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A Really Soulful Song-Yadaan By Benny Dhaliwal…. August 2, 2016

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It’s been a while since I have mentioned any song. I have few that I would translate and post, hopefully soon. But today, one song has made me post its translation cos not only the song’s lyrics are so deep and touching but even the video of the same, is just so emotional.

The song’s title is Yadaan and is sung by the singer, Benny Dhaliwal. TBH, I don’t really like his songs much as  most of his songs are most appropriate for getting played in clubs. Music or I should say, lots of beats, in his songs take precedence over the lyrics and even lyrics are, at the best just okay. But in this song-Yadaan, almost everything has been right on the mark. And the first and foremost highlight are the lyrics of this song. RipJeet is the lyricist of this song. Music of this song is given by Beat Minister. Benny has sung this song with lots of emotions embedded in his voice. The video, I believe, is picturised as a childhood story of Benny which I am not sure whether is true or not. But nonetheless, when you are going to watch the video and hear the song playing along with it, it’s inevitable that you won’t have tears in yours eyes.

Here is the official video of the song. It’s dedicated to a later British-Indian wrestler Jeet Singh Chatha.

The song is in Punjabi. Here are the lyrics of the same in Punjabi first,

Haye kade na rukiyan eh jandian lehran,
Dhall hi gayian ethe sikhar dopehran!
Patjhad agge godde tek te baagan!
Tur jana jindriye chhadd ke yaadan!

Tur gaye khidari jindagi to harr ke!(X2)
Mukk gaye gavaiyye mann sab da bhar ke!(X2)
Muk gayi ameeri, saath chhaddne saajan!
Tur jana jindriye chhadd k yaadan!(X3)

Ethon tur gaye raaje, tur gaye raanjhe heeran!(X2)
Eh dharat waderi, baki sabh leeraan!(X2)
Othe honge lekhe change maade bhaagan!
Tur jana jindriye chhadd k yaadan!(X3)

Tuun mann di Sandhua, rakh chadar chitti!
RipJeet v teri aukaat hai mitti!
Jad tur gaya Benny, fer rona raagan!
Tur jana jindriye chhadd k yaadan!(X3)

Chhadd ke yaadan!(X2)

Here is the translation of the song in English,

Never it is possible to stop the departing waves!
Even the scorching afternoons would descend!
Orchards have knelled down in front of autumn!
Soul would depart leaving just memories!

Players have fled after losing to the life!(X2)
Artists have demised after entertaining the world!(X2)
Affluence has vanished,
Orchestra would stop being a companion!
Soul would depart leaving just memories(X3)
Kings got extincted from earth and so did the lovers!(X2)
This earth is foremost, rest everything is lowly!(X2)
In the court of God, justice would be served for being good or bad!
Soul would depart leaving just memories(X3)

Sandhu, you just keep the slate of your conscience clear!
RipJeet, you have no standing!
When Benny would scram, ragas would shed tears!
Soul would depart leaving just memories(X3)

I am not sure what else I can add to this song. Just would say that those who leave their loved ones and go to God, not sure whether they look down or not. But those who are left on this earth, for them, every passing moment brings just tears when all they wish for, is to see that person, even just for a moment would sufice but irrespective of how hard they would wish,  their pray would remain unanswered. We all have to go one day-a statement which is very easy to make in an attempt to console someone but doesn’t help much.