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A Beautiful Composition, Pani Da Rang…. April 7, 2012

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Those who know me beyond web(and some who know me via web too) are well aware about my liking of Punjabi music and when it comes to it it, I don’t like at all the crap which is now being added by the Hindi language movie makers-a Punjabi song just for the sake of having it within the movie. And what makes me even more mad is that how crazy people go for such 3rd class songs and think that’s the Punjabi music and culture is all about. News flash folks, its NOT what Punjabi music is all about and definitely not Punjab’s culture. Okay may be I shall write another post about this topic some other time. The current post is actually about a movie song and may appear as a surprise to many, a song which I actually did like.

Vicky Donor  is an upcoming movie starring a new completely new team of actors in it. I am not sure( or concerned) that how good(or bad) the movie is going to be neither about its success but I somehow stumbled on one song of it today, Pani Da Rang which is sung by the lead actor of the movie, Aayushman Khurana who is doing his debut I believe in the movie world by this flick. The song, without a surprise, is a Punabi song and though IMO Aayushman is not a very good singer, has come up well with minimal music and good and sensible lyrics in addition to support it. Here is the official video of the song released by Eros Entertainment,enjoy

I am not doing the English translation of the lyrics at the moment. If I shall be getting enough requests to do so, I shall be posting the English translation and the original Punjabi lyrics over here. So if you do like the song so much, let me know otherwise, hmm enjoy the music only may be Smile.

Update: So it seems that the song is really getting popular. Two requests in the form of comments, on the very day of the posting the song clearly is a sign. Alright, so without being so fussy, here are the lyrics of the song in Punjabi following with the translation of the same in English,

Pani da rang vekh ke,
Akhiyan chon hanjhu rul de!
Maahiya na aaya mera, maahiya na aaya!
Raanjhna na aaya mera,maahiya na aaya!
Maahiya na aaya mera,Raanjhna na aaya mera
Akhan da noor vekh k,
Akhiyan chon hanjhu rulde!

Kamli ho gayi tere bina,aAja ranjhan mere!
Baarish barkha sab kuch beh gayi,
Aaya ni jind mere!
Akhan da noor vekh k,
Akhiyan chon hanjhu rulde!

Kothe utte beh ke, Akhiyan milaunde,
Na jaana mainu kabhi chhod!
Tere utte marda, pyar tainu karda,
Milega tujhe na koi hor!
Tu bhi aa sab ko chhod ke,
Meri akhiyan chon hanjhu rulde!
Pani da rang vekh ke,
Akhiyan chon hanjhu rulde!

And its translation in English,

When I see color of the water,
Tears drop down from my eyes continuously,
My beloved has still not come, my dearest has still not come!
When I see shine in the eyes,
Tears drop down from my eyes continuously!

I am going crazy without you, now please come my love!
Rain has already poured in,
You still have not come my love!
When I see the shine in the eyes,
Tears drop down from my eyes continuously!

We used to sit on the rooftop, looked into each other’s eyes,
Don’t ever leave me and go!
Some one who is ready to die for you, who loves you,
You won’t find another person alike me!
You also leave all behind and come to me,
Tears drop down from my eyes continuously!

Hope this would help you to enjoy the song in a much better way and as like always, any corrections for the lyrics and/or in the English translation is most welcome. Do post either of both in the comment section and I shall do the update with a credit given to you. Enjoy!



1. Roshni - April 13, 2012

I jst love dis song …. :)))
Thnks for the english translation….

2. Tisnim - August 15, 2012

This song is great

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