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Travelogue & iPod Touch…. December 4, 2010

Posted by Aman.... in Random Stuff.

I was supposed to continue from this yesterday itself but I got back quite late, wasn’t feeling well ( this has not changed even now too) and was busy “playing” so couldn’t write. So first, about travel, its partially finished. The reason I am saying partially finished is because that the last 2 days travel is over but there is another one starting “very early” morning tomorrow. The last 2 days one got successfully over and despite all the odds i.e. health issues and mood not being fine, I managed (somehow) to get it complete on a good note. Though it was an easy session but due to issues that I have mentioned, it proved to be a real tough nut to crack. Anyways, its done now and its done okay so its now time to worry about the next travel which is going to be far more tougher than this one. That’s all is there for the travel part. Next, about a “little” shopping that I did yesterday itself.

I am not much into buying things for me. I do buy for others a LOT ( even I did buy yesterday too)  but its very rare that I shall buy something for just me. But I had some thoughts in mind and that’s why I did go yesterday and bought for myself an 4th generation iPod Touch. I didn’t ever own a music device for me and definitely never owned myself an Apple product. Though my sister owns an iPhone 3gs but it was never me. I wanted to buy a new phone for me but the one I want to buy , its not yet launched in India so I had to think about something else and that’s the best I could think. I didn’t want to buy any other model (and neither the new iPhone4) of iPod because its not just music which I would be listening over it. I have already put couple of my oracle books over it and I shall be reading them whenever I shall get some time. I am not much into playing games ( I am lost in thoughts rather than being lost in playing games) but I do like playing Angry Birds ( have only the free version of it but it’s okay) so I hope I shall play that one on this iPod touch of mine. Overall, I am happy that I bought it 🙂 .

I shall be doing the bag packing and other stuff in a while and after that, will be going to bed early since there would be a very early start of the day for me. I hope all goes well. Let’s see.



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