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All Alone…. May 3, 2011

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I am an Aquarian and that makes me a person who would be much into listening than saying. This means, I won’t be sharing a lot of things, at least not with all at any cost. I may share all the happy things but the sad parts and/or the troubles, that’s highly unlikely that I am going to talk about them to anyone. There is something very important going to happen in my family on 8th of May and there are tons of things about it that I am handling right now along with 4 other friends of mine(thanks so much guys).  Besides the hassles and troubles of the arrangements, there are tons of other things related to this that are going in my mind right now but I can’t (or should say, won’t) talk about but I really wish I could. There is a marathon of mixed feelings going on within me. I am happy, scared, worried, tensed, sad and god knows what else. Also, I am feeling I may not be able to handle everything well but I shall give it my best of the efforts in a hope  that all goes well. Actually, it must go well since it means so much to me and to my family.

It’s time to have lunch and after that, a long day and a long list of to-do awaits.



1. Rashmi - June 25, 2011


I dont understand why you always want to create such unpredictable suspenses..????

2. Aman Sharma - June 27, 2011

See the first line, I am an Aquarian . That’s the reason 🙂 .


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