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Pics & Plus, Google Plus…. June 30, 2011

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

This is going to be very short and quick one and it will be about two things!

One, I am not a photographer so I just clicked some pics in my last week’s Singapore’s tour. If you are interested in few randomly clicked , click here.

Two, all talk about Facebook and how cool it is! Well, I don’t think that it’s cool but its not a complete piece of crap either. And its just highly unlikely, the big daddy of web world, Google will just sit and watch FB laughing on it over making Buzz and trying to create Wave. If you think that those two were the (failed) desperate attempts of Google to come in the social world and they can’t get it right, well, say hello to Google Plus, a new platform of Google which is not just a social platform from the giant but also would bring new changes to Google as well in the subsequent time to come. If you haven’t heard about it, read about it from the below link, right from the master himself,


And here are two more links to explain about it a little more,




Its still not available for all and is through “invite only” and fortunately, I am Google +’d already 🙂 . I did spend quite some time playing around with it and I can say from the first day experience, it does looks pretty neat and if not better, equally good like FB! I hope that this would not be a bubble only like Buzz or Wave which would get burst in a few days and this time, Google would do it in the right manner, in a manner which would give FB a run for its money!



1. Amit - July 2, 2011

Hi , Can you send me the invitation for Google + ? I also wanted to try this.

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