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Being Poetic, Yet Again…. April 18, 2011

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I am not a poet by any means. But I do write some times, some random lines of poetry, thinking about some things. I am sure that if a real poet would look at my writing, they will surely give it the worst rating but there is no way that I ever believed or dared to claim that I am a poet or have a poetic sense. So continuing the trend of bad poetry done by me here, here , here , here and here , here is one more attempt of mine to write few lines of poetry. As I said all the times, I am not a poet and have no claim that what I have written is of any quality. If you think that its a really bad poetic work, believe me, I know it myself too. With that warning in mind, have a read,

Aansoon chupke as bhigo denge tumhara aanchal,
Jab tumhein meri mohbatt ka khyal aayega!

Ik aah sunayi degi meri tumhein haule se,
Jab koi purana kagaj ka tukda mera naam gunganeyga!

Nam ankhon se talashogi mujhe,
Khamosh hothon se tab pukarogi mera naam,
Jab ik din yeh badnaseeb is duniya se chala jayega!

And here is it’s translation in English,

Tears will make your veil wet silently,
When you would remember my love!

A cry you will hear,
When an old piece of paper will whisper my name!

With wet eyes you would look for me,
With silent lips then you would call my name,
When someday this unfortunate will leave this world!

Bad poetry, isn’t it! But what else can be there from a bad guy, right?



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