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Its Break Time…. December 9, 2006

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Yes its correct.I left 3 days ago and I came back last nite only from Delhi.I had to attend a training.Now I would be leaving tomorrow for a very important assignment.Tension is there as it will include some things which I havent done yet.Its a big challenge.Lets see how it goes!Wish me luck and pray for me!Really need it!

Friendster & Orkut…. December 9, 2006

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I guess now a days, its more like a trend to be a member of the community sites rather than actually using them for what they are intended for, you got it right, for building communities.  I have seen so many people coming up and asking me whether I am on that “community site” or not? And there are not just one or two sites or there.  I know just a few but believe me, there are alot out there on the net.

As I have been asked by many so here is the answer, I am now on the Friendster and on Orkut. No, not coz I have accepted to be a part of the trend but coz some of my very good friends are there on them and its nice to be there where all your nears and dears are, isnt it? If you ask whom I liked much than the other, my answer would be none coz they both are same but just have a different interface.  Both have the same purpose, meet with new and keep in touch with the old!

So if you are there on any of them, just send me a buzz or message!See you there!

I Am Monkey…. December 3, 2006

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If you are thinking that I am going to call and treat myself like a Monkey from the title than you are wrong.Infact, I am talking about my sun sign according to Chinese Astrology.Chinese Astrology is different from the other astrologies available.According to it, persons are divided into 12 animal categories.Mine is Monkey according to that.If you do not know what’s yours sun sign according to Chinese Astrology, you can check it out from here.  Just fill in your details of your date of birth and you will find the animal in you.Well now if you ask me that how much true it is, I can say that general charectristics for me looks okay and quite right.I specifically liked one line which says that “monkeys forgive but they don’t forget.”.Absolutely correct about me!
I am posting the link here once again so that its easy for you if you are interested in Chinese Astrology:
Find your Chinese Animal Sun Sign from here.
All About Chinese Astrology from WikiPedia
And last but not the least,
All about Monkey.
Let me know your animal also.

I Am Clear…. December 3, 2006

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I have cleared my exam.  So now I have got my second(yup second) Masters in Computer Applications.  I am happy?Yes I am!It was a big burden on my head.  Thank God its over now.  Thanks a lot to all who prayed and wished for me!

Love, Some Folds Unfolded IV…. December 2, 2006

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Link To Part-III    Link To Part-V

Some times things do not happen according to our wishes.  Sometimes we want something but its just us who wants that.  As it is said,a clap is by both the hands but a slap is by one!So if there has to be a clap of joy than both the hands must come together but if you want to slap someone,either one will be handy!It takes a lot to make something complete and successful.  So much of effort,strength and dedication is required to make something(anything ) complete and successful.  But there is one another thing which is also required and is above all,that is will,desire.  If you don’t desire deeply from the heart,you wont be able to put your best effort for it.  And if the best efforts wont be there, results also will be just average or may be not according to you.  It applies to every aspect of our lives.  Where ever you want to see, you can see this logic working.
This is also true for relations.  Relations are so much delicate yet so much important.  There is a lot that is required to keep a relation and make it complete.Alot of effort,will and strength is required to make it a life-long asset.  You have to put your everything for it to make it that much successful.Dont expect that it will happen automatically. Don’t assume that its not your duty, its just the part of the other person to do everything and when your part comes up, you can produce some excuses for being helpless and get away. There are always two persons who are there in a relation.  If one is walking and the other chooses to stand on the path of love, one will always lag behind.  And that person will not be able to catch up later in the passage with the other.  If one person is putting everything in his/her best powers ( may be beyond that too) and the other person is not ready to even walk upon that path, who is responsible for the disaster to happen? The one who is giving everything just to make sure that everything must be fine or the other who is not ready to take the first step? When two persons are in Love, both of them must be having one vision towards the future of them. If anyone is in doubt or is not willing to do anything for the sake of their relation, he/she will be responsible of crushing someone’s soul and heart! Always remember,its not just one moment/event which is responsible for anything.  When a volcano blasts, its process is already started so long back.  The pressure starts getting building up and at one moment, it just blasts!Its never one moment.  The one who is trying to hold everything can hold till a time only.  Always remember that its not the water that is around the ship which sinks it,its just that small hole which starts getting bigger and becomes the cause.  Do not blame the water which keeps the ship steady and makes it going.Bame the hole!I do not know how much good analogy is this but I guess that completes the idea.  Jounrney can be complete only when both would be ready to hold hands and walk together.
These are the lines which depicts the emotion of one who has lost everything for the sake of happiness and wish of his love.  These lines explain that its not the one who is left alone is responsible for everything but that is responsible who has stepped back.  Those who break hearts they cant tell what is love and also they cant understand it.  These are in Hindi.  I shall explain the meaning of these lines in English in a while.  Have a read:
Milne wale se nahin, bichde hue se pucho,
Doori kya cheez hoti hai!
Rehne walo se nahin, ujdne walo se pucho,
Aashiana kya cheez hoti hai!
Pane walo se nahin, khone wale se pucho,
Izzat kya cheez hoti hai!
Amiron se nahin, garibon se pucho,
Jarurat kya cheez hoti hai!
Jis ne dil toda us se kya puchoge,
Jiska dil tuta hai us se pucho,
Ishq kya cheez hoti hai!
And the meaning of these lines in English are as follows:
Dont ask the people who met their loved ones.Ask from those who got separated!
That what is Separation!
Don’t ask the people who are living in a home Ask from those who have no roof over them!
That what is a Shelter!
Don’t ask the people who have reputation.  Ask from those who has lost it!
That what is Pride!
Don’t ask the rich.  Ask from the poor!
That what is a Need!
Don’t ask from that who has broken heart.  Ask from that whose heart is broken!
That what is Love!
I shall conclude by saying this only that if you are that other persons who wants to pull the strings and is doing it slowly and continuously, think twice because it will be too late otherwise.  Its not everyday that you find some one who is giving his/her blood and soul for relations and for you.  Its not so easy to find someone who is ready to forgive one for all his mistakes and still wants him.  You will find people doing one or two things for you and that too because they must be looking for some of their own benefits first in that.  Its not very common to find someone who will do everything for you without asking any returns. Its not every second person who would travel miles, swim across seas or would climb the mountains to prove that he/she is true in his/her love and not just playing around(believe me,this is not from any book, its a true thing.  Some do this in real too).Its not easy to get your heart and your inner self broken into millions of pieces and still loving the person like never nothing happened. Its not very easy  for anyone to lose everything of his/her sake and still be happy! If you have someone like above said, treasure him, value his love.  Remember, silence must be heard when you are in love.  If you require words always for everything to be explained, it means still there is a lot that you need to learn and understand about love and most importantly,about your love Understand the inner feelings and their purity of that person. Listen and value those cries of that person when he had heard the most painful words from his love.Fights and arguements are a part of relation and life. They do and will happen.But never let any fight or arguement responsible for ruining your relation.Nothing is and nothing ever must be more important than your love. Go back and apologize if its you who started the arguement( it will need a self-check and guts to admit that you did it) and if the other person did that than listen to him/her patiently and forgive him/her. Anger wont solve anything, ego never takes anyone anywhere. It just leaves everything burnt out. One wont be small if he/she would say sorry and  noone wont lose anything if he/she would forgive. Remember, Love is an act of endless forgiveness. But this will happen only if you are truely in love and never want to lose your love!But if you have decided that you cant walk upon the path with him than do not blame the other person being lazy and slow and spoiling the journey.  Its not him who is slow but its you who is not willing and not able to match the steps with him.Dont blame that person who has lost everything in love for just your wish. Its not him/her who is responsible, it is just the other way around.  Remember those who truly love, they never leave and those who want to leave they never really loved.

Fingers Crossed…. December 1, 2006

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I had a very important exam which I missed.  I was not able to take it up coz I was not well and was hospitalized.  Why?Don’t ask me the reason coz its strictly personal!Anyways, I took it up in the next semester.  The result of that exam is going to be out very soon now.  Its really important for me as its the only obstacle between me and my second Masters degree.  Yes second as I have already one Masters degree in Computer Science.  Since I have got the news, tremendous pressure is there.  Pray for me guys.  Hope I shall make it.  Fingers crossed!