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Few Gems Of Poetry…. May 17, 2012

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

A few of my favourite poetries,

Na jaane kya kaha doobne wale ne samandar se,
ke lehrein aaj tak sahil par apna sar patakti hain!

Not sure what did that drowning person said to the sea,
Waves,even till today smack themselves on the banks of that ocean!

Na chhed kissa-e-ulfat badi lambi kahani hai,
Hum jamane se nahin haare, kisi ki baat maani hai!

Don’t start the tale of my love, its a very long story,
I haven’t got defeat from this world, just gave what someone asked for!

Sookhe hothon par hi hoti hain meethi baatein,
Pyaas jab bujh jaye to lehjey badal jaate hain!

Only those lips who are dry, talk sweetly,
After quenching the thirst, people change their tone of talks!

Bhool jana bhi to ek tara ki nehmat hai Faraz
warna insaan ko pagal na bana dein yaadein…

Even forgetting is like a gift at times,
Otherwise these memories would just make one completely mad!

Aashna dard se hona tha kisi taur humein,
Tu na milta to kisi aur se bichde hote!

In any case, I had to meet with pain,
If wasn’t you, someone else would had given the betrayal!

Mohabbat bhi ajeeb khel hai khelon mein Waasi,
Jo seekh jaata hai, haar jaata hai!

This love is a weird game isn’t it,
He who gets to understand it, gets the defeat!

Mere jakhmon ki dawa kaun banega tere baad,
Hum ne to apne bhi khoye the tujhe paane ke liye!

Who would heal these wounds of mine now when you are gone,
I have even lost my own in this quest of loving you!

Saans ka chalna agar jindagi hai,
To jeene walon mein mera bhi naam likh lena!

If being alive is the name of the having breaths,
Write my name also in the list of living people!

And last but certainly not the least and among my most favourites,

Hum chhod denge tum se yuun baat karna,
Tum poochhte firoge apna kasoor hum se!

I shall stop talking to you in such a way,
You would wander around the world asking your fault!

Won’t have much chance but  still, its time to give a try to get some sleep. Good night!



1. Deepa - May 18, 2012

Very thoughtful lines……good taste….. 🙂

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