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Its’ Been A While…. April 11, 2013

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Yes, it’s been quite some time since I have updated my blog. Last time, I had taken this much of leave from updating it when my dad passed away. This time, fortunately things are not so bad but still, some how I am not able to have a mental status to sit back, write and update it. Even now, when I am writing this post, a weird kind of uneasiness is there inside me. May be I am just being mad or may be, it’s just some bad time frame. Am not sure what it is actually but just know this that I am not in a good state of mind. I am not really able to spend time (quality) on my work, on doing any research or as a matter of fact, any thing productive. I know I must pull together myself and start doing my work and I am going to get back to business very soon.



1. zonia - April 11, 2013

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Things will slowly get better over time. Only time can heal wounds best. Better than any remedy…
Time is the best remedy.

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