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Travel Time Has Come…. March 20, 2007

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Yes its right.  I am going tomorrow.  I thought I would be able to stay back for some time but I have got the call for my assignment so I have to go.  This time  there is so much pressure as the assignment is really really tough.  I am not sure what will happen?I am so much upset from some things too.  I shall talk about it soon.  But for the moment, I am leaving tomorrow.  Wish me luck and pray for me guys!I really need it!

Top 10 Stupid Questions & Answers…. March 17, 2007

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Well I just read these questions and answers and I couldn’t stop laughing.  I am sharing with you all.  Hope you will like it too.  Have a read:
1.) At the movies: When you meet acquaintances/friends….
Stupid Question :- Hey, what are you doing here?
Answer :- Don’t u know, I sell tickets in black over here..
2.) In the bus: A heavy lady wearing pointed high-heeled shoes steps on your feet…
Stupid Question :- Sorry, did that hurt?
Answer :- No, not at all, I’m on local anesthesia…..why don’t you try again.

3.) At a funeral: One of the teary-eyed people asks….
Stupid Question :- Why, why him, of all people.
Answer :- Why? Would it rather have been you?

At a restaurant: When you ask the waiter….
Stupid Question :- Is the “Cheese Butter Masala” good??
Answer :- No, its terrible and made of adulterated cement. We occasionally also spit in it.

5.) At a family get-together:
When some distant aunt meets you after years….
Stupid Question :- Sweetie you’ve become so big!
Answer :- Well you haven’t particularly shrunk yourself.

When a friend announces her wedding, and you ask…
Stupid Question :- Is the guy you’re marrying good?
Answer:- No,he’s a miserable wife-beating ,insensitive lout…it’s just the money.

7.) When you get woken up at midnight by a phone call…
Stupid Question :- Sorry. were you sleeping?
Answer :- No. I was doing research on whether the Zulu tribes in Africa marry or
not. You thought I was sleeping…. you dumb witted moron.

When you see a friend/colleague with evidently shorter hair…
Stupid Question :- Hey have you had a haircut?
Answer :- No, its Autumn and I’m shedding……

9.) At the dentist when he’s sticking pointed objects in your mouth…
Stupid Question :- Tell me if it hurts?
Answer :- No it wont. It will just bleed.

10.) You are smoking a cigarette and a cute chic in your office asks…
Stupid Question :- Oh, so you smoke?
Answer :- Gosh, it’s a miracle ………..it was a piece of chalk and now it’s in flames!!! 

Who Change?Person Or Time…. March 17, 2007

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This title is not mine.I have stolen this title from one of my best friend Kavita’s Post.I guess this is one of the finest posts that she has written so far.I am posting entire post here just to save you from clicking on one more link.All wordings, thoughts are from Kavita only.Have a read:
Persons change with time.
With time they make you companion….
With time they leave….
With time they stand by you….
With time they go away leaving you in between….

What is changing the time or the persons. Not able to answer. Why…don’t know. But may be they forget that the world is round the time will come when they may have to face the same persons. They have to bear all those what they have given to others at one time or the other and in one way or the another way. Bcoz almighty is there who never changes with the time or for whom the time always remain the same.
There is the time when somebody is keeping watch on your each step that you dont get hurt…listening to your each hearbeat..taking care of u like anything…saying and giving you everything before you say..and the time comes when the same person is ignoring you…why..who has changed….YOU or that person or the TIME…
The time comes when you yell that you must be changed..your heart, your mind must be changed with time..you dont want to live with the same heart…but it does not change….
“Kyo bebas ho jata hai Dil”
Try to soothe that heart always who has given you warmth in the time when you needed….Always listen to that person who have missed its precious time for listening to u….Always hold that hand who has never let you alone in any time….
Yes..rush up may b somebody is waiting for this and looking for this from YOU..and believe you can give the ultimate happiness to that person..and see afterward you will also be on the top of world…opening your arms and ready to hug all the times..all the moments of your life…..

It Was Not Enough…. March 16, 2007

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There are moments in life when you want to do so much for some one.  You want to give him/her the best of you ,best of this world and are ready to do anything in this world which is possible for a human being to do for another human being and may be even more than that.  You do that only because that some one is not among the rest of the world.  She/he is the only who is closest and dearest to you from this whole world, more than anyone, anything else, he/she is dear to you!You don’t give your self too any importance because you look your self in that someone special, you smile with his/her smile.  You cry with her tears.  Some times you never hear anything from that someone special, not even few words of affection too but still you do all that because you love her.  You love her that much which is not definable in words.  Not all but only those have that much dare to do that for their loved ones who have respect, care for their love and their loved ones.  Only those have that much courage who value their love and loved ones more than anything else, they cross any sea , they climb any mountain for their loved ones.  They are ready to give every single drop of their blood to buy a smile for their loved one.  There are some who do that.  I met some one like that who did that for her when last time I was coming back home. Yes she did a lot for her guy and it really felt so nice to see that there are some still in this world who are ready to do anything for their loved ones, doesn’t matter how hard, tough it may be.
But as they say there are always two sides of a coin.  Some times, your efforts, your entire effort to make some one smile, happy, to show her that you love her from the deepest of your heart, they are termed as a waste, they are called not enough coz that someone special for whom you tried to do all that, for her/him only ,  it was nothing .It hurts so much to see that for that someone special, all of that was nothing. Nothing more than that can hurt when you have to hear, “no one asked you to do anything, it was just your own selfishness”. I am not sure what to say to express the pain and the feeling which comes when you hear  like that coz I don’t know which word would be right  to express it.
These are the lines which are from a guy telling about his feelings in love.They are in Punjabi.I shall explain the meaning of them in English in a while.Have a read:
Ik Umar beet gayi usde pyar vich,
Asi sab kujh haar gaye is pyar-vapar vich!
Oh karde ne “yaad” kadi kadi bhul-bhulekhe,
Te asin yaad ban reh ke gaye usdi yaad vich!
And the meaning in English is:
I wasted this entire life in her love,
I lost everything in this business called Love!
She memorizes me only by mistake,
And I have become myself a memory in her memory!
I shall conclude by saying this only that dont hurt your loved ones by saying that what ever they did, it was nothing and a waste.It hurts so much, so very much to hear that.It takes alot to make some one happy  but it takes a few words only to burn some one’s heart and give them wound for the rest of their life.Dont do that coz some times the damage done is un-repairable.Remember broken hearts dont get healed by anything.

A Little Make Over…. March 15, 2007

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I was having a different hair style some time ago.  Some things in the starting of the last year really broke me up.  When I came out from the hospital, one of my friends asked me to have a different hair style just to have a different feeling from inside.  Well I did that and I must say that I liked it.  So I am going to the same saloon up till now.  This time when I came back from my travel and I had to go to my stylist, he looked at my face and said that its looking so much blackish so I must go for a bleach.  Well if you want to laugh you can but I must confess that I had no idea( and to some extent, I still don’t have much idea ) that what bleaching is all about?But Sumit, my stylist didn’t let me do anything, made me sit there on that chair after the hair cut and put this whole word’s strange smelling creams on my face.  I was supposed to sit for 10 minutes, after that a face wash and he said I have made you a smart guy now :-).I am not sure what he did and I am not sure still what did change in my face too ;-).But he said I need not to worry, I am looking like a “mirror cracking material”.Well I bet that I am looking like that, after all how even mirror can handle such a terrific face ;-)?
Well its just the starting.  I am due to my first ever facial very soon.  Its going to be some “Gold Facial”.Again I have no idea what it is but as Sumit said, I neither need to worry nor to think coz he is just starting to spoil me :-).Watch it Tom Cruise,  a star is under creation ;-).

Time To Update…. March 14, 2007

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From last some weeks, coz of my travel, I had missed my favorite blogs and sites which I never want to do any single day.Alot of stuff is there now for me to read.  In addition to this, I have to update my own sites and blogs also with some new sites and blogs.I shall try to do that in this time as much as I can.  Its just like you have missed your entire session roaming around and now at the time of finals, you are scared to even look at the books and the syllabus to finish.  I shall try to finish it as soon as possible.  That’s what the goal is, rest what happens lets see.

Back…. March 14, 2007

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Yes I am back.  Well this trip definitely was among the tough ones that I had but I was able to finish it up with a good note and with a smile on everyone’s face.  So I guess I can say that I was able to finish my assignment with good note.
So I left on 25th of February on the bus.  There was nothing strange or special happened in that travel and I was there at the booked guest house of mine, Khurana Residency.  Well nothing terrific about the place but as I was just going to stay there for the night only so I thought that its okay.  Well its not the place which actually matters for me.  Its my work and its result which matters the most.  Its not the place which will make much difference.  Anyways, except the place there was one more thing that was worrying me more and that was that I was going to take over a batch of people who already took up training from someone else for the basic batch.  As its always a problem when you are going for the second marriage, so that was the same that was also told to me too that it was going to come in front of me that I am going to get compared and I have to see how do I deal with it?Well I must say that I was not happy hearing that but I couldn’t( and I wont ever too) say that I am scared.  Those who know me well, they know this that I don’t get scared.  Well I took over and I got to hear some very good comments about me,my style.  All the participants really gave so much respect even though I was the youngest among them still they treated me like so much special.  It was a really nice experience.  Well I was there with my co-ordinator, Jijesh, very nice and funny guy.  Guaranteed that you wont get bore with him.  It was first time that I was working with him though I knew him from some time but working with him was also a nice experience.
After that program got over, I had one program at Noida.Nice place and with a great deal of IT companies.  I went first time to see the set up and everything and there I met this guy called Ankur, co-ordinator and also a trainer in the host company( I wont name it here as I never take names on my blog).Very nice and helpful guy.  He was amazed to hear that I am from Punjab and I am able to speak Punjabi.  Well we got along really well and he really treated and helped me alot.He was also in my sessions.  Well I did ask him the feedback but he said nothing is there to say as everything is “excellent”.I am sure he must had said that to made me happy but its okay.  The participants were also so much nice, jolly, friendly but extremely intelligent.  It was great to be with them.  There were some who stood out among the rest like Bharat, Rishi, Nitin, Arvind, Shameem, Chanda.I really am not having saying that rest were not good or lesser than them but they stood out among the rest with their personalities.  Like Bharat, extremely intelligent and very smart looking guy.  He was famous for his flirt nature and I saw a “live demo” of that in my place :-).Rishi, very senior guy, placed in UK but with his Oracle Database and Apps skills, he was extremely friendly and nice in nature,his comments were really made the atmosphere light so many times.Nitin, again someone with sharp brain and extremely friendly and naughty.Arvind was senior among all I guess, very very sharp and thorough with his concepts, both in theoretical and practical aspects.  Well despite the hectic schedule, despite the long and tiring sessions , still the overall program went really well and I can say that I came to know some really nice people which was an honor for me.
In this whole trip, I also met someone who was neither a part of my program nor he is anywhere related to my working area or personal area.  I met a guy, Gaurav Gambhir at some friend’s office,an IT guy but very nice looking and sober person.  One day when I was coming back from my guest house and was going to the another one from there as the first one had some room problems, I met Gaurav on the road.  It was 2nd time we were meeting and he had forgotten me but as I have a habit( don’t know good or bad) that I don’t forget things so soon and some times, don’t forget about somethings, some wordings , some people at all, the same happened with Gaurav also.  I called him and asked him that whether he remembers about me or not?Well he said he does but not the details.  So after some rewinding of the memory, he recalled me :-).Very nice guy, we went to my guest house, had a walk , talked about almost all the things.  He is a very down to earth, simple , mature and sincere fellow but extremely intelligent in his domain also( which is Java).It was great to know him and as he promised, I hope we would be friends forever.
So after all was finished, finally I started from Delhi to my place last night.  There were some things which did hurt me in this trip again but I shall not talk about them here.  I shall talk about them soon in some upcoming posts of mine.  I got back at my place about 3 in the morning.  I couldn’t sleep but I didn’t sleep in the bus too and due to some reasons I didn’t sleep at all in the last 5 nights.  Why?Well as I said that I shall tell about it very soon in my upcoming posts so you guys just have to wait for some time.  I  am off to bed now.

Travel Time…. March 3, 2007

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Yes I shall be leaving tomorrow.It will be a long tour.I am a little upset at the moment.Well reason is something that I cant say.Anyways my assignment is a tough one.Lets see how it goes?Pray and wish me luck guys.Realy need it!

Back @ Home But Leaving Again…. March 3, 2007

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Yes I got back last night at about 3am.Well the program went well.  I was really worried and tense about the well going of my program as I was told that I shall be compared with an earlier person who was in touch with the participants for last five days and as they say that once married and if you are going to marry again, there will be a lot of matching and comparing so that was making me a little worried.  But I was lucky that though  I was compared but still I got  to hear something really nice about me from all the partispants.Guest house was a little too much bad but still for me, it was okay as when I am traveling and have a program than this thing doesn’t really matter.  I shall be going back again tomorrow as I have a program due.
On my way back yesterday, I met a gal as a fellow passenger, Aman Kathuria.Yup her name was also Aman :-).Well extremely intelligent gal, Master of Technology in Instrumentation and now she is pursuing her P.H.D in Artificial Intelligence.  Well it was a long talk that was started by her that when the bus will leave following where I am from?She told me almost everything about her life, her family and her love.  She is in love with a guy whom she met in her college.  I was amazed to hear that how much she has done for her guy.  She is in love with a different caste gal and too make things more complex, 2 years younger to her.  But she told me that she love him so much and she has made her parents agree about everything and not just her parents but also the parents of the guy, Bikram( that’s the name of the guy) who is working as a software professional.  She told me how she paid all her guy’s bills, rents and once she traveled nearly 36 hours to and from Jaipur to Delhi and than back to Jaipur with her guy coz he was leaving the next day to America.  I could see that she is in so much love with that guy.  She told me that both of them are entirely different but still they love each other so much.  Coz of the guy’s working , he was working away from her.  He left her job and came to Delhi coz they can spend time and also she was going to start her P.H.D in IIT Roorkee but even when she cleared her interview and all that , still she left that and joined in Delhi coz she wanted to be with her guy.  She told me that they are going to get engaged some time in next month.  My heartiest wishes to both Aman and her guy Bikram.Oh yes, in all this, she also gave two commens about me. One about my smile that its one of the most sweetst smiles that she has ever seen ( that is a little too much sweet I guess but I appreciate the kind words of her.) and second that my hair style realy makes me look like a very decent and yet stylish guy. She asked me that I must look for a gal and I wont have any probs in it as any gal who would come with me will be very happy. When I asked that what about me made her say that, she said that there are some things which gals only can judge and make out and that’s what she judged about me.Well I am not sure how much true this judgement but still I must say that I realy appreciate of the kind words spoken by her for me.
When I was hearing all that what she had done for her guy, I was thinking that there is so much that people do for the person they love the most.  They go till any limits for their happiness, for their one smile.Aman was just one another example I saw coz so many friends of mine have done the same thing too.  It feels so nice to know that someone is ready to do anything for you, for your smallest wish.  But I know this too that there are some in this world which does not bother about even the tears of their loved ones and leave them crying.  I know some of the people who tell their loved ones who go and see them that they are not bothered that they have come to see them.  They tell their loved ones that “so what you came?”.They tell them that what ever their loved one did for them , they just were looking for some profit, self selfishness of their own only without ever thinking that how much their words must have hurt that person who had to hear all that just for one fault that he/she tried to do something for his/her love’s smile/happiness.  But I guess, those who care and value the gestures of their loved ones, their emotions they can’t( and wont) do that but those who don’t care about all that, for them its just another thing.  It just depends that what is the priority of someone.  There are some who give away their heads for their loved one’s one dropped tear and there are also some who don’t even bother that they themselves have given just tears to their loved ones.