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Been Warned…. July 3, 2011

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I have just come back yesterday to home after a long, tiring but good tour. It was very exhaustive but fortunately, everything went really well. All the three sessions which I conducted, I met with some really smart, friendly and energetic delegates with whom I exchanged a little about whatever I know about Oracle database. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot from the delegates( as like always). Thank you all for such being so friendly, co-operative and for listening to me for such long hours. It was indeed a pleasure and honor for me to meet all of you and I certainly am hoping to meet you all soon in some other session.

Now, about something which I was told yesterday by my doctor.

Those who know me “well” , they are aware about this fact that I have met with two very serious physical traumas which got tagged from a mental trauma. I am always very careful, some times, to the level of being intolerable and irritating as well, for those whom I love and care the most( that’s another story that some did value it and some didn’t ) . Anything wrong with them, even slightest one, I am going to be hyper-active and would not sit and rest as long as wont see(or hear) that they are fine. But the same is not true at all when it comes to myself, if someone I care the least about, that is me, myself.  I never did bother about me and what happens to me to be honest and since 2006, I stopped doing even whatever little I was doing too. Well, it seems that doing so has left an impact on me finally and not a good one to be precise.

I had really serious backache happening to me since last few days and also, there is this fever and headache which is there almost always. The other night, on the airport, while standing in the queue for check-in, I hate to say but I fainted. Thanks to some fellow passengers who did help me to get back in my senses and also, did help me to settle down in the flight. I decided to visit doctor yesterday to ask that if I shall be worried and guess what he said, yes, I should be else some more serious troubles are going be coming along soon. Hmm been warned now I must say but would I listen or care about the warning, to tell the truth, I don’t know because I guess, when I shall go from here, some people would be very happy and may be, I shall get some peace too , hopefully!



1. Amit Singh - July 3, 2011

hey , take some care of yourself !!

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