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Sad But Amazing Poetry…. December 26, 2010

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I am sure that you must be waiting for the Day-2 update but that probably has to wait because there is nothing I have done so far which can be counted as an update. After a real late wake-up, all I have done is that I have had my breakfast and also two Disprins to ease out a little the headache which is hammering my head like someone is playing drums with full power. To make things real spicy, there are some tons of thoughts which are there in my mind. I have made a small plan to visit some mall in the afternoon, let’s see how much I would be able to stick to it? Anyways, so if this post is not about the update of weekend’s Day-2, what it’s all about? Well, its about poetry which I have read and really liked.

Words, either in written or spoken form, can do wonders in expressing emotions. Yes at times, even words are not enough to express some things and fail miserably even getting closer to show some emotions. But that’s not what I am going to write about here. I read three very nice poetries and wanted to share them here with their translation done in English(the original versions are in Hindi) . The poetries are really sad but still, they are just amazing! So without much delay, let’s have a read of them. Here goes the first one,

Dushman ko bhi seene se laganaa nahin bhoole,
Hum apne bazurgon ka zamana nahin bhoole!

Tum aankhon ki barasat bachaye huye rakhna,
Kuchh log abhi aag lagana nahin bhoole!

Ye baat alag haath kalam ho gaye apne,
Hum aap ki tasveer banana nahin bhoole,

Ik umar hui main to hansi bhool chukaa hoon,
Tum ab bhi mere dil ko dukhana nahin bhoole!


And here is its translation in English,

I haven’t forgotten to give a hug to my enemies too,
I haven’t forgotten the times of my elders still!

Save the showers within your eyes,
Some people haven’t forgotten to burn still!

That’s another story that my hands are chopped,
I haven’t forgotten to paint your picture still!

Its been a decade that I have remembered how to smile,
But you haven’t forgotten to hurt my heart still!


Now, the second one,

Meri qismat ki lakeerein mere haathon mein na thi,
Tere maathe par koi mera muqaddar dekhta!
Aankh mein aansoo jade the par sada tujhko na di,
Is umeed par k shayad tu palat kar dekhta!


And it’s English translation is,

Lines of my destiny were not there in my hands,
Someone would have seen my fate on your forehead!
Tears were glued to my eyes but I didn’t call you,
In a hope that you would turn back and look at me!


And here goes the last one,

Apne haalat ka bhi ehsaas nahin mujh ko Faraz,
Maine logoon se suna hai k pareshan hoon main!

I myself even am not aware about my own condition Faraz,
I have overheard people saying that I am upset!


Amazing isn’t it?



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