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Boring Sunday & Injured…. September 29, 2019

Posted by Aman.... in travel.

I am currently sitting in my hotel’s room. It’s Sunday on the verge of its end and that’s the only day that I got in this week as free. I was working yesterday. Of course, it’s just not a good feeling to work on a Saturday morning. But you have to do what you have to do. And since it wasn’t just me but the participants as well were with me, so just me complaining doesn’t sound right. Good thing is that work did go well and the session got concluded on a good note.

I didn’t do anything really adventerous today. I was expecting a work related call in the morning so I did wake up early(despite that it was Sunday) but that call didn’t happen today. I kind of expected that but then, I didn’t want that I am just sleeping and will miss the call. So I was ready for the call at the scheduled time. After I didn’t see any notification for it, I decided to have breakfast, which was downstairs in the hotel’s restaurant. After finishing with it, I came back to my room and did prepare for tomorrow’s session. It’s going to be a tough session and it’s a rerun session. In simple terms, a rerun session is an already messed up session and now it has come to my lap. Of course, it’s not going to be easy but I shall try my best and for this reason, I did spend almost 4 hours to prepare for tomorrow. After that, I was so tired so I decided to have a cup of coffee and grab something to eat. I did eat a quick snack at a nearby place and had coffee from an adjoining cafe. Both snack and coffee were just okay. After that it was back to the room. I did do a re-read of some stuff again before having dinner. Now, dinner is done and I am back in my room. Let’s see how tomorrow’s session will go.

Though it’s session which I am really concerned about but there is one more thing that is really bugging me and that’s my neck. I am not sure how but I have hurt my neck-rear side of it. I am currently having a towel wrapped around my neck after I had applied an ointment over it. I went to a nearby pharmacy and the person over there did give me a muscle relaxant. I picked up a calcitonin nasal spray as well. Let’s see if the medicine does its work or not. I am just being so mad right now cos it’s just one thing after the other that comes and hits me and the trend doesn’t seem to end.

It’s time to swtich off the machine. Praying and  waiting to see that Monday will be kind. Let’s see.


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