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Another Timeless Melody By Amrinder Gill, Judaa…. November 26, 2011

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Amrinder Gill needs no introduction. I have met him personally over Bombay airport couple of years back and had spent about 2 hours. Besides being a very good singer, he is a very simple human being as well. I have already mentioned his song Afwah in this blog post. The song was written by the legendary lyricist Raj Kakra who is known to pen down emotions, especially pain so nicely in words that its impossible for any one who says he has a heart, not to be touched and not having tears in his eyes. Judaa is also written by the same Raj Kakra so the magical duo has joined forces together once more and the result is an amazingly good song once again!

I was looking to find the official video of the song to post below. But despite searching for quite a while, all I could find some self-made videos of the people and claiming it as an official video of the song. The official video of the song has not yet released though but there are clippings of it already floating on Youtube. So I shall be posting just the song which is actually not in the video format. As soon as the official video would be released, I shall replace the current one with that.

 Update: As I promised that whenever the official video would be out, I shall be posting it so here it goes


As good is the song, the video has come up on the same level! Its just amazing! Enjoy!

I believe that this should come without any guess that the song is a Punjabi song. As like always, I shall be translating the song in English too. First, here are the lyrics in Punjabi,

Tun judaa hoyon, par teri yaad judaa na hoyi!
Jaan meri tanhayian de gal lagg lagg k royi!

Saath tere da hor asin nigh laina si,
Tun iss mod te nahin alvida kehna si!
Rom rom vich ajj v tere saahan di khushboi!

Tun judaa(repeat)….

Unj duniya te lok vichhde milde ne,
Bin tere sab chah hi marr gaye dil de ne!
Dabb lawan dil di nukre,Naa jawe peed lukoyi!

Tun judaa(repeat)….

Ik duje no lok v aksar puchhde ne,
Jaan to pyare kyon achanak aksar russde ne!
Raaj kakde baad sajjan jind na jiyundi na moyi!

Tun judaa(repeat)….

And here is the translation of the same in English,

You have left me, but your memories didn’t!
My soul has cried hugging the loneliness so often!

I still wanted to feel the warmth of your presence,
You must not had left me at this moment of time!
In my every breath, your fragrance is still there!

You have left me, but your memories didn’t!
My soul has cried hugging the loneliness so often!

There may be many people who meet and leave daily,
Without you, all the charms are dead of this heart!
I want to suppress this pain in some corner of my heart,
This pain is becoming impossible for me to hide!

You have left me, but your memories didn’t!
My soul has cried hugging the loneliness so often!

People ask each other so often,
Those who are dearer than even life, why they leave us always just like that?
Without beloved, one remains neither alive nor dead!

You have left me, but your memories didn’t!
My soul has cried hugging the loneliness so often!


Well done Amrinder and Raj and thanks for bringing an another timeless melody!


Yet Another Rant? May Be…. November 26, 2011

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.
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I am sitting at my home at the moment. Last night had been so very tough, more than I can express. I am not sure that why life has to be so tough, what’s so wrong I have done with anyone, to that god that he has opened a box full of troubles/issues for me and it seems, he has just completely forgotten about doing so too!

I am not writing often at the moment. If you are  a regular here, you would  have an indication that things are not all well by my side. Actually, that’s a pretty simplistic statement to make. The more appropriate statement would be that at moments, I am just unable to handle what’s going on? As I had mentioned already somewhere, I have got a draft post lying in my folder which would tell the reason of my of current state. Though I had started writing it few days back when I left out for a travel. I have written few words but I think I have left more than I have said. I, somehow, can’t sit and complete that post in one go. Yes, I am trying but every time, I am sitting to do the same, my good and old friends tears immediately come knocking the corner of my eyes. May be they know this that Aman won’t cry in front of anyone but only when he is all alone and when he is sitting alone, its just these tears who share his loneliness and pains. Though these tears are gifted to me by that god, from those whom I never even thought getting them in my dreams too, all of these tears share a great unity and never fail to be with me. May be they have no one else to go to or may be, they know this that though Aman acts so strongly and shows that he is just so tough, at times, he is also just like anyone else in this world, a guy who gets upset, who gets hurt and who does cry!

Many think that I am so strong and nothing effects me. Yes may be that’s an expression that I leave so often but still, why all forget a simple fact that I am a human being too who has a heart that can be broken, who has the same like all which may get tears. I might be having tons of tensions on my mind and just because I don’t talk about them with anyone, it doesn’t mean that I am careless, heartless or emotionless.  Its just that I don’t mention my pains and what’s going inside of me, at least not so often and not to anyone. As I just said, I do feel pain, become upset and angry and get tears in my eyes but I let that happen only when I am alone. Its just so ironic that despite that I have got the gifts of pains, tears and cries only from all, I still haven’t learnt how to kick these damn tears away. And that’s the reason that despite that I really want to get that post completed, I simply run out of words at times because I am unable to bear the pain while writing it. If you know me well enough, you must be aware that just because I show the smiles or try to make all happy, it doesn’t mean that I am happy and smiling truly. May be, I am far more sad and broken than that (false) happiness which I show all the time. If I am being silent, it doesn’t mean that I know and understand nothing and just having fun. I have been silent and not saying much, just wishing that somehow, I could put my silence in the post which could express what is going on inside of me but technology has not gone to that level yet. I just hope that I am able to find the appropriate words and shall finish that post soon, may be doing so may lift a little pain from my heart. I just hope it happens, I just so hope!

(Another) Two Lines Of Awesome Poetry…. November 19, 2011

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I believe, it won’t be any new thing if I shall mention that I am not feeling well, both physically and mentally. People are coming and telling me that God gives tough times to test your strength and patience and after tough times only, good times come. Well, I am not sure that I am anymore willing to know the results of this so called test of God because I believe, in my case, he is conducting this damn test from last 30 years and I yet have to see either the result of it or the arrival of so-called “good times” . Rather than these two, I just wish I can meet God and can ask him some questions whose answers are long due with him and I am sure, he will be having tough time to explain the answers.

Though I am not in a good mood at all but still, this post is not going to be about either the upset mood of mine or about the reason(s) behind it. I have started writing it already in my last travel. I couldn’t complete it at that time because it was becoming impossible for me to control myself while sitting in the office because that’s where I was writing it. Not after too long (but not very soon too), I would be posting it. Not sure to what extent I shall explain anything but still, will try. So what’s this post is about, well, as the title said, just two lines of poetry which came to me through text message just now and I thought to put that here. So here it goes,

Uski hansi mein chhupe dard ko mehsoos karo Faraz,

Wo to yun hi hans hans k khud ko saja deta hai!


And its translation in English is,

Try to understand the pains behind his smiles,

He just punishes himself by smiling all the time!


Smiles, what a noble way to make people believe that you are absolutely fine, both inside and outside, isn’t it! And its just amazing to see that how so many people do believe that all is fine seeing the smiles on one’s face or may be its just me who is good at making people believe so?

Its So Tough…. November 5, 2011

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I am sitting here in front of the system from more than an hour now. All I have done so far is to write about 3-4 lines and then deleted them and rewrote them again, that’s all! Somehow, am just not able to do two things, one, find the right words to put across and second, stop the tears which just start dropping, at the start of the first sentence even and I can’t cry, haven’t at all even when I want to so very very much, still didn’t cry at all! Reason? Because I am at home right now and I can’t make the conditions more worse than what they are right now with me showing tears in my eyes. I promised myself that I won’t cry just for this very reason only and that God(if he is there anywhere in real, some thing which I really doubt about now) is my witness if none else that I truly didn’t and neither have talked/shared with anyone what is going on in my mind and heart and how much upset, sad and broken I am feeling, even haven’t said this that just give me shoulder to rest my head and let me cry! If I shall have tears in these eyes, I shall do it only when I am going to be all alone and won’t be at home, doesn’t matter how I so I wish to do it!

I am in a completely messed up health state right now but still, I have to start travel tonight itself for an overseas location which coincidently, is equally messed up due to the fury of the nature, Thailand! This is going to be my first travel to overseas after….damn it, I can’t even make myself write it! My schedules were cancelled but because a colleague, who was originally scheduled to go but couldn’t make it because of some document issues, I was asked to take over and I had to say yes. I am, for the first ever time,really not willing to go and not because that I am scared of the flood situation but because of the condition at home. But I still have to so all I need to do now is to gather myself, get ready and pray that all goes and remains fine. And about the reason of my silence and not mentioning the reason of this state of mine, as I said, I am trying to put it in words but I couldn’t do so far and the biggest reason of it, as I have already mentioned- that even just the start of it makes my eyes wet and I can’t let it happen, at least while being at home. I shall be writing about it soon or whenever I am going to be in travel like I shall be from tomorrow. Its so tough and I really don’t know what (and how) I shall say anything?