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Travel Time Has Come Again…. February 24, 2007

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Yes I am leaving tomorrow.  Its time for a tough challenge as the assignment is going to be tough and I am not sure what will happen.  Hope it will go absolutely fine.  Wish me luck and pray for me guys, I really need both of them.

Wasted Emotions…. February 24, 2007

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Somehow, someway I am liking the songs sung by Shail these days.  Not all of them but still some songs are definitely making an impact and forcing me to change my opinion about his singing talent which I always doubted so far.  Anyways this post is not exactly about his song.  This is about a video that he has made for his song “Oh Jia”.Yes the song is a soft romantic number with good lyrics.  If you are in love with someone , I recommend that you can dedicate this song to that someone special.  Well as I said that this post is not about the song but about the video.  So lets come back to it.  In the video , the hero(Shail itself) is in love with a gal but he doesn’t let her know and when he proposes her, he does it in a very casual manner.  So obviously gal gets upset and there are some small arguments that happen in them in the video.  Finally in the last, Shail gets his singing crew together, sings this song outside the gal’s home.  Gal really likes it and finally accepts and trusts on his love.  But she asks that from where the money has come from for all this stage show(if we can call that)?So Shail tells her that he has sold his bike for it.  Well gals gets a shock and asks Shail why does he has to do that, was he mad?Shail replies that yes he is mad and he is mad for her in her love.  A sweet hug comes from the gal understanding and valuing the sacrifice done by her guy and finally the video ends here.
So you must be wondering that what this post has to do with this video?Well I guess up till now you must have got that what is the point that I want to talk about?Yes its the same one where the guy sells his bike and does all that for his gal.  There are some people or I shall say very few people are there in this world who do this much for their loved ones.  But as its said, everything is fair in love and war.  So anything which is done for your loved one by you is nothing as comparable to him/her.  But there is one more thing which is worth mentioning here.  You are doing something for that someone special, is he/she really understanding and realizing its importance and giving some value to your efforts?Or is he/she treating it just like any other normal thing and saying “so what”?Yes there are some in this world who don’t give any importance for someone’s efforts and name their loved one’s heartful efforts just an act of selfishness and tell them that whatever they have done , they have done it just for their own happiness.  No one ever asked them to do anything like it and now when they have done too,its just their fault and stupidity that they have done that.  Was it really an act that has been done by that person for his/her own selfishness or happiness, I don’t know but yes I can say this that if this is the reward that you get after going through all the pain/trouble to see just that one smile on your loved one’s face, shine in his/her eyes than one thing definitely is true and comes in the heart that it was an act of stupidity for sure.  Your heart rips apart and the only thing that you think is that did you all that to hear this only?All one needs and longs when he/she does something, doesn’t matter how big/small that act may be,  few words from his/her loved one saying that his/her act is so much important and means so much and it will be always remembered and valued.  But some people think that its just too easy to climb a mountain just to see someone , its very much easy to cross across miles of distance and travel all the way to make someone happy.  May be it is too, I don’t know.  But how would you feel when you go all the way to see someone and there is no other business of yours over that place/state/city/country but you have to hear that the other person has no time to even see you?You sit and cry but that person never bothers, how should you feel?He/she is least bothered about you and your tears.  He/she knows that you are there but without bothering for you , he/she is busy in his/her own things.  It does hurt so much.  How much I cant say but yes it does hurt.  You go and see someone and after some time you are told that though you came, it wasn’t any big/important thing.  It was a normal thing and moreover, no one asked you to come even.  It was just your own call and you did that just for your own selfishness and for some profit/gain of yours only. It does hurt so much to hear that all your efforts, all your gestures to make that “someone special” feel special are treated in this way.  I don’t know why people do that?Why they forget that who has traveled all that distance, he/she wasn’t looking anything for him/herself.  All he had done was for just one reason and that was to make his/her loved one smile and make them happy.  Its very easy to say something like this but what’s really important is to understand that it takes a lot and yes a lot to do even a tiniest thing for someone and one must value it.  In this last tour of mine, in an annual function which was held in the premises of my company, one guy sang a song for his gal who came all the way from Delhi to Hyderabad just to be with him for one day.  Not anything special in it but that guy did value it this much that he decided to sing a song dedicated to his  gal on the stage and before starting that song, he announced on the stage to everybody about this act of his gal and after the song, called her on the stage to let everyone know and see that she is the one who did this much for him!Nothing special as like her he himself did for her but just this one small 5 minute time interval must have left a permanent mark on that gal’s heart that her act, all the trouble that she went through in the journey, adjusting her working schedules to see her guy for just 1 day, they got valued and didn’t go in vain and that’s something which is as important as doing something for someone.  But there are some in this world who says this even to their loved ones that it doesn’t matter to them at all that he/she has come to their place from wherever,they cant and wont do anything about it.  It matters least to them and they have nothing to do with it.  Its not their problem that the other person has come or ever came in the past too. Its a fault of that person who is coming and it was a mistake of that same person only who came in the past too.  It hurts like hell to hear all this. No one asks for an award or a statue to be made of his/her for these things but is speaking few words of appraisal, saying this much that it made them smile, is it too much tough or irrelevant to say? Or may be, we all today are this much busy that all these things have no importance for us.  We have become so much self centered and blind to see beyond ourselves.  But still some things never change no matter what are the times and this is one of those that if you cant value and understand someone gestures, acts , sacrifices done for you, at least don’t hurt them by making them feel saying that what ever they did, it has no importance whatsoever and it was a mere act of stupididy.No one is stupid enough to travel across the seas to come and see just someone and hear his/her voice.  Selfish people don’t(and they cant too) do that coz they don’t love anyone else but just themselves.  If some one did that for you, remember he/she did only because he/she loved you beyond limits and wanted to do something just to make you smile/happy.  Its not selfishness/stupidity to take  pain/trouble and do something for making someone happy and smile. Don’t hurt people by saying anything that his/her act was a selfish one. Remember it takes a whole life time to make someone happy but its takes just one moment to hurt someone.Dont make someone feel that their true emotions just got wasted.
I remember these lines which tell the pain of a lover hurt by his loved one.  They are in Hindi, I shall explain their meanings in English in a while.  Have a read:
Ik dil mere dil ko jakhm de gaya,
jindagi bhar marne ki kasam de gaya!
Lakhon phoolon se mein se chuna tha ik phool maine,
jo kaanto se bhi gehri chubhan de gaya!

And the meaning of these in English is as follows:
One heart hurt my heart so much,
Gave me hell for the rest of my life!
I selected out of thousand flowers one for me,
But the same has given me pain of thousand thorns.
I shall conclude by saying this only that value and respect your loved ones coz once you are going to hurt them, there wont be anything that you would be able to rectify your mistake.  And remember never make someone feel that whatever he/she did, all his/her emotions,love, it just got wasted coz according to you, it was an act of stupidity and selfishness.Dont make anyone feel like that coz it hurts so much to see the one you love walk away but what really hurts the most is when you let someone believe that you love them when in real you never did!

Love,Some Folds Unfolded Part V…. February 24, 2007

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Link To Part-IV    Link To Part-VI

Memories are the most precious asset anyone can have and most important gift anyone can give.  Yes only memories have this much capability that they can make one smile and cry  both at the same time. But how many of us today remember the memories?How many of give some happy memories to others?We don’t do that now a days.  People, rather than spreading love and harmony, spread pain and tears.  People forget others so soon.  It just takes a moment for the others to forget completely someone’s love, someone’s care and sometime that “someone” too.  People forget so soon that what the other was, how much he/she loved them and what they meant for him/her?People forget all the tears shed by someone for them , all the smiles that he/she smiled on their smallest success even.  People forget that  someone spent his/her so many nights awaken in missing them.  People forget someone’s efforts which were just to make sure that he/she could give them the best smiles, happiness and love of this world.  People forget that someone talked to their pic for hours, weaving dreams that one day that pic will talk too when that person will come in real to them.  People forget someone climbed the tallest mountain of this world for them, crossed the deepest sea for them.  People forget that someone was left crying  by them in the hands of the time and this cruel world, how did he/she survived, whether he/she really did survive or not even?People just forget everything so soon.
I recall these lines which are from a lover to his gal.  He is asking  her pic few things.  They are in Punjabi.  I shall explain the meaning of them in English in a while.  Have a read:
Usdi tasweer to ik swaal pucheya,
Kiven bhul gaye sada sacha pyar pucheya?
Kade aakhde c tere bina nahin sarna,
Aj sar gaya kiven, eho baar baar pucheya?
And their meaning in English is as follows:
I asked her a pic a question,
How could you forget my true love for you tell me?
You used I wont be able to live without you,
How are you able to live today without me,tell me?
I shall conclude by saying this that memories are the only thing which are left with anyone after some time.Dont be a reason that when your memories come to someone, they will force tears to come out from that other person’s eyes.  Love is not meet-greet-walk-away.  Its more than that.  Its very easy to be in love, its more easy to leave someone crying but its too much difficult to be with someone no matter what are the times or conditions.  Don’t just say “I Love You” standing on the tallest building of this world.  It makes no difference whether you say it from there or whisper in your loved one’s ears too.  But before moving forward, I must say that there are those too in this world who say this but they never mean it.  They just say it for the sake of saying, to make that other person happy who longs for hours and some time days even to hear these 3 words.  It hurts so much to wait for endless hours to wait for listening these 3 words.  But some does that too.  They never say this even when they know that the other person wanted to listen it so much!Don’t do that ever with your loved one.  It hurts beyond you can even imagine too.Dont make your loved one suffer just for hearing these 3 words.  He/she doesn’t deserve this torture.  But something which is more important than saying “I love you ” too is that you say ” I shall be with you forever, I shall always be there for you” because at the end of the day it is more about support than about declarations, it is more about having a familiar number to call and pour your heart out than about having to put your best voice on.  It is more about caring for the other person than guarding your own vulnerabilities.  Its not about the Valentine day gifts, roses and anniversary dinners, its about standing with your loved one in their toughest times when they need you. Dont leave them in between just because you think that staying with them will  cause you some pain.  If you cant even bear some pain for your love, if staying with them makes you feel embarrassed in front of your people,family and friends, if before declaring this that you are in love with someone, you think that you will lose some options of getting some good job , promotions or anything which is just for you, better sit and decide that whether you really are worthy of saying that you have that what it takes to be in love?Loving someone doesn’t mean that you think of yourself first.  Love means that you forget yourself and think about that other person first.  Before you think that you will lose some good option coz of your love, do remember that its very easy to get a new job, get promotion, get some good opportunity but that very person who loved you from the deepest of his/her soul, may be you wont ever find him/her again!Love is not about thinking of yourself.  Love is not that you hurt someone and assume that everything would be fine after some time.  Love is just like a glass, it will shine till the time its untouched.  Once you put a crack in it, it will never be the same again.  And remember, wounds given from those whom we love the most are never healed by time or anything else.  They never get cured.  People leave others saying that time will heal your wounds but they forget that time can heal wounds but marks of those wounds are never gone.  If you cant give someone smiles, try to give him/her few memories which he/she can cherish for his/her entire life.Dont  take away those to from him/her by giving him/her tears,pain and cries as there is nothing else you ever gave too.
All of this is true but something which is most important that you cant make someone realize something by saying about it.  If you really have to tell what is there in your heart to your loved one, if you have to count each and every thing that you did for your loved one in front of him/her, it just means this that you are cracking your head with a fall which will result only you bleeding.  Silence must be heard when one is in love.  Silence must be heard when two become one.  If you are saying all the above said to your loved one and trying to make him/her understand your feelings, there is something somewhere which is not right and above all, there is something very important which is missing ,yes love coz love doesn’t need words to make your feelings come out.  Love doesn’t need words to express your efforts and your pains and joys.  Love needs nothing butjust you and the sound of your unsaid , unspoken feelings which are understood implicitly by your loved one.  In love, silence speaks but you still need ears to listen it.

Too Funny…. February 24, 2007

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Well I guess all the IT companies listed here are exactly doing the same.It realy made me smile and as like always, I am sharing it with you.Have a read:

You have a 1000 poor cows. You put them on a nice campus, & send them one at a time to the US for milking.

You have 10 cows. You make them work so that they give milk of 100 cows.

GE has a cow. You take 49% of the milk.

Intel has a Goat. Samsung has a Camel. Buy milk from both & sell it as Cow’s milk.

You have old stubborn cows. You sell them as pet dogs to innocent small businessmen.

You have a cow. Force the world to buy milk from you. Spend a million dollars to feed poorer cows.

You have a bull. It doesn’t give milk. You hate Microsoft.

You have a cow. You don’t know which side to milk, so you sell tools to help milk cows.

You don’t have a cow You sell milking solutions for cows implemented by milking consultants.

You have a cow. You sell iMilk.

You have a cow. You spend $50 mn to develop the world’s thinnest milk.

Welcome to Citibank. If you have a cow, press 1. If you have a bull, press 2…stay on line if you’d like our customer care to milk it for you.

You don’t know if what you have is a cow. You sell complete milking solutions through authorised resellers only.

You have a donkey. People think you have a 100-year old cow. If someone finds out, that’s his imagination at work.

You don’t yet have a cow. You sell empty cans to people for Rs. 501, because Dhirubhai wanted everyone to have milk.

You have a very old cow. You re-brand it as TATA Indicow.

A Nice Coincidence… February 23, 2007

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Just today when I wrote the last post about smiles, I came to know that one of my very good friend, Kavita also posted something for the same,yes you are right smiles!  It was a nice co-incidence.  Very nicely  she has told about smiles and the hidden tears behind them.  Have a read of it here .

Do You Smile…. February 23, 2007

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Smile, happiness, such sweet and nice words.  Even just when we say them , a nice feeling comes in our mind of happiness all want to be happy and smile so much.  We all want that no pain, no sadness must come even near to us no matter what happens?No matter how much strong someone may be, he/she never wants to be sad, never want to sit and cry for anything.  Isn’t it so true?But does it really happen?Does it really happen that we are always smiling and are never  sad?No I don’t think so that it does really happen.  Smile is something which doesn’t come just from the face only.  It comes from the heart.  When your heart is happy , it will also show from your face too.  When you have no pain, no burden on your heart , it will shine in the form of smile and happiness from your face.  But can we control it?Can we really make sure that we are just going to smile always?Even when our heart is crying then too?Will that smile be real?Will that smile really will prove that we are happy, not just from the face but also from the heart too?
It is still easy to control that we from ourself wont do anything that will hurt someone and give us a reason to be sad thinking about that other person’s pain.  Yes this can be done and one must try to do that always that not even by mistake too, hurt someone so that his/her pain would come back to him.  Coz you can get and expect happiness only when you give it to others.  Only when you spread happiness and smiles than they will come back to you.  When you are going to spread pain,tears and hurt other people’s hearts, don’t expect smiles coz you will get only what you have given.  But still we can control this to some extent.  But what about that pain, what about those tears which are given to someone by no one other but from the most closest person?When you are rewarded by pain,tears and cries by your loved one for just one fault of yours that you loved her, it hurts so much!Every wound gives the pain but the pain caused by the wounds given by your closest ones hurts the most.  When you expect just a few smiles and you get so many tears in return, when you expect a little but of happiness and you get so much pain, its intensity is beyond words.  Those who do this, they never turn back to see what they have done and how much damage it has caused to that other person.  They never bother to look back even and stand for few moments.  Well they don’t really have any fault too in it as if they were that much conscious , they wouldn’t had hurt those who has loved them more than their own self too.  They just wont ever understand what they have done.  Its very easy to say that smile and always be happy no matter what happens.  People say it to the others very easily and yes it includes those also who have hurt that person but they forget sometimes, some wounds never heal and in the same way, some smiles which are crushed once, they never come back.  Smile is not just an expression of face, its an expression of heart and when someone’s heart is crying, its doesn’t really matter whether he is smiling from the face or not?
3 days back, one of my good friend Sonal asked me this that do I every smile too?Well the answer I gave was yes and yes its true to some extent.  I do smile.  But as I said just now every smile doesn’t mean its true and from heart too.  It may be possible that underneath that very smile, there are so many hidden pains,tears and cries.  I have lost that true smile that once I used to have sometime back.  There are so many smiles now on this face and just on the face but that smile which was mine,that happiness which was mine, is not there now.  It is crushed now to that extent that its not possible to recollect those crushed pieces even now.  I remember few lines which I like so much.  They are about smile only but also depict the pain hidden beneath a smile.  Firstly they are in Hindi.  I shall explain their meaning in English.  Have a read:
Har dil mein dard chupa hota hai,
Byan karne ka andaaz juda hota hai!
Kuch aansuon mein dard ko baha dete hain,
Aur kisi ki hasi mein dard chupa hota hai!
And their meaning in English is as follows:
Every heart is hiding some pain,
Its just everyone has a different way of expressing it!
Some drop it in the form of tears,
Smile of some depict the tale of their torture!
I shall conclude by saying this that if you are among of those who hurt some one and than say to yourself that you have not done anything, you are not at fault anywhere, sit and think once again.  May be you have done some damage for that other person which wont be healed neither by any time nor by any medicine too.  Before ruining someone’s smiles forever, always sit and evaluate that how many of them you have actually given to him/her coz if you have not given any smiles than you have no rights to take away the same too.  Smiles once lost are hardest to find, don’t be a cause for someone’s lost smiles ever.

Reunion Time…. February 22, 2007

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Today I met one of my very good friends, J who came from Patna for 3 days.  He is one of my best buddies, someone who is really so much naughty, witty , so much intelligent and sincere.  He has shifted  to Patna due to his family business and it was after one and half year, he had come over here to see me.  It felt so good to her his voice over the phone today.
We met at his office and than we went to have lunch together.There was so much to tell to him.  I told him almost everything that was there in the heart coz there is so much that did happen in all this time since he left.  While in the talks, I got emotional too talking about some things but J as like always did listen to everything what I had to say.  His opinion matters so much to me as he never says anything wrong or partially.  He told me so much and so many things.  As like always, his words were so much true and mature.  Well it was a long but a much awaited talk with him that I wanted to do.  After the lunch was over, we went for window-shopping at a mall.  Well as it was window shopping so we definitely didn’t buy anything but still something I noticed in the mall there which reminded me something.  I wanted to have a specific design shirt from so long.  Yes I could buy it any time but I wanted to get it from someone special.  Somehow it never happened and today it was right in front of me.  Well if you are thinking that I bought it than you are wrong.  I didn’t buy it.  Don’t ask why.  Anyway we had a good time there roaming around in the mall, jumping up and down.J is married with one son but still he is so much naughty!But the best thing that he is so much good from the heart.  So what ever he does, its just for fun.
So after almost 3 hours, I finally dropped him at the bus stand coz he had to catch his bus to his village.  He would be leaving on this Sunday back to Patna and even I wont be here too after this Sunday.  But it was so much good to see him today.  I guess now its my turn to go and see him.  Hopefully will do that very soon.

Helpless…. February 21, 2007

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Today I got two phone calls from two of my very good friends.  It was almost an year and half when I last spoke to them. I couldn’t get a chance to talk to them because they were getting married at the time when we talked last time and since then their old numbers stopped.  As I said, both are very good friends of mine and  even though I wanted to talk to them so much all this while and I couldn’t , I was always wishing that they both must be very happy in their newly started married life.  Hearing their voices after this long definitely was a nice and happy surprise.  But this happiness didn’t last for long when I heard how they are now?Both of them are not happy at all.  Every day they have to listen so much from their husbands for no fault of them.  This doesn’t stop here only, some times things have got more worse than this too.  Its not that they are my friends that’s why I am saying this but both of the gals are so much nice!And the reason which is making more upset is that I know why they let themselves get into this kind of hell!Yes they sacrificed their own happiness for their love.  Coz of the selfishness of their loved ones, they asked from both of these gals to go on a different path from them.  These gals suffered, cried so much but they agreed to what their loved ones asked from them and finally, for just the happiness of those guys, moved away from their lives.  They  told me that time that hope they will get some thing this much good that they can live their rest of their lives with some smiles.  But I don’t know why God just again punished those two poor souls only who already gave away everything just coz  they got selfish lovers!Why after undergoing through all that pain, heartbreaks, tears and cries, thanks to those two selfish and coward guys,  why God again gave them this much bigger hell?Yes it could have been a different scene if those two guys didn’t be so much selfish for just themselves and didn’t leave their gals just saying that we are helpless.  Yes it could be an entirely different scene altogether.  But it was never meant to happen as those who have to leave, they just leave without caring about anything, anyone who is left behind.  Without caring what would happen to those gals, how much they would suffer and cry, those two guys left saying just this that everything would be fine with time! But they  forgot this that time definitely heals wounds but the marks of those wounds are never healed by time itself even.  But those who want to leave, they never think about that and that’s the same thing that those two guys did too.  I wrote an entry some time before which was about that selfish souls cant love and its just came to mind again today.  Had those two guys not been selfish just for themselves, those two gals would had been much happier today.  But this wont happen now and they just have to suffer rest of their lives for the sake of the happiness that they gave to their loved ones when they left them.  I really don’t know what to say more about it as I am really really so much upset at the moment.  I really wish I could help them both in some way but to my bad luck, I can’t!I really can’t!I can just pray to that God that if he is there, at least do a fair thing and don’t just give tears and pains to only those who already are suffering by the wounds given by their loved ones.  They don’t just deserve pain and tears only.  They have a right for some smiles, some happiness too.  I just wish that he listens to me and takes away the tears and pain of those two friends of mine coz they definitely don’t deserve what they are getting at the moment.

Astrological View For 2007…. February 21, 2007

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Well I was just checking my mails and there I saw an online advertisement flashing and saying”know about 2007 for you”.Not a bad idea :-).In case you don’t know I am a Monkey from Chinese Astrology  and Aquarius from Indian astrological point of view.  Both of these signs make sure that when the sign bearer decides to do something, he does that for sure.  That’s the same what I did!So here is what I have found out for me in 2007 both for my Chinese and Indian sun signs.  Lets see how much is going to come true?Click on the following links:
2007 for Monkey Chinese animal sign
2007 for Aquarius
For your Indian sun sign forecast for 2007, click here.
For your Chinese sun sign forecast for 2007, click here.
Well it is said too much in these reports that I am too much intelligent and all that.  I seriously have no idea why they say like when intelligence and me share the same relation which water and fire has.  Also they say so much that the person of this sun sign is so much good and all that, again something which is not even closer to myself.  Well lets see how things go?Fingers crossed!

Things We Miss In Life…. February 20, 2007

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I guess most if not all of these points are absolutely true. I got them while stumbling upon net.Hope you will like them too.Have a read:

(1.)5 minutes ago you were traveling to office at 80 mph. in your brand new car. Now you are traveling to hospital at double the speed in an ambulance, you wish there was undo (ctrl + Z) in life!

(2.)You are already late, and your key is missing, you wish there was find tool (ctrl+F) in life!

(3.)You are a bankrupt, after investing in some weird business, you wish there was rebuild all in life!

(4.)The train is so crowded that you cannot get anywhere near that nice girl at the other end, You wish there was zoom & view full screen in life!

(5.)After marriage you realize that there is bound to be a mismatch, you wish there was an evaluation period or at least a sample download or a demo version!

(6.)One day you realize that you are turning bald, you wish there was cut and paste (ctrl + X)/(ctrl + C) in life!

And the best one is ….

(7.)The best part of the keyboard is U & I are together which is not always there in life….