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A Small Effort & A Small Gift To My Dearest Mom, Dad…. September 30, 2011

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

There are so many things that I want to do and there are so many wishes that I have in the heart but, not for me, for others! For me, I don’t want anything, don’t wish anything. Anyways, leaving me aside, there are certain things I really hope that I would be able to get them done before I close my eyes for forever. What are those wishes,  I won’t mention but they all mean so much to me. And may be because I really wished about it so much, I finally got a chance to do a small bit of it!

My friend Porus Homi Hawevala is involved in lots of charities and is associated with lots of charities and NGO’s. He suggested to donate some money to open a bore-well, an effort done by an NGO Chaitanya Educational and Rural Development Society. They open these bore-wells and quench the thirst of some 30 families in small villages which otherwise won’t get a water supply. I immediately liked the idea and decided to go for it. There was an option to choose the donor’s name and I decided it to be of my mom and dad! There is SO much that they have done for me, made me what I am, made me capable enough that I can earn my bread and butter and respected by many. There is so much that I can talk about, especially about my mom but I won’t mention anything here.  Anyways, so I started the process after checking everything and finally all got done and I got a confirmation email along with all the receipts about money transaction from the executive secretary along with the snaps of the bore-well and the board which has names of mom, dad. Its nothing big but I shall be honest, I felt really happy when the confirmation came and so were mom, dad when they came to know about it. I hadn’t told them anything so it came as a surprise for them( I love to give surprises 🙂 ).

I won’t be posting the pics here. But I would urge to all who are interested to contribute to get in touch with the people of the above NGO and do your bit to help those who really need it! And me, I am just so much happy that I was able to do my bit of whatever little help and even better, on the behalf of my parents!



1. Tina - September 30, 2011

Aman, your parents must be proud of you.You are so affectionate son and generous person.

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