to go from here.

102. sildenafil citrate joint pain - April 17, 2011

Howdy! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog. Is it hard to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast. I’m thinking about setting up my own but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any tips or suggestions? Thanks

Aman Sharma - April 18, 2011

sildenafil citrate joint pain,

Well, setting up a free blog is actually very easy. As suggested by Dil already, you can use various free blogging service providers like Blogger, WordPress, Typepad and so on. Out of all, Blogger(from Google) and WordPress(From Automattic) are the most popular ones. All what you need to do is to go the website of the service provider ( for example for WordPress http://wordpress.com), get yourself registered there with a valid email id of yours and enter some of the details of yours i.e. your name and other things. You will be asked to choose a name for the blog that would be used to create a public. shareable link for example, http://myblog.blogger.com . If the name you have chosen is available, you are done. There would be a inbuilt blog-post editor which you would be able to use to write your first blog. Most of the blogs offer a sample post as well like which you can see, modify and can get started with. If you don’t want to use the blog service provider’s website to write the blog all the time, you can download some of the blog writer plugins and/or writer softwares as well, like Quamana. But the first thing I would suggest would is to register, setup a blog and play around. You don’t need to use various email addresses. With the same account, you can set up many blog accounts and when you are sure which one you would use always, you can delete the rest of them.

What I have told to you is about the service where everything is done for you. There is another service in which you are supposed to manage your own blog, like setting it up (along with the creation of it’s database and other geeky stuff) , upgrade it whenever required and so on. That’s applicable if you have your own domain overwhich you want to set up your blog. If that’s what you want , you can check http://wordpress.org . This is going to be a lot harder to setup compared to the above mentioned, out-of-the-box approach. Choose what you think is the best for you.


103. dillinger - April 17, 2011

Hi Taurus Woman

Everything is more apparent now. I am right with that “curse” stuff, I can understand him. Aqs are strongly superstitious and most probably he thinks that he got problems due to his life. None can tell whether this is true or not, but that’s a typical Aq trait (I personally believed this so many times).

Other option he mentioned that curse for you; but if so, why did his cousin say “we miss you too” and “he has been hurt a lot”. If you talked with his cousin a day before for example, and if she said this curse thing after some time, we could say that she talked with him and he said that about you. But this is not the case as it is seen.

You told her expression about his status and she said he is talking with someone. Yep he can, in fact Aqs may have lots of female friends and most of them could feel special things about them. But as we talked in the previous posts here, “special” is not an easy label for Aqs.

Let me give you an example; I was in a trip abroad and I was sitting in a bar alone and looking around. I saw one guy started to talk with the people over there and just within one hour he was the champion of conversations. He came to me and said: “OK pal, why you are staring at me and not talking about your life”. I asked him if he is an Aq and he said “how did you know this”. Because two models are in the same place, one is drinking alone and the other is chatting with almost everyone. Two Aqs.

“Love”? erm. That is the source of everything in fact. If he could be convinced about the love concept in his mind, then he could say “I do” or “I do not love you” to you. Probably he is very confused now.

Practical things; again, let him rest and give some time. Continue to have conversations with your contacts near to him. And keep safe distance around, show yourself from a distance once for each 2 or 3 weeks. These are the things you can do at the moment.

PS: I had my military service. That’s a good opportunity to clean you mind. You said Aq contacted you around these times, so this is good actually. Because he contacted you at his tranquillity times.

104. dillinger - April 17, 2011

sildenafil citrate joint pain

I do not have any personal blog now but I tried in the past. First you have to choose your domain. It can be wordpress like here (www.wordpress.com) or it can be blogspot (www.blogspot.com). Of course there are other pages but these are the most commonly used agents.

When you enter one of those pages, you may easily see “Sign up” button. You have to follow the instructions and be registered first, then you will have plenty of guides to create your blog inside of these websites; I mean templates for the main screen or subsidiary menus. I suggest you to start with blogspot as you are a new blogger.

If you want to be sophisticated, you have to learn to use the scripts. If you are a regular computer user you would understand the meaning of them very easily. In blogspot for example, each screen or post has a button to see its script. Then you can see how to change the color or how to modify the boundaries.

And not forget to create a dummy blog first; choose another e-mail and register there, then play with your page. You will learn fast.

Good luck.

PS: One more thing; amendments or comments in your blog could bee seen after up to 4-5 days in google. That’s reasonable of course.

105. Taurus Female - April 18, 2011

Thanks Dillinger, Aq has mentioned to me about inner demons he has and has always had (he said he doesn’t like himself when he acts that way but can’t help it) and according to his cousin the whole family refers to the curse as a “family” curse. First, she let me know that all homes were okay after the tornados, and when I thanked her and told her I miss you all she then responded “we miss you too”. She further said that he has been hurt alot and it will take a little time. She also stated that “it is very hard for us”. Although I understand the time thing I am not sure why he off of a sudden tells me “I don’t love you anymore-when angry of course”, but I do think he cares about me and misses me. Only after all of that conversation I responded to the curse remark and told her I didn’t know that he told me he was seeing someone, and I sure hope that he would try to break the curse instead of making it worse. This was at the end, she didn’t respond after I mentioned him seeing someone, I am not sure if she didn’t know, if he isn’t really or if she did know. She acted like she didn’t and if so not much to it. It was like she was telling me give him a little time. If I could just figure out if he still loves me truly or it is a game I would know what to do (hoping he does love me). It has been two weeks now since I talked with him and that wasn’t really a good conversation (he was still angry). I am going to carry on with your advise, if you don’t mind please read into this one and see if you think he really loves me and will be back or it will take time (maybe not). You are so much help and thank you so much!

dillinger - April 18, 2011

Dear Taurus Female

I do not know something about these inner demons, and I can not just say that they exist or they are not real. But if a whole family says something since so many years, I can say “wow”. The only thing I believe, every darkness feeds itself with fear and true love resolves everything. I am only making a guess (like about a movie) could it be your love that increased their dark activities, as love is a way for light? may be?

I can not be 100 % sure about his love because I do not know him personally. But my observation tells that his interest on you is apparent. It is so hard for Aqs to play love games in such a manner, I mean making someone addicted in purpose for nothing.

Most of the times they are accused of that, but tragic thing is they do not do it artificially. I still do not know the mechanism behind this, but I know one point: My serious ex.s are out of the scope for this story of course; Definitely I am not an attractive man, but for the moments I did not show any interest I was still a target by some and most of the times they insisted so much (I am not talking about your case of course). More I played the calm man they tried more. Then I realized that the reason was my natural behavior, because as an Aq I could not act as someone else. With that example I want to assure you that he is not playing with you.

Will he back to you in a short or a long time? If he can escape from the bond between his visions and modalities, it can happen tomorrow. But let me say that this would not be so easy for him. He can kick the chairs in his flat when he is alone or he can shout in front of the mirror; but they have an ability to calm down within a very short period of time.

In short that’s the case: Their modalities make life very suffering for them. When they reach to the limit they discharge their stress with several ways (kicking is only one example; some Aqs are concentrating their work or hobby activities, or they consume alcohol for instance) then they use their visions for healing. In fact they create an inner circle, because they use their essence (visions) to treat the most hateful thing for them (modalities); and these modalities provide a secure place to keep their visions. What a miserable loop, but this is the reality.

If I can help that’s my plesure. Please keep your head high.


106. Sam - April 18, 2011

Dillinger, I get everything you are saying. I guess for me, that is the hard part. I can sense that he cares and I know he is distant due to this. I can feel him at times (the pisces in me) and wish I could close off to him at times.

As for your question as to whether he has accepted an invitation in the last 6 months with just me, the answer is yes. We have been together twice for dinner or just hanging out. He also went on a weekend trip with me (I brought some gal pals), but it was early on in our relationship. As we got closer, he brought his friends or brother more into the mix and we have not been alone since. Only at night when everyone leaves. I can feel him being nervous around me and he gets quiet (only talking with his friends). I used to think he didn’t like me, but thanks to you, I now know that he does.

I’ll give it some time for the next invite. Want to make sure the time is right and we are both open to seeing one another and even, hopefully, talking about what it is that freaks him out, because what he doesn’t get is that I get freaked out too. BTW…he is 40 and never been married. Very independant and travels a lot. I’m in the same boat.

Cheers to you!

107. dillinger - April 18, 2011

Dear Sam

I would like to play the devil’s advocate for now. Do not let him put you in a safe distance. After our conversations I am sure that you know how to deal with this. I mean too much close could yield bad results and being far away could push him into his inner world.

Lol. I am 40 and I never married too. So I hope that this would give me a place for understanding him well. For the travel stuff I guess you already know this fine, he is trying to find peace (you can remember those Camel commercials, cowboy stylish guy at the top of a Giza Pyramid smoking a cigarette; this is like created for an Aq) But each place make him disappointed after max. 3-4 days (more years make this period shorter)

You mentioned that he is only talking about his friends. Bu sure that these talks are not about serious topics, people around like them for many reasons, they got a good sense of humor and this is one of the reason.

If you can be close to him alone, I mean without any distracting people around, watch the details. I know that you are already familiar with it; he will talk about something which is non-sense for most of the people, and your replies will guide him somewhere. As these are all about his visions, 1) If you match at least 40 % of them he will be so glad, but; 2) If you can supply new horizons he will show full respect. That’s the key.

Let us talk more practical with an example; Driving in a car through a forest, outside is so cold and most of the times road is blocked by bushes or wooden stuff; terrible scene isn’t it? He can be in full joy about this, because he could like this scene before in a movie, a videoclip or a novel. Perhaps he experienced that before in a dream. In short; until some moments he will be leading the conversation, then he will expect understanding. I am sure you know him very well.

Good luck Sam, as a Pisces you are a brave one I must accept 🙂 (just kidding)


108. Taurus Woman - April 19, 2011

Thanks Dillinger, you are very helpful. I had no idea there was so much pain and confusion in dealing with a relationship and seems like his vision cause some of this curse. I am learning so much, and it does appear that he really does love me and there probably isn’t anyone that he is seeing other than maybe someone to have conversations with. I am going to make a trip that way in the next day or so at a distance of course. I was going tonight but do to storm damage I didn’t. Seems as this is a catch 22 as to time. I so wish that I could take some of it away for him but he won’t let me that close. Says he doens’t love me anymore, which now I can almost understand him telling me to go about my life. He must think he can’t fix anything or do any better. Since I have move he really doesn’t know exactly where I live. When I met him a little over three weeks ago to get mail, he was giggling and made mention to the fact that I would go around my elbow knees and back to not let him know where I was at. I told him that was not the case at all, he wanted me to leave I left and anytime he wanted to hang out to let me know I had nothing to hide then. He just giggled, but didn’t ask. Hugged me and asked me to be good, for what ever that meant. I am not sure if it is a good thing that he doesn’t know exactly where I live or not, but at this point think it may be a good thing brings some curiosity maybe. He had no problem letting me know that he could find me if he wanted. I have no reason to believe he has tried. Sad, enough but wish he would. A friend at work told me today that she has been talking with a friend of hers and hears that he can be somewhat aloof and violent and to stay away. I think he just hurts and would like for it to all go away, but won’t let anyone help. I do know that Aq can be very aloof and say things to hurt you on purpose, but not sure about violent. He once acused me if I left that his brother might step into his territory, or maybe his son. That is one of two times that I saw a little jealousy. But I really don’t won’t anyone else. Can’t make him see that though. Thanks Dillinger for all of your patience and advice. Everything you can give me helps…..

Taurus Female - April 19, 2011

Dillinger, found information to update so when you read this it becomes more apparent. The other day when I was talking with the son in the military the Aq had left. Didn’t know until today, but find it odd that he had Fri night and Sat (ate at the motel instead of taking him to a restaurant) left aroun 9 Sun morning. He has seen this child in almost three months and he will be transferred to the other side of the US. I have talked to him since 3/29 other than forwarding a message through his phone or on the phone (sometimes didn’t answer sometimes did’t). He would answer, but saying “What do you want”, but he answered. I have tried in a week or so. Additional piece of information, although he asked me to leave he waited until he suspected that I had a place to go and wanted to suggest I rent from him, that he was looking for anyone anyway. I had previously suggested that and he wouldn’t answer me until he saw me moving things out. Followed that up with you have already started moving things, so I guess you just as well go on, I did because I didn’t know what else to do. I had also asked if he would help me move, he told me depending on what he had scheduled and wouldn’t give me an answer. The day before I moved he called and asked me if I wanted to to get a friend to help him move me, I couldn’t get an answer earlier so I hired a mover. When I didn’t let him help, he got angry. Added this detail so when you read the post above about him really not knowing where I am (good or bad). He also bought a puppy before I left, which we were not going to do because of the one we had. HOwever, paid for it and told me he would go pick it up after the one dog there was gone because he wanted to respect me and the dog. What to make of the above post and this….thank you Dillinger.

Taurus Woman - April 20, 2011

Dillinger, difficult night for me and I am so wishing this time thing would hurry up. I have a picture I made for Valentine’s Day of he and I, should I send it through email or just hold on to it. He has seen it but doesn’t have it, thought it might progress things. He makes me worry and hurt so much. I just need him to be there.

Taurus Woman - April 20, 2011

Update as of 10:38 pm,made a mistake and called his phone, distroyed a female answered the phone by I told her who I was ans ask ber he have him call me back. He did and told me to leave him alone that he was happier than he has ever been I was crazy and he did need anything from me anymore. Wby Why…….I told her I had just seen him two weeks ago, she said she had been seeing him two weeks. I guess I move on now.. I hur so much and am so destroyed…..don’t know how eo react. Please Please help. said he never loved me how can that be….

dillinger - April 20, 2011

Taurus Female

Yep, you made a mistake. In fact a big one. But we are talking about people, so nothing is too late. But you delayed the time period you should wait if you ask me.

Strange thing is; a woman who is with him since 2 weeks told you “leave him alone”. That means she met him, made usual chats, started to live with him and she even knows his previous relationships. Let us forget about Aqs, this does not look like real.


– She knew him before, but began to live with him since 2 weeks. In that case it is still weird; why was he so stressfull as he already got her.

– She did not know you before and really she is with him since 2 weeks. He is so afraid of you and told her the possibility of your call, and perhaps what to reply. Imagine that you are a female who is with a man since 2 weeks and you reply like that. No logic.

– She did not know you before and really she is with him since 2 weeks. When she handed up the phone she heard you, then then created everything with her imagination.

For me there could be 3 options as listed above; so which one looks more real, you decide.

Before I told you that one of the most difficult matches in the zodiac world is between Aquarius and Taurus, in particular Aq male and Taurus female. I am not talking about any stuff such as this one is wrong and this is right. But let me say that this a typical contradiction between two strong characters, especially when there is a concept called love.

You have to stop thinking about him with your vision, because your vision is strong but his one is too. You are very close to that earth as a Taurus female, but he is very far away from it as an Aq male. If you behave with your usual traits it is like pulling him from the skies to the ground, but this is almost impossible for him when you suddenly do that.

The only option is time, then he can realize that the problem is not the person, but his foot which is not touching upon the ground. Seems like you wish to have a precise duration, but it is impossible to tell; in particular for an Aq male.

Of course it is nothing about you, just an example: In the past I was adoring a female and I found everything inside of her. Then I saw only one precise thing; she was loving me so much, but she was not honest with me. First orally I tried several times to force her to tell the truth; when I realized that it is a fail, I left and completely erased her image from my mind. Simple as it is.

Again, I am not saying you are like her; I told this short story to say that Aqs have their own perception, and when they see the opposite, pain is not a factor for their decisions. Pain? they were born with a sword to fight, as there are many things to challenge, and pain can be only a result, not an essence. Actually after all years this is one of the various Aq traits which I still keep in faith.

Anyway, you just extended the time period you need to wait, again I can say.


dillinger - April 20, 2011

One more thing to clear it up.

I wrote that pain stuff to tell you one point. Most of the people are afraid of the results; “I ended, so will I suffer now” or “how will I do to forget this” etc. And all their actions are binded with it; a little bit weird but also from the beginning.

On the contrary, Aqs suffer from the process and generally they do not think of the pain at the end of it. (You may watch the perfect movie “Amadeus” and see the way Aq. W.A Mozart acted during his life. By the way almost all Aqs have a Salieri character in their lives. Like material and anti-material stuff).

Because they got a perfect healing kit for the end, their inner circle. That’s why I kept telling you that you got a chance, because he is still suffering.


109. Sam - April 19, 2011

Dillinger, you are correct, I am a VERY brave fish within uncharted waters!! HA! 🙂 One of my best gal pals is an Aq and a very good guy friend of mine is as well. I see traits of my Aq in them, but as my friends, we just click. I see their visions thoroughly and they see mine (we are alike in many ways).

I like that you and he are in similar situations with age and marital status. I feel you are a lot alike and can really give me some good insights.

Ahhh, I’m going to have to see if I can find that fine balance between “too close” and “being far away,” with my Aq. It has been four weeks today since I have seen him and though we have txted on occasion, I’m walking a fine line on my next move. In normal situations, I’d just chill and let him come to me now (which could take a loooong time, but I was patient with him before). Also, it may be a while before I find something that is ‘last minute’ to invite him to.

Btw, one of my good friends is dating his best friend. This will mean that even if I’m not there, she is….

Oh the joys of caring about an Aq! 🙂

110. dillinger - April 20, 2011

Dear Sam

With the Aq guy and your Aq friends I am sure that you know, at least you guess that Aqs are walking in different geometry than the others. So when you think about this dating stuff at the last last paragraph; it can not be dating as you think, or it can be more than it, who knows.

It is strange though; let me talk as an Aq from my inside. We are living in the same Cosmos and sure the things are moving with butterfly effects. Is it peculiar to have these extreme behaviors with Aqs? basically who knows what is true.

In one of the early comments I replied to a female who is thinking that she did everything to do and waiting an Aq guy to respond; she also said after some time she will forget because she suffered enough.

I replied and I said “for your patience: let me say that it is a time period for having your expected results; and who said that your expectations can govern something called love. Moreover this does not cover sharing. That’s a respond you may get from an Aquarius.”

“Too much questioning?” I should say that love is one of the most important facts in human life. “But it is sensual, then let it go”. So it is sure that people act in all proper manner, so emotions can lead the way?

In fact it is not about questioning. 99.99 percent of the people may think and feel in the same way, then they could say that they was patience enough; but this still does not have a ground, because love is a particular pattern.

I know you realized that all the things above are not about you, it is to give Aq menthality.

About the joy caring an Aq; take care yourself 🙂

111. Sam - April 20, 2011

Okay Dillinger…I’m sending my Aq pictures from my birthday that he threw for me. This was a fun time. We were together. Our friends were there. It was my house. There are pictures of us, just having fun. I’m trying to still keep my distance, but reminding him of how much we enjoyed our time together. I’m not putting pressure, only sending him (and two other people) the photos from four weeks ago and stated, “I can see we all had a good time!”

This is beginning to exhaust me….

112. Sam - April 20, 2011

Thanks Dillinger, I do care about myself more and realize it is his way and thoughts and not necessarily about me. I think in all this, I miss the him I had grown to know and enjoy. But, I’m listening to my gut and what it tells me too. And you are right, I did originally lead with my emotions, but now I’m seeing things so differently.

Sometimes we need to step back to really see what is in front of us. Who knows why any of us act as we do when we are in love. And, only time will tell if I will end up making it through this with him. I hope so. 🙂 I am a patient fish, but I’m also a practical fish.


113. dillinger - April 20, 2011

I feel that I must go back to my shell. Essentially it is more than a feel.

With their visions or not; most of the Aqs would be gradually alone. For them it is meaningless to say “what I want and what for”. Because the Aqs are aware of one reality; perfect order in chaos: life.

At the same time, they can feel like an “empty-shell” without any sound reason; and they would never have a peace until accept for a change. And the word change is hard for them.

You can make a healthy decision only after realizing one question and its reply: “Aqs are cool. But do we need that cool stuff?” If you ask me, my certain answer is: “No”. I do not mean any specific people, only for this trait.

You may decide the best for you.

And bye forever
Thanks Aman

114. Taurus Woman - April 20, 2011

Thank you so much Dillinger, you have no idea how much help you are. I get it time, I had to get the last few things from the house today, he got out of the vehicle ranting and raving calling me names etc. but you could almost see the pain on his face although coming out of his mouth I will give you anything you want just get out of my life. That is the reason for the call, it had been 30 days and was almost too late. Other than the calling me names etc all went well. I will back up and give time. As you say if this girl was real he would have been in a good mood. Very confusing that the action doesn’t ever fit the words. Hurry back you will be very missed.


Taurus Woman - April 20, 2011

Additionally, I would say option 2 or 3. You have everything so on target. I didn’t want to go without calling to get the last few items. Hate that I caused a set back but didn’t have a choice. You are awesome with information.

115. Sam - April 20, 2011

Dillinger…All the best to you sir. Thanks for the wonderful insights.

116. Eve - April 24, 2011

Dear Aman (and dilinger), I posted here earlier this month about my Aqua. To refresh your memory we were dating for 7 months and he disappeared so many times and then pulled a no show at my birthday party and I ended it. I didnt want to but had to for my own respect and sanity. Im a Pisces. It took me about a month to stop thinking of him and to get back on track. I just told myself he never cared and accepted what happened. I am happy now. We broke up March 1. So he called me today. Please read this and give me your honest feedback.

The phone rang at 9am, it took a minute for the number to register in my brain. I ignored it
and went back to sleep. Woke up to a voicemail. He started with pleasantries and compliments about my career as an artist then he said “I just wanted to call you and let you know that I always cared about you and to let you know that I’m sorry the way things happened with us”.

He said “I don’t like to place blame on anyone. It was my fault. Everything is my fault”. He made an analogy about how “it was like you and I were standing side by side and there were three different possible roads to take, all going the same way, and you wanted to go
one way, and I didn’t want to follow you. I wanted to take another route and you didn’t want to follow me. Its like we had different directions. I wasn’t ready mentally, but I think I would have ended up
where you wanted me to be”.

He went on to say something about how “normally with me I have to step back, because it WAS affecting me mentally, being able to focus and
feel comfortable.” This probably makes more sense to you Aquas.

Then he says “I’m letting you know how I feel today and how I feel today isn’t something I could have thought of, could think of, or feel
yesterday or the days or weeks before. Today is another day and I just wanted to let you know where I am rather than keeping it to myself.”

He sounded nervous and awkward. He ended it by saying he had wanted to call and make peace with me and himself and apologize for what happened, at the very least, he would like to be able to stay in
touch with me. That he hoped I would call him back but would understand if I didn’t want to. And he would see me whenever I happen to stop by where he works. “You always look so beautiful when I see
you, always, always. I hope to hear from you”

Gina - June 3, 2011

I don”t see where you ever got a reply? I would love to know how your story ended? did you two ever get back? did you move on? do you still miss him so??

117. Missi - April 25, 2011

I am a Libra head over heels in like with an Aquarius man. The first time I met him, he came into my office and it was almost overwhelming. My heart was racing, hands were shaking, trouble breathing, and I had trouble forming a coherent sentence. I tried to ignore it, but I found myself thinking about him more than I care to admit. When he came back in a couple of weeks later, I felt the flutter, but it wasn’t as severe, and I was much more comfortable talking to him. So, I followed the natural progression in “modern” relationships. I sent him a friend request on Facebook with a silly note about being a part time stalker. He accepted and we started chatting. We’ve hung out a couple of times, we’ve slept together…the nature of his job being as it is, you get the time when you can.
I’ve been divorced 8 years, and the dating/relationship thing baffles me sometimes.

My nature is such that I tend to be overwhelmingly clingy and needy when I’m seeing someone new. A “like me NOW” sort of thing. That is the wrong approach with any person, but disastrous with Aquarius. My oldest son is an Aquarius, so I am familiar with the sign. The same principles apply, but it’s totally different when you’re dating one.

Pretending to be sane with him is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. LOL Something happens in my day, and I immediately want to text him, but I don’t. I see him come online, I want to just jump right in and start talking…but I don’t, I let him talk first. He had a friend in from out of town for a week or so, and refrained from any contact other than a quick text that I hoped they are having fun..and he did respond several days later. There are a couple of girls on his FB page that are very “ohhh johnnnny” about him, and I don’t mention them, in fact I don’t interact with him on his FB page at all. We have no friends in common, so it would just be awkward, for me anyway.

This, whatever it is, has only been going on for a couple of months, but it seems like much longer. I have avoided any talk of anything “relationshipy” with him other than telling him I like him. He’d have to be stupid not to realize that, though. 🙂 I don’t want to screw this up, and I know with this sign it takes patience.

He’s quiet now…he’s off work and doing “guy things”…which is good, because I have 2 kids to get ready for prom this week 🙂 So I’m keeping myself busy with my things, while he does his thing, but it doesn’t stop me from missing him dreadfully, and I want to tell him, but I don’t want to come off as clingy and I don’t want him to think I’ve lost interest.

My best friend noticed that I’m calmer about this guy than others I’ve dated “It just feels different..” She, nor any of my family has met him, as my family is…overwhelming sometimes and it’s just too soon.

Are there any suggestions for this? Am I “doing” this right? Anything I should do different? As I said, I really like this guy, if I explained it, I’d sound like a crazy person LOL and I just don’t want to screw this up. Thank you 🙂

Coco - October 3, 2011

I’m also a libra and in the same situation. What happened? Are you still dating him? How old is your aqua??

118. Nirikshith - April 30, 2011

oopsie dasies!!! that’s about all that i can say

119. virgo girl - May 8, 2011

Ive Known an aquarius man for 5 yrs now we dated on and off for 2 years and we fought and didnt talk for about 6 months and during that time I met the guy I married…I was married for 3 years and had a daughter during that time my aquarius also married…well suprise 3 years later we are both seperating at the same time…and guess who came around again my aquarius, I can tell you its very complicated…we slept together once and I freaked out im a virgo..and we didnt hang out for a month after the fact…well than he calls me says im sick please come hang with me, I did against my better judgement well he told me he loved me…yes ladies 5 years later took 5 years…and he of course he freaked out backed off after the fact so I can tell you these men are complete commitment phobes…and if he does rush into a relationship with you than you should be scared cause hes doing it for a reason…just like him marrying after 6 months and it only lasted 6 months..I think this blog nailed it..thanks.

120. virgo girl - May 8, 2011


121. Gina - May 21, 2011

love the blog!!!!

122. Gina - May 21, 2011

I am 46yrs old married 15 yrs. to a good man- I work with Aquarius man for 2 yrs. now we are friends recently in the past 2 months things have changed between us we have NOT done anything physical not even a kiss. But the emotional relationship has reached a flown blown affair. However it’s just like one blogger noted it’s like red light green light, me being a Scorpio found this at 1st to be part of the intrigued but after 2 months of words speaking with high sexual desires and passion toward each other and yet NO KISS or any other action I am having a hard time understanding or dealing with this. I try to justify this by saying he is a good family man loves his wife and children witch he does.-but somehow he is coming off being a better spouse then I am (kind of not fair since i never looked or thought outside my marriage before and I am also a good wife and mother to a now grown son. I am becoming so emotional involved I want to go to the office just to get a glimpse and I know he waits for me also. (but then that’s it) then when I leave the office he will text me 100x’s say all sorts of things sweet words, sexy words all full of desire, But here’s the thing when I he has had the chance to be with me alone plays the friend card!…… I know since where both married my response from you all will be let it go- reasonable I know this I am not seeking moral responses I am seeking help for my heart to get through this cause in the end I do want this affair. I have not attentions of leaving my family nor do I expect him to hurt his in any way I just feel that with so much passion and intensity between us this is something we need to explore question is after two months of red light green light and now that I read all of this stuff about the a Aquarius man and I can tell you he is 100% TEXT book in all ways! – will he actually sleep me one day or am I just holding my self-hostage to this fantasy???

Gina - June 10, 2011

Since this last post, I have left him twice and he has left me however we were never gone for more than 12hrs! With each time we both said goodbye i cried, he comforted me with his friendly words and assured me how I am the best friend he has. The next day when I try to be strong and be only the good friend_ well off he goes again flirting securing my feelings haven’t left him, once again I fall and we do the same thing a week later. This has been going on for 8 weeks now. Our relationship has progressed emotional and even sexually in different areas However we still have not laid together> I have offered & and when I did he’s gone! So I stay close but distant still flirting, still waiting for him to make the move.
He calls, he texts, even sent me music, however If I call or text to much or worse BECOME emotional that’s it I am done and we go to where he say this has got to end. When I say (I will end it for him) he comes back…..

123. Aries Sweety - June 3, 2011

Hey Aman,Very special blog.
I can see how many people are having difficulties with the aqua men. But what i can say is always be yourself aqua men don’t like pretentious people and just let everything happen by itself. Don’t try to force anything, because aqua men don’t like anything coming forcibly to them. Always start with friendship as they are the most friendliest people u will ever find. It is difficult when they give no special attention to u. But if you have patience u will get that attention eventually. Even in ur subconscious mind u might have not thought about it but U can hear the most sweetest things from them. But never ever expect all lovey dovey things every day. It will happen once in a blue moon but still u will remember it for all ur life. Its all my experience speaking here;-). Dating an Aqua man is difficult but very intriguing and challenging :p U will never get bored of an aqua man, u will have handful of things to think abt him. He will keep you busy all the time guessing ;-). Ask something to him he might hide sometimes but he will never lie to you .Enjoying my part:-)

All the best to all the women dating aqua man 🙂

Au_revoir - June 6, 2011

Hi all,

I’m a Libra , and I have known this Aquarius guy for just one year. He is a single father of two kids. When we first met, is through a social platform. It was very fun, full of laughter, we met, we clicked with each other.

But after the meet up, he seems to be a bit different. We only being in contact sometimes, and it is always me who will start the conversation.

I have try to understand their nature of flirting with other girls. After we met, he keeps his flirting session with others. There is one girl whom I’ve seen her facebook to be really in love with him. Then i sent him a message saying that, maybe I’m not good enough for him, so I’ll better make a move.

I was heartbroken at that moment to leave him, while i still need him. Then after a month, i wish him on his birthday. He reply to the wish and say thanks for the wishes. After that our relationship seems to restore to the normal condition.

Then on Valentine’s day, i did not have the guts to wish him i love him cause i knew that i should not rush him in this kind of thing. But to my surprise, early morning on Valentine’s day, he wishes my and say that he loves me. I find it hard to believe and I’m so speechless.

I couldn’t be more happier than that day. Months to months our relationship have ups and downs. Right now he seems busy flirting with others. When we have any issues, he seems to keep quiet, he didn’t sound a thing. He always keep quiet although i know he can say whatever he like. But when it comes to me, whenever we had a fight, he opt to keep quiet.

Then a few weeks back, he seems to have a problem. I sent him a BBM saying that if he need someone to talk too, i will always be there for him or if he likes to keep it to himself, it will be fine for me.

Then suddenly he deletes me from his BBM list and refuses to answer me when i ask if i did anything wrong when i sent him the BBM. He kept quite till now.

I just don’t know what to do. I am deeply in love with him.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance.

Gina - June 10, 2011

Dear Au_revoir I have No advice for you all I can say i feel for you. My aqua man has me playing red light green light weekly. I more I say I am gone the more his sweet words come out to assure i stay put. but once I use the same tone he is ‘gone again” doesn’t really disappear more like blocks me out i always feel like I am standing outside in a cold rain storm with no shelter. Then when I agree to come in (alone) he welcomes me with a warm blanket making it all better again….. CRAZY , but more crazy that I am putting up with it/ recently my guy did something different- he sent me music… yes music he called me about 3 times that day and that evening he downloaded tunes to share with me. I know he this was his way of saying he is thinking of me and wants me to know him. But I am sure this mood will be short lived before he is off and gone again_ I only wish these good days didn’t feel as good as they do, if they didn’t I could LEAVE HIM, however with his ever smile i melt. Good luck with your guy hang in there from what I see Aries Sweety is correct don’t push him, hopefully he comes back.

124. onFire - June 14, 2011

This blog is pretty fascinating. I’ve been on the verge of strangling my Aqua friend for the past few months. We started talking about 6 months ago. He came on very strong, contact every day, then after we hung out a couple of times and hooked up (no sex), he started to get distant. The hot/cold thing continued, which caused me to unleash my crazy on him a few times…being an Aries, I need things to happen instantly!! After the few attempts, I learned that doing that is completely useless, because I never got any answers anyway. So the regular chatting continued, and I feel like we’re definitely much better friends now and talk about a lot of things. Problem is, he still won’t hang out with me and completely avoids the subject…yet the flirting and almost daily communication goes on. Not sure what to do at this point. Just wait and see when he comes around?, because I know better than to try and push the issue again. Just seems to be taking forever, even if our friendship did progress. It took a few months for him to officially ask me if I’d be interested in being friends on Facebook! I thought people just add and see what happens. I’m kind of going with the flow at this point, because I don’t really know what else to do. Any thoughts?

Gina - June 15, 2011

Dear on Fire,

Welcome to the club, the hot/cold thing is tortuous! I am a Scorpio and yes have very hard time dealing with this because my emotions need feeding daily! I am glad you realized your crazy on him is unless because yes you’re right he will walk away very quickly. I also am still making mistakes when my goes cold i have started playing the (distressed dazzle, which is even worse! these type of men find our emotions interesting to figure out but then it draws then to befriend us more then to love on us I have come to realize he is attracted to the strong not caring much female more than the needed passive girl. So don’t make the mistakes I have with frame from calling or texting act confident and on top of the world and he will raise his eyebrows with interest.

onFire - June 15, 2011

Thanks for the reply Gina! It’s definitely torturous. I’m not entirely sure how to proceed from here though. Obviously the plan is to become good friends and hope for the best, but how long does this take? What if he never has the guts to do anything about it? I have this urgent need to just take it and make it happen.. right now!, but obviously that’s not going to work. I’ve definitely learned to be more patient, but how long do these men need? Is there any other way to get things rolling without actually pushing him personally? I mean the “casual dating” part has to happen eventually right?, or they just kind of blurt it all out at some point. Gah. So frustrating. It’s funny how accurate some of these articles are. I’ve noticed that as soon as I bring up anything related to feelings or get angry, he stops talking instantly and comes back after a couple of days like it’s nothing. How did I end up in this Aquarius boat of self-torture. Hope things are progressing with you!

125. Gina - June 20, 2011

I wish i could help you your life sounds just like MINE! (and I blow it once again, now he is not talking to me again like you said – I know if i play it cool he will be around again and what annoys me is mentally i know what to do but emotional i don’t seem to have the strength it also drives me crazy when he acts like this today was a hard day for me I watch my phone ever minute waiting for the text, and nothing this hurts me and i want to call but I know if i do i am back in the same boat- going know where just drifting……… slowly……… I laughed when i read your comment-How did I end up in this Aquarius boat of self-torture loll I asked myself this question every day. I would love to chat with you one on one through private e-mail or text how can we make that happens? ( i think you may be one of the only people that understands what i am dealing with since I sure do understand yours loll Hopefully we can help each other put balance back into our lives…

126. pinot17 - July 12, 2011

sorry for my bad english.
I’ve befriend with one of aquarius guy at my office.He treat me well for several months it was perfect.We always chat and talk even teased each other almost everyday.I didnt know actually he’s aquarius because he didnt tell me anything abt him.since i’m in IT field,i managed to get his birth date and knw that he’s aquarius.The thing is it’s too late because i did confessed my feelings towards him..and suddenly pooff…his missing in action-LOL..a few days later,he came back,and tell me that i’m just his chat friend and he already with someone else.What i did?i just disappear,no contact at all for almost 2 months.I ignored him.just act like i didnt know him at all.totally strangers to me(he did the same way too-LOL).one day,he msg me like this”why do you disappear,u seems dont like to chat with me anymore”..i just replied “i didnt ignore u,i just have lot of things to do”..the next day he went to my dept and smile to me,i just smile to him back.but no more teasing,no more chatting..i distant myself from him..but seems everyday he got a lot of IT problem which need myself to see him,he just want me to attend to help him.no one else(he is quite important person in my office.)so,i need to help him.He always email me.because i’ve turn off my IM,.so no other way of communication except email,also call me several times because i didnt replied his email back-i didnt pick up his call for several times and yet didn’t returned his call back.after several times then i msg him just want to knw why he called me.i never ever call him.and now,He like to teased me again and again like before.He stares at me which make myself a bit scared-he actually never did the “stares things” before my confession to him..Honestly,i really fall in love with him because he is sweet and attractive. Actually i couldn’t get off him out of my mind but being rejected is very hurtful…oh,forgot to tell that i’m taurus with asc Aries..there is something mysterious between us,whereby when i missed him soooo much,he will call me,email me..it just hurt because he is not mine.I always remember what he said to me that we’re just friend.so,even he stares to me,email me,call me,something pop out in my mind said”he just treat u as his friend”..OMG,i really fall in love with him..what should i do???keeping distant from him actually quite hurtful too..but just dont really want to be close to him anymore…

127. lynn - July 12, 2011

sorry for my bad english.
I’ve befriend with one of aquarius guy at my office.He treat me well for several months it was perfect.We always chat and talk even teased each other almost everyday.I didnt know actually he’s aquarius because he didnt tell me anything abt him.since i’m in IT field,i managed to get his birth date and knw that he’s aquarius.The thing is it’s too late because i did confessed my feelings towards him..and suddenly pooff…his missing in action-LOL..a few days later,he came back,and tell me that i’m just his chat friend and he already with someone else.What i did?i just disappear,no contact at all for almost 2 months.I ignored him.just act like i didnt know him at all.totally strangers to me(he did the same way too-LOL).one day,he msg me like this”why do you disappear,u seems dont like to chat with me anymore”..i just replied “i didnt ignore u,i just have lot of things to do”..the next day he went to my dept and smile to me,i just smile to him back.but no more teasing,no more chatting..i distant myself from him..but seems everyday he got a lot of IT problem which need myself to see him,he just want me to attend to help him.no one else(he is quite important person in my office.)so,i need to help him.He always email me.because i’ve turn off my IM,.so no other way of communication except email,also call me several times because i didnt replied his email back-i didnt pick up his call for several times and yet didn’t returned his call back.after several times then i msg him just want to knw why he called me.i never ever call him.and now,He like to teased me again and again like before.He stares at me which make myself a bit scared-he actually never did the “stares things” before my confession to him..Honestly,i really fall in love with him because he is sweet and attractive. Actually i couldn’t get off him out of my mind but being rejected is very hurtful…oh,forgot to tell that i’m taurus with asc Aries..there is something mysterious between us,whereby when i missed him soooo much,he will call me,email me..it just hurt because he is not mine.I always remember what he said to me that we’re just friend.so,even he stares to me,email me,call me,something pop out in my mind said”he just treat u as his friend”..OMG,i really fall in love with him..what should i do???keeping distant from him actually quite hurtful too..but just dont really want to be close to him anymore…

128. Gina - July 12, 2011

Well my guy is back in the picture again. Why?? Because I decided ONLY to be friends I told him we were done! Now he calls for a lunch date, I go we have a nice time. He is back to calling and texting but guess what? Once again as he sees my feelings truly haven’t left I noticed him falling back to the old way> But ladies this time it’s different for me- now that I have read your stories been there and done that I feel I HAVEMORE CONTROL 1st. i am not going to let his in and out moods get to me. 2nd if i see him great and if I don’t I will be just fine 3rd I stopped carrying the phone around with me all day waiting on his text or call SO what if i miss his call, big deal he’ll just have to wait till I get back to him (although I will admit I will still always get back to him) so that’s my promise to you all and myself. I recommend making yourself the same promise and I can bet a $$. You will hear from him….

lynn - July 13, 2011

Hi Gina,i think the cold and icy action will works.Also ignore him in return.He teach me a lot to be independence,and it’s great that i can do something else-no hesitation. Just like any typical taurean,i like to be pampered,secured and emotionally attached to someone i loved but since i know him,i’m totally different-more patient and try to be independent which it works for me.Actually it takes a while to adapt this kind of things..it’s funny that i’m willing to change because of him.usually, like previous relationship,i always done my way.ONLY MY WAY..-lol…i’m quite stubborn but with him,patience is everything..haha..i dont really expect too much in this “relationship” even though i deeply,madly fall in love with him (as he mention earlier,that he already has someone else)which sometimes make me sad and hurt but at least,in this friendship,i learned something valuable.Not hoping too much but i do hope one day, he realize that i truly love and care for him…

129. aimee - July 22, 2011

I am a virgo girl and i love an aquarius man. a piece of advice for everone is dat we should not force someone to love someone. Dat is pointless coz u already know why. LOVE isnt like a recipe book dat can be done in few minutes. If an aquarius guy claims who he is then let him change for u and not u changing him. Believe me on this coz if u do den d relationship will not last girls. always believe in urself and love urself.LOVE is out der. not just stack in being wit an aquarius guy. der are lots out der. believe in it and dont torture urself. plsssssss……..have pride plsssss.I read everyting from d start to d end and some i couldn’t bear reading anymore coz i can see how much pain u had already guys. enough pls!!!! pray dis to God and u will be enlightened. I understand how u feel guys but i can also see dat girls also have d ryt to be happy. u know wat it is only TRUE LOVE dat can change an aquarius guy. if a aquarian guy trully loves someone den good tings will happen. If u guys love ur aquarian guy learn to love dem unconditionally meaning u should learn to be der and not be der for dem. and also one ting guys learn to let GO. plsssssssssssssss…………………… i am begging.

I love my aquarian guy and i cant even tell u guys about it coz it is way to special. I LOVE hIM SO MUCh. u know wat i mean. i never loved someone like dis before. we are more dan soulmates. wit a connecting energy. dats all i can say.

i am a psychic and i felt ur energy guys. all ur aches and pains coz of dis guys.it is not just aquarians in general guys but man. believe me ur not alone in dis. der are lots of guys out der like aquarians but dey r not. my point is let ur hearts be d answer do dis and let God be wit u guys coz if dat love is for u den it will always be yours no matter wat kind of zodiac sign it will be. LOVE IS GREATER DAN DAT. not possession nor it is not about manipulation and never will be about addiction. LOVE IS FAR GREATER DAN dat. u know it guys coz u can feel it in ur heart. i know u can feel it too.

Let ur love find u and guide u girls and guys.remember LOVE is more dan SEX. dats wy u guys are so confused coz relate love wt sex. ts not just about it guys. It is more dan dat.dats wy u cant let go coz u guys 2t love differently. I pray dat God will teach u wat real LOVE IS ALL ABOUT den dat is d only tym u will be free and be happy. zodiac signs are just a guide guys but LOVE is greater dan dat.u know ds already but u are afraid to listen.smile
now pls everyone ur not alone n ds ok. God is LOVE. hE is d oNly ONE hU CAN hELP…… BELIEVE ME I DID PRAY FOR MY AQUARIAN GUY ALL D TYM.God is just a prayer away. smile LIFE is great guys ok:)

goodluck and be happy everyone.miracles do happen u know. my aquarian man s not perfect and i never expect him to be BUT I consider him a miracle in m life.meeting him s d best ting……..we wont know our future ENJOy BEING WIT DEM DEy R D BEST.LIKE US WE ARE D BEST TOO. MMMM life is good:)

130. aimee - July 22, 2011

it is way better to love someone with all ur heart with no expectations and yet u found true LOVE. believe in it and u will have it coz LOVE is TRUE not being someone we are not. dats why is called true love. let us not fear to LOVE coz it wont be love anymore but a guarding behavior instead. a true love will not ask u to change but would appreciate if u would coz of LOVE. goodnight everyone.i had a great time reading ur stories. but i hope d next time i see dis blog true happiness will come.

God bless !!!!!!!!! and dont forget to listen to ur heart coz God is der. bye mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

131. Deepa - August 10, 2011

I am married to an Aquarius man for the past 4 yrs…….whatever is said here is true. He can be a darling or he can be a dare devil. As long as I leave him in his world he is fine…..Clumsy, witty, teasing and trust me he does forget our wedding anniversary …..can u believe it? One thing is not mentioned here……they are lazy. I am living with this man who has till date given me peanuts …..hopefully will get emeralds some day!

132. C Hartley - August 18, 2011

I started dating an aqua man over a month ago. Had 2 dates in one week, he was very attentive, kissing, hugging, complimentary etc, both times. Then heard nothing from him for a week, made tentative plans for that day which fell thru, finally saw him about 5 days later, 2 nights in a row, again very attentive, loving, complimentary. Once again nothing for a week except a quick “nice!” response to a simple text I sent him. I don’t want to get in his space, but wondering if he is waiting for me to make communication or he is simply doing the disappearing act I have read that they do? Also he is 48, I am a 54 y.o. aries…he does not know my age (has never asked), is the older woman thing a turn on or turn off for aqua guys (I do look younger than my age)? Reading all these struggles with aqau men is disheartening though I find I would rather spend infrequent time with him, than frequent time with anyone else.

Another of his traits is that he always runs late? I’ve done a lot of reading about the aqua man recently, seems it can take months/years to get him to commit with lots of down time in between. So why should a woman hang on with soo much down time. I’m beginning to think it is a bit thoughtless on their part to simply disappear at whim, with no communication then suddenly return with vim and vigor as if that is all completely normal. I have no problem giving people space, but I quess my question is how are you supposed to get to know someone if you only see each other 3 or 4 times a month, with little communication in between? I could really use some help here, as I am feeling confused (have never dated an aqua guy) but feel he and I could have the potential to share something special. What are my best options, please?
Thanks, Coco

133. Coco - August 18, 2011

somehow unsubscribed by accident…

134. ga peach - August 20, 2011

The aquarious is truly one of the most mind boggling lovers. When i was in highschool, i dated one. I was 16,he was 17.with an aquarious you will find that in a relationship, they have a reason behind everything they do. Well, he was my first love. I loved everything about him and his unconventional ways. But he was starting to do some heavy stuf, and my only rule in the relationship besides remaining faithful, was not to do anything that would come in the way of “us”. I thought breaking up with him would make him want to show me he wanted me over the druggs. I remember breaking up with him, thn sneaking over to his house tomake sure he was ok the next night. He usually had feiends over, but that night nobody was there, and nobody showed up randomly as usual. He was alone, with really red swollen eyes. I asked him if he had been crying and he said n, and we just chilled for a little. We stayed in the middle of friends and about to be together for a few months(school started and i had a class with him and sat by him everyday till middle of second semester he dropped out.. oh i forgot to mention he lived walkint distance till he dropped out. We still talked every once in a while. He played some mean tricks, very cunning. he said i love you to me 3 months before i did and id always have to be like no, not yet. Well anyways, one day he invited me over but i needed a ride so it wasnt super personal, but i remember just being so happy and my friend kept commenting on how much i was smiling, and before i left, i was pointing at something as iwas walking out the door, and he grabbed my hand out of nowhere andheld it tight for just a second, then let us slip away. I left and that was the last time he had me over.a year after we broke up is the time frame. Over the next few months we would talk on and off tiill october came around. We made plans to go to the fair, and then i never heard from him again. No doubt within th 4years since i always would periodically look for him or try to talk to someone who knew him, with no such luck. He told his friends not to talk anything about him to me and i finally gave up on them last year. I dont know why he dissappearedd but i promised myself i would never stop looking for him till he was in my life again. Recently i found his facebook. I added, expecting for the request to be denied. Instead i find that hehas infact accepted, and sent me a message. I was sure id be the one initiating convo. In convo though hes very vague. I have 4 years of bottled questions and statements and convos i want to link on, and hes over there all askin me one question at a time. Lol i did send him a regretful message last asking him if i had made any impact on him like he did on me, but i said nvm and told him to disreguard. I am nervous i will nevwr hear back and he will dissappear again. And im so lost with him. Whyy the change of heart after4 years? Why did he go to begin? I was also wondering if you could tell me how i should reciprocate to him. How do i not run him off again?

135. ga peach - August 20, 2011

Oh and if it means anything im a 20 yr old capricorn. Hes 21. And yeah caps are supposed to be controlling, but i never had to be with him. So that isnt why. Idk hopefully you can help?

V de Veronique - September 5, 2011

Dear GA peach — I am also a Capricorn woman formerly involved with an Aquarius man…I would say just be as mellow as possible & don’t press for answers. if it’s possible, if it’s meant to be, he’ll come around. It could be months though, so be patient. obviously you really affected him but he needs time to sort it all out. just don’t press/force the issue because that could put the final nail in the coffin. And try to meet other guys/don’t get obsessed, that’s something that we Capricorns unfortunately have a tendency to indulge in… Also- get comfortable with the fact that it might NOT be meant to be (not saying that that’s what will happen, I’m just saying — be prepared for all possible outcomes) good luck, girl!

136. NP - August 26, 2011

I am an aquarius male (extremely typical) and I think that this blog is very interesting.

I can clearly say one thing. Discuss the matter all together girls. Believe me it would be better than discussing with aquarius guys. Because all the aquarius stuff you mentioned within your complaints are so logical for me :))



lynn - September 1, 2011

why aquarian like to play that way?why they like to confuse someone who cares for them?how to know whether they like or dislikes someone?it just so hurt when someone u really love treat u badly.he said he already with someone else but i noticed he stalking me,keep calling me,asking my help.or he just used me?This is so crazy.i hope that i can forget all that happened to me but he still in my head.damn..and why it is so hard to forget ths guy?i never felt like this b4.i feel so bad..:(-

137. G - August 31, 2011

I am going absolutley CRAZY. I am a Gemini whose been with an Aquarius Man for 4.5 years. We got into a disagreement two weeks ago, and BAM. hes disappeared ever since. He wont read my BBM messages, reply to my emails or even answer my phone calls. and it wasnt even THAT big of a disagreement. I know he loves me a looot. but he always disappears and then POPS back into the picture when he see’s fit. I have now been ignoring him for a couple days- no contact.. i plan on not msging him until he txts me or messages me first. THIS IS FRUSTRATING. its draining my energyyy.. HELP. what should i do .. why are AQUAS LIKE THIS!!!!!! u love someone sooooooo much yet u ignore them????????

138. kendra - September 1, 2011

Ok Aman, after reading most of these posts, many of which are carbon copies…”he came on so strong and interested at first then fades off…disappears for days/weeks at a time, whether from arguing or no reason at all”. I think the most penetrating question overall is: when they disappear how do you know if the reason is because they are done or they simply need time alone (beside the obvious, if they are still interested you will hear from them again at some point)? And is it best to let them fade away without contacting them, does that aggravate their “alone” time or intrigue them? Also it seems many of these guys have time managment issues or have no sense of time ( in other words disappearing for 2 weeks doesn’t enter their mind)…is that true?

139. NP - September 6, 2011


i am sure Aman can give a very good answer. but you said you read all the posts and they contain some replies to your questions. by the way i never seen a website which is describing aquarius male like this, almost perfect picture. my replies:

they can disappear. personally i did many times in my life. from outside really hard to know why, because generally no trace is left as an attitude. it is not because of the females they love. i do not know how to give a good reply for this but, with love they wake very strong feelings up and almost in all of the cases there is a strong inner part for them. they use this part for everything but especially when they need to evaluate people, events or even themselves they put their spirits into air and look around from there. and they do it very easily. that’s why they are so objective to the things happening around or to the people.

it will not be a very good description but let me open this with a simple example. imagine that you are eating too much and people around you make compliants for this. if you think with your current feelings you can say that it is normal because your stomach wants to do it. these guys have always idealistic rules (moral, religious or disciplined, coming from the inner side) and they look at the case with it like reading from a third party. the issue is, of course they are not perfect beings. but even if they eat too much they can describe it clearly as a mistake. this characteristic has a side effects too. this looking needs learning so many things and it is hard to focus on specific aspects in life. for example they may go to the courses to play an instrument but they would be bored after some time. they try to learn foreign languages but they can become lazy after some weeks. if you inspect them you may find one or maximum two things which they are really dealing with. but incedible amount of mostly unimportant other things lay beside. in short they are perfect candidates for who wants to be a millionaire show. they can talk about so many things and they are extremely good commentators. sometimes they use their humour so efficiently if the other part does not understand what they talk about.

but for love this is not very simple as the others. because they should challenge their entire life for love. i said that they evaluate themselves too but this is not for their most inner part. they were born with this core element and they are pretty sure about its value for them. when they fall in love their entire balance is gradually shaken.

why? they think that love is the most original ting in this life. imagine that how many things in this life can fit their idealistic and humanistic nature. and if you go further by one step up how many things could be shared within the sphere of these values. only two or three perhaps. and definitely love has a special value among them.

if we turn back to the point; we can say that sometimes activity of loving you is more important than loving you personally. it is a mechanism to escape to protect this inner core and for that reason they put lots of dreams around you and your life. they select several music pieces describing you, they suffer to buy and select clothes and perfumes or they write poems which is not submitted you most of the times. most of the other aquarians i know tell that they are natural born platonic lovers but actual reason is again this core thing. the reason is simple: they believe that in love they need to share everything and it should be completely honest. but are they ready to share their inside?

why this core is so important? first, i guess for this ability to evalute i mentioned above. second, it is their survival kit. even if i put myself into a small room i can feel myself away like in a boat cruising in the ocean with the help of this. only a song can save my entire day or even a week, and a good and funny short conversation with my friends can fill up my energy for a month. for me it is clear that despite his great talent, Mozart could not compose his masterpieces if he did not look at his core, because the other guys were just cloning each other. there are movements in cinema called Fellini movies, movie images named James Dean, new ideals from A.Lincoln, trailblazing thoughts of Galileo, novels of Charles Dickens and Jules Verne, and inventions of Thomas Edison. contrary to the common beliefs, i think that they did not make these things because they are simply aquarians. they did because they combined their talents with their inner energies. without talent it could not work.

as they are not cloned copies they also have different sub-characteristics. if you ask me the only way is to reach this inner part and try to understand them. it is hard, but not impossible if they are important for you. the only factor you need to define their status at first. some of them alrealy gave up to think this possibility of change and it is almost impossible to convince them for it. these poor aquarians put sufferings into their spirits and live with them (you may be sure that it is not easy to see that from the outside). but some of them still carry potential to modify their lives for a real love. your guy is which one of these, you will decide.


140. kendra - September 6, 2011

Dear NP, Thank you so much for your beautiful explanation. I have read it several times and understand something new each time. I believe his status is great interest in me and yet I also wonder because of the continued disappearing for 10-12 days after each date. You said “if you ask me the only way is to reach this inner part and try to understand them. it is hard, but not impossible if they are important for you.” I find learning about his inner self is made difficult due to the great lapse in time between our meetings ( like “40 first dates”). Also he enjoys asking about me, but avoids answering questions about himself….so how do I best go about learning his inner self so that I can understand him better? I have not put any time constraints on him or bothered him during these fade away times (though it has brought me great confusion). I just try to enjoy our times when we are together.

In appreciation,

141. NP - September 6, 2011

Dear Kendra

seems that you passed the first instance. he still preserves his hopes for this relationship. you said you did not put any constraint on him and that makes him close to you. i know, when we think about time intervals you may question this, but it is so.

aquarians are not strict observers for details in life, but their brains are like recording hidden cameras. you know, some people can point a specific object in the streets very easily. instead, they can indicate a situation or a place. most of the times they are lost with scenes they like. for being practical, if you say in a moment that you are suddenly bored, do not expect a healing reply without reasoning. just because it is not easy to see the reason behind it for them. but you may rather say that you can do something better together, because bla bla, he can share his thoughts more quickly.

i am sure that you have dreams for your life, joyful and not all ordinary dreams. try to share them. never think about their values in front of him, just share. you may never guess the reaction as they may have different visions. believe me he would be very happy to see a natural person besides, e.g. talking about her childhood mistakes and laugh about them, so convincing him to talk about the same sort of things without asking directly.

and he should feel that you are not close to him for your happiness in a classical approach. as the aquarians may see the society in a clear way, he can think that another man could do the same, so why he is special to you. he would understand it with one single proof; you like him because you want to share, adding him while getting from him, without any calculation inside of your brain and without any formal forecasting within your heart. this is not an engineering plan, 6 months of drawings then the outcome comes, but rather a natural event, that occurs, this combines, the other one adds, then the result is our wonderful natural physics. but attention! this is not constituted from something solely romantical. romance+friendship+sharing+humour+even crying when it is real. but one point is arising here. how and when? hmm.

e.g. again; for most of the people a romantic dinner is the entire time spent in a good restaurant, with good music and food, well dressed couples, and full of romance. *beep* this is not always the case for aquarians. in fact in most of times it is not the case. you go to the restaurant with your fine dress, everything is romantic and music and food is good, ok. but after a while you may also tell your day to him, you can make jokes together and even you can share your problems. because he goes there with full romance and the atmosphere is enough for him to feel it. most importantly: your presence ! but a total romance show can make him stricted, imagine that he would feel his partner expecting some modalities from him, he can miss the whole party. in fact his romance is beyond cliches, we can say that if he loves you it may include your dirty socks too.

i hope this can help


kendra - September 6, 2011

Thank you so much NP, you are a very generous person! So basically, continue to do what I am doing, having fun when we are together, being myself, not worrying about his disappearing acts/know that he continues to think about me, but don’t push romance or partnership? Of course he has had previous lovers, of which I believe he remains “friends” with many of them. This is a bit concerning for me, as I sometimes wonder if he is spending time with any of them when he has withdrawn from me. Yet I don’t feel it is my business if he does see them, but like anyone it would be nice to feel “special”. Your comments have come so close to who I see in this man, it is almost as if you know him personally!

appreciate all you have taught me,

142. NP - September 7, 2011

no problem Kendra. i wrote with my deep observations. good luck to you with this relationship.

as a final word, something from myself. completely independent from your relation and your partner, believe me that there is no relevance with you and him. everyone has a different life journey.

i wish i were not be an aquarius 🙂


143. kendra - September 7, 2011

Dear NP, I am happy you are an aquarius 🙂 you opened my understanding and for this I wish you great blessings, thank you ever so much. I am unsure what you mean by there is no relevance with me and him? I do understand we each have our own journey, and perhaps that is why I am so attracted to him. I have always been an unpatient person by nature, and I believe the life lessons I have learned (as difficult as many of them have been) may have been leading me to him….so I could have the patience I need to help us find our way…whatever that turns out to be. I am curious, how old are you and where do you live. I hope you find great happiness!

144. NP - September 7, 2011

Dear Kendra

thanks for your comments. don’t worry i will not hurt myself of course 🙂 i just wanted to make sure that my wails about to be an aquarian should not be confused with all the other aquarians guys. because some people can derive that all of them feel like this. i came this conclusion with my personal life path entirely.

do not wait for him to conquer your inner feelings. inject them day by day with smart conversations. in fact i feel that you already do this.

all the best for both of you. byes.


145. kendra - September 8, 2011

so many mixed messages without any concrete communication, disheartening and angers me at times because of the continued patience I have displayed. Thinking maybe it is not worth all this effort for such little return 😦

146. shine - September 12, 2011

Hey everyone 🙂
thanks Aman for your effort on making this blog allowing us to get random tips about aqua men.

I have got a question about a situation with my aqua man, i would appreciate any help.

its been a year now since we are together but lately i thought hes not that interested while he was busy planning a thing for the 2 of us for my birthday.
I have mistaken his business with ignorance. so i left on a trip with my best friend just before my birthday, he got so mad and sounded so hurt that i ruin his plans that took him so much effort.
I sincerely apologized but he didn’t feel like talking to me. he kindly wished me a happy birthday because he didn’t want to ruin the day for me but seemed lifeless and disappointed. am not sure what to do now, i never seen him like this before, any ideas? :/

Thanks in advance. ^^

Aman.... - September 14, 2011


Well, it would hurt an Aqua guy to its limits when he would see that for something he has worked so hard, not for himself but to make you smile, it has been wasted. Have been there, done that, so I know that it must be really important for your guy to do all that for you and when he saw, that you just forgot about it, it would had hurt him beyond limits. Still, not all hope is lost since its not that arrangement that did matter to him but you and if he took that much pain to do all this for you, it just proves it IMO!

To get back him, well, patience is the answer of it and showing a lot of love and a true expression of apology would is needed. If all what you have said is a simple “I am sorry”, it wouldn’t do much. Tell him that you really mean, show it to him through your eyes while saying it and he would be fine. Do something surprising for him, try to make him feel that you take him as important too as he takes you and you would see, he would forget your mistake like it never happened before!

Good luck!


147. NP - September 13, 2011

to kendra:

im sorry about your loss. because it seems to me that it’s kindda loss. feel free about complaining for aquarius men, you got the right (now i hope that you may understand why i did write: i wish i would not be an aquarius). it is not arrogance, but be convinced that i can not tell the reason behind it, because i am such a bastard who did the same so many times; except for unjust females which is not the case for you.

to shine:

you made a big mistake about him, all i can say. the only thing he would not forget is your dishonest behaviour and even if you show an ignorance, he will see them as same. in fact you gave him a reason to argue. are you really ready to hear all those arguments about the things you made? i can recommend you to be ready. even if you make 100 talks he will be successful in all of them. first rule: you can never, and never win an argument with an aquarius male. because if he is in an argument with you he would always rely on rational things, not subjective images. after all that things if you still want to have him, simply just apologise. believe me no other thing can work.


148. NP - September 13, 2011

common Aman. why you did not tell that unexplainable things about your failures within the relationships with other people. i am certain you have, because you post that texts about aquarius males.

you do not have to present a sound reason for them. you know, you already know so much about your innerself but you can not submit any clue for those failures.

just accept that we are freaks Aman, with this world’s measures.



Aman.... - September 14, 2011


Which failures of mine you want me to talk about here? If you want me to tell that whether I do feel this world is a place where others don’t value things or care for things like we Aqua’s do, yes , I have mentioned it. If you mean that its hard for Aqua’s to accept the fact that they are in love, yes its a fact and I do accept it. Failures, most of the time would be considered when you were not able to deliver what was expected from you and so far, I have tried to overcome this failure of mine always. I have tried to bury the curse of being an Aqua as much as I can (yes, I am aware about it) but if you are asking me to accep the mistakes done by someone else and consider it as my own failure of a failed(and painful relation of many years), no , I can’t accept it NP as my own fault!

I am not sure that I shall call myself a freak NP, cursed yes, but not freaks. Ability to think beyond others , having a memory to scan and remember things, having a perception about things, which can be different but not out of this world, are not so-bad things IMO. Yes, we are cursed to never have a peace of mind/heart and I really wish for it that something could be done but I guess, we need to find some way to get it like I did, I got into a profession which doesn’t let me sit idle(Computer softwre) and traveling , so even if I am not at peace, it doesn’t come to my mind.

We are not so bad NP, may not be perfect but still better than many !


NP - September 14, 2011

ok i see your points. but i got a problem with the difference between extreme things.

giving too much value to the people, and also feeling that planets are rotating and the movement of a small hamster is in harmony with it, but sometimes that is not the case for humans. may be you are the most vulnerable zodiac sign with arrogance, egoism and hypocrisy; but you are still full of energy to give people.

i am not saying that i do not like patience, on the contrary i do. but the question is not about the power for it, it is the fact i have seen. for me i am a freak. because i do not choose this duality by myself, it is coming from my inner part.

almost all aquarians i know spent considerable amount of time to match their dreams with their lives. whenever it is the case for their future, they always choose lowly plans. i mean they do not bind themselves with a lottery result or they do not waste their times to be a pop star if they can not sign. but when they see that their easily applicable dreams do not come true, they are gradually shaken.

hard way is trying again and again if necessary, because they are already tired from the first part. easy way to blame other people, life, world and even themselves. i have never chosen an easy way and i know that life is like this. if you open yourself more than the others you feel good times and bad times more than usual. and aquarians never need to open themselves as it is already so. at that point people may think that how this could be, most of them seem to be cold and senseless. this is an outer image at first instance and it is an illusion.

you are in a good mood Aman. you found valuable things to overcome that curse. i do not tell that im in a bad mood neither. in fact most of the times i try to help the people around by telling them that their problems are not huge as they describe, and i tell them the truth. you may know that i can never lie even to make a person comfortable. simply i wish i could be more common.


149. kendra - September 13, 2011

Dear NP,

Cut yourself some slack, please. I’m pretty sure most aqua men think of the rest of us as freaks because of our emotional natures! And I think that is what makes the aqua man so difficult to understand. Like you taught me, you guys do have emotions, they are just so deeply buried…and they scare you. But you know what? Love scares most of us, if you want to know the truth, we are all so vulnerable. And the older we get the more memories we carry and it all just gets so confusing sometimes, yet isn’t that what we are all searching for in the end, someone to simply accept us for who we are? I know you are a kind and thoughtful person NP because you took the time to help me, (someone you don’t know or will ever meet), understand something that was so foreign to me. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to you…

As a follow up to my last entry re:mixed messages. I brought this to his attention, said I’m worth more than that…said I’m pretty cool with most things but he has to be willing to give just a little bit more. Since then, he has said several times that I gave him food for thought, and I have noticed several “tiny” 🙂 positive changes. Do I have my work cut out for me, yes! Do I need lots of patience, yes! But I think he might be worth it. So I’ll keep putting one foot infront of the other and see what evolves. My point is, had it not been for your very thoughtful posts to me I would be in a completely different place. It is only through understanding that we grow! You are a good man NP, don’t cut yourself short!!


NP - September 14, 2011

dear Kendra

thanks for your comments. despite the fact that i do not know Aman personally, i am sure he understood what i wrote completely. i am glad that you started to get the result. my point was; they do not need to leave all behind for this innerself and actually they will not. that’s the point i am trying to put. simply love can survive within this. but on the other hand my argument did not change: we are freaks. i can be a good man, in fact most of the aquarius are good people, but they are all freaks.

if your guy is purely aquarian and replies to your reactions, i am pretty sure that he already calculated every centimeter of your life including yourself. may be you know this U2 song: far away, so close. that’s completely aquarian. at one point he will combine his loneliness with you, then he will be sticked. i would be happy if i can have a small part of it as you mentioned.

we are entering the age of aquarius (or already entered as some say). that means all of them will be more instable compared to common understanding. aquarians will keep their love and faith for life during this stage (or they will be more stronger) but will question their lives more than usual. keep that patience you got and remind more often that you love him. never let him be apart; not from you, but from life.

all the best for both of you


NP - September 14, 2011

and a reply to your comment: yes, love scares aquarians. but the question is: which love?

i can assure you that if this life could be enough for aquarians to show and share their loves completely, not aquarians but other people might be scared of it.



150. kendra - September 14, 2011

NP, ok I consent aquarians are a little freaky…at least the little I have seen!! As far as the love part, that is a piece of why I’m attracted to him. He is so good to his parents, children, friends and I believe he honestly does that with all his heart. We have only known each other a few months so I haven’t even brought up the idea of love between us or even where we are in a “relationship”, and from what I have read you should not bring up “love” for a loooooong time to the aqua man, else you will loose them all together. I am intrigued by him and to be honest he does take my breath away for many different reasons. Because I see he is trying I’m willing to discover more. Anything else you can add to assist me at any time is more then welcome! So far, so good!

151. shine - September 14, 2011

thanks for your replay.
I have sent him a sincere apologize telling him my honest thoughts about it, he took some time to respond and had lots of questions but totally forgave me. It’s such a relief. 😀
should be grateful for his kind forgiving nature. I will never do such a selfish thing again.

thanks for your honest insight.
I know well that am mistaken therefore not looking to argue with him at all. In fact its mine and his nature to avoid all type of arguments in personal things. and it could be one of the few things we share in common since we have different personalities. we are used to communicate, accept, forgive, and respect each other in order to overcome our differences.

I feel so blessed to have a man like him and am truly welling to overcome my bad traits.

love & peace

Aman.... - September 14, 2011


Didn’t I say that he will forgive and forget 🙂 ?

Happy to hear that all is sorted out for you now. God bless and best wishes to both of you!


152. onFire - September 14, 2011

Hi Aman,
It seems as though the relationship with my aqua just took a massive step back. I’m not sure what it is, but something definitely happened. It was going really well, and he was opening up. Then one day we had a mini fight and he told me that I drive him crazy (it goes both ways). Since then, I can feel the obvious distance between us – not like ever before. He doesn’t initiate conversation, but answers when I do. I brought up if something is wrong a couple of times, but obviously that went nowhere.
I’ll be out of the country for a couple of weeks, so I told him if he feels like talking, he knows how to reach me. I know how stubborn he can be, so I guess my question is whether that’s a good move? I wanted to make the point of not contacting, but I kind of get the feeling that it might backfire.
Hoping that not all is lost 😦
Any advice?

NP - September 27, 2011

Dear onFire

Question: do you have a zodiac sign from earth elemental group. If you do not, forget the fight. Because I am sure that he already forgot it.

Yes Aquarians are extremely stubborns, but not for the things non-sense to them. Obviously it seems that you make sense to him (may depend on different things, of course I can not say why you are important to him specifically). This is a late post to your message so my guess you already got a reply from him, clear or non-clear. My suggestion is, do not evaluate this reply with its degree. After these stressful moments they can give strong replies or covered signs. Be sure that their values are same.

Again, if you have an earth sign do not expect a meaningful reaction to your attitudes. You may think that you behave naturally, but he will have troubles to understand them. In fact one thing is lifelong valid for all zodiac signs: best way to deal with Aquarians is to have patience (kendra knows). Let me give a brief example. You gave all you got but still did not get enough. During these moments most of the people act sensually and this is normal. But if this mood does not fit with him he will ignore these reactions. He is a man of mind. According to him he surrenders lots of things, that’s why your gestures may bore him if they do not suit with his thoughts.


153. kendra - September 17, 2011

Carmen, everything I have read about aqua guys is do not, do not, do not
say the “L” word for a very long time, and esp. not before he has. No experience with it, but have done a lot of reading…maybe Aman or NP can give you more precise info. Just have fun 🙂

154. kendra - September 22, 2011

Dear NP, I am so confused and could use a little advice/direction. We had a disagreement a few days ago (geez, he is strong with his opinions, as simple as it all was). After 3 months we have yet to spend any wknd time together, I go on about my business and have not brought it up. This past wknd a spur of the moment cookout at a friend’s came about and I invited him by sms, even said he could bring his friend (who he seems to spend much of his and our time together with). I thought I have nothing to loose by inviting him. 3 1/2 hours later he responded by sms, said he was staying in again, have fun. By then I was home and the message rubbed me the wrong way (usually I would say ok, have fun yourself), but I responded with..every wknd goes by with nothing from you. He said he had to work, I said, whatever, no big deal another time right…then we both said good night to each other. The next day, Sunday, I called him to clear the air (something else I haven’t done, calling him on a wknd), went to vm and simply said, give me a call when you have a minute. Hours go by, nothing. I sms him, said just want to apologize for the confusion last night, nothing heavy, have a good day. Nothing from him all day, then he sms me, good night at 11pm. He calls the next AM, I’m working so can’t answer, call him in the aft. and we talk. This is where the disagreement takes place…he doesn’t get my point about never spending any time together on a Sat. or Sun. I decide not to push (I’m not a good debater as I can empathize with both sides), he thinks all is cool, I hang up and want to cry…probably bc he just refuses to see my point, and we make no plans for a future visit. I send him a sms an hour later, say…I feel bad that our conversation didn’t go well, maybe I am confused, I really don’t know you very well, I guess it reverts back to our previous talk (meaning our talk about mixed messages, large amounts of time between visits..which he seemed to make some tiny changes after), but I still look forward… :). I haven’t heard anything from him since. Is he in his head? Has he disappeared for good? What’s my best approach? You know I have been patient. After thinking it all through, I want to tell him…the bottom line is we always have a good time when we are together, so it doesn’t matter what day of the week we spend together, as long as we both continue to enjoy the time we spend. But I don’t want to be a pest or get in his space. What are your suggestions as the best way to handle this?
Thanks for listening….

155. lynn - September 25, 2011

u must have thick skin to be with them. If he didnt call u,just ignore him,if he didnt meet u, dont meet him,if he need space,give him a lot of space that he want.To love him is to ignore him.If he is back,then he is yours.If not,then u need to move on.

If you’re weak,please avoid this man because they will make you suffer badly.Like me,he make me suffer .No other man has done like he did to me.But in the other side,i must be thankful because he taught me a lot to appreciate everything around me,he wake my spiritual side and i can sensed that he is missing piece of my jigsaw and my soulmate (my moon in 8th house in pieces and i have a good instinct too.)but sadly i must admit that sometimes,your soulmate is just someone who teach you about life and once the lesson completed,he will leave you and it happened to me.

Just give them a space that they want and enjoy your life and once he is back,u can share your laugh together again.

NP - September 28, 2011

Dear lynn

You put an exact but brief picture and recommended good points.

I could only say one stuff. You said he taught you many things about life but he left. As Aman said and I agreed, this is somehow about the curse of Aquarians. Because we suffer with this “leaving” part. I am sure that you know this is nothing about you. So many things happen in this earth. If some people feel them more than the others, naturally this feeling can confuse them more than the others.


156. NP - September 27, 2011

Dear kendra

You did nothing wrong, and his disappearing is not about you. I know that after all those things between you, saying “not about you” seems not a good sign, but in fact think about the third way.

Hmpf. Actually he can have more than this, I mean more than a third way. It can be hundreds. Sad that only an Aquarian can collect them by chatting couple of words and after that the other Aquarius may decrease that 100 ways into a reasonable number. Bu even with that Aquarius effect he will not change, I mean he can repeat this in the following future.

Let me be more clear. Think about a picture of a distant and a peaceful place. For example, this place could take him away like 1000 years and he can dream there with your image, so deep. He does not need to tell that to you, he would enjoy it alone. Here is the key point. At those moments even yourself could be a third party to that dream, I mean sometimes he is happy with it on your image, not yourself. At one side this is weird, but on the other side you can feel how his love is deep about you, because without you he would not achieve any kind of dream or have senses like that. And none may love you like this.

Time management? personally I never achieved. I still do not see the importance of rendez-vouses and never call my friends for their birthdays. He escapes kendra. Not from you, but from the shape of this 3 dimensional world. This is the most dangereous fact with Aquarians. You can get feelings from him, like no other one you got before. You can be sure that this is real and it is the maximum you can have from a special person. And this may lead to a successful relationship until the end of your life. But still he will have dreams like this and he would want to be alone for short moments. You can not imagine how those dreams are powerful kendra.

Your approach is pretty good. Again you did nothing wrong. In fact he is lucky for this patience. If you ask me never put a step forward at this point. Indeed put yourself back and wait for a reasonable reply. You will see that he will come back powerfully. You are well experienced, this comeback will be strong but never expect a recovery for the things happened. He will behave like nothing happened before.



NP - September 27, 2011

One more thing. That’s my observation from around. I do not have any clue but some say that we are entering (or entered) an Aquarian age. From this reason or not, I observe that all Aquarians I know are complaining about a feeling of emptiness. They say that they do not enjoy from the things they did before and not certain for the things to find peace. Of course these are the things about daily life, not a special relationship. But maybe it can help.

Kendra - September 28, 2011

Dear NP, thx so for your kindness n love. Have seen him twice since. I adore him. He is leaving soon for several weeks n on n off for the nextseveral months. My big question is do I let him know / tell him how I feel before he goes away? Clearly this terrifies me bc of all the questions that will come to me in his absence. I trust your response… don’t have much time to decide. Kendra

NP - September 28, 2011

Hello again kendra.

This is love and yes of course you should tell him how you feel when he is away. My suggestion, do that with clear words. I do not mean your sounding, he can not be focused on your inside if the words arrive like whining. Then if he feels restricted with this love he can put himself away. In short, with this expression/picture: yes you will be missing him but you do not want to make him feel in remorse.

And try to remind specific moments you shared when you tell that to him. We talked about their ability to deal with different things, their brains are always busy and work in 360 degrees. Issue is to force him to focus on your feelings.

For that reason when he is away you may use different agents rather than just msging, such as songs and short videos (sometimes they are more powerful than words). With their huge dreaming capacity these guys have a wide range of musical choices, but it is easy to pick up them according to his state, as I think that you already know the basic timing for his changing moods.

Hope best for you


157. Annie - September 28, 2011

I guess to get advice about an Aq. man I should go right to the source. But, be warned I tend to write novels so I hope you’re in the mood for a good read. HA! 🙂

So I met my 34 yr old Aq guy during a party. We hit it off right away. He was fun and really charming, which he needs to be because of his job (VIP concierge) but he never came off as fake. In all actuality, he’s a real genuine guy. We talked on and off through out the evening and then, he was gone. He text me shortly after he left (he had my number previously because of business) and said the next time I was in town to give him a call. I told him I would but, that I was actually in town for one more night.

I didn’t really get my hopes up but, the next morning he text me and we ended meeting up that night and basically laughing for 2 1/2 hours straight. It was amazing. My cheeks hurt from how much I smiled. Needless to say he took me back to my hotel and kissed me goodnight. We text each other a few more times that night and made plans on me coming back out. I only live a few hours away.

Anyway, we stayed in touch a few days a week. Of course, as time went on it went down to every now and then. This didn’t bother me as novelties were off. Then, I told him I made arrangements to come back out and when he found out I booked a hotel room, he instantly called me and ask why I wasn’t staying with him. It really surprised me. I thought it was really sweat. However, plans fell through and once it was for sure that I wasn’t coming I didn’t hear from him for over a week in a half. Which, yet again, didn’t bother me.

From then on we just had little quick conversations here and there (about 2 months went by since we first met) Then, a last minute trip came up and I was headed back. I called to see if he might have some time to hung out and he said he was completely booked but maybe could one night after he got off. I said that was fine and if not, maybe next time I was in town. I’m pretty laid back as far as being a Cancer is concerned.

Needless to say he asked me to meet up with him and one of his clients the first night. All I can say is he treated me like a princess the entire night. I had such an amazing time. We were with other people and had other conversations going on but he was always near me, or made sure he knew where I was. He was very affectionate which really surprise me because I wasn’t expecting it. Let’s just say it was obvious who he was with.

We did spent the night together and the next morning we hung out with some of his friends and then he dropped me off. I knew I would see him later because we were going to the same function funny enough. There was one quick meaningless text banter that afternoon and that was it. I honestly, hoped I would see him at the event but, knew he would be working so wasn’t gonna be one of those girls crowding him. Especially, while he’s at work. But secretly hoped I’d run into him.

I had just arrived at the venue and was standing outside when I looked up and he was right in front of me with a big smile on his face. He leaned in to give me a hug and a kiss. I got a little nervous because I knew he was working and kind’of let him kiss me on the cheek. I wasn’t sure what was appropriate since he was at work so I thought I’d play it safe. We giggled a little bit about how tired we were and the previous nights adventure. It was a really quick conversation as I didn’t want to hold him up. I didn’t see him the rest of the night. I texted him right before I left but got no response. I figured maybe he was just tired and went home.

By late sunday night I still didn’t hear from him. So, instead of giving him a “WTF” text, I simply thanked him for making time to hang out and how much it meant to me. I dropped a little inside joke from the night before. Just to keep it light and fun. Let’s just say I haven’t heard a peep! Having read everything about the disappearing acts of an Aq. man, I’m extremely premature in my rush to panic since it’s only been a couple of days. But, I have one too many guy friends who say if he did that then it’s done…

I’m usually extremely well at reading people and NONE of his behavior, even the last time I saw him, pointed to a possible brush off. To be honest, my mouth is still hanging open from the shock. He’s just so sweat and this just seems so mean, Can you MAYBE give me some insight as to what possibly might be going on? and how I should handle it? I mean if this is him blowing me off then I guess I’ll just lick my wounds and move on but, this just seemed so out of character for him. I’ve been extremely go with the flow and would think that how great he’s been since day one to me, that, if he didn’t like me, he would have let me down a little easier.

Anyway, if I didn’t put you to sleep and you have enough brain power after my mind numbing post I would love to hear your thoughts!

– Annie

158. lynn - September 28, 2011

Dear NP,

Yes he left me.He told me that he already had someone else.it’s hurt but i just accept it and put our communication in a very minimum level because it hurts me a lot.He came back a few weeks later asked whether we still can be friend like before..Hmm.. .I dont think he can feel the pain as much as i did (i’m taurean) but sometimes after the break up, when i really miss him and cried,he will text or call me (maybe he quite instinctive..i’m not so sure abt this,but it happened so many times..The other thing is when my heart was pounding,i look at front and saw he was staring at me..i never start the call,texting or im ing him because i think it’s not worth to chase him since he already with someone else

We still frens but not close like before.previously,we always share every stories,we laughed and teased each other,texting and ym ing everyday.we shared common interest and we talked and laughed together like there’s no tomorrow..and we never had any single argument with each other.it just so comfort to be with him.i love him just the way he is.. the disappearing act?he did sometimes but it i’ve no big deal with it because i also love to have some space for my self and he always shared wat he has been done.he is quite busy with his work and i really understand and i have no issue with his disappearing act.

today,my heart pounding damn fast and i realized that he stared at me.To be honest, i never felt this kind of feelings before.it’s so intense,strong and he still in my heart.Currently i’m looking for other job and hope that i can forget him.Always pray and ask His Favor to forget him.

159. kendra - September 28, 2011

NP, I would never say anything to make him feel remorse or have a whinny tone with him. When I said “questions that will come to me in his absence” I meant…if I tell him how I feel for him, before he leaves, I will always be wondering if this has scared him to the point he may not return to me. As you have said, sometimes the reaction you see on an aqua mans face is not always what they are feeling, so I could never be sure how he really internalized my sharing these feelings. I asked you this question bc all I have read about the aqua man tells us not to share our feelings of love before they do…and they may not for a long time, so we (the women that love them) should also wait to share our feelings. How accurate is this? I just don’t want to goof anything up at this point…and yet I know what I feel is real, but should perhaps keep it to myself for now, with his immenent departure next week???

NP - September 28, 2011

Hi kendra

Actually it is not “showing your feelings first could be a bad movement”. Sure he would like love games. Until: when he faces that something is gonna get real soon. You said you love him so much. From your posts I can see some reasoning behind it. He is an extraordinary man for you because he shows what he got and this is really interesting. Yep in fact that’s true. But like all real things, his negative sides are also true. We talked about these Aquarians strangeness before.

If you ask my opinion, do not feel fear for telling that you love him. Only possible ways for being apart:

1) remorse as I mentioned before
2) feeling responsible for everything about you
3) ordinary or usual relationship
4) an old love, which left very strong residues in his heart, impossible to forget
5) personal troubles; aquarians never and ever would like to infect their beloved ones with their deep and troubled issues
6) being lost in earth; that’s not so common but happens sometimes. finding no reason for existence (should not be confused with deep traumas or suicidal behaviours. sometimes can last up to couple of years but mostly they recover without any side effect. they got ability to shrink themselves when there feel pressure from outside).
7) and if you ask me the most dangereous one: as I talked that before; feeling that activity of loving you is much better than loving you.

If the situation is not 6 or 7, there is no any serious problem. You can convince him that it is still possible to be together and these issues can be dealt with common understanding.

Think about the stars. they are shining when apart from each other. On the time they come closer, huge magnetic fields starts to occur and stress increases. If a black hole captures them together, they follow this path as they have to. This black hole is love and that’s how they see it, a huge thing, very huge that both stars can not deal with the magnetic occurences or stress between them, it stands a minor issue besides this new situation. Aquarians have fear of it, because they think it is good to be two stars shining together with magnetic effects. Two lights can give more shining and the stress they feel is exiting. But they also know that this black hole stuff is inevitable as it is a rule of the universe.

They do not want to loose this exitement and mostly they focus on new magnificient situation, black hole itself. Imagine the other star. The only way to feel it again is to share this new exitement together. Your beloved star is cruising within this black hole now and possibly he is looking for an answer to be excited again like happened before. He is going and coming back between his love and yourself. First rule: never leave him in searching this excitement within the hole. Even if this is not the situation he may escape occasionally, because he can try to fall in love again and again by coming back to you each time.

By the way, I think the nigthmare is becoming a pulsar, a lone and a converted star which repeats its flashing with ordinary intervals.

On the other hand; you know, feared people have two different reactions: one may loose his temper and show it directly; and the other one may stand without any sign, because he thinks that fear feeds itself. From this you may understand that his cold attitude has nothing about you, but for his internal challenges.

I hope I could draw a picture for some of his attitudes. A small test to be convinced about his love. When he is apart do nothing for a while (if he does not call you or send a msg of course). Never send a message or similar stuff. After that period send a short expression, like 2-3 sentences, about a moment you shared before and your feeling with that instant (your feeling alone, not him or your common feelings). But do it in an extraordinary time, like in the middle of a night, 2 or 3 am. Do not use cliche expressions like “I am thinking about you” or “How are you feeling now”. No matter the reaction time; if he reacts in a cold manner, there can be some trouble. If he reacts calmly, even with a single smiling face icon, it means goes well.


NP - September 28, 2011

– fearing of loosing his inner core energy with love
– despite this, devoted to love so much. but feeling that loving is better than love itself, because it contains more excitement
– combining the fear in first indent with preferring loving activity to love mentioned in second indent; so escaping so often compared to other zodiac signs
– after all those things, suffering is so high, love wounds are felt until the end of life.

do you still think that we are not freaks kendra.

160. Kendra - September 29, 2011

No, not a freak..my heart goes out to you and of course I am grateful for your wisdom and time given to me. Can’t write much still at work, but I have sent sms as you suggest with “odd” lines and almost always get positive response.. smiley face or similar. Will write more later. Again, so much appreciation…

161. NP - September 29, 2011

Thanks for your comments. But let me give you one more thing, because I feel that it is time to do that (you know we got good capacity for feeling). One of the elements of the aquarian feature is to be aware of the difference between a natural born attitude and a man-earned noble character. Aquarians act with the capacity from their birth and apart from everything, and for everything in life, for everyone in that universe; they think that this natural born stuff has nothing to do with a nobility, and in fact this is true. Because it was not earned but coming from their spirits. It is not an effort to write, but sure sometimes for expression.

In abstract do not feel that I shared time to write on this blog because I am a noble character or a man with wisdom. My spiritual script tells me to do so, like my trouble in feeling that I do not reply to other posts which asked an opinion from an aquarian side. We do not do that with any self decision, our codes tells us to do so. I am pretty sure that’s same for Aman, but he is a so busy man with Oracle, a good but very time-consuming business to deal for him.

After all these explanations do not think that you put any extra effort upon us for commenting about your affair, I am sure you realised that we wrote when we find time to do so and I would greatly enjoy if I can give little help. Feel absolutely free, and when an aquarius says “absolutely” it means so as written in a dictionary, you know that already.


162. kendra - September 30, 2011

Dear NP, this is a new relationship, only a few months old. We are both mature in our late 40’s. But you are scaring the heck out of me! I have not committed to another in over 5 yrs, when someone I loved… in the end, lied and lied to me. It changed me, at first for the worse, then time passed and I think I learned some valuable lessons. But those ghosts still haunt me and entering this now, with someone who is making me feel ways I have not for so long..well that scares me too. And add to it all this aqua stuff, well honestly not sure I am strong enough to move forward. I do believe he cares for me…maybe more than he wants to, as I do for him but I’m not sure I am strong enough for this…truly. I was crushed before and I never want to live through that again. You tell me not to catagorize, but everything you write is exactly who he is…as I said before, as if you know him personally. I know we are supposed to take leaps of faith…but maybe that is only for the young. When you get older it is so much more difficult. When we are together it is like we have always known each other, like we are one…but the lapses bring me back to reality and I become unsure over and over again.

You have taught me much and for that I am so very grateful. I guess I just need to figure out where I go from here. Do I leap…and what if no one is there to catch me? Or do I stay safe in not letting love in? Very powerful questions…and believe me, I don’t expect you to have the answers. But it would be nice for me, to stay in touch with you.

Sorry for the heavy dose tonight…. 😦


163. kendra - September 30, 2011

and BTW all of your examples, through all of are posts, were perfect.
thank you for that 🙂

164. Shaunda Yvette Lostgyrl-Wyndblew - October 1, 2011

I’m dealing with a very aloof Aquarius, and it drives me NUTS!! Out of nowhere he just stop returning my calls and text messages. I hear this is part of their anatomy and that I shouldn’t be concern. I’m a Libra and I will admit I’m a little clingy,lol but everything was going so well and like that he disappears like he was never there. I’m wondering is he testing me? Will I just lose interest just because he goes M.I.A ?? but it’s been 3 weeks so far not as much as a hi, and his last text to me was he was laying in bed watching the football game,lol. I’m just going bonkers. And what blows mines the most is when we met he said and I quote I am no complicated at all. Like I said this must be apart of his anatomy because I feel like he’s somewhere smirking at me when I text him. What’s a girl to do, If he didn’t want to be bothered wouldn’t he just come out and say it?? I feel he worth the wait but why much he leave me guessing.

165. Shaunda Yvette Lostgyrl-Wyndblew - October 1, 2011

Btw, I write him poetry which I email to him every night and I know he reads them even though we’re not speaking. I feel just bcuz he chooses to be distant I shouldn’t stop doing the things I was doing before he went into hiding,lol.

166. pisces-girl - October 2, 2011

wow, i bumped to this blogs. lol
well, i just want to ask is that normal 4 aqua guy to express his feelings even we just met? on our first date, the very first 1, he asked me to be his girl and that he really2 likes me, etc..
i told him i want to take it slow, n i put him to test to know how persistent he is, after few days he dissappear never called nor text..

167. Shaunda Yvette Lostgyrl-Wyndblew - October 2, 2011

They crazy,lol. I think they are afraid of rejection and that’s why they are so aloof. Mines, when we first met he said ‘if you play ya cards right’ and I’m now thinking, ok it’s a game to you. So me being the Libra I am for our 2nd date I surprised him with a bottle of Chanel Platinum cologne. He mentioned once how he loved it and how he really wanted it but it was expensive so I said what the heck he’s worth it. and he was so overwhelmed I think I scared him off,lol. Because he run and hid,lol. but I’ll wait for his return,lol. I think he testing me to see if I’m willing to stick around when he’s in his ‘way’.

168. kendra - October 2, 2011

I feel so lost. Haven’t seen in each other in about a week. Supposed to get together today, but it fell through, and it didn’t seem to bother him, didn’t let him see it bothered me. Had thought things were improving bc we saw each other 3 times in 5 days…then poof nothing but a couple simple text in a week. Why so few live talks on the phone..that does confuse me? Glad I didn’t share my true feelings with him yet. Why does it all have to be so difficult? I finally found someone I cared enough to let in and though I reflect on all you shared with me NP, it’s still so damn hard to understand how someone can care about another and not want to be in their presence more often. I also think it stinks that I feel like my hands are tied, bc no matter what I do or say I’ll come across to him as some crazy lady. 😦 😦 😦

169. NP - October 3, 2011

Dear Kendra (and sorry for the others but should do that, Dear all)

I thought I wrote everything I know. But after looking all those words I did only a tiny part of it. That’s the main point. I can not describe that into words. Believe me.

Aman; tell us how you manage everyting especially when you are alone. Tell us how you feel not only in this world but the universe when you just shrink yourself for truth. I understand you and I am sure that you understand me (I wish I did not) but that’s beyond explanation and you also know this. This is our curse my friend. Before coming into that earth if someone asked my zodiac sign, definitely I would choose one of the other 11. But if someone asks me after tasting aquarius, definitely I can not choose any other stuff. Clear like a crystal.

There was a movie about time-traveling (oh how it touches aquarius spirit). Our primary guy goes somewhere and his partner tries to catch him to tell that no need for this, as love is the solution for all. With aquarians you may not achieve that all. Question is: are you ready to shoot a moving target. Moving but still gives the possibility to shoot.

Kendra, and for the ones who absolutely knows that you are special to him; your moves can not make him stink. It is impossible. In fact and on the contrary, for that reason they act like weird. The only problem is: there is no guarantee that you can achieve what you want with insisting.

Kendra, I may be his soulmate because you told me that I described him like I know before. No. I just describe his reasoning and it really really needs time to solve him. Why? Because he did not even solved himself. And this is like a life journey.

Practical consequences? if you can, show him that his road is endless because it is not belong to our shared earth. He must be sure that he is limited for all aspects as he lives here on that soil with us. If I were you, I would try to force him for soil related activities; I mean like going to fishing together or making a picnic alone. Be aware that you should do them alone, only pairs. At first he will reject the idea to be alone, but you have to find a sound reason to do so.

But I must be honest that it may not work at the end of the day; because these guys have the ability to be in everywhere with their imagination. And a personal quotation: who can blame them, in particular when we know this earth is like a matrix and everything is artificial. Indeed that’s why you find them cool. They are aware of and feel them more than anybody. If you asked me after all those years, this is the curse we talk about. I try my best to describe this. But not easy to understand. In brief: For sure I am a part of this miserable human community, I am not special in that sense, but I can see them like none can do. Can you put a squeezed toothpaste into his chamber again once I did before.

And for all the comments about his dishonesty; they can not live with it, if it is so apparent for them. One thing for sure.



ps: always stuck in a moment as bono said. bono is a real poem.

170. NP - October 3, 2011

Who wants to live forever
Who dares to love forever
When love must die
And we can have forever
And we can love forever
Forever is our today
Who wants to live forever
Where’s forever anyway

171. kendra - October 4, 2011

Dear NP, I feel I have stirred things into a very sad turmoil for you, and for this I feel deep regret. I don’t know what I will do, still nothing from him… I like to think it is as you say “he is in his imagination” and it has no bad reflection on me. And I so love “Forever is our today”. I don’t want to badger him, I just want to be closer to him physically and in spirit…but only if he wants the same. For all the women out their, my guy does not lie, I don’t think he even knows how to.

NP, when you said “..or the ones who absolutely knows that you are special to him; your moves can not make him stink” ? I’m not sure what you mean by stink..? One last question, if he feels regret for something wrong he did to me, will he apologize or at least recognize it?

With all this knowledge, I still believe I will go with my heart in what is best to do when I next see him. Funny you should mention shooting a moving target as he is a hunter and that is where he will be off to in the next couple months.


172. NP - October 5, 2011


Did you ever try to approach like an aquarius? I mean pls tell him about your problems, and select the things from the stuff we talked here. Yep that can be a lie but then you can say that how you see and understand him. I know that he scares you a little bit, not like a freddie krueger but you are scared of loosing him. If he loves you for real he could never leave you.

I used stink for the word ‘pissed’. If he feels regret for something wrong he did to you, he would apologise. But the problem is the way of his apologise. He could act like a terminator robot from the outside, but may feel deep sorrow from the inside. He could say sorry orally or he could not say any word but punish himself by making himself apart.

Question is: How a fully logical man act like this, and indeed he always behave with his logic. We go back to our previous conversation about his inner changings. Most of the people may show physical reactions but they can still keep everything inside artificially. Aquarians do the opposite. They show nothing from the outside but their inner stuff burns like an exploding volcano.

You do not stir the things for me; because I live with that since I was born. I always look for the place and person I dreamed. When I realized that there may be no place or a person like them, things turned out to be confusing. Because then I understood that I am here on the ground and I need to re-build my life puzzle again. You know, there are always safeguards in human life. When you think to make something extra crazy (such as resigning from your work immediately and look for a miracle) these things alert you and you behave according to your profits. For that safeguard measures I always kept alternatives in my life. For my job, for my friends and even for my hobbies. Only one thing had no alternative: my dreams. Because I always thought that life is like a joke and usual things may be changable, but those dreams are unique for myself. I am telling this because with that explanation you can see his life more clearly.



173. kendra - October 5, 2011

Deat NP, I just finished a note to him saying many things in my mind, (very thoughfully) but esp that I am bowing out gracefully, if he wants to get in touch it is in hands…I have not sent it yet. The reason I wrote this note is bc I think I have made excuses for him (bc of what I have learned here), but I now believe he is “Just not that into me”! I don’t want to be a pest in his life. The reason this past sunday’s mtg fell thru is bc I asked him for a plan on Fri. and he didn’t give one to me, then he needed me to be there right away and I was not ready, so it fell apart. I apologized, but truly it was he who should have bc he never gave me a plan. Then nothing from him. I sent a suggestive sms today, he called me a couple hrs later, he couldn’t get together tonight, he said he has plans for the up coming wknd and made no suggestion for a time we could meet. That means it will be at least 2 wks before we see each other, and we finally spoke after a wk of nothing…we literally live 15 minutes away from each other, crazy huh? I always thought that when two people enjoy each others company they look forward to talking and/or spending time together. This rollercoaster ride is making me crazy and if he’s not into me, then honestly being a pest in anyone’s life is not my style and would make me feel genuinely
sad. How am I supposed to know the difference? Do I send the note or just do nothing and wait to see what happens? He is the most frustrating man I have ever dealt with!

174. kendra - October 5, 2011

and Dear NP, as for the suggestions in your last post…how can I do any of those things when we speak so little and several wks can go by w/o seeing one another? I do try some of your suggestions when we are together and it is all natural on my part…but otherwise there is just too much time in between 😦

175. pisces-girl - October 5, 2011

now kendra, NP, and all others,
I’m having different experience with aquarius guy. mine, he is so attached to me, keep saying he likes me, wanna be my bf, even wanna sleep with me!! he is so expressive about his feeling. but deep down in my heart, i know i cant truly trust him, besides we just met, he also a player in his past. please help me out, is he real thing or he just after 1 thing from me? as he keep saying how cute, feminim, sexy i am and that i am driving him crazy

176. V de Veronique - October 5, 2011

to dear kendra – don’t contact him; you’ve already done too much…i have had similar situations with Aquarius men…you must intrigue them, be a mystery always…what usually works with other men won’t work here, b/c these men are NOT eager for relationship – in fact they run from it. everything you have said in your 5-Oct post indicates you are doing too much. forgive my bluntness but i wanted to save you from sending that note. you must be a puzzle my friend! what is your sign?

to pisces girl – just from my experience? proceed with caution. these men lose interest FAST.

hope I helped you!

kendra - October 5, 2011

thank you V, I decided earlier today not to send it. My main reason for writing it was so he might understand how I see things…but as I said, I’ll just end up looking like a “crazy” woman. I have also decided no further text to him (our main communication). I have been patient and understanding and given him lots of space and all he has done is confuse me more and more. When we are together, it is incredible..then he disappears, and it feels like all the steps we have gained unravel. NP has taught me much, but you are absolutely right! I forgot about the mystery/intrigue part, bc I was so wrapped up in his nonsense. I am an aries…so as you might imagine patience does not come easily for me. I have never dated an aqua before…and probably never will again!!! Has your experience dating aquas brought any good relationships? If so, how long does it take for them to realize…? Thanks again V!!

177. V de Veronique - October 6, 2011

hi Kendra – thats interesting…i’m a cap w/aries rising, aries moon, so i definitely understand your desire to get the ball rolling.

well, I’m currently still flirting/semi-relationshipping with an Aquarius…I have noticed that the less attention I give him, the more attentive he becomes. it’s hard to explain but the bottom line is, we got close to relationship, i jumped the gun, he recoiled, we argued, stopped talking for a while…he tried to re-kindle it, i rejected…now we’re in a kind of ‘detente’ phase (lots of tension, not really war, def not love). Basically he hangs around wherever/whenever he knows I’ll be, but I’m not speaking to him until he apologizes for what he did (long story).

the odd thing is, i think he loves that tension…they hate the boredom of a secure (boring) ‘relationship’. they need to feel you are an intricate puzzle that they will NEVER fully unravel. i am definitely talking to other guys as I’m not willing to wait until I’m 90 for him to officialize us. if I meet someone better for me, it’s his loss. (my loss too, but i’m not admitting that!)

BTW: the above is all over a 3-4 year period, with long absences in between. patience and a low boiling point are required for Aqua men (def not our Aries strengths, but maybe there’s a reason we’re attracted to these rare birds!)

as far as your question (successfully dated Aqua’s) – well, yes with varied levels of ‘success’ (depends how we define that…). tell you 1 thing – I have noticed that some of the guys who were most crazy about me were Aquarius…but it was always those Aquarians who I hardly noticed were alive. Whoever I liked and tried to pursue – always gave more trouble in the end. It really is the acquired skill of seeming not to want anything romantic/relationship-y with them. ALL of my problems with my current Aquarius began when I revealed my feelings/desire for relationship. Now that I’m as cold/aloof as in the beginning, he LOVES it.

Aquarius man: “to love him is to ignore him.” (I read that somewhere, thought it was hilarious!)

as far as estimated time period for your Aqua’s return… Act as if he’ll never come back, and he will. Don’t expect him ’til you see him.

hope this helps – great sharing with you!

kendra - October 6, 2011

thanks V for your honest response, so appreciate it, but honestly why do we do this to ourselves?? Yes, my man is adorable when we are together, adore him and I think he adores me, but I can not see myself being tortured like this for 3 or 4 more years. I’m 51 y.o. with no self esteem problem…I could be dead by the time he decides he wants me..for sure, lol!! How old are you? Where do you live? I’m in the usa and though most men my age want a barbie doll, I think I’d be happier with nada than this for yrs on end…but I think I’m older than you and can accept more bc of that! Why are they so incredible when we are together..much easier if they were simply smucks, lol..but I guess it is what it is!! Any comment NP, do we have any hope before we turn 90, lol?? I have def. decided I will not contact him again w/o something from him..as you said V…mystery and intrigue is much more alluring..but I still wonder why this strangeness has been put on my plate…haven’t I learned enough lessons already !?!?!

NP - October 6, 2011

Kendra (and V)

Yep. I wrote that before. Aquarians motto could easily be “far away so close”. I really understand that you wish for a meaningful and a real relationship. And it should be like that. But again I said before, these guys are semi-earth people (and semi-outer space). My reply to your question Kendra, it is highly possible that you love him so much for this (we discussed the details before).

Aquarians are vulnerable when they fall in love. As we also talked this, they know that they open their precious inner part with love. And that makes them closer to earth in an uncontrollable course. They strongly feel their semi-spaceman stuff and they do not wanna loose it. That’s why I wrote before “they should accept that they live in this earth”.

I can comment on aqua traits, but I can not make comments for the future of your relationship .If you ask my personal point, it is not convenient to wait someone forever. But if you say you can not forget him, this is another thing and should also be respected like the previous approach.Sorry that I can not give help at this stage. Sure, for this moment V has more clear vision than me, because I am an aquarius man.



178. onFire - October 6, 2011

So my gut feeling was right: he was being weird and it was different this time because there is another girl. But this confused me even more. Hoping you guys can shed some light.

I knew him for almost a year and he followed the known aqua traits. Then all of a sudden, this girl appears, and they’re now in a relationship. He never actually said that to me, but I found out. Pretty sure they only know each other for a couple months. I guess my question is: How do you go from being 100% attention on me, to in a relationship with someone else. I’m more baffled by this, than devastated…just because it seems so out of his character or aqua’s non-commmital attitude in general.
Would be interesting to hear comments on this. I’ve stopped all contact since.

NP - October 6, 2011


If that’s the case just kick him out from your life. But for me the only fear is to keep you as the only one but teasing with others for fun. If you can stand as with your words here no problem. If you show him mercy you can get to used to it.

During my life I met maybe 20 aquarian guys. 2 or 3 of them were really bad spirit. Some call them bad seeds for society or some say just jerks. Before binding everything to zodiac signs I suggest you make a test: does that guy is a bad seed or not. If he is not, then you can get into another dimension.



onFire - October 7, 2011


Keeping him around is not an option. I cut him off because there’s no way I’m tolerating this. And he wasn’t very communicative either when things got more serious with this girl I guess. It all changed in a matter of a week :S

I’m just shocked that there seemed to not have been any game playing with this girl and it all happened very fast. Maybe I’ll just never understand.

179. NP - October 6, 2011

I found that on the net. The only problem with it is to see aquarians in a category. The rest is absolutely true:

“As an air sign and mental by nature, you thrive on the strength of your ideas. Is an idea invisible, insubstantial? Not in the hands of a determined Aquarian. You’re a fixed sign, and you get quite stubborn about things in general and ideas in particular. In fact, you use ideas to change history, to build nations and to fiddle boldly with the knobs and dials on what is commonly accepted as “human nature” itself. Just look at this list of Aquarians who took a notion: Abraham Lincoln, Horace Greeley, Frederick Douglass, Thomas Edison, Jules Verne and Betty Friedan.

Inventiveness is your sphere of operations and one of your great strengths. The cosmos trusts you to stick with an idea until it takes shape in time and space. And so the cosmos shares its secrets with you. You don’t mind being laughed at, and this is a key Aquarian strength, since sticking with an idea usually requires a great deal of refusing to listen to those who don’t believe in it. Your hard-headedness is one of the strengths that you enjoy most about yourself. Stubborn adherence to an idea or loyalty to a cause or friend exhilarates you. The more folks try to talk you out of it, the more you will stick to it, even if it means you’re the only one who does.

You’re far from a loner, though. In fact, your talent for platonic friendship is considered one of your greatest strengths. Revolutionary spirit is a great strength for Aquarians, even if you don’t go out and fight for a cause. You do not fear change. You may live the most humdrum life right up until fate throws some curves at you. That’s when the innate strength of your sign comes through. Aquarians, you sense an opportunity for rapid growth of consciousness. You are inspired and eager to meet the challenge. Instead of feeling singled out for misfortune, you feel chosen. You seem to be hearing a guiding voice, seeing a guiding light in the turmoil that appears to others to be chaotic and hostile. Your magic preceptors are interpreting the present events as coordinate points from which to navigate to the bright future that you see developing.

If your adversary is an Aquarian, they will first do everything possible to talk you over to their side. They will take you to lunch and try to get you to see “reason.” Aquarius is so convinced that they are right they feel you ought to agree with them. They really believe that what is good for them is good for you, too. Besides, Aquarians are fully confident of their ability to win your friendship and thus take the sting out of your opposition, even if they can’t bring you to their own way of thinking.

Should you prove to be completely “unreasonable” (anyone who disagrees with Aquarius is misguided, in their eyes), Aquarians will campaign against you very democratically. They are essentially political animals. And unless they are so far ahead of their time that others cannot identify with their position, Aquarius will win.

Aquarian weapons are logic (their own special brand of charisma, humor and the ability to bring people together for the cause). They will not use behind-the-scenes manipulation or smear campaigns. Campaign advisors to U.S. presidential candidate Adlai Stevenson despaired, as he refused to let them use the commonly accepted political “dirty tricks” that these “realists” thought were the only way to win. In the end, Stevenson was not elected president, but as leader of the Democratic Party, his idealism was an elevating influence that deeply affected the political climate of the nation. Aquarians are used to being so ahead of their time that they cannot be readily understood or easily elected to office. But they know that the issues they force others to confront are the food for thought that will nourish the growth of conscience and enlightenment. They introduce the future into today.

Aquarians are, in their own way, the ultimate elitists. They will not live or fight by any standards other than their own. Though you may try your best to alter an Aquarian’s opinion, that little smile on his or her face is an indication that they at least made you think about their side of things.”

180. kendra - October 7, 2011

Dear On Fire, I am sorry for your loss. I’m sure it is quite shocking for you to have this happen so quickly w/o warning. This is one of the questions I have wondered with aqua men: how are the women who care about them supposed to know the difference btw giving them their space and time so they will come back to you refreshed and renewed vs they are off conquering new women?

Dear V, I wish you the best. You are lucky to know he is there where ever you might be, so it is easier to ignore him. When they simply disappear out of our sight, it doesn’t really matter that we ignore their absence (as long as we don’t try to communicate with them) bc they are gone from us for however long…. I hope your man smartens up enough to see what he is loosing and does whatever it is you need him to do or say! Thanks for your advice, it was right on!

Dear NP, thanks for the continued education. Funny how a grown, educated woman can turn into a puddle…ahh, but I have taken my power back and I feel stronger. During our last phone conversation a couple days ago, he made tentative plans with me for tonight. I decided then, I was not going to put much faith into this. And imagine this, didn’t hear from him today/tonight and I’m ok. Like the saying goes, “to love them is to ignore them”! I’d like to think he is off doing what ever scattered things he does, and is not off with someone else as On Fire found out the hard way. But if he is, there is nothing I can do…so I just go on enjoying my life and see what evolves. Tough for all of us..but my saying “it is what it is”!!

Peace and blessings to all.

181. NP - October 7, 2011

One note: Your sufferings about aquarius men reminded my deep problems with the women of earth sign. After some experience I realized that it is impossible to live with a woman from this elemental group, in particular Virgo and Taurus. I know some aquarius guys who are making fine with these women. But one fact is apparent, they are so sticked on the earth related facts of life for me. In short I can understand your situation.

182. V de Veronique - October 8, 2011

haha dear NP!!! – you make me laugh- i am an Earth sign (capricorn) & I know what you mean…
but I know it can work bet Earth signs & Aquarius…, depending on the chart of the people involved (the planetary placements @ time of birth)…
hey i thought Aquarius were supposed to believe everything is possible?

dearest Kendra – well, i thank you for your kind wishes, and i wish you all the best in love too.
“my” (he really doesn’t belong to anyone but himself) aquarius disappeared for 6 months before i saw him again…and previously for shorter periods…he comes & goes at will…i am under 50, but i know that the heart has no age, so i don’t think you should feel that you should have outgrown the need for love…i think that we humans feel that from birth til death – so why should you feel ashamed of feeling something that is so natural?

you watch – the minute you forget him, he’ll be back! just keep living your life…look for someone else..and when he re-appears, treat him as if he were just a mildly interesting experiment…distant & aloof, like a scientist dissecting a worm hahaha…

keep us posted…to love him is to ignore him…

lynn - October 9, 2011

“the minute you forget him, he’ll be back”..this happened to me too…hahah..funny weirdo aqua..the time i decided to avoid him,then he will appear and make mess again..lol..

lynn - October 9, 2011

maybe this is the craziest thing happened to me..

Sun Sextile Moon
Sun Conjunction Venus
Sun Opposition Jupiter
Sun Trine Uranus
Sun Trine True Node
Moon Sextile Sun
Moon Sextile Venus
Moon Trine Jupiter
Moon Trine Saturn
Moon Opposition Uranus
Moon Sextile True Node

taurean met weirdo aqua..lol

kendra - October 9, 2011

Dear NP, I think it is unfair for you to say that. We all deserve a chance, right? Regardless of our sign, color, makeup..! Just a week or so ago, you were telling me it was ok to tell him how I feel…too late, he disappeared, probably to my benefit!! As much as you have taught me about aqua men..I remain confused. Aren’t we all ppl walking this earth alone, all looking for the same thing..to love and be loved…ya, I know aqua’s are different..but they still want it. Don’t you? I’m having a brain cramp right now, cause all of a sudden I miss him soo much and wonder where he is, what is he doing? I know, w/o a doubt, he cared about me..and bc of this I know I will hear from him again. And you know what I am going to do, treat him like every other human I encounter…not the love part, just the human part, lol. It’s probably going to end anyway, so why not be kind in the end,,,isn’t that always better than being right? He’s gone from me now, I don’t know where he is, but I like to think I’m still inside him (as you have mentioned several times), just wish he’d let me be next to him..probably not going to happen, so I’m getting ready for the end. Like I said, never dated an aqua before, and when this is over I learned the lesson, will never again. PS~he is inside me too, always!

🙂 🙂 🙂

183. NP - October 8, 2011

Hi V

Yep, aquarians (including me) believe that everything is possible. But they also believe that most of the human beings are subjectively acting during their lives. Aquarians have tendency to calculate complex factors in life. In general they are lazy if the things are not attractive for them (I exclude sensual relations, because their spiritual clock is changing with it, so their laziness in love comes from another stuff). But if there is a situation interesting their brain works like a computer, they can make a priority list for tons of things to do and they may perfectly organize people for a group work (for that reason they do not like people behaving in egoistic manner and have no ability to be in a team).

Love is love. But living with someone has additional parameters and aquas are confused when they see something that is not explanaible with logic. In fact this is usual and normal for human attitudes, people are not robots and they got different characters. The problem is, aquas are like racing with time and despite their big patience they usually ignore this subjectivity of people.

You know earth signs more than me; I have total respect to them. For me they look always demanding and if you compare that with aqua traits it is the opposite what they do normally. After my couple of experiences I could find several things in common, but reasoning behind this similarities is not always the same.

For example, most of the times earth signs make zooms to the things they want to live, I mean they can find plenty of points in a place interesting to them before going to a vacation there (like aquas) but they are not bored of doing the same things with the other people. If the aqua also wants to go there definitely it is not for doing those package tour activities, instead aqua can spend 12 hours in a cave near the seashore and watch the sand and waters while drinking vine. Of course there are exceptions but this is a general example to tell the situation. Imagine that although I am atracted to computer games so much, sometimes I feel disturbed because I know that some people designed it and I feel excitement with this.

Because this universe, this earth and this nature have so much wonders. Of course we have to work and make money to live and we have to use laundries, cafes and supermarkets to make our lives easier. But there is always a part in our brains and spirits that belongs to us. God has always mysterious ways and we can not see them if we look at this part like we do in our usual daily lives.

On the other hand I agree with you, it is about the charts and it can work as I know some fine examples. For me? I am an aqua; one astrologist looked at my chart and told me “you can not be an air element more than this” 🙂

Another thing I agree is your recommendations to Kendra. Definitely an earth sign who has the same experiences can see that situation better than me.



kendra - October 8, 2011

Dear V and NP, I continue to hang in there 🙂 Haven’t talked to him in a week, haven’t seen him in 2 wks…most important I have not sent any communication to him…which for me is huge. Funny on our first date one of the first things he said to me was “always honesty, right?”. I now see there are different degrees of honesty. Ex. if you care about someone, then disappear on them w/o explanation or no plan for another date…well, that could be considered dishonest (regardless if you are only in your head during all that time). Or, if you haven’t seen someone you care about in several weeks, then act completely nonchalant when they next call (when you truly are feeling excited, confused…) that is another degree of dishonesty. Because I prefer being completely upfront with people, it will be difficult for me to act only mildly interested when he finally reappears..but I trust you both..and if that’s what it takes, so be it. To be honest V, not sure I could handle 6 months lol! Question: when he does reappear, is it better to wait for him to suggest a plan for us to meet or should I make the suggestion? I’m sure I already know the answer, but was curious for your input(s). Though I do care for him (very much), if someone else interested me I would spend time with them as well, not to make him jealous, but to expand my life. Unfortunately, no one has touched me in the way he has in quite some time…but I’m putting it out their to the universe :). Oh and NP, I am an aries so patience is not my virtue, but as you have seen…I’m working on it!!

184. kendra - October 8, 2011

one other thought NP, when aqua men reappear..what brings them back to us? I know you have said many times we remain in their minds/thoughts while they are gone, but what is it that brings them around enough to contact us or want to see us again???

NP - October 8, 2011

I knew that I will confront that question sooner or later 🙂

Kendra. Why did you stick on this aqua guy; I know you are a sensible person. I know why but it makes me sick in fact. However that sickness has nothing about you; because after all years now I believe that aqua guys should stay alone. But this is another story.

When? When he lands on the earth he will come back to you again. I am not making a joke, this is the situation. I see that you can not wait for this time. I understand this, because there is no guarantee to wait at the end. Then you have to hit him. Hit with the things aiming at his heart and spirit. At this moment you should act in a strict way. I mean, you have to balance two things:

If you bore him (in his mind of course) definitely he will leave. Because he can suffer this loss himself. That’s meaningless. But it is a fact. If you give a message that you are always on his side hee will do the things same as before. My suggestion is to do between. If you ask me, the only way is to send questioning messages but they should not be like a possession. Funny that possibly he already made so much dreams about you; but if you give the image of possession you will loose.

Show your awareness by indicating his false movements. Do that with short messages like “so, I am the person who will accept every move of you because I do not have a life except waiting?” This is the time to do that.

But I am sure V would give more than me.


kendra - October 9, 2011

Dear NP, I’m actually becoming pretty cool with the whole waiting thing. Why did I stick on him…hmmm, let me explain, something that is inexplainable. I told you before I was in a relationship that ended 5 + yrs ago. Since then, I have dated..some nice guys, mostly whakos! But not until I met him did I feel what we are supposed to feel when you meet the “one”. It is truly inexplainable. Maybe he is not the “one”, maybe he is simply another lesson for me to learn. But honestly he was all I had looked for in these past 5 yrs. Attentive, funny, honest, the energy seemed to work for both of us mentally as well as physically. Then poof, it all changed and I started to learn about aqua men…the rest is history, as we know it!

I do continue to live my life, I am a busy person with many things going on and many friends to share things with (and btw, my closest friends do not even want to begin to understand this craziness..and think I’m crazy for trying to, lol). It is honestly like trying to date a martian, with a foreign language, orbiting earth. He’s gone for now, he may return, he may not. If he returns I would love if I could say/do whatever the aqua man would respond to, but I’m afraid I will just have to wing it (with the understanding I have more knowledge under my belt now, thanks to you and V!). I can be elusive, but is that really what I want to do for the next 5 yrs with no promise of anything ever changing? For now, I’m cool, it has only been a few months, but honestly can’t see the aries in me continuing this pattern for years on end…god bless you V..must be that earthiness in you that allows you to continue..then again who knows what can happen in anyone’s life!

blessings 🙂

185. V de Veronique - October 9, 2011

Hi Kendra & NP-

Seems I’ve missed some great conversation over here.

NP – Wow! I loved your last response! that’s definitely advice that I find helpful. my favorite Aquarian is sort of tip-toeing around me, to determine how angry/hurt I am…I have stayed aloof, and while he does come around surprisingly often, he hasn’t tried to patch things up really…so I suspect he’s waiting to see if….if he waits long enough, I’ll supply my own apology to myself (on his behalf) and we can get back to all that exhilarating flirting & almost -relationshipping! LOL…which of course I’m dying to get back to that, but again…it’s what you said: “if you are always on his side he will do the same thing as before…” and so it’s almost a dance of wills…which is almost a form of flirting in itself, isn’t it?

Kendra…I agree with NP – just the light teasing should be good. I wouldn’t try to pin him down to any plans, or even suggest them…it’s got to be easy/breezy and with no expectation for the future. as if you didn’t even realize he was gone, b/c you were so busy traveling in another galaxy. Tell him that whatever else happens, you need your freedom/space. I’m not joking when I say to take up yoga, meditation…anything that will get you into a place of utter calm and self-control. vigorous work-out. and for sure, date others. if you find your soulmate in the meantime it’s his loss. And who knows? you just might find another aquarius! these aqua men are maddening but for mystery & excitement, you can’t beat the deal!

both of you, have a great weekend!

186. kendra - October 9, 2011

LoL V, we must have been writing at the same time! I am a nurse, licensed massage therapist, do polarity, now taking Reiki and work out at the gym 3-5X a week lol! And believe me if/when/should this end with my aqua man, I will never do it again with another aqua (sorry NP, but way to labor intensive, with so little return). I think you are right with what you said to NP about “supplying your own apology”…part of why they come back so late, hoping we will be so happy to see/hear from them..they don’t need to apologize for what ever confusion they have caused us. I know that has happened time and again with my situation…except once, when I became upset and said the mixed messages were not working for me..he honestly listened to that..and continued to bring up that talk several more times (clearly he thought about it often)…and even made more efforts to change things up a bit.. but as you now see he has reverted back to his old ways!?! Maybe we should just buy our own spaceships so we can orbit side by side with them, LOL!!

187. NP - October 9, 2011

If you ask my opinion do not get into a relationship with a “typical” aqua again. As a typical aqua man that’s what I tell the people around me, including my aqua female friends. Because they are different from aq. males (this difference is big compared to other zodiac signs).

This is not a universal rule. If the destiny does that to you again, have another approach. It is like doing the same thing with two separate routes. Yes, they may be attractive in so many senses. But when you give him 10 over 10, you can watch the decrease in this 10 time by time. Then just give 0 from the beginning and see how he raises this number. That doesn’t mean you should act him like a pet of course, but I am sure you understand the logic behind it.

I told you about an astrologist who said to me “you can not be an air element more than this”. She was pretty old and she added “uranus is a lone and cold planet, it is up to you to change this”.

Not just a nice weekend but have a good and a happy life. I wish you less aqua days 🙂


188. Shaunda Yvette Lostgyrl-Wyndblew - October 12, 2011

Hi NP,

You seem to give great advise concerning the Aqu male. I left a few comments on Oct 1st and the 2nd. Any suggestions on how to handle my situation. I was sitting here talking to my friend/co-worker who is a Aries male and he told me to just move on, that I’m just in denial but I don’t think so. Everything was going well with my Aqu and I and the next day he just stopped communicating with me (it’s been a few weeks now and all I want for my birthday next week is to spend it with him,nothing fancy just his company, laughs and giggles will do). I still text him Good morning and send him poetry as I always did, but I’m starting to get a lil leary because I’m not quite sure how to get his attention. I’m a Libra and patience really isn’t my middle name but I’m learning but on average how long to you guys play the silent game =/ And if you just want to remain ‘friends’ are you the type to be straight forward or continue to be silent. Is it true you Aqu males distant yourselves to see if a person is really interested. I will admit we’ve been intimate and from the looks of his reaction and mine it was the best ever for us both,lol, so the physical attraction is there, and honestly he’s like the male version of myself which of course is mind blowing. I just don’t want to follow the advise of someone who can’t relate or understand the Aqu male mind. Or allow my insecurities to convince me to give up on a great guy,

#Helplessly in love with an Aquarian

NP - October 12, 2011

Hi Shaundra

I try to give help for their menthalities. Indeed thay are so strong that almost all of them follow similar paths.

Anything about his stops, I made comments here before. But in your case the difference is your Libra sign. Air elements have so much in common. But if you think three of them, Libra has a separate place. Because only Libra cares the reflection of other people which reaches to himself/herself during social interaction. I mean the other two, Aquarius and Gemini, they don’t care about what people say for their stuff, mental or physical image etc. But Libra does.

Problem could be easier if they play a silent game. They don’t. In fact aquarius codes reject any kind of games from the beginning. They stay at distance when they are interested, that’s true. Bu it has lots of reasons and I tried to explain them in my previous posts.

He may be a male version of anyone, I mean any zodiac sign, if they are attracted to this specific person. You should know that they never act but they got huge capacity to understand people; and some say they have a third eye. At that point I should warn you that they are extremely clever people who can feel the other’s senses. But first rule: when they are on to it.

If you are really want to be with him, you have to handle two situations. Firstly, they should be on stage (for most of the people that’s enough but not for aquarians) and then secondly, they should stick on that stage. For that reason you may not be sure whether they are in the second phase or not, because they may not show any difference between them.

As a Libra, sure he would find you ways interesting. But on the contrary, again sure he will not understand your careness for the outer world. e.g. you can talk with people you know in your birthday party, but he would expect that you should choose, or have choices among the people you know and invited there. Otherwise he would be confused. For example; you may say that you want this specific situation, you are not questioning it because you want it so, but he would definitely look for an answer. Do not forget that he will seek an answer, and it is “always”. Never think that he should understand it, because he loves you. Aquarians do that for themselves so why they would not do it for you.

You are Libra and I am sure that you think other possibilities, as you got a wide range of friends. My advice is, never show that or make him feel for this. Instead, show him your air element qualities if you really want him, such as your wide vision and ability to see the world more than any other.

As a Libra you are not a person for romantic modalities so I do not give any advice for it.

Be aware that your happiness with your difference as an air element does not mean anything to him. Aquarius do not need to feel different, because they are used to live with it more than anyone. Oh God, I wish they do not.

Finally it is better to get advice from other signs, if they write, from V or Kendra. Because I have limited capacity to talk about them, it is naturally subjective as I am one of them.



189. Shaunda Yvette Lostgyrl-Wyndblew - October 12, 2011

Thank you =)

190. kendra - October 13, 2011

Dear Shaunda, sorry to hear of your problems. It is difficult and confusing, I know. Two pieces of advice I can give you are:

1. stop with the daily text, poems etc. as hard as that will be for you. These guys seem to have more interest in mystery then any kind of security you think you are providing with the continuous text…could actually be spreading more distance between the two of you.

2. Go back to around Sept 5 on this blog, when NP started writing to me. His words helped me better understand the aqua I care about, his mind, emotions, journey’s (time out’s!), and what it might be like to take a glimpse inside his head. Aqua’s are very complicated, but NP has a way of unraveling it we mere mortals might comprehend…patience, patience, patience, and while you are practicing that, go out and enjoy your life! Best wishes to you!

Dear NP, I miss our fireside chats. You are the best Professor of the aqua man! Not much new here on earth. Nothing from him in over a week. Last night at 2 am I took your advice “send a short expression, like 2 sentences, about a moment you shared before and your feeling with that instant..”.. I sent a sms a with photo of a beautiful evening on the water we shared and simply said “the perfect evening, worth remembering”. At 6 am (which is quite early for him) he sent back “Nice”…as per you, that should be a good sign! I smiled and went on my day…getting stronger every day! In fact, I’m feeling so much better almost afraid for him to come back and stir all that energy up again…funny how life continues to unfold while we are living it!! Hope you are well. Sincerely, K

NP - October 13, 2011

lol Kendra. I smiled because I am sure that he taught this reply couple of times; he tried to give a short but not a cold answer, but at the same time he wanted to write something not so much calm. Apart from the total situation, if he does a similar msging to you that would be a big step for him; at least he will think it is.

V is right, you are onto a good mood. Yep, he’s got a potential to stir the things up, they do this in a very good way. My personal experience tells me so. I feel that I should not write like a fortuneteller at this stage. It is not because I think the situation is good, or bad. Because it is up to you now, you will decide for the things in your life. I was forced to be an aqua dealer as I suffered from being an aquarius during my life.

Just one warning; do not let him to change you into a person similar to himself. I mean he’s got a natural born battery which is endlessly rechargeable. He can be happy only with his dreams and none can expect an exact date for giving up this. With an aqua effect you may start to enjoy the same attitude, I call this “feeling and enjoying the chaos”, in harmony with the universe. You can see that from your environment. Most of the people are always bored of repetitive actions but they do this, because they think they need to do. But always in their minds they want to do different.

As we talked it earlier, “going back for some time then falling love again” could be better for them when feeling in trouble. Do not get into this chaos. Remember that aquarius sign is someone continuously pouring water.



191. kendra - October 13, 2011

Dear NP, glad I put a smile on your face! The reason I choose the pic I sent was bc there was no intimacy that evening and yet it was a very intimate evening..know what I mean!? I waited like you said, hadn’t heard from him in 10 days, haven’t seen him in nearly 3 weeks. And btw, he often responds with “Nice”, so not sure that really means anything..the 6am reply was more out of character. Wondering is this time line w/o seeing/talking to each other typical, short or longer than usual for you orbiting men? This is the longest it has been for us so far. Also if he doesn’t respond (usually after this time, he responds with a call), how long should I wait to send him something else…and if I should, what type of msg next time? I think part of his disappearing this time could be related to letting me down on our last attempt to meet and failed…then part of me wonders is he seeing someone else (always an uncomfortable thought).

You should write a book, lol!!

NP - October 13, 2011

Hi Kendra

If you ask me, never spend a minute to wait him like V said. If he moves then you can re-evaluate the things happened.

I like typical bad guys. Because they show what they are and you may guess their imagination. For example, you both want this piece of gold and you run together. This bad guy does everything he can. It is understandable, isn’t it. But our good guy does not show any sign. I am a pure aquarius, but I supressed it, I mean at least partially (you can never do it totally) and I can say that it is just not fair. If he can not change then he will be alone. But if he responds watch him carefully. These guys are full of surprises.

I can not guess the time of his next message, sorry. But if it will be positive, it will be like your last message but will be more detailed, or at least more deeper in sense. For that reason do not wait for a specific time and run your life. When he does that if you are still ok with him, you may respond. To learn the possible existence of another one, just send another msg. But that time show yourself very well determined. I mean not like complaning, but like mathematically no other option stayed on the table.

Thanks for your comments; but as you may guess I will not write any book or any other thing, I did for this blog only. That aquarius curse which Aman told, took my life. I hurted so many loves, and so many of them hurted me in reflection. I posted a part of song lyrics from Queen here. I did not do it occasionally. That’s the thing aquarians live. Imagine that some of them love cold weather and some of them loves hot. But even for this tiny thing, they can not explain the reason behind their feelings. Because as I expressed before, half part of them has nothing with that planet. But they always look reasoning for everything. So you can guess the tension within them.

People invented the term “cool” but believe me it is a total lie. What’s cool is, sharing something for real and receiving while giving, without any barrier. If that term exists, that’s the cool thing.

100 years ago none cared aquarians or their beliefs. They had to prove their stuff by doing it. Today usual human life is full of boring stuff then aquarians’ difference arised. I know that you are onto him for this. But please be aware that and in fact you already saw that, simply your life deserves more than freakness.

I do not have anything to add to the blog and I stop here. All the best to you and others who are on this stuff.

You may ask that how I am dealing with this supression; I made myself minimized. One thing I am certain, I could not stop my brain which is always thinking, it is like that since my childhood. I decided to let it work like that. I pick up whatever I wish from it. Do not worry I do not suffer for these 🙂 I am very used to this.

Again remember, never resemble to him. And byes.



NP - October 13, 2011


100 years ago none cared aquarians or their beliefs. They had to prove their stuff by doing it. Today usual human life is full of boring stuff then aquarians’ difference arised. I know that you are not onto him for this.

192. kendra - October 13, 2011

Dear NP I will miss you more than you can imagine! Not because of “him” but because of your openness. I decided today not to do anymore, if I should hear from him then I’ll decide where I want to go…after considering it all..who knows?
Thank you my friend.
XOX, kendra

193. kendra - October 20, 2011

I miss the sharing with NP and V, hope you are both well 🙂

194. V de Veronique - October 20, 2011

hi Kendra- I’m still here- just been busy. how are you? any news from your Aqua…? I think he’ll re-surface eventually; just play it cool..they are sweeties at heart, just can’t take the heat in the relationship kitchen LOL

“my” so-called Aqua is away on business but I’m keeping busy anyway with my own life. we chatted a little a while back but no expectations on my end 😐

can’t stay long, hope to write more soon – best regards & keep us posted-

195. kendra - October 24, 2011

You know what I’m wondering V, considering all the comments on this blog..almost everyone stating “he is my soulmate”, there must be something in these guys..DNA, aura, energy, what ever one prefers calling it…that makes a woman “think” they are meant to be with these guys..when in fact it has nothing at all to do with that particular couple, it is what the aqua guy puts out…just a thought, after all we can’t all be soul mates!!

As far as my aqua, ya I saw him this wknd after almost a month of nothing-ness. I do believe he was with another woman, at least one, in the interim. And this time we were together, although he was very attentive, there was no plan and it was spur of the moment. He had a few drinks in him when I arrived, which with these guys makes everything twice as confusing. In the past he has called me a day or two before getting together with some minimal plan. I tried getting some understanding from him, but it went no where. No, we are not in any “committed” type relationship, but prior to this month he sort of lead me to believe we were heading that way. I let it all go and just enjoyed the time together. But as sad as it makes me feel, I don’t know that I can continue this. My girlfriends all think I’m crazy to put up with this, and I have to admit I think they may be right! It’s like “be ready when I want you, but you’ll have to wait until I’m ready again and again and again”. Yes, I have been living life w/o him around, but as you know he remains in the background of my mind. Ahh what’s a girl to do,lol?!?

And how’s your scenario going?

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198. V de Veronique - November 1, 2011

hi Kendra-

Happy Halloween! your date with your Aquarius sounds very romantic. yeah, they definitely don’t give us a feeling of security, do they? I think that that’s something every woman, no matter what sign, needs — to a certain degree. to snag these guys, i guess you have to appear as if you don’t need that…reassurance

anyway, my Aquarius is MIA — away on business. no news on my end. I’m not letting that stop me from enjoying life (and I’m sure you’re enjoying life, too!)

all best & enjoy the candy! looking forward to talking again soon xo

199. Jessica M. - November 2, 2011

I’ve had an Aquarius man-friend for 10 years and I have been in a romantic relationship with an Aquarius man for the past 20 months and I have to say that this observation is 100% accurate.

My Aquarius man is married.

I can’t help but think that my Aquarius man has “broken the bold,” if you will. He’s somewhat of a womanizer and does not part from his ex-girlfriends. I’ve caught him flirting and talking lovingly to several women and inviting ex-girlfriends to romantic getaways (all the while denying everything).

Perhaps he’s one of the few Aquarius men that do not believe in being true to a woman?

It doesn’t seem to bother him losing a woman who clearly cares for him. However, he will occasionally chase a woman to work things out if his pride allows him to.

The games an Aquarius man plays are menacing and will lie with a straight face to keep you around. Beware.

200. Jessica M. - November 2, 2011

Oops! Typo. Broken the mold*

201. LINDA - November 3, 2011

I just started dating an aqua man and after 4 months he said he is crazy about me and thinks about me all the time, Then sometimes i don’t hear from him and then he seems to get worried and and calls 2 and 3 times a day. Whats with him. is he interested or not.Said we need to be friends and then lovers.

202. Jessica M. - November 5, 2011

Hi Linda,

Same here. Aquarius men seem to get bored often and quickly; they make it apparent when they’ve lost interest and then, all of a sudden, they begin to chase you when you’ve stopped contacting them. They don’t how to treat friends or lovers. They either treat them all the same or don’t treat them at all. It seems like a very immature and selfish game. They’re only interested when you’ve become a “mystery” to them or when they become bored with their own lives.

It’s hard to tell with an Aquarius if they’re “in love,” “in like” or in anything for that matter. They’re emotionless. From experience, I don’t recommend Aquarian males for any kind of partnership.

203. kendra - November 5, 2011

Dear NP/V, the saga continues… Now I’m lucky to see him every 2 wks, sometimes 3 with a couple stupid text in between…I hate text but play the game well and am clever with my responses to keep him interested. Yet when we are together, everything seems almost perfect. Again we are at the 2 wk interval. We had a little text spat earlier this wk. Mainly because we have had “tentative” plans 4 times in the past 6 wks and nothing comes of them…he doesn’t call and the day passes by. When we do get together it is very spur of the moment. So I texted him Monday AM, “if you want to see me then call with a plan”, as we were supposed to get together this wk. Nothing happens. I start to feel like he is playing a cat and mouse game with me and it truly doesn’t feel very good. He always starts his text with “what’s up”. So I send him a text that night with “do you really want to know what’s up? Why do you treat me like a piece of crap…honestly, that’s what’s up!” As you might guess I’ve heard nothing from him since…perhaps I’ve hurt his male pride…ooops sorry…he’s hurt more than that with me 😦 So the question remains: did I blow it???? Part of me is glad to have this over…the other half is raining tears…..

204. kendra - November 6, 2011

follow up to my own question…he texted me with one word last night around 6:30 “argh”, that is his word for thinking of you or nice or whats up. Usually I would text him back and we would end up with another spur of the moment get together. But this time, I did not respond, continued on with my own plans and met up with some friends. He use to call me a day or two in advance and make plans, now it is always “spur of the moment”. So I guess I didn’t blow it, BUT maybe he did lol!

205. V de Veronique - November 6, 2011

hi Kendra!

sorry to hear about the sitch…ignore him. he’s emotionally immature…How old is he again? late 40s? has he been married?

“my” Aquarius came back from his biz trip, and true to form, started treating me badly –last time we saw each other, he was really sweet, almost strangely so…so naturally he’s followed that up with ignoring me blatantly (like, we’re in a room full of people – he literally speaks to & is friendly to every single person in that room…while avoiding/ignoring me as if I’m exuding a pungent odor LOL…) but he stand next to me, gets in my way…and blah blah blah…

I ignored him back. my friends think I should make sarcastic statements to him, etc. but I didn’t bother – I was just friendly to everyone else and went about my business…good riddance-

I wouldn’t text him again – just wait to see what he does…don’t worry about the tears…I cry about my Aqua when things don’t go well. it’s natural. I realize that he’s stuck in an emotionally immature time-warp that he is not likely to grow beyond — EVER. the only thing that might get these guys to budge is to ignore them. and even that — only temporarily, until we’ve let down our guard and opened our hearts. there’s no way to fix this – only they can fix themselves –

I’ll still interact with him, but I’m done with thinking of him as relationship potential –too emotionally damaged & likely to remain so. I’m dating others, and encourage you to do so as well. if a good one comes along, hang on to him.

it’s great to know i have a kindred spirit out there, Kendra- I really appreciate having you to trade war stories with….

have a happy sunday-


206. kendra - November 6, 2011

Dear V, Sorry to hear about your poor return. The whole girlfriend thing, trying to help us…and how can we ever explain what we know about the aqua men…makes us seem damaged or crazy, lol!

But I think you are right in just ignoring them, truly! I don’t feel good treating anyone with sarcastic statements. Isn’t it bizzare how he stands right next to you in a crowded room but acts as if you are not there. For me, luckily, he and I don’t have the same friends so don’t think I’ll ever have to experience that type of aggravation, sorry you had to.

I remember NP telling me:
“Kendra, and for the ones who absolutely know that you are special to him; your moves can not make him pissed. It is impossible. In fact and on the contrary, for that reason they act like weird. The only problem is: there is no guarantee that you can achieve what you want with insisting.”

Yes and I remember NP saying they are like children, hence the emotional immaturity…you hit that one on the nail! My guy is 48, was married for about 14+ yrs, has 2 grown daughters. Has since lived with a woman who wanted a baby, he didn’t so it eventually ended. And has been in several “relationships”…not sure if he tortured them also with all the disappearing acts…my guess, a leopard doesn’t change his spots. Though at times I wonder ( and wish NP was around to answer this) do they get worse with age…cause I thought waiting til I was 90 was a guarantee, lol!! How old is your guy, ever married?

Yes, kindred spirits for sure! I use the phrase with only a special few 🙂 and I do believe you belong in that category! It would be lovely to share a glass of vino with you someday, (oh what the hell, a whole bottle!), I’m in Boston and look forward to that day!

I will not return a text to him. He knows I want a call with a plan and that I think he treats me like crap…whether he understands or not. I will not continue this with him unless he is willing to give a little too…and let him wonder where the heck I am…reverse psychology lol!!

Sleep well my friend, hope that extra hour brings you some peace!


207. kendra - November 7, 2011

PS ~ he just text me “arrggh” again, aren’t I the lucky one…2 arrghs in 2 nights lmao!! Honestly, he is a grown man with 2 adult dtrs and a business…and I get arrrgh…I feel so special…NOT!!!

208. V - November 7, 2011

you see? to love him is to ignore him. still, ‘arrghh’ is cute. i would text back – ‘arrrgh yourself’ or ‘definitely’


thanks for your message, and for the NP quotes. NP, are you out there? my Aquarius ensures that my life is as bizarre as possible LOL
he is early 30s and never married (and committed to keeping it that way apparently hahaha)

yes, someday maybe we will have that wine, my friend!

ciao 4 now

209. NP - November 8, 2011

Hi Kendra and V

First time I am looking at the blog since my departure. good coincidence. lol.

In fact I said they are “emotionally immature” because an event needs two steps: feeling (or thinking) + action. They got the first part for sure. But without the second it is useless.

I will go into deep a little bit further now. I wish it could be understandable. Because I accept that it is not easy. Now I will try to explain the nature of their “inner part”.

Let me give you one thing and I am writing this without any feeling that I am an aquarius. And do not think that I am an arrogant person. They always like to be at the upper level. Let me open it. As a person if you stay at level 3 they will be level 4. if it is 4, their stuff will be 5, etc. Layer means personal position. And oh, they love this.

Imagine that you love him and you make plans for the next week. Their ability to see that world in different perspectives force them to think more than these usual dreams (they think that they are usual, poor aq.s). May be you noticed that sometimes they talk non-sense, I mean they jump from one subject to another without any relevance. Human life needs lines, even if there are multiple routes, they are lines. Aquarians do not have this path, they always got a huge puzzle and and if they see a linear pattern (as I said, even if they are more than one) they feel trouble automatically because they move 360 degrees in this puzzle. Think about it. If you have ability to swim in a puzzle of course you would choose an upper level. For them it is the difference between a 2-dimensional world and a 3-dimensional one (or maybe more).

I feel that I need to clarify further: You just want an apple. You know that to reach this apple you have to get out home, run over the garden and climb the tree. Then you could grab one apple to eat it. An aquarian may think that it is so much to grab an only single apple. Or they do not think the effort behind it, just think that there should be more than this. Instead, they could choose to listen Beethoven 9th, because it gives much pleasure !! Now maybe we gave an answer to another question: why they seem to be so lazy sometimes.

Now we go back to a previous point: Why they are always alone and act like children (yep it is childish to choose irrelevant choices in a group). Again this core element. It is very very powerful (unfortunately. I suffered too much to overcome it. I can not say that I totally achieved this). For me the answer is simple: if you choose a puzzle instead of a line, same comes back to you, a puzzle. That’s karma.

One thing is certain: this choice gives so much freedom to them. For that reason during the history there were so much aquarians who changed the world in politics, culture, music etc. This alien part combined with freedom is powerful of course. They really love them.

Another dimension with this puzzle attitude, I call it “short circuit” (the worst one): almost 25 years ago I saw a full-page Martini commercial in a magazine. There was an empty table under the moonlight and table was in a cruise ship. It was near the sea and there were two martini glasses on it. At that time I liked it so much. After so many years I realized that I did not love couple of cruise travels I attended, the image for a cruise in my brain was never satisfied. Crazy isn’t it? That image hit my inner part so much then I always seek for it. Now surprise is coming. There is no guarantee that I will feel the same when I sit down around this table! Why?

At first look, my answer could be: there should be a music around which I want the most, I should not hear people in the other tables talking non-sense and even the sea should be the one I love most (they can say those things as the reasons and they may believe it, but it is not true).

In fact the answer is more complicated: this table is just a dream. And real tables in real cruises will never satisfy me. But I can not accept it in my inner part.

I call it “short circuit” because if you deal with a puzzle so much, it combines different parts together and you achieve a non-real circumstance. It is like describing a pancake. How would you like a pancake? e.g. good sugar level but also tasty with flavour, etc. But when you increase the sugar its flavour dies, when you increase the other one, sugar decreases, etc. Yep it is childish, isn’t it.

And here comes the concept “shooting a moving target” again: it is not necessarily that this imaginary stituation should come from decades ago. It can be created at one moment, for example during a cruise ship in our example. That’s why they can be non-sense suddenly, and they can not describe the situation because they know that other people will have dificulty to understand (who can blame them).

I hope I could tell the situation a little bit with this example.

By the way if you ask me about their attitudes by their age, it has two different notions. In one part: by time they could slow down to search&learn the other people and the other worlds, that’s negative if you ask me. On the other hand, may be not so much, but they could understand that they have to supress this inner part if they do not want to be alone. You can easily pick up one according to your partner’s behaviour.

If you ask me, never and never wait until your 90s. Not just because of the fact that there is no guarantee for the outcome, but more. If you got a chance ask a single question to them: “do you prefer to have your dreams to the real life sometimes”. I already know the answer. I know you think that they are cool and attractive. To be honest, because they are different and they can change the world around you within a moment. But they have a poison, or a curse as we discussed with Aman. He said “If you want me to tell that whether I do feel this world is a place where others don’t value things or care for things like we Aqua’s do, yes, I have mentioned it.”. You may see the points I mentioned above.

I do not say that all aquarians have troubles to overcome this curse. I am certain that I could not overcome. But some of them did it. It is up to you to decide for this stage with your partner.



210. NP - November 8, 2011

And couple of other things.

Same here: I never married. I did that because I felt I have no right to push someone else on the way of my dreams. It is funny because as all the other aquarians I got a talent for social stuff, I have never suffered for social interaction. e.g. within 5 min I could be a pal with a taxi driver and he/she would help me to look for a tie on the way for a meeting I have to go. How? I dunno. In past for example I made a shy partygirl a star of the night just because I forced her to dance and made her be a part of the others enjoying the night.

Kendra, ignore him as V said. You mentioned leopards. Same. They have natural ability for hunting, but can not be domesticated also. If he comes and asks for a reason tell him what you wanted to tell. Tell him this puzzle stuff and you are not just a piece of it. Aquarians know one thing very well: some could horizontally occupy everything in one’s life. In fact that’s why they escape so often. If he escapes this, he should accept the suffering with it. And do not forget to say the value you gave him, because it deserves to be told.

You know that Spartan movie, 300. More or less they grow themselves like it. They think that none is ignorable in front of the(ir) ideals, but sometimes they act like elephants in a crystal shop. Yeah it is good that they are ready to suffer until the end for the things immoral or unjust; but they confuse those with the things threathening them like real love. It is not same. I mean they can not treat them in the same pot.

In short: sweet illusions or real feelings. Be determined. I warned you before that never and ever resemble to him.

Your time and life is the most precious.



211. kendra - November 8, 2011

Dear NP, thanks for your responses…so nice to read you again! I am a little confused about the “puzzle” you make an analogy to. Do you mean they prefer many different pieces/people/things going on then one linear line, so they never have to focus on one thing too long and can jump to another at any whim?

As I’ve mentioned before, you describe the aqua I fell in love with, so well. Leads me to believe there really is no hope for a “relationship” with him. I now see he is probably totally into the illusion and wants to know (thru silly text) that I’m still there to provide it for him. EX – after the 2 nights of “arggh” text, I text back “yep, definitely arggh” (as V had suggested)…he text back “sweet dreams :)”…this is after 2 wks of not seeing him (and as I’ve mentioned we are only 15 minutes away from each other!) and then nothingness again. When we do get together he always says “I really want to thank you for your patience”, but I still don’t truly understand what/why all that patience is for (except, with all the knowledge I carry now, thanks to you and V), so I just smile and enjoy the time together. I have now become accustom to the 2-3 wk gaps, and believe me I no longer wait with baited breath. I find it all very sad to think there really is no hope, as he will not change his ways, because we shared so much in common and so enjoy each others company, but it is what it is! Just so you know, I am not waiting for him. Unfortunately when you get to my age (unlike V’s) there is no long or short line of men waiting at my door, so I just take each day as it comes. I believe things happen in their own time and I am hopeful that “real” love will find me 🙂 as it will for V 🙂 🙂 🙂

xoxox to you NP

212. kendra - November 8, 2011

Dear NP, thanks for your responses…so nice to read you again! I am a little confused about the “puzzle” you make an analogy to. Do you mean they prefer many different pieces/people/things going on then one linear line, so they never have to focus on one thing too long and can jump to another at any whim?

As I’ve mentioned before, you describe the aqua I fell in love with, so well. Leads me to believe there really is no hope for a “relationship” with him. I now see he is probably totally into the illusion and wants to know (thru silly text) that I’m still there to provide it for him. EX – after the 2 nights of “arggh” text, I text back “yep, definitely arggh” (as V had suggested)…he text back “sweet dreams :)”…this is after 2 wks of not seeing him (and as I’ve mentioned we are only 15 minutes away from each other!) and then nothingness again. When we do get together he always says “I really wa nt to thank you for your patience”, but I still don’t truly understand what/why all that patience is for (except, with all the knowledge I carry now, thanks to you and V), so I just smile and enjoy the time together. I have now become accustom to the 2-3 wk gaps, and believe me I no longer wait with baited breath. I find it all very sad to think there really is no hope, as he will not change his ways, because we shared so much in common and so enjoy each others company, but it is what it is! Just so you know, I am not waiting for him. Unfortunately when you get to my age (unlike V’s) there is no long or short line of men waiting at my door, so I just take each day as it comes. I believe things happen in their own time and I am hopeful that “real” love will find me 🙂 as it will for V 🙂 🙂 🙂

xoxox to you NP

NP - November 9, 2011

Hi Kendra

Thanx for your comments. I really wish if they “choose” those options from this puzzle. In practical terms, no they don’t. And that makes the things more harder.

Imagine that you are in a world, I mean an environment in physics, that you are never satisfied. Indeed you are not demanding so much and you reasonably expect. But it does not make any difference because it is not up to your present situation nor your expectations, you see this universe completely different than the others. That’s the puzzle thing in short. If you ask its dynamics I would say that apple thing again.

With that you may be completely alone in a party full of the people you already know or you can want to escape from a big stuff you designed. One thing is certain. Stars are affecting this sign more than any other.

Focusing problems? yep for sure. But the bad thing it is not because of your partner, personally. Bad, because things could be easier if it were like that. For me the real problem with them: They got the ability to shrink their lives when they are in trouble. Because they arrogantly know that they will be called sooner or later. e.g. Recently I shut down my mobile for a week and I knew that people who called me will call again when I turn it on. I hate this feeling but it will be like that.

Linear things? Yep they do not like them because most probably they already memorize those things. They do not need to live them. They got a huge capacity to understand by seeing only once. But for the moment there is a difference: e.g. a Virgo sux those observations to direct his own life. But aquarians do not do this, even if there needed an action, they only innovate for the others in public. Not because they are adored romantics. The only thing they can do.

I know I try to express so much about them so I stop these analysis.

Whatever he send any message, stay sharp. Let him know that he is the one to change, not you. Yep he is cool, he can jump out into the window and go into the misty forest that you never want to get in. But the question is: what does it mean for you. You should stay in line within your life. With that term, you are making a good move now. If you ask me continue to keep in touch with V.

And real love will find you because you give so much when you are in. You are seeking for a real thing, then a real person will understand you sooner or later. My observations in this life taught me something and one of them is focusing. You are not focusing for the people around for a serious relationship because may be that aqua guy effected you so much. When you get rid of him you will notice that (And be careful not to choose another aqua !).



213. kendra - November 9, 2011

Dear NP and V, I have ended it with him. I thought about what NP said: If he comes and asks for a reason tell him what you wanted to tell. Tell him this puzzle stuff and you are not just a piece of it. And do not forget to say the value you gave him, because it deserves to be told.

I wanted one last time with him to share my thoughts then move on. Because I would probably be 90 by the time he comes to me, I texted him early last night “thursday?” 3 hrs later he sent, “yes, call me b4”, and I realized in those few words, things will never change. Call me b4 what, lol? And I knew I could not see him again, as it would turn all jumbled up, ex. – he’d be late or others would be around or, or, or! So I wrote him a thoughtful and sincere note, including much of what we have shared here. I started with our time together, sharing, sharing and getting stronger together, some images and because of these things I fell in love with him. (I never did tell him that in person). I went on to explain how I did understand about his dreams/illusions/puzzles and lines. That most don’t see this because we are stuck here on mother earth with our feet planted in the ground…and that he is too, but perhaps his dreams are more important than reality…if he ever wants love in his life then he needs to put some action into those dreams and keep at least one foot planted, lol! I can’t be on the bottom of someone’s list I care for…no matter what their illusions are. I ended with, though I understand him, please don’t take this as an invitation to come in and out of my life again, I know he cared too, but it was not easy loving him and it was best for me to move on…and unless something had seriously changed for him, please respect this.

You were right NP, I needed to cut the cord so I can move on and put my focus on others. I held my true thoughts/feelings back for too long. I can not be simply an illusion for someone when my heart is wanting more. Do you think he will understand this concept? Will he shrink and disappear, will he respect my wishes?

V, stay in touch…I’m hopeful to have more war stories to share, aqua man or not!! Thank you both for your wisdom and for listening..it meant a lot to me.

NP - November 9, 2011

Hi Kendra

In fact it is hard to say a definite reply about his next move. When they suffer from personal troubles they enter their nutshells and there they need to find something to deal with, and it should give peace to them. If he is in discomfort for some reason, it will not be easy for him. No other thing can be forecasted atm (if this can be regarded a forecast of course).

For these guys understanding is not a challenge. In almost all cases they understand, but they can not do the necessary actions easily.

There is one cold part within them, clear as crystal: (On the condition that if you are totally separated)
They try to respect every human being (nature is the most respected thing, but that’s another story) but if you mean respect for an affair, they do that only when they are together with someone. When you are separated you would still be respected because you are human like him; and as he knows your qualities probably level of this is high. But I think you prefer to have for your affair.

He should be very confused for now. This may last long and he can think the situation with every detail; or he can find a movie he likes, then watch it with a glass of cognac and chocolate. He can repeat this nutsheell stuff with different movies every night, e.g. for 3 months. Then if he feels OK to go out, that means he got rid of this crisis 90 %. Perfectly surviving life form isn’t it?

Have a break, a week vacation or something with your pals. Then you may look for a new period in your life.

And do not forget to prepare yourself for the possibility of his return in the future, in particular when you are in the middle of a new relation. You should not allow him to destroy your life.



214. V - November 9, 2011

hi Kendra & NP.

oh no Kendra! I am so sad you broke it off with him. my heart just sank as i read your words. but I absolutely respect your convictions. I have a lot of influence of Aquarius in my chart, so I also get lost in those ideas & fantasies & all the angles of the puzzle….but in the end, what does any of it mean?

I agree with NP…on the one hand he might have so much respect for you that he doesn’t pursue you…but I think he will be thinking about you all the same. on the other, he may pursue you just to test how seriously you stick with your principles. if you give in, he’ll retreat again. if you don’t give in, he’ll be in love, but of course there will be no relationship. I honestly wish you hadn’t ended it. on the one hand, I applaud you, but part of me was hoping…you know…that it could go on. I am kind of crying right now; i feel as if someone just broke up with me. LOL. ok- control. that is my Aquarius part: when reality hits, i reject it absolutely.

either way, your Aquarius will have much respect for you now!

‘my’ Aquarius…came back around on Monday and we are friends again. but as in your case, there is no real forward movement. we are both seeing others and it is just a mutual mind game/dance. which i have to admit, i really enjoy.

I have to say something from the bottom of my heart: if your Aquarius comes back after you, please give in to him! Life is too short for principles! if you really love him, then BE WITH HIM! (sorry, there is my Capricorn nature, imposing my beliefs on others. sorry – do as you believe…)

NP – a sincere question: would you please tell me what, exactly, an Aquarius man fears about a relationship? about getting involved? What can I do to allay his anxieties? there seems to be so much passion & fantasy between us, and yet he doesn’t want to live it out! (we are both dancers, so fantasy & imagination is a BIG part of our lives)

My Aquarius always disappears (I can take 3-4 weeks no problem…but he disappeared for 9 months!!!!!)…but he always comes back. Have you ever had a relationship with a Capricorn woman and what has been the experience? I know each person is different, but…there seems to be so much fantasy in our interaction…so much fantasy…it NEVER becomes concrete…i look forward to your next letter 🙂

talk to you both soon

NP - November 9, 2011

Dear V

I had relations with several zodiac signs, but not with a Capricorn woman. If you ask me after those years I realized that earth signs were not close to me, but I am not a good example because I am a very aquarius man with Gemini ascending sign (like a hell for most people). But I should also admit that there were a strong attraction between earth signs and me (Taurus and Virgo in my case) probably due to the stuff about opposite poles.

Yep Capricorns have always good imagination. With that character they are slightly different from the other earth signs. It is same for Libra among air elements, not for the same reason, but for the difference concept. Libras are more closer to the society, I mean they care their image and social place more than Aquarius and Gemini.

Your question about Aquarius men and their status for a relationship. Hard thing is to describe something with difference concepts. If I say yes, they fear, it can be true to you. But for Aquarians fear is something else. Of course we are not talking about Star Trek Clingons, they are humans at all. But with that puzzle scheme they see the things differently and fear has no exception.

In one of my posts to Kendra I told that their huge capacity of imagination gives them so much, then they create the concept “love” in a complicated manner. For that reason on some occasions people are thinking that they are hopeless platonics. In fact a platonic is a platonic, they escape when they face with a real relationship. For Aquarians it is not totally same. They create so much thoughts for a relationship, so it should be different and should contain very few from our usual life patterns.

And if it is so, how they seem to be nonreactive for a relation sometimes (for some people, most of the times). Because when they could not force that dream anymore they think that feeling is more important than living (for me it is a big mistake after all years). Then like in cult Holywood movies you may find lots of poems in his dairy dedicated to you, but when you look back to your relation you only saw little traces.

If you ask me the things to allay his anxiety, you may start to discover his inner part. How? convince him that your relation is not filled with one-sided expectations, modalities or committments. Aquarians have so much respect to love, but not just because of the feeling it gives, but their perpective capacity showed them that there are so much artificial modes in our lives. They think that within love those usual things can not survive, I mean should not survive.

When you show that you are not a person like that, it means you overcomed the first stage. Second stage is to destroy his shield. As a human being they could have created a shield by time, so despite their belief in love they could forget to open themselves when they see the right one. Remember shrinking or nutshell stuff we mentioned. They love to chat with their male friends with couple of beers in a bar or in front of a movie or a computer game. If they do this so long they can easily forget the primary things which were set by them for their own lives.

How you may remove that shield. That’s the hardest point. If you jump into the stage and say that I am here, what are you waiting for; it can be a right expression, but can not be a good one for this purpose. Like my Martini case, it is better to explore his private moments in his brain. I am almost sure that he has got special moments&visions kept for himself only.

You may ask him directly but with wisdom, “you can think that it is weird but I got some moments or visions in my life, it seems they can not be shared with someone, but I feel that without sharing they would be lost. Because if I find them extraordinary, so some other can feel the same. It could be great to find this with someone I love”. His shield may react in a way then he can say you are crazy. But remember, if an Aquarius says you are crazy, that’s a good movement.

Actually I see that you and Kendra already caught that vision and both of you love it. If so, it is up to telling this to him. I know, if you tell that feeling of moments to your friends, they would say that you are crazy, already. But this labelling is different than Aquarians’ comment, even if it is described with the same wording.

One exception. Your partner may feel that you are doing very good with this mode, both of you are happy and people find what they look. At this moment it is your action to pull him into the first phase we called “discovering the inner part”.

If you overcome this shield you may face childish attitudes at first, let’s say from couple of weeks to couple of months. Let’s call it “re-adjustment period”. Then they will try to discover you, seriously at that time. At this moment he can stop his vibration and you may have good moments together.

From that distance I can say this only. I suggest that while doing this discovery try to understand if he likes to be at a distance or not at first. If so, the pattern I wrote could have more chance. One tip to see this: Most Aquarians like those multinational movies like Jason Bourne films. Ask him if he really loves them the most. With that you may understand if he is happy with or he loves the love+travel+non-stucked vision. If so, you may go into the paragraph telling about inner part again.



215. V - November 9, 2011

‘fantasy & imagination’ ARE a big part of our lives (sorry – poor grammar)

216. kendra - November 9, 2011

oh V you are so sweet, I now have tears running down my face..and I thought I was being so strong today! Wouldn’t that be lovely, he comes after me like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman…climbing heights he is afraid of just to be with me!! And if he did this (within a short time) yes I would give it a go..but I don’t really believe that will happen. What if I didn’t text and ?thursday (been 3 wks again), would we have just gone on and on for months like this. I asked him to call me with a plan last week, no calls. And he text back, yes call me b4, like it is just assumed I’m headed to his place…no plans, no calls..I can’t continue loving someone and feeling as if I am always the last call…whether he truly wants me but runs from relationships…it just doesn’t seem to have any happy endings. We seem to be getting further apart instead of closer. It is not good for me to love him and become “accustom” to seeing each other with so much time in between, the only true reason for it, is it works for him, regardless if that is really what he wants. Luckily I have dinner plans tonight! I will be interested in reading NP’s response to you. Hang in there girl, you’ve made the long haul, you can make it a little further. I’m rooting for you!

217. kendra - November 9, 2011

PS ~ the other option is he will think I am a complete whack job and want nothing more to do with me!

NP - November 9, 2011

Dear Kendra

With 90 % of probability you may be sure that he will not think in that way. But we already know that this is not the question. You acted in this manner because you had no other option. Your fears for loosing him is a reflection and none can deny it. But by doing the right thing you will have the right echoes. The outcome could be the end for this relation. Or it can be on the trach it should be, we do not know at the moment.

Never&ever underestimate your own life. Think that how they can be so strong, even though they spend meaningless times for a period they do this for rehabilitation; not in purpose but with their instincts. Show the same pattern. Then he will understand the things better. I am not talking about the outcome of course. Who knows what destiny would give us at the end.



218. kendra - November 10, 2011

Thank you NP, your kindness to me and my well being is over whelming. You returned at just the right time to boost V’s and my own self esteem. It is so true, we need to take care of ourselves, know who we are and what is important to us. But for women, that is a bit harder because we are programed to take care of everyone else except ourselves, lol! New age, new menu…it is ok to be true to ourselves and find simple happiness there. “who knows what destiny will give us in the end”…from a great poet!! (NP) you are a treasure to me, thank you so much for being you! (even if you don’t think that is such a great thing, I honestly do and appreciate your time given to me xo)

219. V - November 10, 2011

NP –
thank you so much for that long & thoughtful response. I really value hearing your perspective…

you’ve given me a lot of food for thought, and I am grateful for that, friend. i will have to digest this… could take a while 🙂

it really is fascinating to explore this mystery of love with you both in different corners of the planet…thanks Aman, wherever you are, for setting up this meeting place in the ether!

Kendra – I agree with what you said – NP rocks!

til then,

220. NP - November 11, 2011

Dear Kendra and V

During my entire life I read few information about aquarians. Our talks reminded me to do so (dunno why) then I found some articles on the net. Most of them fits the target. But the following page is the one I like the most. Brief but a good coverage. FYI.


221. kendra - November 11, 2011

Thanks NP I’ll check out this new web sight. I know intellectually what I did was best for me, but emotionally I’m am still a bit shaken. This AM before work I was on a social network (which we are “friends” together on), I saw him come on, he had to see I was on too, and my heart started pounding. He was only on for a couple minutes and exited. I just saw he came back on an hour later and accepted a new male friend. Part of me wishes he could say “I understand” or “I miss you” or “let’s try to work it out”…but I’m fairly sure he never will…and even if he did, missing me won’t change anything. What I fear most is he thinks I’m crazy for sending him that note. I know NP said 90% sure that is not so, but I’m not known to have great luck and usually fall into that 10% gray area, lol! I haven’t even told my friends I ended it with him. I think they are so tired of me trying to figure him out, or making excuses for him…I just needed to give it some space before I tell them…besides it wasn’t like I would have had plans with him this wknd anyway, lol! But I do miss him, and hate the thought there is no future potential for us…no more silly text, no more very infrequent dates.. So if you think of it, please send positive vibes my way.

NP, one question: do all/most aqua guys realize they go into these illusions/dreams and shrinking themselves?

Thanks once again V and NP for listening!

222. kendra - November 12, 2011

NP I know I’m perseverating…sorry for that (he filled me up and I feel so empty now) but I was wondering your thoughts….do you think he deleted my note after reading it or reads it over again…geez I so wish he was Richard Gere and climbed heights for me. I feel so confused right now, canceled plans with friends bc I’m lost in the scenes and can’t talk about them with anyone (and I have no aqua in me, lol). If I hadn’t been so final…but I was, so have to wipe my slate and move forward. Just have all these lingering questions…I feel so alone right now.

223. V - November 12, 2011


We have some karmic link for sure…I was just thinking exactly that phrase: ‘I feel so alone right now’ and I scrolled down and read your words!

Yes, I can relate…ending it is tough. He of course won’t reach out – he needs space, Aquarians don’t like the emotional displays (in either direction), so of course he’s not going to do the Richard Gere thing. that’s more for a Leo haha. but remember that is a MOVIE. This is real life, and men, whatever their sign, don’t generally function that way. Especially when you give them an ultimatum.

Anyway if you love an Aquarius, you wouldn’t be caught dead with such a clingy sap. …right?

You have to give it time. For sure do NOT reach out to him (that completely undermines your message). Aquarius are VERY proud people. If he reaches out, it will be a while coming. He got off of the social network b/c he wants to avoid confrontation. No biggie. He needs time to digest. Give him time- that is what a friend would do, and you must be his friend to be his lover. BTW: it’s never over if you are his friend.

My suggestion: get some nice reading done about something other than Aquarians, go to the movies, do your manicure…anything. I wouldn’t even tell your friends you ended it with him. Just tell them you are on a break. Have you ever read Christian Carter’s work? Google him – I found him really helpful regarding men. Can’t say I’ve perfected my technique (LOL – Friday night and I’m on the computer!), but he definitely gave me some interesting new perspectives about how men think about us. (NP, feel free to check it out if you’re at all curious.)

Kendra – Hope you read this & it brings you some comfort tonight.


224. kendra - November 12, 2011

Kindred spirits for sure V! I wasn’t expecting him to “chat” with me, we had never even done that in the past. It was my reaction to simply seeing he was on, that surprised me (heart racing) and lingered through the day. I thought ending it with him would be made easier because I hadn’t seen him in wks, but walking away from love is never easy…no matter if it was best for me or not. I have to keep reminding myself why I had to do it, unfortunately all the sweet moments keep filling my mind which, at times, deters me from feeling stronger. Ahh but it is a new day…one foot in front of the other, right!

If you can or are willing, could you share with me more about these meetings with your aqua? Is it a date, do you hug/kiss…or is it more a friendly get together for coffee?

I think you are a very brave soul to realize your love for him yet let him do that aqua thing they do so well, the whole time moving forward with your life. Wish I had your strength and fortitude! Kudos to you, friend!!

I feel certain my aqua cared for me. I believe he felt secure, as he thought he had dissected every little bit of me…and so held me in a special place, as NP has described. I’m sure it came as a complete shock to him to read my note. I know they are proud and avoid the whole emotional piece. Honestly, I carry no expectations that I will hear from him for a very long time, if ever..I just didn’t realize I would feel such sadness over this demise.

Ahh a new day, a new chance. Hope your day is filled with beauty and only goodness!

225. kendra - November 13, 2011

OMG I am sick to my stomach. I just returned to a dating site I used on and off before I met “him”. One of the things I liked about him is that he wasn’t on any dating sites (as I have had bad luck..and met many loosers…). I checked many of the popular sites when we first started dating and he was not on any. Well guess who has a profile on there..don’t know for how long as I haven’t checked it out in months. I feel violated as if I was just a joke to him..no wonder there were so many weeks between our get togethers. I was never anything special to him, just another appetizer on the menu. And what a great laugh he must have had reading my very sincere note.

226. V - November 14, 2011

hi Kendra-

first of all, don’t let your mind play games on you – you have no idea how long he’s been on that dating site. presumably it could be years, months, days, hours, seconds…how do you know he didn’t join 30 minutes before you logged on? or 30 seconds? btw what are you doing on there young lady? (kidding) if you want to be crazy, send him a note on the dating site – ‘hi, you remind me of someone i once knew in another life…’ OR ‘i’m kinda crazy but turning over a new leaf. want to be friends?’
(not sure about this idea, just a thought — it’s a risky idea but if you want him in your life you better fight for him. just know what you’re getting into and his terms are his terms

btw i’m sure he’s not laughing at you. i find Aquarian guys to be more likely to be perplexed than to lean toward ridicule. esp since he obviously liked you too. don’t do that to yourself. if you’re having regrets about the letter, then wait a bit and give him a call or text or try the dating site thing. NP what do you think?

re my interaction w/my Aqua…it’s minimal now, b/c we really only see each other at the studio…we are no longer an item (both dating others), and even when we were an ‘item’ it was much like your situation – very informal and spontaneous…these guys are not the type to be concrete, so…yes, there would def be loads of time bet our get-togethers…

as i mentioned before…officially my Aqua & I are over, he’s just floating around still since he’s in my ‘workplace’ so to speak. unless he suddenly does a 180 (verrrrry unlikely), we’re over…so…i’m pretty much in the same boat.

227. kendra - November 15, 2011

Thanks for your note V, you are a good soul! I’m better today. It was just such a shock…and if I were to be honest an ego deflate-er…he’d rather spend time with random, unknown women than me. Ahh well, probably best I did end it. Wish I had walked away instead of sending the note, but need to move forward now. So sorry to hear about your aqua..such a loss for so many. My heart is with you girl! First question I ask my next date…when is your birthday, lol?? Stay in touch as you can V, I so enjoy our communications. I’m always more excited to see an email from you or NP then anyone else, honestly. xox
PS I’ve hidden my profile on that site for the time being.

228. Cancerian - November 18, 2011

Hey guys 🙂 I need some help with an Aquarian I’ve liked for years now. We used to be great friends until we grew older and he moved away to another country. Now we meet each other like once a year, when he returns for his holidays. Though we don’t talk through the year, when we meet, it seems like he never left because he’s that warm and funny.
I’ve never had the courage to tell him. At any rate, I find him a fantastic friend and he might probably know I like him because of the way I act around him. Those words have never slipped out of my mouth. Though he’s friendly, he never initiates online convos or things like that. I don’t know how the distance grew between us. I’m a Cancer and it always seems that the moment someone moves away, we cease being good friends. Friends just…go away. Anyway, I want to know what I should do with this man. If I tell him, I risk being friends with him and there’s no guarantee he’ll like me back. If I don’t….I lose him.
How do I attract him? Every time I’m around him, I think too much and sometimes end up saying the wrong things.
Please tell me what to do? I really want to get together with him!

229. kendra - November 20, 2011

feeling weak, missing what I had, words of wisdom..please!

230. V - November 23, 2011

Kendra, sorry things have been bad…hope you were able to find solace somehow…

take care of yourself,

231. chudai - November 27, 2011

Hi there, simply changed into aware of your weblog via Google, and found that it is truly informative. I’m gonna be careful for brussels. I will appreciate when you continue this in future. A lot of other people will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

232. alicia - November 28, 2011

it is not easy when you’re falling in love with aquarians. it much more difficult to walk away from them. They are likely to have a pretty good instinct and will come back to you over n over again when you decided to leave him. The day when i decided to walk away,he will surprised me unexpected behavior. One thing i realized is he just knew everything like psychic..he knew when i miss him..he knew when i’m sad..he just knew w/out me telling him. It happened so many times.when i feel sad and pain, he will text and call me..the day i decided to move on, then he will ask to meet me and so on…it is pretty normal he just left w/out any news for 5-6 months.no text,no calls,no emails…and when i decide he is not worth to wait and just give up then he will appear out of nowhere..i’m taurean and it is not easy for me to handle this kind of relationship.The love towards him is so strong.never experienced this kind of emotions before..it’s weird..really hope can escape from this relationship and move on but right now,i’m stuck. it almost a year and really hope can meet someone else but no more aquarian..This sign just gives me a terrible pain…

233. NP - November 29, 2011

“To be nobody but yourself- in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting”.

E.E. Cummings

have a good time to all & byes

234. kendra - November 29, 2011

ahhh NP, you just keep being yourself, never stop fighting, you are well worth the battle 🙂 xo

V, once again thank you… I truly hope the holidays are full of joy for you and the New Year brings only the very best to you…you are a very generous, thoughtful and kindhearted woman…I so hope all your dreams come true 🙂 xo

235. NP - December 1, 2011

Antarctica could be a good option to live and I am not joking. I am happy to see open-hearted people in here, but in general people are bound with their fears and modalities created by themselves. Imagine that an alien comes into the orbit of the earth and watching here. Just make guess that how much civilization he/she needs to understand this meaningless.

Keep your poems Aman. You know how it is like a big torture to see the greater image. You know how many times you wished not to see it while feeling the movement of a smallest living creature on earth. Yep, I do not respect and follow special days or holidays, or even an adjusted rendez-vous. Because they were all artificially created by men, not nature. Does a deer need a birthday which is full of modal movements, gifts and speeches? Do you think that a tree dares what’s going on around it? Absolutley no.

But we are human beings at all. I can not say that it is “unfortunately” because there is no other option we know. My last recommendation is fully real: do not love aquarius, and do not let them to love you. Clear as a crystal.

For the feeling part: yep, we can have a good instinct. But your moves are at so different level that you can not see how they can try to ignore this, because it makes them totally vulnerable in front of an unknown world. Unknown, because they are a part of this world. And they try to ignore this instinct at least for once in their lives, but they can not.

Again, best option is to ignore them, for real. And you may be sure that they will not care this ignorance. Because they have lots of problems to deal other than feeling this loneless. They have always a question to ask: “why”.

So at the end, in practice: leave them alone and empty.



alicia - December 3, 2011

your capability to disconnect n detached from your loves one sometimes make myself envy with your sign.

Thanks for the advised. Right now, i really want move on for real. Taurus always keep her words n promises and i hope he can enjoy his own world..


NP - December 4, 2011

I wrote that post to give an example for extreme points (described below to V). But your opinions are not false. Believe me, there is nothing to be envy with it. As a Taurus you think that every place in the world can be good if you find the things you are seeking for. For aquarians part; they must be convincable at first, apart from the cliches.

You like him because he’s got an understanding and a sense beyond the borders or ordinary stuff. Tension is between your desire for those moments and his instincts which can not be realized most of the times. Problem is the value. He never picks silly stuff, that’s ok, none wants this. But even if he can not reaches them, he thinks they are more valuable than miracles that can be realized with usual things.

If you ask me, go with your good own way Alicia, as you stated.



236. V - December 3, 2011

hi Kendra! wow, thank you! really, thanks for your kind words. i love this oppty to connect with others & share ideas and experiences…hope you also have a wonderful holiday season, filled with love & light. let’s def keep in touch via this wonderful site…I’ll keep you posted on my adventures, and please do keep us posted on yours…xo

NP…whoa, Mr. Debbie Downer…someone’s going a bit over-board now….I believe alone & empty is not the way to go. i love my aquarian SO MUCH, esp his distance and detachment. in fact, i think i love him most when he is far from me. i revel in this part of his persona; i find it intriguing and sexy…

so there!

i believe there is a place for people who hate the clichés & mediocrity of everyday existence. (and it’s not antarctica…or i mean, it could be, but not for that reason…) and more than that…there is LOVE for those rare birds….i will never stop believing that

have a beautiful saturday my friends! love & light…LIFE IS GOOD!


NP - December 4, 2011

Hi V

I wrote that stuff because I believe extreme ways are the most convenient ones to
describe the situation. That’s an obsession for me, I feel that every corner should be
balanced and I felt this one is missing.

That’s the extreme for aquarians. I know because I felt it once, hopefully not now.
With that point you can walk through inside, because there is no outside beyond it.

Of course they feel love, but I hope you see that it is a little bit different than most
of the people. Glad that you enjoyed his way of life.

Have a happy year!


Kendra - December 13, 2011

Dear V and NP, I’m meeting him tomm. after 2 months of nothingness…a bit anxious, joyful, frightened on and on. Is this a be careful of what you wish for or the angels deliver when you least expect it? Words of wisdom please?

237. lynn - December 11, 2011

“A mighty pain to love it is, And ’tis a pain that pain to miss; But of all pains, the greatest pain
It is to love, but love in vain.”

NP - December 13, 2011


Nice words. Sometimes it is confusing to see that; but everything, I mean everything includes pain. But most of the times the joy we got is huge than the pain itself, that hides it and we never feel it. And sometimes it becomes more apparent, that’s why people do unusual things when everything seems ok in that particular picture.

As times goes on we learn to scorch our past painful moments and for the next time we never feel it again. Here comes an important fact. Only the sensual people do that in reality, because they lived these past moments in real! I mean if you saw a situation in your life as a foreign fact, or as a movie scene, that means you did not really feel it and it has no connections to your future. So if you scorch this, there will be no trace for your future. I mean In short, being a mature human should be like that; scorching is a real moment and you actually live it.

I always say this, because I saw many people who always try to escape the pain in their lives. But if it stands over there inside of our heart and brain, accepting this pain makes us more mature; but if you run away from it, you only stay where you are, for example 30 or 40 years ago. Of course I am not talking about a ninja style. Yep, it is not healthy to scream for a matchwood bite, but also it is not normal to stand alone after a sword hit.


238. jennleigh - December 11, 2011

I met my Aquarius man roughly two months ago, myself being a first decadent gemini, he was obviously a challenge so I started learning more about him. A few weeks after our initial meet I caught him looking at me, almost analyzing I guess. That’s when the gemini traits kicked in…”hmmmm”. So here we go..flashing looks, vague answers, leaving us both absolutely confused. So I started researching his nature, sent him a message, “hey I know your busy figuring out the world, but if you get time here’s my #”. He answered immediately. Talked on the phone for a few days, then we went out. Of course it felt like I had known him forever, and we relate on so many levels. He was affectionate, almost romantic. We laughed and talked for hours, at the end of the night we kissed, after he held my face in his hands and just stared at me with this puzzled look. Almost like a child trying to see how his favorite toy works. Now he is acting fearful. Both of us coach a youth league so we see each other ALOT. Even though he’s being evasive, I still catch him looking at me with that look. So I simply raise a eyebrow, smirk, and go on with my business. I guess time will tell where this will lead, I know he has grisly captivated my mind 🙂

NP - December 14, 2011

lol Jenn

Typical Gemini trait and it worked with an Aqua at the first instance, not so common I can say. But most probably he liked your unusual approach. Both are air elements at the end, so.

Another strange thing for me is: very long time ago in the past a girl said the same to me, “you kiss and act like a child, like trying to play with his toys”. Of course I will not mention the reasoning behind this, as we do not want to turn the blog into a dating site.

But one thing I am certain to tell, and I will try to give a brief explanation for this. Think about the movies. Most of the times we got a sequence of people passed on, and at the end more sensual girl and a boy left and they leave the picture happily as they become more involved. Those movies would be in full of boredom if the picture goes on, compared to its previous exciting moments.

I gave that to submit a perspective. A real Aqua feels like that. I mean if he can not expect to continue with the actual movie he would put himself apart and that’s one of the common things they do. As a Gemini you can not act artificially so the only way is to continue to wait his attention. And do not forget that he really likes that distant moments too. Not in orientalistic way, because probably his romantism is limited to his thoughts alone.

Again; God, that should be a balance in life. They present so much before an actual engagement, then more probability to fail compared to the other signs. May be for that reason I used the same words so much: “although almost all of my pals say that I should live in future, I feel that I should have lived in past, such as 400 years ago”. Why? simple. With that first stage the rest could have no chance to fail.

Jenn, with the things you wrote, if you ask me I can say that you will be more excited for his next moves. Then he will disappear again and this sequence will continue. Then you will feel a tension because everyone around has got a “normal” relationship, but you do not have it. At that moment if you still want to be with him you will try to talk. If that situation comes you will have more than you think, may be positive or negative, then welcome to the Aqua club!


239. NP - December 13, 2011

Dear Kendra

I will be honest. It’s better not to expect something deeply sensual at this meeting. He can say that it is over, or he can show some desire to continue.

If the second would be the case; probably he will try to understand your thoughts, but also he will hide his feelings as usual (for that aqua stuff we can not say anything about his thoughts atm).

Again for the second case;

– Do not ask questions such as “why did you go away like that?” or “do you know what did I feel during those days?”

– But of course he should be sure about your instability after his departure. Try this: “If you did that to increase my aspiration it is easy to understand, but I feel there is something other than this. I would like to know, because it can be a meaningful thing but it also includes some pain in it”. Bing! he is going to be confused a little bit. In short, most important thing is to hold the bridles in a clever way, surely not with complaints.

– Never use common words like “may be we need some time” or “don’t you think that we should re-evaluate the things happened”. Even if you say those from inside, he is not going to understand. Even if he comes with positive reflections these words would kill it, because one of the aquas’ weakness is inability to deal with node or tied situations in a relationship.

Of course, I wrote this stuff if you still think to continue with it.

One more hint: It is extremely hard to happen; but if he says “you do not know what is going on in my life, it is hard to explain”, that’s a good point to catch. You may go on frankly and say him: “you never asked me, may be that’s one of the first things to know about you”. But again, my guess is: it is extremely hard to have this word from him.

Hope everything goes well


240. xox - December 23, 2011

This was an interesting read, I must say. It describes my Aquarian man very well. At least as far as I can tell from my observations of him. He’s very hard to read and he’s sending me mixed signals. Very independent, for sure! And there’s definitely a communication breakdown when it comes to his real feelings. That’s alright. I’m a Scorpio female. I’m very secretive and I struggle with my emotions and expressing them. I feel very similar to my Aquarian man, in this regard. Albeit, I am aware of how unhealthy this can be for the relationship.

My man goes on his travels now and then. To explore, to get away, and relax. We have a very enjoyable and exciting relationship, but he still gets away every now and then. I respect this need to be alone, because I’m also very independent (maybe not as much emotionally, though), and I’m as much an introvert as I am an extrovert. Apart from his sudden bouts of gloominess (I have them too), everything is usually great. The sex is amazing too. He usually refers to sex as ‘lovemaking’. It surprises me that he uses this term, because apparently they aren’t known to be that passionate or deep when it comes to love and sex? Love is a nice idea for me, but I feel it complicates things too much, and I don’t want to ruin things.. We’re sort of running on autopilot, so to speak. Just taking it as it comes. Not wanting to really force any changes. Live and let live as they say. I let him explore and he comes right back to me.

We’ve been together for about 9 months now. I’m just enjoying it while it’s good :)…Hoping I didn’t read wrong and he feels the same about me.

241. pri - December 31, 2011

Really an interesting read….Im a capricorn girl and just met this aqua guy and he just blew me out …I did not imagine them to be so nice and courteous….
I would like to ask ..as he came to visit his home town ….we went on first date on x-mas and it was kinda of nice…he made sure I reach home and call n stuff…paid the bill …and just being nice…now if he texts me or call me from abroad as its a long distance relationship …..
does that means did he like me or do i intrigue him cz he kept saying I am a person who is very guarded ….not money minded…a lil fickle…and shy …and i can say he kinda of figured me to a T…
so i really dunno why he keeps saying im guarded cz we just met once we talk cz he makes that efforts…can anyone tell me does that mean he likes me or does that mean just a curious interest…cz he does drop hints if he hasnt scared me off already ….and in his own way said why would i be talking to u…and wasting time,…if there was no sparks…or sthg….he didnt say exactly but in small many words he has hinted the same . when he reached back his home after flight he texted me he reached safely, also he called me afterwards…and keeps telling me to come to his home town where he presently lives..

any inputs by anyone are welcome……im so confused abt this man…do i let myself open and feel that free spirit or be ready to get hurt badly in life yet again….which is a prime reason for me to be so guarded…..am i so friggin confused at the moment…what do i do ..im cappy and yet very emotional person im not practical at all….you can say foollll !!!!!!!!!!!!!

242. V - January 1, 2012

hey Kendra & NP — just wanted to say Happy New Year to you both! it was great exchanging thoughts with you, hope 2012 brings you lots of love & happiness!

hi Pri…welcome…hmm…hard to tell; I would definitely proceed with caution until you get to know him a bit better — being too much of an open book is def not the way to go with these cryptic, exciting fellows! best of luck & happy new year!

love to all,

kendra - January 1, 2012

Dear V, you have been in my thoughts over this holiday season! Thinking you may have been busy dancing through it 🙂 hope it was a dance which brought you warmth and smiles! As I wrote earlier, we met up again, I had thought he meant, he preferred to keep his options open, when he told me he likes to have several “hens in the coop”…ahh but after spending 2 days with him over xmas found out the guy I fell in love with has a frigin’ harram…wish he had been up front from the beginning, would have diverted a lot of confusion on my part 😦 Leaves me wondering, is it possible to be insecure and egotistical all at once, lol!?! Knowing all I now know and understand… I still love him….what I will do with that is another question…but it does help to be informed. We spent 2 days and nights together over xmas, now who knows which other one he is with as we enter 2012 tonight.

I don’t even look back at these posts, it hurts to think about them and how crazy in love I was. I feel like I’ve aged 20 years in the past month…but in all honesty…between the tears, I’m actually ok 🙂

I hope you have found happiness V, or at the very least all the happiness you deserve will find you in 2012 xoxo

NP, I think of you often, even though I don’t look back at these past post. Happy New Year to you! xoxo

Cheers to my very kind friends,

243. V - January 3, 2012

hi Kendra,

Yep…that sounds like pretty much what I went through a year ago with ‘my’ Aqua…hmmm…well, I guess time will tell. Just make sure you don’t invest your heart too deeply, don’t want you to get hurt. As long as you’re having fun and not deceived…

for my part, haven’t seen ‘my’ Aquarius for a while…our schedules are very different. but I have recently started dating someone else, who, as it turns out, is… (wait for it): an Aquarius!

Here we go again!

will keep you posted – 2012, here we come!

244. NP - January 9, 2012

Lol. You are all mad to be with aquarius and V you have no excuse for this 🙂

Kendra. Shake yourself and leave that illusion. Because these guys are living with illusions. If you ask my honest comment I would say that these are the most real things I live, even though they can be seen unrealistic to the others. But you know the famous motto: “Ignorance is Bliss”.

Who cares how much effort I spent to stop my brain. Hmm? That’s my personal sickness, in fact as Aman said, that’s my curse. There is no peace for aquarius Kendra, it is all set up. If you ask my personal opinion, you deserve more than this, more than aquarians.

You should know that this distinction is clear to them. I mean they know that bunch of cliches do not work. Precious ones always lie on peace, in fact hand to hand. If you find their stuff “cool” please re-evaluate it. They suffer and none should suffer with them, in particular for these reasons.

I checked so many times. For example I lived with a dream of a picture for 10 years. Then I went there. I found maybe 10 percent of my imagination. Worst thing is? I still keep this perfect picture. You can’t understand. You should live it. And hopefully you don’t.

Life is short and it is going on. Find good people. Good enough to share with you. Good enough to undertand that dreams can be true, only if they would not exceed their own personality.

And beware that even if you understand their vibration, you can’t share it.

God be with you


245. aqualove - January 12, 2012

wow read the posts and i’m speechless
my aqua and i met a year ago, online then text on and off havent heard from him then after a month met him at work crazy world isnt it? lol then he and the rest is history… he’s charming, good looking and intelligent, good natured. im not a casual person but this man turned my world upside down and he said he was crazy about me too… im a cancer but a cuspian cancer-leo double trouble right? big on romance, self expression and communication… we text here and there meet once a monthi tried so hard to understand him his ways how his mind works… being a cancer we have this kind of absorbing othere people’s feelings we get a certain vibe from people… but i cant get that from him i was trying hard to penetrate his soul but he is like a ghost. our relationship is ambigous like you guys but he was upfront that he wasnt looking for a relationship because of his crazy life year after year some strange things happen to him and after years of not dating i guess hes damaged from a past relationship coz he cant talk about it then had an argument about him being a “diva” to be continued…

246. aqualove - January 12, 2012

then things went downhill…. he slowly faded out, called him out bout what he did waited a month for explanation he was sorry and admitted he was wrong for his actions… we met after a month talked about what happened said we are not on the same wavelength. texted after that i remember he told me not to let him know if im meeting somebody else cause it will hurt him, and he said we will always be “friends with benefits” we still text but not as often as before after 2 mos invited him for a dinner my bday. spent the night with him it was cute and then the next days were blah hehehe we text once a month and i am always the one who intiates it… yeah i dropped the L word before he said he loves me as a friend. i still like him i tought it was a case of he’s life hard so a matter of timing when we met but as mentioned in the post yeah they are difficult people NP what do you think any advice?

NP - January 16, 2012

Dear aqualove

I guess I wrote that somewhere in this blog; if an aquaman was hurted in his past affairs he could be very cold somehow. It is hard to understand for other zodiac signs but for aquas love is another dimension in this life. You may understand the reasoning behind this. Think about his nature and how he is alone among the others (that’s another story).

So a close affair would always have a special position in his life, and may be love is at the top of it. Also that’s why people call aquas “social monsters” as they have lots of friends. They are very communicable and keep good level of intellectuality. In fact I can say that they may get 1000 people in the outlook address book within 2-3 years. But if you ask me only 5 or 10 of them could have “special” status for friendship and for real love they believe, only one. Problem is: real love doesn’t mean a healthy real affair.

All the things you see from outside is true. I mean they do not act with a mask for sure. Problem is, other people get the stuff according to their expectations, and generally acquas see that very easily (aqua 6th sense is well known). You may say that if they see these expectations, why they do not react to put the things in front of the others. Aquas are like cats. Their independency always has a reservation for this kind of an attitude.

In your case I’m pretty sure that you feel something “strange” about his past experiences. I mean you said that he doesn’t want to talk about them so much and behaves weird when you open a topic. It seems that he is not close for a relationship atm. Probably his fears are about you, not himself. Or it can be said in another way: he is scared of hurting you. On these days of modernity there are lots of sensual vampires walking around. These people are just looking what they can get; only laugh, joy and fun. I don’t know his story but from your description it is possible that he was hurted badly.

If you ask me what to do, depends on the situation. If he is playing the noble knight, as I told above, you can approach him slowly ans softly. That can work in a long period of time. But if he buried some of his senses because of the past bad experiences, he could try to expel you from his life. Aquas may wear a mask only if they find a holy reason. So this can be a such reason and he may even try to show you that he is looking for someone else.

And third, short option. He is one of the vampires I said about before. It is not easy to know this from this distance, you will decide. If that’s the case, run away 🙂 Because an aqua vampire means: he lost most of his qualities, but still has this 6th sense and he can produce lots of things to convince you. I can assure you that convincing concept was created for them, as they can see the world from a different perspective, like looking with a telescope situated on the moon. I am totally objective for them, even though I am a typical aqua. I can clearly say that if an aqua is such a vampire surely there is a reason behind this. Childhood, bad social environment, etc. But for this third case you should focus on the reason, not the cause. Because it’s your own life and you are not a social worker.

Lastly; with your cancer-leo mixture probably you experience some amount of discomfort inside of you (water-fire contrast). For all the people who experience this kind of a contrast I say one thing: You may raise the negatives of both, or you may live the positives of them. Third option is not possible. I don’t need to describe the reason, I think you you already know how it is painful to do with your own life. Now I know you’re saying: “as a cancer observation is my personality”. Stop doing this. I mean I know what you mean, as one of my brothers has a cancer sign. I recommend you one motto: “every being is (or has) a unique universe. If you look at those universes but forget out tiny “Milky Way” you could loose them both. I agree that aquas can do the both, and they do this very satisfactorily. But they sacrifice so much for this. But if so why they do it? They could never feel comfortable otherwise. But as a cancer you got a chance.



NP - January 16, 2012

One more thing: all the the things you feel bad about your inside are a one-way ticket. I mean they are connected to your cancer sign and your leo effect blowing the things to it. Your leo says you are a special one for all the stuff but your cancer says it is non-sense or even a shame to feel it. Surpress the cancer first. That doesn’t mean your leo side tells the truth, but if there is a priority you should start like that. Because by time it is easy to understand that you are not at the top of all, but not easy to leave shaming yourself. And this life always needs to stand over your legs. You decide: is it easy to forgive yourself when you think that you are persistent, or when you feel sorrow for you.



247. aqualove - January 18, 2012

thanks np for breaking it down for me… we havent seen each other for months and i miss him… its a struggle really im a living contradiction… and you are right about that, its like night and day. being spontaneous and adventurous then censoring my self and feel guilty for allowing myself in this situation. one is proud and one is humbled by the experience im afraid to get stuck on this and now its hard to shake it off and even if i think im back to my normal self (a bit) its like im still waiting to exhale… hehe never tought we will meet but the universe has its own weird way hehe… i felt the connection so i allowed it to happen hes the first guy that ive been intimate with never had a bf and im on my late 20’s hes on his mid early 30’s. he said that he hated that we met at his most vulnerable and said he’s sorry that it is his fault that i didnt get a real bias of him. hes life is pretty hard right now. he was open to me about his regrets his hardship but that the only one that im curious about is his last relationship for 3 years and he is still being haunted by that he admitted it to me and said was/is in love by the last one but said in time he will be able to tell the story. he had 3 relationships each lasted 3 years. before he told me that in his mind he wants to experiment because he doesnt know where this is going but we will always be friends with benefits. he thinks im perfect and amazing and thankful for being supportive but we only text we never talk on the phone we did a few and he feels uncomfy when we talk in person he cant even look into my eyes but he’s articulate and assertive but when we are together there’s distance… im very understanding and accepting of this what can i do i met him on this stage of his life (i kinda have a florence nightingale complex) lol. hes special to me hes the only one who has gotten this far with me… oh before i asked him what he’s mind is like because i think he’s special he’s an artist, activist, musician and a social worker he said he doesn’t want any of it he will trade it for happines a normal life now it makes sense after reading your post about what aquas inside is. so do i fall under the “special” status? or just an experience? so he’s done with real love because it happened to him already? what do you think np?

NP - January 18, 2012

Dear aqualove

After your second post I have a clearer picture right now. Seems that he was hurted so badly in his past affairs and he thinks that he should understand your affair before getting in. Because he doesn’t wanna hurt himself and also you at the same time.

I am not writing this with any arrogance but these guys naturally have the capacity for an attraction. “But” I mean only the “first stage”. Even in physics nothing can be completed without being completed, so I recommend you to push that first part a little bit down and start to think the next stages. I wrote that before. They are half spaceman and half earthman, then maybe (if you ask me, most probably) this first portion makes them attractive, but the confusion between these two makes the things hard and complicated. Well. Some say this is “kharma” isn’t it. A balance.

Of course we know that aquas are not aliens coming from other constellations. But think about a music equaliser. Within the same song you can get completely different sounds by changing its adjustments. Aquas have a very very different settings compared to the other signs, even from the signs belonging to the same air group. If you rank them in a same pattern, think that aquas are vibrating on the air, rarely grounding on the earth. Geminis are like vibrating by jumping between the air and the ground. Libras are jumping on the ground.

What makes them to land then. As I told before, special relations. They are very sticked to friendship because it’s the easiest way to satisfy this need (and perfectly matches with their humanist nature). Love? Desperately they seek for sure. But when they make a voyage they need to look at their side seats sometimes, not always at the air.

Almost all of the aquas I know have at least one disappointment from their sensual relationships. Let me give you an explanation. Aqua trait has a return ticket (kharma again, very important fact in their lives). They see and realise other’s intentions very quickly. But most of the times they choose the images created within their hearts and brains. At the same time they play the game according to the book, because they already have a vision to understand these books and it is not so hard for them to do so. Why? you know, some poems and novelists say that “feeling of love alone is better than living it”. This is not their intention but result of this first stage is like that mostly.

As they can’t be restless romantics (their idealistic nature stops them at one point, because they start to realise it is becoming like a “real game”) they stop after a while.

Now there are two options. First, their inner stuff wakes their independency and they escape (or try to escape). In your case you should decide which one of this. For Kendra I commented like that, because clues were totally directing it. How can the second, or other option may happen. Well, according to my opinion ratio for the first choice is like 70 percent. If you say with your observation your affair has the other 30 percent, go directly to below statements. It has a rare possibility but you said that he suffered 3 times before and he behaves very kind. Let’s think positively, he can be a mature one and he may look for a total peace.

Let’s go back to his past failures. Then their humanistic character gets into the second stage. They totally focus on the others expectations. It is not complicated as it seems, if you take out the non-real imagination they got, that is the result and they also feel that they should land like others (this feeling survives with lots of sacrifices, primarily from their independency. but if so, it arises with this phase and it is understandable). I mentioned those sensual vampires. If there are some of them around, now they see a kind and an obeying man around. They got attraction and cool stuff but also ready to acquire. Don’t need to tell the rest after this point I guess, total suckage.

Of course, as I told before, after these experiences your aqua may have become a little bit mature of this. Problem is: he should find the way to behave differently, different than he did before. If you ask my opinion, but please take that as an opinion as I am not a fortuneteller, he feels that same special stuff with you, as exactly he did before. But he also feels that you are not a vampire. But this doesn’t prevent his fears, because now the potential of “hurting” became doubled (attention! crossing: even if he is trying to escape he would feel this fear of hurting you). If he fails he will not be alone to be hurted, you will be inside of this pot too.

I hope I can give a figure of it. Now the hard part is coming. Do not expect that he can change his imagination part. In fact it’s so beautiful to him and probably it is one of the reasons you find him attractive. Second, only way to deal with it is to share it. You can’t indeed! So you have to surround him, and you have to do this to a huge circle, because they got a very big imagination. But you know every situation has a quick guideline, a manual and you can try this.

Again if you ask me, just tell these things directly to him. Tell that it is not possible to decide on the faith of something if there are the things untold (believe me although they do this in practice sometimes, oh lol may be most of the times, they hate to leave a situation untold. you may say it with “as I guess you do not like untold situations”). Tell him that you are ready to listen what he feels at first instance, and in particular you are not the one who would exploit them.

I will be more open right now. Whatever you have a level of attraction as a female, very high or not, do not start with it if you can meet him in a real place. You may not do that intentionally, but you know, e.g. before getting around a table in a dinner you can look at him with a special attractive gaze, etc. Instead, show some energy and awareness of the stuff around; like commenting about to be inside, good, because you feel warm, etc. Remember that even if his eyes covered with affection, he can still feel the things after a half an hour. That doesn’t mean you would not do it totally of course.

From this point I will open this issue a little bit. Yep, aqua males are attracted with physical stuff as other do, but think about it as a horizontal factor. When you make a tiramisu you put all stuff together, you dont serve some of them as a sauce. And you got an advantage: beware that he already thought your wake-up figure before seeing it everyday. This means he is aware that physical beauty can change, but combination never dies.

It all depends how you behave aqualove. If you want it so much, you would try. Of course it would be non-sense to make a comment on this from my side. They are valuable, but they got spines too.



248. NP - January 18, 2012

Hi Aman

Thanks a lot for this post. I really want to have your opinions to the comments listed here (for mines, in particular for the last one, as it is a little bit deeper than the others).

If you find time I would be glad to see you make a comment.



249. V - January 18, 2012

NP – what do you mean by “untold situations” exactly? I’m very intrigued by what you write.

Aman – yes, where have you hidden yourself? are you Oracle’ing on Neptune? pls tell us your thoughts

aqualove- I have strong thoughts & feelings on your sitch but I would like to hear back from Aman (and of course NP) first….


NP - January 18, 2012

Hi V

Most of the times, I mean 90 percent, males rely on their pride. I hope that, I mean I wish that it would have been the case for aquas. But not. They are totally alien for the concept called “male pride”.

I said “untold” because how can you expect a human being can tell the reason for his “imaginations” for example. The motto “I wish we could see a male like that” is a lie in practice. None listens none and it became a common practice.

Because classical “giving everything” means a cliche for aquas. I mean may be you don’t see as a cliche but they do. Remember Avatar movie. They shared everything by connecting their tails to each other. Something is not easy to told but you just share. If you ask me I describe love with it. You may call me arrogant but in fact that’s how love should be.

Anyway It was just an expression.


250. kendra - January 18, 2012

Hi NP and V,

Seems I’ve missed quite a bit here in the past week. I find NP’s expression “sensual vampire” quite intriguing…wished I had known of this aqua trait many months ago, as I do believe my aqua is just that!!

A little catch up for you: I decided I would continue to spend time with him, if he asked and I was free. Reason: we do have a grand time together. Looking at us together anyone would think we are a loving couple, we talk about everything, laugh, listen, he is very complimentary as if he adores me and the physical piece is incredible. As I mentioned before he spends time with several different women, threw me at first but I no longer hold any expectations except to have a good time when we are together (while I find a new aqua to screw up my head further LOL!!). He also makes future plans for us now?

Here comes the confusing part: one of the women he sees every month or two as she lives in another state (she comes to him)….I think he began seeing her about the same time he started dating me. It is my understanding that they have recently started texting “falling for you”, “love you” back and forth. Yet he has been persuing me more than ever before. Also from what I understand, she is his total opposite…very orderly, prim and proper, white collar, holistic, “sober” if you know what I mean. I am sure, unlike the other women he sees – she has no idea he continues to spend time with other women. I almost feel sorry for her as I don’t see any happy endings in their relationship. Long distance relationships, what a joke, been there done / that and they rarely work.

I am really ok with this whole scenario as far as it affects me, as my eyes are completely wide open now (funny how that makes life so much easier). Just enjoying the ride! But I am completely dumbfounded as to why he is wanting to spend so much time with me lately if he is truly “loving” her? He knows I’m aware there are other women in his life, even her, but he isn’t aware I know about the “love” stuff between them. Thoughts please???

PS nice to read your opinions again NP 🙂 and nice to see V is still plugging along…I often send good wishes out to both of you!!


251. V - January 19, 2012

hi Kendra…

Hmm…my gut reaction is just that…hmmm…be careful. this could turn out to be a back-fire situation.

I know you’re fine with the situation as is, but from where I sit, it just seems like this guy has all this power — he gets to pick & choose who he spends time with, if one person doesn’t conform with his program, he can dump her for the week or the month or whatever, and dial someone else’s number…I also know that Aquas are super unpredictable. even though it seems like his situation with her is impossible, Aqua’s get really turned on by that — just the fact that it’s impossible makes them want to show they can make it possible. (and I wouldn’t trust his description of her, either — he may be describing her in this way just so you lower your guard and figure ‘oh, she’s not his #1 — I am.’)

I also know that they can drop the person who least expects it literally *on a dime* and never look back. sorry (it’s probably the party-pooper Capricorn in me), but just…be careful. i consider you a friend & I would feel guilty not offering my suggestion in all honesty. Also — what if this other woman finds out and goes berserk & comes looking for you (just kidding…I think ;-))

252. aqualove - January 19, 2012

thanks np and v

i would also like to hear aman’s opinion on this…

oh i remember one time he asked me to sing this song by depeche mode – somebody… so i kinda have an idea about what a sensual vampire is hehe maybe you should listen to that song kendra…

i learned things about myself and my view about what love is in a hard way hehehe

and np you are right with what you said that it depends on me now… i would like to see him again then i will just take it from there (it may take months/year)… just lower your expectations to none… if you can tone down your desire then being friends with them could work… i know its sounds unnatural but yeah thats the only way to meet them…

“It’s all an illusion
There’s too much confusion
I’ll make you feel better
If it’s bitter at the start
Then it’s sweeter in the end”

madonna -get together

253. kendra - January 19, 2012

Hi V,

Always appreciate your input. Yes, I agree with the “impossible” piece…I’m sure that plays big in his mind, as well as the whole illusion of mystery and infrequent time together. As I said I feel sorry for her. I’m sure he is on his “best” behavior when they are together, so she really has no sense of who he truly is…the entire relationship is an illusion for both of them, but she is the one with the most to loose or at least be shocked when she does finally understand.

I don’t ask him, nor has he told me anything about her. I learned all of the info from someone who has spent time with them together and I’ve seen pics of her and her family together. Clearly their worlds are very different. Leopards do not change their spots…and this leapard is not changing for anyone!

I believe I have fallen into the “friends” category with him. He is comfortable with me bc he can be himself. What I do understand now is how any committed relationship with him would come with more cons then pros. Not what I want, not how I want my life to look. But bc there is a part of him that is quite endearing…being in a friendship is acceptable for me.

As far as her going berserk…don’t think that would be her modus operandi…she seems to be a top shelf lady. My heart goes out to her to think this may go on for several years before she really knows what he is all about. But it is not my place to interfere where I do not belong.

V, how’s your new man (and your old flame)? BTW I have been reading Christian Carter at your suggestion, some interesting stuff. Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

Smile..it increases your face value!!

254. NP - January 20, 2012

Hi folks

Thanks a lot for your wishes and greetings. Just wanna say one thing: Aquas or your aqua are not the criteria for love or feeling. I know the famous word and in fact it is true, “your life is your universe”. But if we seek truth here they can not be so.

I know how you feel. But I hope you kick the things when it is needed and when it is the right time. I didn’t write that in purpose. Please take it as a general remark.

ps: Kendra my opinion is your aqua is not a sensual vampire. Perhaps he is only trying to be one. But that doesn’t make any difference, because what you get is what you have. This is the fact with aquas, and it can be a motto for ones who love one of them.



255. kendra - January 20, 2012

Dear NP,

Yes, what you get is what you have….like it or not, lol! So if he is not a sensual vampire (please define that one more clearly), then thru the aqua eyes of a male, such as yourself, why is he behaving in such a manner?


PS aqualove, that song you mentioned “somebody”…wow the definition of the aqua man!!!

NP - January 20, 2012

Dear Kendra

I think I can clearly define what is a sensual vampire because during in my life I met plenty of them.

As an aqua socialization was not a matter for me, I used to get into the society very easily. Then again as a typical one I had lots of friends (not close ones so much; realized this later after those years). Relationships with females were easy and hard. Beginning of a new one was the easy part, but but hard part was my vision, I could not understood some of people’s traits. For example I always felt that there were masks over most of their faces, in fact I saw the reasons behind this too. Majority were doing it due to their fears, fearing that they can not be accepted by the others.

Then I decided to be “completely” easy one. I ignored these things and at first everything was going fine. But some females I met were always demanding, and they did this very intense, so that you can confuse it with romance. If everthing goes well you could find the reasons of anything. e.g. She does that because she loves me so much, look, she only does this to me, etc.

Please note that I am not a casanova of course, but I describe all kinds of stages, I mean from a first stage with a deep electric to a serious relationship.

Turning point was a typical scene. Funny thing is, first time in my life I started to think that I can go till the end with this girl. She loved my joy, energy, jokes and in fact everything. I felt same for her too. Sometimes I left her alone within her own social network in purpose (not for weeks or months, a day e.g. then it should not be confused with a typical aqua escape) so that she can enjoy her freedom too. But even for an hour I got reaction of complaints. This scene was her words: “never leave me alone, I want to carry you as a back bag for my entire life). I asked: “would you be happy if I work in your office, next table and go to everywhere you go? I mean for 24 hours?” she said yes.

I decided to make a test then. Just for a day I behaved as a sick, sad and disappointed man and I explained the reason as I had problems in my work. You may ask that didn’t I suffer from such a thing before when I was with her. Of course I did. But I never shown this in front of her, because I acted differently as I told above.

She was so different. Of course she was expecting a day shift, so I could change on the next day, act same as before. But that didn’t alter my feelings which are telling that she loves me not for who I am, but what I presented. Took long to make her confess (not with inquisition technics, lol, by warm chats) but when I achieved I saw an absence of a father figure in her life, and she said “you are better than my beloved father”. That was not true. Just she wished to see so.

I saw some intentional examples too. People thinking that there should no rule when the case is their core wishes within the life they live, or people living with lack of confidence to others. But the result was same. I picked up this example because it is the most distant and understandable one for a vampire trait, because it has a natural path. Other examples just contain selfish and looser parts.

Let’s go back to your aqua. You know aqua traits and capabilities right now as well their weaknesses. Typical sensual vampire could be recognized with his/her behaviours to the other people. If you ask me the first rule: if someone is a friend to anyone (there can be other people who are not vampires with this, but all sensual vampires have this trait). May be you know the motto, if some is a friend to anyone, he/she is a friend to none at all. Second rule: a vampire can not be ignored in your life. If you do this in purpose or in occasion, he or she will turn to you immediately, I mean if you ask my opinion in max. 2-3 days. Because they can not suffer any ignorance and this is always the case, does not matter what they got.

So what’s the situation. My opinion is, as I did that in my life before, trying to wear a mask to leave the circle he is in. Perhaps my Gemini character prevented me to be a vampire, I don’t know. Because I could’t be a consistent one, lol. Attention: I don’t say I didn’t act like that because I got high qualities or moral values (I believe that other people can evaluate you for it, and it is not a choice, physics rule: best way is to look from outside) as I know that any aqua has an enormous capacity to be like that. Because the first thing is to have an ability to convince. And as I said before, if they direct themselves so, they can convince anyone (except personal jealousy. that’s another and common story for aquas).

But again, what you get is what you have. Please do not feel sorrow for the others who were not chained in a dungeon and have ability to change. That’s your life and you deserve good. But of course if you ask me I wish it could be with him (as a sole wish).



256. V - January 20, 2012

hi guys-

NP – thanks for your writings…I have to admit I don’t always understand what you say, but the part of the masks…I agree that we are always wearing masks; it’s so rare & fortunate to find someone with whom a mask is not necessary. although no relationship is perfect, it’s tiring when it feels like it’s a performance (on either side) and not…a meeting of souls. but I guess that’s for the lucky few.

NP, would you mind telling (although I know it doesn’t matter) what sign the person was (in example above)?

Kendra – my status update is this: recent (aqua #2 ) is going OK; we’re still getting to know each other, so it’s all good; def taking it slow. Aqua #1 (original) is suddenly being super-nice (hmmm…I think he was trying different masks on me LOL.. unfortunately he’s out of luck b/c I love all his masks)…so for now I am just in observation mode…

Aqualove – I guess Aman is AWOL…I believe giving your Aqua space, but keeping in detached, friendly contact is the best bet. just my humble opinion. as long as you are living your best life, if he’s meant to be a part of it, he’ll return…

257. aqualove - January 21, 2012

hello guys…

so np a sensual vampire could also turn a person into one depends on the effect of that person to him eg. self gratification, absorbing one’s strength, etc … i saw your post somewhere like a word of caution “not becoming like him”. or a sensual vampire can leave you empty or damaged… hmmm…. i dont know if i make sense lol

i’m gonna ask you some personal questions np if i may lol

what is the common factor among the girls you dated?
do you over-intellectualize your emotions rather than simply feel them?
have you ever been in love? how was your experience? what was it like? was it real love? does it only happen once?
im just curious lol

kendra- yes the song somebody is a definition of an aquaman. never thought that song is a way for him to express his feelings lol
v- thank you for your advice actually that’s what im thinking too. if it happens ill be thankful. that is life’s mystery and im grateful.

258. NP - January 21, 2012

Hi V

The girl was a Virgo. In fact I was not interested with zodiac signs at that time. But she said that from the beginning and then I learned how people’s birhtdays are related to any sign. But if you ask my opinion it doesn’t matter, any sign can be like so. But in general air elements except Gemini could be perfect ones, if they choose to do so, of course. Gemini could be bored of this, lol.

Hi aqualove

Experience is something gained by time, but it does not reflect the capacity. By time I learned that there is no only white or black. In fact greys are much more than the others. Most of the sensual vampires think that they do everything normal and they don’t even know what they do to other people. If you ask me the key point is the approach for looking yourself. If you do the things wrong and if you evaluate this with your own thoughts you always fail in a circle. Let me give you a real example.

Couple of years ago I met a guy in a house party and he told that: “I always loved her but she never opened her heart to me. Recently we saw each other in a cafe by a total coincidence. She was disappointed from an affair and was in a terrible condition. She was looking for a sensual support and I acted as a warm-hearted, charming male. We spent that night in her apartement and everything was so nice. Then in the morning I found her crying in the bed. I never understand the women. Then I became a good men again, she was ok. Now I am looking for my second turn and I can’t wait for it”. Anyway, at least this one is a basic model. There are more complicated ones, some of them can really be sensitive. So I am not saying “be careful” or recommending you to call 911. But when you are in an affair if you see some strangeness do not ignore it. You can talk that for example.

For love I can’t say a common factor but values and virtues. After years in my life I realized that giving tolerance for love should be limited at some point. “If you love someone you can tolerate everything about him/her”. That’s a total lie. Why do you love him/her then? for fun? for joy? for food he/she cooks? etc. You can tolerate someone if there is a reason for the things he/she makes; and sure those reasons should not be selfish, shallow or “just wanna do it” stuff.

Every people intellectualize his/her emotions. It changes from one person to another, and depends on location, social status, vision, etc. But if you direct them to feel in a simple manner, you can achieve a big stuff. Then by sharing in love in time you can make them multiplied, because you can get the same (but different of course) from your partner. Almost all aquas have problems to direct their feelings, that’s for sure. But I can not blame them; you are in a desert and some unknown person gives you a bottle. Of course you can have suspects if the liquid is green or black, etc. But if it is clear as a water and if it is written “Evian” on it, it changes. Aquas think that they give water (that’s why people often call them “arrogant” most of the times).

Yep I fell in love twice. I mean real ones. For me they were real because I gave attention, time, careness, respect and enough space for the other one’s personality (for one of them it was at the end but I did it). Why or how they attracted me? At first they seemed natural to me, and they had a vibration giving the sense of “I know this girl since 2000 years”. It took time to turn this to love and I didn’t do it intentionally. But now I can confirm that it is the healthiest way to fall in love.

They were a horizontal thing in my life. Your inner energy gets higher because you feel that all usual boring stuff in your life gets down, and a different vibration takes in place. Of course it raises so much when you meet your partner. At first feeling breathless happens so often, even when you are not with your partner, just by thinking her. Then by time it slowly changes and merges with the time and moments you spent together. I mean the things you shared became special and they give you this feeling. At this stage you open your intellectuality (it happens without intention) and so many things are merging between.

You always miss her, but you are also becoming awared that love is growing with your own individual lives. I call this “anti-mother effect”. When you spend all of your time together this energy changes and becoming a different thing. You are changing yourself and also your partner changing artificially. Love is a strong feeling and naturally you want to keep it going. If you ignore your individuality both sides start to sacrifice from inside, and then becoming different characters. Then after a while suddenly you realize that you can’t find the person you loved. In both cases they accused me for being a strong character, dominating them with my own priorities. But in fact in both affairs I started a debate to discuss this shifting, before this everything was perfect from outside.

Does it only happens once? my opinion, no. First one is was so intense then I thought I could not feel it again. Then with the second one I changed my idea. After time I am not trying to look for anyone now. I got friends and some of them are more close. I am not a vampire but I like to go out in the weekends and meet people there. I never give promises because those accusations I heard is enough for me. May be strange but I am not missing falling in love.



ps: oops it’s me on the operation table now. no way!!

259. NP - January 21, 2012

An excerpt from a wondeful film. It is a war movie but so much in it. I recommend.

260. kendra - January 21, 2012

Hi NP,

I’m a little confused re: what you wrote here: “If you ask me the first rule: if someone is a friend to anyone… May be you know the motto, if some is a friend to anyone, he/she is a friend to none at all.” ???

I have many acquaintances, people I enjoy spending time with, but only a very few, close friends. And I am a good friend to them as well. So I’m not quite sure what you are referring to? Isn’t it good that he feels comfortable enough with me, to be himself, “take the mask off”? And this other woman…he wears a mask for her because…?

Again thanks for all your thoughts and input.
Regards, K

NP - January 21, 2012

Hi Kendra

I always keep trust all Roman Empire mottos, as they proven themselves in my own life, and in fact it is one of them.

I am pretty sure that you are not a friend of everyone that you have a kind of an affair, I mean in work, in family or in private stuff. But believe me that these people can do it. I tried to mention this. I mean from outside, as none can do it inside.

If you ask me he is not one of them, because from your descriptions that’s the result. But I think that he is trying to be one of them. Because, again from your writings, I feel that he is trying to create a social ego, which is almost impossible for the aquas. He wears a mask for that reason. I can crush this artificial mask easily but it would not impact on him as I am none. You can, but unfortunately it is very very hard to tell how to do it. Not a secret, just too complicated. If I were you and if I still on this guy, I would try to show this meaningless stuff by acting. You can act like you have a big ego I mean. Result? You can not walk for a result with these guys, but you can have a chance to have. If you ask me, try to break this aqua illusion at first.

In practice: he is still unstable and unreliable. That can change in a moment or in 3 years, who knows.

That’s why you should stay solid and live your life.



261. kendra - January 22, 2012

Dear NP,

As usual, thanks for your support. I’m feeling more confused then ever. Thought I had everything in a safe place, in which I could easily live with and still enjoy a friendship with him. But this wknd has totally messed up my head…

He called me fri. night as I was in the car with some friends headed out to listen to a band and dance. He wanted to make plans for Sat. night. Told him where I was going and yes I was free the next night. (I don’t initiate any contact with him anymore, as I’ve said if he calls me and I’m free, we get together). I never expected to see him fri. night…and there he was. In fact, he sat at the bar and watched me for a while, before joining us..and he told me this. We had fun, danced and I went home with my friends. Again he was very attentive. He called me Sat., we got together for a low key evening, watching a movie. He complimented me up one side and down the other…every compliment known to man. I stayed over and we had an incredible night.

The one thing that irks me, is he will say things like…I have to work tomm. or I’m meeting friends to watch the game etc., in other words don’t have any expectations for more time together after the sun rises. I already know this and his saying it is almost insulting to me. So this morning I said basically that to him, as well as “I have no expectations, except being friends. I know your mind is somewhere else and your heart is with someone else.” He simply raised his eyebrows at that and then said, “we are friends, I’d like to go out to brkfst with you and spend more time with you, but I have other things I have to do.” I told him I understood all of that and have no delusions, it is what it is.

I see now as much as I would like to think I have pulled it all together in a safe place, my heart still wants him. V, how do you keep it together so well, for so long with #1 man? I think part of it, for me, is ego, how can he say all those sweet things to me, spend a great night together…and as soon as I leave, I’m sure he is calling/emailing her with words of love. The thought of it truly blows my mind. (we have spent part of the last 3 wknds together, with him saying all those same sweet things?) How is it he enjoys my company so much, when he proclaims love to another woman?

I’ll be cool in another day. I just find after spending quality time with him, his energy hangs on swirling all around me. It is the most bizzare relationship I have ever been involved with. I know I have the choice to walk away from it, but I’m just not ready to loose him as a part of my life. And I guess that makes me just as screwed up as he is, lol!!

Thanks for letting me vent! Any new thoughts on my crazy life are appreciated… Why did the universe bring him into my life!?!?

Blessings to all,

262. kendra - January 22, 2012

Dear NP,

I just had a thought and I think you are the only one who might have an insight to it. Is it possible he is imagining that I am “her” when we are together? That would explain all the lovely compliments. Do aqua men have that capacity to transfer who they are with into who they wish they were with? I really hope you say NO, that is not something inherent to the aqua male…. 😦

In my heart, I honestly believe she is simply an illusion to him, much like your picture of the cruise ship… the distance and infrequent time spent together make it all that much bigger to him.

But if you tell me YES, it is possible that is what he is doing…I really will have to consider walking away from him.


263. NP - January 22, 2012

Hi Kendra

I am not quite sure if it matches your case (like you seem to be sure) but my reply is: yes.

When they fell in love their inside vibrating so much. Think it that way: They can convince lots of people, but for most of the cases they should convince themselves. That’s a hard thing for them. They should believe what they are doing in such a “shaken” state, and they must do it before an affair. Otherwise this “cruise” stuff “may” appear irregularly. This convincing has nothing about the partner. Directly about them.

Imagine that during this irregularity he wanted to have a mother figure (‘he felt’ is a better explanation, most probably he can’t name it). When it combines with already existing instability, these kinds of examples might occur, I mean his current status. That’s why I told you that he is not a vampire, but unintentionally he is trying to be one.

I suffered same things so much before (and we discussed it in the previous posts). You are in a place you want to be, you are with people you like the most, everything is OK, weather, environment, etc. Then you feel an incredible amount of vacuum inside, your inside is totally empty and you are not even like someone else. Total loneliness. Then you are trying to pick the moments in your brain to complete your puzzle. It seems that your aqua is feeling extremely lonely. So his pieces are not coming from hobbies or the things done in isolation.

Again we discussed before that they are very sensitive about their inner stuff. At this situation they can leave everything and trying to collect their pieces, one by one. It is like kharma again. They have great ability to socialize, real social monkeys. But when they open the box, probability of this vacuum increases (think about it as pulses, number of pulses blows). And it is not hard to guess that love opens everything. So they escape. Couple of times in the past I was waking up in the morning and trying to collect myself, day by day. Usual depression modes are not valid for aqua males. If you can find a psychiatrist dealing with astrology he/she would easily confirm this.

I guess you combined something now; our present wdiscussion with “cruise” mode and escaping. Let’s add another one; we know that they are hardly reachable, seems that they always hid something, because everything is about themselves. They should adjust their inside to begin something. Some of them know this some others feel it as they experienced so much. For that reason most of them are well know with their discreet attitude.


264. kendra - January 22, 2012

Wow, NP, quite an explanation! So I will understand correctly, when he is with me, he is playing in his head that it is her…I don’t even play a part in our time together…WOW again. You have literally taken my breath away. That explains all the fancy talk and compliments….wow, wow, wow……..

265. NP - January 22, 2012

Just one difference Kendra. It is not a must that she was in his head when he was with you. This is not a necessity. After some time this woman can feel the same because he can escape again.

Remember that we discussed one expression: “shooting a moving target”. Imagine he found a woman to fill a piece in his brain. When all the pieces come together this single one could be meaningless. So, even this figure matches with this single piece at first, there is no guarantee that it will continue after the puzzle completed.

I told before that “e.g. I dream a place, then I go to there, I see nothing about my dreams; but I still keep this dream, this vision inside”. Because this piece is coming from there, that’s why aquas should resolve the things within their inside at first.

What’s that in practice? They got a huge a vision for life. But real life is something else. They must land on earth to begin something. There are two ways to do this: 1) you can surpress this vision part (like I did) or 2) you can direct all your vision to creativity, then you can present art samples, scientific experiements, cinema movies, music pieces or literature works. For that reason there have been so much aquas in world history doing these creative stuff: Mozart, Edison, Francis Bacon, Dickens, Lincoln, Darwin, Jules Verne, Christian Dios, Roosevelt, etc.


266. NP - January 23, 2012

and about the songs for aquas.

You can’t appoint a song believe me. Because it’s a sign of songs. They were born with it.

For the first time I will be arrogant. Because it’s real. If you push or think a tune they would have already got a higher one before you.

Believe me 🙂



267. V - January 24, 2012

hi Kendra-

…’to love him is to ignore him….’ our mantra…

NP – close your eyes – the part below is for K’s eyes only 😉

maybe try being more elusive; not mean, just…make him chase you a little more. don’t accept a saturday night date on friday night (whether or not you have plans). be the first one to walk away, be busy, to have so much to do that you can’t spend any more time w/him. and really, have something to do, so you don’t feel fake about it. don’t sleep over his place. once in a while, don’t even sleep with him. 😉

maybe try that and see if it’s helpful …not sure what would work, but everything in life is an experiment anyway

Kendra - January 24, 2012

Dear, sweet V, you are truly a gem! Was patting myself on the back for not initiating any contact with him, lol! You are absolutely right and don’t think I haven’t already had those same thoughts….so dang hard 🙂 … but I know you are thinking more clearly, than I am. Promise to try this … nothing to loose! Hope this finds you smiling! K, xox

268. jennifer - January 24, 2012

I am a Sag dating (or was) an Aquarius.We met through a dating site and immediately started asking when he could meet me.I had just ended my marriage of 12 yrs 6 mths before so put it off meeting him for three weeks,all the while he text-ed me all the time plus phone calls.We met and it was magic.I have got nervous a few times because he came on so strong and told me he was …and I quote”I am falling deeply in love with you”..This scared the bajesus out of me since I,too was feeling very,very strong emotions for him.I did tell him I was falling for him too.I told him had I had been hurt in my last relationship and still have lingering trust issues(not infidelity,just trust in general)He kept trying to convince and reassure me that he was indeed head over heals in love with me and that I should”just let him love me” So as a Sag,I take my time and try to delve into the darkest deths of my soul and his, to find the truth.I finally believe him wich was not easy to do but as a Sag,Its my trade mark to have eternal optimisim….Soooo now I love him and and he lives 2 hrs away.we said we could manage it….Now it seems as if he is doing the classic distancing things that everyone on here is talking about.I am being me(since thats all I know how to do) and sending him a note here or there saying good morning,but he went from texting me morning noon and night to just 1 time on sunday(said he loved me) and 1 time yesterday,in which he said he loved me AND missed me…..I am thinking it is fine and I’ll let him have his space,but I also feel like I shouldnt be the one to contact him…I should let him contact me?But I soooo dont wanna play games and sensor my actions…..what should I do?

jennifer - January 24, 2012

and that should read *censor*

269. kendra - January 24, 2012

Oh boy, another lovely lady getting snagged by the elusive aqua~man! Sorry to hear of your quandary Jennifer. It is always a predicament as to which direction is best to move in. Let me ask you a couple questions: how long ago did you first meet, did he visit you or you him, how often are you able to see one another?

I’m sure you have read our mantra …’to love him is to ignore him….’ and it has proven correct time and time again. (thx for the reminder V 🙂

One word of warning (I learned the hard way), if he says “I don’t lie” this does not mean he is disclosing the truth…not lying and telling the complete truth are 2 completely different entities to them.

Hang tough (and turn off that text!)
Look forward to hearing back,

jennifer - January 24, 2012

oh,and he came to me because I made up a lame excuse that I wanted to see a live local band because I was petrified of the whole meeting online thing

270. jennifer - January 24, 2012

Well i have to say that as far as consistency goes,,,,He has been perfect for my taste.He hasn’t missed calling me or keeping in contact with me at all….Just less frequent.
And to answer your question Kendra, We first met (in person) on Jan 7th before that we were just texting and using yahoo messenger to keep in contact.we have seen each other 2 other times since that,He actually asked his parents if I could come sspend the weekend.He has been living with them since he pays his ex-wife alimony even though she is REMARRIED….Total BS,but hes trying to take care of that as well and I carefully worded inviting him to come spend the weekend with me this weekend and he accepted. I can accept that he needs time,i do too…As a Sag,I love my solitude so no big deal,but when I asked him if he would consider coming to stay with me for the weekend,he said”that sounds like a good idea” not yes and not no…lol…So I saw him on yahoo this morning and just came out and asked him:”When you said that it was a good idea,did that mean you were able to do that?because it would take some prep on my part with the children”….and he said”I am 99% sure of it”….So far he has not faltered.I think we are perfect for each other and from all that i have read about us being compatible…It says we are THE most compatible combination out of all of the signs.We see through to each other soul it seems ….In my 42 yrs of life…That has never happened and I’m not about to screw it up….Hence,the asking for advice..lol
Thank you for any advice!

271. kendra - January 24, 2012

Glad to hear you have good news Jennifer. Yes, Sag and Aqua are very good together, esp. in a long distance relationship as yours, bc you each respect each others freedom. All I can recommend now is to take it slow, remain somewhat elusive, have a good sense of humor and enjoy!!

272. NP - January 24, 2012

Hi V

Of course I closed my eyes 🙂 But after all those texts you should have understood me that I am not a spy for them, but maybe yours 🙂

It may sound crazy for some people (of course mostly for aquas) but I do not want that precious aqua vision. Its attractive and addictive side doesn’t mean anymore to me. Because I spent considerable amount of my time in life to discover that reality. And one thing about Jennifer, if I had a chance to re-born into this world, I would have definitely chosen Sagittarius.

Bonne chance


jennifer - January 25, 2012

Why would you chose to be a sag?What sign are you?

273. NP - January 25, 2012

Anyway. Not kidding or joking. I am very glad to see that ladies always may find a way. Rangers lead the way you know.

God I am fuckin tired of everything. There is a thick line between the expectations of people in your life (not you folks, I mean physical world) and the things you must do. You know, last line of defense always drawn with the latter. But if you feel so much (god damn aqua stuff) sometimes they are all mixed. I do not try to make a comment, as V said once, most of them are not understandable I know 🙂

Forget it. Aman, thanks for this marvellous blog. We have reached 273th comment and it is amazing. I read it somewhere that you wrote something like: “and let some of them be hidden (or kept)”. I know what you mean brother. But let me add one thing for you: I know you would make what you got in mind; whether it was seen correctly or not by the others. I know you don’t care what the others feel. Very well bro. I do not know anything about you, but a general remark: don’t do this to the people you feel near. Otherwise aqua determination is beyond all the things, we know it.

It is time to shut down HAL for here. I expect to see this blog ongoing and at the same time not a trace of a reply mentioning a farewell or even my name. Because it is reality, not a usual sad chat conversation (what’s a sad thing for this anyway).



V - January 26, 2012

NP – what are you talking about???? what is HAL?

274. kendra - January 26, 2012

Wow #273 took my breath away more than #264 did! Just want to remind you (no names mentioned, at your request) the sad chats were small compared to the friendships made, inspiration given, learning of new ideas/ideals, support shown, and smiles shared!! Life ain’t always easy (whether you are an aqua or curious about one, or anything in between), so you have to turn it into a beautiful ride. I have never blogged before this site, in fact this is the only one I continue to read and write on. I am thankful to have had the opportunity to vent, share and learn from you, V and others. I do believe it made me a better person….and anything/person that is able to do this for another can never be wrong.

Hope you get a good rest and feel revived…sooner than later 🙂

275. V - January 26, 2012

dear NP,

…OK, I definitely second what Kendra said! your contributions to this site are world-class and we definitely need your insight…

NP, you are probably giving too much, and working too hard, as most Aqua’s do…I hope you will give yourself the opportunity to replenish yourself, and take some time for yourself (after all, the doctor needs to heal himself from time to time!)


276. aqualove - January 26, 2012

dear readers,

i agree to what the readers mentioned above… i learned alot from this blogsite, from you who dont want be named. hehe i can relate to their stories, help me better understand people, and i appreciate your POVs.

277. Diva - January 27, 2012

I am madly in love with an aquarius man. I constantly read what linda goodman says to help me understand him. Im trying to be paitent for our realtionship to go to the next level. But it seems like the longer we are together (6 yrs) the more he doesnt like me. Just like what linda says. Or is it bc hes finally comming around to want to get married? Its so confusing bc i know he loves me. Our love is something else.. Lol he does have a unique way of telegraphing his feelings. Im just scared that when he does act funny my reactions are pushing him away. What should i do? What shouldnt i do if im trying to wait?

278. NP - January 27, 2012

I hope it is understood that there is nothing about you (and of course Kendra) and your comments. About HAL, I wrote that because almost all aquas can see what it is (no arrogance for you about it).

Last but not least. If you can understand how much an aqua needs peace in this life, you can have a full sympathy about them. But you can’t feel as them and it would be artificial to think like this, because everything has a kharma. In abstract and that’s why: leave them with their curse.

By the way my tired stuff is not with you or this blog but my own personal life. Something to fix before looking forward and future.

Same as your good wishes


By the way: Here is HAL 🙂

NP - January 27, 2012

And don’t forget to keep your tail high. e.g. after 5 years I wanna see you shifted into your best position in life. Papa NP will be watching 🙂

NP - January 27, 2012

Omg so much for reserve. The heading of the video is saying: “Best Death Scenes” but it is just due to logistics purposes. That was the best video I found about HAL alone (better than a whole movie). I accept that heading is something nervous and sorry for this 🙂



279. Bizarre Porn Tube - January 29, 2012

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280. Khi'yah - January 30, 2012

Hi, I came across this in some research I was doing to try and better my relationship. After reading through the comments I was hoping maybe someone would stumble across mine and may comment and put thier comments to shed light to what they believe. I am an Aquarius woman dating an Aquarius man for about 2 years now. The article easily could have been a model foor the beginnings of our relationship. It was definitely more of a friendship and I dont know why he decided to finally settle after the claasic excuse that he wanted to be more financially settled and together. Anyways so he has told me he loves me several times now and he is in the military. Recently left for his 1st deployment during which I lost our child to miscarriage. After which I became quite emotional and it was hard to cope still is especially with him gone still. The problem seems to be; hoever, he is looking for that strong willed detached independent girl from before and I’m not that for just now. The miscarriage has shattered pieces of me and I’m afraid if I can not piece them together I will lose him to. I tried to deal emotionally on my own and through our email and skype try to be more stron and “like normal” so to speak but he still sees right through that. At first he was very understanding but I can tell he’s getting annoyed. Any ideas on how I can save what we have before it’s too late. Thank you! All comment idea and suggestions recommended.

Irisi - February 4, 2012

Hi, I’m not an expert but I want to offer my deepest apology I know that must have been hard for you. Don’t worry too much hun I doubt he will leave you or break things off with. Aquarius men tend to keep friendships or relationships for life. I doubt he is getting annoyed it may appear to be that way but he is going through alot also. He does not know what to say or do he’s away from you and isn’t much he can do in terms of comforting you physically. Take your time to grieve and try not to worry so much he loves you. They don’t say those words often and when they do they mean it. Be honest tell him how you feel but try not to make any demands or put any pressure on him. Take it one day at a time. You both are going through alot. Good luck and blessings

281. Adult Sex Toys Movies - January 30, 2012

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282. Manya - January 31, 2012

I have fallen for an Aqua-man…he is sometimes caring & sometimes totally cold & blunt on me. Then again he’d turn all inquisitive & caring…and again cold…

Can you plz help me understand wht is he upto??
I sometimes feel as if he is interested in me but sometimes i feel that it’s my illusion.

How can i ascertain this?

I really want to spend the rest of my life with him…


(Libran lady)

Irisi - February 3, 2012

Hi I’m with an aqua man and we have been together for a year but we have known each other for 6years. From my experience what I can tell you is this. They do not move off of emotion!!! That’s biggest and most important thing for you to remember. We as women have a tendency to be emotional and look for our partners or potential partners to show signs of emotions. An aqua man is very special. Leave him alone, do not try to figure out what’s the matter but instead let him have his space. It’s not something that you did but this is his nature. You need to try and understand him first before trying to be in a relationship with him otherwise you will have conflict. Trust me I know me and my partner have been friends for 6 years. That’s how long it took me to crack his code. Now I understand why he reacts to certain situations the way he does, and says the things he says. You will save yourself much time if you take the time to get to know him better as friends then proceed to romance. Just don’t try to jump right in. Aquarius men are special, and they walk to a different beat then those other horoscope signs who tend to move off of emotions. He is interested in you, that’s just his nature. They are the life of the party they tend to be very private people and somewhat of a loner. So keep that in mind and do not be fooled by what you perceive to be true about them it is the opposite of what you think. They do not show their emotions because they are not ruled by them, the way we are. But trust me they feel everything we feel. They are truly unique. My advice is if you want to be with him forever, be his friend, do not be demanding and have no expectations. They are not traditional people and live outside the box. You must be willing to have an open mind if you don’t have one already. Forget what you think is normal. Once you understand how his mind works you will no longer guess why he does certain things. Another thing is never play games with him, or lie, he will surely cut you off but he will do so in a way that you won’t even know it because he will still make you feel special. Aquarius men are very very smart, smarter than you average in fact. Any relationship or friendship is one that he will keep for life. He will not cut you off unless you do something that he considers unforgivable. Accept him the way he is because he can’t change. Hope this helps. I’m a Virgo and I love my Aquarius man! 14 months strong!! Good luck!

283. kendra - February 5, 2012

Hi NP, V and everyone else,

I’m still confused (so what’s new about that,lol!). As mentioned previously, I know he is seeing someone from out of state about once a month, she flys here to see him. And I know they share the “love” word back and forth. (as I’ve said, he has not told me any of this and we don’t discuss anything about her when we are together, but I know as a fact they do state their love for each other)

V suggested I remain busy, which I’ve done and bc of this had to honestly turn down some invites from him. But this wknd was his b-day, so I gave in and we had a lovely evening together. I’ve come to think of our relationship as one of friends who enjoy each other’s company (with some other benefits!) I believe he trusts me and is able to remove any mask he might wear bc we share a sort of kindred friendship w/o any words of love shared. (although in my note to him in Nov., when I tried to end it with him, I did tell him I had fallen in love with him…has he forgotten that lol…but have never said it to him since our reunion of sorts in Dec.)

My confusion lies in the fact that when an aqua man says “I love you”…my belief was those words are sacred to them…not ever lightly spoken. So I still can not understand why he spends intimate time with me while at the same time proclaiming love to her. I’m sure she is unaware of his philandering, and to find out would be quite devastating to her.

Please understand, this in no way freaks me out….I just don’t get it??
If loving some one is so sacred to the aqua man as well as proclaiming this in words, then why does he continue to seek my company, almost weekly?

Maybe only an aqua man has insight to answer these questions (NP?) but I would be interested in hearing any one else’s thoughts, as well.

Hope NP is feeling stronger! Hope V is continuing to smile on this roller coaster of life…miss you both 🙂


NP - February 6, 2012

Answer is simple for me: as I said before, he is trying to catch a moment to get a ground. Most probably his mind is so scattered right now. If you still see him (as I understood from your expressions you do) please ask him a simple question without putting any word in front or after: “is your living room and even your life messy nowadays”. Or you can try to learn how much is he drinking, if he uses alcohol normally.

You should understand that aqua males are born sooo lonely. So lonely more than you can imagine, that you can’t apply usual criticism to them; I mean “they do that because they are good/or they are horrible” labelling. Of course that doesn’t mean they are untouchables for their actions, but if you judge them with ordinary values you can simply fail. You feel depression when you fail with your expectations; they feel this depression when they are not in peace from inside, whether they find their dreams or not; and mostly it is very hard for them to find the reason. But at the end you should have a judgement because this is your life. Understanding something is a thing but your precious life is another one. Again, at the end best one is to judge with your own priorities first.

Let me explain this serious stuff with an example. At one day, before sleeping, I counted the things happened in a day of my life, important things I should arrange to complete (you know, you have to put them within an array according to their importance; your job things, things happened in your personal life, etc. all together); because I was feeling the heavy load of them. Answer was 14 and I am not joking. Why this is important? Normally they do this without thinking, just by instinct. Imagine that an aqua male can’t arrange anything, a single event, while living in this situation. They can be on time for their meetings, e.g. but it would be like a clockwork orange, never in their minds.

Since I started to write this possibility, I mean his status (it is a living situation, I started to write this after your remarks), I also tried to mention that: live your life independently. I am pretty aware that you love him so much. But it is so hard to make him landed over the ground from the outside, believe me.

Worst thing is? He can come to you after several weeks, months or may be even years, I mean only to you. At that moment he could be free from his inner chaos. But until what time you will wait for that? If I were you I wouldn’t. On the other side I can’t be a good example as I play a cold monkey in my life atm.

Lastly, I agree with Irisi about their smart stuff. I wish I were not be. Our popular culture praises intelligence; but ignorance is bliss believe me. And as a side effect it creates hunger for information. Even at my present suppressed case I surf on wikipedia, on the net and look at a relevant book at the same time for 7-8 hours, sometimes till the morning in a week day, and it all starts with a single article to look on. It’s like a haircut stuff. You feel uncomfortable when you don’t do it at this specific time.

284. kendra - February 7, 2012

Dear NP,

That one simple word “lonely” explains volumes to me. Did we ever discuss this in the past? Maybe, and I didn’t heed it bc he always seemed so full of life. But once again you have opened a new door of understanding to me…thank you. (it at least makes me feel better about “me”…was starting to think what does all this say about me and who I am and who I surround myself with)

And thank you NP for always reminding me to put myself/life first. I am thinking of speaking with him in person to say…his life is his choice, I won’t judge him, but it is not the same as what I am looking for in my life. As much as we enjoy each others company, bc of his choices, I’m always left feeling a bit empty after our time together…

I want it all, I want the fairy tale….is that too much to ask for?

princess K (lol)
xo to NP, once again my knight in shining armor 🙂

NP - February 7, 2012

Thanx for your good comments about me.

The things you ask for are nothing about fairy tales. I said that before: “whatever you do, don’t resemble him”. Peace&love together is a fairy tale for aqua males but should not be same for you. By saying this I am not mentioning that they always look for non-real stuff; whether it is real or not, love is like a tale for them.

OK. I think I know how to describe it now. There is an aqua man living in a black&white world. Most of them don’t even deal with what’s going on around, even though they spot all of the things happening and notice every piece one by one. Now there are two factors. One is about their inner peace and the other is about, erm, the other one. It’s like a radio signal. First you should have the transmitter and then you must get a receiver. When they find peace inside and when they see a different colour, they go there. That’s the ideal situation.

You can have the best transmitter inda world, but if his receiver is not properly working, no matters. And you can’t claim that it is due to this receiver, because even he, has nothing to do about it most of the times. Believe me, I always ignore to write how much they suffer with it, and I said little words about, you know. Because it is their suffering Kendra, and never and ever, it should not hinder your own life if you got a relationship with one of them.

They can deal with Oracle stuff to direct their minds, or they can choose to read whatever they can get, it is their suffering and can not be shared at the end. I act like a heartless bastard, because aquas themselves like to give examples from extreme cases 🙂 Or, extreme is our brother’s name.

I give value to your hearts because good hearts are the most precious things in that planet. You always heard about aqua curse; here it is: feeling all of the things, but restricted to touch, more than the others. Why? because simply, “you can’t touch this” 🙂

Always take care yourself first.


285. Mira - February 8, 2012

I know this aquarian, mature. I known him for almost a year. Were good friends, I’m capricorn. We both value our friendship, in fact, we see each other 1 or 2X’s a week.

Lately, I started growing feelings for him. So one day I kinda asked him out, hoping not to scare him away or something, he responded with a light rejection.

He just wants to be friends bc its risky to become romantic, it could ruin the relationship and we both have different paths in life.
Since then, I feel its going to be rough me to see him as a friend because I want more than that.

Any advice?

V - February 10, 2012


i’m a capricorn too…some thoughts: because both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn (in Aqua’s case, only partially), we are very similar. which can figure positively for a friendship, but maybe not so much for a romance…

in short, we Cap’s tend to be very direct & consistent in our love relationships. We like affirmation. Aquarians are not like that in love: they are ambiguous, detached, and prefer someone who DOES NOT need re-assurance.

therefore, while Caps and Aquas may get along great at work & as friends, our needs in love are very different (unless the rest of the chart indicates some compatibility). so that can make things rocky. on the positive side, he likes you as a friend, which is fundamental for aquarius man.

with your Aqua man, you will need to be less direct, less dominant…he needs to make the moves forward, and you have to be a bit more mysterious. I don’t know your chart, but for most Capricorns, these adjustments will feel unnatural and uncomfortable. Aquarius men tend to need to feel that they’re not being bossed or possessed, and to feel that the parameters of the relationship are fluid. can you handle that? only you can answer that…

patience & detachment are key. if you want to seduce this man, you’re going to have to let go of your natural Cap tendency to lead & direct. keep being friends if you’re still interested, and perhaps one day he’ll surprise you…

keep us posted! good luck capricorn sister 🙂

286. V - February 10, 2012

so annoyed! i wrote a long response to Kendra’s post, and then my Internet connection flipped out, and it didn’t post! argh…

well the jist of it was this: yes, take care of you first, Kendra, he surely is assuming that’s what you’re doing. if he is telling this woman he loves her…I don’t know, that’s pretty heavy, unless he’s even worse than we figured. don’t invest too much of your deepest self…don’t want you to get hurt here…

NP – happy birthday, Aquarius! hope you celebrate it well with your beloved ones.

I will write more later…happy weekend everyone…

kendra - February 10, 2012

Thanks V, always good to hear from you!

Yes, Happy Birthday NP, CHEERS to you!!!

V - February 10, 2012

Kendra…I feel like your aqua is hedging…each of you provides a ‘buffer’ against the other woman… and her potential intensity. well, if you really care about him, you can always stick around (unless something better presents itself)…sometimes it’s a matter of being the last one standing (and having a low boiling point)….

as far as my aqua’s — aqua #1 was acting amorous, now (and just this morning) he’s gotten all distant again (which is fine, all fine). aqua #2 is traveling 4 work, but we’re progressing slowly. aqua #1 is my truest love, but….yeah. i’m going zen on that one. there’s actually an aqua #3 that has entered the scene (an old friend who has suddenly started showing interest), but i am tired, so tired…LOL

i want to take a break from dating…that will be my valentine’s gift to myself!…hang with friends and let the chips fall where they may. life is good………….

287. kendra - February 10, 2012

V, Three aqua’s…holy guacomole!!! Soon you will know more than NP about our crazy, endearing, “make one insane” friends! Though I think you are right on, now, in understanding their wily ways. I’m with you on valentine’s day (wish we could spend it together in person, what a ride that would be!). Always disliked that “holiday” even when I was involved with someone 🙂

Not sure where I’m headed. The “loneliness” part that NP mentioned, made a lot of sense (in this circumstance) as to why he was living his life in such a manner…yet that is no excuse for treating others like ping pong balls. I certainly don’t want to be the “other” woman… I’ve played out both extremes in my head…from walking away and not looking back, to talking to him, to hanging in (not letting him know the things I know) and find out who the last one standing is… I find myself quite grounded with the distance in time we go with out speaking or spending time together (1-2 wks). It is right after I have been with him, and his energy is all around me…goofs up my head for about 24 hrs. It def. helps (and to be honest, sometimes hurts) to have more understanding of what is being played out. I still never initiate contact. As I’ve mentioned before this is the most convoluted relationship I have ever experienced…and yet I have learned so very much from it…not a bad thing! And I continue to search the abyss for some other aqua (or any sign) to learn new lessons with 🙂

Have a good wknd V…hang tough and smile!

NP - February 10, 2012

You are right Kendra, I am pretty surprised with 3 aquas !! You will read one of my stupid experiences below. After this I can not blame V for that number, because life is really a journey. She is a dancer and she is quicker than us.

Kendra that’s why you should look forward for your own life. If you say your second woman concern to him, he will escape again (may be not from you but from this expression), because most probably he would not want to face this reality atm.

And if you ask me it would be great if you come and drink together while chatting. If it is not this 14th of February, could be later.

kendra - February 10, 2012

Re: good conversation shared and a drink…I hope you will join us NP, when that day arrives 🙂

Re: my guy, I meant talking to him about my understanding he was in a relationship with someone else and we could not continue in the way we have, as I would not feel good about myself, if we did. I did not in any way mean, I would give him an ultimatum …. I have learned some things from you and V, lol!

I think for now I will see what plays out…..

xoxox to my valentine buddies and aqua lovers

288. NP - February 10, 2012

I am grateful for your birthday wishes. Everything goes steady, except my aqua sense about time: it is like really moving faster than the past; technical evaluation, not a fear for aging 🙂

Strange that one of my disappointments in love was with a Capricorn lady. I didn’t know that she had a Capricorn sign at that time, but she was born in 1st of January, easy to remember later.

After those years I could match the situation with the things written by V, and it filled the black holes. Now with this info I guess I can clearly reflect the case (by the way I agree with V’s comments about Mira’s situation). She was in between me and an asshole; really he was, only a hunter&gatherer type (because I knew him from a college friend of mine). Surprisingly I put myself into the stage and presented my intention, and she got it very quickly. Her scale started to shift and she was leaning on me time by time. That hunter&gatherer had a clever mind, a kind of self-educated human engineer, and spotted this from the beginning. It was like a competition which aquas hate very much actually. Mostly that’s why I started to stand in a more passive way and waited for her reaction (reason explained below). At the end I lost it with a distant score.

Yep she was straight and this disturbed me very at the beginning. But this was not the primary concern. It is a little bit complicated to tell, but aqua mind works like that (we wrote so many messages but we also still find something to add; enormous): There should be essential qualities for people, if you loose your precious ones just because they did not show those traits, no need to cry as it would be a failure to continue anyhow. During this competition our guy got the result as he has shown full intention, at least from the outside.

For me the most interesting thing was the last chat with the Capricorn, as she moved away with him (invented another reason but it was clear). I don’t remember the details but it was like:

me – “so it was short but we shared lots of things, thanks for your friendship”
cap – “did you take all of those things as a friendship or you continue to keep yourself again”
(after a short pause)
me – “does it matter?”
cap – “not now. surely not”
me – “so we are still friends”
cap – “why you suffer to put the things into their right place; i mean all of your behaviour and your words”
(it is stupid now but I found her a little bit arrogant and felt stressed to talk directly)
me – “this dual stuff. it was stupid. i was not born to describe myself to the people each time, again and again.”
cap – “then allright. you can keep to look at the mirrors”.
(really felt her anger; and only after couple of months understood that she was still offering a chance).

Well, there is no connection with your affair Mira. Just a past story of mine to tell 🙂

V - February 11, 2012

NP…thank you sincerely for sharing your experience…it definitely sounds familiar to me, from other experiences I’ve had with aquarius men…

sometimes there’s like just a small gap in communication. but i guess sometimes those small gaps make all the difference….only w/patience & maturity can the people involved move past it

just wondering…was there anything you were expecting to get from her that you weren’t getting? (Not sure if I’m phrasing that well)…I guess I mean…Were you waiting for her to do or say something in order to move forward (and that she didn’t do…), and what was it?

NP - February 12, 2012

In fact I expected to see a more open attitude. For example, when we were in a home party we were chatting together and she was so interested. Then the other guy came, obviously he felt depressed from our conversation and distracted our chat. She did not show any reaction and started to talk to him too. After a while I was bored as the conversation was apparently artificial, invented by him to intrude. I created a reason and moved towards other friends. After couple of days I saw her again and her first sentence was: “ah, last time you were bored and I hope you will not again now”. What did I expect? She knew that he made this in purpose and it was rude. But she was just interested with his strong interest. It was clear that she wanted from me to show same kind of stuff. That’s almost inacceptible for aquas. Imagine that even in a mechanical the final result can’t tell anything about the process itself. And this was all about us, humans.

I always felt her dominance, if you ask this. My feeling told me she was thinking like: “all men are same animals, and they are a little bit different than us, women, other animals.” I explained aqua approach in my previous post. I noticed incoherence with her moves. One day she was like a lion and you could approach her only when she wanted, other day she was almost crying in your arms, talking so warm, because she was in depression for a reason. Of course I do not mean that she was like a psycho and changing herself in each hour. But I am sure you understood what I mean. Now I can say that she was behaving with her principles but her mistake was her scope for the world. Not every human being is same and life is beyond every single perspective. And think more, we aquas like to talk about universe, but she had problems in our mother earth.

No positive stuff? Of course there was. First she was clever and I did not hear any shallow conversation whenever we made together (except in the moments like in that party case). Second, as I said above, she had principles, whether I liked them or not. And third one was sensual perspective. Well that was one of the problems. Horizontally you could see that she had all the capacity to feel, but my opinion she didn’t know this and for that reason she was showing some very strong and good pieces, but not a whole picture. It is like, erm, hurted from a past experience. Of course I tried to learn the reason but she never allowed me. By the way we aquas feel those potentials, but as poor bastards we think that they should be full revealed by the people who keep them if they are hidden. Only exception, they react to push them out when they feel special for someone.

Physically she was attractive not because she was very beautiful, but she had a good sense to combine her image with the outer shell. She knew how to care her her image, what to wear, how to make up and I noticed a significant difference from the other earth signs, Virgo and Taurus, she was doing this mainly for herself, not for the other people. She was attractive for me, but reason was different, typical aqua stuff: I told that I realised something about her, only after several years. I guess this mystery pushed me on (could not push now for sure). And of course the other factor: I found a quick and meaningful reply from her from the beginning.

Another info: 5 years ago I heard that she married with that guy and they had 2 children at this time. Funny that I learned this by full coincidence; first coincidence my encounter with the guy’s boss, who is an old friend of mine who did not see me since so many years. Second one was the info I got, because I saw his full name while my friend was showing a document for the company meeting, prepared by him. I ensured the security, my pal will never tell anything about this coincidence, and of course he already doesn’t know this story about her. He thinks that I do not want to meet this guy because we had a conflict for another reason. But the funniest thing was my friend’s words: “this guys works well, one of my favourite employees, but you know I am a little bit macho guy; I never understood him with that sense. Almost all of his friends at work are females”. lol. Seriously, may be because most of the males are not conversable, who knows.

Lastly my present feeling: Honestly I do not feel anything special for her now and I am not regretful for the things I have done during this time. For me the criteria are the moments, when you meet the people after some time; and I am fully confident for such a meeting quite by chance. Why? Simply don’t know. Perhaps my feelings were not real.

Hope that I could give the full picture V.

ps: common girls; Spike was cool but he is not like in real life as in the movies. and I always respect girl chats. they share so much when they do it in circle.

289. NP - February 10, 2012

No no it is not a good idea for me to join a drink-chat environment. I am like a Spike in Notting Hill, not a William there or even Bruce Wills mode type. If I find good amount of spirits you could spend important amount of time to carry my fully drunk body into the woollen carpet only after 2 hours. And imagine that how it could be so boring with my comments on V’s 3 aquas. That should be a girl-chat.

I am not a Brit nor American but do not forget to toast a pint of a Guinness in a pub for me at first!

V - February 11, 2012

NP, you are the critical member of our group. we cannot possibly have drinks without you….

Spike from Notting Hill was awesome!

290. Mira - February 10, 2012

Interesting points. Thanks. Lately, I have been pondering about the situation. I really had a gut feeling this guy liked me more than a friend. Damn, he taught me a lot and we had so many fun adventures, makes me smile. His eyes always sParkled, huge smile wen he was happy, and playful. Always made me laugh. Yeah I noticed he was distance but totally didn’t bother me, I like my time alone. I recently gave him an awesome kickass gift for his bday, and he was shocked n said it was the best gift anyone gave him. The afterward that wen I asked him the ‘question’ . So with this light rejection, I just feel embarrased, fooled, like the one with the ‘one-sided-lovE-interest! I haven’t really talk to him since. But I guess iS best for me to just keep him as a facebook friend. I can’t be friends with someone who I have feelings for. At least that’s my resolve.

291. Mira - February 11, 2012

Interesting points. Thanks. Lately, I have been pondering about the situation. I really had a gut feeling this guy liked me more than a friend. Damn, he taught me a lot and we had so many fun adventures, makes me smile. Obvious signs such as his eyes sparkling, huge smile wen he was happy, and playful. Always made me laugh.
Yeah I noticed he was distance but totally didn’t bother me, I like my time alone. I recently gave him an awesome kickass gift for his bday, and he was shocked n said it was the best gift anyone gave him. Then afterward that wen I asked him the ‘question’ . He used excuses how it cud ruin are friendship wen we become romantic n how he’s moving away. So with this light rejection, I just feel embarrased, fooled, And how I’m the one with the ‘one-sided-lovE-interest! I haven’t really talk to him since. But I guess iS best for me to just keep him as a facebook friend. It wud be hard to be friends with someone who I have feelings for but just want to be friends. . At least that’s my resolve.

NP - February 12, 2012

I fully agree with Kendra (I can say that she and V are the true experts for aquas now). Do not expect anything for now. Let time goes by and play the middle. Do not show full interest but also do not stay calm or cold too. In facebook or in another platform, if you join into the same environment try to act as an ordinary member, I mean like other members. It is like: “hey this is a good video” comment, if he says “I am glad you like it”, you reply “well I like these movies”. Nothing special about him, but also no sign of distraction. Keep connected but no private chat initiated from your side. If he starts to speak you should be steady in your words until the first level. How to know when it comes? Any request for a private contact. Then you can raise the level according to him, again not by your own feelings.

292. kendra - February 11, 2012

Nay, Nay NP….you are not getting out of this one so easily…it would not be complete w/o you! And I agree with V…Spike rules!!

Mira, time is your friend when dealing with an aqua man. Go live your life and see what life brings you while you are doing that!!

293. Milf Porn Tube - February 11, 2012

It’s truly a great and useful piece of info. I am glad that you just shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

294. kendra - February 29, 2012

Hey Dude (NP) and Dudette (V), It’s been a couple weeks since our last chat, how’s life treating you? I’m starting a new job tomorrow
and have today off 🙂 Haven’t seen or heard from “you know who” in over 3 weeks, since our lovely time together on his birthday. I just keep moving forward and have not contacted him in any form, either. Thought maybe he had turned into a “standup” guy by making a choice to share time only with her. Then a friend told me he had been on the dating site last week?? Clearly he is one confused pup! Though his actions continue to confuse me, I feel I am growing stronger with this time spent away from him. Not sure where his head/heart are at, but also not sure I can respect someone who seems to “play” with so many women’s heart strings at once.

Hope this finds you well.

V - March 17, 2012

hi K!

sorry been so long in writing…i have been taking a break from the dating scene…I need time to sort out my feelings and let go of some of the hurts from ‘my original aqua.’ I really think it’s the only way to move forward authentically….

on the good side, i’ve been keeping very busy with career & friends. so there’s that.

your Aqua is just sowing his wild oats, it seems. I hope you have let him go as well, and that you’re finding someone worthy of your time & love….but of course, if he mends his ways, there’s always a 2nd chance!

xoxoxo all best,

NP - March 19, 2012

Hi Kendra!

Contrary to V, I was not doing something special but concentrating on my miserable life as all Aquas do! I can say only one thing special for these times: I discovered a cheap but good vodka from Belorussia in my all-time shopping market.

For your aqua I can say a brief thing atm: I guess he can’t see so then he can’t accept that he plays with so many hearts. But as I told before he is a naturally born talent to do so. I don’t play the arrogant one, and I can’t be, cause not now but inda past I have never chosen those things intentionally.

Good to see that you start a new job with a smile on your face 🙂 I have a great adaptability to get a new stuff, my last 20 years have shown that I can forget the physical places of my old home or work only in 2 weeks; and indeed planned to shift my job so many times before, but a hidden force interrupted me always. Your move encouraged me I should say. Thanks.

Hope you are doing well.


295. dee - March 2, 2012

i just chanced upon your blog aman. i met an aqua male abt a month back online. i dint bother much and ws pretty cold and indifferent and rude. btw m a leo woman. he got intrigued and we somehow ended up chtting quite a bit. he stays abt 3 hours drive from where i stay. v met up soon and our first meeting was awsm..we ended up spending 6 hours toegther just chatting. and we bth felt a strng attrction to each other. he is a workaholic, successful and alwys wrks till late in the nite. and he alwys has these regulr business dinrs and travels reg. its beeen a mnth since our 1st meeting. V hv kept in tch thru this entire mnth via bbm or instant msngr. while i hv tried to be open and communicative, he remains closed, nvr volunteering any info unless asked. i told him he needs to open up or else this wl nvr wrk. he assured me he will try and he likes me. but i dnt really seee any effort on his part. whn i dnt contct him, he revrts wid where i hv been and how i hve been. his behaviour just dsnt make any sense to me. his reponses are limited to monosylabels. i hv given him the option of cutting this short and v just being frnds. but he dsnt agree. i really m quite fedup of pandering to his convenience and one sided conversation where i keep ramblig away like a dimwit. and funny thng is there is just no arguing wid this man.he just dsnt believ in arguing. he is remote, distant, elusive and comes across as pretty cold. u alwys feel as if hes nt quite there wid u. since our 1st meetin was sooo awsm i thot i shld stick arnd and try to know this man. but there is simply no way that i can figure will help me know him betr.

2dy is friday, he has told me he will come dwn and meet me over the wknd since its been soo long. but its past nooon and i still dnt know wehthr he will cm dwn 2rw or on sunday. i mean really m geting quite fed up of his high handed ways. reading few of the above comments, i feel i am just wasting my time and need to just chuck this whole thng. i dnt see him making any grt changes to accomodate me..

296. dee - March 2, 2012

i shld prob make it clear here that we both met wid the intention of getin into smthng serious, long term relationship, marrige. and we both dicussed and agreed that we would like to explore whether this cld lead to smthng serious and did not want to get into casual stuff o simple dating. but his behaviour is baffling. he keeps in tch but its only hellos and how r u. he expects me to ask qstns, get to know him betr. and he dsnt even promptly respond.and whn my qstns get too probing, he dsnt answer.whn i dnt bother he gets in tch..when i talk of cutting this off, he revrts wid a n..seriously guys wht do u make of such a guy????

297. dee - March 3, 2012

yesterdy i had read a few commens and today a few more. my story sounds exactly like that of on fire, gina and many others here. i had decided to give this guy a months time and see where this thng btwn us heads. sorry to say but he stuck to his ways.

i had told him i cant read silences and he needs to open up more. he dint really. but yes if i dnt bother for a cpla days he does initiate contact. initially this was fine but for how long. i cant wait forever in the hope he wld start communicating more. he had told me he wld come dwn this wknd to see me on his own accord but true to his form till friday evening, i dint hear from him. while i am fine wid ppl having to cancel plans, wht i am not fine wid is not infoming others abt such cancellation. being elusive, reclusive is fine but this is sheer dis respect for other peoples time, their honest approach. i cant stand cat and mouse games atleast not beynd a certain point. initially its fun. but as time progresses u want substance.

i decided m nt gona stand for such impolite behaviour. I have deleted him from my bbm list. and am not going to ever get in touch with hm again. if he thnks m worth it, he will make the next move. if he doesnt, then i nyways did the rite thing. if he cant see the obvious, then he dsnt deserve me. besides u cant force some1 to want u in their life, cnt force them to make space in their life for u, cant force sm1 to love u. i may feeel a litl low for a couple of days but thts ok. there r many ways to occupy my mind. and aftr 3/4 days, u will be back on track..:-)

my suggestion to all, do give ppl time and space but in the processs dnt let urself get tooo obsessed with geting them. its not doing any of us gud and v wont even get the guy in the end! besides why are we mind f@#king ourselves?? lets just chill and njy..cheeers to all

298. Paige - March 5, 2012

My bf of 5 years is an Aquarius and I’m an Aries.. I don’t believe most of this to be true for him.. we broke up once for a short period of time and he told me the reason why. He’s always straight forward with me and he wears his emotions on his sleeve when it comes to being around me anyways. We were physical before we got to know each other. he’s a home body and would much rather spend time with me at home then be out with his friends which annoys me sometimes. he claimed me his girlfriend before we actually started dating to all his friends and others in the neighborhood. He’s an introvert. He told me he loved me first. He brought up the fact we should get married and i freaked out and told him i wasn’t ready for that step in my life yet and the same with having children. He can be very clingy, jealous and possessive at times and it’s clearly not hidden and when he wants something and he know he can’t have it he will throw a hissy fit, which i find funny for our age. I support the both of us fininicaly. He doesn’t understand or like team work he wants to do everything on his own. in the beginning he would rather be physical then have a conversation or debate now it’s the opposite which i find to be rather relaxing and nice for a change. he knew to be with me he had to change some of his ways so he did just that, otherwise i let him be and do himself. It has been a roller coaster ride with him but it’s rather exciting so it always held my interest, so has his mind. He has a great personality and he’s very loving, gentle and compassionate towards me. He’s always on time, if he says he’s going to do something he usually see through it, he has never canceled a date or time together. He only talked about his ex girlfriends except for one time and it was the reason they broke up otherwise he never talks about his ex girlfriends. he likes to shower me with gifts even though i tell him not to and he never forgets a holiday i guess it’s an excuse for him to celebrate something. he’s romantic at heart he just shows it differently then most.

299. dee - March 5, 2012

paige ur guy is the only aqua male who is behaving this way..:-)..

my guy is an entrepreneur and v successful at tht..he loves his work.. he worships his wrk i shld say..i am a legal professional and doing fine but def nowhere as sucessful as him.. and he dint contct me ovr the wknd nor today..which just goes to shw i was prob rite in cutting him out. i hv to say thou i feeel a litl sad i dint let that get me dwn.. kept my mind engaged and caught up wid frnds, a nice book to get me thru.

some of the thngs shared by pppl on this blog had me really scared. no point in plottin and planning and trying to be smthng i am not just to hook a man i like. for how long can i keep subduing my real personality? while sm compromises and changes are fine, i dnt want to be the only one who keees trying to get this going.

300. dee - March 7, 2012

hey guys..just a quick update.. its mid week but he stl hasnt got in tch wid me..its wierd bec in our last convo he had actually mentioned that he wd make more of an effort bec he knows m worth it.. duno whether i shld feel annoyed or amused. reading the above mails, i realised that if i give in i wll be setting the pattern for future. i hv decided to go out on dates wid other guys and do mybest to forget him… m sure by next weeek i wld no longer even feel tthe urge to get in tch..

301. maverick - March 16, 2012

I’m an aquarian… wondered if other aqua men felt this… but sometimes I’m high and sometimes so depressed to contemplate killing myself, has anyone else felt this?

V - March 17, 2012

Maverick —

I believe we all go thru such high’s and low’s, otherwise we wouldn’t be human. I hope you don’t contemplate the self-destructive/suicidal thoughts too much — your life is too precious…and I believe tomorrow really is another day…tomorrow could bring the surprise that makes it all worth the struggle. we have all been there.

My spirituality has really helped me fight against low feelings — try meditation, or yoga, or going to Christ with your troubles….or try finding some spirituality that sustains you…try volunteering, helping someone less fortunate than yourself (like someone with cancer or a homeless person) – it certainly does help…

God be with you,

NP - March 19, 2012

hi maverick

I’m an aqua male too. I have no claim that I’m an expert on this. But; I know that sometimes you feel “special” with it, I mean you think that you are different. Can you tell your troubles by excluding these feelings?

Other people may say that I’m crazy, because you never mentioned any one of those senses. But I know you keep. it is important to releive that artificial feelings to describe the marks in your life.


PS: I know you like to stare at the stars when you want to be alone.

NP - March 20, 2012

i should write this.


your brain and soul work so well but think about it. you want to kill yourself because you can’t match the things you imagine with the real life you face. i know how you feel mate. and even i can hear you saying: “they are not my dreams, my visions”.

try to direct them to something. i mean music, painting, photography or architecture. more the cliches squeezing more you get apart. but don’t let it go like this. again, try to direct this energy. you feel that sometimes you imagine the impossible places or persons. try to come them closer into this life. because we don’t have another one. and stop thinking that it is a curse. it is. but you can overcome it.

anytime you need.


302. Willowwitch - March 16, 2012

Hi maverick,
I am a leo female and I am sorry to hear you feel that way, the good thing about this site is alot of people do care and all of us are having some difficulty. I think aquarian’s keep it all inside too much and sometime’s afraid to show the real you. Share yourself with us as no one will really know who you are………take the risk you really have nothing to loose!
I would like to say a great big THANKYOU to DILLENGER his advice was fantastic and he seemed such a lovely person<3
Now for the silly bit I have lost it for a really scared Aquarian man he is devoted to me as in he is everywhere I am almost like a stalker and after reading this I now know I have done the wrong thing by being to predictable, letting him find me, because I want to see him too. However it is all done from a distance, if I get to close he is like a rabbit in the headlights previously we did meet up had a lovely time but he backed out and now its all picture and no sound.
Any thought's, neither of us is involved with anyone else, yes it's weird and then some. I need an aquarius man to tell me what is this about.
Maverick come back and tell us your story :0)

NP - March 20, 2012

Dear Willowwitch

You may be sure that the reason is not about personal fears. Kendra and V understood it so much, up to the distance for a person from outside, and I hail them.

The things you love him the most, in fact the curse he’s got. I mean it is not because of you; but you love him for certain qualities, and these qualities are his worse parts in front of the society, perhaps you.

Please believe me that there is no arrogance with it. In fact people here know that I hate it. But you must be an aqua to understand this totally. That’s why I always told the people that (including aquas) the only important thing is to what you see and get.

First, these people have enormous ability to survive while they are alone. Because the dreams they keep are beyond anything you can imagine. You know the stuff that everything lies within your brain. They don’t know it, they live it. Is this healthy? may be somewhere else but not in our mother earth. So you are successful as long as you make them out but also share as it is your own.




303. Dania - March 18, 2012

ok I did not wish my Aqua man on his birthday?is that a reason for him to dump me?

304. beyonder33 - March 19, 2012

I need help/advice from an AQUA MAN or Aqua Man expert Please

I am a bit scattered brained so please bare with me!

I am a Gemini Woman(6/20) 32 yo – Working from home
He’s an Aquarius Guy(1/25) 22yo – He is a Student

We met on an line dating site. We started simply as fun and friendly. And live close to one another. A 15 mte walk away.
When he and I met(on the site) I was talking to another guy whom he knew about. I told him about him and since things didn’t work out with that guy(he was Taurus)
He and I (the aqua guy) started to have fun and flirtatious conversations.
I warned him though at first, that I was emotional and said: You don’t want to get involved because I’m 1. emotional and 2.Highly sexual.
He said he was ok with this.
So we kept on speaking fun and flirty.
We contemplated meeting.
We both wanted it, so to speak.

Fast forward
I created a new fake account to test him.
And he failed. As he contemplated meeting that fake person and left them his newly made email to receive photos. (No he did not know it was me)
I messaged him as MY account. The one he and I met with.
And told him: My cousin WILL NOT be sending you those photos!
His excuse was: hahaha I didn’t really intend to meet up, I only say things because it entertains me.
Ok I took his word for it. This was the beginning of February Last Month
Friends said this was the FIRST and should have been the FINAL Red Flag!

Since we first Met… Things went fine. but. I haven’t heard from him since Tuesday Night. Am I overreacting for feeling worried sick almost? I’ve been crying these past few days. Feeling almost sure that he’s avoiding me for some reason. I wish he could come to me, or call me at least or answer my calls and texts to assure me he’s ok. Even if he says he’s no longer interested. Because as a Gemini I’m so communicative. Maybe he felt like I was demanding too much of his time? We only saw eachother no more than once a week. twice one week a few weeks back.
Please clear this up with me.
I was concerned at first thinking maybe he met someone else
(Mind you, the day we met I asked:so are we BF & GF? he goes: Yeah I thought we established that)
Are they known for lying to keep the peace?

My first LOVE was aquarius and that lasted 2.5 years. It was great!

This guy….is 22yo I’m 32yo. Do you think our age difference is the problem?
Was he just not ready for a serious relationship? I try to joke in my texts some times.
I don’t know if my Grandmother threw him off. Last time he visited me he said: She was just staring at me.

The problem is: He’s so very shy and quiet around people. He mainly speaks when I ask him something but, the last time I saw him..2 Fridays back the 9th he actually seemed a bit more comfortable to spark the conversation first. We connect physically and so passionately. I almost feel lost without him. I dont’ know.
We can lay down and hug and we’re comfortable. If he could stay all night I would love him to but he can’t. He lives with his parents. He’s a student and I work from home.

I’m sorry for going in to so much detail but I need to know what I”VE done wrong.

Even if I haven’t it’s hard to say or know because with his lack of communication or responses I feel like he’s avoiding me.
Whether he met someone new or realizes that he has fallen madly for me I wouldn’t know.

I’ve even felt compelled to call hospital patience information to see if he’s been admitted. Worse case scenario is he either has lost interest over whatever or he’s hurt or worse. 😦

My best friend of 23 years said: When you talk to him don’t talk personal stuff about the 2 of you. Talk about worldly topics like politics etc etc. He’s not into that.
He’s oppositive of me. I love R&B he’s into Rock. I don’t care though!

I even re joined the site where he and I met. I feel no one compares though. What we had in the past 6 weeks! It doesn’t seem to matter how Handsome, charming, rich or smart another is. I need and want to hear from my aqua Man. I’m so worried half the time that he’s hurt or in dire straits. Of course the worse case scenarios have popped in my head. I feel like a tortured soul. Without him I suddenly feel incomplete. I’m crying and tired of it. All’s I want is for him to communicate to me. Anything so I know that he’s ok.

I mean men do that whole: sparing of their woman’s/gf’s feelings by not telling us. But what they need to understand is that the NOT KNOWING actually does more harm. We’re left wondering and guessing, imagining even what we could have done wrong. I know what most have said. To move on or give him time. But time for what? Maybe he can’t handle the maturity that I exude. I mean maybe he’s still mentally a 15 yo kid! Any advice/suggestions??????

NP - March 20, 2012

Dear beyonder

At first as a gemini you are one of the closest signs to him. But no sign can get closer anyway at the end.

No matter how he remarks about anything. You can be sure about his natural behaviour, no hidden comment, positive or negative. Age difference? You can totally ignore this. First, this difference is not too much (I am an aq but objectively it is not) and be sure that he doesn’t care it all. And if you wait enough he could be the best friend to your grandma believe me.

Conversation. Problems with aquas (although I never saw it as a problem, let’s say difference from the other 11 signs) they can be social more than you may imagine. But at first they can look shy, because they need to be convinced primarily. Like me. For most of the times I kept distance at first, because the reason was not my fears, just because I respected the others. Think about this motto, it is typical aquarian: if someone is a friend of everyone he is not a friend of anyone.

He is not menthally like a 15 years old, let me give it more clear. Today I saw an advertisement board on the streets, saying that in short: “young people have a voice for that”. Suddenly I felt myself among them, then I realised that I’m around 40! But for maturity? I keep the same since my childhood, when I was 5 I never understood that why kids are doing those silly games!

Let’s go practical. Try to understand his passions and wishes. Even for aquas there are hidden deams behind their outer shell. Never suggest one-way stuff, I mean you can offer a weekend trip in wildlife, but with photography. And for the first moments try to suggest it within a community, I mean in a tour e.g. The only thing you should care is about the organization: it should not be in a Japanese style, “shoot and leave”. First, show that you are already active for something, then try to pull him there.

Finally, never feel disturbed as you post these words on here. As an aqua man I bet I can post the worst if I choose 🙂

beyonder33 - March 20, 2012

I should change my name it Miss Scatter Brain LOL

Yeah lol I feel like a Mental case!
Again another relative said: maybe his Mother doesn’t approve. I do have a Daughter after all. I know he said to me once that his Mother was incredibly religious.

I know you can’t decide for a person. I know he makes up his own mind.
Maybe he got bored with me. Maybe it was all in my head. So many what if’s and maybe’s.

The connection I thought we had. Maybe he was just testing waters. But who really knows? Not me!

All I know is I’m over the crying. I need to learn to love me. I started my sugar detox and am feeling great!

Whether he comes back to me or not I have to put me first. I need to cry for myself. Crave myself. Put myself first!

For lack of having a Father figure (like a friend said) I’ve looked for love and acceptance in the wrong places.

I have this feeling deep inside that he has a soft spot for me. But whatever this reason that is coming between us is just too great for him to break. Whatever this barrier is. I cannot focus on it any more. I will not contact him any more.

Today is Tuesday March 19th early evening. It makes approximately one week since he last communicated with me.

I will share what I said to him before his last words to me. I was being sort of cute and poetic. In text
Quoting a song I said to him: I only think of you, on 2 occasions!
He responded with: What 2 occasions?

LOL. My response was: That’s Day and Night :* 🙂
His response back to me was 🙂 :* <THIS happened to be the last thing I've heard from him since last week today.

After that I've said other cutesy flirty things. The next day. Which I've always done. After not hearing from him the next day. I was starting to worry.

But does he suddenly feel put off?

Anyway enough with the questions. I will try to erase him from my mind and as I said again focus on me.

It may seem funny that I explain the situation like this. Like I said it hasn't even been 2 Months since we met but….

I feel like I was a drug addict, given a new drug(him)
Then suddenly the drug was snatched away from me.
And now I'm craving this drug so badly.

I don't know how else to explain it.

I need to get the DRUG OF CHOICE out of my system!

Is it to challenge us? To see if we like this game of Cat and mouse where they run and we chase after you? To see if we could keep up! But I freaking LOVE it. I love a challenge! Trying to peak into his mind. I was intrigued at first because he was so quiet and I even told him I found his quietness sexy!

lol I know I said I'll stop but there's so much I want to know now. So when/if I finally see him I need to remember to ask him all these questions. Instead of diving into physicality!

Three things I know he loves is Video Games, hanging with his friends and sleeping.

His profile said he likes to travel. Really? Where to? I hope I have the opportunity to ask!

I feel high because like anyone with an addiction, know they are about to reach/obtain the object of their addiction and they get this super HIGH feeling of…almost out of this world reality. Euphoric almost. (except it's been a week since I've heard from him) so I don't know when/if I'll hear from him. (redundant I know)

I feel intrigued. By the mystery, It's like he's a puzzle and I'm relentless in my endeavors. My endeavor is trying to pick him apart and figure him out!

This Blog is almost like a mutual meeting of drug addicts accept the drug is the Aqua Man and we're just discussing our lives and comparing notes! o.O

What do I do???????????

305. beyonder33 - March 19, 2012

In regards to rejoining the site. WE both deleted our accounts to show, I guess our devotion to one another? That was about a Month or so ago.

306. dee - March 19, 2012

hey maverick.. wht u feeel is not so uncommon. smtms u get in a rut in life, lose momentum, personal life and professinal life seem the same, thngs feel boring, routineish. no excitement, no looking forward to. u feeel listless. hppens to all.. happen to the best…just wait it out.. we all hv gud, not so gud, and bad phases. just tide it out. try and take interest in thngs arnd u, try developing new interests, meeet ppl, cultivate new frdships etc..whn i feeel dwn, i write my thots..uncensored. it helps to understnd ur thot processes.

if u wana share ur personal experience wid us please do.. perhaps there is a simple solution to your issues which u may not have beeen able to see???

NP - March 19, 2012

Hi dee

I wish your comments were true for an aquaman. And I’m really honest for that wish. But I share a common thought with you: he should share his feelings.



307. dee - March 19, 2012

beyonder 33 -i think you need to just give the guy some space mantain total silence from your end and let him revrt. dunt follow him. its not wrking anywys..m sure he will wonder whr u r aftr few days of silence. hopefully he wld revert.

try to do other thngs and divert your mind. thts wht i did..

beyonder33 - March 20, 2012

I will heed your advice. And will not contact him at all.

It may seem funny that I explain the situation like this. Like I said it hasn’t even been 2 Months since we met but….

I feel like I was a drug addict, given a new drug(him)
Then suddenly the drug was snatched away from me.
And now I’m craving this drug so badly.

I don’t know how else to explain it.

Thank goodness I haven’t cried once today. I think that as long as I believe that he’ll eventually get in touch that I’ll be fine. Because if I assume he won’t then it literally stresses me out!

308. beyonder33 - March 19, 2012

It will be hard but I will try. My first thought was that he’s moved on to someone else. So I truly hope that he takes into consideration my feelings.
My patience will allow me maybe 2 Months of waiting. After that I cannot say that I’ll feel inclined to wait any more.
I’ve done the waiting game b4 to no avail.
I just hope that he’s ok, both physically and emotionally!
I’ve exchanged numbers with another Man in the mean time and his efforts to try to help me forget about my aqua man are actually putting me off. He goes: how can I help you forget if you won’t meet with me.
1. I told him. I don’t want to jump into anything physical. Done it too many times only to get hurt in the end.
2. Let’s just talk. He’s obviously annoyed because he wants to be physical.

My Goodness can’t we just talk for a while and feel each other out? Why must we meet physically? A date I understand but I don’t want to meet physically.
I could hear in his voice his annoyance of wanting to wait on who he calls a kid. Because of our age difference. Again I’m 32 and my aqua Guy is 22.

I want to work on me and in hopes my aqua man comes back he will find me to be a little more appealing. Mentally and Physically and spiritually!

309. kendra - March 20, 2012

Dear V and NP,

Just typed a note to you both and somehow they disappeared into the abyss? Running out of battery now…so short and sweet…. The best part of meeting “him” was bonding with you two 🙂 You both remain in my heart…and sending big hugs to V as I read between your lovely lines.

I’m ok and growing stronger every day w/o him around.

Will write again soon.
Kendra, xoxo
PS ~ NP russian vodka is the BeSt !!

NP - March 20, 2012

hi Kendra

problem is: hard to find a real russian one nowadays 🙂

and i can say only one thing certain for aquas: leave their silly and meaningless addictions. they are close to third party stuff like alcohol. but they hate to be bound to anything and it balances this. may be that’s why i can swim in a vodka pool but then i can run away from any alcohol for over 6 months.

it’s like a polar stuff. let’s wait for the other half year.

310. dee - March 20, 2012

hey np. thnx for the quick note. i did give my aquarian guy anthr chance. he behaved in the same fashion agn.. so i hv given up and no longer even thnk of geting to know him betr or meet him agn. i have absolutely no idea why he behaved the way he did. sweet, frndly and caring one day but also distant and remote, the next day. he just ignored me compleletly..weird..

apart frm tying him up and making him answer or pushing myslf dwn his throat, i dnt see any quick solution to my situation. and well if i evr smhw find myself in tch wid him agn, i wld like to know the reason behind his blow hot blow cold behaviour. dnt thnk he will b too kindly disposed towards giving me an explanation. And well i cant handle such silly childish games. it just screws up my mind. so i thnk this is it for me. my brief daliance with the aquarian guy comes to an end. a litl sad since i thnk we did hv grt chem btwn us.. shrug..c”est la vie.. thats life i gues..


311. Waxflower - March 20, 2012

thank you very much….a really interesting read. However, i need idea abt wats happening in my life. I am talking to an acquarius guy over the last 2 months. We havnt met till date. Initially, he probed a lot into my past and my inner feelings. He told me a couple of times dat he really loves me and misses me. However, he confessed dat he is not ready for marriage. at the same time, he said he doesnt wana lose me or share me with anybody else on this earth.He also told me not to see anybody else as he would not be happy about it. I was pretty excited and i really love him a lot and am attached to him. Offlate,we havent been talking to each ohter much and i from my end, feel that we are growing distant…He says he is irritated wid a couple of things in life/is busy wid too much work/or is tired….Am a widow wid kids and plan to settle down at the earliest…..wat do i do wid dis guy ????? Please advise….

312. dee - March 20, 2012

wax flower..o u hvent even met him.. how do u know if hes even for real? hve u verified his id? my aquarian guy? i hv met and he is also on my face book. i also googled abt him aftr our first meetin and realised he was talkng the truth abt himelf.. u need to meet him for real before u let urslf get so involved? and y hvnt u guys still met??

313. NP - March 22, 2012

Dear beyonder

In fact I just laugh but in bitter sense. I will start from the outer shell. Video Games? yep. Hanging with friends? yep (definition of “friends” is not a common thing as most of the people share, but it is) and sleeping? definitely yes. Travel? you found a good spot at least. Not that earth is enough but need universe. But too lazy to move. Reason is not physical. e.g. for more than 10 times I have chosen to walk instead of getting into my chaps’ cars and the distance was not less than 5 km for most cases; just because of my principles, whether they are universally small or not. So what’s this laziness then? Absolutely menthal.

I cursed my life with my aqua curse. I mean I don’t need to show something as I already decided that I will keep my identity within this nick-based blog. But truth is: I minimized myself to avoid infecting with this aqua effect. You said: “I will try to erase him from my mind and as I said again focus on me.” If you ask my personal opinion just do it, for real.

I’m not trying to draw a Holywood picture with it. Of course I got my own life and I’m not a robot. But I will tell the same stuff as I told to others, you must live your life and that’s the unique one given to yourself. I know that you faced an approach totally unusual to anything. Do you know, there is a big contradiction between the images you have seen and the reality for aquas. You see a totally ignorant man but in fact it is different. But it is so different and you should avoid it. If you don’t want to float within this you must make a certain decision for it “now”. Because he can come back.

If you still ask me keep it firm and solid



beyonder33 - March 28, 2012

Hey NP this is Beyonder again

I have a simple question. Do you believe he will contact me at all? I feel like he may not. For all I know he could have me blocked. Simply because no matter what I say he does not respond.

I mean it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve heard from him and I know 2 weeks doesn’t seem like a long time. But from everything that I’ve ready I realized it wasn’t me. Aqua Men run when they feel tied down and would rather keep it friendly. So instead of showing just a little bit of emotion to him I should have shown none. I just sent him one final message to him yesterday saying:
I no longer feel the urge to communicate with you so don’t expect to hear from me again, probably ever. Since I’m deleting your number! Had u said u just wanted to be friends I would’ve been kool with that but….we both know we had a good time and that’s all it was. Do I care about you? Yeah somewhat but, will no longer worry since I got bigger/better things to do. We had our cake and ate it too. Was kool knowing you! Bye!

Did I blow any chance of communication with him? I mean I would rather be friends than nothing. I do care about him and had ideas about him. But I still feel intrigued to get to know him more. He took that opportunity away from me. The mystery is still there for me. Maybe that’s why I was missing him so much. Now not so much. But had to let him know that I’m moving on and no longer expecting any thing from him!

314. kendra - March 22, 2012

Russian Standard NP, best!

I am stronger than ever, but reading here again makes me realize if he contacted me in the near future (and I do believe he will, at some point)..some of that strength would crumble. I believe I am better with out him, as you have often mentioned, yet understanding what I do know about the aqua man (thx to you), wonder what is my best approach in responding to him. I probably already know what you will say, but need to have re-enforcement! Thx ahead of time NP.

315. harshit - March 25, 2012

linda goodman in nothing less than a goddess

316. Grace Martins - March 26, 2012

I am gemini woman and read this cos I am dating an Aquarian guy. Well I love him so much ro the extent that If I dont read from him or get any call I feel sick with worry that he doesn’t care. Then later I tried talking about marriage with him to see his own view and he gave mi some excuses.. Smiles) sometimes when I call him late at night we’ll be fine gisting and all of a sudden he will tell mi he has to go that something Jst came up n he has to see to it,- here I think he was trying to make mi jealous, to make mi think there Is someone with him. So one day I confronted him n he told plainly that it’s not like he doesn’t think of mi bt I should try and understand that he has got pride not to show his feelings. Well I really really want to understand him more. What new things do i do to make him come after mi? want this to last and also want him to pop the question..

beyonder33 - March 26, 2012

Dear Grace Martins

From what I understand and from what the majority of folks say: It’s best to ignore them. (Yes I need to follow my own advice)
But the difference for me is that tomorrow makes 2 weeks since I’ve heard from my aqua man and I have a feeling I won’t be hearing from him. Possibly not ever 😦

So keep busy(as they say) and show no care. Then he will come running to you. And act more like a friend. They get this feeling of being trapped because as a Gemini Woman myself We are more about speaking our feelings and don’t like to hold back!


317. Rachel1323 - April 3, 2012

i hate aquarius man , he made me failed in my life, i cried,i hurt, and i been in pain, i know not more aquarius man evil like this, but the aquarius man i know is stupid and all he wants is satisfaction treating me as his experiment in his private laboratory i guess? so frustrating, be strong girls. dont fall in their trap so fast……feeling so stupid all awhile. dont waste your time who treat you like a puppet, and puff, theyre gone, puff,theyre suddenly changing into evil egomaniac guy full of sarcasm etc???? WHY? i gave him all his freedom he wants, i always try to take care of his feelings, but he always took advantage from that. he walks all over just like that, i never show intense emotions,bla bla, whatever. my life ended so bad but i want to start all over again, i love being independent woman, finding mr right who really can take care of me,perhaps, he just a monster for me………..hahaha.xx.

318. InnerAdrenaline - April 7, 2012

First, this is me pretty much, dead on. In short, let’s just say it’s like a spectrum – you got sane on one side, and madness on the other.

I always feel I’m in between. Keeps hovering uncertainly, changing – fast, slow, mellow-ish, hardcore.

When I’m detached, I can look like a serial killer. Or so I was told. 😛

To anyone who is heartbroken because of AN Aquarius man – no one says we’re Superman(s). Plus, everyone… I mean EVERYONE must have something unbearable about them. It’s normal, we’re all still just human.

To the writer, please if I could just kiss you… xD kidding.

But this made my day seriously, so thanks a lot.

319. dee - April 9, 2012

@ Inner Adrenaline .. u seem quite proud of aquarian man traits.. trust me its no picnic. atlst nt for people who desire transparency and straightforwardness in their relationships but have the misfortune to fall in love wid a typ aquarian man.

after 2 months of hide and seek, i finally gave up. i cant handle blow hot and blow cold relationship where u really hv no idea whether u coming or going.

i just hve one thng to say..if these people are acting cagey, just dnt bother wid them anymore. leave them to their own devices. its simply not worth ur time nor effort.


320. beyonder33 - April 11, 2012

Hello everyone. It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted and guess what? Still no thing. Almost a Month I’m pondering and trying to figure it out even less these days. Though there’s a new Man trying to come in to my life. My last attempt was this past week. Still no answer. Someone else suggested maybe something bad happened? Well guess what? I’m starting to wonder less and less. How can someone who says one thing about wanting to be with you, act with no regard for your feelings? All I can do is either move forward with my life and try to forget about him or simply wait and see. Which I’m not so sure that I can do. I do know where he lives and could go check but that would seem desperate and stalkerish on my part. So before anyone says NOT TO read the entire post!

I really wish to know that he’s ok. Simple as that. Even if he can’t give me closure about our relationship, just knowing that he’s ok would suffice.

I’m afraid that if I move forward with the new guy (a Taurus Man) that he(the aqua guy) may pop back in to my life to say something like: Oh I was sick or yada yada blah blah. Well I’m not psychic and cannot know what will happen 3 Months from now. But I hope he doesn’t forget the times we spent. I’m sure he couldn’t completely. unless he found a young HOTTIE. I asked him to let me know these things. But it would seem it went in one ear and out the other. Maybe I was too demanding on asking him to call me regularly? That was the main thing I asked of him. I guess he couldn’t handle it? Who knows? Not me!

321. dee - April 13, 2012

My personal opn? he’s fine and has just gone into his shell like many auarian men. if he wasnt wel or smthng had happened, his fone wldnt stl be operational. or atlst sm1 else wld have picked it up.

ur doing just fine. keep movin on in life and dnt try to luk back. if he eva comes back, deal wid it then.. for now keep doing wht u doing and u wl b fine. m doing the same. i finally gave up aftr 2 mnths since i had set my self a 2 mnth deadline.

i thnk one thng we keep forgetting is if these ppl really wntd to keep in tch or talk to us they wld hv contacted us.. the thng is they dnt want to (for whtever reason) and so they hvnt.. we wntd to get to know them btr so we tried.

close this chapter ANM and stop doubting urself.

beyonder33 - April 13, 2012

lol You must be Dani from that other blog? :p

sudeepjp - April 13, 2012

best thing to do !! 😀

322. sudeepjp - April 13, 2012

the best way to u’stand aquarius men, is not to try to u’stand ’em !

323. dee - April 13, 2012

yeah we dnt mind going one step further and that is to also leave them alone..lol

sudeepjp - April 13, 2012

best thing to do 😀

324. dee - April 16, 2012

@anm..yeah its me dani.:).figured i shld let other women know abt my experience wid aqariain men and how maddening it is to interact wid them. but i have to say the other site gave more insight..

@sudeepjp..yeah thats wht m doing not tht i was chasin the guy earier..

325. sudeepjp - April 16, 2012

one thing about aqua men…wid us..life can be heaven..or life can be hell..whichever u choose 😀

326. dee - April 16, 2012

@ sudeep..who will choose hell? certainly not me…lol.. in my case he was the one to approach me.. not me. i did find him very intelligent, charming in person but also v unemotional cold and remote. despite asking him to open up, he nvr did..alwys almost nvr responded to any kinda serious conversation… i hv given up.. i dnt see myself contacting him agn and i also dont see him making any effort to get in tch either… so its ovr..

No point gettin sad abt things which are just not hapening. i wrote few lines based on my interaction wid aquarian men, must share: its funny actually.

There is a system that is always but always followed by aquarian men, leme take u through it:
(1). Firstly all the questions put to them, are run through a scanner for processing;
(2). If those qstns are irrelevant and mundane and can be answred in monosyllables which dnt give away their state of mind, then those r taken up n answerd strictly in this fashion: (i) yes baby; (ii) no hun (iii)ok baby; and if they in a great mood, the answrs are accompanied by kisses..
(3). But if there is a remotestestestestestestestest possibility that the response to the question could reveal: (i) even the tiniest bit of their emotions (not necessarily romantic), or (ii) that they are normal human beings capable of normal feelings and doing normal stuff, god forbid if that happens;
(4). A biggggggg flashyyyyy brightttt RED light gets activated, and an alarm goes off in their head simultaenously;
(5). The qstn then gets automatically discarded, their antenna gets switched on and they go offline;
(6). And once that antenna gets switched on and they go offline, all the poor qstns that come aftr, whatever they maybe, keep getting dumped (at supersonic speed) in a continuous outgoin process, to the trash bin;
(7). To stop this abundant continuous flow to the trashbin, another irrelevant n mundane qstn has to be put forth to them for processing but but but ONLY after a decent interval;

i told him he is inhuman and i am fed up of his stupid crapp system.. he nevr got in tch aftr that and neither did i… end of story….

onFire - April 16, 2012

haha I laughed out loud at your description of their answering process. It’s funny because it’s generally true. Unless they’re in the mood to chat, anything relating to what they may be feeling/doing gets completely ignored. Bringing up the subject of them ignoring your enquiries is likely to prolong the silence even more. It’s quite hilarious.
At a point you learn to leave it while the going is good. They’ll probably come running talking about something completely unrelated the next day.

beyonder33 - April 17, 2012

Dee. it’s me ANM

I understand it all. I’m moving on just fine. What I can’t do is forget. I TRY AND I TRY AND I TRY! To no avail. I tell you. What he said about Hell…yes It’s hell without my aqua man. I felt awesome when I was with him. I’m pretty sure he felt the same…well NOT Simple as that…………I know something that I said put him off. Whether it was me not liking going more than a day without hearing from him….. or> I didn’t mean to but I know something I said came off as demanding. Maybe it was the fact that I knew his daily schedule? Not that I had to know. I only asked about school, his Family and friends at times. He always answered. I guess he didn’t like me knowing so much about him? Snap me out of it please! LOL

I tell you though. I felt like writing him a letter. Maybe I shouldn’t. I know what you’re going to say: Forget about him. move on…

Remember I was telling you about a Taurus guy on the other blog? It was over b4 it started lol. He’s just into playing games and I’m glad I figured this out as soon as I did. So…no dates for him!

327. sudeepjp - April 17, 2012

dee : u r pretty much creative in writing 🙂 liked it !!!

beyonder33 : does nt matter what others say…what books say…but aqua men r pretty much emotional. only the difference is that they have the ability to move on faster den any other signs.

328. dee - April 17, 2012

@onFire – no i wasnt really bombarding him with questions.. its funny bec one day he wld reciprocate and the next he wld ignore..i mean there were times whn i wld get irritated and simply tell him to get i tch when he was free frm his work. i mean a person can simply say hes busy..he nvr did tht. also throughout the week he wld say sure lets meet ovr the wknd when evr i wld bring up the topic and whn wknd arrived he wld just go silent.. strange behaviour.. i must say..

@ANM – do u really thnk writing letters wld help? if u thnk it wld then go ahead..but my personal opn based on my experience, ltd as it is, says he wldnt bothr if u talk abt ur feelings, emotions, etc.. and he wld stay underground…dnt forget him, just shift him at the back of ur mind. and let thngs be for a while. its not tht easy but wht else can u do??

@ sudeep..thankyooooou :-)..evn i laughed when i finished writing it.. pity the aquarian guy dint find it funny..lol..

onFire - April 17, 2012

@dee: I’m not saying that you were bombarding with questions, but I found that if it at all seems like they’re being closed off, it’s better to not even bother…with anything, because that just makes you even crazier (at least that’s the case for me). I’ve known mine for maybe a year and a half now, and some things I found:
a) If making plans of any sort, don’t make them concrete or make it sound like a commitment. Those are always bound to fall through. Last time I invited him out, at first I said “I’m going there and there with my friends, you should come”. No response. As soon as I said, “well I let you know, so think about it”, he responds with Yeah I might come. I didn’t bring it up for over a week and briefly mentioned it a couple of days beforehand…He came out :).
b) I used to get mad when the conversations would just end and I would try to start them over again the next day. It’s better to just wait until they get back to you themselves. At least then you know you aren’t forcing them into the conversation over and over again.
c)If they’re busy with ANYthing, don’t even try talking to them. I’m the kind of person who will respond at all times, even if I have a gazillion things going on..it seems like that’s not the case for them. Once again, just wait, no need to get upset. They will respond when they can give you their full attention.

Even though I realize and understand all of his traits, it does not mean I don’t get frustrated sometimes. I’m not dating this guy, but taking it day by day. I don’t know if agree entirely with people saying that they always move slow in relationships, because his last one happened extremely quick…lasted only a couple of months though. Not sure how that would be explained though. I think I’m going to try the “friendship” route hehe.

329. sudeepjp - April 17, 2012

seems like u r taking out ur anger on entire acquarian community because of someone’s mistakes/faults 😀 all are not same. and if something went wrong den somewhr der must ur fault as well…u cant clap with a single hand 🙂 but anyways..r u a writer by instinct or tht acquarian guy turned u into a great writer ? :p

330. dee - April 17, 2012

no no no..u misread me totally.. not mad really..just tht i cldnt understnd his cagey behaviour. non committal responses..so cold and remote and detached over chat.. but in person he came aross as charming interesting attentive in control and attrctive… hence i felt more intrigued.. the min any conversaton got serious or deep, he dint respond or maybe just a smiley u know. he kept me guessing and frustrated.

based on wht ppl here had shared abt ther experience, i realised he is not really gona change. And to be honest the last few weeks tht i interacted wid him was more or less to just observe his behaviour and whether he followed the same old pattern. he did!! i dnt thnk any1’s at fault. my only grudge is please be honest abt wht u really feel and want and cut out the game.. especally if the other person is being upfrnt and straight wid u. in my case i was, rite after the first meeting.. i was nvr too emotional nor sad nor desperate nor too lovey dovey wid him. i used to just get mad….

i am keying all this not bec i lost the “LOVE” of my life but just hoping my posts wld help others..

u caught my secret…I like to write poetry at times. m a closet poet.. thou i have to say what i wrote above was truly and deeply inspired by “the man”…:-).. so tht piece is strictly deidicated to “the man” ..:-)

331. sudeepjp - April 17, 2012

hmm..ok…fair enough.
and grt..u r apoet..saru che..post some of ur poems wud like to read ’em 🙂

332. dee - April 17, 2012

oye gujju bhai!!!:-).. i dnt mind posting but m sure others wld nt approve since this particular thread is devoted mostly to learning abt and understanding Aq men..in fact u shld be handing out tips on how best to counter their silly behaviour, u being one of the infamous aquarian tribe!!!

333. sudeepjp - April 17, 2012

m not gujju..mi marathi 😀 and already so many ppl have shared so many things on handling aqua men (including u) ..what tips one would want ?? 😛

beyonder33 - April 18, 2012

My tip is: Don’t go into it expecting more than friendship! ;o)

sudeepjp - April 18, 2012

aww thts a bummer !! 😀 lol

334. dee - April 18, 2012

haha..@ beyonder- u sooo rite..
@ sudeepjp – that means no woman will evr get involved wid aq men.. if u want tht not to happn, u shld try teling others here y u aquarian men behave the way u do…help women get an insight on how u men thnk…

sudeepjp - April 18, 2012

well in that case..my tip would be..if u r a lovey dovey kinda person and expect love life like a fairy tale..stay way far away .. wid aq. men u can only expect the unexpected in completely unconventional way. e.g. if u r expecting roses and flowers on valentine day.. sorry. but the day u ll get roses and flowers…will b a valentine day for aq. men. trust me tht is more pleasant and exciting and surprising when a girl gets such things on an odd day. we aq. men think tht on valentine day every one will give something to someone. whts exciting in tht. its very conventional and boring and such stereotype. and top of tht..even if u ll get something on valentine day..it will be something creative. 🙂

Note : if any of the above point u feel is wrong..could be..all aq are diff. atleast i am like mentioned above.

And why we think like that, I dont know 😀

beyonder33 - April 18, 2012

OMG Dee….Guess what?????
I met a new Aqua guy from the same site I met the last aqua guy at. We’re hitting it off. Already texting back n forth. It seems the same as me and the last aqua guy. Fun and flirty. Would seem he’s already so eager to meet up but guess what? It’s not happening! I’ll keep up the chats with text messages but that’s as far as it’s going. He’s so handsome too. Gosh you aqua men are sexy lol. But I have to control my urges cause it’s so easy to give in and lose control. Of not just myself but of my dignity!. Dee HELP!!! lolol
I know I know. Keep it FRIENDLY ONLY! or better yet block him and run dontcha think??????????????????????
I told him of the last aqua guy and he said: You’ll find someone better. He was stupid to leave you behind…yeah yeah Mr Charming. You’re not charming my socks off! lol

335. dee - April 18, 2012

ok we will wait for next valentines day and see if that aquarian guy is stl arnd wht haens..:p

336. dee - April 18, 2012

@ANM – no no no r u mad?? dnt block him and dnt run away either.. but def take it slow and dnt get tooo carried away.. and dnt show ur eagerness and hold back a litl..

beyonder33 - April 18, 2012

I’m not blocking him. But I will keep talking. That’s just it..talking. Nothing else. He already wants to meet up like I said but I will make myself TOO BUSY for a meeting up. He knows that I have a Daughter(with special needs). We def need time to get to know each other. He probably has 4 other girlfriends waiting to hear from him. After all…isn’t that what yall do? When one bores you you disappear and go running to the other?

337. sudeepjp - April 18, 2012

@Dee : even if u ll not get a personal experience…ask ur friends having aq.bf..u ll get to hear some exciting stories 😀

@beyonder33 : one tip..dont ever play games wid aq.men..like “hard to get”..”keep him wait for long b4 u text him next”..and blah blah blah..he ll run away 😉

beyonder33 - April 18, 2012

What????????? I don’t understand. You’re saying don’t play games but to keep him waiting? Huh? I’m confuzzled lol.
I’m flirting equally what he’s flirting with me. No more, no less. HE’S THE ONE who’s eager to meet up. BUt like I said. We’ll be talking a few Months before we do. With the last guy we only knew each other about 2 weeks b4 we met up. Things were great but he’s GONE GONE GONE. NO WORD WORD WORD and NO ANSWERS ANSWERS ANSWERS! I would hold on for him if and only IF I knew he was coming back for sure. I mean it’s been over a Month since I’ve heard a peep/whisper from him………… What am I supposed to do? Wait for him forever? I was almost willing to do that but I’ve done that in the past for someone. Waited almost a year to find out they were NOT coming back to me! Never again!

338. dee - April 18, 2012

sudeepjp – this is allll so confusing. r u saying gameplaying is only confined to aq men but if women do that its not gona wrk? if we show enthusiasm tht dsnt work either. wht the hell does work wid these guys then??? i know as far i am concernd i was straight and pretty honest abt wht i thot and felt atr meeting him.

infact he promised to meet up on the wknd and come friday he just went silent wid no word at all.. when i asked if its on, he dint even answer!!! i was pissed at his behaviour so deleted him frm my bbm. he dint try to get in tch aftr that..infact aftr a 2 week period i added him back and he immediately added me. when i asked y he did wht he did he aplogised and said he dint know tht the meeting was 100% confirmed. he also said that he was so busywid wrk the past 2 weeks that he dint realise i was no longe onhis bbm list. how is that possible? prior to deletion we chattd everyday for a mnth even if the conversations were gen brief. but after re-adding him he nvr really initiated any conversation, i have to say that.

i dnt get it really? y wld sm1 readd u when they have changed their mind abt u?? he is alwys polite but answers only when it dsnt give anythng away. somewhere the dynamics changed after he readded me on bbm..i had infact sent him that lovely “how aq men respond” note over 2 weeks back.. and told him m fed up.. aftr that hes still there on my bbm list he hasnt deleted me and neither hv i. but he dsnt talk and neither do i….

i was totally confused and a litl mindf*** wondering just whts going on..but then gave up.. but still smtms i wonder just wht the heck happened or wht went wrng??? it was difficult to accept that there are no answers forthcoming my way.. basically wid aq men there is nvr any closure so ppl cn nvr fully put it behind them and forget.. m sure mny ladies here agree wid me.

339. Willowwitch - April 18, 2012

Yes I certainly agree with you! If we were not told he was an Aquarius man we would just consider him to be rude, selfish and without any respect for woman.
That is why you have to respect yourself and make no excuses because if they really wanted you they certainly would not behave in such a way. Neither would we really be happy or secure in relationship’s where there is a lack of communication, any real sense of love or emotion or as stated before RESPECT.
We can talk and talk and talk, it’s like rewarding a child with bad behaviour, best just to ignore them…………permently!.

340. sudeepjp - April 18, 2012

@beyonder : i am saying dont play any games if they are stereotyped. i dont knw how to explain this..rather i shud not otherwise u will read me completely in some other way 🙂

@dee : he must have lost his interest..m sorry to say dis..but dis cud b d case. 😦

341. dee - April 18, 2012

lol..maybe he did.. girls pls ay attention. the simple answer is he lost interest…so dnt break ur heads wondering..haha

342. dee - April 18, 2012

@willowwitch.. i agree wid u totally.

343. sudeepjp - April 18, 2012

@dee : haha…why…is it hard to digest that a guy cant loose hi interest in a girl 😀

344. dee - April 18, 2012

@sudeep..thts ok..m nt on tht fact and cn certainly handle a “no”.. the probem is he nvr said “no” … nywys gota signoff now..done wid wrk for the day..

beyonder33 - April 19, 2012

Did I forget to mention my aqua Male friend from India? I was crushing on him early this year and persued(spell check) him heavily…And at first he seemed disinterested. That’s when I met Wilson…on that site. Then when I met wilson aqua guy No.1 I was ignoring the guy from India….then he began persueing me more(Indian aqua guy) . How crazy is this? and all of a sudden He’s mentioning coming to the USA to come see me o.O Holy cow what the heck have I gotten myself into? I told him I care for him but that am considering myself single. Geese Louise…wants to go hide o.O
Remember yesterday I mentioned hitting it off with yet another aqua guy? Well like I said. We’re just talking but am not saying for certain to No one that I’m truly and genuinely interested in taking our relationship to another level. Right now I need to focus on ME, loving me, Putting me first. Besides my Family. I just had a death in my Family. My Grandmother whom I’ve lived with since I was 3 days old was hospitalized with a mild heart attack. My father just got out of the hospital yesterday after being treated with pneumonia. All this makes me want to focus on me more. I don’t mind talking with guys but Need to let them know that I’m not into the games of cat n mouse. Nor that I’m willing to settle…….. Like a relative said though: I’m a serial Monogamist…not used to being single :\

sudeepjp - April 19, 2012

m sorry about ur grandmother and hope ur dad recovers soon.
and u should always focus on yourself more den anybody else. if u can make and keep yourself happy..u can make/keep anyone happy. but if u fail to keep yourself good and happy..u will never be able to make someone smile.
and being single does nt mean alone.. i think being single is d best thing in life..u can hang out wid so many ppl whom u had lost ur contacts wid while u were in a relation coz all your time was his.
i think whtever u r doing is d best thing oto do 🙂

beyonder33 - November 22, 2012

My Uncle passed on March 30th of this year. My Father passed on June 2nd of this year. (after a series of strokes)That was a 2 Month gap between the 2 deaths. Very sad year indeed but, I know both my Uncle and Father are doing Okay. I visualize them in peace and with the Lord above. I mourned briefly because I taught myself that in life comes death. One ❤

345. Willowwitch - April 18, 2012

Its never the fact that they loose interest of course that is ok.
When you treat people with any level of decency it’s best to make that clear and it can be done in a nice way. No one want’ s to be with someone who really isnt interested, it is just the fact that they can’t say I have moved on, the other person has feelings and as Dee said she was always upfront and your inclined to expect the same in return. My opinion is and certainly reading these comment’s has confirmed that their behaviour is cruel and a bit twisted they seem to be lacking a backbone. I believe in treating people as I wish to be treated and Dee there is such a thing as karma and what goes round comes round. Some people seem to spend years trying to accept the unacceptable just for them to vanish.
Dee I know you are hurting……. but I think you may be a very lucky Girl and there is someone else for you ❤

beyonder33 - April 18, 2012

100 % Truth Willow. And it’s not so much a feeling of entitlement as it is about feeling a certain level of respect for each other. Doesn’t it feel awful though? You both claim exclusivity in your relationship then he suddenly disappears without so much as a BYE? It hurt me for a few weeks there but I’m tired of it. I’m ready to move on. Even if I can imagine that he’d come back to me. I didn’t deserve to be treated like that. I was always upfront about my sentiments. I didn’t know I was supposed to be a robot!

Miasma85 - April 19, 2012

Willowwitch, that is so true what you said about Aq men lacking a backbone! I wish mine would grow a pair! These men are so polite, charming, etc, etc, but when it comes to admitting things, and telling women how they REALLY feel, they just run for the mountains and hide! It drives me nuts! It seems like my Aq men may have genuine feelings for me, but he just doesn’t fight for anything! He says he’s not a controlling person and would never try to control anyone, but I wish he’d realize that being controlling or jealous, or feeling something out of the ordinary (for Aq men, anyway) sometimes shows us that they care. Even if they can’t bring themselves to tell us, they should at least ACT like they care, so we know what the hell is going on! I’m a Scorpio and I expect emotions, but I’m not demanding and I’m pretty sure my Aq man feels something for me, he just doesn’t say anything. I’m starting to pull away…seems like the best thing to do now!

sudeepjp - April 19, 2012

before pulling yourself away…just try to talk to him once. we aq. are not very good in u’standing other persons needs (emotional needs). but just talk to him and tell him what do u expect out of him. talking is very important. i can say these coz this has happened wid me as well…i hav true feelings for my girl .. but like all aq. men..i didnt say/act anything caring and blah blah..coz for us..its the feeling that counts..and not “saying” over and over again..but anyways..i also agree that sometimes you need to express yourself to make someone happy.. and dats wht my girl told me and explained me..and after that my relation went pretty smooth for 4 years. though our relation didnt end up in marriage coz of family issues..but nothing was wrong between us.

sudeepjp - April 19, 2012

and what u said about “He says he’s not a controlling person and would never try to control anyone”..is nt it good ? coz once he ll start controlling .. u ll complaint that “he does nt gives you space and he sticks around like a gum and why should i tell him everything i do..”

Miasma85 - April 19, 2012

sudeepjp – thanks for your input. He’s so good at giving the cold shoulder, though. It makes things even more awkward when probing for answers. And I like that he’s not controlling. I’m just saying that it seems like he doesn’t react at all to anything, but just goes with the flow. It seems like he doesn’t have the guts to put himself out there and look a little weak and vulnerable sometimes. He wants to always appear cool and calm, like he’s not phased by anything, but I know things bother him sometimes and he just (somewhat) suffers silently. Honestly, ironically, I think it’s kind of a weak trait with this Aqua man.

346. Willowwitch - April 18, 2012

Hi Beyonder,
Thank you for your comment, I’m glad you were not a Robot!
I think there is alway right and wrong and when you look back on a relationship with someone that you were so obviously fond of it’s nice to be able to say you did you’re best and I know sometime that is what really hurt’s.
You probably just never stood a chance next time you would know what you are up against. Aquarius=Beware just very different tactics.
Engage your brain and not your heart………Friendly and don’t know about “Friends” as I have expectation’s there as well and choose them carefully! I expect loyalty, honesty and decency not to mention respect.
I am just old fashioned and expect a man to SAY WHAT HE MEANS AND MEAN WHAT HE SAYS. Yea no GAMES JUST GROW A PAIR!
I think I’ve said too much,but I know you get the idea.
Lots of Love cause thats what makes the world go round for me not ROBOTS
Now I am gone.

347. ladymaria87 - April 19, 2012

I’m a scorpio in love with an aquarius man, he’s also in love. I’ve been extremely heart broken by my ex and so for that even if I’m so in love with my new guy I for some reason keep this push and pull relationship with him. I’m afraid I’m gonna lose him because I keep going back and forth about him. I’m so afraid and he knows that I am, I tell him everything I feel. He hasn’t replied to my txt or calls for a couple days but I’m used to it he has his moments. The last thing he’s said is he loves me, but I just want him to comfort me when I’m freaking out. am I gonna lose him if I keep freaking out saying I don’t want to lose myself in a relationship, or I don’t want to be vulnerable again. I’m in love, but I don’t want to be weak. When he’s here for me he’s there everyday, he calls often if I don’t answer, he will text sweet nothings but when he’s in his world, he rarely replies. Idk he has said he thinks I deserve better, he thinks he’s not good enough but then turns around to say he loves me. I feel as if he tests me with pushing me away saying things like that. Can an aquarius man help me???

Miasma85 - April 19, 2012

Ladymaria, if he loves you, you should just go with it. I’m a scorpio woman too and not everyone is ready to give love so easily. If you love him back, just do it. He sounds like a good guy. And honestly, him saying that he’s not good enough for you, shows that he thinks you’re such a great person and he’s so lucky to have you, he just can’t believe it. You should know that not all Aq men will reveal that much about themselves. He’s obviously into you. Worshiping the past only leaves you sad and lonely and then it’s not long before that turns into bitterness. Just go with it! You’ll be fine 🙂

sudeepjp - April 19, 2012

i think…more den him…u need to comfort him. coz you are holding your past..not him.
if you ll keep on swinging back and forth..he ll be in dis-comfort more den you.
first of all … YOU need to decide whether you want to be wid dis guy or not (always give more priority to yourself and your decisions). once u have made your decision…let this guy know your exact feelings..you ll see the difference.
we aq. men are not afraid of commitments…(does nt matters wht others say and wht “all the books” have to say).. but before commitment…we need to be sure enough that dis girl will be der in thick and thins.
in love..once we r committed..thts it..we can go to any extents..u cant even imagine of.

And…love is not life…its a part of life..i think engaging oneself into some/many activities is always better…even if you are in a relation..even you are not.

purplestar9 - April 19, 2012

i agree. i freaked out yesterday and he ignored me all day until today only to ask a simple question and then ignore me. so i told him, ” do you love me or not?” “Whatever, I’m tired of this. Bye” ” You know how I feel, if you care to love me back its all up to you. I will be here and just keep going about my life. Love you, and bless you. Thats all I will say because yeah.” I understand I’m flip flopping and he may be thinking things through or he thinks i need to think things through. idk but im kinda tired of thinking about him, lol. i like drama but it gets old and i just want him to love me back. I’m planning on just leaving things at that and giving him space and letting myself think more clearly. i need to see if i completely stop talking to him if i will miss him or would I forget him. I guess I will see.

348. dee - April 19, 2012

@willowwitch..i did feel hurt for a while but mre than that i was confused. bec he said one did and did smthn else altogeter. but m ok now. just took a long hard look at the situation and decided this is not wht i want..

@beyonder33 – njy.. take your time and get to know ppl. -)

@Miasma85 & willowwitch- u guys have got tht bang on..

@ladymaria87 – think u need to sort out your mind… try to chill.. if my bf wld keep freaking out on me,even i wld gt irritated.

@ sudeepppp..See so many ladies share my story…

sudeepjp - April 19, 2012

dee…i can see that.. but i m thinking wht goes wrong in d case of aq. men.
coz i never had such issues .. my gf never complaint abt any of the things mentioned till now… so just wondering wht goes wrong .. i think lots of girl expects a lot without uttering a word .. and i guess aq.men are not good at u’standing signals.
next time..just try to talk things out..and don’t just expect…probably it will help..not sure thou

purplestar9 -