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Wishing You All A Very Happy Holi From Home…. February 28, 2010

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Yep, Its Holi today and I wish you all, whether you would play it or not, a very happy and colorful Holi! Have lots of fun, play with lots of color ( but be safe as well) and have a good time with your family and friends! Wish you all a very happy holi! And what’s more better can be that I am at my home on this day! Yes, I got back home yesterday evening after a long but rather comfortable travel. Why comfortable you may ask so the answer is that the travel of flight is never tiring for me. I can do it on daily basis too if  I have to. Its the travel that I do over bus from New Delhi to my hometown, that’s most tiring travel! But fortunately , this time when I got at the bus stand, I saw that there is an air-conditioned bus from Punjab Bus service standing there. I normally don’t take it because its charges are more than double from the normal bus but this time I though to give it a try and I am just glad that I took that decision. It proved to be worth of its price in both comfort and time taken by it for the entire journey. The bus took actually a little less time than the normal bus to reach . Other than that, the place where bus did stop to let the passengers have snacks and get refreshed was also very nice. Over all, it was a very good travel!

Its Sunday today and also its Holi. I do like to play Holi a lot but there is no one here at the moment with me with whom I can play it. So I shall bring some color to play it with my family in a “simple” manner :-). Also, would go and have a hair cut 🙂 . If you are not going to play Holi than have a happy weekend and hope you get it spend in the best manner 🙂 .


Thank God I Can Say TGIF…. February 26, 2010

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I have just finished my 2nd program for this week and my last program of this tour. I hope it went well since I could see the delegates leaving with a smile on their face and I can confirm you that if you are doing a presentation/session/taking a class/any sort of public speaking, if you are able to see your audience leaving with smiles, very well chances are there that things have gone well! It was among the longest tours of mine and it would had got extended further more for 2 days but thank god that’s not happening anymore! I just got finished and got back to the hotel room of mine. When ever I finish a session, I feel terribly tired and today also is no exception. I won’t get much of the time to take rest since the next program is also going to start soon, “very soon” ,but still whatever time I shall have, I shall try to take complete rest in it. I have just booked my cab for tomorrow. Normally, I get a flight on the same day when I finish my program but this time, its for the next day and that too a very early flight. Hope the flight would be a little good and I shall get some breakfast in it :-).

Since past three weeks I am running like anything. Even now, this hasn’t got finished but still I guess, I can say (even its for a small time), TGIF! 🙂

Hope I Get Some Rest For Today…. February 20, 2010

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I couldn’t think of anything better that this to put as a title since its the only thing which is on my mind at the moment. I have finished this week’s program (and the last program for this tour) yesterday. It went well( I guess) as well. Delegates were great and had 2 guys who already did attend my previous sessions. It was a fun filled session with lots of learning, not just for delegates but for me as well since I did learn 2 things which were completely new for me! I hope all the delegates did enjoy the session and it was worth of their time spent there. Thanks a ton guys! One delegate did take some pictures which he shared with me as well. I have uploaded them over my Picasa and shall give the link in a while.

Though this module is finished but I must say, I am really tired! I can’t recall anytime before when I was so sleepy in my class. But at this time, for about 3 days consecutively , I was just about to crash right there on my instructor machine! Had it not been ( too much of) tea, it would had happened for sure! Am not sure what’s the reason for this? One thing which comes to my mind is that I am not keeping well which is making me feel extremely tired. Since the day, I have come here, I am sick to death and things have not improved much now too! Though I am having medicines but I guess, it would all be better once I shall get back home, even for a day too , it would be enough! But for that, I still need to wait for some more time! There is a program starting from this coming Monday at Banglore and I shall be starting for it tomorrow. In addition to this that its a long program, its going to be a real tough one as well! Let’ see what happens?

I have tons of work piled up which does include writing for my book as well. But thanks to tons of distractions, its just getting delayed and I hate it! I don’t like to see my time getting wasted and when it happens, for whatever reasons and I have work to do, there is nothing more which can make me upset as much as it would do! Hope I shall be able to take over all of these distractions, I really need to do because things once messed up, would be difficult to control afterwards.

Its weekend and I hope this won’t get wasted like the last one. I need to get back to work so I am leaving you with this small sneak peek of my classroom. Someone did suggest me to take pictures of each of my tour and I do agree, its a brilliant idea but the only issue is, I am really bad in catching something in a picture! Still, I shall give it a try from next time. Well, this time its not me so I guess you can have a sigh of relief. Thanks to Bhagirathi for for these pics, enjoy 🙂 !

Happy Valentine’s Day…. February 13, 2010

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Its Valentine’s day today and I shall wish you all those who are in love with their loved ones a very happy v-day! Have lots of fun and hope and wish, the love between two of you would grow and become more and more stronger day by day! And if love hasn’t smiled over you yet, don’t lose heart. It may be just a matter of time when it would knock on your door and when it would do, make sure you would hear the knock 🙂 ! Enjoy your day and let the love be in the air!

What’s More Painful…. February 13, 2010

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Love , what it is? A feeling, an emotion, a touch? May be it is all of these things. But even though it may be all of these, there is something so much more about it! Love is the name of that relation which one makes by his/her own choice, its that unsaid, unspoken commitment which one makes to his/her partner when he says to him “I love you”. Love is that journey which starts from two strangers meeting just like that at some point of their lives and ends with both holding hands of each other! Love is the most sacred relation that one makes in his/her life because rest all the relations are given to a person from his birth, even his name is not of his own choice! But relation of love is the only one which makes on his own! A choice which either gives someone just smiles even in the darkest of the times or tears and cries! Love can enlighten one’s life and it has the power to bring endless darkness over it too! But wait a minute, is it really love which does it all? How is it possible for something to be capable to such good and at the same time, so much bad to some one? Is it like a rose in your hand or like holding a red hot iron rod? But whatever it may be, is it really possible for a feeling, an emotion to be so bad and yet be so good at the same time? What do you think, is the answer is a Yes? Well, let me tell you, its not Yes, it just can’t be Yes! Love is indeed just a feeling, an emotion which is just there! How it can be bad for one and good for another? There is no partiality that god has done with anyone that it would make the same feeling make one happy but would make some one else cry! Is it possible in anyways? No, its not! Than what it is which makes one the biggest and happiest thing of his life and for someone else, it comes out as a slow poison which kills him moment by moment, breath by breath? If you are assured by now that it can’t be the feeling, the emotion of love which can do this than keep on reading!

When we say there is love, where exactly we say it is? Is it in the air, in those greeting cards or in the phone calls or even in those three magical words? No its no where in any of these things. These are all just symbols, expressions of love but they don’t have love in them! Love is (should be) in the heart of those two people who say to each other I love you! love is in those four eyes who look at each other and see their own reflections, enough to tell them that there is love in those eyes! Love is in that hug which one embraces you, you feel that you are in the safest place over this entire planet! Love is in that shoulder over which you lean over to cry when you are most broken or when you are so tired! Love is that other person who says to you that she loves you! Love is that trust, that faith which you keep in your heart that if tomorrow, this entire world too won’t be with you, you can still look upto that very person and can blindly believe that she would be with you! That’s what love is, that’s where love is kept by god! The symbols which we have created to tell someone that we love him/her are just mere reflections of our feelings and nothing else! Agreed that its equally important to show the feelings as well than to just have them but more than the display, its the trueness of those feelings which matters in the long run! Its that faith of having someone only for you and being for someone in this entire world, that’s what matters is the most important thing! That said, the question still remains the same, what causes pain and what causes happiness in love? Is it love or something else? The answer is something else or better put, its some”one” else!  Yes, its that other person who causes it all. Its in the hands of that person whom you hand over your life, rights to make you most happy or saddest in this entire world assuming that she would never bring sadness for you even in the darkest dreams! Its not poor love, its that person which has the powers of bring both, happiness and smiles to the other person!

An old saying, which is old yet so true,”it takes two to tango” and my own version of it is that it takes two hands to clap but for slap, you need just one! Its not always required to say words for everything! And not all unspoken things mean nothing! Its not always important that one needs to write things up in bold and caps or in the same manner, one would need to ask his beloved explicitly a promise for just about everything! When one believes on his beloved,some things are just meant to be there and out of those few , the faith that one’s love won’t leave him alone in this world , is among the most treasured one! There is no better strength than knowing that there is some one who would stand with you in the sunshine or would walk with you even in the most wildest rain even! There is nothing better than knowing and believing that there is someone out there who would rather pick to leave this world than to leave you. And yes,there is nothing more painful to see to your love picking the rest of the world but just not you. There is nothing which can kill your soul than to see that a better career, life can be much more important than love of some one! There is nothing in this world which comes easy and so is true with love too! But what love is that which is not even strong enough to stand for itself and what beloved is that one which doesn’t even give importance to the thought of being his/her love! For some, nothing else but their own self matters more than anything and anyone else, even when that something includes emotions, affection and love even! Love is not something which would hurt anyone, its seeing your love walking away and that too like its nothing! That,that’s what it is which would hurt beyond the expressing power of any word! That’s what which would give the cries and pains!

I shall conclude by saying this only that don’t assume that tears are not just drops of water and cries are not just a sound. Its easy to die once with a bullet but its really hard to be dead yet be alive! Wounds of body may get healed by medicines but wounds over heart and soul are(can) not cured by anything! It takes years and some time, a whole life time to heal them! And its not every day that one does find some one who would love him/her truly and madly! Its always very easy to give tears, cries but it takes a lot to create one, just one moment of smile for someone! It takes nothing to walk away but it takes a lot of courage, guts to stand with your beloved! Do remember that even though tears may dry, those eyes would be still lonely. Even though there may be a smile over the face, heart may be having silent cries! If you love someone, or say this to someone, do extreme care that for someone , it may not be just words but everything over which he/she would create his/her entire world and there is nothing more hurting than seeing your own world getting crushed, destroyed by your own love!

Its not always that love would smile over you and there are many in this world who are still alone but what’s more painful, being alone or being left alone?  Not sure what the answer can or should be?

Done With One, One More To Go…. February 12, 2010

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I have just got back after finishing up this week’s program. I couldn’t write ( though I wanted so much) in this week how sick I am and even though it was a very easy program, it appeared to me a real tough task to finish it off due to my very bad health. But its over today and I guess it went quite well as well so as it is said, all is well that ends well so I shouldn’t be whining too much! But its my blog and I am free to put here all what I want so here it goes!!

If you are a regular here , you would be knowing that I got just two days break last week before I had to come here. Just before I had to leave for this tour, I fell sick. And not just sick but terribly sick! Fever, cough, cold just love me I guess and they took all over of me and are holding their feet very strongly now too! I am not able to speak and feel dead tired when I stand for few minutes too! But I can’t say no for the work since only for this I came here so I had to go for it no matter what! Since I couldn’t stand at all, this time, I did the entire delivery sitting at my chair using the remote access of the participant’s machines. I normally do it only when the projector won’t work and this time too, on the first day, projector stopped working. Even though I asked the facilities people to replace it and which they did very quickly as well, I still didn’t use it in the entire week. I was getting puzzled looks from all the people in the cafeterias that why on earth this guy is wearing a pullover in this weather( its about 25 degrees here) but they didn’t know that I am not wearing it to look “different” but to save myself from further damage which air-conditioner would had surely done if I hadn’t wore it! So even though I was looking like a complete alien among all who were roaming around in the office campus, I didn’t stop wearing it for the entire week!

The delegates were very good and few of them did do some good discussions. One of them did create a small recovery scenario as well which I was able to finish off successfully. As like always, all were very friendly and nice as well! Though I was ( I am) not well, I tried to make sure that none of them could see in which condition I am and I just hope I was able to do so successfully! Thanks a ton guys! Few of them would be coming for the next week’s program as well and I really really hope that I get a little better up till that time!

Its a 2 day weekend in front of me and my friend from here, Pavan has told me that he would make some plans for this Saturday! Let’s see what would happen. We did make some weekend plans in the past as well but they all died being a plan only! But I am feeling this time, it won’t happen. I just got back and I am feeling really cold so I shall go and have a cup of tea. At least for 2 days, I won’t need to wake up early without even having any mood or strength and also I hope I shall be able to get some sleep and rest which I desperately need! Happy weekend to all of you as well! Let’s say it loud and clear, TGIF!!


As I mentioned, its mostly always that the plans of me going out usually end up in bin only. The same happened this time as well. Well, the cause was genuine due to which Pavan couldn’t make it but the tradition is still alive 🙂 . I shall see if I can go to a temple which I saw yesterday evening( yes I said a temple, need to say Hi to god) if all remains fine!

Yep, Its For The Same Too…. February 6, 2010

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I am sure if you come here often, you must have started thinking or rather I should say, assuming that every post of mine is going to be either about me leaving or coming back to my place isn’t it? Well, just to keep the tradition alive , this one is also for the same thing 🙂 . But before I say the usual, just for the record , I have been given a very very tight calendar which means I shall be on the road most of the times for quite some time. So bear with me if you feel that travel is the only thing that I am writing about! I have heard couple of songs which I would be sharing soon with their translation as well and shall talk about some thoughts which I do have in my mind wandering around! But for the moment, I am leaving tomorrow for a long and very tough tour. Since I am not well and that’s still not an old story as I fell sick just yesterday only, its going to be rather much harder! Hope all goes well. Pray for me guys and wish me luck. Its time now to have some rest since the travel starts in less than 7 hours 🙂 !

Adventure Wrapped In A Single Day’s Travel…. February 5, 2010

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As I mentioned in the immediate last post, this tour of mine was the most shortest one. I just went for one day, that’s it! I thought it would be a simple tour since I was supposed to do an overview of a technology. Though the module itself is very hard but since it was for only one day, I thought probably I shall be able to sail through. I did decide to prepare for it very well  ( I did do that) as well! Normally, I don’t do traveling atleast up till the 4th day of my tour but this time, it was going to be happening the immediate next day. Anyways, I thought things would not go much bad and despite all the issues, I would be okay. But it just can’t happen when it comes to me and smoothness in anything. Things are bound to go shaky, wrong, upsetting and the same happened this time as well!

I normally take a bus to Delhi from where I catch the flight to my next destination. Its just a pity that the closest airport that I have for me is there only. There is another one in Chandigarth but that’s good to nothing actually since there is only one direct flight from there and that is to Bombay( there I said Mr. Thakrey, come and shoot me) where I normally don’t go. So the destinations where I fly most of of the times are all available from Delhi only. Shouldn’t come as a surprise since its the capital of India as well. Since there was a great difficulty assumed in the program, I decided to get to Banglore a little early so that I can have some rest and start preparation. So I requested for an afternoon flight and a train in the morning to Delhi. I believe that one should not break rules and if you do, one must be ready to face consequences as well. I travel via bus most of the time and don’t believe on trains much. But I had no choice but to take a train only since I had an early flight this time. Well, to be honest, I did have a choice to pick up bus as well and my mom did suggest me the same too but I just thought it would be better if I would take a train in the chilled out weather which is going on now. Another big mistake, listen to your mom always! Anyways, my dad and me went to the train station and train was on time. It was expected as well since there is almost no fog now a days for both mornings and evenings. Since the train was on time, I rightfully thought that I would be able to get to Delhi at the scheduled time only and would catch the flight on time as well. There was less to slim chances that I could afford to get delayed in this entire process since there was only a buffer of one hour and 45 minutes between the time I was supposed to get to Delhi and to catch the flight. Things did kick off smoothly since the train started on time but I am not sure what did happen on the way to it( neither did anyone else had any clues) and it started getting halted for few minutes. Those few minutes accumulated a little too much and finally it was 12.20pm when I got at Delhi platform. It was 80minutes later than the scheduled time of the train and guess what, my flight was supposed to leave at 13.20pm! Great! The train was supposed to come over the platform 1 but it arrived at platform 3 which means I would waste around 5 minutes to get out finally from the station. Can you imagine the scene that I was practically running over the platforms to get out 🙂 ! Finally, I did make it out of the platform and took a cab( overpayed since there was no time for bargaining) and asked the driver to drive it as fast as possibly he could! One of my friends sent the text to me that I am going to miss the flight and I was pretty sure myself as well that this time, for the first time, I was going to miss the flight. I had a backup plan ready with me that if I would miss this flight, I would take another one but the only issue was that the next one was at 17.30pm which means 4 hours late than the actual one! So I had no interest in taking that flight. My driver did drive the cab like  a formula 1 race car( managed to skip few very close accidents as well) and made me reach at the airport at 1300hours. It was just 20 minutes to the flight and I just rushed inside the airport. The very first thing that I asked the lady over the counter was “Banglore flight” and she said,” you just made it sir”! OH MY GOSH! Fortunately for me, the boarding didn’t get start yet which was actually supposed to get started by 12.40pm only so the counter was still open! And as soon as I finished the security checks, boarding was announced! I couldn’t have anything since I was supposed to board the flight but that didn’t matter since I managed to catch a nearly impossible flight 🙂 . Was I happy? You can bet 🙂 ! Oh yes, I did send the text to my friend as well that I got the flight 😀 !

It was a very tiring and long flight ( it always is to the Banglore thanks to the distance) so I was obviously very tired but there was no time to rest or take a nap since I had to start studying. I was also supposed to prepare an exam for the delegates and that was an additional headache for me! Anyways one has to go what one has to do so there was no place for excuses. I had a cup of tea and started the work which went up till about 2am in the morning! I was dead tired and when I woke up in the morning, I had no intention to go to the office but there was no option like it so had to go! The program started off well ( I guess) and we did quite a lot of discussions about the module. It was fun, it always is when there is discussion involved! Since it was an overview so there was no chance that we could stretch any discussions or hands-on for a longer time period. At about 4pm, we closed the day! Since it was a virtual class I couldn’t see the reactions of the delegates but I just hope that they did like the small overview that we did! It was time now to start the travel back for home and I was just praying that things would go well at least for this time!

The journey to the airport was a smooth one. Over the airport also, there wasn’t any chaos or something so I could finish all the formalities well on time with complete ease! I decided to have an Iced Latte with Chocolate flavor once I got free only to see that it tasted like YUCK!!!! I just somehow finished it and started waiting for my flight which fortunately was on time. So I managed to get to the Delhi almost on time only! I take a prepaid cab to the bus stand and did the same this time as well. There was a bus ready to leave for my place and I just grabbed a seat for me! There was no fog so the driver drove the bus like a plane only 🙂 and managed to get us  almost on time only! There was no fog but the winds were ice chilled and that gives some explanation of the condition in which I am at the moment. Keep on reading what do I mean by saying so?

I got at home in the morning and was feeling a little cold. I got a call from my very close brother-alike-friend Amandeep that he is not well. So I just took my scotter out and drove straight to his home. I forgot to wear inner woolen of mine and by the time it was 6pm, I started shivering so much! I just got back home and since then, shivering hasn’t got any better at all. I am writing this sitting over my bed and going to skip dinner since I am sure, I shall vomit if I shall have it! Will have medicines for fever, cold and hope by tomorrow morning I should be a little better. But at the moment, there is only one sound coming from me, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 🙂 !

Probably The Shortest But Still…. February 2, 2010

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When ever I have travelled so far, its atleast for 3 days. That’s the shortest amount of time I can recall spending on an official tour so far. But I guess, this time, I am going for the shortest program that I would ever do. I have a program of just one day but for that, I would be requiring to travel for one day as well which would make in total 2 days but still, it would remain the shortest duration in my travelogue. And since, its just one day of it, my luggage( can I still call it one) seemed to be the lightest one in all of these years, I mean how much just one pair of trousers and shirt can weight right 🙂 ?

But the smallest duration doesn’t make the program any lighter. The program remains the toughest among of all that I have handled so far and to add more to my pains, the practice setup and book that I was supposed to get for it, both are still nowhere to be found which means, I have nothing in my hands/computers/anywhere which I can use to prepare for it and its a completely new program for me as well! So how would one delivers a program which he hasn’t studied yet? Well, I frankly don’t know and I am just as worried as anyone would be who would be asked to fight in a war with a locked gun and told that how to unlock it would be told to you in a practice session which never did happen! I hope I won’t be a sitting duck 😦 . Pray for me guys and wish me luck!

Oh yes, this one is not the last program, I am travelling after it “very soon” . Stay tuned to know when/where/why 🙂 !

At Home, (Very Short) Break Time…. February 1, 2010

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I got back home today morning. Well, its just for two days only and out of that one is already over. From the last few months, its been a real hectic schedule that is there for me and I believe, its going to be the same for next few more weeks as well. Besides the hectic travel schedules, the modules that I am handling are all very tough and the audience as well  which is coming is very elite and experienced. So overall, its being a very tough time for me.

I just managed to get a sleep for about an hour in the evening though I was so much tired and couldn’t sleep at all last night. But there were some tasks that I had to finish so had to step out of the house and finish them. I am having a very severe pain in my right knee and left elbow and I have no idea why? I know the reason for the elbow pain but about knee, I am a little worried because it has just started few weeks back and its really really painful. I shall wait and watch for few more days and than will see what to do about it?

There is just tons of work that I need to finish and I am just finding it very much tough to do. Part for the reason that I am traveling like anything and part being just distracted, thanks to tons of things which keep on going in the mind. Anyways, I guess at least for tomorrow, I can put all of this on a halt and enjoy being at home. And the best thing about being at home is home made food so  its time to go and eat something 🙂 . Ciao!