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Travel Time…. October 31, 2007

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Yes that time has come again. I shall be leaving tomorrow for a program which is already going on a very fast pace for different modules by some another persons. Lets see how things will go? Wish me luck and pray for me guys!

Archive_Lag_Target…. October 30, 2007

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If you are working with Oracle than redo log files have a huge impact on the performance of the database. Its some times a huge pain how to attain an optimal size for the redo log files and the corresponding checkpointing and archiving frequency. One option is to find the redo generation rate of your database which is not so-easy option as it will keep on varying.  Second will be the sizing of the redo log files again which becomes a pain coz there is no rule of thumb( well 20minutes as per oracle) given for it. There is one parameter called Archive_lag_target which is described here in oracle docs. This is given mainly for the dataguard configurations but Howard Rodgers has given a very good explanation for using it on standalone databases too on oracle forums.  It was a good learning to know about it. Here are some links of discussion if you are interested.
How often should a database archive its logs
Redo log switch
Redo log size increase and performance
Learning never stops!

Truly Touching…. October 30, 2007

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Some times, some wordings depict a true story. Those wordings touch you so deep inside that you can actually relate yourself to them. And if the matter is of love, if the matter is of broken hearts than that relation becomes more strong. Last whole night sitting on my pc , I was listening to this song sung by Romey Gill, Tutt Gaye Yarane. I don’t like mostly the songs sung by him but this song and most importantly its lyrics are so fabulous that they kept me hooked all night. I shall explain the meaning of the song in English as the original song is in Punjabi. Listen the song and I am sure, even if you don’t understand Punjabi, you will be able to feel the pain through the words of this song. Have a read:
Lutt ke mohbbatan nu kiti hear feri ve,
Tutt gaye yarane, jind fikran ne gheri ve!
Hanjuan de saagran vich jindagi di beri hai,
Dise na kinara koi maut aap hi saheri hai!
Chhadd gaye mallah kiti minnat batheri hai,
Tutt gaye yarane jind fikran ne gheri ve!
Sar gayi ee batti sade pyar de chirag di,
Mukk gaya tel, loh khind gayi vairag di!
Ronde aa patange nain wagdi haneri ve!
Tutt gaye yarane jind fikran ne gheri ve!
Teri tan “karam” guddi ambran ch khed di,
Bukkran de lokan sadi jind pairi red ti,
Sadi hun paini bas kabran di feri ve,
Tutt gaye yarane jind fikran ne gheri ve!
And the meaning in English is :
You have cheated me by deceiving me in love,
My love is lost and I am lost in pain!
In this ocean of tears, the boat of my life is sinking.
There is no way out and death is all which is left now!
The sailors have left this boat too despite so much of requests,
My love is lost and I am lost in pain!
Light of my love’s torch is fading away,
Oil is finished for this light too!
Eyes are crying in pain and there is just storm ahead!
My love is lost and I am in so much pain!
Some people have made my life a joke,
All I am left to do is to go and get into my grave!
My love is lost and I am in so much pain!
It is so true when we say that love is the most beautiful gift that one can ge in his/her life. Those are so lucky who have a chance to taste love and get the embrace of their loved ones. It doesn’t come to all. Some wait for their whole life but still they never find it. But one must remember this too, its not just finding love which is important. Its also as much important that when does find it, he/she should also care for it, make sure that he/she wont lost it. Its not so difficult to find love coz one doesn’t need to do anything for finding it. Love will find you itself but remember to make it sure its there with you, your loved one is with you, its you and just you who have to do the efforts.  Yes love is a relation between two but we cant make some one else do some thing for us forcefully. All we can do is to make sure that we love him/her more than what is our best capability and do all the efforts possible to keep our love with us. If we are thinking that this is the job of the other person than the only person who will lose will be us because we left the responsibility of caring the most precious assets of our to some one else.  Now we cant complain. If it was so important , we must never had given this responsibility to anyone else. Care for your love, do what ever is possible to be with him/her.  Remember its not every day you will find some one who will love you truly and madly, who will bear all the pains for you and still will smile, who will travels miles, cross oceans, climb mountains just to see you for one moment!Its not everyday some one will love you!
As much as its true that love and true lovers are there. But a sad and rude fact is also there that there are some those who don’t care about their love and leave them in between of the journey of love alone in the hands of time. That pain of being left alone, that pain of not been able to do anything and just to watch your love leaving you and going away can be understood by only those who have loved and lost it. That pain of waiting for hours to hear one word , just one, to see just for once that person and when tears are the only friend and you look for that person to come and wipe those tears, hide you in his/her hug, nothing is more painful than this fact that there is no one else responsible for those tears but that very person. People feel that if their loved one is there all the places for them , its a botheration for them forgetting this that if some one is caring for you, taking pain for you, he is bothered about you, he is not the biggest problem of your life but he is trying to take away that biggest problem that is making you sad and worried. But not all understand this. For some, promises and swears are meant for the time, if the time has changed than those promises must also change. If the times are not smooth than instead of being with their loved ones and hold their hand, they are the first one to leave them in the middle of the road to take their own path for their happiness. There is nothing wrong in thinking about your happiness, your own good but it is also possible that other person might have gave up everything just for your happiness, for your good and still didn’t get 2 tender words even. Its very easy to say to some one that now there is nothing between us and I have nothing to do with you. Its very easy to turn and say to some one that I don’t have time for your tears anymore but its not so easy to hear and bear it. Its really not! Its not easy to tell lies to the world, smile and pretend nothing happened when your heart is completely wounded and eyes are filled with tears all the time. Its not so easy to put a smile and say I am fine, its really not!
These are the lines said by a gal who loved and got her heart broken by her love only. Try to feel the pain that she is into through these words. These are in Punjabi,I shall explain the meaning of these lines in English too. Have a read:
Ishq mere nu najran laggian, kise najar na aa k utari ve!
Tere bina na hun koi chahat meri, par bas teri hi judai di maari ve!
Terian yaadan ne aisi haalat kiti, la ditti ik ajeeb bimari ve!
Din tan main hass hass k kattan, har raat ro ro k gujari ve!
Hun main ki dubara hai vassna, main tan apneyan di hathi ujari ve!
Reejhan merian tadpan laggian, main dukhan di agg bali ve!
Hanju meryan ne vain paye, main jad chahvan di chita sarri ve!
Dukhan de vash pai gayi sajna, de de k khushi udhari ve!
Mai sari dunian tan jitt laini is, par bas tere agge aa k haari ve!
And the meaning of these lines in English is:
Some one put a bad sight on my love,
And no one did anything for it too!
I loved no one else but you but I am dieing with the pain of your separation!
Your memories has made me mad,
I am sick for the life time with this wound!
Some how I pass my days with fake smiles,
But the nights are passed buried in just tears!
How can I go and settle down now anywhere,
When I am destroyed by my own people!
My wishes are crying now,
I am burning in the fire of pain!
My tears started crying too,
When I buried my desires and love!
Now I am lost in the city of pain,
I have no happiness left coz I have gave away all of mine!
I could have won this entire world,
But I am lost to no one else but just you!
I shall conclude by saying this only that love is not a joke,its not a matter of some time. Its so much tough to do. It gives you happiness but on the cost of  tears. It gives you smile but by looking your loved one smiling. Its the act of losing yourself completely and still being complete. If you are not ready to take this pain than may be love is not for you.  If all what you look for is your happiness, your wishes, your dreams, career than may be love is not some thing which you might need and want. Yes they say “fools fall in love” but remember its doesn’t go this way.  Its actually “fools fail in love” thinking that love is some thing which can come to them anytime. They don’t mind giving pain to their loved ones thinking that time will heal them. They don’t think that when the glass is broken , its crackling sound goes so much far away but when the heart breaks, the sound is heard to only that person who has been ripped into pieces. Its so easy to give some one pain and leave but it takes a life time to learn how can one make some one smile? If you are in love, do what ever you have to make your loved one smile and happy. Don’t miss a chance to tell them that you love them. Don’t think that they are wasting your time by telling you that they are in love with you coz you have more important things to do. Don’t give excuses for not being able to make up your promises coz promises ones broken doesn’t need any excuses, logics. Hearts once broken are not cured anywhere. Don’t ever and I mean EVER make your loved one cry and disrespect him/her because the heart who loves you,it wont be able to bear that pain that it is broken by no one else but by that person for whom all the heartbeats were devoted. Remember, you may meet millions in this journey of life time but you may never meet that loving heart again whom you broke into pieces. It is said that one doesn’t know what they were missing till the time they don’t get them and one doesn’t understand the importance of some one till the time they don’t lose them. Don’t wait to lose and understand the importance of that some one special because may be that’s the last mistake you would ever do. Time and words never come back and so is love!

Thoughts Of Wisdom…. October 27, 2007

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Some times, there is always an another view of the most commonly occurring things. And that other view is always a little humorous. That’s the same I read in the morning. It made me smile so I thought to share it with you all. Let me know how you find it? Have a read:
  • Whenever I find keys to success, some one changes the lock.
  • To error is human. To forgive is not “company policy”.
  • The road to success? It is always “under construction”.
  • Alchohal doesn’t solve any problems. But if you think again, neither does milk.
  • In order to get a loan, you first need to prove that you don’t need it.
  • All the desirable things in life are either illegal, expensive, fattening or belong to others.
  • Since light travels faster than sound, people appear brighter before you hear them speak.
  • Every one has a scheme of getting rich. Its just that it never works.
  • If at first you didn’t succeed, remove all the evidences that you ever tried!
  • You can never determine that which side of the bread to butter. But if it falls down, it will always land on the buttered side.
  • Anything dropped over the floor will roll over to the most inaccessible corners.
  • 42.7% of all the statistics are made on the spot.
  • As soon as you mention some thing, if its good, its taken.  If its bad , it happens.
  • A golden rule,he who has the gold makes the rules.
  • If you come early bus is late. If you come late, bus is still late.
  • Once you bought some thing, you will find it sold half the price on ebay the next day.
  • When in the queue, the other line always moves faster and the person in front of you will have the most complex transactions.
  • If you have paper, you won’t have pen. If you have pen you won’t have paper. If you have both than no one calls.
  • If you have bunked the class, the professor has taken attendance.
  • You will pick up the maximum wrong numbers while in roaming.
  • The door bell or your mobile will always ring when you are in the washroom.
  • After a long wait for your number bus, two will come together and the bus in which you will get in will be more crowded than the other.
  • If its your exam tomorrow, there will  be a power cut tonight.
  • Irrespective of the direction of the wind, the smoke some how always finds its way to the face of the non-smoker.

So how was it?

Celebration Time…. October 24, 2007

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I never thought that I would write a blog myself ever. To be really honest, I really didn’t know what is a blog actually till so long. Still even after reading others blogs for some time, I never could convince myself that I can write too ( and I really am sure about this that my writing is no where to be called good now too) so I was always a little reluctant about having my own blog. Than way back in September 2005, my first blog post on Blogger saw the sunshine. Again the color, theme all on the blog were picked coz of a reason and for a person. Than lot of things, people changed and I was like shaken from head to toe for some time( I am still not stable but trying my best to be) and there was a quietness over this space for nearly half a year till the time when I posted that I am still alive. A lot was going on at that time which was enough to make me distracted and disturbed over lots of things and people. At that time WordPress also was picking up very fast so my Blogger’s blog got a new twin at WordPress and said hello to the world. As Tim said in one of the comments on Howard’s post that writing is not some thing which should be taken as a motive to change this world.  Its you who is writing what you feel. I feel the same. Every one is having its own way to reflect his/her feelings.  Some paint their feelings, some give them a tune and some give their feelings a face by words. I am not at all a good writer but I hope some day I shall improve some what and write some good things  which still may not be able to change the world but will be enjoyed by most.  So even I am late in mentioning ( a month late) , still I guess I can say that its anniversary of this blog. These are my random thoughts reflecting my feelings in my words. I hope if you are reading this than you like it(if not much than a little is okay for me :). I have got some very nice comments so far. I thank all of you who said those nice words for the blog. I just hope you will keep coming back here!

11g For Windows…. October 24, 2007

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Oracle has released its newest 11g database for windows platform. So if you were waiting for it ( and I am sure you were) than your wait is over. Now the only worry of mine is to get that much fast net connection which can download 1.7gb of Oracle for me in 10 minutes ;-).

Wish I Too Could Had MEEP…. October 23, 2007

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Tom Kyte posted about Doug Burns’s MEEP post. Moans from Miracle is hosting this program for the sake of making better and knowledgeable Oracle professionals. I really like the concept and I really think Jan is lucky to get a chance to be in such kind of program. I am sure with all these people helping out him, he will surely do great! And I am just thinking that it would be really so much great if I ( and so many like me) too could have got a chance to be into such kind of a program when I was learning ( and still learning only) Oracle. Life would be really so much different I guess :)!

Sis Is All Over…. October 23, 2007

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My sister who is a beautician, yesterday posed as a model for her company for the upcoming festival season’s new bridal designs and make ups launched by her company. And her snap is published today  in the national newspaper, Punjab Kesari’s city supplement. I wont say much except this that I am really proud on her and really happy for her. Congrats gudia! Keep it up! You are the best!

A Shocking Post From HJR…. October 22, 2007

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Howard Rodgers posted a question today on his blog asking that is it worth for him to carry on with the Forum? The same thought is meant for the blog and some where for the complete site too. I am not sure how many in Oracle community can differentiate between “quantity” and “quality” as with the passage of time, there are just now too many sites, forums and blogs talking about Oracle and claiming to be an expert in it. But there are just a few and I mean really very few who are truly good. I wont name any one as I shall for sure miss so many from it but yes I would say Tom Kyte, Tim Hall , Howard Rodgers, Tanel Poder and the list goes on and on and on, these are some those people who are genuinely good, really want to help people to learn Oracle and are there always to help for the most tough questions asked ( and some times very basic questions too). I am saying this coz I do ask myself some times very very basic questions and some times some sensible ones. There is a lot of stuff that is repeated over forums at times but still these all people never cease to help and are willing to answer and help always.  I really wont like to see this happen that HJR will shut down any part of the site. If you are an Oracle user/dba/developer at user/intermediate/expert level and are willing that a real quality web site for Oracle knowledge wont disappear, I would urge that post your vote at Dizwell.com in the favor of keep it going.

Happy Vijayadashmi…. October 21, 2007

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Today is Dussehra (Vijayadashmi) . In India, from this the festival season will begin. Dussehra is the festival of victory of good over evil. I wish and pray to God, all will have a very happy and prosperous year ahead and may God give you all his choicest blessings. Enjoy this day where ever you are with lots of sweets, crackers along with your family,loved and dear ones! Happy Dussehra to all of you!