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Feeling Exhausted, Completely…. May 30, 2014

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At times, no matter how much you feel strong or push yourself, there comes a moment when you feel like really really exhausted and burnt out. And that’s exactly the same how I am feeling right now. I have finished this week’s work and now sitting at the airport. There is going to be a long delay in my flight( 45 minutes) which is not a surprise as the airline is Air India . If they are able to fly on-time, than it’s a surprise but being late is just so normal for them. Just one more thing to make me feel irritated. What’s the other reason that I am feeling irritated? Well, without any reason, I have got fever last night, that’s why!

Last few weeks were really hectic and tiring, both physically and mentally. I had a back-to-back travel from Cambodia to Hyderabad and then from Hyderabad to Banglore. I was somehow managing but I guess, my body gave up on one day when I just collapsed. Took some rest and got my momentum back. Got a small break but I couldn’t get any rest as my mom wasn’t well at all. Her sugar levels got so very high(350-400) and doctor asked us to take immediate action. He changed some medicines, started some new ones and asked her to be really really careful with her health. She does takes a lot of care of herself but still, the sugar level got so high somehow. Since she is a heart-patient as well, it’s even more important that her sugar levels remain in control. I had to come to work this week as it was already scheduled long time back. Just when I was having a little bit of relief seeing that the session is going well, I got fever, don’t know how? All of a sudden, last night, I felt like my throat having so much pain and I felt so much cold. I switched off the air-con, took a tablet for the medicine and barely was able to get some sleep. Now, the fever is not there but still, feeling like so much tired. Just had another tablet and a cup of tea. Hopefully, tea would show its magic and once I get down from the flight, I shall be feeling better. Fingers crossed!

Despite that the fever and all the other tensions gave me so much tough time, one good at least did happen-my session did go really well! The delegates were really good , friendly and co-operative and we had quite good discussion rounds. In between of all the techie discussions, we also managed to squeeze-in great deal of laughs as well which kept the whole session really light and lively. All the delegates left with a smile on their face which is always a great sign that they liked the program and the person who delivered it-which is yours truly! Not only they gave an excellent rating but also they took snaps with me and I am so thankful to all of them for being so kind and friendly. Hope we shall again get together in some other session soon. I also met my very close friend Senthil whom I don’t see very often now as he doesn’t travel much now-a-days. But it’s always a pleasure to meet him. Luckily, this time, he was delivering a session in a room next to mine so we could spend some time together. He took me to show the new office as well. I met him for few minutes today and since I had to leave today for the airport in the evening so I said bye to him in the afternoon only. Hopefully, we would be able to meet some other time soon.

So the session went fine but it doesn’t seem like I can say the same about the travel tonight. It’s going to be another 2 hours before I would come to know whether the flight is taking off or would be further delayed. Traveling, at times, becomes really tiring and boring and when somewhere Air India is involved, the phrase “bad experience” achieves a whole new height.

Signing off and going to get lost in the waiting-zone!


Weeks Is Over But Not The Tour…. May 10, 2014

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So it is Saturday here at Phnom Penh (Cambodia) and I am done with my work of this week here. It was a tiring week and at some instances,  I got a really upset as well. Tiring because of the module-Oracle Security is a really difficult module to deliver if you ask me. There is a lot of concept that goes into the Security contrary to many who thinks when it comes to Oracle database Security, Auditing is the only thing to remember. Anyways, let me not bore you with what is Oracle Security. The other reason I found the week tough was the language. At the customer site, just a few delegates spoke English well while others did try very hard but not really able to do it so well. And that makes it really really hard to communicate with the people sitting in front of you when you have to look at their facial expressions, body language along with whatever they are saying to understand the context of the discussion. This proved to be the hardest part of this week’s session. I hope I managed it okay as the final rating is “really good” (won’t mention what it is though but take a guess if you can) . And lastly, as I mentioned, I got a little at some moments as well. I can understand when someone has difficulty in understanding the vocal language but what about the reading and following the written text? If almost all the chats, emails you are doing in English, it does mean that at least when it comes to reading the written text, it’s okay for you to do so. Then why it is so hard to follow so simple instructions? More than the real issues to solve in the sessions, I had to solve the issues like when someone hadn’t bothered to read that he/she has to be in a particular folder(directory for those who use only Windows) to open a specific file? How hard it is do and that too when you are already supposed to know the bare minimum of Oracle database anyways? Well, seems like this was also a difficult task for few delegates but giving them the benefit of the doubt, I guess may be they were pushed into the program simply because it was happening. It wasn’t checked properly that whether they were really a good fit for such an advanced program or not actually. Anyways, as it is said that all is well that ends well so I guess I would say thanks to all who attended the session and I hope it is going to be useful for you. Despite of the things I mentioned, all the delegates were really nice, friendly and tried their best to understand the module and tried to take care of me in the best possible way. One delegate even made coffee for me twice despite that I asked him so many times not to do it. So a big thank you everyone! I hope we shall be meeting again soon in some other program.

So this week is over but it’s not the same for the travel. I have another program at a different location at India and for that, travel will start in about 2 hours from now and it would be a LONG and tiring travel. Besides almost 6 hours of flying time in two parts, I would need to wait for almost 13 hours at the airport to catch my  connection. It’s time to start packing the bag and getting ready now. See you latteeeerrrrrrrr!!

Traveling Is Fun…. May 4, 2014

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Many times, I am asked that how do I find traveling, tough, easy, enjoyable, boring, tiring( that’s not something to be asked but anyways) and whatever one can think of at the very moment. To tell the truth, except of boring, traveling is everything. But some times, besides being tiring, it can be a little frustrating as well. And the same happened with me just now when I came for check-in. I was told at the check-in counter that I am in a “RR” list which is a list of the people selected randomly for custom verification. Well, not sure why my name was in that list but it was nonetheless and that means, I had to clear the customs before I could be finally called “cleared” for flying. Now, it wasn’t that I was wearing tons of gold or was carrying loads of cash but still, the procedure had to be followed. So after I cleared my immigration check I was sent to the customs. The custom lady asked me couple of questions like where I am going , what do I have in my hand bag and the checked-in bag etc. But the interesting thing happened when she asked that what do I do for living? When I replied that I work as an instructor for a software called Oracle database, she immediately understood and guess why, because her son was doing the same thing for about 3 years before he got settled down in a more 9-5 job. That was a life saver as after that, the conversation was very casual and she cleared me of just like that. Nice isn’t it? You never know when doing Oracle database can bring you out so smoothly from a tense situation like sitting in a customs interview. One more reason to do Oracle database eh :=) ?

Now, I am waiting  for the flight and hopefully, all would go fine from now on. Fingers crossed!

Traveling With An Unstable Mind…. May 3, 2014

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It’s been quite a while that I have written any post and updated my blog. Not that I don’t have anything to say. On the contrary, there is a lot that I probably could share like how I travelled to KL and did deliver a very tough module and how I managed to survive in a recording session(it was an Oracle related one , just for the record), how I fell sick and was being so unwell in the past few days and many such incidents. But I couldn’t or probably, I didn’t for one reason or the other. Anyways, I hope that I shall be able to remain more active form now on. But still, it’s not certain cos I am not really in a pleasant state of mind and the reason of that is that my mom is not well since the very starting of this year. I have been at home for a week and in all these past few days, she has been able to sleep for just a day or two peacefully else at every night, she was having just so restlessness. And the worse thing is that it’s affecting her mentally. My heart shattered into pieces when the other day, she said to me with so much sadness, aman my health is not keeping well. I tried to kept as much brace face as possible and also tried my level best to make her feel strong. All I am praying at the moment that she must remain fine and healthy. I am supposed to travel to overseas tonight and to be honest, I am just feeling so scared and missing my dad just so very much!