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Poetry Once Again…. April 22, 2011

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I have just woke up. Actually, that’s not correct to say because I didn’t sleep at all thanks to not feeling well at all. The tensed mind and sad heart were probably not enough that’s why fever, cold and headache also came to join the party. Anyways, I just read an old poetic snippet that I had with me from a long time but somehow I forgot about it. I just happened to see it in my repository last night when I was looking for something to read. It’s in Punjabi and it’s really good IMO.  I shall translate it’s meaning in English as well. Have a read,

Oh badle badle lagde ne,
Ohna dil uchheyan naal la laye ne!

Kehnde tuhadi na lod koi,
Asin sajjan hor bana laye ne!

Asin akhiyan bhar k keh ditta,
Jithe marji parakh k vekh lawo.

Kehnde asin tuhanu warat leya,
Hoon saanu tuhadi lod nai.

Ohde bol goonjde dil de vich,
Hoon asin haase hasne band karte.

Hoon dushman labhde firde aan,
Asin yaar banaune band karte!


And it’s translation in English,

She appeared to be a little changed now
She has relation now with the elite people.

She says that I don’t need you anymore,
I have made new friend now.

With my eyes got wet with tears filled in them, I said,
Go and test whereever you want!

She said, I have used you already,
I don’t need you anymore!

Now, those words echo in my heart,
I have stopped smiling completely.

Now, I look only for enemies everywhere,
I have stopped making friends!

Though I want to say a lot but I guess I must stop and get some medicine for me first otherwise it would be a lot more tough for me to go for my next session which is just in front of me.



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