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Pics Update(Feedback)…. May 18, 2011

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

No, it’s not the feedback for the session that I have just finished. My delegates are still filling it up for me and I have my fingers crossed that it comes out to be good. I mentioned the term feedback for the wedding pics album of Gunjan’s wedding. Well, I am not Tom Cruise so it’s not that it was viewed by millions and billions worldwide but by a few of my friends who couldn’t come to the wedding and asked me to post the pics as soon as possible. Again, the list of them is not so long( that doesn’t mean many did come though, very few did arrive actually). Anyways, so here are, in a broad manner, the comments that I have received.

1) The blue tie, that I am wearing with my suit, is not looking at all good and I must never attempt to wear it again.

2) I am not at all smiling or if I am in some random pic somewhere, its so evident that it’s fake.

3) I am looking so much tensed, worried and tired.

4) I am looking nice in the turban and with the veil around my neck.

5) I am looking nice in the white Kurta and jeans.

6) Gunjan is looking gorgeous.

7) Gunjan is looking really nice and sweet.

8) Gunjan and Vikram, both are looking really amazing and gorgeous.

8) The place is looking really nice.

And that’s about it.

I did put comments related to Gunjan in the end because all are nice 🙂 . Okay comments about comments time. I don’t know about the tie color and whether it did suit me or not since I went in so much hurry to get “something” for me and picked up whatever I liked in that time span spent at the showroom of Blackberrys. The salesman said that the tie is looking okay and I just said, give it to me then! That’s all! I guess, I shall wear that tie now on my work and would buy another (better?) one some other time.

I have no idea about smiling or not smiling face of mine since I was taking care of tons of things and there was no time for me to worry about myself. That’s the reason for looking tensed , worried and tired too. I didn’t sleep for couple of days and there wasn’t much I could do about looking tired 🙂 . Same goes for the turban. I have no idea that how it looked over me. I have been told that it was looking nice but I was thinking that it was placed wrong over my head and is not a proper fit. But seems that it wasn’t so bad after all.

Yes, I normally don’t get a chance to wear that white Kurta and jeans because I am on travel most of the time. That was the first time that I wore that kurta even when I had bought it in this last winter season. I expected it to look okay over me and I am glad that it didn’t disappoint me :-).

That said, my favorite section and for what I worked so hard- Gunjan and Vikram were looking gorgeous! That’s what the intention was and if that did happen, I think it doesn’t matter at all how I was looking or appearing. It was their day and all what I did was just to ensure that they must be happy and so do our families. And I am glad that it did happen 🙂 .

I guess my delegates are done filling up the feedback forms. Time to collect them and close the session. I shall be traveling today to Banglore for a session and with cold, fever and sore throat, it doesn’t appear to be an easy task to accomplish.



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