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Heroes, A Movie…. October 30, 2008

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My sister and her friends wanted to go for a movie as they were having a holiday yesterday. So I was asked to come along. I don’t watch movies much. You can imagine this that this was exactly one year since the last I went for any  movie. It was too with my sister and her friends. So it was indeed she who took me to it , not the other way round :-).
Gals wanted to see, Golmaal Returns but to their luck, the entire show was full and there was no ticket uptil night. I proposed to see, Roadside Romeo but I was made quite by saying, its a kid movie. Fashion was rejected without even discussion. So they finally zeroed down to Heroes. About the movie, well I don’t know what to say? That “aha” feeling is not there. Okay, it was a nice, refreshing movie. It was having a different angel to look at patriotism. Young lads don’t like to join arm forces as the life over there is very tough  and its not such a lucrative job. But than what’s there which make people join army and become a martyr for the sake of their country? Two guys leave their home to search for this question’s answer. They meet  families of those people who have lost either a son, husband, brother in war but were not sad over it. They were proud over it. A good thought, a little comedy which was clean, it was a good show overall. But(yes there is one), I really doubt that this movie can create any history. Okay it may be coming out as a profit making one but I don’t think it can be called a blockbuster. All the actors did a good job. Music is pathetic. Background music is good. If I have to rate, its 2.9/5. You can see the wallpapers and other stuff about movie here,
Everything was fine except one thing. Lots of gals came with their mothers to watch it. No, I am talking about my sister’s friends and their mothers. It was a sad feeling to see to all of them enjoying with their mums while my mother was at home.


System Error From My 6600…. October 28, 2008

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You don’t want to see especially on a festival day like today. In the morning , when I started my phone to send message to someone in Australia, my phone gave me a welcome message, “General: System Error”. Searching for it over the net revealed that there is some error in the files of its Symbian operating system. Am I upset? You can bet that I really am. One, I would probably lose all the content I have in it ( and its a lot of it) , my phonebook details as well. Second, I have to get a new phone as I see some thing for twice afterwards, my trust is broken. My phone has already broken my trust , this was the second time and this time, its a serious offense on its part. So instead of me going and having some fun, I would need to rush to the service center and give it for repair. Hopefully it would get repaired. A not-so-nice way to start a day of Diwali!


Well I spent almost the entire day trying to sort out what can be done for my phone. I knew since morning that it has got a corrupted operating system and I tried almost everything which I could find to sort it out. I couldn’t do it with any workarounds like starting in “safe mode” , by replacing the memory card and battery. So finally I took it to my friend who is having a service center for the mobiles. Well I was hoping that he would bring some trick from his sleeve and would make it work. But when he started doing all the same things which I did, I was sure that’s not going in the way I wanted it to go i.e. with having all of my data rescued. So finally , after banging head for almost 2 hours, we did the same which I could do in the morning my self even, we formatted the phone. And that means, I lost all of my messages and phone book details. Luckily some of the things, like some pictures , sound files were in memory card so they escaped from being removed. So my phone is back to the factory settings and I am having no phone book. It will be painful to add all the numbers again but still, the phone is back to work. I guess, I shall get one another pretty soon as I have lost faith in it already.

I Am On WAYN Now…. October 27, 2008

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I have been getting lots of emails to come over WAYN( Where Are You Now) . I was just ignoring all of the invitations up till now. Today, finally when I got one more for this site, I decided to finally give it a go. There is nothing much into the site and to be honest, I didn’t find it much attractive too. But I am now over WAYN and if you are there too and know me, search me and send a add request and I shall add you. As like always, the profile is added over all of my previous web spaces and you should be able to see it on the right hand side of this page. Happy WAYNing!

Welcome To My Home…. October 27, 2008

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Well, anyone is welcome in my home. If you do know me really than you must be familiar with this fact that in my home, everyone is welcome. So indeed you are too. But at the moment, this welcome is to see my home’s image as visible by satellite. So if ever you would like to come and meet me and would be looking for my home, you may use this as a reference :-). Here is the link to the image,
You can see a rectangle saying the same, “Here I am”. It wasn’t easy to locate though. I did try before when I saw the same over my friend’s blog but I couldn’t do locate mine. Even now, I was looking in another location not the one which is selected at the moment? Is this is correct? Well see its kinda far and I normally don’t look at home from sky. I normally do it standing outside of it over the same level where it is located. So chances are that it may be a slight wrong but as per my best powers, I am sure its correct and the best bet is over that park which you can see as a big rectangle with a center spot. This was just done by our local society when they put a fountain in the middle of the park. Its not anywhere else around  as far as  I know and I am living here since my birth and I do lots of rounds around my place so I guess, I am fairly correct :-). And the second bet is the presence of trees in front of my home which you can clearly see as a big spot. Alrite, its correct , end of discussion :-). If you would find it wrong and you are looking for me, do give me a buzz or text me, I shall come for rescue :-).
Its not complete without mentioning that  I did spend some time doing this search and all. I couldn’t do it in my first try and I am not sort of a person who gives up easily. It isn’t of much use may be but it was surely a little fun. 

Happy Diwali…. October 27, 2008

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I wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali. May you enjoy this with lots of joys, crackers, sweets with your nears and dears. Its the biggest festival in India and for all the Indians around the globe and I wish, this would bring the biggest joys for you and for your family. Be safe and enjoy the most of it.
I shall just mention one more thing which is in mind. Last year, me and my family were not sure that were we going to have a Diwali or not? This year too, the same scary feeling creeped in due to some serious personal issues. I am just praying to God that nothing bad should happen and he would make us celebrate this year with joys for many years yet to come. I wish he is listening to me and my prayers.
Happy Diwali all of you!

Don’t Know What It Is…. October 26, 2008

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You must be thinking that what the heck is wrong with this guy that he has started coming up with such kind of low sounding posts only? Well, the truth is that some thing is not right and I am unable to spot on that what’s it?One reason is that there are just so many so many things that’s why I can’t mention just one out of them. Despite that all are making me feel the same, probably there is one thing which I know for sure, stands out among the rest and that is….No I won’t mention it because some things are better when not said. Those who truly can understand, they would have got it up til now and those who couldn’t , they probably won’t get it even when words would give a try.
So what I am doing at midnight when I should be on the bed? Well I changed the post’s title from where it is to what it is? Initially it was where only, just to mention that I am not sure where is the sleep? Probably, its too busy to come to me ;-). Never mind because I am listening,  Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely , a truly nice song if you do understand the feelings underneath its lyrics though.

Back, Tired, Upset…. October 25, 2008

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I just got back two hours ago. Though I was supposed to get back some time in the midnight only but when you fly with bunch of incompetent people who don’t really care what is the status of the plane, don’t really bother to do the checking and maintenance “before” the flight’s flying time than you are bound to get late  and that’s the same happened with me as well. Am I sounding pist off? You can bet I am!
The best thing which did happen was that the program went well. Rather I should say, guys gave me a very good sign off. It was a collective good bye with some very good words. I don’t really deserve all those good words which they said about me as I know so less and all of them were so much better than me but still, I am just so much thankful to them for their kind words. One guy even used the word “best” for me, really not suitable for me but still, from the bottom of my heart, thanks a bunch! They were all very nice and they were all happy so I guess, the program did went well. Phew, what a relief!
There was a small issue with the my return ticket as my travel desk called me and said that either I have to leave at 4pm or I would have to leave next day early in the morning. Well, I really don’t like to travel in the day time so I told them that I would be leaving at 4. I thought that it would take me two hours so by midnight, I would be at home. But I forgot that I am going to fly with Indian Airlines. Though we did board on time but from 10 minutes of wait, it changed to 20 then 30 than an hour and then 1 and half hour. To save fuel I guess, they cut the air conditioner as well. Great! I was just thinking that we are not going to fly today as they were so much of people ( ground staff) who were hooked to one engine I believe. Finally a voice came , which was from captain that we are going to fly and she is sorry for the delay and inconvenience. Yeah magical word sorry, do what-the-heck-ever and just come and say sorry! Well finally we were airborne. Food was pathetic. To really make our flight memorable, oxygen chamber from where emergency oxygen supply comes in the case of some issue, got busted open right over our heads. When air hostess saw it, she was like, I am sorry sir but I can’t fix it and I shall inform ground staff. Sure you would lady.
One good thing happen though. We were told that we would land by 19.20hours which indeed happened. We were on firm earth by the exact same time. Just when we were thinking that now our ordeal is over , we were told to remain seated because due to malfunctioning of electrical circuit, engine of the plane couldn’t be stopped and door was not getting open. Ground electrical staff was called and after about 30 minutes since we landed, door was open and we got back to the terminal. A long , memorable flight experience finally got over! I got at bus stand to catch my bus to home. Thankfully , it was not intending to make my journey memorable so without any memorable moment happening, I finally got back. I wanted to sleep but since last few days I couldn’t so I guess may be because of that, but I am feeling so much tired, really so much!
When I got back, I saw mom is in so much pain because she got injected and the stupid nurse who injected her, she didn’t bother to do her job correctly. Mom is having so much pain and what she told me could have happened due to the carelessness of that nurse, listening to that , I am just burning at the moment. Don’t know what would I say to her when I would see her in the hospital but it appears that she is going to see first hand what happens when I get upset! Not sure why people don’t take their job seriously, not just job but I believe people don’t take anything seriously. Be it job, relation ,whatever!  Anyways, before I sign off, I have ( finally) bought a wallet which I was willing to buy from so long. I guess the one I have bought is okay( I have paid a fortune for it) but I can’t be sure as long as I won’t start the migration project from old-to-new wallet and see its outcome. This would start some time today only so keep watching this space if you are interested to know the results of migration :-).

Tough Times….. October 23, 2008

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Its getting tough to stay here.  I am not sure why its like that? Normally I enjoy my stay where ever I go but its not happening this time. I am feeling like running away. No, its not the module or the guys. They are the best, really nice, especially a guy Venkat. A very senior guy but so much humble and so much nice! Its a pleasure to know such kind of people really. So its not anything from here but still  I am feeling just to run away. I don’t know the reason behind it. Its kinda getting hard to focus. There are certain things not good on the personal side. Don’t know what’s happening and why! Just want everything to get sorted out as soon as possible. I wanted to buy some stuff for me but I won’t be going for it anymore. Hopefully would be able to make the program go fine tomorrow. Let’s see!

A Tiring Day, Broken Phone, No Cab…. October 21, 2008

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It was a tiring day. Since the morning only, I was feeling so much tired. I don’t know what’s the reason of it but I just wanted to sleep. One reason of that may be is that I am not sleeping properly šŸ˜‰ . But still, that’s not some thing which is new for me so I am not sure what is it which is making me feel like this. Well anyways, guys are great. I can’t recall when in the past, for this module which at present I am handling, I have discussed this much of details! And moreover, I am finding guys into the program as well, asking their doubts. So it means ,at least for the moment things are okay(sigh).
My phone has been behaving oddly. All of a sudden, its microphone is not working. So it means that I am able to hear but they can’t. Good! And good thing is that it happened all of a sudden, my hand phone didn’t drop anywhere, no water, no humidity nothing. I guess like most of the people around me, its also not willing to stay with me anymore. I bought it when I had to go for the 2nd time to Malaysia. Since that time only its with me, 4 years now I believe or even more than that. Yeah yeah long time I know but I am not willing to change it due to some personal reasons. But I guess, that time is getting closer when I have to leave it or it may leave me itself which is a more common event for me to see. So at the moment , I am limited to see the call record, get to the nearest land line phone and make a call to the caller. Not a good thing to do if you ask me! But there is no other way out as well, I shall be able to give to the mechanic only when I am back. Let’s see what comes out when it will go to the mechanic?
Normally, for me to come back to my guest house, there is  a cab which comes. Today my driver went to airport to drop some one. So me and one another guy were sitting and waiting for some another cab to come as we were told. The other guy actually is a very senior fellow, in his late fourties I believe. We had lots of talk today when we were sitting and waiting. It was on almost every topic, people, their relation , professional things, almost everything. He was saying the same thing which I believe is happening when we were talking about gals, families and other stuff like that. At the moment, gals are  more concerned about their career, their own goals, their own wills and to achieve what they want, they can leave anyone , do anything. It doesn’t matter to them , in this race , whom they are leaving behind, what they are doing as they can only see what’s their wishes are. That other was in agreement to that as he said that he is seeing the same thing happening in Banglore where he came from. He told me about Japan, how the govt over there is trying to make a push for the people to have their family ties more and more strong. He also told me one important thing, all the young kids, they learn and grasp so much in their initial 4 years of age. So one should be very careful when he/she is in front of kids of this age as what ever we would do, that would be picked up by kids very fast. I guess, that’s really important to know despite the fact that one has his own kids or not. I guess, we started with my cab’s wait. Well actually up til now , we were still waiting only when the call came from the guest house manager to tell that cab is not arranged and he has sent an auto for us. Now for me, its not big deal to go in auto. But the other guy being very senior in position and elder in age, it must have felt very awkward to him to ride in an auto. But there wasn’t any other choice so we took it and got back. Not a very comfort ride, if you ask me but better than coming by walk too ;-).
So here I am writing this after midnight. Despite being tired , I am still not able to sleep. Don’t know why?

What Else You Would Call It? October 20, 2008

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Those who are important to us, if they are lost, there is no pain in this world which can match this. And when we are talking about our own family, our parents, siblings, there is nothing, no one that can be compared to them. Imagine a child losing her parents when she is just a kid, never saw her parents again and was forced to work as a servant , facing the toughest and worst time of her life. But thanks to her endless prayers, God did listen to her and she got her father back after 24, yes 24 long years! What else we can say about itĀ  except that if we want some thing truly, even God is forced to do miracles for it and has to give it to us.
I read this from my friendĀ  and I must admit , it did bring tears in my eyes, especially reading this,
But memories of her father continued to haunt her ā€” of how he had doted on her, carrying her on his shoulders to school on rainy days so she didn’t dirty her feet.
Its just so true,Memories truly hurt, much more thanĀ a bullet does, much more than anything else in this world!
Read the complete story here.Ā From the bottom of my heart, may god give his choicest blessings from now on and they won’t ever face any sadness ever!