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Few Words(Facts) About Guys…. September 30, 2011

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

There is a lot of good stuff that people say about women, gals and with all due respect to women, gals, I am sure it must be true! But when it comes to guys, all what I hear most is just the bad stuff. I myself had posted a blog post about secrets about guys which gals must know. I just received the below text in the email and I think its really a good write-up. That’s why I thought I shall share it here. Have a look and read,


I believe, each and every word of is so true! Its rare that a guy would ever reveal what he has really done for any one, especially for his gal but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserves respect! Guys cry too, its just that they don’t do it like gals but while sitting alone in the corner of their hiding their face or while sitting on a bench in a park all alone! Yes, guys have emotions too, remember it!



1. Rano - October 11, 2011

I agree with this whole thing. It’s true and it happens SOOO often that girls loose track of what’s right, what’s wrong, and what crosses the limits. But even then, a faithful man would stand with his head held high and keep the pain burried deep inside.

There are some wonderful people out there who don’t get recognized and OMG they are just dyinggg for just a small “thank-you darling” and a peck on the cheeks.

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