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A Beautiful Quote…. April 11, 2012

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

At times, you come across some things which make you stand still for a moment and force you to give a deep thought about what you have just read or saw. I just read something so similar like this which I am putting down here. Have a read,

You say that you the love rain,
but you open your umbrella when it rains…
You say that you love the sun,
but you find a shadow spot when the sun shines…
You say that you love the wind,
But you close your windows when wind blows…
This is why I am afraid;
You say that you love me too!

A lot of people say that they love someone not knowing that its the most easiest thing to say but the most toughest to show and prove. There are very very few in this world who would dare to give their all for the sake of the love and for their beloved. Most of the people would think from mind and not from heart when it comes to take a decision and mind always evaluates pros and cons, profits and losses than feelings and emotions. That’s why when its a choice between a career, good life, following dreams of your own and your love, most pick the first option. I wrote long time a back a quote which was like, “people should be loved and things should be used. But the irony of today’s world is that its the other way around” . Isn’t it?

BTW, the above mentioned quote is labelled that it is from Bob Marley but that’s not correct. Its not even a quote too but is a poem in Turkish but who is the real author, that’s still is a puzzle. Here is the original poem with its translation (quoted above) in English( link is shortened by me).




1. Rachana - May 7, 2012

Yes,People are being used & things are being loved… 😦

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