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Boring Sunday & Injured…. September 29, 2019

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I am currently sitting in my hotel’s room. It’s Sunday on the verge of its end and that’s the only day that I got in this week as free. I was working yesterday. Of course, it’s just not a good feeling to work on a Saturday morning. But you have to do what you have to do. And since it wasn’t just me but the participants as well were with me, so just me complaining doesn’t sound right. Good thing is that work did go well and the session got concluded on a good note.

I didn’t do anything really adventerous today. I was expecting a work related call in the morning so I did wake up early(despite that it was Sunday) but that call didn’t happen today. I kind of expected that but then, I didn’t want that I am just sleeping and will miss the call. So I was ready for the call at the scheduled time. After I didn’t see any notification for it, I decided to have breakfast, which was downstairs in the hotel’s restaurant. After finishing with it, I came back to my room and did prepare for tomorrow’s session. It’s going to be a tough session and it’s a rerun session. In simple terms, a rerun session is an already messed up session and now it has come to my lap. Of course, it’s not going to be easy but I shall try my best and for this reason, I did spend almost 4 hours to prepare for tomorrow. After that, I was so tired so I decided to have a cup of coffee and grab something to eat. I did eat a quick snack at a nearby place and had coffee from an adjoining cafe. Both snack and coffee were just okay. After that it was back to the room. I did do a re-read of some stuff again before having dinner. Now, dinner is done and I am back in my room. Let’s see how tomorrow’s session will go.

Though it’s session which I am really concerned about but there is one more thing that is really bugging me and that’s my neck. I am not sure how but I have hurt my neck-rear side of it. I am currently having a towel wrapped around my neck after I had applied an ointment over it. I went to a nearby pharmacy and the person over there did give me a muscle relaxant. I picked up a calcitonin nasal spray as well. Let’s see if the medicine does its work or not. I am just being so mad right now cos it’s just one thing after the other that comes and hits me and the trend doesn’t seem to end.

It’s time to swtich off the machine. Praying and  waiting to see that Monday will be kind. Let’s see.

Done With The Session And Feeling Like Zombie…. September 20, 2019

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I am right now sitting at the same dreaded airport of Banglore. I have finished my work here. Though the session otherwise did go well but I did see a similar thing happen that occured last week as well. And just like the last week, I am absolutely pissed off right now. I just don’t understand that some time, people have what kind of demands set in their minds when they come to attend a training session? It’s a training session and there is a reason it’s called ‘training’ and not ‘real world’ or ‘production experience’ or whatever the heck jargons people throw to show that they are doing some reall smart arse work which we, mere mortal instructors, are not aware of. So just like last week, two people did mention that they were unsure about couple of things that I said. Well, it did seem like that out of 16, 14 did see very well what I said, how I said and it was on point but just two failed to do so for some reason or reasons betters known to them only. But it just didn’t sync with me. Yes, I am doing this work from a very very long time and I must not be too worried. But that’s just not me and my nature is. Such things do impact me;for however small duration it may be. Anyways, thanks to all who did come for the session and  I do hope that it was productive and useful. Few did take pictures with me and that’s always very humbling for me. That’s the kind of moments which keep me pumped up and letting me continue do what I do and love to do, despite the hiccups that I did see in these two weeks.

Other than this, things were okay. I do have stiff back and hip which  am trying to get sorted out. But I need to get back and do something about it. I did apply an ointment and it did something but I am not sure that I am still hundred percent.

Flight is going to be in another 2 hours and I just had a coffee and a slice of cake. I have been traveling now for almost 7 weeks straight and I must say, it’s taking a little toll over me. I am feeling like a jombie right now. And with the whole night travel ahead, by the time morning comes, probably I shall turn into a full fledged zombie. May be another cup of coffee will help!

Well, Hello there-Again…. September 13, 2019

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It’s been a long time since I have posted anything. Actually, it’s been years I believe. And if you are going to ask that why did I stop, truly speaking-I don’t know. I just did. Anyways, here I am starting again and hopefully, I shall be not stopping this time. At least, not any time soon. Fingers crossed!

And probably, like a crude joke, I am starting to write again on  a day which I hate so much thanks to the worst memory associated with and like a bad joke over me, I am at that very place which is very much a part of that  memory. Something that always gives me shivers and haunts whenever I think about it. And I do think about it every single time, especially when I step-in at this place.

Some time, on a particular day, just about everything,  probably the whole day turns out to be a series of unhappy moments, and start hitting you one after the other. For me, today was just that day; starting from the commute from my guest house to the venue.

I took an auto rickshaw (tuk-tuk) which is probably a very safe ride. But just like that, out of all the days, today my auto-rickshaw got hit from the rear side by a car. Luckily, we were halting on  a signal. So all what happened that driver and I both were pushed to the front of the auto-rickshaw and he crashed with the front glass and I hit the safety railing that’s in front of the seat. Luckily, besides getting a feeling like someone punched on the sternum with a baseball bat, I was otherwise okay. Driver of the car was talking over the phone and couldn’t stop his car on time. There was no use to argue with him since the only thing that happens in such a case is that the other person apologizes hundres of times which serves no purpose whatsover. So that’s how the day started.

You probably must be wondering what’s so wrong with the day about which I am cribbing about so much. And the answer of this is that today was my father’s shradth. For those who don’t know what it means, it’s a day in Hindu mythology when you offer prayers for your parent(s) who have passed away. For me, for my dad, it was today. And to make matter even worse, I am in the same damn city where I got the news of his death. Not sure what can I say more but it’s just not the series of co-incidents that I would had liked to happen at all. Since I am traveling, I woke up early and went to a temple near by my guesthouse, told the priest over there and he gladly performed the prayers for me. I couldn’t do much but whatever little I could do, I did. So yeah, that’s how my day started.

I did think that over the work front, things would be fine but probably, like always- I assumed a little too early.

Usually I don’t crib about my work since almost all the time, I put all what I have in my work and I love what I do. It’s stressful beyond words and takes a lot of skills, on both technical and personal aspects to pull the things off successfully. And I don’t leave anything inside me when it comes to work-come what may. And despite all the thoughts in my mind, I did finish my work today also with giving all what I had to give for it. Yes, I was probably visibly off and it was even pointed by one of my friends who was an attendee in this session. Probably I couldn’t conceal my inner turmoils like I am able to often cos I was asked why I looked so lost today! Anyways, I did finish the work but probably the worst thing for me on the work-front today was that two of the participants gave the worst rating in the evaluation scores. Now, I don’t really need to worry too much about them since 13 more added an excellent rating with really good comments as well. But me being me, their act just filled me with so much of bitterness and I am just not able to swallow it. I won’t go and say that I am the best in my work but I shall definitely say this, what I do and how I do it, I am not someone who can be rated with the most negative ratings available in the score sheet. And if one is giving me such rating, I have to know the reason for that as well since in the same session, 13 more people were really very appreciative about my work and about me. That was probably the last blow for me the day and yes, I must say it did hurt more than that damn sternum hit of the morning. I do have an idea who did that but then again, neither I could ask them upfront about it nor such questioning would have served any purpose since it’s already on-record now. I just have to suck it up and move on.

I did reach here at the airport and had a cup of black coffee. I wanted to sit down at the lounge but the access will be given after half an hour(I reached very early before my scheduled departure time). So I am right now sitting at this coffee shop PuroGusto and waiting for the lounge to be available for me. It will be long wait to board my flight, which is  scheduled to departure  in about 3.5 hours from now. Most of the times, I am not much thoughtful about the waiting periods at the airports but today, it’s certainly not helping to be at a place( airport or anywhere as a matter of the fact) which is engraved in the mind with the worst memories of my life. I am not sure what I can mention about what I am going through right now. It’s just like it happened just the other day when I reached at this very airport at 2AM with tears in my eyes and started for a very long travel back to home. I don’t really mention about that day often but when you are sitting at the very same place, it’s just inevitable to block those haunting memories. The only solace is that I shall be at home;though not for long. But whatever little time it may be, it’s invaluable.

A Really Soulful Song-Yadaan By Benny Dhaliwal…. August 2, 2016

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It’s been a while since I have mentioned any song. I have few that I would translate and post, hopefully soon. But today, one song has made me post its translation cos not only the song’s lyrics are so deep and touching but even the video of the same, is just so emotional.

The song’s title is Yadaan and is sung by the singer, Benny Dhaliwal. TBH, I don’t really like his songs much as  most of his songs are most appropriate for getting played in clubs. Music or I should say, lots of beats, in his songs take precedence over the lyrics and even lyrics are, at the best just okay. But in this song-Yadaan, almost everything has been right on the mark. And the first and foremost highlight are the lyrics of this song. RipJeet is the lyricist of this song. Music of this song is given by Beat Minister. Benny has sung this song with lots of emotions embedded in his voice. The video, I believe, is picturised as a childhood story of Benny which I am not sure whether is true or not. But nonetheless, when you are going to watch the video and hear the song playing along with it, it’s inevitable that you won’t have tears in yours eyes.

Here is the official video of the song. It’s dedicated to a later British-Indian wrestler Jeet Singh Chatha.

The song is in Punjabi. Here are the lyrics of the same in Punjabi first,

Haye kade na rukiyan eh jandian lehran,
Dhall hi gayian ethe sikhar dopehran!
Patjhad agge godde tek te baagan!
Tur jana jindriye chhadd ke yaadan!

Tur gaye khidari jindagi to harr ke!(X2)
Mukk gaye gavaiyye mann sab da bhar ke!(X2)
Muk gayi ameeri, saath chhaddne saajan!
Tur jana jindriye chhadd k yaadan!(X3)

Ethon tur gaye raaje, tur gaye raanjhe heeran!(X2)
Eh dharat waderi, baki sabh leeraan!(X2)
Othe honge lekhe change maade bhaagan!
Tur jana jindriye chhadd k yaadan!(X3)

Tuun mann di Sandhua, rakh chadar chitti!
RipJeet v teri aukaat hai mitti!
Jad tur gaya Benny, fer rona raagan!
Tur jana jindriye chhadd k yaadan!(X3)

Chhadd ke yaadan!(X2)

Here is the translation of the song in English,

Never it is possible to stop the departing waves!
Even the scorching afternoons would descend!
Orchards have knelled down in front of autumn!
Soul would depart leaving just memories!

Players have fled after losing to the life!(X2)
Artists have demised after entertaining the world!(X2)
Affluence has vanished,
Orchestra would stop being a companion!
Soul would depart leaving just memories(X3)
Kings got extincted from earth and so did the lovers!(X2)
This earth is foremost, rest everything is lowly!(X2)
In the court of God, justice would be served for being good or bad!
Soul would depart leaving just memories(X3)

Sandhu, you just keep the slate of your conscience clear!
RipJeet, you have no standing!
When Benny would scram, ragas would shed tears!
Soul would depart leaving just memories(X3)

I am not sure what else I can add to this song. Just would say that those who leave their loved ones and go to God, not sure whether they look down or not. But those who are left on this earth, for them, every passing moment brings just tears when all they wish for, is to see that person, even just for a moment would sufice but irrespective of how hard they would wish,  their pray would remain unanswered. We all have to go one day-a statement which is very easy to make in an attempt to console someone but doesn’t help much. 

Another Session & Week Is Complete…. July 8, 2016

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I have just sat down at the lounge after clearing the check-in. This week’s session is completed and I am so glad that it got concluded successfully.

If you are a regular here and have read the last post, you would be aware that I mentioned that this week’s session would be tough. But before I could start the session, I had to reach at the place and that starts with boarding the flight. And this time, flying proved to be a really terrifying experience. The weather was extremely cloudy and windy-throughout the entire journey. I travel quite a lot and thus traveling, flying, turbulence etc. doesn’t really impact me much. But this time, the turbulence didn’t seem to want to end. In the flying time of 2.5 hours, I believe just about 35-40 minutes, we didn’t have the seat belt sign on. Not just this, captain announced even to the airline crew to sit down and buckle up. And in my overall flying experience, I have seen this only one time before. Anyways, as you are reading this, it certainly means that my flight did land successfully and I managed to reach in one piece.

After reaching the airport, thanks to the Priority tag, my  luggage almost immediately. I took a cab and started for my hotel. The journey from the airport to the hotel was smooth. The hotel where I was going to stay, I had been there before. Though it’s not really a very big hotel(7 floors only and having a 3-star rating), it’s a very nice place to stay for few days. The staff is friendly and professional and the rooms are comfortable. The best part was that the venue was not very far from the hotel. So after having a quick dinner, I called it a day as I had to start the session next morning.

Next morning, I did reach at the venue at my usual time of 8.15am only to find out that no one reached there.Not even a security guard was there and the main door was also locked. After calling twice and waiting for 20 minutes, the local staff did arrive. As usual, their excuse for the delay was traffic. I am habtual of hearing it now so I just didn’t bother. The delegates arrived on time and we had startd the session. The delegates, as like always, were really nice and knowledgable. We had some great discussions and it’s really nice to see when people are interested to know stuff deeply-something that I am always eager about. Not only this, we did have some moments filled with laughter as well. And one such moment was today, when one of the delegates, changed my name in the evaluation (of course by mistake). When I mentioned that it’s an incorrect name, she mentioned that not sure why in her mind, the incorrect name was there all the time. But on a serious note, when we were concluding today, I could see teh smile on everyone’s face and it’s always a sign that they did like the session and it was helpful for them. Thanks to all for a great week and for their patience. I hope that we shall meet again soon in some other session.

Just now while writing this, I am remembering that I have to update about my the last week’s session. I shall be updaing some thoughts in an upcoming post. It would be more of a rant than thoughts though.

Now, it’s about 6pm and I can see that my flight is rescheduled to 9.15pm. And that means that I have to sit and wait here for a very long time. I wouldn’t have much issue with it if this airport had a Starbucks outlet where I could go and have a cup of coffee while doing some work. But there is none and the one coffee outlet which is available, I don’t like it at all! So I am not sure what I am going to do for next 3 hours. Those who think that flying and traveling is fun, they are just so mistaken. Being at a place may be fun but reaching from one place to another is never fun-especially when you have to wait for hours over the airport sitting idle.

A Long Travel Before A Tough Week’s Start…. July 3, 2016

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I have just finished the check-in and now, finally I am sitting a little relaxed. It was a long travel and heavy rain on the way, made the travel even more tougher.

The journey to the airport was relatively fine. The cab arrived on time. The driver did know me very well as I have traveled with him couple of times before too. I don’t really like this guy though he is okay and behaves in the correct manner when he is working for me. I usually do talk to my drivers but for this guy, I just keep listening to music and only reply if he asks something. Like he asked today-what do you do sir? And my reply was that I work with computers. Like it happens always, he asked the same question that I get asked very often-so if I have to buy a laptop in the X amount of range, which one I should go for? And my reply was just the same it is always for this question-I don’t work with hardware but with software. Of course- like most of the time, for this reply,  I get a blank stare so I got just the same this time too. We stopped for a wee break in between and in that, I had a quick cup of tea with a light snack. Though there was very heavy rain on the way, I managed to reach at the airport well before the time. After waiting for a while, finally check-in counters got opened. After a quick talk with the check-in lady, I got my luggage checked in, cleared security check and now, I am sitting near the boarding gate of my flight.

I am starving so I shall go and get something to eat. There is still almost two hours of time before the boarding would start and I am in the priority section so it should be hassle-free, I hope.

It would take 3 hours and then another 2 hours before I shall reach my hotel. It’s going to be a tiring day and from tomorrow, a tough week is starting as well. Hope Monday would be kind on me and to you as well.

Time to get something to eat.

Working, Traveling And Being So Tensed…. June 30, 2016

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I couldn’t write anything since the last post. If you have been a regular here, you must be aware that from the last few days, I am just not in a good mood. It would be better to say that I am really really upset. I won’t mention the reasons here but it’s suffice to say that my head is hurting so much from thinking about many many things. And in between all this, there was a conference that I had to organize and ensure that it would go fine and then there was work for this week, which also I had to ensure that it must go fine. Sounds easy? No, it’s not easy at all. by any means.

And when things are going bad, just everything goes bad and that’s pretty much that I have been experiencing since last week.

It started from my flight. I was flying by Indigo airline, which has earned a very good name about being the most punctual airline of India. But just as I mentioned about bad times, on that day when I needed it to be on time, it got delayed and not just by few minutes but by 2.5 hours. I had thought that I shall reach Delhi and since the conference that I had to be at , was at Chandigarh, I should be able to get some 2 hours of sleep. But now the flight was delayed and with its delay, everything got messed up. I was supposed to reach Delhi at 11pm but instead , I reached at 1am. I had my cab already waiting for me. I thought, it’s still not so bad. I shall say to the cab driver that I want to sleep for some time and I shall sleep when he would be driving. But I came to know that the cab driver is not feeling well and now, I have to change the cab. The next cab that I got was a better one but there was a known person sitting already in it and now, I couldn’t say that I am going to bed cos he was there and I had to talk to him for some time. That’s another thing that despite sitting in the front seat, he fell asleep. Anyways, I was still not ready to lose hope. But then something happened and I realized that the whole plan of me sleeping and taking any rest is going to get screwed up, badly.

Just when we got out of Delhi and touched the national highway, my driver got call from another driver that there is some accident that has happened and due to that, there is a massive traffic jam. It was so massive that the other driver got out of it only after about 4 hours. We thought it would be cleared by the time we would reach to that point. But no, that wasn’t going to happen. When we reached there, we witnessed that there was no way this jab was going to be cleared even till next morning. After waiting for a while, we decided to go via a village which was adjoining the national highway.  None of us knew about the route but we thought that this village can’t have just one entry to it. It was like going through a zigzaw puzzle. We had GPS on and were taking its help and also were watching carefully the other cars which were moving ahead of us. After driving for so long through those narrow roads, we were finally back on the highway and were away from that traffic jam. It was really good to be back on the highway but we had lost a very significant amount of time. And now, there wasn’t any possibility of me getting any rest whatsoever when I shall reach at Chandigarh. And that’s exactly what happened. I reached at about 6am at the hotel Bella Vista. I took a shower, changed clothes and after a quick breakfast and coffee, I was now supposed to leave for the conference. Good thing was that the venue of the conference was about 10 minutes away from the hotel.

The conferene was going to be a full day event.  My team had done everything but still, there is tons of pressure when you organize such events. The event started off well and the delegates did appreciate all the hard work that had gone behind all the arrangements. At about 5pm, we got done with the conference. Good thing was that I was not presenting but was an organizer so I didn’t need to be worried about the arrangements AND my own session. But by 5pm, I was just so much tired. Exhausted would be a better word I believe. All I wanted now was to lay down on my bed and sleep. So I got the cab(which I had booked already) and left for home. I reached home in about an hour. As much as I wanted to have a good rest, I had to get ready for the next week’s travel(to the place where I am sitting right now). So I had just few hours before I would be leaving. Not really something that I wanted but there wasn’t anything that I could about either.

Next morning, I started my travel to this place. I am not sure why but I didn’t have a very good feeling. And that’s what I had felt the entire time since I am here. May be it’s the thoughts, tensions from the last few days or may be something else, I am not too sure. But the feeling is not good and all I want to do is to get out of here as soon as possible. I shall be winding up my work from here in next few minutes and I hope it’s going to be concluded on a good note. I have concerns for that as well. If that won’t happen, that would be the disaster. I just hope and wish that nothing of this sort would happen.

I shall be getting ready to wrap things up here now. Hope I shall get some relief. I shall update the post once I get to know how things ended here.

A Good Day Amidst In A Bad Week…. June 24, 2016

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At times, some sayings or acronyms which you don’t really bother about otherwise, make perfect sense. That’s just the same I am feeling about today-Friday. TGIF. It’s been a terrible week , not from the professional side but from the personal aspect. Since Monday, I have been so much upset and lost in the thoughts thanks to the various reasons. I am still not sure if the ordeal is over or would continue further too but at this moment, my mind is just so tired and exhausted. In this mind-exhaustion, work played a big part too cos the module that I am handling right now, is extremely tough and requires a lot of effort to pull it through. It’s the last day today for the session and I shall come to know today how did I perform. Some time, everything hits you just at the same time and that’s the same what is happening with me too.

But among all this, I can be happy about one(and one thing only so far) which happened yesterday and it really did make me feel so good and uplifted my mood.

The city where I am right now, my manager sits in the same also. We don’t meet for very long times. The last I met him was in 2015 some time. But it’s always so good to meet him as not only he is one of the very best technologists but even more, he is very very good person.  Extremely down to earth, jovial and fun loving and when you are with him, you can’t imagine that you are with a person who is on such a senior level and is so knowledgeable. So he messaged me and asked since you are here in the city, how about we go for lunch? Needless to mention, I said sure. Being so good as he is, he came to pick me up since we both were at two different locations. We went to a small but very nice place which serves Gujarati food. Yes, you heard it right- we went to a Gujarati food place which is situated in the heart of  one of the most prominent South Indian cities of India. No, my manager is NOT from Gujarat too. But he had discovered that place and now, wanted to take over there. The place was small but clean and nice. We got a fixed meal which had three veges, rice and butter-milk. He also ordered for me sweet which was made from mangoes and was so good. We had a talk in between the meal and once finished, he dropped me back at the venue too.

It was very well spent time of 45 minutes and that’s what I learn from great people-they are so senior, so knowledgeable but are so humble, down to earth and most importantly, a very good human being. There are no words that I have to define how overwhelmed I feel seeing him driving all the way to my location, dropping me back and on top of that, being so thoughtful about choosing the place knowing that I would like the food. Thanks so very much G sir!

Despite all the things that have happened in this week and has done nothing but made me so upset-this was one small incident which came as a ray of sunshine among the dark clouds of thoughts which has engulfed my mind right now. Hope next week take away these clouds.

It’s 9.20am and time to get back to work which would start in about 15 minutes from now.

It’s Traveling Time, Again…. June 19, 2016

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After spending a day(yep, just a day) , I am back at the airport. If you are a regular here, you must be knowing that I had finished work at Pune and had Saturday free with me. So I decided to go to home cos though it would be a very short trip but any time spent at home is completely worth it.

Flight from Pune to Delhi was a usual one. I had done my web-checkin already(something which I do always whenever it’s possible) so after dropping the luggage, there wasn’t much to do. I had a cup of coffee which wasn’t good at all and was waiting for my flight. The flight was okay but two co-passengers of mine, brought tears to my eyes. The person sitting next to my seat was having difficulty in wearing the seat belt. It happens when the person hasn’t traveled before. I helped him and he was very happy. He asked me where I am going-Delhi or somewhere else. I replied that I am going to Delhi-how about him? So he told that he and his wife are traveling to Chicago, to meet their son who lives in the USA. They were traveling for the first time and of course, were just so much happy. Their happiness was so clearly visible. I congratulated them and when we landed, helped them to get to the transfer counter so that they could get to their international flight easily. I was so happy for them but one thing that did hurt me all the while and even now is that this is something that I won’t be able to see happening. I won’t ever see my dad and mom traveling with me in a flight. No, I am not being negative in my thoughts. I know the reality and doesn’t matter what I say or shout about, it won’t change. May God bless to all those sons and daughters who are able to make their parents fly in  a flight, make them see the places around and the world and may their parents have a very long, healthy life always and their blessings and they are going to be with their childrens till eternity.

At home, the day was completely packed. There was so much to do. All I know is that before I could realize, morning of today had arrived and I had to leave.

It’s going to be two hours before my flight would fly. I am not feeling hungry so I shall get a cup of coffee and listen to a song that I have been sent by a friend. I don’t know how I skipped listening it but it should be good. Yes, it’s a sad song from Babbal Rai. If it’s going to be really that good, I shall be sharing it here along with the translation of it. So check back in a day or two. For now, have a good Sunday and a Happy Monday!

Bye Bye Pune…. June 17, 2016

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I have just reached at the airport after concluding the session here at Pune. There is going to be a delay in the flight I believe and I have nearly about an hour to wait before anything would happen.

The week was very hectic. And it wasn’t just for me but for the delegates as well. This particular module is one of the most tough ones to deliver in my opinion. Since I have been delivering it from a long time, it’s still somewhat okay for me but for the delegates, there is a LOT that they have to consume within a very short span of time. And to be honest, it’s not easy at all. I am always amazed looking at the delegates that despite the module is so tough and contains many many things to understand, they are able to grasp, most if not all, of the content. I really feel that if it has to be, I won’t be able to remember a single thing Sad smile. Hats off to all of them!

As I mentioned in the last post, this session was for a group for whom I had delivered already few sessions. So it was great to be back and meet them. Besides being really smart and knowledgeable, the entire group had so much of positive vibes and all were really nice and amazing people. There were few with whom I had lots of conversations over lunch and in the tea breaks on many non-oracle topics too. We all had a great laugh and that made those “cutting chai” breaks even more fun. We developed a practice of not having tea which was arranged for us at the venue but to have it at a nearby shop. Before we would have tea, we would feast upon world famous snack of Maharashtra- Vada-Pav (from a nearby vendor who would make it fresh almost all the time). I haven’t much of Vada-Pav in the past whenever I happened to be at Mumbai but I believe, now I have had it to my heart’s content. One of the delegates J, brought for me today, before I had to leave , two packs of local delicacies. Such a great gesture. So thankful to you J!

Though we had a great time but the sole reason we were together in this week was work, the session that I was delivering and the delegates were attending. So it was of paramount importance that I could deliver it okay and make the time spent by all useful. And it was great to see that the feat was achieved. Before leaving all were having a smile on their faces and did mention that they did find the session useful and it would help them for sure in their work. That’s what I work so hard to hear. I am glad that I could share whatever little I know with them and did say a thing or two that woulld help them. A big thanks to all!  It was great being with you all- especially with few folks (you know who you are, J, R, G and the rest) . I sincerely hope that we meet soon in some other training session or conference. 

I am extremely tired but I don’t think that I shall be getting much rest as I shall be traveling again very soon. But I don’t want to think about that right now. I have a day(hopefully) to unwind at home and that’s what I am looking forward to. I shall grab a coffee and shall listen to music. Hope the check-in starts soon. Most of the people believe that traveling is so much fun. Yes it is but the part that happens in between going from place A to place B i.e. waiting at the airports, in the cabs, flights, that’s so not exciting. Hope travel gods would be kind on me and there won’t be any more delays. Let’s see!

Hey Coffee , where are you?