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Cambodia Tour Wrap-up & Health…. July 29, 2012

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Yes, I am back from Cambodia. If you have read my last few posts, you must be knowing that it wasn’t a very smooth sailing tour from many angles but a mix of many things.  But finally, like any other tour of mine, it also is finished now and I am back at home and also,  I am back to going hospital and taking medicines. More on medicine and hospital later though. First, let’s talk about the tour.

Cambodia was one place where I hadn’t never traveled before and also, I didn’t ever plan also to be honest since I never tried to explore about the place. But as I believe that wherever you are destined to go, you would go there for sure doesn’t matter what, finally I got an assignment scheduled to this place and that’s how I ended up visiting there as well. As you might have read from the other post of mine, the tour didn’t start on a very good note as my luggage didn’t arrive from the connecting flight-something that never did happen with me before and I really wish it won’t happen ever again too. Anyways, I won’t repeat all that thing here again because its all mentioned here. The tour in general was okay. Though the rating of my second session wasn’t really so good overall though the section which was specific to me has a good score, still I am not upset with the overall tour. The people, entire staff at the customer site was very friendly and helpful and also were very kind. Two person are must for me to mention without whose help, I couldn’t have survived for a single day at that place and they are Abhishek and Chaitnya. These were two Indian folks who were also at the same site but were looking after some another project. Since they were both also strict vegetarians like me, they helped me immensely in finding out some Indian food joints and also, being so kind, once they brought food for me as well which they cooked themselves. I mean, that’s what you call being really helpful and kind, don’t you? A big thanks to both the guys for being so kind and helpful. I hope we three can meet some other time soon.

My journey back to home did start very early, at about 2pm when I left from my hotel to the airport. But I had a long wait to do before I could actually start my travel because my flight was leaving from Phnom Penh to Bangkok at 7:30pm local time and I had a long rather, very LONG time to kill. Now since I had a lot of time in my hand and also, I had a bad taste in my mouth from my arrival journey of delayed luggage, I decided to grill the airline staff for the same and to ensure that this won’t happen again! Fortunately for me, the chief of ground operations was standing on the counter and when he heard my whole story, he ensured that it won’t happen this time. He instructed the lady on the counter to put the appropriate tags on my luggage and to double check about the transfer tags which would ensure that I shall get my luggae safely and without any issues at India. He also instructed that even though he is going to ensure that I am going to get the ongoing boarding pass for the connecting flight as well, I still must check with the transfer counter of my airline at the Bangkok airport and make them assure me that my luggage is actually loaded on the on-going flight. A very important and useful tip it was for me TBH. Anyways, I had to wait so I kept on sitting quietly with my left leg safely put on the seat because of the stitches. When you have nothing to do and wait, its a real painful thing to do but I had no other choice. Finally, the check-in was announced and as I was promised, I was taken well care of at the check-in counter by the ground staff. Finally, I was having some time free to grab something to eat as I was starving-remember I left the hotel at 2pm without having anything. I had a piece of cake with a cup of Espresso coffee and now, was sitting and waiting for the flight to be announced. It was supposed to be 7:30ppm when we had to fly but due to late arrival of the flight, we started at 8:15pm. Still, the pilot ensured that we won’t spend much time in the air and we landed at Bangkok airport at 9:20pm. It is worth to mention that the same flight took 90 minutes when I came down. Anyways, I had to go the security and then en-route to the transfer counter. It was (still is) very painful to walk because of the stitches but you got to do what you got to do. When I reached the transfer counters , I was told that since my flight is at 6:50am in the morning, the counter would be opened at 4am. So it means, it was another very long wait for about 9 hours. Since I had nothing in the flight because they had nothing what can be called vegetarian, I was really hungry. So I ordered a veg. Paasta , a water bottle and a Cappuccino. It was going to be a long time and whenever there is such incident that I have to wake up early in the morning, I can’t sleep. So after having that little “dinner”, I just sat on a bench, popped out my ipod and started listening songs and also started watching those hundreds of other passengers and what they were doing. Its just so amazing to see how funny people can be even on a public place like an airport. If you know me, that’s one of my favorite things to do anyways and I had a lot of time in my hand to do so too!

Finally, it was 4am and I was standing on the counter of the Jet Airways. The lady sitting there was extremely helpful and she confirmed me that my luggage has got a “through-check-in” and I should be getting it at New Delhi. But , yes here also was a tip given, she suggested that I should ask at the time of the boarding confirmation of my luggage since that’s the time when the luggage would actually get into the flight and if there would be any confusion or issue, it can be checked at that time. Since I really didn’t want to wait for my luggage at Delhi as my leg was really hurting, I decided to do this too. It was time to grab another cup of coffee and this time, I chose a Latte.  It was about 5:30am when the boarding was announced and the staff at the counter called and confirmed that luggage is getting loaded. Finally, I had a sigh of relief and boarded the flight with a smile. I thought that I shall catch some sleep in the flight but that didn’t happen as there was a lot of turbulence. So I was forced to watch the in-flight entertainment system and I saw two movies The Bank Job and Chronicle. I am not sure that I liked the movie Chronicle much but the former one was good. There was light breakfast that was served and finally, we landed safely at New Delhi’s international airport. I was having extreme pain in my leg and fortunately, my luggage came almost instantly. I had called a cab already since traveling in a bus wasn’t under my ability at that moment. At last, after almost 15 days, I was going back to home, having mixed feelings of happiness and worry-both! Feeling of happiness is easy to understand I believe. About worry, I shall explain next. Keep on reading.

If you are a regular here, you would be knowing that I had met with a car accident-a major one actually and how the (stupid) doctor decided to stitch my wound after 20 days. I can’t express in words that how very painful the whole task was for me to bear! It would take a lot to make me scream with pain and that doctor did make me reach to that point. I couldn’t walk for 3 days after getting those stitches and guess what, I had to travel that very day to Cambodia. Anyways, I have mentioned it all in my last post. Finally, the stitches were there and I took a great deal of care to not put my leg in any sort of pressure or make it stand for a longer time in addition to get the dressing done every day and also to have the medicine properly. The wound was okay in all of these days . Yes the stitches were definitely there and I was so desperate to get back and let the doc cut them and tell me that its all sorted out now. Finally, I was back at home but I couldn’t visit doctor for two days because there was some tension related to work that came up. In these two days, I didn’t have the medicine and also didn’t do the dressing because the wound was looking dried up and almost healed. But from the night of the 2nd day, I was feeling a little pain in my leg. I thought it would be something related to stitches but that was just my thought process. Before going to that doctor who had done stitches on my leg, I decided to go and check at Appolo hospital. The doctor over there told me that its all fine and I can go and get the stitches cut. It was good to hear that so next stop was my doctor who was treating me since day 3( I didn’t take any medicine in the first two days of the accident). He saw me and dropped a bomb right away that I must had got the stitches cut in about 5 days. HUH? When the heck you told me to do that doc, I asked? He said, I did ask you to do so. Now, I really don’t remember when that idiot had said that to me and I am not so bad in remembering things so I am pretty sure that he didn’t. Anyways, he got the stitches out and said, its all fine. But it wasn’t. My leg was hurting and it was a dark red circle enclosing my wound. By next day, walking even had become so painful for me. I once again went to Appolo hospital and doc there told me that its indeed infection which has come up. Even he was surprised that how it could happen because just one day prior, he checked me and it was all good. He gave me medicines and asked me to come for a re-checkup on Tuesday. So at the moment, its been 44 days of my accident and I am still having medicines, applying the ointment on the wound and praying that it must be healed as soon as possible. And to be honest, I am really worried and scared as well. Its been so many days and finally, when I had a hope that its going to get better now, once again this infection has came up. I have nothing in my hands except to have medicine and visit doctor when he would ask me to. But I am becoming really desperate or you can also say, impatient now. There is a lot that is on my shoulders and the last can I ask for is another worry and that too related to my own health. Hope god would be kind and it gets healed somewhat soon.

I am on break for next week as well for Rakhi. Its been 2 years that I had to miss it because of my travel but this year , I was determined not to let that happen. Hope this break would help me in getting healed as well.

Movies, City Tour & A Nice Song…. July 19, 2012

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No, that’s not the normal routine of mine. Its just that there is nothing else I can do here at Phnom Penh after my day is complete other than coming and watching movies. And on the weekend which has just passed, that’s something what I did almost all the time. Some were already seen and some were new. I can’t recall all of them but below are few which I remember that I watched,

Fast Five: It was an okay movie. If you have seen Fast and Furious and its other parts, you won’t find it too interesting. I have seen them so you can guess how I felt :>). But I hadn’t seen it before though.

Battleship: Just another movie where aliens attack and some one saves the world/earth. Hadn’t seen it before so yeah, I can say that I have seen it now.

The Double: Again a movie that I hadn’t seen before. I can say it was okay but the deal breaker for me was that the whole suspense of the movie was gone in the first half an hour itself.

Just Go With It: Well, for me it was a new and a very good movie. Though all the actors were fine, for me the two kids really stole the movie!

You Don’t Mess With Zohan: Another new flick and another movie of Adam Sandler but kind of crazy movie and to be honest, though it was supposed to be comedy movie, there were few moments when I found the movie funny.

Gulliver’s Travels: Yet another movie that I hadn’t seen and I don’t think that I missed something really great! Okay movie, one time watchable , that’s about it!

X-Men: Well, I had seen it already.

The Expendables: It was a new one for me. Not really something I would want to see again. For once, it was okay.

Spider-Man: Once again, something that I had seen before but still was worth watching again.

Skyline: It was a new one for me and probably, it was one of the most bizarre alien movies that I ever saw. Complete waste of time!

There were few more but I can’t seem to remember anything that would lead me to their names. Still the list is not a short one isn’t it :=) .

But that’s not the only thing that I did. I went for a short city tour as well.

To my surprise, the city is very nicely built and also, the people are very nice , friendly and humble. You can imagine from this the coordinator of my session drove me for 3 days back to my hotel and one evening, he went along with me to 4 different hotels when I was looking around to change my current one. I didn’t have much time to go through all the places but still, I did manage to see few places and yes, I managed to take some pictures too with my new phone. Here is a link to them. I am not much of a photographer per se so if you think they are badly taken, I shall be fine with the comment.

That’s just a quick post and not a proper one to summarize my trip and couple of more things. Its time now to have some coffee and listen to a song that I just found yesterday. Its from an upcoming Punjabi movie Carry On Jatta and the song that I am absolutely in love with for the moment of it is Marjawaan . Its not officially out yet so just a snippet of it is available officially and here it the link to it,

If you want to listen the complete song, its here. The song is an amazingly sweet song and for a change, I did like a song which is not a sad one. Hope the movie lives up to its expectation. If you don’t understand Punjabi, well, just enjoy the music and the video :=).

Travel & Tensions Going Hand-In-Hand….. July 14, 2012

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Its 9:30am local time at Phnom Penh where I am at the moment since this Sunday. Its Saturday and I have two days of off time with me but I am not sure what to do with it because of many factors. The only good thing is that I managed to finish my this week’s session with a good rating. There were no comments but still, I am happy about the rating considering the language challenge that is here. I have one more session pending for the next coming week still though. Let’s see what happens in it.

This travel seemed to be started with a very painful and rough start. If you are a regular here, you would be knowing it already that I have met with an accident (again) and I haven’t still recovered form the injuries. Now,its almost more than 25 days that it has happened so this is actually a very serious thing for me because I am not having the privilege to be at home and wait for it to get healed properly but have to go out to earn bread and butter for my family. So I insisted the doctor taking care of the injury that he must make sure that it gets healed as soon as possible, to which he said sure it would-just as doctor would say to you anyways. Since dad is not there with us anymore so its very important that I must get fine as soon as possible and for this very reason and also that doctor told me that since I didn’t take care of my wound for the initial 2 days and now it has got infection, I got even more worried and concerned and may be for the first time, I did have all the medicines, took all the injections in a very disciplined manner. If you know me, I am not very well known for taking medicine or follow and listen to the doctors much so for me.

Now, as I had followed all what the doctor said and also made sure that in every alternate days, he is also examining me properly, I expected that the wound also heal. But it didn’t and then came up this two week of overseas travel at Cambodia. If I am at India or at home, I can take rest or at least can go to a doctor easily. Its not so easy to do when you are traveling overseas and that too for work. And this did make me both worried and more concerned so the very day, when I had to leave for Delhi to catch my flight, I told the same to the doctor and asked him to give me medicines for all these days and also to examine my wound more carefully. And here at this point the stupid doctor just woke up may be from his sleep and said that my wound needs stitches to be done over it. Huh? Are you kidding me, I said to him because I knew that stitches were required but since he didn’t say anything about it when I showed him my wound after 2 days of accident so it was an obvious thought that may be its late for them now and normal dressing should sort things out. Now, after almost 20 days of the dressing, he suddenly said that stitches are required and that too on that day when I have to travel! I was so angry but I just managed somehow to keep my cool and asked that why we didn’t go for this in all these past days-to which he gave a very stupid reply that we left it on God and believed that he would heal the wound along with the medicines that we are giving. OMG WHAT A BS! But I had no other second option to pick. The doctor did put the stitches and also did cut open the wound to get all the dead tissues and god knows what else, out! All I can say that I didn’t feel that much pain when I got the injury as much as I felt at that time. Its not very easy to make me scream with pain of the wounds and I am not bragging about it. I have faced plenty of accidents by now and I know how to endure the pain but this one was beyond my limit to bear. Anyways, the process was complete and now I had to travel with these stitches only and work in the same situation. It was hurting like hell and it seemed that the pain would just kill me.

And just when I thought that this would be the only thing that has gone wrong, I was again proven wrong.

I had a connecting flight from Bangkok to Phnon Penh. The flight from Delhi of Jet Airways started almost an hour late and then it did touch down happened also very late at Bangkok airport. This left me just about 10 minutes to go and grab the next flight of mine. Its not a very long time but with my condition, it appeared too small because I couldn’t walk at all. Somehow, I did manage to reach before the counter would close. Ironically, the stupid airline was again delayed. I just could wait and finally, set out for Phnom Penh. Now, this flight from Bangkok Air doesn’t offer any vegetarian food because according to them, it must be told to them 24 hours prior the flight. So it means that there was nothing to eat for me in the flight. Well, not so bad , I said to myself as I thought I shall have something at my hotel. The flight took 90 minutes to reach, double of the actual scheduled 45 minutes but finally we reached. When I went to the immigration, he asked my nature of visit and when I told that I am here for a training session, he couldn’t understand. After few non-understandable communication attempts , he finally stamped my passport and I was through. After that it was a usual wait for the luggage and here came another surprise or rather I should say, shock! The last luggage bag was picked and mine didn’t show up at all in all this while. It never happened with me and I am traveling a lot from a long time. Now, it wasn’t still going to be a big issue as airlines take care of such things but it was already 11pm and I had to go for session next morning and I was wearing a six-pocket trouser with a tee. I was furious and immediately checked with the local airport staff. They told me that they have already got the info that my luggage is there at Bangkok airport , hearing which was a relief but the shocker was that my luggage was not coming today but tomorrow morning on a different flight. It was  just so stupid and I was just so so angry. But there was nothing that I could do so I signed the form for the missing luggage, mentioned my hotel’s name and asked for the luggage to arrive ASAP in the morning and I was promised the same too. Now, all I could do was that to wait in my hotel and pray that my luggage would come on time so that I can go for work on time. But its quite less often that prayers become true isn’t it?

My luggage arrived but instead of as first thing in the morning , at 12pm noon. I had already asked the sales person to inform the customer about this stupid problem and fortunately, client was okay to start the session late. So on Monday, I started the session at 1pm and finally things started to get rolling,

Now, there is everything else that’s fine about the place where I am except that its surrounded by pubs and night clubs, both which has no use to me and that there is no veg food in the hotel or around. Fortunately, I met two Indian fellows who are also working at the same site for a project and they very kindly gave me numbers of few veg good restaurants. They are here for 6 months and shall be leaving soon and they are very kind I must say. They ordered food for me and didn’t let me pay once and also, yesterday they cooked lunch for me along with their and brought it. Absolutely fantastic!

Now, I have this weekend free with me and I have no idea what to do as I am still toying with the idea of going for a short city tour or not because there is a lot going on in my mind. There is some tension that has crept in related to work and I am not sure when I shall go back, what would happen? It has nothing to do with me but to the people with whom I work with. Its a big time tension on my mind at the moment along with the tension about the wound and so many other things. Let’s see what happens. Hope it would go fine. Fingers are crossed!

Its just so frustrating at times that all what you want is just a little peace and that too seems like too much to ask for, isn’t it?

Amazing Poetic Masterpieces(Again)…. July 2, 2012

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Its Monday morning but I am at home thankfully, just waiting for the clinic to get open so that I can visit my doctor. So what can be more better than surfing the web for some amazing poetries isn’t it? And when you are out for looking something, it has to come to you so here are two for today which I found just superb. Have a read,

Mujhe bhi sikha do bhool jane ka hunar,
Mujhse yøon raato’n ko uth uth kar ab roya nahi jata!


And its translation in English is,

Some one please teach me too the art of forgetting,

I can’t cry staying awake all the night anymore!


And here is the 2nd one,

Meri aankho’n me chupi udaasi ko mehsoos to kar, aye dost!
Hum wo hain, Jo sabko hansa kar raat bhar rotey hain!!


And its translation in English is,

Try to look deeper in my eyes to find the hidden sadness in them my friend,

I am one of those who cry all nightlong after making all smile the whole day!


Ain’t they are amazing but as always, for some , these would be just two lines!

Have a happy Monday everyone!

Back Home, Session(s) Saga & Accident(Again)…. July 1, 2012

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Yes, I got back home yesterday after spending a week at Banglore. It was supposed to be a light week with no adventure expected( or asked for) to happen but somehow, still the week didn’t go very smooth. May be because when you are injured, have a group of a little distracted delegates and thinking about home, this is inevitable.

If you are a regular here, you would be knowing that I met with an accident-a big one! What I was asked actually by the doctor that I should take complete bed rest to get my wound healed but since this session was a long time back scheduled one and also wasn’t very tough, I decided to go for it anyways. Yes, I definitely needed to carry my medicines along with the dressing that I was supposed to do daily twice over the wound. Since I couldn’t travel by public bus and the AC bus timing was not suiting me, I started the travel by taking a cab from home to Delhi. Fortunately, the cab was a good one( the driver was a moron) and all I did was that I just took naps. There was nothing adventurous that happened along the way and finally, I was at the airport. Surprisingly, Kingfisher airline despite being just pathetic, was flying on time. I finished my check-in formality and entered the departure area. I hadn’t eaten anything so I thought that I shall have something. The T3 Terminal offers lots of choices and I have tried quite a few of the outlets already. This time, I wanted to try something from Yo-China and that’s from here itself, I think I started to get a feel that not everything in this trip would be going smooth. There was nothing available from the outlet except the dim-sums because something in their kitchen went wrong, some machine I guess. So I went back to one of my favorites SubWay to grab a sandwich. After waiting for a while, it was time to board the flight and set out for Banglore, away from the heat of Punjab and getting into the chills of the amazing Banglore, not to mention to kick off a basic session for possibly a group of new hires who would be just stepping their feet on the path of a long journey to learn this amazing software Oracle database!

But as like always, its not always the path that has to be interesting or amazing but the traveler must also have a will to set his foot on that path and be ready for the challenges coming along the way and not all has a heart or will to do the same.

In my last two sessions, the one that I conducted last week and one preceding it, I found one thing common among the delegates-a lack of enthusiasm for the learning. Yes, it doesn’t apply to all the delegates who were in the session but when a major lot shows their indifferent attitude for the learning and just a handful show the interest, in general, its right to call the entire group non-focused and non-interested towards learning. And just when you have such a group to manage, the last that you can ask for is the machines not to behave properly and having issues with them for not just few minutes but for few days. And that’s what comes out to be a perfect recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, that’s what I was having with me in this week.

The machines that I was supposed to be using were not available because of the non-availability so I was given a new set of virtual machines which was made by someone else (so I didn’t know what to do with them). Now, in general the virtual machines are bound to be slower but when you run them over a slow host, the machines don’t run but crawl and at times, just barely! And when such thing happens, a disinterest definitely creeps in. For two days, I struggled with the machines to understand how to make them work and then finally, with the help of one of the delegates( among few who were actually willing to learn) , things started to get on the track. About the overall impression of the session, as I said, the delegates seemed that they underestimated the complexity of the module and thought it would be just as fun filled and easy to go as their last two sessions went. But this is Oracle Database we are talking about people and if it really was so easy, everyone would be doing it and just about everyone would had been come out as a master in it as most are in using Microsoft Office’s Word or Excel but thank god its not and that’s what makes it so interesting to learn and follow. This is a learning that I tried to feed into the minds of these new hires that don’t think it would be an easy thing, interesting definitely but easy, hell not! I am not sure that how well they have received this advice of mine and how well they are going to follow it so all I can do is just to wish them all the best and hope they all would do well in their new jobs.

Just like this session, my last session also had the similar story. This was a session about which I thought I shall talk about but couldn’t because of the damn accident. This was one of those sessions which I really don’t want to ever recall and whenever I shall do, I shall be just fuming with anger. It was meant for three days but the module offers tons of stuff which needs a very dedicated person and also, the timing of the module is very less. Three days for that module is actually a very tiny time given that it has so much packed in for learning. So when I started the session, I told this as the first thing to the delegates that we shall be requiring to stretch the timing about an hour daily if we want to run it smoothly with ample time given for both lecture and practice. But the delegates told me upfront that they can’t do it because they have shuttle cabs to catch and no way its possible that they can miss the timing of the cabs. Well you can’t have it in both the ways. So if you can’t give me time, don’t expect me to go smoothly. I shall go fast because I have to finish the course in the scheduled time and its your problem now that how and when you would do the reading and also the practice. Definitely, I did explain the procedure that how the delegates can use the practice environment in their homes using the remote VPN but telling is one thing and following and doing the things is another. As expected, no one did the practice and when it was the time for rating, it all came down to me. I got the worst possible rating that I ever got without any fault of mine. I am still not able to forget and digest it though I should move on from it but that’s not my nature to just let go things so it would take time. Just like the delegates of this session, it was another example where people preferred not to bother about the effort spent by their company and instructor and they let it go in drain. At times, despite your best efforts, there is just a little you can do to make things go well and some times, it still doesn’t happen. These two sessions fall in the same category. Hope the next one goes better, god you are listening , are you?

Oh and in all of this chaos, I was doing the dressing twice, having about 6 tablets twice a day and was in constant pain!

Finally, it was Friday and it was time for me to get back home and stay at home for a week to get myself healed a little more before I leave for overseas next week. I started from my hotel on time and reached the airport as well at the right time but just when I reached, I came to know that the damn Kingfisher has shown its color and the flight is delayed-fortunately for 30 minutes only and it stayed like that too. I had a cheese croissant with the Cranberry Snapple and was waiting for the boarding since the pain in my leg now had increased and it was becoming a little tough for me to bear it. The boarding did happen on time but the flight didn’t fly on time. It was still funny though that the crew kept on announcing that the passengers must take their seats ASAP so that they can fly on time-after being late for 30 minutes already from the scheduled time.  The flight took off at 9-20pm from the scheduled 9pm time (which was already a delayed time mind it)  but thankfully, captain made us land at Delhi at 11:30pm still which we were not expecting as it takes 2.5 hours from Banglore to Delhi. Anyways, it was a very painful thing for me to walk towards the belt, get my luggage and then wait for the bus. There is bus service from the airport to Punjab, an air-conditioned and a very comfortable bus service. All was going fine and we did start of from the airport on time as well. For me, I can’t sleep ever in the bus, car or in flights except taking a nap for few minutes and waking up so I was almost awake all the time. Now, I don’t know whether its a bad time going on for me or what but while coming back home, I met with another accident. Well, technically it was my bus but since I was sitting in it so its not completely incorrect to say that I met too, isn’t it? What did happen was that my bus driver was trying to overtake a truck which was not giving him side. So he tried be a little dare devil driver and crossed him from a wrong side. Now, when you are doing such stupidities on a road while driving a big vehicle like bus, things can and do go wrong and that’s what happened. The bus’s rear did collide with the front side of the truck which gave us all a good jerk and broke off two glass windows as well. It was quite a scary thing but except that there were two gals screaming their lungs out, no one got injured and we kept on moving and without any such thing happening again, I reached in one piece at home too. As I said, I don’t know that its just a bad time going on for me or something else. Hope all would remain fine.

So its Sunday today and I have a week with me as free. I shall be visiting the doctor again in the evening and hopefully, he makes me better in these upcoming days with those two(at times three) injections and tons of tablets, dressing that he is doing daily. Not a very interesting way to spend free time isn’t it!