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Poetry Revealing Life’s Truth…. December 19, 2013

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Today, one of my friend, when asked by someone that how is he, replied using a short poetry. When I read that poetry, it just appeared how beautifully, truth about life of an ordinary person is depicted via it! Have a read,

Havayein sehme hue charaghon se keh gayin thin ke,
Aane waali rutton ke aaghaaz tak!
Tumhare naseeb mein roshni ka koi safar nahin hai!

And its translation in English, in best of my understanding, is given below

Winds told to the nervous lamps while leaving,
That till the commencement of the subsequent seasons,
You have no luck of seeing any lights!

So true, isn’t it!!



1. annie - January 2, 2014

You didn’t go to sleep hungry last night.
You didn’t go to sleep outside.
You had a choice of what clothes to wear this morning.
You hardly broke a sweat today.
You didn’t spend a minute in fear.
You had access to clean water.
You had access to medical care.
Some might say you are incredibly wealthy.
Sadly there are none as blind as they who will not see.
I would say this is a life less ordinary.
Some may even agree.
Now could someone just flick the switch………..

2. Ranjeet Rai - March 9, 2014

I love song actuly songs are part of my life i love lot songs

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