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Done With The Session And Feeling Like Zombie…. September 20, 2019

Posted by Aman.... in travel.

I am right now sitting at the same dreaded airport of Banglore. I have finished my work here. Though the session otherwise did go well but I did see a similar thing happen that occured last week as well. And just like the last week, I am absolutely pissed off right now. I just don’t understand that some time, people have what kind of demands set in their minds when they come to attend a training session? It’s a training session and there is a reason it’s called ‘training’ and not ‘real world’ or ‘production experience’ or whatever the heck jargons people throw to show that they are doing some reall smart arse work which we, mere mortal instructors, are not aware of. So just like last week, two people did mention that they were unsure about couple of things that I said. Well, it did seem like that out of 16, 14 did see very well what I said, how I said and it was on point but just two failed to do so for some reason or reasons betters known to them only. But it just didn’t sync with me. Yes, I am doing this work from a very very long time and I must not be too worried. But that’s just not me and my nature is. Such things do impact me;for however small duration it may be. Anyways, thanks to all who did come for the session and  I do hope that it was productive and useful. Few did take pictures with me and that’s always very humbling for me. That’s the kind of moments which keep me pumped up and letting me continue do what I do and love to do, despite the hiccups that I did see in these two weeks.

Other than this, things were okay. I do have stiff back and hip which  am trying to get sorted out. But I need to get back and do something about it. I did apply an ointment and it did something but I am not sure that I am still hundred percent.

Flight is going to be in another 2 hours and I just had a coffee and a slice of cake. I have been traveling now for almost 7 weeks straight and I must say, it’s taking a little toll over me. I am feeling like a jombie right now. And with the whole night travel ahead, by the time morning comes, probably I shall turn into a full fledged zombie. May be another cup of coffee will help!


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