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Alright, So Its “That” Time Once Again…. October 24, 2009

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I am sure that you must have guessed “which” time I am talking about here 🙂 . Yep, I am leaving tomorrow for a program. Its been almost a month so I am feeling good about it. There is still some tension over my head and I won’t do a mistake of assuming that its going to be an easy tour as well. I just hope that all goes well within the program. Do pray for me guys, I am going to need all of your prayers and wishes as like always!

Review, 2-States By Chetan Bhagat…. October 24, 2009

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Most of the time, I read Oracle related books. Its not very often that I do get time to read anything else. Its either some market book related to Oracle or the books that Oracle University supplies that are around me. But this doesn’t mean that I don’t like to read anything else. Don’t believe me, no honestly its true! I do like to read and I have made a promise to myself that I am going to increase the count of non-oracle related books as well. So towards this, I took an initiative and read 2-States( Chetan Bhagat) few days back. This post is part review of the book and part things which I felt after reading it.

Chetan Bhagat has become a household name with his novels. A banker turned novelist, he has hit the right chords almost all the time with his novels which are almost inspired from the real life stories. This novel is again inspired from a real life story and guess whose, of Chetan himself! Yes its the story inspired from the life of Chetan that how he got married to love of his live, who is actually not from his religion. Surely, as said also in the novel, there are some plots of fiction which are added to the book to make things more spicy. Chetan has a complete control in throwing witty lines at places where they are most unexpected, some thing which I guess, comes to Punjabis naturally (yes he is and I am as well) 🙂 . Okay okay I promised myself not to do any such kind of comparisons so I should stop here only. Over all, a good novel which one must read to see that when two people are deeply and madly in love, how much effort and struggle they have to go through and they do all that if they are determined to be with each other! Also, the burning question that Chetain raised through the book, is it really so important to talk about being “one” and yet fight over being a Punjabi, Muslim, Tamil, Christian? All what should matter is the understanding , that bond between a gal and a guy. If both of them have decided to be with each other( and the keyword is “both”) , rather than fighting and cribbing over one being a Punjabi and other being a Tamil/Telugu/whatever, we should support them and stand for their decision. They didn’t choose to be a Tamil or  Punjabi by themselves at the time of their birth and being one or the other doesn’t make him/her superior or inferior! Hope this simple yet so true fact people, at least young people would understand and start following after reading 2-states!

I got some other feelings also after reading the novel. First, there is one very obvious thing that’s there in the novel that the guy did most of the stuff. Be it making gal’s parents accept him or his mom/dad accepting the gal, what ever you say, he did it all! Yet it would be really wrong to say that the gal didn’t do anything. She stood with him all the time and that’s the biggest thing which I can expect from a gal doing despite all the pressure that she has to face from  her family and society. There was a time when the gal in the novel Ananya has some other guy visiting her home for marriage. The hero, Krish asks her what they are supposed to do now, what he is supposed to do when she is going to get married to that guy and she replies, “let’s not give up!” , a real support she gives with this small sentence! You may call it weird but I have seen another, real story in front of my own eyes involving a guy and gal from two different castes and creeds. That story  involved a Punjabi guy and a Gujarati gal. Yes, in that too there is a Punjabi guy 🙂 . But that’s the only thing which does match with the story of 2-states as rest everything is different. Yes, the guy did what ever he could possibly all the time to make things go smooth. Like Krish goes to Chennai for his gal, he also went somewhere for his gal, that’s another part that unlike Ananya, his gal had a different say about it. Still, all this are really small things. Where lies the major difference is in that one sentence which I just quoted from Ananya, “let’s not give up” and what that gal said to her Punjabi guy. She didn’t say I am with you or let’s not give up or I am going to be with you and stand with you in all the times. She didn’t ask her guy unlike Ananya that he must come to her home, try to win over her parents but she said something totally different. She told the guy that if he would step into her home, she would simply refuse to even recognize him in the first place. Unlike Ananya who got number of times into situations when she had to take scolding from her parents, especially from her mother, very close some times even to get a slap too, that gal said to her guy that if her parents would come to know about this guy, they may scold and slap her and she can’t get insulted, embarrassed for him! And unlike Ananya who stood with Krish all the time, she chose a better career, study in abroad compared to her guy telling him that she has to be selfish as being with him will deprive her of from all this. When you would read this novel, you would see that even Ananya did so much for Krish, still in the end,for some issues, she tells him that “its over now” and Krish is almost on the verge of being dead. In fact, he even starts searching for different ways of doing suicide over Google! Still in the end, Ananya comes back to him because that’s what they both wanted all this while unlike our own Punjabi guy for whose tears too, he was told that there is no time for them and she has got nothing to do with him anymore! Sigh! Yes, that’s  a story as well depicting what it really needs to make two , one! If you are wondering how I know all this about these Punjabi guy and Gujju gal, well I know both of them that’s how! But reading the novel, immediately made me link things one to one, only to see a huge contrast in what gal in the novel Ananya did to the gal in real life! I am not sure why some people are selfish enough not to see anything beyond a career or money or a degree from abroad and fail to see some one’s teary eyes? Why people fail to understand a simple thing that all this can and will come at any point of time in life but the chances of someone crossing oceans for you, for a promise given to you is not something that happens daily or often? But may be this world now is full of those only who think getting a scolding for their beloved is not worth it and thinking to leave your career compared to leaving your beloved is much better! I guess, we are keep on forgetting and doing it more often now that it always takes two to tango! It always take both of the persons in a relation to put efforts if they are true to each other and to their relation. Any one of them not being true or standing for his/her man/woman would only lead to disasters and tears in the eyes of the other person. But may be giving tears to others is not such a big thing now I guess for most, so they don’t even bother while doing so! Yes, they do have guts to say that “they don’t have time for these tears and have nothing to do with them anymore” though! Times are changing I believe and certainly not for good if you ask me!

I shall conclude by saying what S has written as well but with a twist 😉 . If you are Krish, you may get your Ananya and if you are Ananya, you may get your Krish and may god make you one! But remember, for being one, you two need to stand together as always it takes two to tango, two hands to clap! Only for a slap, you need just one hand! God bless you!

A Semi-Failed Shopping…. October 21, 2009

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At times, when you really to get some thing and don’t get it despite of your bestest efforts, it just makes you feel really bad! And if you are like me, who doesn’t let things go so easily, you will be agreed that the level of frustration reaches to the 7th sky.  The same happened with me yesterday when 3rd attempt of mine for buying something got failed. Just for the record, it wasn’t due to any fault of mine but truth remains truth, I still haven’t got what I was looking for. Though I did have a very good time with a friend of mine, did do some shopping still but that feeling of satisfaction is not there. Sigh!
If you have read this blog post of mine ( and I would suggest to read before reading this one) , you must be aware that I spent a lot of time to find the brand of trousers that I wanted to get for me, Dockers! But I couldn’t find it anywhere. Even when I went for the 2nd time with my sis, we still couldn’t find it. Though we did buy few formal trousers but my quench for it was not satisfied. So I asked a friend of mine who is from Chandigarh that whether its there or not. She did check her sources and told me that its there! Wow! So I made up my mind and caught the bus to get there. I didn’t see her from a long time so it was a good excuse to meet her as well. So finally I thought I made it and will have in my hands the trousers that I am really looking for! So we met and went to the showroom which was supposed to have Dockers! clothings. We were told that its not there anymore! Bummer! Obviously she being a gal, doesn’t visit that showroom at any point of time so she couldn’t possibly knew it already. She asked a guy who confirmed her. So it wasn’t a mistake of her even! But we were back from where we started. She asked me to check some other showroom/brand but that wasn’t something which I wanted to do. Anyways, we still went to showroom of Nautica only to find that there was a lousy sales guy( or gal, I am not sure what he was) that there is no new stuff that has come. Good! I did check a casual shirt only to find out that its arms were too long for me and he didn’t have anything else to offer. Yeah he did ask us to check t-shirts, probably not knowing that its winters knocking on the door already which makes shopping of tees a complete waste. Anyways, we just came out with a bitter taste in our mouth. It was almost an hour of roaming around and we hadn’t bought anything yet.
When we were doing this roaming-without-reasoning, my friend asked me to check some formal stuff at Zodiac. Its a brand from which I get my formal shirts and ties all the time. I just went inside with her and we started looking at shirts. She liked one and wanted me to get that shirt. Though there are couple of showrooms of Zod! in my place as well, still I did get that shirt for two reasons. One, its a real good shirt! Second, I had to get it because back of my mind, some where it was strickling that my friend must be feeling bad that I came all the way and would go empty handed( I was not going to buy anything else as the brand I wanted to get wasn’t there) so I thought I would get it and I did buy it! Its a very nice piece of shirt and all at home too did like it very much. Over all a good shopping, with all credit to my friend for it!
We did spend some time roaming around after that. Had a really bad ice-cream which I threw away in just first 2 minutes after tasting it and she threw away after struggling for about 5 minutes LOL! After chatting for a while, roaming around, again sitting and chatting for a while, buying 2 States novel for her, I said good bye to her and started my commute back for home! I managed to get a seat in the air-conditioned bus , started by PunBus. I must say that I really did like the service. This was my first time and I would recommend it to anyone who would ask me about it. The best part was that I got REALLY impressed with the way both conductor and driver talked to me. I must say, I have never seen any of conductor and/or driver speaking with so much of respect! Hats off to both of them! After a sleepy journey of 2 hours, I was back at home.
You may have realized it already but just for the record, my mission-dockers is still not over! I am going to look for it in the very next opportunity again! Dockers, you can’t escape from me LOL!

Airtel & Twitter, A Promising Combination…. October 17, 2009

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Twitter has gained a surprising popularity in a very short span of time. Almost everywhere you see, you can feel its presence. Some may call it time wastage( which is even true to some extent) but in a broader angel, its still one of the best mediums to stay connected with those whom you know and also with those whom you don’t know personally. Looking at the immense popularity of it, there has been a flood of applications which have been created for almost all of the available platforms , either for a desktop or for a mobile device. All said and done, there are still not many who use all those features subject to the numerous limitations that they face, be it a device which can’t go over web or they simply can’t afford to have a web connection bill added to their monthly plan.  This may not be a very serious question elsewhere but in India, it surely is. But this shouldn’t stop people from India from using Twitter, should it? The answer, if you ask me, is a big NO and Twitter just heard it I guess!

I was just reading Twitter’s blog( I just go over there to see what’s new is cooking on their side) like any other normal day only to see that Twitter has taken a very good initiative. Twitter has joined hands with Bharti(Airtel) to let its subscribers use its services via simple text messages! Yes you heard it right, text messages! No need to have a classy, over pricey mobile device, no need to have web enabled on your connection just for tweeting, just with the good old text messaging service, you can now enjoy being in the twitterverse! I believe this is a very good step. It would just make many many more people to be on the Twitter who were earlier not using it because they can’t be sitting over their desktops/laptops all the time. At the moment when I am writing this, the tie-up is between Twitter and Bharti only, enabling only Airtel users to use this facility. But this may change very soon as Twitter would be joining hands for the same with other telecom players in the near future. When ever that would happen, at least the ball is rolling now and that’s all what matters! Technology shouldn’t be limited to few people only but should be available as widely and readily as possible for all and this move is just a one big step towards that direction!

Twitter, over its support page a complete page explaining the text commands which you can use over your hand phone. You need to save your hand phone number over its devices page. Once done, you can start using Twitter over your phone! Its just that simple!

It may be an old news to many but for me, its completely a breaking new! Still, being it an old or new news doesn’t matter. What matters is that things are going in a good direction! Thank you Twitter for this initiative!

Wish You All A Very Happy Diwali…. October 17, 2009

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Darkness, sadness, failures do come in our lives. To some extent, they are needed too as if we don’t have them, we would never be able to value joys, happiness and success. In the same way, evil is out there everywhere but it must end and it does too. Diwali is the name of this only, representing joys over sorrows, good over bad, justice over injustice! With being the biggest festival in India, it also brings hopes for the new year that the next year would be even more better than the one which is passing by. As like the darkness of Diwali’s night is taken over by lightening of firecrackers and candles, in the same way, darkness in our lives due to any sad, wrong things would be taken away next year. Diwali is the name of a festival to be with our families and friends, making the bonds between us more stronger than ever before and also making new bonds with new friends! And Diwali is today! I wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali! Have lots of fun by having lots of sweets, with fireworks! Spend time with your family and near and dear ones and spread smiles all over! May god bless you with his choicest blessings today, giving you all the happiness, success and joys that you deserve! Have fun and be safe! Happy Diwali 🙂 .

7 Facts About Men & Women…. October 14, 2009

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Men are from Mars and women from Venus and fortunately ( or unfortunately, what ever you may want to call it) , they have to be together on planet Earth 🙂 . So the classic saga of Mars vs Venus is going to be there for forever! Just to add one more small piece to that, following is a list of 7 things which men and women do. I have got it in email and surely enough(at least for me) , its a classic piece! Have a read and let me know whether its true or not,
1) All men are extremely busy.
2) Although they are so busy, they sill have time for women.
3) Although they have time for women, they don’t really care for them.
4) Although they don’t really care for them, they always have one around.
5) Although they have always one around them, they always try their luck with others.
6) Although they try their luck with others, they get really pist off if women leave them.
7) Although the women leaves them, they still don’t learn from their mistakes and keep on trying their luck with other women!
1) The most important thing for a woman is financial security.
2) Although this is so important, they still go out and buy expensive clothes.
3) Although they always buy expensive clothes, they never have something to wear.
4) Although they never have something to wear, they always still dress beautifully.
5) Although they always dress beautifully, their clothes are always just "an old rag".
6) Although they clothes are always "just an old rag", they still expect men to compliment them.
7) Although they expect men to compliment them, when they do, they don’t believe them!
So how much is true 🙂 ?

Finally…. October 13, 2009

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Okay that must be the shortest title that I might have used for any post I guess but that’s actually for a lot of things which I would mention in a while. So keep on reading to know what came out finally 🙂 .

I guess, its almost nearly 2 months that I have written something over here. I did write some short posts but they were more or less “fill in the blank kind of stuff” . So the first “finally” is for “finally a blog post” 🙂 . There was some serious tension that was there over my head from quite a time, making me not to do anything, not having a single moment of relief as well. I can’t say that I should had been so tensed. Some close ones mentioned to me that I am in  a useless tension but may be that’s how I am, if some thing gets struck in my mind, its a bit hard for me to get it out, at least in an easy manner. So from the last 2 months, I have wasted alot of time , slept much lesser than even before, thought about tons of things which am not sure make sense even and got more and more upset! This essentially does mean that I didn’t write anything over there. I wanted to but you know, at times, despite of your best wish, you can’t find any words to describe in what state you are into. Sort of same happened with me as well( and its partly still happening to be honest). So though I was sitting in front of my box, I didn’t write anything over here as well as over my Oracle blog. I guess, things are a bit( yes just a bit only) okay now so I finally gathered myself up and writing. What the heck are those tensions you must be asking. Well, part are personal ones, things which are happening on the personal front of mine and rest are from the professional world where I hang around. I can’t really give all the details over here but just would say that both the fronts are really not going in a good direction and I am not sure as well what to do. At the moment, I am just waiting for few things to get corrected to get a bit ease of mind. Honestly, may be those things are already sorted out but my mind is still wandering in the tension valleys , sending me tension waves, I am not sure.  Have I got mad ? No, its not like that but its just that I am alone and got no one to tell me what to do so I am getting more confused and much more tensed than I should be. Anyways, hope that things would get better some time soon.

The next “finally” moment is for shopping. If you haven’t read about the forced shopping that I had to do because of the comment from my office boy, you should read it. Its been a long , rather very long time since I have gone and bought some thing for my self. Thanks to my travels, I manage to get my clothes worn out much more fastly than anyone else around me. You can imagine what would a trouser be feeling when moments ago its sitting in a nicely cushioned seat of air plane and in the next hour, its above a rugged bus seat LOL. So its been a long time and some how, all of my trousers were crying to retire them and somehow, I was keep on pushing them for still being in service. Well, there is a limit to everything and the same happened with two of my favorite trousers, who I now have to throw away as they are completely gone. So surely enough, I was in a desperate need to get some formal trousers for me. One fine day, I did make myself get up and left for the trouser-hunt in the shopping malls. Well, not just the shopping malls but even to the shops where I could find the brand that I wear mostly, Dockers. Unfortunately, all the stores in my city have decided to not to keep this brand anymore and I have got no idea why. So despite the fact that I spent a whole day in the city moving around , I didn’t buy anything. Yeah I did have two glasses of Lassi from my favorite shop but that was all. Not to mention that I got a lot of scolding from my mom and sister who asked me not to come back home if I won’t buy anything. Well I did manage to escape that day but it didn’t last for long and I was sent again to either get it or get out 😉 . This time, my sis  also went along with me to make sure that I won’t repeat the same thing that I did last time. Well, if you ever go with a gal for shopping, its really difficult to come back empty handed. She will make sure that you buy something, irrespective of the fact that whether its for you or for her, you would end up doing shopping anyways. So the same happened with me as well. Sis did buy a new hand phone for her and just when we were roaming around, Sis saw a Parx showroom and dragged me inside. Well, just so you know, its a very good brand so I didn’t mind too much too. We looked around couple of trousers and finally came out with 3 of them. I actually wanted to get just 2 but she already asked the store manager to get all 3 and there was nothing that I could do about it. So “finally” , I did some shopping this time. Just a secret to share, I am not really satisfied because I haven’t got what I was really looking for and this means, one more time hunt would begin 😉 .

The last part in the “finally” list is something which I didn’t want to get at all( I said the same for other stuff as well right) but I had to because things have gone really messed up. I did buy Nokia 6600 handset about 5 years back, just at the time when it was released. I still remember that when I just bought it, I made an international call to someone and told the person that I have bought it, in the night made the first call from it to that very person only. Anyways, its been with me since that time and I didn’t think to change it. I have used it more than anyone can I guess. But it was a good investment and the mobile too didn’t disappoint me from its performance. But things do get old and when they get old and used, they start falling apart and the same happened with my hand phone as well. It started giving me the worst of troubles that I could think of.  My sister being a big fan of phones,  bought a Nokia 5800 two days ago and looking at the latest handsets of her, I do feel that there is a lot that is lacking in my 6600. Well as long as it was able to make a call for me and let me write a text, it was okay for me. But some how, my phone decided to behave more naughty than ever before. The keypad is not working, okay to be honest, some keys do and some don’t. Log is not getting updated so it means if you give me a call and I missed to pick it up, don’t expect a call back because I won’t even come to know from which no the call ever came! Tough life right? So I decided to let go 6600 too and try out something else. Now that’s a major question if you ask me that if you are a technical guy and want to buy a device, you won’t do it just like anyone else who would go for all looks and buy a phone. So what are my choices? Well before making choices, I need to decide upon my budget and I decided not to give a leg and arm for a darn phone doesn’t matter what! A computer, laptop being pricey, okay makes sense, but a too much expensive mobile and that too when I know that the price will surely drop down, there is no point spending a fortune over it. The next question, whether a touch phone or a normal “stone age” phone( not sure why some use this term for key pad phones never mind). As I do own a HTC Touch Diamond, I am not really having any kind of craziness for a touch phone anymore. But its not an iPhone is that what you just said? Well than let me clear the fog that there are two constraints in iphone. One( and the major one) , the latest model 3gs is not yet out in India, place where I live at the moment and I can’t just sit and wait for it too. I have come to know that its price would be “too very much”, again which violates my first rule, I am not going to give a leg and arm for a phone. The second thing, I am not looking for a status statement to make in front of anyone so I can live without it for some more years. Note that I am not saying that I am not going to buy it at all but at least ,not up till the time as long as it doesn’t become a real phone rather than just a “good  device”. So what are my choices then? Well, I guess I have to look back again to a brand which still have my faith over it, Nokia who else! But hang on a second, there are tons and tons of new phones launched by it recently so which one to go for? Again a tough choice to make! So I spent quite a lot of time, ate S head a lot , searched over the web and finally decided to go ahead with my money spent on Nokia E71. It fits completely into my budget and technical requirements are also quite fine. I must mention that I nearly made all the sales guys and gal over the shop mad by asking thousands of questions before buying it. But so far, after owning it now for almost 24 hours, I am happy with it. I already knew about it ( even way more what those sales guys could tell me) but its still too early for me to write my own review about it. But there are lots of reviews about it over the web and to my satisfaction, all are extremely good. Here is a google search link for the reviews, grab a cup of coffee with your favorite cookies and start on reading them to know more about this powerful device,


So this puts an end to the “finally” list. I guess its a lot but I still need to go and grab a phone cover for my new phone. I am not happy with the one which I have got already in the package. I am really praying that all of my tensions( at the latest ones which have surrounded me) should go away asap. Let’s see what happens? Its Diwali knocking on the door which means that there would be a lot of hustle bustle everywhere and I just hope, like it makes the dark go away, in the same way, I would get some relief from my tensions as well. Okay I guess its too much to mention this term “tension” so I should just go to city and have a cup of coffee at CCD. That surely would help, even for a small time but it would help! Signing off 🙂 .

Which Gender Is A Computer…. October 8, 2009

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I haven’t written much, thanks to some unwanted distractions and tensions which are still not over. I just hope that they are gone asap. In the meanwhile, I just received this in my mail box and I guess, its good enough to bring a smile. A good one IMHO,
A French teacher was explaining to her college class that in French, unlike English, nouns are designated as either masculine or feminine. House is feminine “la maison.” Pencil is masculine “le crayon.”
A student asked, “What gender is computer ?”

Instead of giving the answer, the teacher split the class into two groups male and female – and asked them to decide for themselves whether “computer” should be a masculine or a feminine noun. Each group was asked to give four reasons for their recommendation.
The men’s group decided that “computer” should definitely be of the feminine gender (la computer) because:
1.. No one but their creator understands their internal logic;
2.. The native language they use to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else;
3.. Even the smallest mistakes are stored in long term memory for possible later review;
4.. As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your pay cheque on accessories for it.
The women’s group, however, concluded that computers should be masculine le computer) because:
1.. In order to do anything with them, you have to turn them on;
2.. They have a lot of data but still can’t think for themselves;
3.. They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they ARE the problem;
4.. As soon as you commit to one, you realize that if you had waited a little longer, you could have gotten a better model.
So any guesses who won the quiz?