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An Awesome Poetry By Qateel Shifai…. February 2, 2011

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

Qateel Shifai is not an unfamiliar name for those who have an eye and taste for good poetry. He is considered as one of the best poets who has crafted some of the finest poetic masterpieces. It’s so tough to say that which one is more better than the other because they are all so good still, I have couple of my favorites and I decided to put one here with it’s translation done in English. It’s originally in a mix of Hindi and Urdu though. So without further a due, here is the original version,

Ik ik patthar jod ke maine jo deevar banaai hai,
Jhaanku us ke peechhe to rusvaai hi rusvaai hai.

Yun lagta hai sote jaagate auron ka mohataj hoon main,
Aankhein meri apni hain par unmein neend parai hai.

Dekh rahe hain sab hairat se neele neele paani ko,
Poochhe kaun samandar se tujh mein kitani geharai hai.

Sab kehte hain ik jannat  utari hai meri dharti par,
Main dil mein sochun shayad kamzor meri binaai hai.

Bahar sehan mein pedon par kuch jalate bujhate juganu the,
Hairat hai phir ghar ke andar  kis ne aag lagaai hai.

Aaj hua maaluum mujhe is shehar ke chand sayaanon se,
Apani raah badalate rehna sabse badi daanaai hai.

Tod gaye paimaan-e-vafaa is daur mein kaise kaise log,
Ye mat soch ‘Qateel’ ki bas ik yaar tera harajaai hai.


And here is it’s translation in English,

Brick by brick, the wall that I managed to make,
If I look behind it, there is nothing except pain.

It appears to me being sleepy or awake that I am slave of others,
Eyes only are mine, the sleep within them belongs to someone else.

All are looking at the dark blue water with amazement,
But who has dare to go and ask the sea that how deep it really is?

All do say that there is a heaven on this earth,
I think and wonder that may be it’s my eyesight which is not good enough to see it.

In the yard outside, there are few glowworms on the trees,
What is surprising then who did lit the fire within the house?

I came to know today from few shadows of this city,
It’s the biggest cleverness to keep on changing your ways.

So many has broken the vase of love in today’s time oh dear,
Don’t think that it’s just your beloved who is faithless.


What I can say or add to it? I believe there is nothing which can be further added to it because it has said it all. The pains of a broken heart is only understood by that person who has got the ill fate to collect those shattered pieces with his own bleeding hands for the rest of his life. But those who do this deed, they never even bother to stop for a moment and look behind for a moment too that what damage they have done. It may be nothing or just a very small and casual matter for few to grab and leave hands of one person after the other, but those, whose hands are left and are filled with the pieces of their own shattered  heart and soul, they only know what they will go through for the rest of their lives, life which would be worse than death too because it’s just not being able to breathe which is called alive, there should be a living soul in that breathing body too. If the soul burns and dies, there is just a body which is left which appears to be live but life within that body is long gone, way before the body itself will finally collapse too. Hats off to Qateel Shifai to pen down such pain so nicely in just few lines in the above poetic masterpiece!


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