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Yes, I Am Still Alive(Barely)…. October 31, 2011

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I haven’t posted anything on my blog since last 22 days. Even when I do, its not some world changing thoughts but snippets of my thoughts and excerpts of my life. I have got some emails from few readers asking me that since there is no update, am I alright and is everything fine by my side? Well, first of all, I never did know that there would be few people from around the world, who would even notice this for a blog like mine and would be concerned about my well being! All I can say is thanks for showing this much concern, it means so much to me! And about me being okay, I am not sure about that but yes, I am still alive and hopefully soon enough, I shall update the blog with the reason of my silence but not sure when, to be honest!

Weekend(If It Can Be Called So)…. October 9, 2011

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I am sitting here in my hotel room right now. Its weekend and though yesterday, I was at my friend’s place, I came back to my hotel as I had to finish an exam which would be conducted for the delegates after the end of the session. Since morning, I had been working on it and its over now. I am personally not in favor of such exams and that too right after the end of the session but since its a boot camp program, a test is mandatory to know the progress that the delegates has made. Hope they would be doing good in it and as I told them, I haven’t made it an easy one. Hope the delegates won’t curse me after seeing it! They are really good and its so good to see such bright individuals starting their careers and what more better can be than being with them, even just for a while in the starting of this long journey contributing a little from my side with whatever little I know, isn’t it!

Since I am done with the preparation of the test, there is nothing much to do at the moment for me. So I am just lost in thoughts (yet again) which hardly ever bring something to be happy about.

I just saw a commercial  of McDonalds Mcflurry on tv which I can’t seem to find out right now posted anywhere. There was a statement which was there in the commercial “when was last” . The message behind this statement was that when it was last time that you have spent time for yourself, did something just for you and made yourself happy! After seeing it, I was trying to find out the answer despite knowing that its “never” besides 4 travels. And it seems that I am not meant to get it at the moment too and that’s the wish of God too. I was supposed to join my friends who went for a week long vacation last week but couldn’t.  Did it make me sad? Yes, it did and not little but so much!

Its Sunday and thanks to the mood, I didn’t have lunch thinking that I shall go and and have a cup of coffee(yes I know I take it too much and not supposed to but if that’s going to kill me, let it do that, I don’t mind) at near by Barista(there is no CCD around I believe) but its raining so much here. So all I can do is just sit in the room and watch some stupid movie which would be coming on tv. What a way to end weekend isn’t it! I think many would call me insane saying this that I am really looking forward to have Monday and go to work.

PS: I shall post the video of the commercial as soon as its uploaded on youtube.

Happy Vijayadashami To All…. October 6, 2011

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Yes, its Dussehra a.k.a Vijayadashami today and I wish to all who would be celebrating it with their family, friends and colleagues. Have a great time today, lots of sweets and enjoy. Unfortunately, I am traveling and miles away from my home sitting all alone here so there is nothing much that I can do except going for a coffee(having it too much now a days I guess) and may be watching some movie(s) on tv when will be back in my hotel room. And the worst part, I can’t see much of the celebrations happening here as well. I guess I must stop the whining now and get back to work. Once again, happy Dussehra to all of you!

RIP Steve Jobs…. October 6, 2011

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Its the day when this world has lost an inventor, a genius, someone who truly changed the world by his inventions. someone whose ideology I follow by heart like millions others of this world. This is the sad day when we have lost Steve Jobs, a loss that is never going to be filled by anyone else. Rest and peace Steve Jobs and be assured that you are going to be missed by this entire world!

There is nothing that can be said to describe how great Steve Jobs was but still, this article depicts the best of his life and about him, have a read.


Misconceptions…. October 4, 2011

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I was supposed to do some shopping for several incoming festivals (not for me though) yesterday. Since I am leaving today, I had to finish this task before starting the travel. I know couple of store’s managers (out of which few are friends too) , so this small shopping task serves two purposes, I get to meet them and also get some good stuff as they help me in telling that what I should buy and what not. I was supposed to buy different types of clothes so I went to couple of stores. After getting done from the rest of the shopping, I went to one last store to look for some casual wear. The sales manager lady there is my friend . In fact, the entire staff is very good to me.  They always tell me that they are so delighted when I come there and that’s NOT because I buy tons of stuff. Those who know me, they are aware about this that its very rare that I shall be showing a sad face irrespective of how much upset or sad I may be and I was(still am) very upset yesterday. Its very difficult to figure out whether that smile on my face is a fake or true one for most. And the same happened yet again yesterday as well. I was joking around with the staff while selecting the clothes. My friend brought up a tee and told me to try it out which I did but since I wasn’t buying anything for me, I told her that I shall buy it later since I have no cash for me 🙂 . Well, she and the entire staff knows that I always say this so they all started laughing. My friend told to me when I was on the counter paying the bill that the whole environment changes in the store when I am around and it feels that its never that I am upset over anything! Hearing that, I just gave a smile and said, yes I am never sad or upset, greeted the entire staff and left.

I am not sure what to say more except the below lines,

Kaash koi iss tarah waqif ho meri jindagi se,

Main baarish mein bhi ro padun to wo mere aansu pehchaan le!


And its meaning in English is,

Alas, if someone would be familiar with my life in such a way,

That even if I cry in the rain, she would be able to differentiate my tears in it.

Its the travel day today and I better get ready now.