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Weekend But Not Started So Well…. March 31, 2012

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Its Saturday here and I have got two days of this weekend free with me before I shall start the next week and continue the session of mine which started on this Wednesday. There is nothing that I have in mind that how would I spend this weekend of mine at the moment and looking at the series of the small events happening since morning, I doubt that it would go very well.

I started the day by doing the usual chores of mine-checking my emails, looking at OTN forums and listening/searching for new songs that I can listen on YouTube. While doing the 3rd task, I stumbled on a song sung by Kamal Heer (brother of Manmohan Waris and Sangtar Heer) which he sung while performing at Melbourne in 2011,on the occasion of the show Punjabi Virsa. I am sure that the other songs also would be very nice but the one which I heard today, shook me up completely for not one but many reasons. The song has also come up very nice, in fact its too emotional and touchy song and you would truly feel the pain depicted in the song if you have got the gifts of tears, cries and a shattered heart from your beloved. The song is in Punjabi and I shall be translating it in English as well. Below is the original, Punjabi version of the song,

Before I write the lyrics and its translation in English, let me give you a brief idea about the song’s plot. This song is depicting the emotions of a guy who probably is sitting on a lonely corner somewhere and is remembering his past and from that past, a particular year and a month of that year, a fateful day when his beloved left him. Even after many years later, he remembers all the events which did happen just like yesterday , just like the year and month and is asking that how can he forget that time when his beloved left him? Also he remembers so well those places where they went with each other and also the times when they were together. He has kept all those small things that belong to his beloved so fondly, even till now but how scared he is to even look at those things because each one makes him remember his beloved who left him. Not just this but he doesn’t even talk about any of these since doing so brings tears in his eyes. Because visiting those places brings tears in his eyes, he swears that he won’t ever again go back to those places. Not only that the song is written superbly but Kamal has sung it with such a deep emotional touch. If you have got such fateful fate too that you got your heart and soul pierced for the rest of your life by none other than your beloved, its not possible that tears won’t come from your eyes after hearing this song of if you don’t understand Punjabi, after reading its translation in English. So now since you know what the song is all about, here are the lyrics of it in Punjabi,

Yaar yaar kookan chhadd yaar gaya,
Labhaan yaar nu labhda yaar naahin!
Bhulle aish jahan de yaar baajhon,
Maja yaarian da baajhon yaar nahin!
Khair Deen Shah yaar bin ghatt jeevan,
Kol yaar de jekar yaar naahin!

2001 te maheena bhaida May da,
Kiven bhullan saal tera jindagi chon gayi da!

Station v yaad aaunda, bahot Ludhiana da,
Katthe da Delhi nu Shatabdi ch jaane da!
Saun kha layi uddon de train ch nahin bahi da!
Kiven bhullan saal tera jindagi chon gayi da!

Ik yaadgaar tan alag saade kol e,
Waalian chon lathha tera nagg saade kol e!
Us mulakaat da tan naa v nai layida!
Kiven bhullan saal tera jindagi chon gayi da!

Jihde utton langhdeyan da, waar waar rona e,
Jikar Phillaur waale pul da v hona e!
Jaan hi na lai laye saadi, darde hi rahida!
Kiven bhullan saal tera jindagi chon gayi da!

Chupchap khadi Sukhpal chete aaundi e,
Dooron dooron Sat Sri Akal chete aaundi e!
Saanu kalle chhad dil tod raahe payi da!
Kiven bhullan saal tera jindagi chon gayi da!


And the translation for the same in English,

I am calling her name who has left me,
I am looking for my love whom I can’t find anywhere!
All the joys of this life are forgotten without love,
There is nothing in this world without my beloved!
If one has to live, he must live less,
If there is no beloved with you by your side!

2001 and the fateful month of May,
How do I forget that year when you left me?

That train station of Ludhiana comes so much in my mind,
From where we used to travel together to Delhi in the Shatabdi train!
I have sworn now that would never sit in the train ever again!
How do I forget that year when you left me?

One souvenir is still with me,
That small broken from your earrings!
I don’t even mention about the meet of ours to anyone anymore!
How do I forget that year when you left me?

Whenever I shall cross over, I shall always cry,
From that bridge of village Phiallaur!
I just feel so scared that talks about bridge would take away my life some day!
How do I forget that year when you left me?

I still remember you standing so quitely,
I still remember you saying that last goodbye, that too from distance!
When you left me all by myself thus crushing my heart and went on your own way!
How do I forget that year when you left me?

Just so you know Shatabdi is a train that goes from Ludhiana to New Delhi and Phillaur is a small town near  Ludhiana. And Khair Deen Shah is one of the writers of this song besides Sukhpal Aujla!

I am not sure that how many of you would be able to relate to this song and understand the deep pain mentioned in it through words! Its so easy to walk away but that who is left behind with a broken heart with eyes full of tears and soul wounded, only he knows what it feels like to stand on that lonely road again seeing some one leaving. It may sound so stupid to some that how visiting a place or visiting a country/city/town would bring tears to the eyes but that happens, trust me and to know why, you have to be that lonely person standing on the road. And when you are left all alone, tears are the only true friend you would get to be with!

And not sure its a coincidence or not that the song mentions Ludhiana in it and….nothing!

So this was that 1st thing that did shake me up when I listened to it and needless to say, I have heard this song about 20 times already since morning.

The 2nd thing is again, with a surprising coincidence, related to music only.  I got an email from a friend of mine who is getting married in May and wanted to compile a disk of love songs for her would-be husband. Since I hold a reputation of a big time music buff, she thought I can help her in getting the best of the songs and also that I can look at the list that she has already compiled and thought to burn on the disk. She sent the list in the email and asked me to listen to the songs and give my opinion that whether they are a good choice or not? While most of the songs were from either the latest movies or from latest released pop-albums, two songs were not so new. Below are those two songs which stood out from the list for me.

The first song is from  a movie Main Prem Ki Deewani Hoon. Its a movie which didn’t do very well but the song, Kasam Ki Kasam from it has become a must-to-hear for all who look for a romantic number to dedicate to their loved ones. Here is the video of the same,

The second song is from a pop-album Tera Mera Pyar which got extremely good words from the critics and it was a really very good album in totality too as all the songs were superb and the title song , which also is the title of the album as well, became a mass choice when it came to dedicating a love song for your beloved.

I did send a reply back to my friend that the list is really good and especially recommended the above two songs. She somehow had a notion that I might haven’t heard the 2nd song. Just for the record, I have not just heard both the songs but I remember their lyrics by heart and I purchased the entire Tera Mera Pyar album  even! Its just that from a long time….nothing.

If you haven’t listened the songs yet, give them a try. They are really good. Both are unfortunately in Hindi and I won’t be translating them in English so don’t ask me for the translation or give any request for the same too. But if you do understand the lyrics and would like the songs, let me know your thoughts and if you are looking for a dedication for some one you love, both are a very good choice, trust me!

So I got these two things came up to me right in the morning when this weekend started. Okay, technically only the later came since the 1st song was the result of my own random stumbling but still, both did shake me up. Why? No, I am not going to mention “why”. Anyways, I believe I should go and have some thing now since I haven’t eaten anything since morning except for two cups of coffee and also watch some tv or may be catch some sleep(it would be the best I guess) besides hoping that the rest of the day and the weekend goes on well.

Enjoy all the 3 songs and for the first one’s translation, if you think some thing can be changed or corrected or can be put in a better way, let know through the comment section. I shall update the translation with the credits mentioned for the person.

Meeting The Wadaali’s…. March 28, 2012

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And another week starts from today, with another session and with a new batch of delegates. Actually the week started off yesterday itself when I started of from my home. Anyways, there was nothing unusual with the travel. I started of at 6am from my home and got the bus almost right at the time when I reached the bus stand. That was the good part. The bad part was that I got a seat where I couldn’t sleep at all as it’s not allowed. Its the seat right besides the driver and its not allowed, even in the public buses to fall asleep. Normally this wouldn’t be much of an issue but as I hadn’t slept from last 2 nights straight, this did become a very big issue for me. Its much harder to stay awake when you want to sleep and when you are told to do so. Somehow, 7 hours did pass and I finally reached the airport. Since I went there on a public auto-rickshaw, I had to take the airport bus to reach the departure terminal. All was good except that I put my bag just across the gate of the bus and there were all the chances that it would fall on the stairs with the first ever bump coming on the way of the bus and as the Murphy’s law is, it did happen too! Luckily, the doors of the bus were closed all the time so I didn’t have to worry about the bag being left over some where in the midway and even better, there were another 2 bags of some one else sitting right beside my bag. That means I wasn’t the only one who looked stupid picking my bag up from the road when the bus doors were finally opened. Lucky me isn’t it? Damn it!

On the airport, the scene was normal. A lot of people, running from here to there, ground staff of different airlines struggling to get people checked-in and the staff of various shops selling tons of things to the passengers. In all of this chaos, I was also moving towards the counter of my airline when I spotted Lakhwinder Wadali(another link for him is here) standing there. I kind of bumped up to him and immediately recognized him. Those who know me well, are aware about this that how much music is close to me and spotting someone like Lakhwinder Wadali was actually a very good thing for me. I usually won’t bother even if its going to be Amitabh Bachhan ( I have already come across few others on the airports) but for a musician that I like a lot, I must had to make an exception in my “don’t bother” rule. And it turned out that Lakhwinder is a very nice guy and also, was very humble as well. And guess what, he wasn’t traveling alone but was having the legendary Wadali brothers as well- Ustad Puran Chand & Pyare Lal Wadali! It was just so great to meet all three of these musical legends and be with them even for a small time. I did take the autograph of Lakhwinder and Pyare Lal wadali and also managed to get a shot with all the three (though the pic didn’t come out so well and no, that’s not my fault since I didn’t take it) . I shall be updating the post with the pic when I shall manage to upload it over the web. After that, we all left for our specific airline counters. A short meeting it was but without any doubt, was a good one, a memorable one!

Now, back to the reality life and that means, the session started today. Its a very tough module and the delegates are all very well experienced in the module already. So its going to be interesting as well as, very hard week. But there would be a good thing that there would be a weekend coming in between before the module would complete. Let’s see how the whole thing goes finally? Its time to get some rest and be charged up for tomorrow. So off to bed now. 

Just So Much Tired, Sick & Traveling…. March 26, 2012

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Its now that I have finally sat with a little bit of free time after spending the entire doing tons of the things. As it is Monday today and I do fast on Mondays, the entire day went without having anything at all too, making it even more tougher than the usual. Even more,I am not feeling so well. AND even more, I am going on a travel tomorrow which is actually driving me crazy because of my mom.

The day started quite late since mom wasn’t well at all and she was finally able to get some sleep at about 3am only. I slept at about 4am and since I had to do many things today, I woke up at about 8am. My cousin sister is visiting here since my sister has gone back to her in-laws home the other day. Though I wanted to start off early for all the tasks but then me, mom and my sister were caught up in a discussion and that took a while to get finished. After about an hour or so of talking, finally I went to temple and then left to city for a long day. There were couple of tasks to be done related to banks and that takes the maximum time if you ask me and it happened today too. I managed to finish all the things except for one bank for which I  brought a document which I was asked to bring before but now, I have to get another document since the 1st one is marked “wrong” by the bank official. I tell you what, if its related to bank or for any such body, always be ready to get frustrated and upset since they can change whatever statement that they had given you before and yet can tell you that it was your own fault. Anyways, I was done with the 1st round of tasks and was feeling so much tired and just wanted to get back to home. So started off for home.

By the time I got back, it was about 4pm. I had a glass of milk and also some fruit. After that I had to get medicines for mom and also some grocery as I shall be leaving tomorrow and then it would be very tough for her to get something, even for my sister too since she doesn’t know the places. Mom got her two fingers injured few days ago and that wound is giving her so much of pain. In addition to get the medicine for that, I got some other medicines also for her. Also, since my cousin is fasting for Navratri, so I got some stuff for her to eat as well.

Today,  I got some thing for me too, a pair of shoes. Its been almost 3 years since I last bought a pair of shoes from Egle shoes, a flat sole shoe which I really really did like so much! That shoe is now in a very bad shape and it shouldn’t be a surprise since I have wore it exclusively from the last 3 years. Its in such a bad shape and now, even no one is ready to repair it too. I did try to get the same pair few days back when I was at Hyderabad but it wasn’t there or as I was told, it has been discontinued by the company. So I was “forced” to buy some another pair for the time being. Since it was a “forced” thing to do, I was obviously not happy with that pair. Its good but its not the one which I wanted to get in the first place. I decided to give a try when I shall come back home and today, co-incidentally I was crossing right in front of the shop from where I bought the pair last time. When I asked here, fortunately the pair was available though it was slightly modified now and also, the price was hiked by the company from the last time. But still, I did get it and I just hope that as like the 1st pair, this one also would serve me well. If you want to have a look, here it is. Now, I was done with all the things that I decided to finish for today before my travel and finally, I could get some time free and have a bit of rest before starting for tomorrow’s travel. Its going to be a long travel and since my mom and my sister would be all by themselves back at home, I am just too much worried and concerned about them at the moment. If I could, I would had cancelled this travel but this can’t be done and that means, its not going to be an easy or relaxed tour for me at all. I am just hoping and praying so hard that all goes well and both would be completely fine.

Its time to get back and see that if everything is in place since I shall be leaving quite early in the morning. If there is any part of my travel that I truly hate, it is this travel from my place to New Delhi which takes about 7 hours and trust me, its not a fun-filled journey at all, especially when you are doing it via a bus or even by a cab. But there is no other alternate because train time doesn’t suit me and moreover, there is no seat availability of the seat as well. So the only alternate is to use a bus and that means, 7 hours of journey, a long one, really long one!

Oh and I almost forgot that I mentioned being “sick” too. Well, that’s not much. When I got back home and was sitting on the chair, felt some thing moving on my upper lip and guess what, it was blood. Yeah, it was blood moving out from right nostril and I have no idea why. I am assuming that it might be because of some heat or summer stroke sort of thing but I am not too sure. As it started, it got stopped as well so I guess its okay. But since about 3 hours, I am having severe headache and stomach ache again for reason(s) that I have no clue about. Did I say that I am traveling tomorrow?

Short Poetry But Simply Awesome…. March 23, 2012

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I was going to write about some other things but then I read the below two small poetic masterpieces and I decided to put those two here first. Needless to mention that I really liked both. So here goes the first one,

Us ke chehre ke sanjeedagi batati hai,

Usko hasne ka shauq tha pehle!


And its translation in English is,

His face’s seriousness just shows,

He was fond of smiling some time back!


Now 2nd and my favorite,

Kyun aaj uska jikr mujhe khush na kar saka,

Kyun aaj uska naam mera dil dukha gaya?


And its translation in English is,

Why today talks about her didn’t make me happy,

Why today her name did give my heart so much of pain!

Superb, just superb isn’t it!

Monday Whining…. March 12, 2012

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Its 1:45pm and I am sitting here in the room where I am conducting this week’s session. Nothing specific or worth to mention about. Its just another new week with another new session and with another group of people. In short, the usual Monday for me. I am fasting today so there is no lunch that I have to go and eat today. I shall have something may be in the evening but for now, nothing.

Its been 6 weeks that I am in the sessions. The last week’s session was short ( for 2 days only) but still, there was work to do, a lot of work to do in fact! The whole week, where it went , I have no idea. All I know is that I just could a break for 3 days and after that, I was back in the session. Though I am not (yet) at that point where I am going to be feeling that I am completely being insane but its still a lot of work and some how, my mind is just not in the right state at the moment. I was looking at the blog of mine and was thinking that its very less that I wrote in the past few weeks and that’s not good. Its not that there was nothing to write but to be honest, I just didn’t feel like saying anything. All I wanted to do was to keep quite and that’s about it. Though I was quite but like always, I was thinking tons of things and was being angry and upset on few people so damn much! But I still didn’t write much. Hopefully, I shall be writing more often from now and would be getting my anger out ,if not anywhere or on any one else then over here at least.

Time to go and have a cup of coffee or something and close this “Monday moaning” .