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Nice Yet Sad, Sohniye Yaadan…. July 20, 2011

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I just stumbled on this forthcoming song from the movie, Love Mein Ghum which mean pains in love. I wouldn’t be translating this song because I don’t think its going to be worth it but still, its a good song and it just hurts to see that there are no more such kind of people in this world who do feel the pain of their loved ones and cry for it. The people of this world are more into to looking for their own happiness, worrying and bothering just for their own dreams of career, study in abroad etc etc. Anyways, I shall not be putting anything more here since I am in a real bad mood at the moment. Enjoy the song and if I shall get enough requests to translate it, I shall do it as well.


Let me know if you did like it, its in Punjabi but at least, those have got their hearts broken into pieces from those whom they thought would keep it safe, they would be able to at least understand and feel the pain depicted in the music.



1. gkaur3 - July 21, 2011

nice song. keep writing 🙂

2. Tina - July 21, 2011

it is impossible to change the depth of our feelings, so some people are determined to feel
pain all their lives…

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