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All About Aquarians By Linda Goodman…. December 9, 2008

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I have mentioned several times before that I am an Aquarian. I have posted about it here  and here as well. But it is said that any astrological talk is incomplete as long as one doesn’t include in that excerpts from Linda Goodman. So here I am with Linda Goodman telling how to find Aquarians, what they are and how they are so different from other sun signs? When I read the descriptions, I was amazed to see that just the single one, how to find an Aquarian, is more longer than both the above mentioned posts of mine? So I am going to put the entire content in two series of posts here. One would be talking about how to find one and the 2nd one would be about the Aqua men,certainly that’s me. I shall also put some of my own observations about both the descriptions , explaining what I think is correct/near-to-correct in it. So grab some salted cassunuts , some tea and let yourself lost in the world of Aquarians.
How to Recognize AQUARIUS
“In spring, when -woods are getting green, I’ll try and tell you what I mean:
In summer, when the days are long,
Perhaps you’ll understand the song.'”
“For this must ever be  
-A secret
Kept from all the rest Between yourself and me.”

Lots of people like rainbows. Children make wishes on them, artists paint them, dreamers chase them, but the Aquarian is ahead of everybody. He lives on one. What’s more, he’s taken it apart and examined it, piece by piece, color by color, and he still believes in it. It isn’t easy to believe in something after you know what it’s really like, but the Aquarian is essentially a realist, even though his address is tomorrow, with a wild-blue-yonder zip code.
Like the bewildered Alice, taken through the maze of Wonderland by Aquarian Lewis Carroll, you’ll have to be constantly prepared for the unexpected with Uranians. Generally kindly and tranquil by nature, Aquarians nevertheless enjoy defying public opinion, and they secretly delight in shocking more conventional people with occasional erratic conduct. These normally soft-spoken and courteous souls can suddenly short circuit you with the most amazing statements and actions at the most unpredictable times. The typical Uranian is half Albert Schweitzer and half Mickey Mouse. His feet can be wearing sandals, boots, oxfords, or hush puppies, and he’ll seldom bother to check whether they’re appropriate for the
occasion. He’ll show up barefoot if he feels like it, and laugh at you for laughing at him. Aquarians often deliberately adopt weird attire to show their refusal to conform.
You can often recognize people born under this fixed, air sign by their frequent use of the word friend, Aquarian Franklin Roosevelt’s fireside chats invariably began with, “My friends . . .” and the typical Uranus question after a broken romance is, “Can’t we still be friends?” Aquarius is neither jaded nor naive, neither enthusiastic nor blase. Continuous experimentation simply leaves him curious to penetrate the next mystery, and the next mystery could be you. That person who seems to be either a million miles away mentally, or else dissecting you under an invisible microscope, is probably an Aquarian. It can be disconcerting to discover, after all his intense, nattering curiosity, that he’s just as deeply interested in the personal
lives of the corner policeman, the bartender, the bellboy, the night club singer or the inmates of the funny house as he is in yours. Politics fascinate him, sports absorb him and children intrigue him. But then so do horses, automobiles, elderly people, medical discoveries, authors, astronauts, alcoholics, pianos, pinwheels and prayers-not to mention baseball and Louis Armstrong. Join the crowd and toss your ego in the wastebasket, or his coolly impersonal approach will be sure to bruise it. 
 Look for a strange, faraway look in the eyes, as if they contained some kind of magic, mysterious knowledge you can’t penetrate. Aquarius eyes are typically vague, with a dreamy, wandering expression, and often (but not always) blue, green or gray. The hair is frequently straight and silky, likely to be blonde, sandy or light brown; the complexion is pale and the height is usually taller than average (thougiythe ascendant can modify the appearance of any Sun sign). You’ll notice a marked nobility of profile. Uranus features are finely chiseled, suggestive of Roman emperors cut on old gold coins. True Aquarians will often adopt the pose of the drooping head when they’re thinking about a problem, or just after they’ve asked a question. The head drops abruptly forward, or cocks to one side, waiting for your reaction. Curiously, thanks to the dual sexuality of Uranus, there are often feminine
characteristics in the male bodies, such as broad hips, for example-and masculine characteristics in the female body, such as broad shoulders.
 Freedom-loving Uranians can be acutely funny, perverse, original, conceited and independent, but they can also be diplomatic, gentle, sympathetic and timid. The Aquarian will almost desperately seek the security of crowds and saturate himself with friendship. Then hell fall into a gloomy, morose spell of loneliness, and want to be strictly left alone. But whether he’s mingling or singling, he’ll retain his sharp perception, which is at once both deeper and quicker than others. Uranus makes him a natural rebel who instinctively feels that all old customs are wrong, and that drastic alteration and revolutionary change is what the world and people need (although if he’s in politics, he’s clever enough not to broadcast his views
prematurely and spoil his strategy). To this end, Aquarians are always analyzing situations, friends and strangers. It can be disturbing when they start asking pointblank questions, with a bare minimum of tact, as they probe into the heart of your private feelings. When they discover the puzzle wasn’t so complex after all, they become bored, sometimes even upset.
Nothing is more insulting than to have an Aquarian tire of his game of microscopic examination and turn to the next interesting person, just when he’s convinced you he thinks you are the most important human being on earth. It stings. Despite their fixation on friendship, Aquarians don’t have many intimates. They seek quantity rather than quality in their associations, and they seldom settle down to a steady relationship for more than a limited period. There’s too much to discover around the next comer to remain tied to one or two friendships exclusively. It does little good to make an emotional appeal to such an impersonal nature, but if you touch the heart of an Aquarian (which is not the same thing as mere emotion), he’ll
usually get off his bicycle and come back to see what he might have missed.
 A peculiar sort of isolation hangs over the Uranian, and he’s often misunderstood by mankind. That’s because mankind hasn’t yet caught up with the Aquarian Utopia. Since the water bearer lives in the future, coming back only briefly to the present, he can seem just plain pixilated to more mundane souls. He senses this, and it deepens his sense of isolation. But just because others can’t keep up with him is no reason in his opinion to go backwards. So he wanders among his lonely clouds, while we mere mortals wonder what he’s doing way out there. Astrology teaches us that “As the Aquarian thinks, so will the world think in fifty years.” That may be true, but it certainly doesn’t narrow the gap between the Uranus-ruled and the rest of us today. This Sun sign is known as the sign of genius, and so it is, since over seventy percent of the people in the Hall of Fame are either Sun Aquarians or have Aquarian
ascendants. On the other hand, a substantially high percentage of those confined in mental institutions, or who drop in for regular couch sessions with an analyst, are also Aquarians. There’s a fine line, they say, between genius and insanity, and your Uranian friends can sometimes make you wonder which side of the line they’re on A great deal of the confusion is due to man’s tendency to belittle his prophets. The familiar quotes that “they laughed at Fulton and his steamboat,” “they thought Edison was mentally retarded,” and “they wanted to lock up Louis Pasteur,” are examples of the attitude of the materialistic world toward those whose senses are tuned to higher spheres of thought.  Uranians are a curious mixture of cold, practicality and eccentric instability, and they seem to have an instinctive empathy with the mentally disturbed. It’s a curious fact that almost any Aquarian can substantially reduce the anxiety of the insane simply by talking to them quietly. He has a marvelous knack for calming hysterical people and soothing frightened children. Is it because of his own thinly-covered, highly acute nervous system that he has such deep understanding?
 The Aquarian outlook is so broad that youll seldom find one who is prejudiced, unless there are severe planetary influences in the natal chart. Even then, he’ll be deeply shocked when his prejudice is pointed out. The brotherhood instinct is so strong in him that when a rare Aquarian is guilty of being intolerant, he’s not only unaware of it, he hates the label. Ordinarily, everyone is his brother or sister. He’ll wander through affluent society and the slums alike with his symbolic jar, gathering the waters of knowledge and pouring them out again, except for those occasional lapses into hibernation. But his hiding put periods seldom last long, and before you get a chance to miss him the Uranian is back gregariously making the rounds again. Don’t try to interrupt his solitude. When he wants to be alone, he wants to be alone, but he hasn’t retired from the mainstream permanently, even if he does take a
sudden Uranus notion to get an unlisted phone number. His address hasn’t changed, and neither has he. He can never renounce people for long. Ignore him
 and he’ll soon be walking around town on those home-made stilts, as alert and inquisitive as ever.
 Ordinarily, it’s difficult to get an Aquarian to make a precise appointment. He’d rather keep it loose, because he doesn’t like to be pinned down to specific duties or
obligations at specific times. He prefers a casual “111 see you around-maybe sometime Tuesday” to a definite hour for a meeting. (And he sometimes means the second Tuesday of next week.) However, I will say that once you’ve succeeded in nailing him and he gives you his word he’ll meet you at a particular hour he will be there on the dot. You can count on it, even set your watch by his punctuality, and you’d better not be late yourself. Hell show up dependably, unless he’s been kidnapped on the way (which, being an Aquarian, he could be. Anything can happen to these people at any time. I mean but anything).
 You can expect him to give his opinion frankly, but he won’t try to dictate how you should think or how you should live your life. Conversely, he doesn’t intend to let you tell him how he should think or live his. Unlike Aries and Leo or Gemini, he has no desire to hard sell his ideas to others. The Aquarian philosophy is that everyone has fais thing, his special yearning. Each person dances to his own fiddle music, and individuality should be respected. It’s interesting to see that, as the world moves into the Aquarian Age, the heralds of the new era are the flower people and the Gurus. In exaggerated fashion, they are simply reflecting the Aquarian ideals: equality-brotherhood-love for all-live and let live-seek the truth-experiment-and retire to meditate.
 You’ll rarely find the Aquarian fighting fiercely for a cause. They live their code, and feel that’s enough. Let Aries, Scorpio, Leo and Sagittarius grab the sword and battle gloriously to free the downtrodden. The Uranus-ruled souls are too busy figuring out the reason for the revolution, listening to people’s troubles and sharing sympathetic understanding. Aquarius believes in violent change, but he leaves the violence to others. He’s not a moral or a physical coward. He just isn’t geared for battle. When a fight catches him unaware, he may strike out blindly in confusion, or he may simply agree, to end the argument. His reaction is unpredictable, but one thing is certain. The next day his opinion will be as fixed as it was before. Anyone skilled in debate can usually get the best of him, since his attention can so easily wander to the abstract in a battle of wits. The Aquarian fights best with his hat. He puts it on and leaves. His truth-respecting mind, however, won’t budge an inch when he has a firm conviction, despite his distaste for unpleasant confrontations. All the shouting and emotional pressure in the world won’t keep him from determinedly going his own way with his independent ideas, while the fireworks explode all around him. Our two Aquarian Presidents, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt, demonstrate this principle perfectly. The concepts were equally original and strikingly unpopular in both cases. There was no aggressive insistence on personal theories, yet the sweeping reforms were made, regardless of lack of cooperation and bitter opposition.
 Another reason why Uranians often meet with hostile criticism is that they’re so full of surprises. They can lead you west, then suddenly turn and march east, without warning. Aquarius has an obstinate way of not letting you know what he’s up to. For weeks, the February-born father of a friend of mine ignored his wife’s complaints about a stove that didn’t work. He buried himself in his newspaper, oblivious to her desperate hints. Suddenly one day a truck pulled up, two men unloaded a brand new stove and connected it in the kitchen under the surprised eyes of his wife, who should have learned to expect such behavior.
 Trusting people doesn’t come naturally to the Aquarian until after he’s scrutinized your motives, even your .soul, if possible. It’s easy to grow restive under his intent analysis of your every word and gesture. You get the feeling it’s all being filed away in that penetrating mind for future reference, and it is. He may seem to be in a dreamy fog now and then, but don’t you believe it. He can probably tell you how many eyelashes you have. Never expect the Uranian to take you at face value. His innate courtesy will never keep him from shining the Uranus spotlight on you from head to toe. He wants to know what’s behind that face, and he’ll ask some mighty embarrassing questions to find out. But it’s comforting to know that once you’re accepted hell be loyal and his friendship will be unshaken by malicious gossip. If you’re his real friend, he won’t believe the nasty whispers of your enemies, although
hell undoubtedly listen to them out of sheer curiosity. Rest assured, however, that he’d make up his own mind in the final analysis.

 Uranus illnesses are usually connected with the circular-  s* tory system. Aquarians shiver and shake in the winter, and suffer with the humidity in the summer. They’re ‘,
susceptible to varicose veins and hardening of the arteries in old age, if their emotions are directed into negative channels, and they tend to have accidents to the legs, especially the shin and ankles. The ankle bones are often weak, and there may be pains in the legs, due to poor circulation; frequent sort throats; and sometimes heart palpitation, usually not serious unless there are severe afflictions in the natal chart. Uranians need lots of fresh air, sleep and exercise, but they seldom take advantage of these remedies. They don’t get much fresh air because they close their windows, pile on the blankets and still complain that they’re freezing. The high frequency nervous tension that accompanies Uranus mental activity keeps them
from getting enough sleep, and often the rest they do get is troubled by strange dreams. As for exercise, unless the Aquarian developed an early love of sports by
playing stickball in his neighborhood, it’s difficult to prod him into moving fast, let alone running around the track. His mind gets a continual workout, but the body needs a strong push. Aquarian health is usually excellent in childhood, barring weird, Uranian complaints-impossible to diagnose. The real troubles don’t begin until maturity increases stubbornness. These people are extremely susceptible to hypnosis. Intuitively, lots of them sense this and won’t expose themselves to it for love nor money, but this is a mistake, because hypnotic suggestion from a good medical hypnotist could successfully remove their myriad phobias. They’re acutely responsive to electrical treatment, too, which can be just as beneficial.
Aquarians don’t have the best memories in the world, but then they really don’t need to memorize much, since they seem to pick up knowledge out of thin air, with some
kind of invisible antennae. Why should they clutter their minds with information they may never need, when they can reach out by osmosis and grasp just about anything they want? They’re likely to come home from the store without the most important item on the grocery list, because they can’t be bothered with remembering what is, to them, non-essential. The typical Aquarian is the embodiment of the legendary absent-minded professor. I know one who planned to meet his wife in front of the City Squire Motel at noon. But he arrived early and ran into an old friend. (Aquarians are always running into old friends. In Africa or the Aleutian Islands they will be sure to find somebody they know.) The Uranian was engrossed
in conversation with his pal when his wife approached, all smiles. As she came closer he stared at her blankly, gallantly tipped his hat, then turned, took his friend’s arm and walked down the street, deep in conversation, leaving the furious, frustrated woman standing on the comer, alone and forgotten.  

The Uranus power of concentration can be awesome. Yet, they’re also able to pick up things going on around and behind them when they choose, like a radar screen. They can carry on a complicated discussion and still not miss an inflection of what’s happening in the other part of the room, if they decide to tune in. Sometimes you could swear the Aquarian paid no attention to anything you said, but the next day he’ll repeat it back to you like a tape recorder. Never underestimate the Uranian process of soaking up knowledge while they seem to be oblivious, even though now and then they get lost in concentration, like my friend who left his wife standing on the street, in a mood to kill.
What the Aquarius man or woman thinks is always a clue to tomorrow. The uncanny Uranus ability to plunge into the unknown and absorb mystical secrets without half trying leads to a peculiar sort of intuition which gives them a high degree of psychic precognition. I know one who literally answers the phone before it rings, and what’s more, he knows who’s on the other end before a word is spoken. Abraham Lincoln had several premonitions of his own death in startling detail. Almost every Aquarian has a unique kind of sensitivity that lets him know your inner desires. Without talk, he understands a need buried so deep that you’re almost unaware of it yourself. Using that magical osmosis, the Aquarian can transmit his
own thoughts with an unseen charge of electrical current. Even when his back is turned, he can project strong feelings by this strange process. During a long silence on the telephone, he may be sending and receiving vibrations when you think he’s fallen asleep. Some Uranians don’t need Western Union to send a telegram.  Yet, there’s nothing superstitious about their thinking. A true scientist even if he’s a mechanic or a musician, the Uranian won’t jump to a conclusion until it’s passed the test of his keen mind. However, once he forms an opinon, it remains firmly fixed in his brain, and I do mean firmly. As strongly as he loves change in society and government, he won’t change his own idea one iota for anybody. He’s completely open-minded about world progress, but his mind clamps shut when it involves his personal behavior, which can be unexpectedly conservative. You can see that his
liberalism has its boundaries.
 Aquarians despise lying and cheating, and they avoid borrowing and lending. They’ll give you money as a gift, but don’t ask them for a loan. Did you ever try to touch Aquarian Jack Benny for a fast fifty? Jack may surprise you by saying yes, but be sure you pay him back promptly. A broken promise or bad debt can put a wide crack in your friendship. Aquarians keep their word and pay their bills, and they expect others to do the same. Charge accounts don’t normally excite them and credit cards can frighten them. All this love of honesty, however, can sometimes be distorted into questionable behavior. As much as he hates hypocrisy and double-dealing, the Aquarian can somehow answer questions so cleverly that he gives a false impression. Yet hell be outspokenly indignant if he catches anyone else guilty of such a delicate nuance of deception. He’ll seldom tell an outright lie, but he can
fool you in very subtle ways, which is hardly the essence of the honesty he so constantly preaches. His unrelenting search for truth and the desire to hide his own inconsistency if he’s going to learn the real truth about himself.
 Aquarians get credit for being idealists, perhaps too much credit, for true idealism consists of blind faith and optimism, and the Uranian is too shrewd to fool himself
with lost causes for long. He knows that most dreams are illusions, like the rainbow he has examined so closely and still loves. Tradition and authority leave him unimpressed. He’ll politely respect them, but they won’t stop his compulsive drive to uncover fallacies, distortions and illogical assumptions.  His mind and body must both be as free as the wind. To try to pin down the Aquarian is to try to stabilize the butterfly, to stuff a spring breeze into a closet or confine a winter gale in a bottle. It can’t be done, and besides, who in the world
would want to try? Though he’s so far ahead of his time that you have trouble catching his viewpoint immediately, it’s still worthwhile to make the attempt. You’ll always come away a little wiser, if a little bewildered. His astrological flower is the daffodil-and now you know the derivation of the word “daffy.”
 The soul of the water bearer is constantly torn asunder by Uranus, the unpredictable and violent planet of change which lets him see ahead with electric blue clarity to the future. Aquarius belongs to mankind. He represents its truest hopes and its deepest ideals. Even his metal, uranium, is not really a metal, but a radioactive, metallic chemical, found only in combinations. It’s important in atomic research, and it can undergo continuous fission. The magnetic majesty of eight bolts of brilliant lightning reflected in the Aquarian sapphire can split open his secrets for those who seek to know him-but only for an instant can you see into his lonely heart, long ago infused with Saturn’s ancient wisdom-unless you too live in tomorrow.
And here are my thoughts about what is mentioned here,
(1)That’s true that I don’t really give much importance to the wardrobe that I am wearing. I shall seldom bother about it.That said,I do like to wear Punjabi kurta-payjama’s and Punjabi shoes alot.
(2) Its true that I am very curious in nature. I do like almost everything, be it world politics or some new brand which has just come.
(3) I don’t know whether my eyes are as mysterious as mentioned here. But yes that’s true, I do bend my head sidewise when thinking or listening for some questions(and I never bothered about it uptill now)
(4) I am not sure that I do ask so many questions as mentioned. I am mostly a quite guy. But to be honest, I have mixed feelings about it, I guess I do some times and some times I don’t.Now I don’t know whose proportion is more high 😉 .
(5) I don’t think that its correct for me that I seldom stay in a relationship or I don’t believe in a steady relationship. On the contrary to that, I do believe in only steady relationships else I don’t think a relation is worthy to be having if you can’t be steady, honest in it. I don’t know but that’s not me to pick-drop people like clothes.
(6) I like this line ,”As
the Aquarian thinks, so will the world think in fifty years.”. Now I don’t know that I do come up with such kind of intelligence but yes I do find lots of disagreements with the way things/people work/behave.
(7) That’s correc that I do like to learn from where ever I am and I don’t really mind talking to many people. I guess, I talk to almost everyone who is ready to talk(and I like it even more when someone doesn’t want to talk and I have to make him talk).
(8) That’s correct that I am very punctual and I hate those who don’t show up ontime when they have fixed it themselves. If you are coming to see me, make sure you be on time else you have ruined the meet already by 80%.
(9) Its correct that I take time to decide things but once decided,its rare that I would change decisions. Its really tough to push me to that limit where I would go and change my last opinion/decision.I don’t think that I am from those who won’t be angry. I shall rather not mention that I am and will be quite. But if one would take me altar of that mood, I won’t sit and listen.There will be a series of counter replies,without a shadow of doubt.
(10) I like to give surprises.
(11) Its correct that it takes me time to trust people. But once its estabilished,it doesn’t matter what world would say about one. In the same way, it would take a real strong push to make me untrust you and trust me when I say this, it would take much more longer time to rebuild it if  you are going to break it.
(12) I don’t think that I don’t have a good memory.Its seldom thatI would forget some thing. Yes its possible when I didn’t bother about it in the very first place itself.But if I did hear it, I shall remember it or at least, a piece of it will be there for sure.
(13) Its correct that I learn most of the things by observations.I did like that line very much that an aquarian can tell you how many  eyelashes you have when you were thinking he didn’t pay any attention to what you were saying.Its correct :-).
Keep looking this space for the part-2 which is going to be about Aquarian Men and do let me know how far you think ,this all is true about me and about yourself?


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2. manushee - May 30, 2009

tee hee!! i am an aquarian too 🙂 and linda goodman’s right 🙂 i wrote about this tooo here…. 😀 http://deepdeepdown.wordpress.com/2009/04/28/of-sunsigns-and-other-funny-things/

3. Aman Sharma - May 30, 2009


Ahan one more Aqua! Yup, Linda is right about us , we are unique, a charectristic which at times is a blessing , at times a pain for others 😉 .


4. gaurav ghai - July 22, 2010

very true…i never used to believe ol dis astrology thing….but the discriptions are so true…

i mean…this is how i describe myself…even the minutest of details…wow…now i do believe..!!

5. saumya - September 7, 2010

yaa its reely nyc…….i gt to know maslf bttr…….:)

6. Adway - January 30, 2011

She talks of contradictory things in same paragraph without missing a bit. “Bad memory” & “recalling conversation next day” is one example. But then, I guess we serve surprises in all variety.

7. aaaaaa - July 2, 2011

yea we r weird but hey the world aint much betta is it

8. tudors - January 1, 2012

nice one………

9. Manya - January 31, 2012

Hi Aman…
i am interested in an aqua-man…plz help me as how can i understand him better…i would love to be more than his friend…


Libran lady

the greeny - June 24, 2012

hi Manya
What attracted u towards Aquarius guy…..?

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18. Varun - November 29, 2013

Thats me written all over 🙂

19. here - May 6, 2014


All About Aquarians By Linda Goodman…. | Aman’s Blog….ANYTHING goes here!

20. Catarina - January 3, 2015

this is so helpful honestly I’ve recently been going out with this aquarius guy and he’s so hard to figure out.
One minute he’s cooking for me at his house and saying things that surprise me such as: he wants to meet my family, he wants to travel with me, he’s like: oh WE should totally do this in the future… when we had only been with each other for like 4 hours!! It scares me though when he promises to call and doesn’t, doesn’t answer one call, ignores me, get’s SUPER cold.
We haven’t spoken for 15 days (since december 19) and he said he wanted to be with me for new years eve, that he’d like to spend it with me and my family and so on… but he hasn’t said anything since that day not even a “Happy new year” .
All I know right now is that I should let him come to me and if you’re experiencing the same you should too. He said his relatioships never worked because he felt that he didn’t need to give explanations to where he was out for the night, and that he felt smothered and girls would get too attached and emotional. I understood right away I think he’s testing me to see whether I give him space or not, and also he’s scared of this whole thing.
It is so impossible not to obsess over him and be crazy about him so I understand these girls but they didn’t know how to deal with someone like him he can get so cold and distant…
I’m dying over here not calling him, not texting it’s hard for me but I’m so into him you can’t even imagine he’s just the craziest most attractive person ever!
Girls, stay calm… If he likes you, he’ll come to you.
Hope I helped! Good luck!!!!

21. dee - January 4, 2015

lol. easier said thn done. wish u all the best.

I nvr thot I wld get caught in this vicious cycle but I did. thr was a long gap but sadly I was the one to get in tch. few mnths after that I realised this wl keep happening so I cut off many times. and each time he wld get in tch wid sm innocuous thing and I wld get sucked into the whole thng all ovr again.

infact last mnth the same thing happened and we actually communicated q a bit. I thot finally this is happening. but no it was just a repeat of erlier times. this time it probably hurt more bec I thot we finally covered lot of ground. I broke off finally and he got in tch on 1st to wish me NY. I thnk this is probably the first time I stayed totally firm to my decision and gave him an earful.

they are a brain drain and if they behave badly just don’t make excuses and lay down ur foot rt at the start. its v confusing. u r so close for few days and discuss so many days. and thn thr is nothing. nothing at all for weeks.. its diff to get going wid these men. but if u manage to break ice soon enuf then gud for u.

All the best…

22. Patricia - February 25, 2015

How have your relationships with gemini gone?

23. jhono - July 3, 2015

Hey I’m Aquarius this apples to me in many ways. It true I learn most important thing by observations

24. Navya - July 29, 2015

Linda Goodman is a terrific writer and her insights are too strong. I read Love signs like million times and now blogging on it, trying to interpret onscreen romances with her stories. Do visit and let me know feedback. http://lindas-love.blogspot.in/

25. Umesh Jalan - October 26, 2015

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26. Jaiyana - September 22, 2016

Oh my, your writing is so fun to read. It made me laugh joyously because of how true it is. I am Taurus woman and he is an Aquarius. We fell in love the first month of seeing each other. It was like a slap in the face, especially for him. I will give 2 examples of what you have written.

1. He asked for marriage the second week of knowing him. He said he wants family and is ready to settle down. I was shocked… a week later, he went to confused thoughts of I dont know what to do. It has been a back and forth thing with him on marriage and when we will finalize it. He tortures himself by trying to restrain himself from seeing me because he cannot resist me when we are together. He has even admitted it on numerous occasions, and he has even come so far to wear a baseball cap claiming it is our wall to prevent kissing.

He constantly expresses his love towards me, by saying he loves me very deep and that he loves me forever, sends me flowers and gives me sweet talk. And with excitement, he will say let’s get married, but then he backs out coming up with every excuse in the book and oftentimes blocks me from his life. Then he will come back from his retreat mode as if nothing had happened. He has come up with every excuse in the book to avoid the issue of marriage, and I think he has now ran out of excuses. But then he keeps coming back. My head is spinning.

2. You had mentioned, “You can expect the truth when you ask him a direct question. But if you doubt him and ask again, he’ll figure you don’t want the truth. To punish you, he’ll make up the wildest story he can dream of.” This happens to me on several occasions. Lol. And he will say something false to punish me. Haha

Jaiyana - September 22, 2016

We have been together one year now. We do not live together. He visits me only once a week and tries to set a schedule of seeing me which he fails everytime.


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