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Install Mania, Finally Over…. March 31, 2009

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I mentioned few days back here that I have bought a new box, a very heavy duty one, which I desperately needed for the stuff that I play around with. Everything was going fine, in fact , it was going great. But, as like always, when ever I get a bit happy about some thing,  issues start coming up into it. The same happened with the new box as well. All of a sudden, it started getting rebooted. I tried to do all what ever I could find out but all went in vain. I had got 3 window versions installed on the box with one linux version. Everything started getting crashed for no reasons. Even the attempts of mine to resin tall the o/s also got failed with not-so-nice-looking Blue Screen Of Death. Now, I am really very fussy when it comes to the things which I have got for myself as I don’t get many things for myself often. So I tried my best to find the cause of the issues that I was facing. I shall say that I was not very lucky and despite searching like mad, I got just a little bit of information and that was that there may be some issues with the RAM that I had over the box. In the meanwhile, I did call my vendor from whom I bought the box and according to him, there may be an issue with the power supply of the box, a highly illogical thing to say in my opinion but I couldn’t blame him as he is just a seller, not a tech support. So finally I got the system packed and went to the vendor to get it checked thoroughly from his engineers( if I can call them that). They didn’t do much and as I expected, just went and bought a new pair of the RAM slots. Now, I got no issues with that only if it wouldn’t had come with an extra payment that I had to make in order for the exchange as the new slots were supposed to be better than the last one!
I spent a lot of time at the vendor’s shop and played around with lots of installs, deinstalls , formatting of the disk and so on, just to give a good beating to my machine. I am glad that it did take it up nicely and I was finally back home smiling. When I got back, I again had to do all the installs of all those softwares once again which I installed last time. Not an issue , I said to myself, how so wrong I was! The windows that were installed on two partitions were of older versions, they were of service pack 2 but still their installers and some files internally, were old and that started giving me  A LOT of issues. Starting from the driver installation to the messenger and other softwares, everything got failed. So as like always, I tried to do a fresh install of the o/s again with my own media. Everything went great up till the time when my media asked me to supply a file which lies on another disk , not on the one which is initially used. I was so tired and confused that even though I had done the installs from the same media so many times, I forgot where the file actually resides. After searching on the (wrong) media for so long, I finally gave up and skipped the file , only to mess up with my installation. When it was over, I found out where the file was and thought to do the install one more time. My plan was to do a new install over the wrongly installed partition but some how, in the storm of confusions, I started the installation over that partition of the disk where I was having the install software dumped of MS Vista! It was just by chance that I didn’t choose to format the partition otherwise that dump also would had gone.  This time, I did take care about supplying the right file from the right path and finally, the install was succeeded. After that a long and painful task started to install all those small and big softwares one more time, including this writer from where I am writing this post. Once I was done with all this, I had to install Linux for my Oracle database installations. I have just finished installing Linux,still Oracle is pending to be installed. But other than that, all of the stuff is installed, leaving me tired like anything. I had to finish the setup part as soon as possible as there are many pending things which I have to finish as soon as possible. There is a feeling of fear inside me and I want certain things to be completed due to that fear. I am just having a small break from the installations at the moment and will get back to it in a short span of time. But I am just so much happy that the install mania’s major portion is over now! Piece of advice, if you get a new box, pretend that you know nothing about computers and get it installed from some one else so that you can just sit and do whatever you like to do rather than watching the install progress bars running like crazy!



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